From: Sasha Uzunov
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 6:09 PM
Subject: article: Can we trust ASIO?
Subject: article: Can we trust ASIO?

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Can we trust ASIO?

by Sasha Uzunov
Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mr David Irvine, the Director-General of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Australia’s domestic spooks, has called for more spies from within the country’s Islamic communities, but can ASIO be trusted to do an efficient job? History shows that our counter-intelligence service has a poor record in thwarting foreign spies. Should Australia’s Islamic communities place their trust in such an organisation to do the right thing?

Terrorism-mania in Australia is nothing new; we experienced this back in the 1970s when migr Croats were portrayed as the bad guy, a role now filled by Australia’s Muslims. In fact ASIO remains a laughing stock within the migr Croatian and Macedonian communities for its decades long ineptitude in dealing with the then Communist Yugoslav secret police, UDBa, and its dirty tricks campaign against those two communities on Australian soil at the height of the Cold War.

I have spent 20 years researching UDBa activities in Australia and will soon complete producing a documentary film about UDBa in Australia, with a release date in early 2013. I have interviewed Croatian and Macedonian community leaders, Australian state police officers involved in counter-intelligence operations, and former spies both here in Australia and overseas. They all agree that UDBa ran rings around ASIO.

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