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Defence force: Navy sex ship officers ignored bullying


Health costs to leap for wealthy

High-income families face rise in premiums of $1000 as Labor looks likely to lock in means-testing bill


 Bank of England pumps more cash into economy


Afghan children escape war, but not deadly cold

A family member holds the body of three-month old Khan Mohammad as he is prepared for burial at the Nasaji Bagrami refugee camp in Kabul, Afghanistan, Feb. 8, 2012. Just a day earlier Afghan government officials had cast doubt on whether more than 20 children who died in camps recently had perished from unseasonably fierce cold and snowstorms. (Andrea Bruce/The New York Times) (Newscom TagID: nytphotos410943) [Photo via Newscom]

ROD NORDLAND Sayid Mohammad lost his last son two days ago, three-month-old Khan, who became the 24th child to die of exposure in Afghan camps in a month.


The waiting game goes on


MICHELLE GRATTAN Labor’s leadership issue must be resolved – but no one knows when or how.

Mills denies giving access to voicemails

Inquiry hears Heather Mills never authorised the former News of the World editor to listen to her voicemails.

Life is still sweet for the big banks

Jessica Irvine

JESSICA IRVINE How would you like to invest in a company with a steady stream of incoming business, customers that are unlikely to switch to competitors and where the government guarantees it won’t fail?

Alexander Downer would rubbish this report to protect himself. He, as usual, would be terrified he could be called to legal account by charges and Court if the matters are investigated and found to be true. If there is any truth in these reports it must be the politicians who sent our Troops to Iraq who must be held to account and not members of the Australian Defence Force. No ADF member must be treated as a fall guy to cover up political crimes.


Downer rubbishes Iraq ‘black site’ claims

By Emily Bourke

Senior members of the Howard government and the Defence Department are denying claims that Australian soldiers were involved in transporting Iraqis to secret prisons during the war.

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