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John Howard should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity. Will he be. Not on your nelly. You or I would be, however PMs are protected species. We should not forget it was also John Howard who presided over the Australian wheat board scandal where money changed hands between the AWB and Saddam Hussein, which Saddam may have well used to buy arms to shoot and kill young Australians. Howard went into Iraq to suck up to the US and Israel, and the present Government continues the groveling and continues to put young Australian lives at risk for political reasons. Every now and then we hear a bleat of protest from the Greens over these wars without end, yet it seems they and the left anti War movement in this country agree with Labor blowing young Australian lives away to please Uncle Sam but not with the Libs doing the same. One might note that you won’t find many politician’s kids on the front line in Afghanistan, if any.

Australian SAS ‘integral’ to secret Iraqi prisons

By Emily Bourke, and staff

Australia’s SAS has been accused of playing a key role in the murky world of US secret prisons during the war in Iraq.


Egypt and US in row over NGOs

Egyptian judges are refusing to back down from their investigation of American pro-democracy activists, despite warnings it could seriously strain relations with Washington.

Euro ministers to meet as Greece nears deal

Greek government coalition leaders have ended a marathon session of talks on austerity measures with one remaining point of disagreement, the prime minister’s office says.

Smith outlines complaints by Afghan detainees

Defence Minister Stephen Smith says detainees in Afghanistan have made 71 allegations of mistreatment against the Australian Defence Force since August last year.

Researchers start Australian software database

By Robyn Powell

Researchers at Flinders University are assembling an online database of computer software written in Australia and New Zealand.

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