Israeli army harasses press crew, beats a B’Tselem female volunteer, and lies to foreign media

Activists on the ground reported that the army is shooting rubber-coated metal bullets randomly at everyone; activist @tweet_Palestine was shot twice with rubber-coated metal bullets on her back. At the same time, the army continued to break basic human rights laws and even their military firing regulations as they kept firing high-velocity tear gas canisters directly at peaceful demonstrators.

Netanyahu to Abbas: Choose Hamas or peace with Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the reconciliation of rival Palestine factions Fatah and Hamas.He says Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ agreement to head the caretaker cabinet shows Abbas has “abandoned the path of peace.”

In other words, Israel, having spent the last 60 years attacking neighboring Arab nations, is now terrified of an Arab unity government coalescing just as its protector the United States collapses from decades of Israel parasitism.

Israel Tries to Drag US into Iran War


AIPAC Obtained Missile Secrets

The chairman of the American Palestine Committee and close confidant of “Rabbi Outcast” Elmer Berger nearly succeeded in having American Israel Public Affairs (AIPAC) Director Morris Amitay prosecuted for trafficking classified national defense information in the mid-1970s.

Israel tries to drag US into Iran war’

An international lawyer tells Press TV what Americans think of the US and Israel launching a war against Iran as rallies are held in America against a possible Iran war.

U.S. Jews who put Israel first are merely exercising their democratic rights

Just like Jonathan Pollard did!

Would Israel be as understanding of Israelis who put Palestine first?

Likud primary shows magician Netanyahu may be losing his mojo

The current Knesset is more nationalist, so it’s worse than any of its predecessors. It will be remembered for its religious twilight and for blurring its democratic senses.


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