Australian News Headlines

Norwegian gunman demands release

NORWEGIAN gunman Anders Behring Breivik says his killing spree was “a preventive attack against state traitors.”

Honouring our forgotten heroes

Simpson and donkeyJEALOUSY, unfair quotas and incompetence have prevented many soldiers getting recognition they are due, Aussie Vietnam hero says.

The role of the Australian Defence Force is to defend Australia, period, end of story. It is not the role of the Military to be the politicval tool of politicians to help them win Government, nor is it the role of the Military to be used by politicians to suck up to any foreign power, particularly the US, by sending our Troops off to be killed and wounded in US imperial wars.  



NAB posts 7.7% quarterly profit gain

Abbas to lead Palestinian unity government

Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah have moved a step closer to creating a unity government for Gaza and the West Bank.

Robb won’t commit Coalition to budget surplus

Federal Opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb says he cannot say if the Coalition would be able to deliver a surplus in its first term of Government.

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