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Walid Hanatsheh: Palestinian Prisoner of Conscience

The Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association calls Hanatsheh “a human rights defender who is currently in administrative detention.”

As Health Work Committees (HWC) Finance and Administration Manager, he helped “provide necessary healthcare to over 500,000? Palestinians.

In 1994, he was detained, interrogated for 30 days, then released. In June 2002, he was arrested for being in Jerusalem “illegally.” His wife’s a Jerusalemite. Arrest for “illegal presence” became an administrative detention ordeal. At issue is his humanitarian activism and alleged connection to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). As a result, he was held for three and a half years.

Russia and China Veto Syria Resolution

Shortly before 1PM EST, Reuters headlined, “Russia, China veto UN resolution telling Assad to quit,” saying:

The diplomatic “setback” came the day after “Syrian opposition (elements) accused Assad’s forces of killing hundreds of people (in) Homs, the bloodiest night in the 11 months of upheaval in the pivotal Arab country.”

Like other pro-Western media, Reuters pointed fingers the wrong way. Throughout the conflict, Assad was blamed for Western-backed externally generated violence. In fact, he’s more victim than villain, but don’t expect media scoundrels to explain.

Security Council Showdown on Syria

Slowly things are coming to a head. America, Israel, rogue NATO partners, and regional despot allies are itching for a fight with Syria. Russia and China stand firmly opposed.

On February 3, Reuters headlined, “UN council to vote on Syria resolution Saturday,” saying:

Britain’s UN mission said the “UN Security Council is set to meet 9:00 a.m. Saturday. Plan is to vote on Syria resolution.”

Reuters said “(o)ther missions confirmed the announcement.”

Section of Egypt-Israel pipeline blown up

A section of an Egyptian pipeline supplying gas to Israel has been blown up in a bomb attack in the twelfth assault on the energy route over the past 12 months.

Witnesses, video challenge Israeli army account of Nabi Saleh shooting

In Nabi Saleh on Friday a French citizen, in the village for her first time, was struck in the back of the head by a high-velocity teargas canister fired by an Israeli soldier. The woman was part of a small group of activists that were walking down the main road out of the village, which was being closed off by a group of soldiers.

Although some youth from the village had been previously throwing stones from the hilltop above, the activists were unarmed and merely chanting slogans. When the group was approximately 25 to 30 meters away, the soldiers immediately began firing teargas canisters and rubber bullets directly at the people without warning.

This is clearly a consistent component of the IDF’s concept of the “Final Solution” for all the Palestinian people; keep them miserable, and wound and kill as many as they can get away with.

I would have thought that, after the terrible suffering of Jews during World War 2, that their descendents who founded the country of Israel would be poster children for tolerance, justice, and human decency; unfortunately, not so.

21st century Israel has devolved into a wretchedly apartheid, self-proclaimed theocracy with nuclear weapons.

Arab league monitors find slaughter in Syria the work of foreign-backed subversives

A report by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) based on a one month inquiry by 160 monitors failed, as Pepe Romero reports in the Asia Times, to conclude that:

… the “evil” Bashar al-Assad government is indiscriminately, and unilaterally, killing its own people, and so regime change is in order.

So the report was either ignored (by Western corporate media) or mercilessly destroyed – by Arab media, virtually all of it financed by either the House of Saud or Qatar. It was not even discussed – because it was prevented by the GCC from being translated from Arabic into English and published in the Arab League’s website.

Until it was leaked. Here it is, in full.

NATO Versus Syria: NATO Clandestinely Engaged in Syrian Conflict

NATO is already clandestinely engaged in the Syrian conflict, with Turkey taking the lead as U.S. proxy. Ankara’s foreign minister, Ahmet Davitoglu, has openly admitted that his country is prepared to invade as soon as there is agreement among the Western allies to do so. The intervention would be based on humanitarian principles, to defend the civilian population based on the “responsibility to protect” doctrine that was invoked to justify Libya. Turkish sources suggest that intervention would start with creation of a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border and then be expanded. Aleppo, Syria’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, would be the crown jewel targeted by liberation forces.

This is sheer, utter madness, something which I notice informs Obama’s foreign policies just as intensely as it did the foreign policies of George Bush.

but I would caution President Obama very strongly to be careful about what you wish for.

IF Syria gets “liberated”, courtesy of the US/Israeli/NATO- engineered “regime change”; and the West uses this as a prelude to attacking Iran, you may well see this planet on the verge of World War III, with nuclear-armed Russia and China coming into the fray on the side of Iran.

Taking sides: Major split in UNSC after Syria veto

Moscow says it regrets that the authors of the draft UN resolution on Syria did not do more to reach a consensus and produce a balanced text. The tsunami of criticism now being directed at Russia and China leaves little scope for any new document.

Russia’s UN ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, justified the veto by saying the proposed resolution “sent an unbalanced signal to the Syrian parties.” The resolution puts pressure on the Syrian regime to immediately withdraw its forces from cities and towns – but nothing of the sort applies to the opposition.

Russia and China are being the adults in the room at the UN security Counsel, and I applaud them for their actions.

The fact that Sergei Lavrov, a career Russian diplomat for whom I have a great deal of respect, is heading to Damascus to see what can possibly be negotiated to head off a civil war in Syria, can only be seen as a positive development.

Of course, the US and Israel want no such thing as a peaceful, diplomatic resolution to the Syrian uprising, because if Syria is attacked from outside, Iran is treaty-bound to go to Syria’s defense. And the real prize, as far as the US and Israel see it, is the excuse to go into Iran.

But a short memo to Sergei Lavrov: please keep your Kevlar undies on this trip!


It is often the case when comparing zionism to Judaism, we also find comparisons to anti Semitism and the pro Palestinian activists. We see attacks on Jews who might be involved in the pro Palestinian Movement simply because they are Jews. I would imagine that for many Palestinians that have been suffering at the hands of the zionists for over six decades it might be difficult to trust the motives behind a Jewish person that claims to be sympathetic to their cause. It should be realised, and accepted that there are many Jewish people, including Israelis, that are very much involved in the struggle to free Palestine. I am afraid that Azaziah falls into the trap set by the zionists themselves in attempting to discredit Avnery simply because he is a Jewish Israeli.

Kevin Rudd, and thus the Australian Government, has also called for the Assad resignation. Memo to the Australian Government. Keep your nose out of the internal affairs of Syria. It has nothing to do with us. Syria has never done anything to us and you should not once again blindly do what Washington and Tel Aviv tell you to do. How would we feel if Indonesia was interferring in our internal affairs, or Syria was for the matter? The arrogannce of many Western Governments is breathtaking.

Obama Calls For Syria’s President To Resign

I am calling for Obama to resign.

Nope, Doesn’t work.

US-Funded Tunisian President Prepares to Withdraw Recognition of Syrian Government

US begins reaping rewards of its 2011 campaign of Arab destabilization.

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Reuters reported, “Tunisia “to withdraw recognition” of Syria government,” and specifically that newly appointed Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki made the announcement on his Facebook page.

Flashback: BUSTED! Israel is Raping Gaza of Palestinian Gas Reserves. THOU SHALL NOT STEAL

Russia and China Veto Syria Resolution

“Russia and China were the only permanent Security Council members opposing the draft, reminding others that it was not their place to intervene in another country’s domestic affairs.”

Under international law, it’s illegal. Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin said

In response, US envoy Susan Rice said she was “disgusted” by vetoes “prop(ping) up desperate dictators.” French ambassador Gerard Araud said “history will judge (Assad supporters) harshly.”

Exposed: The Arab agenda in Syria

So the report was either ignored (by Western corporate media) or mercilessly destroyed – by Arab media, virtually all of it financed by either the House of Saud or Qatar. It was not even discussed – because it was prevented by the GCC from being translated from Arabic into English and published in the Arab League’s website.
Until it was leaked. Here it is, in full.

NATO Versus Syria

by Philip Giraldi

Americans should be concerned about what is happening in Syria, if only because it threatens to become another undeclared war like Libya but much, much worse. Calls for regime change have come from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who several weeks ago predicted a civil war.

That is indeed likely if the largely secular and nationalist regime of Bashar al-Assad falls, pitting Sunni against Shia against Alawite. Indigenous Christians will be caught in the meat grinder. Ironically, many of the Christians in Damascus are Iraqis who experienced the last round of liberation in their own country and had to flee for their lives.

Say No to War

Anyone unmoved by that isn’t human. No one could write it who didn’t experience war’s horrors firsthand, and scream Say NO! Say NO! No More.

Written almost 65 years ago, wars rage daily. Millions more lives expired. Perhaps no one will listen to other Borcherts until no one’s left to hear, if “You do not say NO” now.

US criticizes Russia, China on Syria

Sun Feb 5, 2012 5:31AM GMT
The United States has criticized Russia and China for vetoing a UN Security Council resolution on Syria calling for Syrian President Bashar al Assad to resign and hand over power to opposition leaders.

“The United States is disgusted that a couple of members of this Council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our sole purpose,” US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice claimed.

“For months, this council has been held hostage by a couple of members,” Rice added.

Russia and China were the only members of the UN council that rejected the anti-Syria resolution, endorsed by the US and its Arab allies. Russia and China had vetoed a similar resolution on Syria in October.

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