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Egypt to put foreign NGO workers on trial

The preferred PM figures are not what counts. What counts is the two party preferred vote on election day. It is all warm and fuzzy to read about who is the preferred PM but that doesn’t count on voting day much at all. In any case we have a one Party State where it doesn’t matter who we vote for we get more of the same with just some tweaking around the edges and different spin to make it look like the Libs and Labs are different. As Bob Katter said last night the only difference between them is the LNP will sell off the power generation system in Qld quicker than Labor will. A prime example of the one party State is in the Schapelle Corby video which was sent out yesterday. The political corruption, bastardisation and ruthlessness were the same on both sides of the Corby affair as both parties groveled to Indonesia and continue to grovel. These people will do and say anything to get your vote. Remember that.

Australia wants Gillard, not Abbott – poll

gillard abbottDESPITE her leadership turmoil, Julia Gillard is in front of Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister for the first time in nine months, a new poll shows.


The US has learned nothing and forgotten nothing since the Vietnam War.

US ‘to boost’ Special Forces in Afghanistan

soldiers THE US is planning a major shift in its Afghanistan military strategy, with reports Special Forces troops will take greater responsibility.

Afghanistan: Car bomb kills seven outside cop shop

Westpac loan customers still waiting

The bank promised to pass on two pre-Christmas interest cuts. But customers are still paying more.

The Federal Opposition is salivating at the prospect of Craig Thomson being charged with an offence and then found guilty. In our legal system, which we tout to the World as the best on the planet,the Law says nobody is guilty of anything until proven guilty in a Court. This is called the presumption of innocence. It is all nice and emotional and political points can be scored by treating Thomson guilty of something a Court has never found him guilty of, just like that slimy lizard Peter Reith was doing on the Andrew Bolt sensationalist TV show yesterday. Reith has plenty to answer for as the Minister who lied about the kids overboard, who sent the dogs in to attack Australian workers and who then who allowed his son to use his parliamentary credit card and car. Reith and his cronies are in no position to moralise.
Anyway back to the matter at hand. Thomson is guilty of nothing. Questions can be asked as to why Fair Work Australia is taking so long to produce a report BUT those who are complaining are not motivated by high principle but by political opportunism.
If Craig Thomson is found to have a case to answer he will be charged by the Police and then face Court. In the meantime he is guilty of nothing so stop acting as if he is.

Thomson report release not up to me: Shorten

Federal Employment Minister Bill Shorten says there are reasons why a report on Labor MP Craig Thomson may not be able to be publicly released.

First Gaddafi loyalists go on trial

Libya has put 41 loyalists of dead dictator Moamar Gaddafi on trial, in the first legal proceedings launched against members of the former regime which was ousted after a bloody conflict.

RBA must be answerable to public: Katter

Federal Independent MP Bob Katter says an unelected, independent board should not have control of the Reserve Bank and official monetary policy.

Swan seizes on Robb surplus comments

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has accused the Opposition of being confused about its economic policies.

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