Obama: Not Cool, Just Cold-Blooded

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

“The United States is waging a terroristic war against at least four nations,” but its president is somehow perceived as “cool.” Obama’s fans, the corporate media and, apparently, the commander-in-chief himself see no contradiction between coolness and international criminality. “Barack Obama has surpassed George Bush in lawlessness.” He’s “cool like Jesse James.”

The Girl Killed by Obama: She “never saw it coming”

Barack Obama says the drone attacks he authorises are targetted only at named people on a list of active terrorists who are a direct threat to America. The facts tell a different story.

Obama the love child?

If there was anything at all to this claim that Obama is not a natural born citizen, both Hillary and McCain would not have hesitated to use it to remove Obama and win the White House. So there must be another explanation.
My theory is that the true original birth certificate for Barack Obama has a different name for the father than Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. The theory is that the original birth certificate lists one Frank Marshall Davis as the father and that the young Obama was born out of wedlock (a common enough occurrence during the 60s).

All of a sudden we are seeing a revival of the “Birther” nonsense. I think this is a political trap.

I think Obama is going to let this birther nonsense fan up into a firestorm (and a useful distraction from the wars and economy) during the campaign season then just before the election Obama will own up to the fact that his real father was Frank Marshall Davis, and how could the GOP be so evil as to drag his mother’s memory through the mud, yadda yadda yadda and ride a tidal wave of sympathy into a second term.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Mitt Romney to Receive Secret Service Protection

Just another way to send a signal that Romney is the anointed candidate. I am not going to bother voting this year. I’ll vote for Obama before I vote for Romney and I don’t want to vote for Obama, so there it is. Obama will sell his soul to Israel but Romney will sell everything else!

Rabbi’s Followers Cast Doubts on Congressman’s Fund-Raising

Soon after he began running for Congress in 2009, Michael G. Grimm, a Staten Island Republican, needed to convince party leaders in Washington that he could raise enough money to become a viable candidate. Seeking help, he turned to an unlikely source: followers of an Orthodox rabbi and mystic from Israel.

No Exit For Bilderbergers – Why A Race War Will Not Work

Before I left Boston in 1982, I predicted America would have a black President in the 21st century and that we would have a National Security State. The bankers think a dictatorship will protect them from the people who will be impoverished as soon as what is left of their money is stolen by Wall Street. The bankers wanted a black President so when the dollar does collapse the poor blacks will defend the President who will be protecting the bankers from justifiably angry mobs.

Since 1988 the President has been a long term asset of the CIA. Obama is the only CIA asset in the race so far. However, if there is a deadlocked Republican convention, the delegates will be free to vote for the CIA asset of their choice which would be either Jeb Bush or General Petraeus.

Still Voting For ‘Mitt Romney’?

U.S. Zionist Newspaper Talks of Mossad Assassination of Obama if He Fails their Iran Test

When America beats the drums of war over Iran it may not always be driven by the Islamic state’s nuclear intentions. Would-be US presidential candidates aren’t shy when it comes to voicing their anti-Iran rhetoric in front of America’s influential Jewish community.

Listen to this five minute video. I guess being an “existential threat to Israel” as allegedly Iran is based on the opinion of the editor of an American Zionist newspaper and Mitt Romney is sufficient to be nuked by US and Israel.

Why is it that Israel can have over 200 nuclear weapons but Iran cannot have one. When will people wake up to the outrageously inordinate influence that Israel has over US foreign policy. if we do not wake up soon, we will be involved in world war three.

Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops

Romney, citing safety net, says he’s ‘not concerned about the very poor’

In an interview with CNN Wednesday morning that should have been a Florida victory lap, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney made a fumble that could give rivals an attack ad sound bite.

Asked about his economic plan, Romney said repeatedly that he was not concerned with very poor Americans, but was focused instead on helping the middle class.

President Paul in Nevada Introduction

Wow! The Wave is Back.
The Revolution Spirit is surging.
The main stream media won’t want you to see this.
Dr. Paul again peaks in Nevada.
This is real, the people love Dr. Paul and his Message.
End the Wars
End the Fed
Restore Individual Liberty
Dr. Paul is the Champion of the Constitution.


5 Reasons Obama is a Proven Stooge of the Elite

P.A. Farruggio
Activist Post

Ok, Barack, from one Brooklyn boy to one Chicago boy, let’s talk straight and pull no punches. I don’t care how nice of a guy you may be, or how intelligent and articulate… ya blew it kiddo! Just like with your predecessors, especially Clinton and Junior Bush, you simply are a stooge of the wizards who control this empire…

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