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Greece scrambles to form new coalition (video)

Greek politicians scramble to form a unity government, name a new PM and call early elections as they struggle to escape a debt crisis.

Australian claims assault by Israeli soldiers

An Australian man arrested by the Israeli army while onboard a peace flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip has told his family he was assaulted by soldiers.

Carlos the Jackal boasts of attacks

Venezuelan militant Carlos the Jackal, who goes on trial in France later today, has boasted in an interview with the daily El Nacional of committing more than 100 attacks that claimed up to 2,000 lives.

Poll shows more bad news for Obama

Washington correspondent Craig McMurtrie

Twelve months out from the 2012 presidential election, a new poll shows Barack Obama’s approval rating is in the doldrums and Americans are deeply pessimistic about their economy.

This is the US preparing the way for more US Troops being deployed into Africa

US warns of new Nigerian attacks

The US has warned of possible new attacks after Islamists claimed responsibility for deadly blasts which killed 150 people in Nigeria’s north-east.

Wounded soldiers to return home

The Chief of Army says seven soldiers who were wounded in Afghanistan last week are expected to return to Australia soon.

Syrian forces kill 13, say activists

Syrian forces shot dead at least 13 civilians on Sunday in a continued military assault on the restive city of Homs and in attacks on pro-democracy demonstrations.

Suicide bomber targets Afghan festival

At least seven civilians have been killed and 15 others wounded when a suicide bomber detonated explosives near a mosque in Baghlan province in northern Afghanistan, the interior ministry said.

Bank exodus from euro zone sovereign debt quickens

Banks including BNP Paribas and ING are ditching billions of euros of euro zone government bonds, cutting their exposure to the region’s trouble spots.

More lenders are expected to retreat as the euro zone crisis deepens and leaders raise the possibility of the exit of Greece from the bloc, further damaging prices.

“The market value of the debt of the countries most under scrutiny is likely to decline further as banks unload sovereign bonds,” Charles Dallara, managing director of the Institute of International Finance, warned on Wednesday.


Yeah, we gotta slaughter them for this one!

BEX alert – An inside look at the base where Iran is developing nuclear weapons

Iran is pursuing its nuclear weapons program at the Parchin military base about 30 kilometers from Tehran, diplomatic sources in Vienna say. The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency is expected to release a report this week on Iran’s nuclear activities.

Only a week ago the media was showing pictures of a building in Syria and claiming it was a uranium enrichment facility. Then a few days later it was revealed that it was just a textile factory and the rows of spinning machines were just that; spinning thread for weaving.

In the run-up to the conquest of Iraq we were shown pictures like the above; space shots of buildings with nothing in the image at all to confirm the claims made about what we were seeing. And after Iraq was destroyed, the buildings in those photos all turned out to have innocent purposes after all.

This is just more of the same from government and media trying to sell you another war and hoping you are too stupid to recall those previous lies.

Every high school and college physics department conducts nuclear experiments. That does not mean they have a bomb.

Weak wifi? Use a baking tray

“Time to improvise,” he wrote. “A visit to the galley turns up a much-used baking tray. A few simple experiments later and I’m able to locate the direction of the 2.5G base station and the strongest wifi signal. So I now have three bars of wifi and 2.5G by way of the unlikely combination of a baking tray and some judicious positioning.”

The Economic Collapse-A Short Film- Part 1

The government, media, and economists are afraid to tell you that our economy is on life support.

The Economic Collapse- A Short Film- Part 2

Occupy Building 7, November 19 and 20, 2011 In front of the rebuilt World Trade Center Building 7

Occupy Building 7 – November 19-20
12PM march from Liberty Plaza to WTC 7.
Occupy WTC 7 park until 6pm each day.

1st General Assembly at 2pm to discuss
the direction and continuation of the
Occupy Building 7 occupation after 11/20.

U.S. History Repeating itself Again and Again: How Wall Street Occupied America

“… Wall Street owns the country. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but a government of Wall Street, by Wall Street, and for Wall Street. The great common people of this country are slaves, and monopoly is the master… Money rules… Our laws are the output of a system which clothes rascals in robes and honesty in rags. The political parties lie to us and the political speakers mislead us…”

I’ll bet you thought that the above quote is a recent product of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It’s not. It was said by the populist Mary Elizabeth Lease in the late 19th Century, referring to the class war of the rich against the poor and the rest of us. What we are going through now is another repetition of that history. History has repeated itself over and over again in our country on this issue.

What Happened When I Tried to Get Some Answers About the Creepy NYPD Watchtower Monitoring OWS

Husain seemed to be getting flustered. Maybe nobody had bothered to explain to him why he needed to sit in a squad car at the base of a metal tower bristling with cameras. Maybe he never questioned why someone actually had his job. But he recovered and then played his trump card. “We’re not here for the protests. We’re here for counter-terrorism,” he said before lapsing into semi-incoherence about having to protect the Sky Watch, presumably from terrorists. “Wait, you’re saying someone is going to attack that?” I said gesturing to the Sky Watch tower. In a city filled with iconic structures, terrorists might target a metal box on stilts with, maybe, one cop inside. Really?

He seemed confused and ended our conversation abruptly with: “It’s much more than simple words.”


Claire and I saw these things near Wall Street during the tenth anniversary of 9-11, but it was a shock to see one here on Oahu.

But what is really insulting about this particular watchtower is its location, because what you are looking at is the PX at Pearl Harbor! That’s right, this US Government watchtower is keeping an eye on US MILITARY SERVICE PEOPLE AND THEIR FAMILIES!

The US Government doesn’t even trust the soldiers and sailors! Maybe after the brutal police attacks on Scott Olson (US Marine) and Kayvan Sabehgi (Army Ranger), the US Government might think they need to keep an eye on that portion of the population actually trained to fight, but frankly, if I were in the military, I would be horribly insulted by this!

Targeting Iran: World War III and The Chain of Obedience

This war can be prevented if people forcefully confront their governments, pressure their elected representatives, organize at the local level in towns, villages and municipalities, spread the word, inform their fellow citizens as to the implications of a nuclear war, initiate debate and discussion within the armed forces.

The objective is to forcefully reverse the tide of war, challenge the war criminals in high office and the powerful corporate lobby groups which support them.

Break the American Inquisition.

Undermine the US-NATO-Israel military crusade.

Close down the weapons factories and the military bases.

Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs

See the Oakland cops get busted acting as protesters caught on camera

Obama administration approves navy warships seizing two boats carrying peace activists and letters to Gaza as necessary for Israeli ‘security’

State Department briefing by Victoria Nuland on Friday. Questioner is Matt Lee of Associated Press:

QUESTION: Have you been in touch with the Israelis at all about their stopping of these flotilla boats?

MS. NULAND: We have been in touch with the Israelis through our Embassy, yesterday and I think again today. I think you’ve probably seen the press reporting, which we can confirm, that the Israelis were able to board these two ships without any significant incidents, and they are on their way into port in Israel.

QUESTION: Okay. And you don’t have any problem at all with this, right?

MS. NULAND: Well, as you know, we did not want to see this flotilla happen.

Bank Transfer: 650,000 Answer the Call

s the social media-sparked Bank Transfer Day approaches, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) reports that over 650,000 people have joined credit unions in the last four weeks.


Wells Fargo is creating a boutique bank for the super rich.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the wealth management unit will be named “Abbot Downing” and will only service families with more than $50 million in their coffers.

You heard them, Wells Fargo Customers. They don’t want you. Close your accounts Monday!

Hiest: Who Stole the American Dream?

Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? reveals how American corporations orchestrated the dismantling of middle-class prosperity through rampant deregulation, the outsourcing of jobs, and tax policies favoring businesses and the wealthy. The collapse of the U.S. economy is the result of conscious choices made over thirty five years by a small group: leaders of corporations and their elected allies, and the biggest lobbying interest in Washington, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. To these individuals, the collapse is not a catastrophe, but rather the planned outcome of their long, patient work. For the rest of the country, it is merely the biggest heist in American history.

Occupy Gainesville Gate Keepers – No 9/11 Truth

These occupy protests are very important and something many of us have attempted to get behind. Unfortunately a growing number of organizers are gate keeping important issues. If we get this information out we can stop this gate keeping and support the occupy movements.

Israel’s economy to be paralyzed if general strike opens as planned

Proposed strike would cost the Israeli economy an estimated NIS 330 million a day; airports, banks, railway and all government offices would shut down.

video shows cop lied under oath

The video taken from nearby surveillance cameras contradicted key facts in Lupo’s report and sworn testimony. Most crucially, Lupo and an unidentified supervisor are seen rummaging through the trunk hours before a warrant was issued. On the witness stand just moments before the video was played, Lupo emphatically denied that had occurred.

Occupy Islamabad (Pakistan) Protest


Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake

Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake

by Dr. Alan Sabrosky

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Many years ago I read a fascinating discussion of the “tactics of mistake.” This essentially entailed using a target’s prejudices and preconceptions to mislead them as to the origin and intent of the attack, entrapping them in a tactical situation that later worked to the attacker’s strategic advantage.

This is what unfolded in the 9/11 attacks that led us into the matrix of wars and conflicts, present (Afghanistan and Iraq), planned (Iran and Syria) and projected (Jordan and Egypt), that benefit Israel and no other country — although I concede that many private contractors and politicians are doing very well for themselves out of the death and misery of others.

I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone. They needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (the misnamed Project for a New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US Government (USG), who in the 9/11 attacks got the “catalytic event” they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf, only eight months after coming into office.

Genesis of the Deception

That was not how it seemed at first, of course. Lists of names and associations of the alleged hijackers quickly surfaced in official US accounts and mainstream media (MSM) reports, pointing to Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda group, then largely in Afghanistan. Bin Laden denied responsibility, saying in effect that while he thanked Allah that the attacks had occurred, he had not done it, but the US demanded that the Taliban governing Afghanistan turn him over to the US. The Taliban response was reasonable: “Show us the evidence he did it and we’ll give him to you.” But the US brushed it off and attacked. Why? Because it had no convincing evidence, and never would — even on the eve of his public death in 2011, the FBI did not include 9/11 on his internet-based “Most Wanted” charge sheet.

As the war in Afghanistan for very dubious reasons extended into a war in Iraq for even more specious ones, the essential USG view of 9/11 became embedded in the public ethos. The 9/11 Commission Report, despite being handicapped when it was prepared and later revealed to have been deeply flawed, still appeared as the basic reference work on the attacks. Details may have been compromised, but the prevailing view was that 19 Arab hijackers had flown four planes into three buildings and one crash site, and that was the end of it. This was the position taken by the Bush Administration in 2001, and reaffirmed a decade later by the Obama Administration. Politicians of every stripe, most pundits and rafts of Protestant pastors (mainly evangelical) added their endorsements.

Neither I nor most Americans had any particular reason to doubt the veracity of these claims, then or later. Nonetheless, I had strong suspicions that something was very wrong with the official US account of the tragedy only weeks after the incident, while responding to a request from a local journalist for background information. Too much made no sense whatsoever: warnings after the fact when there should have been no warnings, bizarre misbehavior by the alleged hijackers that ran counter to both the mission and their faith, skills required that far exceeded any skills the named hijackers themselves could ever have possessed for the mission, and especially the total absence of any recognition for what they had done from anyone except their supposed victims – something without precedent for actions of the sort that supposedly happened on 9/11. These and similar discontinuities reinforced my suspicion that something in the entire exercise was rotten to the core.

Potentially far more significant than individual musings was the gradual appearance of dissent that eventually crystallized in the so-called “9/11 Truth” movement, which rapidly proliferated into scores of major and many minor organizations and websites dissecting the attacks, the Commission report, the motivations and agendas of assorted elected and appointed officials, and alternatives to the orthodox view. But “9/11 Truthers” have been doing their version of the Maoist “Hundred Flowers” Campaign, throwing out so many different assessments of so many different aspects of so many different issues that the core message has been lost. Nor is it a matter of too little evidence invalidating the USG position on 9/11 being available, but too much to permit a clear focus on what happened (so many trees no one can really see the forest).

Mind you, it isn’t that what has been presented is irrelevant or even necessarily wrong, although some pretty bizarre theses have been tossed around along with a good deal of thoughtful and balanced work. A substantial segment also have resisted closure under any circumstances – especially when Israel came into the equation in any way – thus keeping the rhetorical pot boiling inconclusively, more than a few for reasons that could not withstand close scrutiny as to their affiliation and motivation.

Critiquing the 9/11 Critique

The real difficulty with much, but not all, of the effort to critique and question the official US position on 9/11 is that the “9/11 Truth” proponents have been unable to communicate their concerns – much less any conclusions – to the general public in any significant way. So much of the discussion is only partially comprehensible to some within the movement, largely unknown to the general US public, and so complicated in all its dimensions to those who do become aware of it that they fail to follow up on the arguments. It is as if critics of the official position on 9/11 have been attempting to try the case in court before they have even gotten an indictment – the analytical equivalent of putting the argumentative cart before the public horse of the need to rethink the issue, thereby creating an evidentiary Gordian Knot of sorts.

This analogy has long struck me as an appropriate way of rethinking our approach to the 9/11 controversy. It is not that the issue isn’t complex – it is, in ever so many ways, and that complexity would have to be addressed at some point, but there is no need to confuse the public with its complexity at the very beginning.

Remember that at least in the US, the evidence and voting requirements are very different in a grand jury which can issue an indictment, than they are in a petit jury that actually tries the case. The latter needs proof of guilt; but the former only needs sufficient indication that a specific crime may have been committed, and that the accused may have done it. That is where we need to go, and where I will take this argument: to focus on those essentials necessary for an indictment in a way that will be understandable and credible to a reasonably intelligent person without requiring them to have the skills of (e.g.) a civil engineer or an aviator.

Peeling Away the Layered Details

There are so many flaws in the official US Government’s position on 9/11 that it is sometimes difficult to know just where to start. For example, the miraculous survival of a passport, used to identify one of the hijackers, which somehow worked its way through the aircraft’s impact, explosion, fire, and an 800-plus foot free-fall to be found by a well-dressed man and given to a New York City police detective at the base of the twin towers is a standout. The superstar-like ability of named pilots to go from the controls of a single-engine propeller-driven light plane to the cockpit of a passenger airliner and do anything except put it into the ground within a minute of turning off the autopilot is another – who would ever have thought that the Microsoft Flight Simulator program was so superlative? And the explanations given for the multiple failures of NORAD (the North American Air Defense Command) to have fighters on all four planes within minutes of their straying off course are individually dubious and collectively preposterous – only in Hollywood would they have any credence, perhaps because that is where they originated.

The debate on these and many other points, and the implications thereof, has been extensive and sometimes ferocious, even if not particularly effective. What is not open to debate, however, is that WTC-7 — the third tower to collapse that day, and the only one not hit by a plane — absolutely was brought down by a controlled demolition, as anyone not trying to shield the attackers knows from a real-time video of its collapse. That is, WTC-7 went straight down into its own footprint in seconds without any visible catastrophic external trauma, which means only some catastrophic internal trauma could have brought it down. And if it had been wired for a controlled demolition, then so were the other towers (WTC-1 and WTC-2) that collapsed. That gives the plane impacts a gruesome cosmetic role, designed explicitly to conceal the true cause of the collapse of the buildings, while shocking the public into something akin to numbness.

The case of WTC-7 has long been known to critics of the US government position on 9/11. What does not seem to have been fully appreciated, at least at first (this is changing somewhat now), is that it is not merely “an” issue, but the single issue that can be used simply, directly to the American public, and effectively to discredit the US Government’s case, and thus its rationale for so many fallacies and misdeeds: not only needless foreign wars (Afghanistan being a “pump-priming” conflict to get the US into war in the region, and to lay the groundwork for later wars), but a substantial infringement of American civil liberties under the misbegotten “Patriot Act,” the unbelievably widespread acceptance of torture (including a technique openly named “Palestinian Hanging,” which assuredly did not originate in Boston and says something about Israeli habits), and the creation of known and secret prisons and detention centers in various countries.

Second only to the actual controlled demolition of WTC-7, and supplementing the thesis that with or without impacting aircraft the buildings were brought down by other means, is extensive extensive audio-visual evidence on 9/11 while the Twin Towers were still standing from what became “Ground Zero.” This evidence includes real-time clips of secondary explosions at ground level in both WTC-1 and WTC-2 (you can hear the detonations and see smoke and debris billowing out), reports on many networks of those explosions and of strange vans inside and around those buildings prior to the secondary explosions, reports from EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) of the same thing and of people inside and around the lobbies of those buildings who were not emergency personal and were not fleeing the disaster – all of this on 9/11 and widely reported as it happened that same day.

And a third element, building on the above and adding its own dimension, is the presence of a number of (mostly white) vans owned – as far as can be determined, given the extent to which information on them and the people with them has disappeared from the public record – by an Israeli company (or rather a company owned by an Israeli, to be precise) in New Jersey. Some of these vans were regularly around the World Trade Center itself. But two stand out, and need to be examined in some detail for their significance to be appreciated.

First, Bergen, NJ residents saw five people on a white van filming the attacks and visibly celebrating. They had set up their cameras before the first plane hit. Police arrested them. All were Israelis (now referred to as the “dancing Israelis”). Bomb-sniffing dogs reacted as if they had detected explosives, although officers were unable to find anything. The FBI seized the van for further testing. All five were later released at the instigation of Israeli & American Jewish leaders, some in the US Government. Details are still classified. This incident quickly disappeared from the mainstream media, following a brief mention in the New York Times three days after the attacks, that was not followed up.

A second van was stopped on the approaches to the George Washington Bridge. As CBS’s Dan Rather said in his live report: “Two suspects are in FBI custody after a truckload of explosives were discovered around the George Washington Bridge. That bridge links New York to New Jersey over the Hudson River. Whether the discovery of those explosives had anything to do with other events today is unclear, but the FBI, has two suspects in hand, said the truckload of explosives, enough explosives were in the truck to do great damage to the George Washington Bridge…“ Those suspects –also Israelis — and the incident then seem to have disappeared from the public record and mainstream media “examinations” <sic.> of 9/11, just like discussions of the first van, the secondary explosions at ground level within WTC-1 and WTC-2, and the precipitous collapse into its own footprint of WTC-7.

The combined impact of these and many other factors is both chilling and compelling. Think of it: Secondary explosions at ground level where there should be no secondary explosions. The catastrophic collapse of the 47-story WTC-7 into its own footprint in seconds, without any significant external trauma, where by rights there should have been no collapse. Vans with targeting maps, explosives or traces thereof, cameras pre-positioned to film the World Trade Center, and especially Israelis with those vans where there should have been no Israelis present with any of those things in those places at that time.

Any of these matters ought to have been sufficient to stimulate a searching re-examination of the official USG interpretation of 9/11, and especially of the actual or putative role of Al-Qaeda in it. The vans alone pointed away from Al-Qaeda, unless one assumed that Al-Qaeda was an Israeli front, or that Mossad at a minimum had run a parallel and more murderous operation to whatever Al-Qaeda may have done. What is fascinating is how little impact it has had on public awareness of the details of 9/11, much less official US policy based on it. A “cloak of silence” had descended over any official or mainstream media discussions of 9/11 that did not conform to the official interpretation, thereby keeping such dissonance from the general public.

The Cloak of Silence Over 9/11

There have been three elements to the “cloak of silence” covering efforts to expose the failings of the official US position on 9/11 to the public. One is within the Executive Branch. Another is within the Congress. And the third is the mainstream media (MSM).

The first is not at all surprising, as so many of its key members (and especially its so-called “neo-conservatives”) were the authors of the “19 named Arabs in 4 planes” thesis, and its de facto apologists on the professional staff of the 9/11 Commission. Indeed, many of them had a vested personal and professional interest in maintaining the validity of the official position.

A surprising number had been on the strongly pro-Israel Project for a New American Century (PNAC) when it published a report asserting that some “catalytic event” akin to the Pearl Harbor would be needed to move the US in the direction they desired (and which would be of enormous benefit to Israel). The 9/11 attacks gave them their catalytic event, and they visibly capitalized on that opportunity. Many were Jewish, often with dual US-Israeli citizenship and a controlling commitment to Israel. All were Israeli partisans. And it took no great inferential leap to understand that a US consumed with anti-Arab and anti-Muslim rage would inevitably and inexorably do things that would directly or indirectly benefit Israel – which, of course, is precisely what has happened over the past decade.

Overtly more surprising was Congressional acceptance of the official explanation, or rather the lack of searching inquiries into it and the events of 9/11, at least by the Democrats. But in reality, that wasn’t at all surprising. It was not just that Administration officials were essentially “speaking with one voice” on this issue, or that the Republicans in the Senate at least could have kept Democrats from holding hearings, at least in the beginning. It is that while many (especially Democrats) came to question later the war in Iraq, and some more belatedly the war in Afghanistan, there was and remains no discernable legislative effort to delve into the details of 9/11 – and especially the numerous contradictions, inconsistencies and unbelievable aspects in the official explanation. This is a predictable outcome of a substantial lobbying effort by AIPAC (the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) here, “encouraging” Senators and Representatives of both parties to do in this matter what they do best – nothing – and punishing the handful who balked by marginalizing their efforts while in office, and working successfully for their electoral defeat later.

Overlapping these two branches, and a critical element in the Zionist control of the US Government that is sometimes overlooked, is their domination of the political appointment and confirmation process. The White House Personnel Office has been largely dominated by them at least since 1980, and perhaps before, thereby reducing the likelihood that people unfriendly to Israel or unsupportive of its “ways and means” will be nominated in the first place. The vetting of nominees by key organized Jewish groups in the US before they go before the US Senate for their confirmation hearings has also been a fixture of this process for decades, as Ha’aretz (an Israeli newspaper) among many others has pointed out, and forces otherwise excellent nominees to withdraw if said Jewish groups find them to be unsuitable. And the leverage of AIPAC in the US Senate is in this respect crucial: anyone AIPAC wants confirmed will be confirmed, and anyone who manages to reach that point and is not acceptable to AIPAC doesn’t stand a chance.

This is why under both Republicans and Democrats, the staffs in and around the President and the Vice-President, the National Security Council, the State Department and the Defense Department (among others) look the way they do. Many are Jewish and actively Zionist, often with dual US-Israeli citizenship (not that the absence of an Israeli passport matters all that much to the others). Some are Christian Zionists who need no persuading to take the pro-Israel positions they do – I can only shudder to think of the type of a staff and appointments that would come from a president like Michele Bachmann or Mike Huckabee. Others are what the communists used to call “useful idiots,” frequently intelligent people like Condoleeza Rice or John Bolton who have made their own Faustian bargain in the furtherance of their own careers. And the rest of us live with the consequences of all of them, not least of which was 9/11 and the ensuing wars.

But it is the role of the largely Zionist-owned mainstream media (MSM) in allowing the official US government view of 9/11 to go virtually unchallenged that is most fascinating, and has been most effective in letting any possible public debate on 9/11 largely lie fallow. This was contrary to its entire post-Vietnam (and especially post-Pentagon Papers/post-Watergate) ethos, which put investigative journalism on a pedestal and made a fetish of investigating and exposing corporate and government wrong-doing, both for profits and for professional advancement. Remember, that at least since the publication of the so-called “Pentagon Papers” during the Vietnam War, the normal instinct of the MSM is to investigate and to reveal, unless that discloses Israeli misconduct or reflects negatively on Israel, in which case its virtually primeval instinct is to conceal and to protect.

The MSM’s normal inquisitorial impulse was not in evidence in the case of 9/11. This is because critical inquiries into 9/11 have been largely ignored or repressed by the MSM — which would not do that if its largely Zionist ownership did not know, suspect or fear that an exposed evidentiary trail would lead, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly to Israel. Indeed, if the evidentiary trail had seemed to lead to (e.g.) Iran instead of Israel, or if its provenance was even moderately uncertain, the MSM would have vociferously shredded the USG case long ago, and the “9/11 Truth” movement would find its views presented on the front pages of major newspapers and highlighted in favorable TV/radio broadcasts.

That this did not happen quickly becomes clear as one examines the MSM’s approach to 9/11. Its role has been threefold: : (a) disinformation – to affirm, or at least not openly question, the USG case; (b) distraction – to direct attention away from Israel and the PNAC/neo-cons; and (c) doubt – to ignore or ridicule those who question the official US case. What people choose to conceal speaks volumes about the dynamics of the situation, and the end result of MSM actions has been the fabrication of an aura of disbelief and doubt where there should be none.

This process began almost immediately. Dramatic and revealing real-time reports about the details of the attacks appeared on 9/11, including many that did not directly involve the hijacked airliners. Over the next few days, some local papers and stations in the area still were reporting dissonant events (e.g., the van with the “dancing Israelis”). But within a week, most dissonance was gone or relegated to inside pages and their electronic equivalents, especially anything pertaining to WTC-7, whose collapse became a non-event, or the presence of Israelis in the vans and elsewhere, as the US Government’s propaganda machine – aided actively by most of the MSM – went into high gear first against Al-Qaeda and then in support of the invasion of Afghanistan.

The Path to 9/11

The provenance of the 9/11 attacks becomes even clearer once they are examined as a classic exercise in covert operations. Generally speaking, there are three requirements for evaluating the origin and prospects for success of all covert intelligence operations: (a) motivation, (b) expertise, and (c) local support for access to the target and post-attack evasion and escape.

Let us look first at motivation. It is a bitter commentary on how far the US has gone from its strategic requirements and its own principles that so many movements and governments around the world not only dislike and distrust the US, but hate it with a passion and with better cause than I care to think about. I recently came across a remark by a Jesuit priest to the effect that “Every time I hear that Israel is America’s only friend in the Middle East, I remember that before Israel, America had no enemies in the Middle East” – a point well worth remembering.

But the interesting thing about the assorted movements and governments that might have an actual or perceived reason to do harm to the US, is that all but one has had a negative incentive to do that: to punish the US for some actual or assumed failings or misdeeds. The one exception is Israel. It has no negative incentives at all (I exclude some real fringe fanatics), simply because without US aid and diplomatic support, it would find itself in even worse straits than did apartheid-era South Africa, and with better cause. But it is the one state with a positive incentive, if it believed it could get away with it, which is to enrage the American public against Muslims generally and Arabs in particular, and to make the US an active belligerent in the region – spending American lives and treasure in the service of Israel’s interests.

Expertise is different and more diffuse. There are many intelligence and special operations forces in the world with the expertise to wire large urban structures for a controlled demolition. There are many combat engineer units in many countries that could do the same thing. And there are many private firms that specialize in them as well. Yet neither Al-Qaeda as an organization, nor any of its known affiliates – much less the 19 named Arabs supposedly on those four planes – possessed that expertise, or anything even remotely close to it; had they done so, the Green Zone in Baghdad would have been a pile of rubble.

But it is local support that is the crucial determinant. All well-crafted covert operations require some measure of local support, official or unofficial, unless the target area is so irredeemably hostile that none is available. Any domestic or foreign intelligence agency targeting the WTC would absolutely have required it, and Mossad would be better placed than any other to access such support for entry, access, execution and escape.

This is especially true, given the security company overseeing the WTC. CIA and/or Defense Department personnel (which is not the same as the CIA or the Defense Department as organizations) could have had access, but only if that had Israeli endorsement – one does not casually cut open walls, implant explosives, run cables and wire everything together in buildings with state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and 24/7 on-site security. Mossad would have no such need for those niceties, given the ownership of the WTC and the management of the company overseeing its security. Remember that we are not talking about large numbers of people in any case: given time to prepare the three buildings and protection from detection, as few as a dozen could have sufficed, a number small enough to be effectively unnoticed in a large organization.

Retrospect and Prospect

So let us recapitulate the basic conclusions of this analysis. First, the core official US Government position on 9/11 is that any and all aspects of it are directly attributable to 19 named Arabs on 4 planes, conducting a terrorist operation planned and executed by Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda. This position is at best incomplete, and at worst a complete fabrication engineered by those directly or indirectly responsible for what happened on 9/11, and the wars afterward.

Second, Al-Qaeda and many different countries and groups had negative reasons, real or contrived, to want to harm the US. But only Israel and its neoconservative wing in the US had a positive incentive to do so, which was to enrage Americans and make the US an active belligerent against Muslim countries, thereby cementing its bonding to Israel and Israel’s interests.

Third, there is no doubt that fully-loaded civilian airliners, especially with nearly-full fuel loads, impacting the Twin Towers (WTC-1 and WTC-2) would do great damage to those buildings, although even under extraordinary circumstances could not precipitate a chain of events leading to their collapse. And there is absolutely no way that those airliners impacting 800-1000 feet above the ground could have produced visible and audible secondary explosions in those buildings at ground level, nor precipitated the collapse of a third building (WTC-7)which was not hit by any aircraft and had no massive external trauma from debris produced by the Twin Towers.

Fourth, Al-Qaeda – and perhaps other groups as well – had the theoretical capability to carry out a simultaneous four-plane hijacking, perhaps flying the aircraft to Cuba (the four 9/11 aircraft should have been able to make a one-way flight there at the beginning of their operational day without difficulty, depending on their actual loads), which would have been spectacular in itself. But neither Al-Qaeda nor any of their affiliates had the expertise and local support necessary to allow them the needed access to any of the buildings at the World Trade Center, to cut open the walls and wire them for controlled demolition, and then to escape and evade afterward.

Fifth and finally, in addition to being unique in having a positive incentive to make the 9/11 attacks, only Israel had the essential expertise and local support required to bring down the three World Trade Center buildings with controlled demolitions, and the leverage within and around the US Government to let their operatives evade detection, to be released without fanfare if apprehended unexpectedly, and to cloak their actions from public scrutiny – all of which happened on and after 9/11.

People often ask about some new evidence or proof tying 9/11, in whole or in part, to Israel. Now I understand that there can never be absolute proof for some people barring a public confession from one of the Israeli planners or their American supporters, and that, I suspect, we will never obtain – although some of the statements made later in Israel by three of the Israelis arrested in Bergen, NJ filming the burning Twin Towers comes very close to that: One stated categorically that “our purpose was to document the event,” which should leave little doubt that they knew in advance of the attacks, whether or not they themselves personally had any further role in them.

But it is not necessary to have such a confession, any more than it is necessary to have a confession in a criminal court to convict a person of murder, if the other evidence is sufficiently compelling. Here there is a mountain of physical, technical, analytical and circumstantial evidence, far more than any unprejudiced person needs to understand far beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever, that (1) the USG case is fatally flawed, and (2) this was a Mossad-directed operation orchestrated at the highest levels of the Israeli government (because of the target) with local support within the US and elements of the US Government itself.

Given the pervasiveness of Zionist influence in the US government and its intelligence and security agencies (including of course the Defense Department), two broad scenarios are possible. One is that the neo-cons and their cohorts were in the driver’s seat with Israel in the passenger seat with a map and the baggage. The second sees Israel driving with the neo-cons and others handling the map and baggage. But they were both in the same car on the road to and from 9/11. Both were embedded in aspects of the planning and execution of the catastrophe, the wars it spawned and the wars its architects now want us to wage in Israel’s name, linking treason and treachery in tandem no matter where the emphasis is placed.

Unraveling that issue is something to be left for a future investigation, interrogations and trials, followed by punishments appropriate to the magnitude of the crimes for all of the participants. Bringing an awareness of these events to the American public and others abroad in a practical and actionable way is the subject of the final piece in this series: Riposte Against Zionism: Go Tell It To The People.

Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College. He is an Editor and Director of Policy Issues at Veterans Today, and can be contacted at

(5) Interview with 9/11 police officer responsible for capturing five Israelis

From:Sasha Uzunov
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2011 12:31 PM
Subject: Our Future leaders?




By Sasha Uzunov

The Occupy Wall Street movement and its Australian franchise have generated fear and criticism from leading commentators but if history or human nature is any guide, then we could see a future Australian Prime Minister or state Premier emerge from that movement in the years to come.

We all know Winston Churchill’s famous quote that if a man was not a socialist by the age of 17 and a conservative by 40 then there was something wrong.

However, we now live in the “era of eclectica.” This means that old labels of left wing, right wing are no longer accurate. We find middle-aged male stockbrokers who follow the Dalai Lama and wear an earring in one ear. Or conservative mothers with tattoos. In other words, people pick and choose bits and pieces of political ideology and the clothing that goes with it.

The Occupy Melbourne franchise, critics allege, degenerated from a peaceful protest against the abuses of capitalism to a full on brawl with Victoria Police. Accusations and counter-accusations have been made about “police brutality” in evicting protestors and “professional protestors” deliberately creating mayhem against the police.

So how should we view these types of anti-establishment movements? I would argue that the mainstream political parties, the ALP, Liberal-National Coalition, and the Greens should take a scientific approach, much in the same way that the Australian Football League (AFL) does with its draft system and talent scouting.

I would have talent scouts from the political parties fully badged or wearing photo ID cards, so as not to be confused with protestors or police during a confrontation, they would carry clipboards and take notes as to potential leaders or rising stars, who would be given points for charisma, speaking, organising ability and so on.

I can think of three examples of mainstream politicians emerging from what could be termed, for want of a better phrase, anti-establishment movements.

First is our own Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. In her youth, according to political news breaker Andrew Landeryou and his website Vexnews, the Prime Minister was a member of Australian Union of Students Women’s Department, and a staunch supporter of Gay/Lesbian rights in the early 1980s without embracing the lifestyle. But now has been accused of abandoning these principles for her opposition to same sex marriage.

Iron Mike Rann, Premier of South Australia for nearly a decade until being forced out recently, has made an incredible political journey from one end to the other in the political spectrum.

In the early 1970s he began as a Greenpeace activist in New Zealand and as a “Green Admiral” organized boats to breach French territorial waters in the South Pacific to protest nuclear testing.

He moved to Australia and began work for his political idol, the flamboyant Don Dunstan, ALP Premier of South Australia. Eventually, Iron Mike evolved into a middle-of the road politician and towards the end of his career embraced right-wing Greek nationalism on the issue of Macedonia.

Joschka Fischer also has an incredible story. He began as a militant German left-wing activist who once brutally beat a police officer during a riot in 1973. Fischer mellowed by becoming a Green politician and Germany’s Foreign Minister who, ironically enough, supported “imperialist America’s” invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

The list is endless of u-turn politicians: Australia’s own Gareth Evans who opposed conscription during the Vietnam War (1962-72) went onto become Foreign Minister and in the early 1990s sent Australian combat troops into Somalia and Rwanda in order to win a Nobel Peace Prize and become United Nations’ Secretary General, whilst supporting Indonesia’s brutal occupation of East Timor.

Professor Robert Mann, dubbed Australia’s leading public intellectual, is in a class of his own. By his own admission he gone: “left, right, left” in terms of political views. And who knows where he will be in the near future, still in the left or back to the right? It all depends where the spotlight is? Pardon my cynicism!



Sasha Uzunov graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, in 1991. He enlisted in the Australian Regular Army as a soldier in 1995 and was allocated to infantry. He served two peacekeeping tours in East Timor (1999 and 2001). In 2002 he returned to civilian life as a photo journalist and film maker and has worked in The Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. His documentary film Timor Tour of Duty made its international debut in New York in October 2009. It picked up a Platinum Reel Award from the 2009 Nevada Film Festival (US).

He blogs at Team Uzunov.

His camerawork featured in a 2010 Canadian documentary film, “Afghanistan: outside the wire,” Produced by Scott Taylor.


Webmasters comment Just who the hell do the Israelis think they are? This Australian was onboard a vessel in international waters and has been captured and illegally held in custody by the Israeli authorities. What is the condition of the Australian who was detained, what is he charged with, how was he detained, where is he being held, what conditions is he being held under and just what is the Australian Government doing to effect his release if he was detained in international waters? You can bet London to a brick that is North Korea did the same to an Australian citizen the whole Parliament would be up in arms. Of course when it comes to the behaviour of Israel, very few if any are game to say a word. Unflippingbelievable. Oh and this bloke looks like he would be a real threat the nuclear armed Israel now doesn’t he.

Michael Coleman prepares to set sail for Gaza.

Australian claims assault by Israeli soldiers

Posted November 07, 2011 14:50:45

Photo: Australian Michael Coleman sits onboard the Tahrir. (Supplied)

Related Story: Israeli navy boards Gaza-bound flotilla

Related Story: Australian on Gaza-bound flotilla detained

Related Story: Turkish ships won’t escort Gaza flotilla: US

Map: Israel

An Australian man arrested by the Israeli army while onboard a peace flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip has told his family he was assaulted by soldiers.

The 35-year-old remains in the custody of Israeli authorities after the army boarded two boats on Saturday morning (Australian time).

Free Gaza Australia spokeswoman Kate Ausburn says Sydney man Michael Coleman called his father from Israel last night and told him how he was treated.

“Michael told his father that when the soldiers boarded the boat he was personally assaulted and thrown around, had his arm twisted up behind his back,” she said.

“He told his father that it was quite aggressive and dangerous, and we have had reports from other delegates onboard the Tahrir and the Irish boat as well.

“He told us as well that another activist on board, a Canadian, was tasered.”

The Israeli army released a statement over the weekend stating the interception of the flotilla had been peaceful.

In May 2010, Israeli commandos boarded the Turkish Mavi Marmara aid vessel to enforce the naval blockade of the Palestinian enclave and killed nine Turks in clashes with activists.

Israel spurned Turkey’s demand for an apology over the incident and Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador two months ago after ties broke down.

Photo: An image released by the Israel defence force shows soldiers boarding one of the two Gaza-bound boats. (Reuters/IDF)


The Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, Senator David Feeney, and Senator Jan McLucas, Labor Senator for Queensland welcomed the start of construction on 540 new Defence housing units in Townsville.

Senator Feeney turned the first sod for the units at Lavarack Barracks, Townsville today.

“The Labor Gillard Government is investing about $130 million in this new housing for Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel,” Senator Feeney said.

“Our ADF personnel deserve the best living facilities.  These new buildings will not only create jobs in Townsville, but deliver on one of Labor’s election commitments to improve accommodation for our diggers,” Senator Feeney said.

Labor Senator for Queensland, Senator Jan McLucas said: “This is a win for local jobs.  It’s also great news for our Queensland ADF personnel.”

“The local contractor will employ approximately 265 people on this construction site over the next two years,” Senator McLucas said.

Each of the self-contained and furnished units contains a kitchenette, internet and phone connections, a personal balcony and an ensuite.

The facility will also include car parking, secure storage space, BBQ and recreation facilities.

This new housing is part of Defence’s Project Single Living Environment and Accommodation Precinct (LEAP) program, a significant infrastructure program which will deliver up to 6,400 individual self-contained accommodation units at Defence establishments across Australia.

Project Single LEAP Phase 1 delivered 1,395 units in December 2008 in Brisbane and Sydney.

Phase 2 will deliver a further 3,015 units across fourteen Defence sites – an investment of almost $1 billion.

The program operates under a Public Private Partnership arrangement with Plenary Living.

In addition to Single LEAP Phase 2, Defence will invest a further $60 million over the coming year for facilities at Lavarack Barracks.



The Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, Senator David Feeney, today announced that the Department of Defence will host a Community Forum at Fort Direction at 3 pm on Thursday 10th November 2011 at the South Army RSL Club.

“This forum demonstrates Defence’s commitment to the heritage values at Fort Direction and the importance Labor puts on listening to community ideas and concerns,” Senator Feeney said.

“This meeting follows a successful community meeting in May 2011.  It will give locals an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the maintenance and preservation work which is happening at Fort Direction,” Senator Feeney said.

Federal Member for Franklin, Julie Collins, said that she was pleased that the Community Forum would be held annually.

“I have fought to maintain Defence’s presence at both Fort Direction and Anglesea Barracks in Tasmania,” Ms Collins said.

“I will keep fighting for local jobs and Tasmania’s heritage,” Julie Collins said.

“Work commenced on a number of buildings in October 2011, as part of ongoing works to preserve the heritage values of the site,” Senator Feeney said.

“I also wanted to remind Tasmanians that Defence has no plans to demolish any structures at the Fort Direction site.”

“Defence is committed to working with the local community to make sure the heritage value of these buildings is preserved,” Senator Feeney said.

The Fort Direction Community Forum will discuss a range of issues, including: heritage of environmental management of Fort Direction, infrastructure and facilities projects and maintenance of grounds and base infrastructure.

A tour of the site will also be conducted for interested local community members.

As a result of the 2011 Heritage Impact Assessment, Defence will preserve and maintain buildings with identified heritage value to prevent and rectify any further deterioration.

Bali trip with virgins: LNP’s bizarre bet


Steven Wardill MORE questions raised about the LNP’s hierarchy with allegations emerging of senior party members’ bizarre election bet involving a trip to Bali with two virgins.

Boast: LNP boss rang cop over funding inquiry

Cursed: Sir Joh’s son faced LNP tirade

Report card: The Federal Budget is on red alert

Webmasters comment This is the small fry. What about the Corporate welfare cheats? How much have they diddled and how much have they paid back?

Claims: Dole cheats to pay back $100 million

Farewell: Sombre return for slain Diggers

Afghanistan: Afghan suicide bomber kills up to eight

Super freeze on cash for retirees


EXCLUSIVE RETIREES face a potential freeze on their superannuation accounts to prevent them from withdrawing all their savings in one lump sum.

Green push for reform with teeth


KATHARINE MURPHY The Greens will today unveil their proposal for a five-year roll-out for a Denticare scheme.

Afghan soldiers rearmed for patrols

Defence short of experts: report

Coalition must fill $12.6b budget hole

Policy reversal by the Coalition has blown a huge hole in its plans.

Forrest lashes out at ‘pathetic’ Swan

Report dashes hopes of budget surplus

Labor’s promise of a surplus next financial year has turned to ashes.

Church attacks London bankers over pay divide

Wong defends IMF funding pledge (video)

Finance Minister Penny Wong defends the Government’s pledge to give more money to the IMF if global circumstances call for it.

Labor has ‘lost its story’, but Keating not lost for words


“When People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.” Samuel Adams to Jame Warren, 1775

Webmasters comment What is the condition of the Australian who was detained, what is he charged with, how was he detained, where is he being held, what conditions is he being held under and just what is the Australian Government doing to effect his release if he was detained in international waters?



The take over of the Tahrir and the Saoirse was violent and dangerous. Despite very clear protests from the occupants of the two boats that they did not want to be taken to Israel, they were forcibly removed from the boats in a violent manner. The whole take over took about 3 hours. Many of those on the Canadian boat were beaten.

And once again President Pussy looks the other way while American citizens are attacked in international waters.


Busine$$ must be slow for the ADL as they seem to have much too much time on their hands lately. Rather than search for any real problems that are facing the nation, they are once again trolling and polling the population looking for signs of anti Semitism, all with the continuing attempt to discredit movements such as #Occupy Wall Street.

Israel is desperate to stop the Occupy movement by fair means or foul (with foul being the most fun), because the Occupy movement has the potential to bring about a new government in the United States, one that won’t be so eager to sign those billions of US taxpayer dollars over to Israel (four times the entire cost of the Apollo Moon Program so far and no “Giant leap for mankind” to show for it) nor willing to automatically veto all United Nations Security Council against Israel.

As a result, Israel sees its very survival threatened unless they can wreck the Occupy Movement. The American people have come to understand the simple reality that no government can serve two masters and a government that serves Israel does not serve the American people! And as Israel tries to start war with Iran before the American kids standing between Iran and Israel inside Iraq, Israel understands that any success of Occupy AMERICA means the loss of those American bodies acting as bullet-stops against all the nations Israel has attacked in the last 60 years.

Which is why every whore for Israel in the media and the government are playing whatever dirty tricks they can think of to sabotage the right of the people to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

America Is Now A Criminal Enterprise And That Is The Good News

They can threaten to arrest millions of Americans, torture us, disappear us, deny us trials and kill us. All of that is now perfectly legal in these Fascist States of America.

The bankers declared war against America and the world. They see it as a struggle to the death. A large number of people around the world know they are under an unrelenting assault from the bankers. When the bankers begin to behave as badly towards Americans as they have to people in Asia, Africa, the Mideast and Latin America, their days will be numbered.

And that is really Good News.

Are The Elites On The Run?

An awakened populace is the enemy of the would-be Controllers. The war on terror is a war on human freedom by a dystopian state structure disguising itself as a protecting surrogate parent from an enemy of their own making.

It’s all by assumption and generations of conditioning. But the veil is coming off.

Thanks to their own military invention called the internet millions are discovering the full truth.

Eyes of nation on Ohio vote on union-limiting law

A ballot battle in Ohio that pits the union rights of public workers against Republican efforts to shrink government and limit organized labor’s reach culminates Tuesday in a vote with political consequences from statehouses to Pennsylvania Avenue.

A question called Issue 2 asks voters to accept or reject a voluminous rewrite of Ohio’s collective bargaining law that GOP Gov. John Kasich signed in March, less than three months after his party regained power in the closely divided swing state.

Because of course when Wall Street pulls off the biggest financial fraud in history that defunds the pension funds of workers, any governor wanting re-election is going to slap those workers up side of the head and tell them they better get used to living on less, or the terrorists will win!

Credit unions to gain from bank backlash

Thanks to the backlash against big banks and their fee increases, Michigan’s 324 credit unions are expected to gain a record number of new members this year.

New figures released Friday show that the nonprofit cooperatives added nearly 28,000 members in the month after Sept. 29, when Bank of America made national headlines by announcing it would charge its debit card holders a $5 monthly fee starting early next year.

Tens of Thousands Flow Into Texas Credit Unions

Many Texas Credit unions had a steady stream of new accounts open on Saturday as “Bank Transfer Day” drew attention online and on the streets across the state. While statistics for Bank Transfer Day are not yet available credit unions reported a surge in traffic. Statewide, credit unions reported 47,000 Texans had joined, and $326 million was moved by November 2 – four times the usual growth rate, reports the Texas Credit Union League. Nationwide 650,000 people opened accounts in the same period.

‘Occupy DC’ protesters hit by driver who police let go

The progressive news site Crooks and Liars have obtained video of “Occupy DC” protesters being run over by a driver, only for police not to arrest the person behind the vehicle.

According to C&L writer Tina Dupuy, “a silver Lexus sedan hit three protesters in the street.” As protesters voiced their displeasure with authorities’s decision to let the driver go, one officer replied, “They shouldn’t have been in the street.”

Elevation 66 Co-owner Seriously Injured By Police, News Report Says

“He was walking down 14th (14th Street in Oakland) away from the protest,” Kelly said. “He walking to his house. He got beaten by police. He’s got a lacerated spleen, maybe a couple of broken ribs too.”

Sabeghi’s beating follows the high-profile critical injury of another protestor at an Occupy Oakland clash on Oct. 25. A U.S. Marine veteran of Iraq, Scott Olsen, 24, suffered a skull fracture from a projectile “thrown or shot by law enforcement officers,” according to the New York Times. Olsen’s wounding “provided a powerful central rallying point” in the ongoing protests, the Times said.

Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake

I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone. They needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (the misnamed Project for a New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US Government (USG), who in the 9/11 attacks got the “catalytic event” they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf, only eight months after coming into office.

Oakland Police Strike Army Ranger With Nightsticks On His Back, Ribs, Shoulders and Hands, Lacerating His Spleen and Causing Internal Bleeding … Then Deny Him Medical Treatment for 18 Hours

Sabehgi told the Guardian from hospital he was walking alone along 14th Street in central Oakland – away from the main area of clashes – when he was injured.

“There was a group of police in front of me,” he told the Guardian from his hospital bed. “They told me to move, but I was like: ‘Move to where?’ There was nowhere to move.

“Then they lined up in front of me. I was talking to one of them, saying ‘Why are you doing this?’ when one moved forward and hit me in my arm and legs and back with his baton. Then three or four cops tackled me and arrested me.”

Sabeghi … said he was handcuffed and placed in a police van for three hours before being taken to jail. By the time he got there he was in “unbelievable pain”.

Israel’s Peres warns attack on Iran getting ‘closer’

Israeli President Shimon Peres warned on Sunday that an attack on Iran is becoming increasingly likely, days before a report by the UN’s nuclear watchdog on Iran’s nuclear programme is due.

“The possibility of a military attack against Iran is now closer to being applied than the application of a diplomatic option,” Peres told the Israel Hayom daily.

“We must stay calm and resist pressure so that we can consider every alternative,” he added.

“I don’t think that any decision has already been made, but there is an impression that Iran is getting closer to nuclear weapons.”

His comments came after he warned in an interview aired by Israel’s privately-owned Channel Two television on Saturday that an attack on Iran was becoming “more and more likely.”

Sanctions pressures have not had the impact Israel and the US were hoping they would.

And Israel may well attack Iran before our soldiers get out of Iraq, meaning that they will be catching the flack from whatever Iran has to throw at them.

But additionally, war gaming has indicated, the consequences for Israel may well be catastrophic.

Israel’s leading columnist, Nahum Barnea, published a column this week about an academic war game exercise conducted at Bar Ilan University’s Begin-Sadat Center Strategic Studies. In a paper published last September (Hebrew pdf here), Prof. Moshe Vered considered under what conditions the two nations might enter a war, how long it might last and how it might end. The results were alarming even to the Israeli intelligence community.

This is, of course, why Israel is ferociously prodding the US government have its military doing the fighting, dying, and getting maimed so that the IDF and the Israeli people aren’t going to have to.


Search Engines & Your Privacy (1/5)

*Google working with the NSA. (1 million square foot facility)
*Ron Paul supporters labelled as “Domestic Terrorists” (6 mins in)
*Solution to Google is Startpage(WRH has Startpage listed for you).
*Startpage do not record your IP.

Israel, U.S. to embark on largest joint exercise in allies’ history

Israel and the U.S. will embark on the “largest” and “most significant” joint exercise in the allies’ history, said Andrew Shapiro, U.S. assistant secretary for political-military affairs, on Saturday.

In addition, he said, Israel will soon gain access to an expedited Congressional Notification process, which will allow for faster trade of smaller, routine sales and purchases of arms between the allies.

Shapiro emphasized the Obama Administration’s support for Israel, despite comments by a senior U.S. official on Friday, who expressed concern that Israel would not warn the U.S. before taking military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

One has to wonder just what the timing of such an exercise will be.

And a small note to Andrew Shapiro: the US is not in “…challenging budgetary times”. This country is in a full melt-down, in-your-face depression, with a Federal government which has become morally and fiscally bankrupt in its pursuit of these wars without end, many times to “neutralize” Israel’s alleged “existential threats” in the region (read: all of its neighbors in the Middle East).

In the 21st century, Israel has become a wretchedly apartheid, self-proclaimed theocracy with nuclear weapons. Not surprisingly, these are the same things the current Israeli government accuses Iran of being and doing.

When I think of the things that 3 billion dollars per year the US gives to Israel(plus untold billions more in loan guarantees) could do here and now in this country, I have to come to the very clear, inescapable, conclusion that the American people have become expendable to the Federal Government.

We no longer matter to this government, except as walking wallets from which to extract money which never comes back to American citizens in terms of goods or services.

Congress and the White House no longer represent the American people; US foreign policy is under the Svengali (and financial) hold of a foreign nation. And when we have collapsed in every way possible, like every other parasite, it will find another host from which to feed (Canada must be looking pretty good right now).

I seem to remember a time when taxation without representation was part of the reason (along with usurious English bank fees) that a certain people, on a certain continent rose up against tyranny, and established a system of laws and justice which used to be the envy of the world.

The current state of despotism and tyranny against our people needs to be reversed, in the most peaceful and gentle way possible. This revolution will not be won with bullets, but with keyboards.

Captains and passengers were badly treated by Israelis

Greek captain of the Tahrir Giorgos Klontzas has confirmed the use of violence on him by the israeli soldiers during his interrogation in a interview he gave to

He specifically reports that he was handcuffed on hands and feet , very tightly which created a blood circulation problem and that in order to make him give his fingerprints he was held by three soldiers and one was holding him in a strangling way almost suffocating him.

At one point they stuck two fingers in his eyes creating very strong pain. He said that he was very calm, he did not speak aggressively and that he just requested to see a lawyer… He also confirms that some activists were very badly treated.

The Israelis hijacked the aid ships in international waters where they do not have jurisdiction. This was an act of piracy given that no weapons were aboard the aid ships; the very same sort of piracy the US 6th fleet is killing Somalis for (the Somalis insist they are fighting toxic dumping in their waters). and once again President Pussy ignores attacks on US citizens.

AP Interview: UN envoy warns of missing Libya arms

Some weapons depots in Libya have still not been secured properly, and “much has already gone missing” from unguarded sites, the top U.N. envoy in Libya said in an interview Sunday.

Preventing more weapons from being smuggled out of country will be difficult, considering the nature of the vast desert nation’s borders, the envoy, Ian Martin, told The Associated Press.

‘Occupy Boston’ occupies Israeli consulate

A contingent from the Occupy Boston protesters marched late Friday to the building that houses the Israeli consulate in Boston and briefly occupied the building’s lobby where they held a sit-in.

They chanted various slogans, including, “hey hey, Ho ho! Israeli apartheid’s got to go!,” “long live the intifada! intifada intifada!,” “not another nickel! Not another dime! No more money for Israel’s crimes!,” and “Viva viva Palestina!”.

The anti-Israel protesters said they aren’t anti-Semites, they are just anti-Zionist or critical of the policies of the current Israeli government.

Add ‘Arson’ To #Occupy Activists Checklist – $10 Million In Damages

Law enforcement and fire officials have arrested a 29-year-old man associated with Occupy Fort Collins on suspicion of setting the Oct. 24 fire that destroyed an Old Town condominium complex and severely damaged another.

Anyone who thinks the Occupy people started this fire, I have some of Saddam’s Nuclear Weapons to sell you!

Back during the protests against the Vietnam war there were considerable acts of vandalism that the media blamed on the peace movement, including a riot at the Disneyland Theme Park in Anaheim.

Years later, when a whistleblower blew the lid off of the FBI’s COINTELPRO program, testimony before Congress revealed that it was undercover FBI informants who were ordered to infiltrate the peace movement and commit acts of violence and destruction that the media could then use to discredit the activists in the eyes of the public.

This looks like more of the same exact thing.

Don’t take my word for it (and don’t waste your time arguing with the FBI’s shills who will attack this post). Use a search engine and find out for yourself about COINTELPRO and the dirty tricks the government loves to play!

The Greenback Jesus in the Reptile Cage.

Oklahoma is bedrock for fundamentalist Christianity. I’m not saying there aren’t good Christians there. I’m saying it is also Fundie-Ville and they are the bedrock supporters of pernicious Israel and all of the lies that maintain it. They are the canon fodder and the money tree. They are the ones who support the wars, all of them; the wars of genocide and the wars for profit, the drug wars, the economic wars, the wars of attrition and the wars of religion that are the result of false interpretation of scripture which has bedeviled humanity in all the places where people believe something other than the essential truth of that which religion perverts for the glory of the marketplace. They’ve got a greenback Jesus in the reptile cage.

Webmasters comment So far there has been no IAEA report which states Iran has or is developing a nuclear weapons programme or nuclear weapons. We will have to wait and see just what this latest IAEA report says. In the meantime, even though I am totally opposed to all nuclear weapons of any type, I would consider it foolish of the Iranian authorities in the present Middle East climate to not develop the bomb considering what happensed in Iraq and considering it is surrounded by nuclear armed states, notably Israel which has beetween 200-400 nuclear warheads.

Leaked Statements on IAEA Claim Iran Has Covert Nuclear Weapons Program

Statements leaked anonymously ahead of next week’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report on Iran’s nuclear program warn that the study will reveal evidence that Iran has been working secretly to develop a nuclear weapons capability.

Attacking Iran could have disastrous results, which are hopefully not unfamiliar possibilities in the ranks of America’s national security state. As Robert Dreyfuss at Nation magazine recently explained, a unilateral, preemptive strike “would lead to a regional conflagration,” prompting retaliatory attacks from Iranian proxies and allies in the region, which could then give justification for further attacks from Israel and the west.

To those on this bandwagon, clapping and caterwauling for a US military strike against Iran, please consider the following scenario.

The US begins a strike against Iran; this galvanizes the Iranian people around their current leadership.

But the US is unable to win this, because Russia enters the conflict on the side of Iran, ultimately with Russia and the US are devastated, economically and militarily. The consequences are catastrophic on both sides.

And at this point, what country, which has been goading the US to do its fighting, getting maimed for life and dying for it, now controls the oil in the Middle East?!?


If these are precisely the outcomes you want to see happen, including the ultimate demise of this country, just please continue your ill-considered, wrong-headed support for such a potentially lethally destructive conflict.


It’s All About The Money: Bolton Cancels Appearance Promoting War With Iran Over Speaking Fee

Obviously Bolton is free to charge a speaking fee, but given his dire warnings about Iran’s nuclear program and his prominent role in Iranium, it’s interesting that he would only appear at the event if his speaking fee was paid.

Bank Transfer Day a boon to credit unions, small banks

Five weeks after Bank of America announced a $5 monthly fee for debit-card use and blamed it on new financial rules, and four days after Bank of America did an about-face after other large banks dropped similar plans, John Gorham and Julie Glover made their own change in direction.

The Mount Airy couple joined a nationwide campaign touted on Facebook as “Bank Transfer Day” and promoted by some of the same protesters camped out near Wall Street, by Philadelphia’s City Hall, and around the country. Gorham and Glover opened a checking account Saturday at Valley Green Bank, a small Northwest Philadelphia bank, and plan to close their account at Bank of America.

G20 Summit Fails To Allay World Recession Fears

Summit ends in disarray as world leaders fail to agree increase to IMF and concerns mount over prospects for Italian economy

The G20 summit in Cannes has ended in ominous disarray, drawing nearer the threat of a world recession

Leaders were unable to agree upon a boost to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help distressed countries, while debt-ridden Italy, now seen as the epicentre of the euro crisis, was forced to put its austerity programme under the fund’s control.

Iran Sanctions Act Definite Step Toward War

I would like to express my concerns over the Iran Threat Reduction Act of 2011 and my opposition to it being brought to the Floor for a vote. Let us be clear on one critical matter: the sanctions against Iran mandated by this legislation are definite steps toward a US attack on Iran. They will also, if actually applied, severely disrupt global trade and undermine the US economy, thereby harming our national security.

I am surprised and disturbed that the committee viewed this aggressive legislation to be so bipartisan and uncontroversial that a recorded vote was not even called.

Stuxnet Raises ‘Blowback’ Risk In Cyberwar

Reactions to the use of Stuxnet in Iran generally fall into two categories. For those focused on the danger of Iran developing a nuclear weapon, Stuxnet was something to celebrate, because it set back Iran’s nuclear program, perhaps by years.

But for people who worry about the security of critical U.S. facilities, Stuxnet represented a nightmare: a dangerous computer worm that in some modified form could be used to attack an electric or telecommunications grid, an oil refinery or a water treatment facility in the United States.

“It’s just a matter of time,” says Michael Assante, formerly the chief security officer for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. “Stuxnet taught the world what’s possible, and honestly it’s a blueprint.”

NPR are cowards. Numerous experts have pointed to evidence within STUXNET that points to Israel as the creator of STUXNET, and certainly Israel has a desire to go after Iran and an historical track-record of utter recklessness in regards to harm inflicted upon innocents by their actions against intended victims.

The real danger of STUXNET was that it escaped outside its intended target and caused damage to facilities using the Seimens controllers all across the world.

One month before the great quake and tsunami that hit Japan, STUXNET was discovered in computers around the Fukushima power station. While it is not publicly known if STUXNET was inside the Fukushima reactors, the fact is that the reactor’s emergency cooling system, which failed, used the very same Seimens controllers STUXNET was designed to interfere with.

But I guess millions of cancers and generations of birth defects yet to come are a small price to pay to preserve Israel’s nuclear monopoly in the Mideast, right?


What happened by accident at Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima was done intentionally by Israel to the people of Iraq, when Israel bombed the nuclear power plant at Osirik in the erroneous assumption that Iraq was building nuclear weapons. Then Israel did it again in Syria. Thankfully, there were no nuclear weapons at the Iraq or Syrian targets, or the people of Iraq and Syria would have suffered what those people living downwind from Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima (and indeed the whole northern hemisphere) all suffered.

Iran Sanctions Act Definite Step Toward War

I would like to express my concerns over the Iran Threat Reduction Act of 2011 and my opposition to it being brought to the Floor for a vote. Let us be clear on one critical matter: the sanctions against Iran mandated by this legislation are definite steps toward a US attack on Iran. They will also, if actually applied, severely disrupt global trade and undermine the US economy, thereby harming our national security.

I am surprised and disturbed that the committee viewed this aggressive legislation to be so bipartisan and uncontroversial that a recorded vote was not even called.

Ron Paul has long been a voice for sanity in the US government.

Unfortunately, this time, that sane voice may well be drowned out by those political acquisitions of Israel in the House, Senate, and White House, desperate to start a war this country may well not win, to please their masters in Tel Aviv.

US and Israeli Tech Teams Develop “Malworm” to Take Down Iran’s Computer Software

Facing mounting concern about Iran’s nuclear program, a top US and Israeli technical team has developed an improved computer “malworm” designed to take down all of Iran’s computer software.

According to former and serving US intelligence officials, leaders of the three major software companies, Sergey Brin at Google, Steve Ballmer at Microsoft and Larry Ellison at Oracle have been working with Israel’s top cyber warriors and have now come up with a new version of a Stuxnet-like worm that can bring down Iran’s entire software networks if the Iranian regime gets too close to breakout, according to US intelligence sources.

The three companies had no comment on this story.

And what happens if Israel’s latest worm causes Iran’s power station to melt down and shower the region with radiation the way Three Mile Island did the central US, Chernobyl did to Russia and Eastern Europe and Fukushima is still doing to the northern hemisphere? I can just see Israel and the USD at the press conference. “Ooops; sorry about the cancers and birth defects, but heck, it was worth it because we sure taught those icky-poo Iranians to run their economy by the rules that work for us!”

Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans

Pakistan is taking nuclear paranoia to a horrifying new low. And it’s making the world a vastly more dangerous place in the process.

Freaked out about the insecurity of its nuclear arsenal, the Pakistani military’s Strategic Plans Division has begun carting the nukes around in clandestine ways. That might make some sense on the surface: no military wants to let others know exactly where its most powerful weapons are at any given moment. But Pakistan is going to an extreme.

IF this is true, it would make it almost impossible for the US to grab the majority of Pakistan’s nuclear missiles in a military strike against it.

But I would strongly advise those in the bowels of power in DC to remember that last May, after the alleged US “hit” on Bin Laden, that the Chinese government made very specific statements about any attack on Pakistani sovereign territory would be construed as an attack against China.

Official statements from the Chinese government rarely get more clear and unambiguous than that.


Euro-Kaput: ‘Euro could be dead by end-November’

*Italy is called a “festering sore”.
*Euro could be dead by end of November.

CIA Drones Kill Large Groups Without Knowing Who They Are

The expansion of the CIA’s undeclared drone war in the tribal areas of Pakistan required a big expansion of who can be marked for death. Once the standard for targeted killing was top-level leadership in al-Qaeda or one of its allies. That’s long gone, especially as the number of people targeted at once has grown.

This is the new standard, according to a blockbuster piece in the Wall Street Journal: “men believed to be militants associated with terrorist groups, but whose identities aren’t always known.” The CIA is now killing people without knowing who they are, on suspicion of association with terrorist groups. The article does not define the standards are for “suspicion” and “association.”

Unflipping believable. They’re cutting down women, children, non-combatants, and the medically fragile elderly with these attacks, which may or may not be hitting the alleged “bad guys”.

I would not discount such a use of drone warfare against American citizens, should unrest in this country start to explode.

If the lives of Pakistani citizens are expendable, how soon do you think the lives of Americans will become even more expendable to the Federal Government than they are already?


Webmasters comment Anybody who uses cloud computing has rocks in their head. Why hand over all your files to persons unknown when you can retain control of them easily on your own computer. Cloud computing is akin to locking all your doors but giving somebody else all the keys to get in.

Researchers Uncover ‘Massive Security Flaws’ In Amazon Cloud

Amazon’s cloud services are vulnerable to attack via a “massive security gap” that enables hackers to access user accounts and data, a team of German researchers has revealed.

Security researchers from Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) found that Amazon Web Services was vulnerable to different methods of attack, including signature wrapping and cross site scripting, Those security holes have since been closed.

But similar security holes may still be open in other cloud infrastructure offerings, the RUB team found.

U.S. officials: Israel refused to commit to withhold surprise attack on Iran

In his recent visit to Israel, American Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta did not get a clear commitment from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak that Israel would not take action against Iranian nuclear facilities without coordinating any such operation with the United States.

According to American officials who were briefed about the visit Panetta made a month ago to Israel, the two Israeli leaders only answered Panetta’s questions regarding Israel’s intentions toward Iran in a general manner.

Netanyahu’s Israel is in a mess, and the major labor organization here, the Histadrut, has threatened a general strike, starting tomorrow.

There is a potential Labor Court injunction against it, but one has to wonder what effect that may really have against a ton of angry people, fed up with the way they are treated.

Netanyahu, very much like President Obama, is desperate for some kind of distraction with which to misdirect the fury of his people for bad governmental decisions.

Both Netanyahu and his Sec Def,Ehud Barak, understand clearly that there is only so much pressure US sanctions can bring to bear against Iran, short of a commiting an act of war against Iran. In fact, sanctions, to date, have made the Iranian economy more resilient than it might have been otherwise.

What Netanyahu and Ehud Barak are probably calculating is that Obama, in a very cynical, and certainly desperate and dangerous re-election ploy, will attack Iran either late this year, or the beginning of next, to show how “butch” he is in his effort to protect poor little (nuclear-armed) Israel, and the quid pro quo would be AIPAC doing its best to deliver the American Jewish vote to the democrats for re-election.

This, of course, would mean no blood or money lost for Israel; it will be our American kids who get maimed for life, and die to “neutralize” yet another of Israel’s alleged “existential threats” in the region. And the problem here, at this time in history, is not the region, per se, but Israel’s pathological incapability for being a reasonable, and responsible neighbor, capable of doing the right thing (the continued siege of Gaza is an excellent example of that kind of behavior).

However, such a move on the part of the Obama administration is fraught with peril.

We don’t have the troop strength necessary to make this happen; we don’t have the manufacturing resources to resupply critical items, because our manufacturing is primarily outsourced; and no lender in their collective right mind, looking at the trillions the US Federal government has racked up in debt, would loan us the kind of money this war would take to fund.

It would unite the Iranian people around its leadership, and if it takes place, and the US attack happens before the end of this year, it will be our military in Iraq who will be catching the shrapnel – and anything else the Iranian military has to throw at us.

Then, there is the question Russia, whose government has pleaded with both the US and Israel not to start such a war, because it will devolve into not only a regional conflict but perhaps a world war. War with a truly nuclear-armed country, cooperating with Iran militarily?!? Thanks, but no thanks.

Unfortunately, just because igniting a military attack against Iran might well be the most catastrophically stupid, ham-fisted, wrong-headed thing this administration could do right now, is no guarantee that they will not do it.


Buy Nothing Day November 26th 2011

Saturday November 26th 2011
Lock up your wallets and purses, cut up your credit cards and dump the love of your life – shopping.

Murdoch gave loyal lieutenant Rebekah Brooks £1.7m pay-off, car and office

Murdoch gave loyal lieutenant Rebekah Brooks £1.7m pay-off, car and office

Threatening letter to Obama on chilling Turkey is signed by 7 Jewish House members, says Peace Now

Here is evidence of the degree to which Zionism has captured American Jewish life. The Washington Post reports that Congresspeople Shelly Berkley and Eliot Engel are trying to block arms sales to Turkey because it is making trouble for Israel. Berkley and Engel are both Zionists (Engel goes to AIPAC and speaks about Jews’ rights to the West Bank.)

Peace Now reports on the effort and points out that 7 “senior House members” opposing Turkey are Jewish. Many of these Congresspeople are liberals:

Israel strike to shut airports, economy on Monday

Israel’s main labour union plans a strike that would shut airports, ports, banks and the stock market starting on Monday after talks with the government failed to produce an agreement over the status of workers employed through labour contractors.

“The strike will be unlimited and only a court injunction will prevent it,” Ofer Eini, the head of the Histadrut, told Israel’s Army Radio on Sunday.

Apparently, the citizenry of Israel is just about as ticked off with their government as most US citizens are with theirs!

And that High Israeli Labor Court injunction, scheduled for later today, may not even stop the strike; there may just be too much anger for it to have any real meaning or effect for the people committed to this strike.


China’s huge leap forward into space threatens US ascendancy over heavens

Floating 200 miles above earth is the latest symbol of China’s determination to become a true global superpower.

For the millions of Chinese who stayed up to watch the rendezvous of the two unmanned craft live on television, its success wasn’t just a matter of enormous pride that China had become only the third nation after the US and Russia to master orbital docking. It was also a message to the rest of the world of China’s ever-growing reach and ambition, as each successive mission in the country’s space programme narrows the technological gap with its rivals.

The US space program used to bring this country together, and the science and technology it created gave us a great degree of technological dominance for quite some time.

And think of it this way; for those people who can no longer work in the US space exploration program here, because of all the funding cuts, where will they go to work in the future?!? Russia? China? Or perhaps to someplace else, because other countries have the courage and vision to make this happen, and this country has lost that courage and vision?!?

“In Russian and English,
I know how to count down…
And I’m learning Chinese,
Says Werner Von Braun!” (courtesy of the late Tom Leher)

A year from Election 2012, a dark mood awaits Obama and GOP rival

One year out from the 2012 election, President Obama faces the most difficult reelection environment of any White House incumbent in two decades, with economic woes at the center of the public’s concerns, an electorate that is deeply pessimistic and sharply polarized, and growing questions about the president’s capacity to lead.

Those factors alone portend the possibility that Obama could become the first one-term president since George H.W. Bush, who was defeated by Bill Clinton in 1992 at a time of economic problems and similar anger with the political establishment in Washington. To win a second term, Obama probably will have to overcome the highest rate of unemployment in an election year of any president in the post-World War II era.

We have absolutely no choices in 2012 to get us out of this mess, except for Ron Paul, and the chances for a Ron Paul nomination by the GOP is just as likely to happen as for pigs to fly.

We have a President who never in his life had to make payroll; who may well start World War III by attacking Iran, attempting to create a diversion for the American people from their very real economic misery, and to show Israel how “butch” he is in their behalf, attempting to get Israel to deliver the American Jewish vote to the Democrats.

And the alleged front-runners Republican crowd?!? Please, don’t get me started. We have Herman Cain, a former Federal Reserve governor, who wants to keep the US borrowing from the Fed at interest, and continuing to bankrupt the country; we have Rick Perry, whose alleged “job creation” in Texas has been for minimum wage jobs only, and cannot be slavish enough to Israel; we have “Eye of Newt” Gingrich, another PNAC Neocon; and we have Michelle Bachmann, whose election to the US House of Representatives by the people of Minnesota, remains a mystery to me.

Unless there is a massive change demanded by We the People which becomes successfully implemented at the highest levels of whatever new government might succeed the present government, no matter who of the above, save Ron Paul, gets elected, We the People get more of the same; more economic misery, more taxes, more wars, and more despotism.

Alt media told you from the start, MSM continues to lie to you. Libya

Given the disgusting picture below, just remember
FLASHBACK alternative media like WRH and Rys2sense were warning you about this all along.

One in 15 Americans now officially living in poverty as number receiving food stamps rises 8.1% in a year

The increase in poverty is believed to have been caused due to the housing bust pushing many inner-city poor into suburbs and other outlying places and shriveled jobs and income.

‘There now really is no unaffected group, except maybe the very top income earners,’ said Robert Moffitt, a professor of economics at Johns Hopkins University.

‘Recessions are supposed to be temporary, and when it’s over, everything returns to where it was before. But the worry now is that the downturn — which will end eventually — will have long-lasting effects on families who lose jobs, become worse off and can’t recover.’

Translation: what you are seeing is the deliberate destruction of the middle class, courtesy of governmental policy.

The offshoring of jobs is not an accident, but a direct result of globalization, where companies are incentivized, through US tax law, to find the cheapest labor possible, and close up US operations forever.


HRI is an evidence-based, independent and rigorous investigation of human rights abuses. HRI investigated and published on its website a number objective and thorough human rights investigations on the crimes committed in Libya by the Islamists rebels against prisoners of war, African workers, and Libyan civilians. These horrific atrocities were executed with direct military and political support and directions from Obama and his NATO mercenaries which included: Sarkozy; Cameroon; and Al-Thani (of Qatar). These persons and states must be brought to national and international justice and pay for their horrendous crimes.

G. Edward Griffin: The London Connection

G. Edward Griffin
Activist Post

After the Civil War, America experienced a series of expansions and contractions of the money supply leading directly to economic booms and busts. This was the result of the creation of fiat money by a banking system which, far from being free and competitive, was a half-way house to central banking…

Government Ignored 1998 Report Finding up to 100 Cancer Deaths from TSA Naked Body Scanners Per Year

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Has the government known since 1998 that the TSA body scanners could be giving you cancer?

21 Gaza FLOTILLA Activists Still in Israeli Jail

A group of 21 activists who tried to sail to Gaza in breach of an Israeli blockade of the territory remain in Israeli custody, pending legal proceedings, the interior ministry said on Sunday.


NATO’s Libya WARNING TRUTH AHEAD (aka graphic)

slap that picture on your OWS sign when you go to an Obamaville

FEMA’s Unprecedented Nationwide EAS Test

Owen Myles, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

On Wednesday, November 9, at 14:00 EST, FEMA will conduct an unprecedented nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. At this specified time, simultaneously across the entire United States a 30-second test will occur on all radio, television, cable, satellite, and wireline video service systems. The FEMA notice (pdf) states that landlines, mobile phones, and power grids will be excluded. Perhaps cellphones are excluded because all cellphones will soon have a built-in presidential alert system? Ask the FCC…

Attack on Iran: Hitlerian Act of Aggression

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

As the rhetoric for war with Iran begins to mount, first with the staged DEA-Saudi bomb plot, and now with an upcoming IAEA report supposedly “exposing” Iran’s nuclear arms ambitions, it is important to re-read through the signed confessions by the corporate-fascist interests behind this drive for war where it is admitted that…

Loose Cannon: Will Israel attack Iran?

RT talks to Patrick Henningsen, editor of the ‘Infowars’ website foreseeing actions against Iran which could inflame the whole Middle East region.
**States war with Iran is insanity. Iran has no interest in attacking the West.

The Collapse of Our Corrupt, Predatory, Pathological Financial System Is Necessary and Positive

I was recently challenged by a contributor to write something positive, and so I decided to write about the single most positive outcome of the current financial crisis in Europe: the complete collapse of the corrupt, predatory, pathological global banking sector and its dealers, the central banks. Exploring why this is so reveals the insurmountable internal conflicts in our current financial system, and also illuminates the systemic political propaganda which is deployed daily to prop up a parasitic, corrupting, pathologically destructive financial system.

Catholic Church behind thousands of Pornographic/Satanic/Black Magic Books – 2nd Largest German Publisher owned in full by Catholic Church!

Besides the horrendous raping of children by Catholic Priest over decades and the Church hiding it, yet fully knew Priest were molesting/raping children…. Now it is being found the wholly owned by the Catholic Church, 2nd largest publishing (1st is Amazon) company in Germany has been distributing and selling Pornographic, Satanic and Black Magic novels with those at the top’s full knowledge.

The top Bishops are saying “They didn’t know.” But it is uncovered they did know, because many told them in 2008 and they ignored it.

What is the Catholic Church doing publishing books that promote satanism and black magic?

Why are they promoting Satanism? That is pure evil!

I believe the Church has a lot to answer for regarding this! But will they? Except out right lie and deny it.

Apartheid and the Occupation of Palestine

As the Russell Tribunal convenes to discuss apartheid, Israel has already surpassed South Africa’s racist era.


Call-Out for Solidarity with Egypt: Defend the Revolution

We are calling on you to undertake solidarity actions to help us oppose this crackdown.
We are suggesting an International Day to Defend the Egyptian Revolution on Nov 12th under the slogan “Defend the Egyptian Revolution – End Military Trials for Civilians”


‘Adbusters’ seeks right of reply to ‘NYT”s smear of anti-Semitism and fails to get it

Kalle Lasn here with a story about how the New York Times refused to give Adbusters [which Lasn edits] the right of reply. Here is the chronology of what happened:

1. October 3 letter from Adbusters Kalle Lasn to the editor of the New York Times:

In the wake of the #OCCUPYWALLSTREET movement, the New York Times has twice taken a swipe at Adbusters magazine, originators of the event. David Brooks led the charge in his October 10 column, The Milquetoast Radicals, falsely accusing us of being anti-Jewish.

Prepare for the Coming Economic Collapse – The Twilight Zone “The Shelter” Part 2

A classic Twilight Zone segment.. 9 minutes… Where one of the neighbors has built a bomb shelter… addressing the thin veneer of “Civilization”

These are your friends and neighbors when The SHTF.

Throwing Ever More Money At World Financial Problems

It is now clear to the most casual observer that the world’s monetary and financial system cannot function without massive amounts of additional money and credit. That means the system no longer functions the way it should. Europe really doesn’t know what to do and neither does the Fed anda the Bank of England. The exception is throwing more money at the problem and keeping interest rates near zero indefinitely. Many US, UK and European banks are insolvent.

From Syria to Iran: The Drive for Nuclear World War

While the attention has, momentarily, shifted from Syria to Iran, the goal of the British empire remains the same: destroy any semblance of stability in the world through nuclear world war.

Syrian Government Decries America’s ‘Blatant Interference’ in Uprising

I have reported on Western involvement in the Syrian “revolution” (just like Libya) for many months now and it is far from a “conspiracy theory” to say that the West is heavily involved in the opposition at this point.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has not shied away from pointing this out, either. In fact, he opted to call the Western meddling in Syria a “conspiracy” earlier this year.

The evidence is quite clear, especially given the heavy-handed anti-Assad position held by the American Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford.

Ford has met with opposition figures, a fact that clearly upset the Syrian people and led to an unsuccessful attempt to assault the compound in which he was meeting.


Imagine a scenario where the government subsidizes (bribes) a corporation to force you, under some shady implied mandate, to accept a newly invented Gizmo for your car. The corporation tells you everyone “must have one”, “you don’t have any choice”, and if you refuse your car will cease to operate and be confiscated. You feel a little nervous and skeptical since you never heard of this Gizmo and your friends haven’t either. The corporation tells you that his Gizmo is going to save you money on your fuel bill, conserve the world’s energy, and help to save the earth from your morbidly overweight carbon footprint.

National Public Radio’s War on Free Speech

Like other major media sources, NPR serves corporate and imperial interests. It’s called public to conceal its real agenda. Critics ridicule it as National Pentagon or Petroleum Radio for good reason.

It features managed, not real, news and information. In its May/June 2004 issue of Extra!, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) headlined, “How Public Is Public Radio?” saying:

From inception, “it promised to be an alternative to commercial media that would ‘promote personal growth rather than corporate gain (and) speak with many voices, many dialects.’ ”


Iran Invasion Will Require 4 Million New Troops

The news is reporting, every station, every paper, that America is preparing an invasion of Iran, a country with nearly 100 million citizens. The reason? Israel is demanding it. We are told that new reports of nuclear weapons in Iran are going to be released as soon as Israel is finished writing them for us.

We support this war but want its costs shared.

Thus, we have a plan to protect Israel, win the war and bring Americans together again.

Credible Threat: Israel Ramps Up Rhetoric Against Iran

An increasing number of US and British military and security officials have appeared in the Israeli capital lately. The most important of these was the visit by US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta at the beginning of October.


Evidence found of pro-NATO massacre in Sirte, Libya

The U.S. government and NATO countries used alleged human rights violations as a pretext for the war on Libya. These allegations were later proven false by numerous human rights groups, including Amnesty International. Now evidence has surfaced pointing to human rights violations committed by the pro-NATO Libyan rebels.

Human Rights Watch announced on Oct. 24 that they had discovered 53 decomposing bodies at a hotel in the city of Sirte, which rebels were using as a prison. Evidence indicates that many or all of the victims appear to have been summarily executed. Some of them had their hands tied behind their back, bullet holes were found in the ground and spent rifle shells were strewn about. Many were shot in the head. Several have already been identified as Gaddafi supporters.

From: Terry Davies

Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2011 6:45 PM

Subject: Navy Seals reveal truth about raid against Osama Bin Laden

How we killed ‘Bert’ Laden: 

Navy Seals reveal truth about raid against Osama Bin Laden


  • Navy Seals deny they were on a “kill mission”
  • They fired only 12 bullets in entire operation
  • Angry with Obama for announcing Bin Laden’s death
  • Muppet inspired al-Qaeda chief’s nickname

US NAVY Seals have revealed for the first time that they killed Osama bin Laden within 90 seconds of entering his fortress-like home in Pakistan.

The men who killed the al-Qaeda chief have decided to speak out because they are tired of their “shabby treatment” by politicians who claim they were on a “kill mission”.

They insisted there was no lengthy gun-fight in the compound and claimed they would have captured Bin Laden if he had surrendered, The Sunday Times in the UK reports (behind a paywall).

They were not on a “kill mission”, they said, and fired only 12 bullets in the entire operation.

The details of the raid, which was codenamed Operation Neptune’s Spear, are revealed in a book by the Seals’ former commander, Chuck Pfarrer.

“I’ve been a Seal for 30 years and I never heard the words ‘kill mission’. It’s a fantasy word. If it was a kill mission you don’t need Seal Team 6; you need a box of hand grenades.”

He said the men were angry with President Barack Obama for announcing Bin Laden’s death on TV just hours after they completed the mission on May 1.

“There isn’t a politician in the world who could resist trying to take credit for getting Bin Laden but it devalued the ‘intel’ and gave time for every other Al-Qaeda leader to scurry to another bolthole,” he said.

“The men who did this and their valorous act deserve better.

It’s a pretty shabby way to treat these guys.”

Pfarrer’s books also reveals that the Seals’ nickname for Bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri were Bert and Ernie, after the two Muppets in Sesame Street (Bin Laden was tall and skinny like Bert and al-Zawahiri was short like Ernie).

When they were first told they were going to Pakistan to pick up a high-value person who was holed up in high-walled compound, they asked: “So is this Bert or Ernie?”

Pfarrer said the squad’s nickname was Jedi.

His account of the mission makes for terrifying reading. Here is an extract from The Sunday Times report, detailing the death of Bin Laden:

Bin Laden’s bedroom was along a short hall. The door opened; he popped out and then slammed the door shut. “Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo,” radioed one Seal, meaning “eyes on target”.

Two Seals kicked in Bin Laden’s door. The room, they later recalled, “smelt like old clothing, like a guest bedroom in a grandmother’s house”. Inside was the al-Qaeda leader and his youngest wife, Amal, who was screaming as he pushed her in front of him.

“No, no, don’t do this!” she shouted as her husband reached across the king-size bed for his AK-47 assault rifle.

The Seals reacted instantly, firing in the same second. One round thudded into the mattress. The other, aimed at Bin Laden’s head, grazed Amal in the calf. As his hand reached for the gun, they each fired again: one shot hit his breastbone, the other his skull, killing him instantly and blowing out the back of his head.


From:  Bill Krause

Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2011 7:02 PM

Subject: Christmas Care Packages

Christmas Care Packages

A number of community-based organisations and community members have expressed a wish to send care packages to Australian service men and women serving on overseas operations at Christmas. In response to this generosity, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has established special mailing addresses.

If you would like to support our service men and women this way, you are able to send parcels through Australia Post provided they meet the following guidelines:

·   For postal security reasons, you will need to present a photographic identification.

·   You can post parcels weighing up to a cubed weight of two kilograms in a ‘BM’-sized Australia Post carton free of charge.

·   If your parcel exceeds this limit, you will need to pay the full cost.

·   Articles must be packed in durable packaging, which is suitably secured, to withstand a large volume of weight and handling.

·   Postal address numbers will be active from 7 November until 9 December 2011 and packages will be distributed throughout the operational areas.

·   Care package items most appreciated include uniquely Australian treats such as lollies, magazines, books and DVDs.

·   Some items must not be sent, including cigarettes, alcohol, perfumery products and pornography.

Please address your parcel to one of the following:

Middle East
An Australian Defence Member
Goodwill Mail
Middle East Operations
Australian Defence Force NSW 2890

East Timor 
An Australian Defence Member
Goodwill Mail
East Timor Operations
Australian Defence Force NSW 2890

Solomon Islands
An Australian Defence Member
Goodwill Mail
Solomon Islands Operations
Australian Defence Force NSW 2890

packaging, postage arrangements and restrictions

Cubic charging

Cubic charging applies to all parcels. Australia Post assesses charges for all parcels according to their actual weight or cubic weight equivalent, whichever is greater. This applies to light bulky items that may not weigh a lot but take up valuable freight space.

How cubic weight is calculated

Cubic weight is calculated by measuring and multiplying the length, height and width of the parcel. The result is then multiplied by a cubic weight conversion factor of 250. The formula is as follows:

·   Measure the length (L), width (W) and height (H) of the parcel in metres.

·   Multiply the L by the W and by the H then multiply by 250. This is the cubic weight (L x W x H x 250).

For example: a parcel weighing 10kg but measuring 50cm long, 30cm high and 40cm wide has a cubic weight of 15 kg as follows:

(0.5m x 0.3m x 0.4m) x 250 = 15 kg 

As this parcel now has a cubic weight of 15kg, postage would be assessed on the basis of 15kg despite the actual weight being only 10 kg (being the greater of the cubic weight as compared to the actual weight).

Weight of item

Australia Post does not determine weight in part kilograms. Parcels that weigh part kilograms will be rounded up to the nearest full kg.  For example, if your parcel weighs 2.2 kg then you will pay the cost of the 2.2 kg rounded up to the nearest full kg (3kg) and you will be charged for the full 3kg.

Packaging of postal items

All parcels must be made-up and packed to a standard which will:

·   prevent injury to the person handling the parcel;

·   prevent the contents escaping and damaging other postal articles;

·   prevent damage to equipment and vehicles, particularly aircraft;

·   protect the contents from loss or damage caused by the stress of handling and carriage;

·   protect the contents from loss or damage caused by the extremes of climate.

If your item is packaged inappropriately it will be returned to you for repackaging before being dispatched. If you are unsure how to pack an item, please contact Australia Post for advice.

Prohibited goods

Certain items must not be posted in the domestic or international postal systems. These include Dangerous Goods (DG), items prohibited by the EMS International Courier Regulations and items that are prohibited by individual countries.

Information on specific country restrictions can be found at, your local Post Office or the postal manager in your location.

Please do not send any of the following products:

·   perfumery products

·   alcohol

·   cigarettes or

·   pornographic material


Posting liquid articles is discouraged; however, if you must send a liquid product, it should be enclosed in a leak-proof container made of metal, plastic or a similar material with secure closures. The outer package must be strong enough to withstand large volumes of weight. The package must contain sawdust; cotton-wool or another protective material, to absorb the liquid should the container break.  Cordial cannot be sent through the Defence Postal Service (DPS).

Customs declaration

A customs declaration must be attached to all parcels. Small envelopes, containing items other than letters (for example, computer disks) should also have a customs declaration attached. These are available from all Australia Post outlets within Australia. You will need to provide a detailed description of the contents of your package when it is lodged.

Further information is available on the customs internet site at

Security procedures

The Australian Government has introduced new security procedures for posting an article to an overseas country.  Photo identification must be produced by the sender at the time of lodgement for all parcels over 500gms. If identification is not shown at the time of lodgement, then the parcel will be referred for Civil Aviation Authority Clearance, which may cause delay delivery. When lodging mail in Australia, families and friends must ensure that the parcel has been ‘ID verified with an orange ID verification sticker placed on the item by the postal centre at which the item was lodged.

Humanitarian mail

The Defence Postal System is provided for personal and official mail and cannot be used for any other material. Humanitarian Aid is specifically excluded from personal mail. This includes, but is not limited to, toys, books and clothing for other anyone other than individual addressee. In general terms, any item not intended for the recipient’s personal use or final consumption may be regarded as humanitarian mail.

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