Iran admits space monkey launch a failure

Iran admits its attempt to send a live monkey into space last month was a failure.

Blaming Iran for terror plot risks ‘uncontrollable war’

A former US intelligence analyst warns the Obama administration to step back from blaming Iran for a foiled kill plot or risk igniting war.

Some preliminary questions about the alleged Iranian terror plot

If Arbabsiar approached the agent first, how did he find them? If the FBI put Arbabsiar under surveillance for suspicious activities and then lured him into direct communication (which could have been the initial point of contact), was the FBI involved in other persuasive activities as well? Considering the loony aspects of this story which even Hillary Clinton has alluded to, is it wrong to question the sanity of Arbabsiar? Is it unfathomable that the FBI could have found a crazy and/or impressionable person who was acting on his own accord but was in some way related to elements of the Iranian government?


U.S. War Gears Turning As Alleged Iranian Terror Plot Considered ‘Act Of War’

Top officials have been talking it up regarding the alleged terror plot in the capital city of the U.S. (DC) as they consider the plot an act of war.

Another staged diversion (false flag operation) is in the works, possibly coming down the pipe.

The globalist plan is all to predictable with even CNN claiming on TV this morning that this alleged terror plot is almost too much to buy.

A top Senate Dem says Iran plot may be act of war Read more:

The alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States may be an act of war against the U.S., the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said Wednesday.

Okay, Senator, Here’s your parachute and here is your rifle. Please watch your step climbing into that airplane, and we’ll call Iran and tell them you are on your way.

For the rest of us, with the memory of Iraq’s non-existent nuclear weapons still fresh in our memories, a confession extracted from a used car salesman in Texas after 12 days of presumed water boarding is insufficient reason to attack a nation that has not attacked us, nor to distract us from the economy, from Fast and Furious gun and drug running by the government, or from the still-growing OccpyAMERICA movement.

You might think that war with Iran (which means war with Russia) is going to solve all your problems, but We The People know otherwise, and we refuse to go along with throwing what is left of our money and the lives of our children onto the bayonets of yet another of Israel’s many enemies. If yu are so inclined, feel free to use your own money and your own children. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

Iran under US propaganda attack

Some experts find the scandal well-timed. Iran has been the main Mideast irritator for the US for too long, hampering its total control of the Great Middle East from Morocco to Pakistan. At the same time US main allies in the region are Saudi Arabia and Israel…Thus, even if no plot existed at all it should have been invented not to miss this ideal moment to launch a propaganda attack on Iran.

“Those Iranians; their mothers dress them funny. They smell really bad, and they have ugly dogs!” — Official White Horse Souse

Iranian Terror plot Fake fake fake

This is another one of US law enforcement’s manufactured “anti-terrorist” triumphs, where the feds set somebody up, fabricate a “crime” out of thin air, and then proceed to “solve” a case that never really existed to begin with.

Ex-CIA warns US ‘dangerously wrong’ on Iran

The former intelligence analyst, Robert Baer, joins The World Today and warns the Obama administration to step back from blaming Iran for the foiled assassination plot against the Saudi ambassador in Washington. The former CIA case agent says the attack doesn’t appear to have been planned by Iran, and that the US may have got its assessment dangerously wrong. He says the US must open a direct diplomatic channel with the Iranian regime .. or risk igniting an uncontrollable war.

what Robert Baer apparently doesn’t grasp is that a war – ANY war – is very much on the agenda of some of those in the bowels of power in both DC and Tel Aviv.

The Likud party in Israel wants the US to “neutralize” the alleged existential threat they believe Iran poses to them (with Americans getting killed and maimed for life, of course, not the Israelis). The US government is in an absolute mess economically, and has always managed to get out of such messes through war.

However, this time, a war against Iran may well be a war the US will be unable to win. Our military troop strength is already stressed to the max; we no longer have the manufacturing strength domestically with which to quickly replace critical material infrastructure; and with a 14 trillion dollar Federal debt, what lender in their collective right mind would loan us one cent?!?

And here’s the “wild card” factor no one wants to talk about: Russia’s potential response to such an attack. Russia has been, in the last decade, “sitting it out” with regard to the US’s pre-emptive wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen. One has to wonder, however, what this nuclear-armed country will do if the US and/or Israel decide to attack Iran. I wouldn’t bet against a military response on the side of Iran, should the US and Israel be so foolish as to attack it.

Israel’s Window to Bomb Iran;

nice radio interview with McGovern

Plot Suspect Interviewed For 12 Days

In their investigation into an alleged plot to kill Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, U.S. federal agents interrogated suspect Manssor Arbabsiar for 12 days, a senior counterterrorism official said Tuesday.

Friend: Suspect in ambassador plot ‘no mastermind’

A one-time business partner of a former Texas used car dealer accused of plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador says he never thought of his friend as politically motivated, much less involved in a potential terrorist act.

David Tomscha tells The Associated Press he briefly owned a used car lot with Manssor Arbabsiar. He says he’s “no mastermind,” and even is a little lazy.

The entire claim of an Iranian plot using Mexico drug cartels to assassinate the Saudi ambassador here in the United States is based on a confession acquired after 12 DAYS of interrogation using the methods (water boarding) applied to all suspects in terror “investigations”.
This latest in a long line of hoaxes to start wars is already falling apart.

Next question: Is Israel and the US desperate enough for war with Iran to stage a major false flag attack inside the United States?

Hell yeah they are!

Justification for war with Iran.

Total bullshit.

U.S. alerts citizens overseas about possible Iranian acts

U.S. alerts citizens overseas about possible false-flags to be blamed on Iran.

Iran Sees Terror Plot Accusation as Diversion From Wall Street Protests

Iran’s leaders marshaled a furious formal rejection on Wednesday of the United States accusations that the Islamic republic had schemed to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, calling the case a cynical fabrication meant to vilify Iran and distract Americans from their own severe economic problems, highlighted by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Biden: Tehran Must Be Held Accountable

Here is your parachute, Mr. Biden. Here is your M-16. Watch your step climbing aboard that cargo plane, and we’ll call Iran and tell them you are on your way!

Alleged Iranian Terror Plotter Was A Texas Used Car Salesman

The Iranian American accused of organizing a $1.5 million assassination plot against Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States is a Texas used car salesman.

Manssor Arbabsiar, also known as Mansour Arbabsiar, 56, has spent most of the past 25 years living and working in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he is known as “Jack.”

LOL Iran terror plot riiight and a “leftist” spin for OWS double fail.

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