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 Pakistan ‘exporting violence’, says US

Webmasters comment And the US isn’t ? Pakistan better be very careful because the US is again trying to line it up for ” pre-emptive military intervention ” to save the world from “terrorism”. The US desperately wants to control central Asia and Pakistani nuclear weapons and this is the latest move on the giant US chess board to do so. If the US doesn’t want it’s Troops in Afghanistan targeted in a War it has declared it simply has to take them home. Of course that would not fit the grand designs of Washington. The US is just as much a terrorist State as those others it condemns. The difference is the US acts under the guise of “protecting democracy and the rights of people”. It should look to the huge erosion of it’s own civil liberties at home.



US blames Pakistan for Afghan bloodshed

Craig McMurtrie, Sally Sara and staff

The USA’s top military officer has accused Pakistan’s spy agency of supporting the terrorists behind a string of high-profile attacks on US targets in Afghanistan.



Fight to change the culture of battle

A SENIOR Australian army officer had to physically restrain an elite Afghan soldier from bashing detainees during an operation in Oruzgan Province.


Wall St plunges in global rout

5:46AM Brendan Conway US stocks slumped today, in a flight from risk that threatened to send the Dow index to its lowest close in a year.


So much for the common touch

Australians aren’t happy with their federal political leaders. Both Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott languish in the approval/satisfaction ratings. …


Obama defiant as Palestinian UN bid nears

PAUL MCGEOUGH, NEW YORK French President Nicolas Sarkozy points to failure of US diplomacy as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas prepared to submit United Nations application.


Pointing the finger at diplomatic failure

PAUL MCGEOUGH In what appeared to be a bold European move to wrest control of the Middle East peace process from Washington, Nicholas Sarkozy has criticised the US.


Dollar dives in black day

THOMAS HUNTER 6:14am Australian dollar in freefall as stockmarkets in the US and Europe battered by global recession fears.


NATO extends Libya mission to Christmas

Webmatsers comment Why am I not surprised? NATO never had any intention of leaving by the original deadline. In fact NATO will remain in place for a long time yet. Not bad for an organisation which was there to protect innocent civilian life.



Stephen Grey Afghanistan’s political landscape no closer to a truce


Leaders demand action as markets crumble

Julia Gillard joined other world leaders in demanding decisive action to quell the euro debt crisis as stocks suffered huge falls on both sides of the Atlantic.


Assange furious over unauthorised autobiography

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has denounced a new unauthorised autobiography after he failed to prevent the publisher printing an unfinished manuscript.





“An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things predicted yesterday didn?t happen today.” – Laurence J. Peter


US taxpayers’ money wasted by the Government

The US economy is having tough times. While the country is $14.7 trillion dollars in debt, 9% of Americans are also without jobs.And while the US is supposed to withdraw from Afghanistan, a new prison on Bagram airforce base is due to be erected – at a cost of $ 25 to $ 100 million to house around 2,000 detainees. Where else are American taxpayers dollars going? How about $16.2 million towards a museum in Las Vegas dedicated to the mob. David Williams, president of Taxpayers Protection Alliance, explains.


Peter Schiff responds to Elizabeth Warren on producers

Warren says “the rest of us” pay for services such as police,
government schools, and firemen, but Schiff points out that it’s business that not only pays the majority of those taxes, it employs the people who are also paying (at gunpoint, if necessary) those taxes. Schiff also points out that wealthy business owners typically pay 40 to 50% of their wealth in taxes (federal income tax state income tax property taxes social secuirty & medicare taxes). If 50% isn’t a high enough rate, how high a rate would Warren advocate? Regarding how government protects us from “bands of marauders”, Schiff points out that wealthy businessmen such as himself could hire their own private army of firemen and police offers for far, far less that what the government requires business owners to pay in taxes.


Top Ten Armies in the World

The Turks are rated higher than the Israelis and given Lebanon 2006 where the IDF had it’s head handed to it by Hezbollah, I think except for nukes,Israel is over rated!
Nearly every country in the world has its own army to protect its interests against internal and external enemies. The top ten armies of the world were chosen based on their military history, current operations and size of force as well as their reputation as a military force.


Particles found to break speed of light

A total of 15,000 beams of neutrinos — tiny particles that pervade the cosmos — were fired over a period of 3 years from CERN toward Gran Sasso 730 (500 miles) km away, where they were picked up by giant detectors.

Light would have covered the distance in around 2.4 thousandths of a second, but the neutrinos took 60 nanoseconds — or 60 billionths of a second — less than light beams would have taken.

To be technically correct, what Einstein’s theory of relativity said was that nothing could achieve the speed of light … from either direction. There is nothing in the theory that precludes particles traveling faster than light if they are created already traveling faster than the speed of light and can never slow down to sub-light (relative to us) velocities. Physicists have called these theoretical particles “Tachyons” and it may be that nutrinos are the first recognized Tachyons.


Turkey voices readiness for Israel war

In an interview with Charlie Rose, when Erdogan was asked if he saw the Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound flotilla that killed nine Turkish nationals as “a cause of war,” — as the premier had earlier said — Erdogan said “we will do that too if it becomes necessary,” Turkey’s Vatan newspaper reported on Thursday.

“As you know, Israel attacked three ships, one of which carried over 400 people from 33 countries, in international waters from sea and air. Such an attack in international waters is against international law,” Erdogan noted.

The Turkish premier reiterated that Israel should apologize to Turkey for the attack and pay compensation to the families of the victims.



The U.S. Army’s Field Manual 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare, is one of the major resources used for educating U.S. military personnel on the law of war. It contains numerous pertinent direct quotations from the various Geneva and Hague Conventions, as well as several official interpretations of these conventions.


Windows 8 secure boot would ‘exclude’ Linux

Computer scientists warn that proposed changes in firmware specifications may make it impossible to run “unauthorised” operating systems such as Linux and FreeBSD on PCs.Proposed changes to the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware specifications would mean PCs would only boot from a digitally signed image derived from a keychain rooted in keys built into the PC. Microsoft is pushing to make this mandatory in a move that could not be overridden by users and would effectively exclude alternative operating systems, according to Professor Ross Anderson of Cambridge University and other observers.


‘Stingray’ Phone Tracker Fuels Constitutional Clash

For more than a year, federal authorities pursued a man they called simply “the Hacker.” Only after using a little known cellphone-tracking device—a stingray—were they able to zero in on a California home and make the arrest.


Secret ‘Fast & Furious’ Audio Recordings Specify Eric Holder, Other Politicians, By Name

CBS News recently got their hands on secret recordings of conversations about Fast and Furious that took place between an ATF agent and a gun store owner, both of whom were located in the Phoenix area (and both of whom were thoroughly acquainted with Fast and Furious).


“People in masks should not be on Wall Street unless it’s for one of those Eyes Wide Shut sex parties.”

Wall Street Under Siege The Colbert Report


Appeals court in US tosses 2 Abu Ghraib lawsuits

A federal appeals court in Virginia has dismissed two lawsuits by former Iraqi detainees who claimed they were tortured at the Abu Ghraib prison.


NYPD Manhattan Precincts Live Scanner Audio Feed – w/ Radio Signal Codes

w/ Radio Signal Codes – #occupywallst #ows


VIDEO – Actor Vince Vaughn (Who Supports A Full Audit Of The Fed) Introduces Ron Paul At LPAC 2011

Video – Vince Vaughn Introduces Dr. Ron Paul at LPAC 2011 – Sep. 16, 2011

Not coincidentally, Vaughn wrote an introduction to Paul’s best-selling book End The Fed. Paul’s complete LPAC speech is included for those interested.



Dylan Ratigan On The Wall Street Protests: “Financial Interests Own Congress And They Make The Rules”

Great discussion from yesterday’s show.



Is World’s Deadliest Volcano Ready to Explode?

The last time the deadliest volcano in the planet exploded it was 1815. It killed more than 71,000 people on the spot and it was responsible for a volcanic winter that caused the worst worldwide famine of the 19th century.
Now it may explode again.
Source: Planetsave (


Occupy Wall Street: Take the Bull by the Horns

This is the fifth communiqué from the 99 percent. We are occupying Wall Street. On September 21st, 2011, Troy Davis, an innocent man, was murdered by the state of Georgia. Troy Davis was one of the 99 percent. Ending capital punishment is our one demand.


Neil Armstrong calls US space program ’embarrassing’

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, told lawmakers Thursday that the end of the space shuttle era has left the American human spaceflight program in an “embarrassing” state…


Growth is main challenge faced by world: Geithner

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Boosting growth should be the top priority of governments around the world, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Thursday, urging them to adjust their fiscal policies accordingly…


US leads mass walkout of Ahmadinejad UN speech

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – The United States on Thursday led a mass walkout of the UN General Assembly when Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched an outspoken attack on Western nations…



A joint poll by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in the Occupied Palestinian Territories found that 69 percent of Israelis think that their country should accept United Nations recognition of an independent Palestinian state, according the Jerusalem Post.


Global Financial Meltdown: Investors Dump Nearly Everything Admist Worldwide Market Crash

Major Stock Market Indexes, Commodities, Currencies And Everything In Between Is Being Dumped By Investors Across The Globe In The Midst Of A Global Financial Meltdown.


Psychologists help 9/11 truth deniers




Ahmadinejitters: US fear-factor celebs chant Iranian threat mantra

They call him a murderer and say he’s worse than Hitler… Just some of the accusations aimed at the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, by activists in New York who’re opposed to his visit to the UN General Assembly. RT’s Kristin Frazao looks at why America views Iran as public enemy number one.

*Includes Ron Paul Clip


FAQ: Your Right to Phone Service During a Protest

Can telecommunications companies ever shut off your phone service? Can your carrier listen in on your calls? We put together an easy guide so that you know what to expect.


Palestinian Statehood: If not Now, When?

After 63 years, including 44 under occupation, 85% of Palestinians want statehood now, not later or perhaps never.

Israel and Washington object, wanting permanent occupation and subjugation.

A previous article said a “silent agreement” among Western powers may postpone Security Council and General Assembly votes for later dates to be announced.


STUDY: 25 Of Highest Paid CEOs Earned MORE Than Their Companies Paid In Taxes, Others Spent More On Lobbying Than Taxes

This is an astonishing list of companies…




Then, in 1913, a corrupt Congress and a corrupt President changed the structure of the nation’s economy and stole your freedom to say “no”! The economic system was reverted to a mirror of that same system the nation fought a revolution to be free of. The power to issue money was taken away from the government and given to the bankers and from that day onward, ALL money in circulation was created as the result of a loan at interest from the bankers to the government, to business, and to the people. There is no exception. Every dollar paid in salary, spent to purchase food or gas, or paid in taxes, began as an interest bearing loan.



Any five-year old child knows that if you put ten marbles into a tin can, you can only take ten marbles back out. No amount of wishful thinking, dreaming, or praying, will yield that eleventh marble from inside that can. That eleventh marble does not exist. It never did, and it never will. All discussions about the eleventh marble are the product of imagination. The eleventh marble is a fantasy.


1930?s-Style Financial Meltdown Imminent

Simply put, the world has trillions upon trillions of excessive private debt financed by too many different currencies whose risk is allegedly mitigated by even more trillions of financial bets which in aggregate do not minimise the systemic risk one iota. This entire financial edifice, underwritten by tiny amounts of capital, has been created over three decades backed by the theory that markets do not make mistakes. Capitalism is best conceived and practised, runs the theory, by hunter-gatherer bankers and entrepreneurs owing no allegiance to the state or society.


Lloyd’s of London Pulls Deposits From Banks on Debt Crisis

Lloyd’s of London, concerned European governments may be unable to support lenders in a worsening debt crisis, has pulled deposits in some peripheral economies as the European Central Bank provided dollars to one euro-area institution.


Ahmadinejad: Holocaust an excuse to pay ransom to Zionists

Adressing the 66th UN General Assembly Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the world “must wonder… If after six decades the Holocaust is still used as an excuse to pay ransom to the Zionists… what will happen if the same amount of money was allocated to poor nations?”

Ahmadinejad’s speech made perfect sense, which is why ABCNNBBCBS are already trying to spin it as the ravings of a madman.


Ron Paul Ad – He Served

MUCH better ad than the first one!

This is going to reach a lot of people who are not even veterans, but who had family that served that remained unrecognized.


The Video the US Military doesn’t want you to see!


The Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols

Just in case anybody is interested!

The Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols are international treaties that contain the most important rules limiting the barbarity of war. They protect people who do not take part in the fighting (civilians, medics, aid workers) and those who can no longer fight (wounded, sick and shipwrecked troops, prisoners of war).


1981 Film ROLLOVER – Global Financial Armageddon: “Sell Everything You’ve Got And Pray”

Awesome short clip from the 1981 film portrays what’s happening now in financial markets.


Ahmadinejad to RT: Israeli theft failed, occupation days numbered

Ahead of his speech at the UN General Assembly, We spoke to the Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad about the Palestinian push for statehood and the situation in the Middle East.


Hong Kong Air Freight Falls 7.8 Percent

Sixth straight year-over-year decline comes as volume falls from July to August

Weak demand from Europe and the U.S. in August pulled Hong Kong International Airport’s traffic down 7.8 percent from the same month last year, the sixth consecutive month of decline.

Freight volume also fell 3.5 percent from July to August and the 319,000 metric tons was the lowest level since February, a troubling sign for the Asia gateway heading toward the peak fall shipping season.

Overall flight movements hit a high of 28,940, up 6.7 percent year-over-year during the month, but freighter operations fell 6.4 percent from a year ago and fell 3.5 percent from July.

An economic indicator you cannot spin away!


President Obama: Palestinian Statehood Must Be Achieved Through Talks With Israel

President Obama told the opening of the U.N. General Assembly in New York that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, not Security Council resolutions, is the way to ensure a lasting peace. But he was challenged by the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, who said that U.S. leadership on the issue has failed and called for a new initiative involving Europe and Arab states to see the birth of a Palestinian state within a year.


Morgan Stanley’s Exposure To French Banks Is 60% Greater Than Its Market Cap… And More Than Half Its Book Value

Not Good News For Morgan Stanley…




It’s getting ugly on the floor of the NYSE…




I am referring to none other that Netanyahu and Israel’s official President, Obama. It matters not what the people of Palestine want, it matters not what most of the world wants, it all comes down to what Israel wants.


Concerning Mondoweiss, Racism and Freedom of Speech

These are articles by Philip Weiss ( calls himself progressive Jew, and the motto of his website “Mondoweiss The War of Ideas in the Middle East” )

Quote from the website:

Mondoweiss is a news website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective.

It has four principal aims:

To publish important developments touching on Israel/Palestine, the American Jewish community and the shifting debate over US foreign policy in a timely fashion.

To publish a diversity of voices to promote dialogue on these important issues.

To foster the movement for greater fairness and justice for Palestinians in American foreign policy.

To offer alternatives to pro-Zionist ideology as a basis for American Jewish identity.


Jim Rogers- The next global recession will be worse than 2008




Mark Faber Warning – Bigger Financial Crisis on the Way




Palestinians way ahead of Obama on statehood strategy, say experts



Palestinian Authority officials initiated a full-court press propaganda campaign months before they came to New York City this week to request the United Nation recognize the Palestinian people and their territories as an independent nation.


Defrage – Save Us From Religion




Fukushima Nuke Fallout Reached California Waters

Samples gathered between March 16 and March 26 showed abnormally high levels of radioactive elements.


Flashback: Just-released transcripts give voice to the horror

As maintenance and electrical workers talked to each other on their dedicated radio channel, one man trapped in a stairwell on the 103rd floor of the north tower called repeatedly for help.

“Open the stairway door,” he called. The radio picked up his labored breathing, and he reported smoke rising. “People stuck in the stairway, open up the goddamn doors.” Later he burst out, “Where’s the f—— sprinkler system?”


Palestinians head for UN showdown despite warnings

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – The Palestinians on Thursday careened towards a clash with Washington over their UN statehood bid despite a stern warning from President Barack Obama that there was no “shortcut” to peace…


Why Google Earth Can’t Show You Israel

Since Google launched its Google Earth feature in 2005, the company has become a worldwide leader in providing high-resolution satellite imagery. In 2010, Google Earth allowed the world to see the extent of the destruction in post-earthquake Haiti. This year, Google released similar images after Japan’s deadly tsunami and earthquake. With just one click, Google can bring the world—and a better understanding of far-away events—to your computer.

There is one entire country, however, that Google Earth won’t show you: Israel.

You might see something embarrassing like torture cams and nuclear weapons storage locations!


Global Stocks At A Precipice – DOW Plummets 350 Points

Today’s selloff in global equity markets, and especially in the U.S. have a slightly different feel than what we’ve seen in the past month of volatility. Take it for what it’s worth, but I suspect the DOW and S&P 500 will break to the downside of recent trading ranges. Here’s a look at stories moving global markets this morning – Links included.

Follow the DOW Live
DOW Theory Bearish Signal?
European Stock Markets Fall Sharply
Conference Board – Economic indicators signal weak growth
Asian Stock Markets Plummet
Pimco: French banks could lead Europe into recession
Euro-Zone Manufacturing & Service Sector Slip Into Recession
China manufacturing data paint weak picture
Bank Of America Is Becoming A “Counterparty Risk” Like Bear And Lehman


Gulf War Syndrome Is Brain Damage Caused By Nerve Gas, Not Psychological Issues, UT Southwestern Study Proves

?There’s no denying it now: Gulf War Syndrome, characterized by memory loss, lack of concentration, neuropathic pain and depression, is a physiological illness, not a psychological one.

A UT Southwestern study, published in the journal Radiology, used a specialized MRI that specifically measures blood flow in the brain and detected marked abnormalities in the brains of those with Gulf War Syndrome. Not only have those abnormalities persisted for 20 years, but in some cases they’ve worsened.


Palestinians claim they are close to number needed to force UN Security Council vote

Palestinians claimed they were close to a key number needed to force a historic vote on their bid for full membership of the United Nations, as the US and Europe worked frantically to avoid a diplomatic showdown.


Zelikow: 9/11 Master Criminal Appointed By Obama

Obama appoints 9/11 scriptwriter & master criminal Zelikow to Intelligence Advisory Board.


9-11: Yeah, okay, we admit there were explosions in the towers, but we can explain it. Really! Honest!!

A mix of sprinkling system water and melted aluminium from aircraft hulls likely triggered the explosions that felled New York’s Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, a materials expert has told a technology conference.

The reaction he is talking about is one in which hot aluminum will “steal” oxygen from water, leaving hydrogen gas. There are two problems with this theory, of course.

The first is the hydrogen gas is very light and floats upward even faster than helium. The ruins of the World Trade Towers were “porous” and as the smoke trails prove, there was a strong wind from the side. This means that hydrogen could not collect together anywhere in any amounts enough to cause an explosion, certainly not down in the basements, where some explosions were reported.

Second, even under the most ideal of circumstances of perfect mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, impossible in the natural atmosphere and under those conditions, hydrogen may burn fast but does not detonate. Recall the destruction of the Hindenburg. Huge fire, no “bang.”

So this latest official “explanation” is a desperate attempt to reconcile eyewitness reports and video recordings of explosions (like the one that initiates the collapse of building 7) with the rapidly collapsing official story.


Dennis Kucinich “Congress Takes Money From The American People And Gives It To War Profiteers And Wall Street!”

Great clip – Dennis Kucinich on the House floor.



Economist Andy Xie – How Stimulus-Zilla Killed Japan, And Why The U.S. Will Probably Suffer A Similar Fate

Anyone who doesn’t believe in the harm of a financial bubble but does believe in Keynesian stimulus magic should visit Japan.



William Rodriquez: 9/11 hero

Ironically, for his outstanding heroism on 9/11, Rodriquez received a special commendation for valor from President George W. Bush at a special White House ceremony. In time, as he spoke out around the world about what he had really witnessed, his golden boy status at the White House and amongst Republicans who pulled him into politics diminished. Exactly what had he witnessed that turned away some of his previous admirers? In a word: BOMBS! Rodriquez and some of his co-workers were down in the lower basement levels at the time of the attack and both heard and felt huge explosions beneath their feet. While this anomaly never led to a serious investigation, the timing of these explosions is more troubling. They occurred several seconds before the first airplane impacted Tower 1.


Perry embraces violent Jewish extremists, Politico’s Ben Smith calls him ‘moderate’

Yesterday, I attended Rick Perry’s press conference at the W Hotel in New York City, where the Texas Governor and Republican presidential frontrunner denounced President Barack Obama for supposedly “appeasing” America’s enemies in the Middle East and failing to sufficiently support Israel. The Perry appearance was timed to pre-empt Obama’s speech at the UN in which the President would reject Palestinian demands for statehood.



Ynet’s Washington reporter, Yitzhak Ben – Horin, produced last night a clear and succinct reading of Obama’s recent UN General Assembly address:
“Likudnic in the White House.”
“Netanyahu could not have written it better.”


Obama tells Ents to Slow Down, or….

Owen Myles, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Obama has warned that a “short cut” to addressing the burning house of Palestine might be too hasty, suggesting instead more words to squelch the flames. While some might say it was really Gollum in a leader’s costume, others may say it is simply a desperate appeal to prevent Palestine rising from the ashes…


For the debates

Bump up the views on this question to get in in the fox google debates

And here are some more I submitted that will certainly not be in the debate :)


NATO extends Libyan bombing campaign

Air power can not win a war! Sooner or later They will send in our men and women. It looks to me like one of the goals of the powers that be is to destroy the American armed forces along with millions of innocent people around the globe! Ninety more days of hell for Libyan civilians as thousands of tons of high explosives and DU rain down on their country!

NATO is extending its bombing campaign in Libya for another 90 days, as forces loyal to former leader Moamar Gaddafi continue to resist a military assault by rebel fighters.Eight of the 28 NATO nations have taken part in air strikes since the mission began and have flown 23,350 sorties, including 8,751 raids against targets such as command centres, armoured vehicles and missile sites.


2011 Clinton Global Citizen Awards: sponsored by corporate fascists, big oil, big banks

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The Clinton Global Citizen Awards, held this week in New York City, claims to “recognize extraordinary individuals who have demonstrated visionary leadership in solving pressing global challenges. Through their work, these citizens have proven that diverse sectors of society including philanthropic, public service, corporate, and civic organizations can work together successfully to implement and devise solutions that effect positive, lasting social change.”

In reality, it is yet another elaborate display of self-aggrandizing by the same handful of corporate-financier interests emanating from Wall Street and London, attempting to maintain the legitimacy of their “international order.” …


Alfreda Bikowsky Wicked Witch of the CIA going on rendition torture trips for entertainment

Alfreda Frances Bikowsky is the person described in New Yorker journalist Jane Mayer’s book The Dark Side as having flown in to watch the waterboarding of terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammad without being assigned to do so. “Its not supposed to be entertainment,” superiors were said to have told her. She was also at the center of “the el-Masri incident,” in which an innocent German citizen was kidnapped by the CIA in 2003 and held under terrible conditions without charges for five months in a secret Afghan prison. The AP characterized it as “one of the biggest diplomatic embarrassments of the U.S. war on terrorism.”


Poverty soars among young families in US

Since the onset of the economic crisis, millions of working class families have fallen into deep financial distress. The younger generation has been particularly hard hit by unemployment, the housing crisis and debt.
Government data indicate that more than one in three young families with children were living in poverty in the US in 2010, the highest rate ever recorded. At the same time that families are financially strained, assistance programs for the poor have been cut and eligibility rules tightened.


CNN is so ignorant look at this junk

Mixing up China and Japan


Obama at the UN: The arrogant voice of imperialism

Mr. Auken has used the same title twice for the last 2 speeches President Obama has made at the UN!

President Obama delivered an empty and arrogant sermon to the United Nations Wednesday, laced with platitudes about “peace” that were designed to mask Washington’s predatory policies.
The American president received a tepid response from the assembled heads of state, foreign ministers and UN delegates.


Drone attack kills 10 Qaeda suspects in south Yemen

BEX Alert!

ADEN — Ten Al-Qaeda suspects were killed while a top leader in the network escaped death as US drones carried out several air strikes on their strongholds in Yemen’s south, local officials said Wednesday.
“US drones carried out two air strikes on Al-Mahfad (in the southern Abyan province) where Al-Qaeda militants — among them Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) number two Saeed al-Shehri — are present,” said a local official in the village.
Four suspected militants were killed while Shehri escaped, said the well-informed official who requested anonymity.


Former “US” ambassador wants to use US Navy against Turkey

No Turkey This Thanksgiving
by Philip Giraldi

…Turkey is an ally. Israel is not. Turkey has served United States strategic interests. Israel has not. Turkey has hosted American bases and committed its soldiers to support their American counterparts in combat. Israel has not.

Israel has done little more vis-à-vis the United States’ real interests than take more than a hundred billion dollars in taxpayer provided largesse, use Washington as a veto machine to protect its own interests, and betray all of that by spying and stealing defense secrets which were later traded to the Russians and sold to the Chinese.


Unilateralist Israel Decries Palestinian “Unilateralism”

This Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had this to say of the upcoming Palestinian bid for UN recognition: “”Unilateral measures are not the way to advance peace between us.” For once, I must say I agree with Netanyahu. Unilateral measures are not, and have not been, any kind of peace-advancing measure in this situation.

If unilateralism were a peace-advancing measure, then Israel and Palestine surely would have seen peace by now. The history of this conflict is rife with unilateralism, particularly on the Israeli side. Since its creation in 1948, Israel’s approach to all of its neighbors has been to unilaterally commit acts of siege and war, and to strike fiercely at any real or perceived opposition.


Murder and Torture, the Lasting Legacy of America

Bataan Death March, Gestapo, Russian Gulags, America Has Exceeded It All

So many Americans still think torture, murder, gang rape of children is “fair and balanced” as a way of, of what? Waging war? Afghanistan is a war? Oh come now.Its an occupation, no more.

What America is doing, has been doing for a decade, is imprisoning Muslims, mostly, from around the world, on any pretense, and killing thousands of them. We may never know but as many as 200,000 people may have been systematically murdered, not just raped or tortured, very little of which involved “waterboarding.”



JP Morgan Drops Pursuit of Many Delinquent Credit Card Accounts

Maybe they just figured out that there is no 11th marble!



Join the Global Revolution NOW LIve On Wall Street

Join Us Now ..ONLINE Live Streaming…


New Live Video from Wall Street protests



Facial Recognition Technocracy: Facebook Photo Matching Is Just the Start

As facial recognition tech moves into law enforcement, military use, and targeted advertising, and onto the streets of your town, will your privacy be a casualty? Duh!

The Internet was in an uproar earlier this year following Facebook’s launch of facial recognition software for its photo services, enabling users to identify their friends in photos automatically–and without their permission. Though critics described that move as creepy, the controversial technology may now be on the verge of widespread use.


Personal Privacy in an Information Society



#OccupyChi is On! – Sept 23rd Sears/Willis Tower 9AM

Sears tower @ 9, March to Federal Reserve Bank at noon, discussion at 3pm, and a candlelight vigil for Troy Davis at 9 in Millennium Park!/OccupyChicago
Occupy Chicago pic


U.S. delegation walks out of UN speech by Iranian president Ahmadinejad as he calls 9/11 ‘a mystery’

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has outraged the UN by calling the 9/11 attack on the U.S. ‘a mystery’.



Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Addresses United Nations General Assembly


Biggest Losers in Palestine Veto? The American People

If the Palestinian application for United Nations full membership actually takes place Friday and the United States uses its Security Council veto to stop the process, it will be the final step in a predictable and preventable tragedy playing out. Some are arguing that Washington might actually abstain, thereby gaining considerable favorable sentiment from much of the world and also sending a signal to Israel that there are limits to the bilateral relationship. But it is far more likely that President Barack Obama, who has stated over and over that he will protect Israel in international forums, will not flinch when he calls on Susan Rice to cast the fatal vote.


Moral Bankruptcy: Will US Veto Palestine?

This week at the UN – if the US push to disable the process does not succeed – a vote will be taken on Palestinian statehood. The US has already stated that it will veto any vote that supports Palestinian statehood. So why take the vote if that is the end result? Wonders Jim Miles…


“Veteran” Sami Jadallah: Time For Regime Change in Palestine

“Veteran” Sami Jadallah: Time For Regime Change in Palestine
By Uprooted Palestinian
Sami Jadallah: Palestine, Time For Regime Change

Sami Jamil Jadallah: We need UN to release our people form being held hostage

by Israel, PLO, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, etc..
“More than any other time in the history of Palestine, there is an urgent and critical need for regime change.” Thus said “Veteran Sami.
“AMERICA MUST ATTACK GADDAFI NOW!” Thus said the Senior Editor of Veterans Today, about seven months ago.


Veterans Today Supports Palestinian Statehood to Increase American National Security

PRESS RELEASE, the most widely read military and foreign affairs online journal urges President Obama to end the cycle of endangering American national security through continued ‘blank check’ support for Israel.

This multi-decade policy has been a disaster not only for American relations in the region, but for Israel and its neighbors, also.


Island of the “Hunter-Killers” — The Seychelles Sells Out to the U.S. Military

John Galt
Activist Post

How much does it cost to purchase a tropical paradise island as a base for hunter-killers? $5.5 million for 4 months, according to an unclassified cable obtained by WikiLeaks. This is the amount of revenue that three programs of the U.S. Military are estimated to have generated for the Seychelles economy at the end of 2009. All that is required is to be complicit as a host for MQ-9 Reaper drones known as “hunter-killers” that are contributing to death from a distance via drone warfare in six countries…


Obama Hosts International Debut for Libya’s Racist and Thoroughly Non-Revolutionary Regime

Glen Ford
Black Agenda Report

The United States and the corporate media would have you believe that President Obama and the U.S. corporate media are celebrating the triumph of a “revolution” in Libya. But there was no revolution. “’Revolutionaries’ – African revolutionaries – do not name their fighting units ‘the Brigade for Purging Slaves, Black Skin.’”…


US markets extend losses, Dow down 4%

NEW YORK (AFP) – US stocks extended a brutal sell-off Thursday, plunging more than four percent in the final hours of trade, fueled by the Federal Reserve’s stark warning about the health of the US economy.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 478.47 points (4.30 percent) to 10,646.37 at 1800 GMT…


US lawmakers target China with currency bill

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US senators unveiled legislation Thursday to punish China over its alleged currency manipulation, promising angry American voters to put an end to Beijing’s “economic murder” of US jobs…


Flashback ’07: Is Your Cell Phone Bugged?

Time/CNN’s Captain Obvious Asks: Have Cell Phones Become Personal Tracking Devices?

“In addition, some cell phones can’t be completely powered off without taking the batteries out. In an opinion arguing that roving taps are legal under federal wiretapping laws, US District Judge Lewis Kaplan said that roving taps “functioned whether the phone was powered on or off.” Newer Nokia phones will turn themselves on if an alarm is set, and apparently they’ll also turn themselves on to eavesdrop on your conversations.”


Failed bill spotlights dysfunction in Congress

They are almost out of money again!

Republican leaders
scrambled on Thursday to find the votes to keep the U.S. government funded after the embarrassing defeat of a spending bill threw into question Congress’ ability to pass basic laws.
The bill’s unexpected failure suggested that, even in the face of rock-bottom approval ratings, Democratic and Republican lawmakers may not be able to bridge their differences to pass a measure that would help disaster victims and avoid a government shutdown.!


The Obama Doctrine?

A recent article in USA Today raises the question if the developments in Libya show Obama’s overall approach to foreign policy and the beginning of what properly might be called “The Obama Doctrine.”

Well, if Obama’s approach to foreign policy can be called a doctrine, it could easily be defined in these terms:

“I will use the full power of the CIA and the U.S. military to steal the resources of any country who opposes the intrusion of Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and transnational corporations.” However, isn’t this exactly what American presidents have been doing since Woodrow Wilson’s times?

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All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.


“Trust in journalists depends on accuracy,
fairness and a readiness to acknowledge
mistakes and apologize for them,journalists
should represent the governed, those without
power, those without information – and that
is no route to popularity with those who wield
power.” – Peter Cole, London Daily Mail.


When journalists report propaganda instead of the truth,
the consequences can be catastrophic


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