Thomson won’t be charged in card scandal

Craig Thomson

Yoni Bashan NSW POLICE have dropped their investigation into embattled Labor MP Craig Thomson over allegations he misused a union credit card to pay for escort services.


Thomson case is ‘dead’

Embattled MP for Dobell Craig Thomson during question time at Parliament House Canberra on Tuesday 23 August 2011. Photo  Andrew Meares  SPECIAL 000000

Victoria Police to take a crack at Labor MP Craig Thomson after NSW counterparts say they’re insufficient evidence to prove brothel claims.


AWU chief under fire after union pays legal bill (video)

Matt Wordsworth

One of the nation’s most powerful union figures is under attack for using union money to pay the bill for a private legal dispute.

Webmasters comment www.theaussiedigger.com Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is not a bad deal if it is legal and you can get it. How many of us can put our large personal legal fees on charge to the organisation we work for? Not many I would suggest. If this is legal and usual behaviour in the AWU it shows a complete disconnect with the rank and file and the values of main street Australia. I would suggest the dough should be used protecting the rights of workers.


Katter, Xenophon take aim at produce mark-ups

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon and Federal MP Bob Katter want Parliament to support a bill that would require big supermarkets to disclose mark-ups on fresh produce.


Dear Federal Government: Go To Hell

Almost everyone I know has written a letter to the Federal government. Many of them have contacted their Representatives or Senators at some point. They have emailed, faxed or even called — asking, demanding or just plain begging these politicians to do something or not.

I never have.

Why? Because I believe it is an absurd idea to ask the Federal government to fix problems it created, and that doing so just doesn’t work.


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