Contract With Atrocity: Flying With the Torture Profiteers

Here’s a story where it all comes together, where the guiding ethos of the age is exposed: torture turned to private profit, state terror as a business deal.

The Guardian reports on a remarkable case uncovered by the legal rights charity Reprieve: private contractors who flew American Terror War captives to torture hellholes around the world coming to blows in court over a grubby dispute over expenses. The case reveals the inner workings of the infamous “rendition” program, where contractors charged U.S. taxpayers for wine and chocolate as they carried kidnap victims to “black sites” and proxy torturers across America’s global gulag:

When the US government tortures, even if it outsources the grisly, contemptible and vile process, it does the following:

1. It walks away from any human rights treaty to which it has ever been a signatory, including the Geneva Accords.

2. It makes a complete mockery of the US’s respect for human rights and human dignity and freedom. And lastly,

3. It gives countries hostile to the US carte blanche to torture US military and civilian personnel.

To those of you who are serving, or have family and friends who are serving the US military, please chew over that last one for a while.


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