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False Flag Terrorism




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Latest News 7 Oct 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media



“It is easy enough to be friendly to one’s friends. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion. The other is mere business.” — m. Gandhi.

Monsanto and Syngenta Tighten Stranglehold on Global Food Supply

There is a corporate monster in the making. If allowed to emerge, it will gain near complete control of one of the most vital elements to human survival: our global food supply. This monster – a conglomeration of two corporate entities, Monsanto and Syngenta – must be stopped for the sake of the planet and future generations.

The companies that would make up this monster conglomeration both want complete control of our food. They envision a world completely inundated with their “patented” genetically modified seeds and saturated in their environmentally destructive chemicals. They seek to put all of their critics and those deemed “in the way” in prison or leave them financially ruined. They threaten to subvert the democratic process with their “bought” legislators, who are strategically placed inside virtually every facet of the governmental apparatus. And they do all of this while wrapped in the rhetoric of superheroes, sustainability and stewardship.



BEX ALERT – U.S. Sees Russian Drive Against CIA-Backed Rebels in Syria

Russia has targeted Syrian rebel groups backed by the Central Intelligence Agency in a string of airstrikes running for days, leading the U.S. to conclude that it is an intentional effort by Moscow, American officials said.

I am seeing a disturbing trend in the propaganda of trying to spin Russia’s attacks on the Syrian terrorists as an attack by Russia on the United States justifying war, because the United States supports the terrorists.



39 Palestinians injured in clashes with IDF in Ramallah – reports

Ramallah has seen some violent clashes with the IDF confronting crowds of stone-throwing Palestinian youths with tear gas and rubber bullets. 39 Palestinians have been injured in the clashes, according to local media. A standoff between Palestinians and the Israeli army turned violent at Qalandiya military checkpoint, with 25 Palestinians injured, five of them by live fire and 10 by rubber-coated steel bullets, said the Palestinian Red Crescent, cited by Ma’an news agency. Palestinian youths were reported to throw rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails at the soldiers. During nighttime clashes at Beit El checkpoint, eight Palestinians were reportedly injured with rubber-coated steel bullets, while at Atara checkpoint, also not far from the West Bank city of Ramallah, two Palestinian teenagers were hit by shrapnel. The Red Crescent Society has accused the Israeli military forces of shooting directly at an ambulance near Beit El.




This is a call to Rivero’s Rangers. Download the above form, print out a lot of copies, and have them with you to hand to anyone shouting we must have war with [insert this week’s designated enemy here].

Please send copies of this form to every member of Congress who gave Netanyahu standing ovations or opposes the Iran deal or favors intervetion in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, etc. and add a cover letter demanding they show their true commitment to war by signing up to go fight it. If the Congresscritter is too old or besotted then suggest their children enlist in their place. Use paper mail. Emails are scanned for keywords for

UK & US blocking ban on killer robots – experts

United Nations attempts to control the use of current and future autonomous war machines are being undermined by the UK and US in an attempt to rewrite the terms of the agreement, experts claim. There are also fears that by delaying the agreement for years, those invested in developing robot weapons will have the killer robot technology before laws come into force, meaning it will be extremely difficult to keep in check. “There is indeed a danger now that [the process] may get stuck,” said Christof Heyns, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, told The Guardian. “A lot of money is going into development and people will want a return on their investment. If there is not a preemptive ban on the high-level autonomous weapons then once the genie is out of the bottle it will be extremely difficult to get it back in,” he said. The issue hinges on the wording of the agreement.



Gross, seeing stocks plunging another 10%, urges flight to cash as fear index drops belwo 20.




Yesterday, Pilot Dies in Flight — Today, United Airlines Co-Pilot Passes Out, Flight Diverted to Albuquerque




Turkmenistan Braces for Spillover of Violence From Afghanistan

Citing a source in the country’s border forces, Turkmen news website ANT reported that up to 70 percent of the country’s combat-ready forces and equipment, together with border service tactical battalions from regions across the country, have been concentrated in the southern and southeastern regions of Mary and Lebap, on the country’s border with Afghanistan. According to the source, the forces are being brought in to ward off any attempts by Afghan militants to infiltrate Turkmen territory. On Monday, Turkmen television reported that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow had carried out a security-related reshuffle, likely in connection with the violence in neighboring Afghanistan. Berdimuhamedow appointed the former head of the presidential guard service minister of security, with the outgoing minister of security in turn appointed minister of defense.



Austrian Prisons Overcrowded With Migrant Smugglers Amid Refugee Influx

Ten of Austria’s 27 prisons are heavily overcrowded due to the number of migrant smugglers being held in custody awaiting trial, local media reported Tuesday.

Denmark Will Get Final Say on EU Migration Policies – Prime Minister…. “It is crystal clear <…> that the Danish immigration policy will still be decided by Denmark,” Rasmussen said in his speech, adding that any decision to join European Union’s asylum policies would be put to a nationwide referendum.



Russian Military Warns of Potential ISIL Dirty Tricks Campaign

The Russian Defense Ministry warned on Tuesday that the Islamic State militants could use a variety of provocative acts, including the destruction of mosques in Palmyra and other Syrian cities, to implicate the involvement of Russian aircraft. “We are not ruling out that terrorists in Palmyra and other cities are planning provocations, including the destruction of mosques, to later circulate faked photo and video materials accusing the Russian aircraft in committed atrocities on the Syrian territory,” ministry’s spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. According to the ministry, the militants are intending to place the weaponry near mosques, as they know that the Russian aviation would never attack them.



ISIS using Syrians as human shields – Russia’s Defense Ministry

Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) forces are sheltering in mosques and trying to hide their vehicles around them, Antonov told reporters Tuesday, citing video evidence.

“Knowing our careful, respectful attitude to mosques they understand that we would never – under any circumstances – carry out airstrikes against civilian facilities,” he said, following a meeting with Defense press attachés from several countries, with a US representative among them.

Later in the day, Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, also warned that terrorists may be preparing provocations such as bombing mosques to accuse the Russian Air Force of committing war crimes.



Russian drone films ISIS militants hiding weapons, munitions near Syrian mosques (VIDEO)

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video showing Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants moving their military hardware to residential areas, including one near a mosque, in an apparent attempt to save it from airstrikes.



Islamic Republic will blow up mosques and blame it on Russian aviation

Some Arab and Western media reported that Russian aircraft bombed itself Palmyra. Konashenkov underlined: “It is an absolute lie!”
He particularly emphasized: “We consider that it is quite possible that terrorists are preparing blowing up some mosques – in order for it was accused our air force.”



Polio, and no vaccine in Ukraine

The deficit has arisen due to the fact that Kiev refused to buy Russian medicines. The country has decided that Moscow vaccines, which for many years successfully defended the health of Ukrainians, today do not meet European standards. And Kiev can not afford western pharmaceuticals: vaccines from the west are about 17 times more expensive. Last year, Ukraine protected only half of the children under one against polio, this year, 14 percent. But doctors call even this figure exaggerated. Officials say it’s all because the parents themselves refuse shots for their sons and daughters. In reality the hold-up of progress is the units: In the Ukrainian clinics they are waiting on the vaccine. The latest news from Transcarpathia [Zakarpattia Oblast, westernmost part of Ukraine] has heightened parental concerns. There, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, they have confirmed two cases of polio last month, for the first time in 9 years.



Obama on TPP: America should write the rules of the global economy

…Once negotiators have finalized the text of this partnership, Congress and the American people will have months to read every word before I sign it. I look forward to working with lawmakers from both parties as they consider this agreement. If we can get this agreement to my desk, then we can help our businesses sell more Made in America goods and services around the world, and we can help more American workers compete and win.
Fort Russ: It’s fair and equal, but just for American corporations!



Obama Claims Other Countries With No Guns Safer; Here’s the Truth



Ron Paul: Bubbles are all over the place.. The source of the trouble is the Federal Reserve System, which simply cannot work in a real market economy




Russian operation in Syria revealed the real sponsors of terrorism to the world

Russia has shown the entire world who are the sponsors of global terrorism, say the experts to NAKANUNE.RU. “When we intervened, U.S. actions have shown who provides the “cover” and who needs this terrorist cancer. The whole world saw the face of global sponsors of terror and saw that a coalition led by the United States – is a sham on the backdrop of the world stage”. A separate reason for the aggressive reaction from the U.S. was the unexpectedly high technical level of the Russian units. “I’ll give you one example. More than 50 aircraft were transported to Syria. More than 2 thousand people transported via transport aircraft. And not one of the vaunted NATO radars in Turkey, Bulgaria and other countries could record it. Today, the Americans don’t see our guys working. We have developed such a system of technical cover that the Pentagon is just going crazy – we can see them, but they can not see us. It is clear that all their plans had failed,” – explains the expert.



Satire: Germany to supply arms to Ferguson rebels in U.S.

The Federal government of Germany wants to supply weapons to insurgents in the US.

“The red line has been crossed!” With these words, a visibly frayed Foreign Minister Steinmeier appeared this morning before the press. “With the murder of yet another black activist, the Obama regime once again shows its ugly head!” Background: On August 09, the totally unarmed black civil rights activists Michael Brown was shot by police. Now on August 19, another black activist in St. Louis, not far from Ferguson, has been shot in cold blood by white policemen.

“The world can not continue to stand idly by,” Steinmeier stressed at the press conference. “Here are peaceful human rights activists protesting against heavily armed police in a profoundly racist apartheid regime.”

Therefore, the point now been reached, “in which Germany, too, must take responsibility for the oppressed peoples of the world,” said Steinmeier.



Hillary’s first national ad plays the victim card

The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign is capitalizing on recent remarks by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the man who would be speaker, that seemed to imply a political motive behind the House committee that is investigating the Benghazi attacks.

The campaign’s first national ad plays up the Hillary-is-a-victim-of-partisan-congressional-committees angle:



Hillary hopes to beat the rap on a technicality

Have you ever watched a courtroom drama in which the judge dramatically declares that a whole swath of evidence is inadmissible because its origins were tainted?

That’s what Hillary Clinton is hoping Democrats do for her today with her first television ad.

The new spot no doubt will add further anguish to Republicans contemplating the speakership of Kevin McCarthy. And it will, no doubt, certainly help frame the former secretary of state’s testimony later this month about the deadly raid of 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.



Top US officials act silly when asked about Saudi bombing of Yemen

The US administration shows no interest in how US allies handle issues related to human rights. Mark Krieger write in an article for Liberty Blitzkrieg that top US officials either lie or act silly when asked about the conflict of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney smiled and repeatedly said, “Nice to see you,” when Krueger asked him he had any concerns about the Saudi Arabian-led bombing campaign in Yemen. Romney repeated this remark several times, instead of giving a clear answer to the question, thus prompting the journalist wonder whether it was a joke or not, reports. US Senator John McCain has spoken a lot about Yemen lately, but his words do not seem to match the reality. “They may be bombing civilians, which is actually not true,” McCain said, when asked about civilian casualties in Yemen. The journalist asked McCain whether civilians were not dying in Yemen, to which McCain replied: “No, they’re not,” the senator replied.



Russian pilots tease Turkey. Who starts WWIII?

“One could understand the outburst of Turkish emotions, if it wasn’t for one curious detail. “The funny thing is that Turkish warplanes violated Greek airspace four times on Monday,” Anton Khashchenko wrote on Facebook . “Since the beginning of the year, (January to August) the Greek General Staff have reported 1,306 violations of Greek airspace by 101 military aircraft,” the blogger continued. Earlier, Finnish Defense Ministry said that military transport aircraft of the USAF had brazenly violated the airspace of Finland country, having flown into it for 15 minutes. In addition, a US spy plane has recently flown more than 200 kilometers in Swedish airspace. (the US airplane was flying away from a Russian fighter). The Swedes, like true vassals of the United States, tried to hide their shame, but the scandal leaked into the media. The flight of a US aircraft above Sweden means that the Scandinavian country is being kept under NATO’s thumb, Swedish experts noted.



6 Reasons Why Russia Cares So Much About Syria

As the potential for direct military confrontation between the United States/NATO and Russia in Syria escalates by the day, the vast majority of Americans have little clue why the Russians would have ever become involved in the crisis to begin with. Undoubtedly, most of them believe what they are told through the mainstream media – that Russia is yet again acting aggressively in its plans for total world domination and the establishment of the Fourth Reich.



Italy to join US-led bombings of Iraq

It has been reported that Italy was planning to join the US-led bombings of Iraq. According to Italian newspaper Corrierre della Sera, Italy will start bombing terrorists in Iraq in the next few hours. Italy will launch the operation only after all the details are coordinated with the US command.
It was the Iraqi government that asked Italy to intervene and e bomb the terrorists, the newspaper wrote. Italy had previously sent several Tornado fighter jets to Kuwait. It was originally reported that the aircraft would be used for reconnaissance activity only. The international coalition led by the United States has recently announced its intention to intensify its military actions in Syria.



All car companies cheat on emissions tests—it’s just that most do it legally

It’s not just Volkswagen. For years, emissions from cars built by almost every major manufacturer have been higher out on the road than when tested in labs.

In fact, the average gap between real-world emissions and official test results has been growing. A new report by the International Council on Clean Transportation, the research group that first flagged suspicious emissions patterns at Volkswagen, found that under normal conditions the average carbon-dioxide emissions for passenger cars are some 40% higher than the official amounts certified by European lab tests. In 2001, the gap was less than 10%.



Trump Just Blasted Hillary With A 2-Sentence Uppercut So Hard Bill Probably Felt It




Santelli and Biderman – Don’t call it QE, but stimulus returning





MUST WATCH: Wilkerson describes the path of empires in decline & shows how the US is following the classic trajectory.



WaPo: Hillary kept her friends close, and her Clinton Foundation donors closer

Hamburger reports that Clinton Foundation donors got an unusual level of access to the State Department’s highest echelons, raising more questions about conflicts of interest and corruption:



Hillary Clinton kept in touch with key donors, emails show

The note to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from liberal financier George Soros demanded “urgent attention from the highest levels of the U.S. government.” Clinton swiftly alerted a top aide to what she described as a “very forceful message which is good — and needed.”

The email exchange, in which Soros warned of growing unrest in Albania, illustrates how Clinton interacted with major donors to her family’s causes during her tenure at the State Department, staying in touch with her political network before her 2016 run for the Democratic presidential nomination. And the messages show how these donors, some of them with interests before the federal government, gained high-level access to press policy concerns inside the Clinton-led State Department.



Russian jets hit 12 ISIS targets in Syria, cause panic among extremists – Defense Ministry

Russian jets hit 12 Islamic State targets in the course of nearly 20 combat flights carried out in Syria on Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said. Command centers and training camps were destroyed in the attacks which threw the extremists into panic.

“Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25 have launched air strikes on 12 objects of logistic infrastructure, command posts, training camps and facilities of militants belonging to terrorist groups allied with Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL],” Igor Konashenkov, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Russian jets destroyed an Islamic State army munitions plant outside Damascus as well as two command centers in Deir ez-Zor, according to the ministry’s statement. In the Idlib Governorate, a training camp for IS militants was eliminated, while several IS strongholds came under attack where ammunition depots were blown up.

Looks as though Russia’s military, in barely a week, has really got ISIS on the ropes.

And now the government of Iraq has called for direct Russian military intervention against the terrorists in their country!!



Hillary Clinton’s First National TV Ad Slams GOP Over Benghazi, Email Scandals

According to the voiceover, McCarthy said that “the committee investigating Benghazi and Clinton’s emails was created to destroy her candidacy.”



State Dept. tells Hillary Clinton to search for more emails

The State Department has instructed former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton go back to her Internet companies and try to recover email messages from any personal email accounts that she used during her time in government, saying it appears she didn’t turn over all of her documents.

Which means Hillary committed perjury before Congress.



“Lithium Love”: Was Oregon Gunman on Psychiatric Meds Linked to Violence?

The revelation that Umpqua Community College shooter Chris Mercer used the screen name “lithium love,” along with other references to prescription medication, strongly suggests that the gunman was taking psychiatric drugs that have been linked to violent outbursts.

As the Oregonian reports, “There are a number of indications that Harper-Mercer had mental health or behavioral issues. His screen name on some social media sites was “lithium love.” Lithium is used as a psychiatric medication.”

Lithium is used to enhance the effect of SSRI drugs, a number of which, “have also been linked to increase risk for violent, even homicidal behavior,” reports Time.

On one of his Facebook posts, Mercer also made reference to a number of different prescription drugs he was taking.

“I have a pill bottle with like five types of pills mixed in. I don’t know which ones are the sleep aids, so I just took four of each,” wrote Mercer.



Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown signs into law ‘end of life’ bill

California Gov. Edmund “Jerry” Brown said Monday he signed into law a bill that would allow terminally ill people to request drugs from a doctor to end their own life. In a signing letter, Brown said he consulted with Catholic bishops and doctors, and reflected upon his own death. “I do not know what I would do if I were dying in prolonged and excruciating pain,” Brown wrote. “I am certain, however, that it would be a comfort to be able to consider the options afforded by this bill. And I wouldn’t deny that right to others.”



Ukraine’s parliament legalizes foreign mercenaries in country

An explanatory note for the document says the goal is to “increase the Armed Forces combat capability and reduce Ukraine’s human and financial losses resulting from combat actions in eastern Ukraine.” Ukrainian lawmakers expressed confidence that after foreigners receive a legal possibility to serve in the country’s army, the country will get experienced and motivated units of up to 1,000 people. Ukraine will be able to reduce the need to mobilize Ukrainian citizens and to cut the expenses for social benefits to the participants of the combat actions, handicapped people and families of victims. Earlier in the day, Ukrainian MPs adopted in the first reading a draft law easing procedures to gain the country’s citizenship for foreigners serving in the Ukrainian army. Two simplified procedures for granting the Ukrainian citizenship have been proposed. The first procedure envisages that the foreigners will need to live three years in Ukraine instead of five years.



British business pressing Cameron to step up preparations for EU referendum — media

British Prime Minister said that referendum on UK’s membership in the European Union will be held until the end of 2017. However, some British media say that voting may be held already in 2016. Cameron supports remaining part of EU. Business is pressing UK Prime Minister David Cameron “to accelerate plans for an EU referendum”, The Financial Times reported on Tuesday. “Simon Walker, director-general of the Institute of Directors, called for a plebiscite in 2016 and said there was ‘at least a 50-50 possibility’ that voters would vote to leave the bloc, an assessment shared by some cabinet ministers,” FT said. This leaves chances for Great Britain to remain part of the European Union. However, taking into consideration growing eurosceptic sentiment, delay in the referendum may lead to the victory of supporters of UK’s independent course. “The prime minister’s negotiating team are still aiming to secure EU reforms and call an early referendum.



British veterans to arrive in Sevastopol despite UK Foreign Office’s warning

Three British veterans of World War II Arctic convoys are due to arrive in the key Crimean port city of Sevastopol on Tuesday despite the earlier warning of the UK Foreign Office. During the trip, which is part of their week-long visit to the Black Sea Peninsula, the veterans will go to the memorial places of the Crimean War (1853-1856) and the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) and meet with the city governor Sergey Menaylo. The travellers will also visit the capital Simferopol, Livadia Palace – location of the 1945 Yalta conference – and meet Russian veterans and sailors. Sevastopol’s Deputy Governor Alexander Reshetnikov thanked the British nationals during a video link-up for being not afraid of coming to Crimea despite the warning of their government. “I will not comment on the reaction of the UK on your visit to Crimea. Let it be on their conscience. I will just say that Russia is proud by heroes!



Lawmaker says Russia’s ground operation in Syria is out of the question

Russia’s competent authorities counter the penetration to the Middle East, in particular to Syria, of Russian nationals who intend to take part in the fighting on either side, Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, former commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Vladimir Komoedov told reporters on Tuesday. “As for possible attempts by Russian citizens, for the sake of money or proceeding from their ideological views, to penetrate into the territory of Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries in the region engulfed in turmoil and military conflicts through the fault of the “far-sighted” policy of the United States and to take part in the hostilities on this or that side, the Russian competent authorities, according to the information I have, do their utmost to prevent them. And this is the right thing to do,” he said. Komoedov noted that “Russia’s ground operation in Syria was out of the question.” “This has been stated clearly,” he added.

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Latest News 6 Oct 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media



“Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property” — Thoughts On Defensive War, 1775 – Thomas Paine

NATO calls on Russia to cease Syria military strikes

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has called on Russia to stop its anti-Daesh air campaign in Syria after Russian fighter jet strayed into Turkey’s airspace.

“Allies call on the Russian Federation to immediately cease its attacks on the Syrian opposition and civilians,” NATO said Monday in a statement following an emergency meeting on the Syria crisis at its Brussels headquarters.

The military alliance also expressed its deep concern over Russia’s military presence in Syria.

NATO is grasping at straws here. Russia and Turkey have already kissed and made up about the plane straying over a recently altered border, and Syria has asked the Russians to be in Syria. Neither the US nor NATO have any such justification to be there.



Project Apollo Archive

The images have actually been available online since 1999, but not in a very user-friendly format. Archivist Kipp League steadily collected the images released by NASA and other organizations, posting them to two rather retro websites.



Germany begins forcible seizure of property for the placement of migrants

Germany to take one and a half million migrants by the end of the year. This is almost twice more than expected the German newspaper Bild writes, citing a government report. Authorities fear that Germany can not cope with the influx of migrants. Earlier we said that the German government will increase the amount of support of municipalities to 4 billion euros. Each newcomer will be allocated to 670 euros per month plus housing, a kindergarten for children of migrants who brought along their young children.
The fact is the Parliament of Hamburg passed a law on October 1, according to which, in terms of the ongoing influx of people and the impending winter, the authorities are ready to resort including to the weaning of the premises. The law says that it does not cover private apartments, and applies only to vacant commercial property. And weaning of these premises will only be made if unable to negotiate with its owners.



Austerity or Hyperinflation. Which is the Precursor to Revolution?




How this Russian spacecraft sparked a revolution for space travel as we know it

Exactly 58 years ago, the former Soviet Union shocked the world by launching the first artificial satellite into Earth orbit.



Obama Admits US is Training ISIL (ISIS) – Obama accidentally admitted US government is training ISIL (ISIS, Islamic State) which White House later denied and corrected the “mistake”.



Support growing in Parliament for bombing ISIS in Syria, says UK FM

“We have made a very clear commitment that before we get involved in airstrikes in Syria – other than very targeted cases where we are dealing with direct threats to the UK – yes, we would come back to Parliament and get the authorization,” he told the BBC, after addressing delegates gathered in the main hall.
“And I think there is a sense that there is a beginning of consensus now in Parliament that this has to be dealt with, that we have to take the fight with ISIS to Raqqa in Syria, rather than just attacking them in Iraq.”



Five Leaders Challenging Western Imperialism through Diplomacy, Persuasion,and Public Pressure: Pope Francis, Vladimir Putin, Xi, Jinping, Hassan Rouhani, and Jeremy Corbyn

These five protagonists of a new global agenda differ from past critics from the left both in the style and substance of their politics.

Western imperialism, in all of its manifestation, is being challenged by five political leaders, through diplomacy, moral persuasion and public pressure.

In recent time, Pope Francis, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have raised fundamental questions concerning (1) war and peace in the Middle East and the Caucuses; (2) climate change and the destruction of the environment; (3) economic sanctions, military threats and confrontation; and (4) growing inequalities of class, gender and race.



Russia rejects “a No-Fly Zone” on Syrian territories, Bogdanov says

Moscow, SANA-Russian President’s special representative to the Middle East and North Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Bogdanov affirmed on Monday that his country respects sovereignty of the Syrian state and rejects establishing a no- fly zone on its territories.

A very subtle piece of business. Russia recognizes Syria’s right to refuse transit of US warplanes in its skies.



Fiorina’s Secret Server




Documents confirm de facto recognition of DPR/LPR

“International recognition of the DPR and LPR has taken place: documents”



French politician in hot water after calling France ‘white race’ nation

France is a white race nation – the statement made by a French politician, Nadine Morano, has landed her in hot water.



Polish Activists Threaten Russian Military Choir With Pots and Pans

The Alexandrov Ensemble, one of Russia’s official military choirs, complete with its own dance ensemble, is scheduled to conduct a tour of 13 Polish cities beginning next month. Now, a group of Polish Facebook users has launched an initiative demanding that the ensemble cancel all its performances in the country, threatening that they will disrupt the concerts in any way they can should the artists decide to perform. The activists condemn the choir, which they say performs “for Putin” and, in their words, creates an inappropriate mix of culture and politics. The activists, numbering about 1,300 so far, have already gathered the sympathy of some high profile politicians and social figures, including Law and Justice MP Malgorzata Gosiewska, who told Polish Radio that she wholeheartedly supports the initiative. “I highly value democracy, peace and the right of people to independently choose their own path of development.

The sheeple in action again, doing what their masters want them to do……………..KT




The rising number of banker suicides has been written about here before; the New York Times now focuses on the increasing number of deaths, by suicide and otherwise, on Wall Street: In retrospect, it was around Easter that John Hughes began to think something unusual was going on with his middle son, Thomas, a 29-year-old investment banker.



West Couldn’t Care Less About Ukraine

Europe has had enough of the failed attempts to fight corruption and of the anti-Russia sanctions saga, the columnist wrote. Many Kiev analysts admit in a one-to-one talk that corruption in Ukraine has grown since the Yanukovich era. Even though the country’s constitution prohibits state officials to own businesses, Poroshenko ignores the law and by now is Europe’s richest head of state while presideing over its the poorest country. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of France Francois Hollande are fed up with this, the journalist stated. The only reason Europe hasn’t lifted the sanctions yet is the pressure from Washington. Last week western media, which used to promote Poroshenko in the past, barely noticed his speech at the United Nations General Assembly. Very few wrote about Ukrainian delegation leaving the assembly hall. Poroshenko knows the game is over, the journalist assumed.



Going Once, Going Twice: Stolen Data Being Sold on the Dark Web

Experian is one of the world’s largest data brokers, tracking, collecting, and compiling swathes of personalized data to sell to the highest bidder. “This morning they saw listings go up for “FULLZ” data that matches the same types of information that just came out of the Experian hack,” Trustev told tech website VentureBeat. “Fullz” is slang for a full package of an individual’s personal identity information. According to the data broker’s website, “there were no credit card numbers or account numbers contained in the file accessed, based on our investigation to date.” But the threat posed by this latest hack attack is the potential for the personal data to be cross-referenced with other data sets, for example health records, exposing a fuller picture of personal information that could be sold on the dark net and bought by cyber criminals.



Obama Wants Your Guns, While Committing War Crimes In The Middle East




TPP Represents ‘New Low’ in Corporate Dominance of US Trade

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) President Tom Buffenbarger said that the TPP was negotiated in secret by multinational corporations that have no allegiance to any country, which will provide jobs to nations that lack basic human rights and labor standards such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Mexico. “Unfortunately, the recently concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) represents a new low in corporate dominance of our nation’s trade agenda,” Buffenbarger stated. “TPP will facilitate the export of American jobs to countries…which lack fundamental labor rights, some of which even engage in slave labor.” On Monday, trade ministers from the twelve countries involved in the TPP trade agreement announced that they had concluded negotiations.



Russia to Expand Syria Air Strikes against ISIS: Mission Creep or Strategy?

Coordinated International Effort against Middle East Terrorism counters long-term NATO Objectives.

In a January 2013 interview with nsnbc, retired Pakistani Major Agha H. Amin noted that one of NATO’s long-term objectives with the destabilization of Syria was to spread a string of low intensity conflicts from the Mediterranean along Russia’s and other CSTO members soft and resource-rich underbelly to Pakistan. It is within this context that the statement of the President of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambayev, and his country’s support for the Russian air strikes can be understood.

A good chess player thinks a great number of moves ahead of where his pieces are on the board; this is precisely what Putin is doing in Syria.



TPP: What You Need to Know About One of the World’s Biggest Trade Deals

The deal, representing 40 percent of the global economy, will slash trade barriers and ensure a common set of standards are met among member countries Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and the US. Government and big business officials have praised the deal, however there has also been widespread opposition to the TPP, with trade unions and human rights activists concerned over the impacts it will have on local businesses and workers’ rights. Here are some of the crucial things you need to know about the TPP.
TPP Deal to Continue Offshoring US Jobs…
TPP Deal Limits Access to Affordable Medicines “A deal [TPP] that limits access to affordable medicines will have serious consequences for the US and global health standards”

The stupid, unintelligent, short sighted and immature Australian government is doing everything it can to see the TPP become law in Australia and the Pacific. Being elected to Parliament and having brains and understanding economic and world affairs are not synonomous. Most politicians don’t have a clue about the Laws they zombie like vote into being…………….KT



Liberal media once again pushes for massive Australian style gun confiscation in America

In the wake of yet another horrific mass shooting at an American school, multiple prominent liberal news outlets have once again begun to push for Australian style gun laws in America which would include gun confiscation under the threat of violence.



Nowhere to Hide: A Rundown of the Russian Bombs Being Dropped on ISIL

A wide range of missiles and bombs equipped with advanced guidance systems are currently being used by Russia in its air campaign against Islamic State militants in Syria. During precision airstrikes, Russian weaponry is launched from high altitudes to evade mobile air-defense systems. The precision bombs typically use the GLONASS navigation system to destroy targets, the Russian developed alternative to GPS, whereas missiles are guided by a weapons system operator. The precision weapons include is the KAB guided bomb, which includes two modifications such as KAB-250 and KAB-500.The KAB-250 bomb was designed in the 2000s for the Russian fifth generation PAK-FA fighter jet. Its distinctive egg-shaped form can be explained by the fact that this bomb is mounted in inside the plane’s bays. The bomb is also used by advanced Russian warplanes, including the Su-34 bombers, which are currently taking part in the air operation in Syria.



Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Outed–Again–as a Zionist Front

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has been the prime source for MSM-aired news from the Syrian battlefield. But how much does one truly know about this UK-based organization and its director? Journalist and prankster Nimrod Kamer went to find out.

The organization has been one of the sources for the mainstream media to build their reports on Syria since the start of the civil war four years ago. The organization claims to have a wide network of contacts in the region who feed their information to the head office, where it is processed and later posted on the website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It’s just one guy, working out of a two-bedroom home in Coventry, England.



Victoria Grant Tops a Million Views!




Syria, the Times and the Mystery of the “Moderate Rebels”

It’s always been a fantasy, this idea that we could provide some light arms, or even more sophisticated arms, to what was essentially an opposition made up of former doctors, farmers, pharmacists, and so forth, and that that they were going to be able to battle not only a well-armed state, but also a well-armed state backed by Russia, backed by Iran, a battle-hardened Hezbollah. That was never in the cards.
The “moderate rebels” are a good deal like the Third Force once dreamed of by the architects of the Vietnam War, as an alternative to the French colonial government and the communist Viet Minh. The US found an “independent” ally in the corrupt anti-communist Ngo Dinh Diem but eventually had him deposed and killed. The upright democratic allies on the ground only existed in numbers too weak to count politically or militarily; nor could the CIA in Vietnam conjure them out of thin air; and a failure of rational doubt set the United States on the long downward spiral of that war.

How on earth can one categorise some any terrorists as moderate? When, of course, one wants to make excuses for them and support their activities, that’s when……………..KT



US Plans to Escalate Syrian Airstrikes to ‘Hem In Russia’

President Obama insists that the US remains as committed as ever to fighting ISIS in Syria. Despite that, the announcement of two new planned escalations in Syria are being couched almost entirely as being aimed at Russia, suggesting the US is seeing the war as a chance to one-up Russia first and foremost.

The new escalations involve throwing dramatically more weaponry at “pro-US” rebel factions, only this time having the Pentagon do it instead of the CIA, and also launching more airstrikes out of the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.

The details on how the new strikes out of Incirlik will actually work, as Turkey has often objected to the US using the base to strike ISIS if it would benefit the Kurdish forces, and the new arming of factions is aimed at linking those factions with the Kurdish forces.

Memo to the White House, State Department, and the Pentagon: Russia will not be “hemmed in” by this tactic, and it almost insures that there will be a direct US/Russian military confrontation, which appears to be the outcome you desire.

I would like to politely remind you all that there is a tacit agreement between Russian weapons and aircraft manufacturers and the Russian government; when these weapons and aircraft are deployed, they work as advertised, period, end of discussion.

The current US foreign policy against Syria and Russia is nothing short of madness, and may well conclude in a way not to the US government’s liking



Did The UN Really Install A Global Police Force At The Local Level?

While people were in a daze of reverie following the lunar eclipse and the Pope’s U.S. visit, a very important yet overlooked announcement was made by the Department of Justice.

But what does it really mean – did the UN really install a global police force?



The US has launched 6700 airstrikes on ISIS while the Russians have apparently degraded ISIS in just 60 airstrikes. Was the US dropping care packages and videos made in Langley?




Statistics for the average sheep tricked into supporting gun control.




Gerald Celente: ‘It’s Cold War 2’… We’re not getting much information other than propaganda.



Blind Trust: Social experiment to find out if rich & poor equally honest

The hero of this ‘social experiment’ pretends he is blind. He approaches people in a rich area and a poor area with a lottery ticket, to see who will be honest and tell him that he has won $500.



Video: Israeli gunmen kidnap patient from Palestinian hospital

This video shows Israeli undercover forces invading a hospital in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus early on Sunday morning and kidnapping a Palestinian patient.

Meanwhile, two more Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces Sunday and Monday, including a 12-year-old child.



Pilots who eject from new $350billion stealth fighter ‘will break their necks’ in chilling echo of Top Gun scene

Pilots who eject from America’s most expensive military jet could break their neck.

It has emerged that the Martin-Baker US16E seats on the $350billion F-35s proved to be flawed during tests.

While challenging the new Generation 3 helmets, it was discovered that the ejection snapped the necks of light-weight test dummies.

The US military services have now decided to ban pilots under the weight of 136 pounds from operating the plane.

This just gets better and better!



Peacemaking US-Style: Obama Sending New Weapons to Ukraine – Poroshenko

The United States has decided to deliver new models of defensive weapons to Kiev, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Sunday.
“He [US President Barack Obama] told me that he signed an executive order on the delivery of new weapons to Ukraine, that we desperately need, since this is defensive armament, long range counter-battery radar complexes which will allow us to increase the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian army,” Poroshenko said in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels.
“The main result is that we moved from a ceasefire regime, after withdrawing troops, enhancing the OSCE role,… to an armistice regime [in Donbass],” Poroshenko said commenting on the Normandy Four talks in Paris on Friday.
President Barack Obama talks with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko
US Trying to Destroy Russian-Ukrainian Brotherhood Via Puppets in Kiev

President Obama is really becoming adept at “end runs” around Congress, and these weapons which will be sent to Ukraine, via executive order, are a clear demonstration of this.

But what if the election results in Eastern Ukraine are not to Poroshenko’s liking?!? What if the new governments do not want unification with Ukraine, but peaceful independence,what then?!?

Does the US then arm, train, and fight with Ukrainians against Russia, perhaps by then, forced to defend these Eastern republics, because Ukraine has crossed a red line?!?



Is Obama readying for war on Texas? Obama himself talks martial law takeover and conspiracy theory – Why does he seem to be targeting Texas above all other states?

Back on April 11th, 2015, Susan Duclos reported on a warning from former US presidential candidate Alan Keyes that Barack Obama has a ‘scheme’ to declare martial law in America and remain in place for a 3rd term. Current Republican presidential candidate Benjamin Carson warned back in September 2014 that the 2016 election may never happen if civil unrest and anarchy breaks out in America.



The Cold Truth About Susan G. Komen and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Rick Simpson, who pioneered curing cancer with cannabis, discovered a shocking insight while attempting to share his discoveries with the Canadian government. He realized that government resistance wasn’t about using the illegal substance of THC hemp. It was simply that the cancer industry doesn’t want a cure!

There would be too much money lost, an economic resource vacuum. And the financial downturn wouldn’t be restricted to Big Pharma and the oncologists who deliver chemo. There are many affiliated medical enterprises involved with the trillion dollar cancer industry.

Big Pharma and government grant research funds to universities would dry up. Radiation treatment equipment leasing and sales would come to a halt. And those cancer fund raisers would have to call it quits.



Israel’s crocodile tears as Putin outmaneuvers and neutralizes Netanyahu in brilliant strategic move

This is a rare moment in the geopolitical world where there is cause for celebration. When the illegal and murderous actions of a country, along with its psychopathic leaders are being restricted and neutralized, we think there may actually be justice in this world after all. Read on and observe how an Israeli journalist describes the current “bleak” situation for Israel, and how from now on they will have to be extremely careful before engaging in illegal military operations against other sovereign countries, otherwise they may find themselves being mauled by the Russian bear.



Reports Expose Zionists Stifling Dissent on US Campuses

Judith Butler and Dima Khalidi speak with TRNN’s Sharmini Peries, about two reports released this week, on how Israel’s defenders use false charges of anti-semitisim, law suits, and official denunciations to limit debate on US Campuses.



U.S. Aims to Put More Pressure on ISIS in Syria

The American-led coalition fighting the Islamic State has begun preparing to open a major front in northeastern Syria, aiming to put pressure on Raqqa, the terrorist group’s de facto capital, according to military and administration officials.

President Obama last week approved two important steps to set the offensive in motion over the coming weeks, officials said. Mr. Obama ordered the Pentagon, for the first time, to directly provide ammunition and perhaps some weapons to Syrian opposition forces on the ground. He also endorsed the idea for an increased air campaign from an air base in Turkey, although important details still need to be worked out.

Mr. President, can you possibly please explain to the American people why this plan is any different from what you have been trying to do for the last 4 years, which has failed utterly and miserably in Syria?!?

And sir, I would like to politely remind you that continuing to do something in precisely the same way one has done it before, yet expecting a different outcome, is a classical definition of insanity.

By the time these “vetted moderate rebels” are ready to deploy, the Russian military will have made mince-meat out of them.

President Obama has absolutely, utterly “no game” here, whatsoever; and the drawing in of these alleged “moderate rebels” almost guarantees that there will be direct military confrontation between US and Russian forces in Syria.



[Video] Is Russia an aggressor again?!

This video is from a very popular series which we have published in installments. They are fast-paced CGI videos which condense complex ideas and relationships through the precise use of imagery and narration.
“At some point Russia was called an Evil Empire, a Prison of Peoples and number one threat. Today, history is repeating itself after decades of absence, Russia is returning to the geopolitical field.That means that for the West, the Russians are tyrants and aggressors once again … “



Obama considering plan to leave significant force in Afghanistan

President Obama is seriously weighing a plan to keep as many as 5,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016, according to senior U.S. officials, a further setback of his goal to end U.S. military involvement there before he leaves office.

The plan presented in August by Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, then-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, would focus primarily on counterterrorism operations against the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other direct threats to the United States.

Obama has made no final decision on the proposal, which was developed before the Taliban captured Kunduz last month, the first major Afghan city to fall to the Taliban since the war began in 2001.

A force of 5,000 US military personnel is no where near enough to defeat the Taliban; it might, however, be large enough to ensure the continued cultivation and transportation of Afghanistan’s opium poppies ,the illegal trade which has somehow (miraculously) flourished during the US/NATO occupation.

How many Australian military members remain in Afghanistan?……………KT



The Death of Europe | European Migrant Crisis



UK super rich given low interest mortgages

A British economic analyst has blamed the Tory government’s policies for the country’s worsening housing crisis.




ZIONIST LEADER DIES – David Wolfsohn Was Once Chairman of International Committee

LONDON, Sept. 16. – Word has been recived in London from Homburg of the death of David Wolfsohn, the well known Zionist, who was at one time Chairman of the International Zionist Committee.

Dr. Wolfsohn made the opening and closing speeches at the International Zionist Congress held at The Hauge in 1907. In his closing address he pleaded for greater unity among the Jews and said that eventually they must conquer the world.



Donald Trump: “The Middle East would be safer with Saddam, Qaddafi and Assad” and “We are giving Syrian rebels billions of dollars, and they could be worse than Assad!” (CBS Video)

Chuck Todd: Let’s move to Syria. You came across to me as if you welcomed Putin’s involvement in Syria, you saw very little downside…Why?
Trump: Tell you why, I am somebody that, and you know I have been saying this to you for a long time … I want our military to be beyond anything, no contest, and technologically most importantly, because now militaries have to be technologically advanced and we probably have a big advantage, we do have a big advantage, BUT … We are going to get bogged down in Syria… And if you look at what happened with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, that’s when they went bankrupt! They went bankrupt! They were there for so long…



Medical aid group Doctors Without Borders denied that Taliban fighters were firing from its hospital at NATO forces before a US air strike killed at least 19 people. “In any case, bombing a fully functioning hospital can never be justified.”

Medical aid group Doctors Without Borders — also known as Médecins Sans Frontières, or MSF — said on Sunday that the death toll from a suspected US airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan has climbed to 22, with 12 MSF staff and 10 patients, including three children, killed in the attack.



Afghan Forces Requested Hospital Air Strike, U.S. Says

Afghan forces asked for U.S. air support while fighting the Taliban in Kunduz shortly before an air strike resulted in the deaths of civilians there, the American commander of international forces in Afghanistan said on Monday.

U.S. Army General John Campbell’s comments fell short of squarely acknowledging U.S. responsibility for an air strike that killed 22 people in an Afghan hospital run by aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) on Saturday.

“We have now learned that on October 3 Afghan forces advised that they were taking fire from enemy positions and asked for air support from U.S. forces,” Campbell said in a briefing with reporters. “An air strike was then called to eliminate the Taliban threat, and several civilians were accidentally struck.”

I am fully expecting this “report” to take forever to finish, and bury the truth.

General Campbell, I would strongly suspect that you have been taking a page from the IDF’s playbook.

During “Operation Protective Edge” last year, the UN Rapporteur for Human Rights gave the IDF the GPS coordinates to schools sheltering innocent women and children from the fighting. And here is precisely what the IDF did with those coordinates, as reported at the Guardian:

A deadly attack on a school in the city of Rafah in the south of Gaza has been denounced as a “moral outrage” and “criminal act” by the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. At least 10 people were killed and dozens more wounded after a projectile struck a street outside the school gates on Sunday morning. The school was sheltering more than 3,000 people displaced by fighting in the area. It has been the scene of heavy bombardment by the Israeli military and fierce clashes following the suspected capture by Hamas fighters of an Israeli soldier, later declared killed in action. In a statement, Ban called on those responsible for the “gross violation of international humanitarian law” to be held accountable. He said the “Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have been repeatedly informed of the location of these sites.” At the time of the strike – about 10.50am local time – dozens of children and adults were clustered around the gates buying biscuits and sweets from stalls set up by locals. The missile struck the ground eight to 10 metres from the open gates. Witnesses at the scene less than an hour after the explosion claimed it had been fired from one of the many unmanned Israeli drones in the air above Rafah. United Nations officials in Gaza described a “shelling incident” or an air strike. It was impossible to determine the exact provenance of the projectile, but it was the third time in 10 days that a UN school had been hit. Earlier this week, Israeli tank shells lstruck a school in the northern town of Jabaliya, killing 16 in an attack denounced by the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, as “reprehensible”. Advertisement In all, seven UN schools have been attacked during the conflict. Israeli spokesmen have previously blamed poorly aimed or malfunctioning Hamas mortar fire or rockets for several such incidents.

Same excrement, sir: different hole.



Hillary Clinton Grows Visibly Angry After She Steers Conversation From Email Scandal to Benghazi

Hillary Clinton grew visibly angry while discussing the congressional investigation into the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks on Monday, accusing Republicans of exploiting the deaths of four Americans to hurt her politically.

It’s the VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!! (insert ominous music here)




Earlier today amid the general gloom of Europe’s sliding non-manufacturing PMIs, the one place that stood out like a sore thumb bucking the deteriorating trend, was France which not only posted an increase from August but also beat expectations.

We strongly doubt this metric has any basis in reality because among numerous other contrary-specific factors, Bloomberg reported that as part of Air France’s long-running spat with workers over cost cuts, violence erupted earlier today as protesters stormed a meeting where managers were presenting plans for 2,900 jobs cuts, causing executives to flee with their clothes in tatters.

According to the report, human resources chief Xavier Broseta and Pierre Plissonnier, the head of long-haul flights, scaled an eight-foot high fence to escape, shielded by security guards, with Broseta emerging shirtless and Plissonnier with his suit shredded.



Thousands of Germans March to the Border to Protect it from Islamic Invaders

The German resistance is growing by the day. We have already seen over 20,000 regularly showing up in Dresden to emphatically state that Germany is for Germans, but this past weekend saw patriotic Germans in Saxony going to the border to stand up for their folk.



Obama Tolerates the Warmongers

“Only odd-numbered world wars start in Sarajevo.” That was the joke during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War. Though it turned out not to be true, fortunately, a strange echo occurred a few years later when NATO military commander General Wesley Clark threatened to shoot down Russian planes flying paratroopers into Kosovo, prompting a British general to refuse on the grounds that “it’s not worth starting World War III.”



Hillary: Questions about my e-mail are “beyond the pale”

Give NBC’s Savannah Guthrie credit, though, for not just leaving it at that. She asks Hillary, “Do you get how bad this looks?” Hillary’s response: Hey, I’m the most transparent government official “in American history“! It’s just bad form to actually check up on it, apparently:




This partial timeline provides evidence that the U.S. government and Obama in particular bear a significant responsibility for theSyrian war and the results of that war.

Obama approved elements of CIA plans that go back over 65 years.

The Obama Administration’s policy in Syria can be neatly summed up in only two words: epic fail.



Woman Who Let Her 13-Year-Old Son Starve To Death Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison




Globalist agriculture cartel pillages Ukraine as IMF and World Bank wage war to expand Monsanto’s GMO empire




Source: Iraqi Forces Advancing in Different Fronts against ISIL

The Iraqi forces are advancing in different battlefronts against the Takfiri terrorists as the Arab country has formed a quadrilateral front against the ISIL with Iran, Russia and Syria, a spokesman for Iraqi popular forces said.

Looks like the US terror-actors are surrounded!



Saudi Arabia Continues Hiring Spree of American Lobbyists, Public Relations Experts

Saudi Arabia is in the market for a better reputation in Washington, D.C.

In September alone, foreign lobbying disclosure documents show the Saudi government signing deals with PR powerhouse Edelman and lobbying leviathan the Podesta Group, according to recent disclosures.

Edelman, the largest privately owned public relations agency in the world, is known for helping clients win favorable media coverage on mainstream outlets. The Podesta Group is a lobbying firm founded by Tony Podesta, a major fundraiser for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

The new signings are the latest in a year-long hiring spree by the Persian Gulf state as it further builds up its already formidable political arsenal inside the Beltway. The Saudi Arabian Royal Embassy did not respond to a request for comment.

Memo to the Saudi Government and the House of Saud; no amount of PR in the world is going to turn world focus away from the crucifixions, beheadings, amputations, and suppression of women which your government indulges in the name of ” promoting stability”

And earlier this year, was not the Saudi government “short” on executioners who could behead?!? (pun intended).

IF the world saw that the standard of living was going up for the poorest of your poor; if the world saw some modicum of compassion in your treatment of political dissidents and women; if the world saw that the people of your country had at least a tiny, fractional voice as to the future of your country, then perhaps the expenditures on PR would not be quite as desperately necessary for you.



Tip of the iceberg: No end in sight to migrant wave

One month after the body of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach — and a week after the European Union agreed to secure its borders — the migrant crisis has largely fallen off the front pages and reporters are going home.

But the human tide keeps rolling northward and westward, and aid agencies are preparing for it to continue through the winter, when temperatures along the migrant trail will drop below freezing. They fear the crisis may get worse.



You can print money, so long as it’s not for the people

In its broadest sense, the phrase “there’s no magic money tree” is just a variation on “money doesn’t grow on trees”, a thing you say to children to indicate that wealth comes not from the beneficence of a magical universe, but from hard graft in a corporeal reality. The pedantic child might point to the discrepant amounts of work required to yield a given amount of money, and say that its value is a social construction.

Over time, that loose, rather weak-minded meaning has ceded to a specific economic critique; Jeremy Corbyn – along with anyone who challenges the prevailing fiscal narrative – is dangerous and wrong, since he wants to print money. Money cannot be created from nowhere, because there’s no magic money tree. End of.


Edward Snowden interview: ‘Smartphones can be taken over’

Smartphone users can do “very little” to stop security services getting “total control” over their devices, US whistleblower Edward Snowden has said.

The former intelligence contractor told the BBC’s Panorama that UK intelligence agency GCHQ had the power to hack into phones without their owners’ knowledge.

Mr Snowden said GCHQ could gain access to a handset by sending it an encrypted text message and use it for such things as taking pictures and listening in.

The UK government declined to comment.




Text book publisher issues groveling apology to Texas mother who called them out for suggesting African people wilfully emigrated to America to ‘work’

The publisher of a 9th-grade geography textbook has apologized for suggesting African people wilfully emigrated to America.

It comes after a mother in Texas read her son’s homework and took to YouTube slamming McGraw-Hill Education for its use of language.

In a section titled ‘patterns of immigration’, the book describes slaves as ‘workers’ who came to the United States between 1500 and 1800 to work on agricultural plantations.



LinkedIn pays $13m to settle suit regarding excessive emailing, tells users via email




Ohio man dies after cop runs over him and then ‘checks out his car instead of doing CPR’: witnesses




If It’s Monday, This Must be Another Neo-Nazi March in Ukraine (Video)

These demos seem to be a weekly occurrence lately. This one is from Sept 12.
They’re miffed that a couple of them were arrested for murdering prominent opposition journalist Oles Buzina. They don’t deny that they did it, they just think they deserve medals instead of a firing squad.

8 out of 9 Ukrainians Want a Negotiated Solution to War in Donbass…




How Bill Clinton Worked With Al-Qaeda in Turning Bosnia Into a Jihadist Haven

Known and documented, since the Soviet-Afghan war, recruiting Mujahideen (“holy warriors”) to fight covert wars on Washington’s behest has become an integral part of US foreign policy.



Cameron says ‘will use nuclear weapons’

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he will launch a nuclear attack against another country if circumstances occur.

Cameron has told the BBC that nuclear bombs are “the ultimate insurance policy” and said any nuclear attack by Britain against any country will be “justified”.



U.S. Dollar is Losing Against Real Stuff but Winning Against Currencies!



Paris Was Pressured Into Scrapping Mistral Sale…by Poland and the Balts

France you dare to call yourself a great power?
Recently released transcripts from the French Senate’s International Affairs Committee revealed that Paris was placed under “significant pressure” from a number of eastern European and Baltic states to scrap the deal with Russia, despite the fact that it would cost France financially. During a Senate debate on the issue on September 23, the Committee’s spokesman Robert del Picchia said: “We experienced significant pressure from the East-European countries, not to mention the Baltic states, within the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.”



Punishing Cash: US ATM Withdrawal Fees Soar To All Time High

With the world’s central planners (and their status quo hugging cronies) calling for cash bans (and rather ironically helicopter money at the same time), the soaring costs of getting one’s own money appears to be a quiet form of capital control creeping up on the distracted American public. As WSJ reports, the average cost for using an automated teller machine that isn’t tied to a customer’s bank rose to a record $4.52 per transaction (with average “out-of-network” cost tops $5 and can rise to as much as $8 in some places.)



Treasury Sells 3-Month Bills At 0% Yield For First Time Ever




The Hope Behind Putin’s Syria Help

Russia’s airstrikes on rebel strongholds in Syria, now in their fifth day,
are a game-changer. To borrow an aphorism from philosopher Yogi Berra, “The
future ain’t what it used to be.” Yogi also warned, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”



Britain’s role in torture demands an inquiry – now

Shaker Aamer, the sole remaining British resident incarcerated and tortured in Guantánamo Bay, has repeatedly said he was brutally tortured in Afghanistan even before he was flown to the US military prison in Cuba. Moreover, he has said officers from British intelligence knew about his torture at the notorious US prison in Bagram, north of Kabul.

You can include the Howard led Australian government in demands for an inquiry into being part of the torture programme………..KT




Top US and NATO Commanders Admit They Cannot Oppose Russian No-Fly Zone

NATO chieftan says Russia has created a ‘sphere of negation’ which US planes cannot enter.
American military expert, a former Colonel of the U.S. army Jack Jacobs said that the United States can’t interfere with Russians in Syria, as Russia de facto set up a no-fly zone, cutting off access to any aircraft with the help of air defense systems deployed on land and on ships of the Russian navy in the Mediterranean.



Kathleen Willey vows to ‘haunt’ Hillary throughout campaign

Kathleen Willey, one of the women caught in the crossfire of alleged sexual harassment by former President Bill Clinton and what she characterizes as acts of intimidation to silence her, announced new plans to “haunt” Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 presidential race and beyond.

During a radio interview Sunday, Willey delivered a message to Clinton: “I am going to be shadowing you every single place you go to remind people, especially young people, young women, college-aged students who don’t remember any of this. I want them to know all about this. Because once they do they are not going to be real proud of supporting her as the first women president.”

“I am going to haunt her everywhere she goes,” Willey stated of Clinton. “So she’s not going to get rid of me ever until she disappears.”

I know that feeling! The problem Kathleen is facing is that Hillary’s supporters don’t care what kind of person Hillary is as long as voting for her gets them loads of free government stuff … at everyone else’s expense, of course! Hillary is the modern embodiment of bread and circuses.



Russia ‘Violated’ Turkish Airspace Because Turkey ‘Moved’ Its Border

Russian planes in Syria “violated Turkish air space” the news agency currently tell us. But an earlier report shows that this claim may well be wrong and that the U.S. pushes Turkey to release such propaganda.



Netanyahu: Israel ‘in fight to death against Palestinian terror’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday Israel was “waging a fight to the death against Palestinian terror”, and ordered tough new measures after the killing of two Israelis in Jerusalem.



US Plans to Escalate Syria Airstrikes to Hamper Russia

How low can you go? US to ramp up its air operations, not to hamper ISIS, but those actually fighting them – that’s got to be a new benchmark for low…

The Smart Weapons Russia is Using in Syria… Reports from Syria confirm the Russians are using weapons as technologically sophisticated as anything the US has.



Five World Leaders Challenge Western Imperialism through Diplomacy, Persuasion and Public Pressure

Western imperialism, in all of its manifestation, is being challenged by five political leaders, through diplomacy, moral persuasion and public pressure. In recent time, Pope Francis, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have raised fundamental questions concerning (1) war and peace in the Middle East and the Caucuses; (2) climate change and the destruction of the environment; (3) economic sanctions, military threats and confrontation; and (4) growing inequalities of class, gender and race.



McCarthy: No-Fly Zones, US Boots On the Ground to Fight ISIS

The front-runner to replace House Speaker John Boehner says the United States should work with its allies to set up a no-fly zone in northern Syria in the campaign against Islamic State militants.

Okay, Kevin, if you really feel that way about it… Here’s your rifle. Here’s your parachute. We ran out of the desert camo but here’s a bright da-glo orange jumpsuit from the CIA’s torture centers. Watch your head climbing into that transport aircraft, and we will call Damascus and tell them you are on your way to kick their butts all by yourself.

But we remember the lies about stolen incubators that tricked us into the first invasion of Iraq.

We remember the lies about Saddam’s nuclear weapons that tricked us into the second invasion of Iraq.

We remember how only a year ago you tried to trick us into war with Syria with more lies about poison gas.

We remember how there weren’t really torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin or a Spanish mine in Havana Harbor, but how there really WERE weapons on board the Lusitania.

In short, we remember all the lies, frauds, and deceptions used to trick us into wars of conquest, to send our young people out to die in wars created out of thin air by and for the money-junkies. I think it is time that we have a new rule in America; that those who want war are the first to the front lines. You are all splendidly brave with the lives of other peoples’ children. Let’s see the true measure of your courage and commitment to war.

You first!

And as a reminder, regime change in other countries is a violation of international law and the charter of the United Nations!



New York Daily News: State Dept Must Designate the NRA a Terrorist Organization

On October 3–two days after a gunman killed 10 at the gun free facilities on the Umpqua Community College campus–the New York Daily News called for the U.S. State Department to designate the National Rifle Association (NRA) a “terrorist organization.”



16 countries to refuse from growing GM products

As many as 16 countries of the European Union have announced their decision to opt out of GM crops. The countries will no longer be cooperating with GMO produce of such major companies as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta and Pioneer, reports. Germany, Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria and Cyprus have recently filed their requests and applications, increasing the number to 16. In August, Scotland publicly said it would prohibit GMO crops out of concern that they could damage the country’s “clean and green” brand. “Scotland is known around the world for our beautiful natural environment – and banning growing genetically modified crops will protect and further enhance our clean, green status,” Rural affairs secretary Richard Lochhead said in a statement at the time. “A growing number of governments are rejecting the commission’s drive for GM crop approvals,” Greenpeace’s E.U. food policy director Franziska Achterberg told the Guardian. “They don’t trust the E.U.



Opt-Outs Abound as Majority of EU Says No to GMOs

On the eve of the European Union’s deadline for member states and territories to declare their stance on allowing or banning genetically modified (GM or GMO) crops, more than half of EU countries are asking to opt out—a total of 15 out of 28 members, according to the latest count by the European Commission.



Top British official admits human rights no longer priority for Britain

A high-ranking British official said that human rights were no longer a priority for the British government. According to Simon McDonald, Permanent Secretary at the Foreign Office, stated that human rights no longer had the “profile” within his department that they had “in the past,” reports with reference to The Independent. McDonald made his remarks when he was questioned about how his department was prioritising resources. Asked whether human rights were now one of its “lower-priority activities”, Simon McDonald replied: “Well, answering as Permanent Secretary, I say that although it is one of the things we follow, it is not one of our top priorities.” He added: “In a more constrained environment, the need to concentrate on Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, and the Middle East has supplanted it to an extent.”



Bipartisan push grows for no-fly zones in Syria

A growing number of Democrats are joining GOP voices in calling for a no-fly zone or a safe zone in Syria where civilians and opposition fighters can go without fear of attack — a step the Obama administration does not back.

There is an important point that must re remembered here.

The government of Syria asked Russia to come in and help them against ISIS (and it looks like Russia is doing in mere days what the US could not do in months).

The government of Syria did NOT ask the US to come in and bomb the place into rubble. Such an intervention, lacking a United Nations mandate, is a clear violation of international law and the UN charter by the government of the United States.

Now, just for a moment imagine that you live in the United States, and you find out the government of Mexico is giving guns and cash to US street gangs in order to bring down the US government and put a Mexico-puppet Junta in its place, justifying their actions by pointing out how the US Government continues to violate the Bill of Rights, the out-of-control police brutality, use of torture on prisoners to extract confessions, and so forth. Would you be okay with Mexico’s actions? Or let us say that you live in Libya, and you find out that the US was giving weapons and money to criminal gangs in Tripoli to force the government out and replace it with a US puppet? Would you, as a Libyan, feel that was acceptable? Ditto Yemen. Ditto Iraq. Ditto Afghanistan. Because that is not too far from what is going on in Syria right now!



Russia bombs terrorists, USA bombs hospitals

It is difficult to imagine how this atrocity happened, but then again after the callous disregard for civilian human life demonstrated by the United States of America since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after the strafing of civilians with napalm in Vietnam, after the fifty-plus overthrows of democratically elected governments around the globe, after the myriad of invasions of countries, after Afghanistan, after Iraq, after Libya, after Syria, maybe it is time for the USA to rethink policy. It could be argued that those pursuing the current approach which gets Americans hated around the world are not patriots, but traitors…



Malala Yousefzai Aims to Be Pakistan’s Prime Minister

On Saturday, October 3rd, the India Today TV channel telecast an interview with the Pakistani 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai, who said, “My dream is to help children get an education” — which has always been her signature issue — and that, because the existing leadership of her country is not committed to this goal, she intends to become Pakistan’s Prime Minister.



The medical cartel explained: More than half a million Americans spend more than $50,000 a year just on prescription medications




Saudis continue striking civilians in Yemen

The Saudis keep hitting civilians. On Monday, they killed 120 at a wedding party and then blamed the U.S. intelligence for providing inaccurate information about targets, Pravda.Ru reports. Overshadowed by its relative smallness and obscured by its relative complexity, the six-month-old civil war in Yemen is the middle child of Middle East conflict. Recently, its most prominent mentions in the U.S. have been in the Republican debates as candidates have placed the rebellion by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels against the Saudi-backed Yemeni government on the list of Iran’s regional evildoings.



Giant Siberian crater attracts Hollywood filmmakers

News organisations in Europe and the United States have been focussing interest on a giant crater discovered in the permafrost of western Siberia’s Yamal peninsula, an official in the region told TASS. Media fascination has fired since the mysterious phenomenon featured in a trailer for the forthcoming X-Men: Apocalypse blockbuster, said Russian Arctic development centre head Vladimir Pushkarev, noting the crater’s power to generate news stories. The mysterious hole, some 60 metres in diameter and at least 200 metres deep, was first spotted by Russian helicopter pilots in July 2014. Explanations of the crater’s origin range from meteorites to alien life. Images taken by the pilots found its way into dramatic footage promoting the latest X-Men adventure film, set for release in the spring of 2016. “We were surprised to see the footage being used,” an amused Pushkarev said.



What now? How to deal with the utter collapse of Obama’s Syria-Iraq strategy

The president’s four-step plan included: a systemic campaign of airstrikes in Iraq and Syria; increased support to forces fighting ISIS on the ground in Iraq and Syria, including training and arming moderate Syrian rebels; expanded counterterrorism efforts to weaken ISIS and cut off its resources; and continued support to humanitarian assistance to civilians displaced by ISIS.

Twelve months later this strategy is in ruins. Russia has sent troops into Syria and began bombing ISIS targets Wednesday.



HISTORIC NEWS: Finally, EU and U.S. Are Breaking Apart

German Economic News headlined on October 2nd, “US wants to exclude EU from peace talks on Syria,” and reported that, “The US government has torpedoed European proposals for a multilateral peace conference on Syria: Washington is basically for peace talks — but without the EU at the table. The EU bears the brunt of the refugees from Syria. But the EU has apparently [been excluded by the U.S. from the peace talks].” It’s hardly the only indication of the increasingly severe policy differences between the U.S. and the EU.



Hillary Clinton campaign sending Bill out on the trail

They’d kept him off the trail for months, but Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign is finally deploying former President Bill Clinton, accepting the political risks he brings as worthy tradeoff if he can shore up support for his wife among longtime Democrats and build enthusiasm among Hispanic and black voters.

You know they are desperate when they drag out Monica Lewinski’s old boyfriend.



Poroshenko says int’l community will help restore Donbass economy

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Sunday international community will help revive Donbass’ economy. “The international coalition will help us finance restoration of infrastructure in Donbass. It will not be a burden for Ukrainian taxpayers,” he said in an interview with Ukrainian television channels. Earlier, Ukraine’s leaders said restoration in Donbass would begin after local elections there under Ukrainian laws. It is planned to establish a special fund for those purposes. According to preliminary estimates of the Ukrainian government, at least two billion U.S. dollars will be needed to restore Donbass’ infrastructure.







The “Refugees” in Europe Are Acting Like Spoiled Brats

It is too cold or too hot, the internet is too slow, the food is not enough and not tasty, there isn’t enough free money, the accommodations are lackluster, it’s boring without entertainment, and lots of other complaints from people who didn’t pay for anything and weren’t invited.



Russia Escalates Syria Proxy War: Threatens Full Naval Blockade Of Syria

Last week, NATO’s supreme allied commander for Europe, General Philip Breedlove, suggested that Russia has effectively declared a no-fly zone in Syria.

That contention was supported by Moscow’s rather bold move to effectively instruct the US-led coalition to keep its planes out of the sky starting last Wednesday. Ultimately, The Kremlin has declared a monopoly on Syrian air space for the duration of Russia’s military campaign, marking an epic embarrassment for Washington, and serving notice to the anti-regime forces operating in Syria that there’s a new sheriff in town.

Well, don’t look now, but in addition to the de facto no-fly zone, some experts are out suggesting that Russia is set to use its Black Sea fleet to enforce a blockade on the Syrian coast.



Poroshenko says US promised new weapons to Ukraine

“While in New York, I had three meetings with U.S. President Barack Obama – before and after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and after talks with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, where he told me he had signed a document on supplying new weapons to Ukraine,” Poroshenko said in an interview with Ukrainian television channels. “We need these weapons like air,” he said.

Ukraine hopes to be granted non-permanent membership in UN SC on October 15 “We have serious grounds for optimism,” he said, adding it was a “very important solution” for Ukraine, which “we are actively working on.” He did not rule out he would attend the United Nations General Assembly session on October 15, which was to elect non-permanent members of the Security Council. “I will probably be present at this session,” he said.



Head for the Hills: 3,000 Islamist Militants Flee Advancing Syrian Army

More than three thousand militants from the Islamic State, Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jaish al-Yarmouk jihadist groups have left Syria for Jordan, fearing the forthcoming Syrian Army offensive, Russia’s news agency Ria Novosti quoted a military source as saying.



Church of England commissions sex abuse inquiry

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has launched an independent review into the Church of England’s response to allegations of sex abuse against former Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester, Peter Ball, in the early 90s.

The review will investigate claims that the Church was involved in a cover-up of the allegations and that former Archbishop Lord Carey of Clifton was aware of secret talks between the Church, police and Crown Prosecution Service about how to respond to the claims against Ball in 1992-93.

At the time, Ball was cautioned for the offences but allowed to continue working until his resignation in 2010. Ball was arrested in 2011 after a retired police officer guarding the Lambeth Palace found files relating to the case and handed them over to Sussex Police.



Secret Service Can’t Keep Secrets


The U.S. Secret Service looks more like a rogue agency every day. Between agents partying with prostitutes, others drunkenly driving through White House gates and yet others leaving the mansion’s front door unlocked, it’s fair to wonder when they will “accidentally” kill someone.

Now we have yet another crazy revelation. Persons within the S.S., under congressional scrutiny for the above offenses and more, decided they would bring down the chief scrutinizer, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).



End of ISIS? Putin ‘sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT evil Islamic State’

The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control of the terror group’s stronghold of Raqqa.

The city is the self-declared capital of ISIS in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000 jihadi members.

Putin is set to mobilise 150,000 reservists who he conscripted into the military earlier this week.


ISIS so weakened by Russian airstrikes and desertion it could be destroyed in HOURS

Western and more recently Russian airstrikes, chaotic leadership and mass defections have weakened the jihadi group to such an extent that it would be unable to repel even a small invasion force.

A terror analyst told that the fanatics have vastly exaggerated their military strength and called on Western leaders to launch a co-ordinated fightback which would obliterate the hate group.

Dr Afzal Ashraf said ISIS has become its own worst enemy with its campaign of terror against the West, which has prompted an international backlash.



ISIS jihadis OBLITERATED: Putin jets blast terrorist HQ in Syria with bunker-buster bombs

RUSSIAN bombers have OBLITERATED nine Islamic State (ISIS) outposts in just 24 hours as Vladimir Putin steps up his huge bombing campaign in Syria.



Kiev troops to withdraw weapons under 100mm caliber in Luhansk region by October 18

Ukrainian forces will complete withdrawing weapons with the caliber under 100mm in the Luhansk region by October 18 and in the Donetsk region by November 12, the speaker of Ukraine’s General Staff said on Monday. The withdrawal will come on condition that the ceasefire regime is observed and the OSCE has access to monitoring the effort across the whole territory, Seleznev said.



Ukrainian sailors on strike in Russia’s sea port seek Russian trade union membership

The Ukrainian members of the GO SKAR vessel flying the flag of Liberia who went on strike in Russia’s Far Eastern sea port of Nakhodka because of debt wages have asked to admit them to the Russian Seamen’s Union, the chairman of the union’s Far Eastern organization told TASS on Monday. “The sailors have no intention of leaving the port of Nakhodka until full wage debt repayment,” Nikolay Sukhanov said. “There is no money on the sailors’ accounts. The sailors said they wanted to join the Russian Seamen’s Union and expressed a desire to have a collective treaty of the International Transport Workers’ Federation aboard the ship, as the vessel operates under the flag of convenience,” Sukhanov said.



Donbas reports another 20 missing or detained within week — official

“Between September 26 and October 2, 2015, we registered 20 people – missing or illegally detained, where nine are civilians and eleven are DPR’s military,” the Donetsk News Agency. The document reads that currently “the Ukrainian side is detaining 458 military, 563 are political prisoners and 199 civilians having nothing to do with the conflict.” “Another 403 people are missing,” the report reads. “They may be prisoners in Ukraine.” Earlier, the ombudsperson said Ukraine was keeping 1,200 prisoners. During the official exchange of prisoners, DPR and the Luhansk republic gave to Kiev 317 prisoners and the Ukrainian side released 287 people. The “all-for-all” exchange of prisoners is a key item of the Minsk agreements.
16,000 Ukrainian troops defect Donbas with weapons, prosecutor says



Another Major Retailer Files For Bankruptcy Protection




GM recalls more than 70,000 Chevrolet cars from Russia for risk of defects — press

General Motors plans to recall 70,200 Chevrolet Aveo cars from Russia for the risk of cracks in steering hose, Izvestia daily reported on Monday. The defect may occur when the car is used under the temperature below 40 degrees Celsius, the newspaper said citing an official with Russia’s Federal Agency on Technical Regulation (Rosstandart). “Rosstandart received information from the GM DAT CIS company on a voluntary recall of 70,200 Chevrolet Aveo cars. The recall concerns the cars sold between November, 22, 2011 and September 11, 2015, with VIN-codes according to the application, which will be published on the website of Rosstandart,” a representative with the watchdog said. According to the publication, GM DAT CIS will notify owners of the cars, which are subject to recall, via a newsletter or by telephone about the need to bring their cars to the nearest dealership for repairs. This is not the first time General Motors recalls vehicles in Russia.



Bernanke calls for prosecutions of top financial execs over 2008 meltdown

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who led the US through the financial meltdown of 2008, said that top financial executives should have been prosecuted for their role in creating the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.



Russian Foreign Minister calls Free Syrian Army ‘phantom’ group

“No one has told us where the Free Syrian Army operates or where and how the other units of the moderate opposition act,” Lavrov said. “We will even be ready to establish contact with it, if these are indeed efficient armed groups of the patriotic opposition that consist of Syrians,” the foreign minister added. So far, the Free Syrian Army remains a “phantom group,” he said. “Nothing is known about it,” Lavrov said. Lavrov said he has asked US Secretary of State John Kerry to provide information on this group and its leadership.



Moscow informs Ankara about Russian plane incident — Turkish PM

Russia has informed Ankara about the incident concerning the violation of Turkey’s airspace by a Russian aircraft, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told the Haber Turk TV on Monday. “We had diplomatic contacts in connection with the incident. Our position is clear: if anyone violates our borders or airspace, they get a warning from us in a friendly way. Russia is our neighbor and friend,” the prime minister said. “No tensions occurred in this context between our countries. The Syrian crisis is not the Turkish-Russian crisis,” he said. Earlier in the day, the Russian side said it respects Turkey’s borders and will not allow such incidents in future, the prime minister said.



FDA is anti-science? FDA memo shows that female libido pill was approved for political reasons, despite medical and scientific objections





I hate to say ‘I told you so’ … no … wait … actually, I rather enjoy it!



Kiev rejects all attempts to adopt law on amnesty, special status of Donbas

“We rejected any attempts to adopt a law on amnesty so that the automatic amnesty for the gunmen of the so-called DPR and LPR should take place,” Konstantin Eliseyev said. Kiev “has no need to adopt the new law on amnesty and special status of Donbas,” he stressed. “We have the entire legal basis that meets the Minsk agreements and is enough for solving all the issues.”
“We have no ‘special status’ term in our vocabulary. We only have the law on the special regime of local self-government in certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions,” the official said.


Founder of Doctors Without Borders accuses US of war crime

ne of the founders of the Doctors Without Borders humanitarian organization, former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has accused the United States of a “war crime” after the bombing of the hospital in Kunduz (Afghanistan). The politician said as much in an interview published by the La Repubblica newspaper on Monday. “Air strikes often lead to the so-called collateral effects,” he said noting that this “does not justify the bombing raids in Kunduz [by the United States].” “It is a different matter, because the hospital was the target,” Kouchner said. He noted that the staff of humanitarian organizations were more and more often working in hazardous conditions. “There is no respect for the status of a non-governmental organization. The war is becoming increasingly cruel, and the UN is right in saying that this is a war crime,” the politician said, recalling that the hospital in Kunduz was marked on all maps.



A Message to Israel: Time to Stop Playing the Victim Role

I can understand that after centuries of persecution it’s satisfying for a Jewish state to be the aggressor for a change, but there’s a codicil that goes with that role. You don’t get to act like a victim any more. “Poor little Israel” just sounds silly when you’re the dominant power in the Middle East. When you’ve invaded several of your neighbors, bombed and defeated them in combat, occupied their land, and taken their homes away from them, it’s time to stop acting oppressed. Yes, Arab states deny your right to exist, threaten to drive you into the sea, and all the rest of their futile, helpless rhetoric. The fact is, you have the upper hand and they don’t. You have sophisticated arms and they don’t. You have nuclear weapons and they don’t. So stop pretending to be pathetic. It doesn’t play well in Peoria.



Chicago suffers 74 heroin overdoses in just 3 days




Video: Death-chanting Israeli mob rejoices as Palestinian teen is executed

Amid increasing violence in occupied Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, Israeli forces executed a Palestinian youth in cold blood early on Sunday morning.

Israeli forces have declared that the Old City of Jerusalem will be open only to Jews and foreign tourists for the next 48 hours. No Palestinians except residents will be allowed in.



FLASHBACK 2003 – Selective Intelligence

They call themselves, self-mockingly, the Cabal—a small cluster of policy advisers and analysts now based in the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans. In the past year, according to former and present Bush Administration officials, their operation, which was conceived by Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, has brought about a crucial change of direction in the American intelligence community. These advisers and analysts, who began their work in the days after September 11, 2001, have produced a skein of intelligence reviews that have helped to shape public opinion and American policy toward Iraq. They relied on data gathered by other intelligence agencies and also on information provided by the Iraqi National Congress, or I.N.C., the exile group headed by Ahmad Chalabi. By last fall, the operation rivalled both the C.I.A.



German enterprises seek entry into Iran market at the earliest

Since Iran and the P5+1 reached a nuclear deal, Tehran has welcomed many Western business delegations. A German trade team, which included the minister of economic affairs, was among these business delegations. When business comes to the international scale, the chambers of commerce become one of the main players to build networks for business leaders. In the city of Kassel, we met Mr. Kai Wittrock, the managing director of a regional commercial organization in Hessen, to ask him more about the recent developments.

Of course, American businesses were left out while Congress tried to wreck the deal for Israel!



Trouble in Kingdom: Saudis Face Problems as Oil Wealth Shrinks

The oil market has dramatically changed since last summer due to oversupply in the market. In November 2014, OPEC decided to keep its oil output levels unchanged, which led to a further slump in crude oil prices.

The low oil prices forced the Saudi Kingdom to burn through their foreign reserves at an unprecedented pace. In addition to a Saudi-led airstrike campaign in Yemen, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was pretty generous toward government workers, putting a further strain on public finances that were already damaged by the slump in oil prices.

Saudi Arabia has paid a stiff price for going along with the US plan to attack Russia’s oil economy!



‘Let the People of Israel Enter the Gates and Kill Arabs’

Racist violence has erupted following terrorist attacks in the past, but this time it seems that the Jewish mob which took to the streets was accepted by Jerusalemites with understanding, if not downright approval.



Big Pharma just made it more expensive to treat an infection than to buy a house




Insider-Trading Cases Imperiled as U.S. Supreme Court Spurns Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a major insider-trading ruling that threatens at least 10 convictions and creates what the Obama administration calls a road map for securities fraud.

Rejecting an administration appeal without comment, the justices refused to consider reinstating the overturned convictions of hedge fund managers Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson. Among those who may benefit are SAC Capital Advisors LP’s Michael Steinberg, who is seeking to reverse his own conviction on similar grounds.



Paul Craig Roberts On Russian Bombings In Syria – Putin Sent A Decisive Message To The West

With people around the world worried about the escalating war in Syria, today former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, told King World News that with four straight days of Russian bombings in Syria, Putin has sent a decisive message to the West.

Eric King: “Dr. Roberts, about this situation in Syria, obviously the Russians have bombed key targets and the rest of the world is watching and saying, ‘Putin just took over and put a stop to the madness.’”



The Western Alliance Is Crumbling

Europe is being overrun by refugees from American bombing campaigns in Libya and Syria, which created a failed state in Libya, and which threaten to do the same in Syria. Europe is thus being forced to separate itself from endorsing the U.S. bombing campaign that focuses against the Syrian government forces of the secular Shiite Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, instead of against his fundamentalist Sunni Islamic opponents, the jihadist groups (all of which are Sunni), such as ISIS, and Al Qaeda in Syria (al-Nusra).



This is why I haven’t watched MSM in over 3 years. The viewer only sees what they intend for the viewer to perceive. This is a great example.







Factcheck: 4 media fails on Syria in 2 minutes




‘Russians are going to succeed where the West did not … or did not want’ – Assad’s adviser




Airstrike video: Massive blasts as Russia smashes ISIS targets in Syria

Those American munitions and weapons sure make a dazzling display when they go up……………….KT




A Useful Prep-Sheet On Syria For Media Propagandists

Here are some State Department talking points on Syria for cable news anchors:

1) Keep mentioning the barrel bombs.

Do not mention how their use was pioneered by the Israeli Air Force in 1948, and how they were used by the US Air Force in Vietnam in Operation Inferno in 1968. Keep repeating, “barrel bombs, barrel bombs” and stating with a straight face that the Syrian regime is using them “against its own people.” Against its own people. Against its own people. Against its own people.



UK government acts to stop councils divesting from Israeli occupation

The UK government has said it intends to change legislation in order to prevent local councils divesting from the arms trade and Israeli human rights abuses.

Announcing the plans, a Conservative spokesperson said that “Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, alongside Labour-affiliated trade unions, are urging councils to use their procurement and pension policies to punish both Israel and the UK defence industry.”



Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve Board

Last week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump released his plan for changing the tax code. Trump wants big across the board tax cuts, with the largest tax cuts going to the wealthy. He claimed that his tax cut won’t lead to a loss of revenue since it would lead to a huge spurt of economic growth. His number was 6.0 percent annual growth over the next decade, topping Jeb Bush’s 4.0 percent growth rate by two full percentage points.



US Police Officer Orders a Coffee From Dunkin’ Donuts — as He Walks Out, He Notices a Message Scrawled on His Cup




Kiev to begin withdrawing weapons Monday — headquarters

Ukraine’s military located in the Lugansk region have received 14 days to carryout actions listed in addendums to the Minsk agreements



Free Syrian Army Command Asks Russia for Help Against ISIL

The representative of the Euphrates Volcano command of the FSA and the Kurdish YPG told Sputnik that the command supports Russia’s operation against ISIL and requests military help.

The FSA wants to switch sides now and fight with the Russians against ISIS. Is this a trick or are the American sponsored terrorists turning on Obama and joining a Winner?



Russian air strikes disrupt supply system of ISIS terrorists in Syria – Russian General Staff

The ongoing strikes on ISIS positions in Syria have undermined the terrorists’ supply system, the Russian General Staff has said.

“In the opinion of the Russian Armed Forces’ General Staff, the strikes delivered by our aircraft on ISIS militants have disrupted the supply system of this terrorist organization and have done significant damage to the infrastructures used for training terrorists in Syria,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov told reporters on October 4.



GMO Anti-Labeling Law Heads to Senate After House Approval

Tuft University’s Tim Wise says in the face of uncertain science what’s needed is more science not deregulation



UN SC begins working on Russian draft resolution on Syria

The draft resolution, which coordinates the efforts of all the forces opposed to Islamic State and other terror groups, was proposed to UN SC members by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the Council’s ministerial meeting held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York on Sept.30.

The US will veto the Russian proposal and submit their own proposal calling for the removal of Assad… which Russia will veto.



Savannah Guthrie Grills Hillary on Emails: ‘Do You Get How Bad It Looks?’

Guthrie noted that while Clinton had apologized for using a private email, she also kept saying that it was an invented issue used by Republicans to attack her. “And I guess my question to you is, which is it?” she said. “If you’re blaming the Republicans, some might wonder how genuine is that apology?”

“Well, actually it’s both,” Clinton said. “I mean, I’m sorry that I made a choice that has resulted in this kind of situation, and I’ve said I’ve made a mistake. Obviously if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t. It was allowed and everybody has confirmed that. But it’s also, as we now know very clearly, the way that the Republicans are trying to bring my– as they admit– poll numbers down.”

Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, he authorized the transfer of highly sensitive technology to China. This technology had military applications and allowed China to close the gap in missile performance with the United States. The transfers were opposed and severely criticized by the Defense Department.

At the same time Bill Clinton was transferring this technology to China, huge donations began to pour into his re-election campaign from the US companies allowed to sell the technology to China, and from American citizens of Chinese descent. The fact that they were US citizens allowed them to donate to political campaigns, but it later emerged that they were acting as conduits for cash coming in from Asian sources, including Chinese Intelligence Agencies! The scandal became known as China-gate!

This establishes a history of the Clintons treating US secrets as their own personal property, selling them to raise money for campaigns.

Now then, let us consider a private email server with weak security, at least one known totally open access point, no encryption, and outside the control and monitoring systems of the US government, on which are parked many of the nation’s most closely guarded secrets! It is already established that Hillary’s email was hacked. One hacker named Guccifer provided copies of emails to Russia Today, which published them. Another hacker is reported to be offering 32,000 of Hillary’s emails for the sum of $500,000. Security experts agree that Hillary’s server had worse security than the Ashley Madison website!

Now, consider a charitable foundation owned by the Clintons (which actually does very little charitable work). Being a charitable foundation, it is allowed to accept “donations” from foreign sources, and roughly 40% of the cash that has poured into the Clinton Foundation has come from foreign sources. Many of those foreign sources received preferential treatment from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sufficient for attorney Larry Klayman to file a RICO lawsuit against the foundation (which as of last report was thrown out of court by a Clinton-appointed judge who refused to recuse himself over the obvious conflict of interest)!

Easy means of delivering secrets. Easy means of accepting payment! And now there is confirmation that Hillary did have a private “off the books” spy network, centered on Sidney Blumenthal, while she was secretary of state!

This is a perfect setup to repeat the 1996 selling of secrets for cash. In other words, a perfect espionage operation, running out the US State Department, with the weak email server providing the secrets and a charitable foundation to accept and launder the payments! Hillary doesn’t have to physically steal the files, the way Jonathan Pollard did. Hillary doesn’t have to scratch an X on a mailbox, the way Aldrich Ames did. Hillary doesn’t have to tape bundles of stolen documents underneath a park bridge, like Robert Hannsen did!

It is time to look past the small scandal of the private email server at what may be a far larger scandal hidden behind it!

And the longer the government and corporate media avoids this question, the more complicit they look!



BEX Alert!!! – “US defence chief warns Russia has ‘losing strategy’ in Syria”

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter said Monday that Russia is pursuing a “losing strategy” in Syria and that it must live up to its commitments in Ukraine. . .

. . .”Russia has escalated the civil war, putting further at risk the very political resolution and preservation of Syria’s structure of future governance it says that it wants,” Carter said at the Center for Strategic Studies and Defence.

“It remains my hope that Vladimir Putin will see that tethering Russia to a sinking ship is a losing strategy, and will decide to confront the threat presented by (IS) instead of continuing its unilateral airstrikes against Assad’s opposition.”

(Note: The headline on the MSN homepage is “US: Russia Losing In Syria”)



BITCOIN COLLAPSE – Australian Businesses Ditch Bitcoin After Banks Act Against Bitcoin Exchanges

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Latest News 5 Oct 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media



“If all bank loans were paid, no one would have a bank deposit, and there would not be a dollar of currency or coin in circulation. This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent monetary system. When one gets a complete grasp upon the picture, the tragedy and absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible — but here it is. It (the banking system) is the most important object intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it is widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.” — Robert Hemphill, for 8 years credit manager of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Free Speech Watch: Prior Restraint Makes a Comeback as US Courts Seek to Squelch Dissent

Barbara Stone was only able to get out of jail when she agreed to stop blogging. Patty Reid is on the lam. Cary-Andrew Crittenden may be facing further jail time for his efforts to inform others about problems in the Santa Clara County legal system. And Ginny Johnson is under a gag order which nearly eventuated in a close encounter with a jail cell.

All these individuals are experiencing, up close and personal, the limits of free speech when that speech inconveniences someone more powerful than they. Twenty, thirty years ago none of these individuals would have faced the grave legal problems they now confront. But thirty years ago,

The Media-Opoly: Cancelled, From Saturday Night, It’s Conspiracy Theory Rock!

A day after we ran “Meet Your “Independent” Media, America“, in which we showed how prime time entertainment like 60 Minutes is strategically and voluntarily “planted” with propaganda trolls and “concerns” thus crushing any “unbiased” credibility mainstream US media may have, we dug into the archives to bring you “Conspiracy Theory Rock.”



Man Arrested and Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Having Windmill on His Property

For more than a year, we have been following the story of a Minnesota man, Jay Nygard, who is routinely risking jail time because he refuses to remove a wind turbine from his property



Air Duel between the Sukhoi Su – 30 Russian SM and Israeli F-15

Six Russian fighter jets type Multirole Sukhoi SU – 30 SM have intercepted 4 Israeli McDonnell Douglas F-15’s fighter bombers attempting to infiltrate the Syrian coast.The Israeli F 15 warplanes have been flying over Syrian airspace for months and in particular the coast of Latakia, which is now the bridgehead of the Russian forces in Syria.



Saudi Arabia cuts oil prices amid OPEC price war

Saudi Arabia on Sunday made deep reductions to the prices it charges for its oil, hard on the heels of cuts last month by rival producers in the Gulf.

With U.S. production still increasing despite lower oil prices, members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries are battling to keep their share of the last growing markets in Asia.



Billions From U.S. Fail to Sustain Foreign Forces

With alarming frequency in recent years, thousands of American-trained security forces in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia have collapsed, stalled or defected, calling into question the effectiveness of the tens of billions of dollars spent by the United States on foreign military training programs, as well as a central tenet of the Obama administration’s approach to combating insurgencies.

Insurgency. The White House word for keeping the people of a nation from kicking out their US puppet rulers and taking back their own

Do Not Look at These Charts Showing Registered ‘Deliverable’ Gold Bullion In New York




Genius Meme Shows What Obama Absolutely HATES About America, Constitution

[D]iscussing the recent college murders in Roseburg, Oregon, President Obama falsely claimed we need more gun regulations because “states with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest gun deaths.”



Pediatrician Admits ADHD is ‘Made Up,’ Prescribes Meds Anyway

With the guise of improving academic achievement, doctors like Dr. Michael Anderson are prescribing drugs like Adderall to children with self-admitted, ‘made-up’ ADHD diagnoses.

Adderall is a dangerous stimulant, but Dr. Anderson, a pediatrician for many poor families in Cherokee County, north of Atlanta, prescribes Adderall whether his patients have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or not when he hears they are suffering in school. He admits the disorder is ‘made up’ and prescribes the drugs anyhow, but usually only to children in low income schools with the explanation that they need to be drugged to keep up with children who perform better academically.

In a New York Times article, Anderson says:

“I don’t have a whole lot of choice. We’ve decided as a society that it’s too expensive to modify the kid’s environment. So we have to modify the kid.”



12 Times Mass Shootings Were Stopped by Good Guys With Guns

But the official US Government suggestion is for law-abiding sane people to surrender their guns, depend on posted signs saying “Gun Free Zone”, and when the signs don’t work, stab the shooter with scissors!



Oregon college shooting suspect committed suicide, say officials

Police had earlier said alleged gunman died in shootout at Umpqua Community College



Finally the Penny Drops: Merkel Admits Crimea is Part of Russia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time publically accepted the fact that Crimea doesn’t belong to Ukraine and that the peninsula will stay as part of Russia, Alexei Pushkov, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian Duma, said on his Twitter account, according to

Haven’t these people ever heard of the Crimean war, which was fought in the Crimea by the British against RUSSIA??!!.

To say that Crimea is not part of Russia is like saying Texas is not part of the USA……………….KT



Hawaii Air Guard F-22s Deploy To The Middle East As Tensions With Russia Build

We couldn’t find a formal announcement of this deployment to the CENTCOM area of responsibility, just a video shot by the public affairs personnel with a short description below it appearing on YouTube.

We heard them taking off!



No wonder the Secret Service is so screwed up. They had to spend so much time waiting on insane aristocrats. The Beefeaters probably have it a lot easier dealing with an actual queen than our bunch does dealing with Hillary Clinton.

Former agent Jeff Crane says, “Hillary would cuss at Secret Service drivers for going over bumps.”

I suspect there were a lot of those bumps when Hillary was in the car.

Within the White House, Hillary had a “standing rule that no one spoke to her when she was going from one location to another,” says former FBI agent Coy Copeland. “In fact, anyone who would see her coming would just step into the first available office.”

One former Secret Service agent states, “If Hillary was walking down a hall, you were supposed to hide behind drapes used as partitions.”



“Unspeakable”: An MSF Nurse Recounts the Attack on MSF’s Kunduz Hospital

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) nurse Lajos Zoltan Jecs was in Kunduz trauma hospital when the facility was struck by a series of aerial bombing raids in the early hours of Saturday morning. He describes his experience:

“It was absolutely terrifying.

I was sleeping in our safe room in the hospital. At around 2am, I was woken up by the sound of a big explosion nearby. At first I didn’t know what was going on. Over the past week we’d heard bombings and explosions before, but always further away. This one was different, close and loud.

At first there was confusion, and dust settling. As we were trying to work out what was happening, there was more bombing.

After 20 or 30 minutes, I heard someone calling my name. It was one of the Emergency Room nurses. He staggered in with massive trauma to his arm. He was covered in blood, with wounds all over his body.

The Americans KNEW this hospital was operated by MSF [ doctors without borders ]. Oh, I forgot. Americans blowing up and killing civilians is bringing democracy, and ISIS blowing up and killing civilians is terrorism.

Nothing has changed in the American military psyche since the Vietnam war…………..KT




Doctors Without Borders says U.S. airstrike hit hospital in Afghanistan; at least 19 dead

An airstrike apparently carried out by U.S. forces heavily damaged a charitable hospital in northern Afghanistan on Saturday, killing at least 19 people — three of them reportedly children — in an incident that a senior U.N. official equated to a war crime.



Russian Official: U.S. Not Bombing ISIS At All… Obama Lying to the American People

Just what and who have Australian Air Force jets been bombing in Syria?…..KT



Will The Failure Of Central Banking Lead To Global Bloodshed: The French Revolution Case Study

The sequence of events leading up the French Revolution are likely unfamiliar to most. Yet money printing and a debauched French currency played no small part in those events. As a sequel to “Shorting the Federal Reserve”, 720 Global aims to provide an historical example of excessive money printing which lead to financial crisis, and ultimately the revolution of a major sovereign nation. More than a history lesson, this article effectively illustrates the road on which the U.S. and many other nations currently travel. The story relayed in this article is not a forecast for what may happen but a simple reminder of what has repeatedly happened in the past.



Not The Nukes: What Israel fears most about economically robust Iran w/ Mnar Muhawesh

In this episode of Behind The Headline, Mnar Muhawesh discusses why an economically robust Iran poses a threat to the current power structure in the Middle East where Israel and Saudi Arabia run the show with journalist and geopolitical analyst, Sharmine Narwani.

Despite each year since 1996 of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu crying wolf that Iran is just a few months away from obtaining a bomb with no mention of course of Israel’s 80 nuclear warheads, Spy cables leaked earlier this year to the Guardian revealed that Israel’s very own intelligence agency, the Mossad, and the CIA both admitted that not only is Iran “not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons” now, it wasn’t in the past, either.

This video starts out very loud, so turn down the volume on your speakers first.



Texas mom calls out publisher after noticing high school son’s text book glossed over slavery




Moderate ammo depot destroyed by russian air strike in Idlib




450 militants turn themselves in to Syrian authorities




The Curious Case of Oregon Shooter Chris Harper-Mercer – A Social Media Profile Shaped, Modified and Deleted…

On the left is the selfie Christopher Mercer uploaded to his social media. On the right is how CNN presented the same selfie in broadcast stories about him. Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast? Why is no-one showing pictures of mom, Laurel Margaret Harper.

One possible reason is the attempt to claim Mercer was a white supremacist.



Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda




Pentagon launches probe into deadly airstrike on charity hospital in Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Saturday ordered a full investigation into an airstrike on a hospital served by charity doctors in Afghanistan that killed at least 16, including 3 children, and created immediate outrage in the war-torn country,

The Pentagon is already trying to claim that the Taliban were using the hospital as a launching point for attacks; echoing the usual excuse Israel uses when they bomb schools and hospitals in Gaza.



The UN New World Global Police Force! The Death Of The US Constitution!




Stratfor: Russia – unlike the United States – demonstrate the ability to be a global leader

“Russia aspires to become a global leader and international actor who takes on the responsibility, looking directly into the eyes of the US and not bowing down before them. Air-strikes in Syria have clearly shown – and the reaction of the United States confirmed this – that Russia is acting unilaterally and to thereby distancing itself from the United States and Arab allies, and NATO “

Stratfor particularly recalls that the European Union has not yet built a unique position regarding the Russian operations in Syria, and that “Washington nervous” because the United States fear that the EU will eventually bow to Moscow’s position regarding Syria. And it will, if it happens, will help Russia to reduce anti-Russian pressure from the EU on the occasion of other geopolitical crisis – Ukrainian



New Jersey priest pulled gun on 8-year-old because he’s a Dallas Cowboy fan




Syria Update# Air Duel between the Sukhoi Su – 30 Russian SM and Israeli F-15

Six Russian fighter jets type Multirole Sukhoi SU – 30 SM have intercepted 4 Israeli McDonnell Douglas F-15’s fighter bombers attempting to infiltrate the Syrian coast.The Israeli F 15 warplanes have been flying over Syrian airspace for months and in particular the coast of Latakia, which is now the bridgehead of the Russian forces in Syria.

The Israeli jets would generally follow a fairly complex flight plan and approach Latakia from the sea

On the night of 1 October 02, 2015, six Sukhoi SU-30 Russian SM fighters took off from the Syrian Hmimim airbase in the direction of Cyprus, before changing course and intercepting the four Israeli F-15 fighters off the coast of Syria, that were flying in attack formation.

Surprised by a situation as unexpected and probably not prepared for a dogfight with one of the best Russian multipurpose fighters, Israeli pilots have quickly turned back South at high speed over the Lebanon.

The mighty Israeli military doesn’t do so well against opponents who can actually fight back! They’ll probably bomb Gaza again so they can feel butch about themselves!



Globalists Have You Fight Their Wars Then Kick You To The Curb




Hillary Clinton’s legal adviser warns her — Time to lawyer up

One of the Clintons’ oldest and most trusted legal advisers has urged Hillary to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent her in case she’s indicted for mishandling classified documents on her private e-mail server and for lying under oath.

The adviser, who has been a Clinton confidant for more than 30 years, laid out his concerns about Hillary’s legal exposure in a wide-ranging interview.

“This e-mail thing is spiraling out of control,” he said. “To paraphrase John Dean of Watergate fame, it’s a cancer on her candidacy.



Putin shoots down PM on Syria: You must not arm fanatics who eat organs of their enemies, he warns

Arming Syria’s rebels will put guns in the hands of extremists who ‘eat the organs’ of their enemies, Vladimir Putin warned David Cameron last night.

The Prime Minister hoped to get Mr Putin to soften his stance against Western intervention. But in an extraordinary joint press conference in Downing Street, the Russian president accused the Prime Minister and Barack Obama of trying to arm terrorists.

And in a blood-curdling reference to video footage of a rebel fighter apparently eating the liver of a dead Syrian soldier, he even suggested the Prime Minister was siding with cannibals.



Disgusting Truth Of Modern Feminism Will Make You Want To Throw Up




George Carlin – We Like War




Trump: I Have License to Carry and If Someone Attacks Me…




Obama Exploits Anti-Christian Terrorism to Push Gun Control




Hillary Clinton Calls for Mass Movement to Eradicate Second Amendment




Gulf states plan military response as Putin raises the stakes in Syria

Russia’s bombing of rebel positions has angered countries in the region that have been trying to oust Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. Analysts say Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are now likely to increase military aid to the anti-Assad groups they support

Now, just for a moment imagine that you live in the United States, and you find out the government of Mexico is giving guns and cash to US street gangs in order to bring down the US government and put a Mexico-puppet Junta in its place, justifying their actions by pointing out how the US Government continues to violate the Bill of Rights, the out-of-control police brutality, use of torture on prisoners to extract confessions, and so forth. Would you be okay with Mexico’s actions? Or let us say that you live in Libya, and you find out that the US was giving weapons and money to criminal gangs in Tripoli to force the government out and replace it with a US puppet? Would you, as a Libyan, feel that was acceptable? Ditto Yemen. Ditto Iraq. Ditto Afghanistan. Because that is not too far from what is going on in Syria right now!



Trump kills it in Tennessee, brings the house down

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump packed the house Saturday for his speech which was held at the Factory, a venue typically used as a farmer’s market.



Pentagon thinking about shooting down Russian planes to protect CIA-backed Syrian rebels… WTF

Senior U.S. military leaders and defense officials are debating whether military force should be used to protect Washington-backed Syrian rebels who have come under attack by Russian airstrikes in recent days.

Now, just for a moment imagine that you live in the United States, and you find out the government of Mexico is giving guns and cash to US street gangs in order to bring down the US government and put a Mexico-puppet Junta in its place, justifying their actions by pointing out how the US Government continues to violate the Bill of Rights, the out-of-control police brutality, use of torture on prisoners to extract confessions, and so forth. Would you be okay with Mexico’s actions? Because that is not too far from what is going on in Syria right now!



Obama Goes Beyond Mere Gun Control, Hints at Confiscation




Doctors Accuse White House Of Lying To Justify “Collateral Damage” In Kabul Hospital Bombing

By way of excuse for what President Obama called “a tragic incident,” (and The UN called a ‘war crime’) US officials have claimed that the Taliban were fighting from within the Kabul hospital (which was destroyed by a US air strike yesterday killing at least 19 including 3 children) using aid workers as “a human shield.” However, this justification for the ‘collateral damage’ has been vehemently denied by Medecins Sans Frontier (MSF) who have issued a statement dismissing the US claims, “the gates of the hospital compound were closed all night so no one that is not staff, a patient or a caretaker was inside the hospital when the bombing happened…” but, the US strike has done one thing, as one local health official concluded, “this city is no longer for the living.”

This is the standard excuse Israel always uses when they bomb United Nations schools and hospitals in Gaza. “They MADE us do it, mommy!”



Egypt backs Russian airstrikes in Syria

Egypt says Russia’s anti-terror airstrikes in Syria will restrict the spread of terrorism and deal a major blow to the Daesh group in the violence-torn Arab country.



Syrian Foreign Minister Says Israel Arming Terrorists In Syria




‘Patients were burning in their beds’: Witnesses recall horrific Kunduz hospital airstrike

‘It became necessary to destroy the town [ BEN TRE ] to save it’, a United States major said today. He was talking about the decision by allied commanders to bomb and shell the town regardless of civilian casualties, to rout the Vietcong.



Russian Airbase Latakia SYRIA jets taking off bombing ISIS ISIL DAESH Breaking News October 4 2015




Closer look at Russian fighter jets bombing ISIS (EXCLUSIVE)

The silly and stupid Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was quoted as saying in the last few days that Russian jets were not just targeting ISIS, but were also targeting other terrorists such as the Free Syrian Army!. Why yes, of course they are Jules. Russia understands your game and ploy and has been invited into Syria to destroy any and all terrorists who are trying to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government, something YOU and the US are trying your utmost to support ie the overthrow of a foreign government by military means. You are guilty of war crimes as you and the Australian government have ordered Australian military members to attack a foreign country and kill its civilians, under the guise of supporting the Syrian people against their legitimate head of state and government. Syria invited the Russians in. Syria has never invited the Australians in.

What a silly, silly woman. She chose the wrong career. She should have been a Hollywood actor and not a theatrical politician. She is simply a sparrow trying to be a wedge tailed eagle…………….KT







Footage of Russian air strikes targeting ISIL positions near Jisr al-Shughur, Syria



Obama Urges Congress To Raise Borrowing Limits, Continue Entitlements And Frivolous Spending




Why Voter Fraud Continues




Diabetes, obesity and developmental problems all caused by chemical corporations’ toxic products




FLASHBACK: British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria

On August 2, Britain’s Sunday Express newspaper headlined “SAS dress as ISIS fighters in undercover war on jihadis,” saying:

“More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country” covertly “dressed in black and flying ISIS flags,” engaged in what’s called Operation Shader – attacking Syrian targets on the pretext of combatting ISIS.

Maybe covert US special forces and CIA elements are involved the same way. During Obama’s war on Libya, Britain deployed hundreds of Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) paratroopers – drawn from SAS (Special Air Service) and SBS (Special Boat Service) personnel.

Around 800 Royal Marines and 4,000 US counterparts were on standby to intervene on short notice if ordered.



Doctors Without Borders gets bombed by the USA: Civilian hospital targeted to kill terrorists… 12 medics and 9 patients blown to bits while war racket rages on




Combat Cam: Russian jets hit 10 ISIS targets in Syria in last 24 hrs – MoD




Gunmen start withdrawing forces from Syria’s Idlib amid Russian airstrikes

Gunmen from the Jaish al-Fath coalition of extremist groups are pulling out their forces from Idlib and other towns in northwestern Syria

They are running like hell, now that someone really IS shooting at them!



Syria: French MP accuses France of being “a bagman for American propaganda”

When it comes to Syria and the Russian air strikes, Jacques Myard, deputy from the Republican Party, accuses France of “carrying the suitcases for American propaganda,” in a communiqué released today.

“Today we are witnessing an unbelievable media war that just takes your breath away. The Russians have never changed their Syria policy and have always said that the regime of Bashar Al Assad was the best rampart against Islamic fundamentalism, without going so far as to say they’re “married” to him for all time,” affirms M. Myard.

“Moscow’s objective is to consolidate Damascus, and the Russian air strikes are part of that policy,” said the president of the Nation and Republic Circle.



Stephen Cohen Speaks Out to Top German News Site, Rips Media Demonization of Putin

“This is a multi-million dollar venture…to discredit Putin.”



Politico: Illegal Aliens Could Elect Hillary as President in 2016

Illegal immigrants—along with other noncitizens without the right to vote—may pick the 2016 presidential winner. Thanks to the unique math undergirding the Electoral College, the mere presence of 11-12 million illegal immigrants and other noncitizens here legally may enable them to swing the election from Republicans to Democrats.

I refuse to recognize any government that claims authority on the basis of votes by people not legally allowed to vote in this nation.



Secret Service agents reveal Hillary Clinton is a nightmare to work with

‘GOOD morning, ma’am,” a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton.

“F— off,” she replied.

That exchange is one among many that active and retired Secret Service agents shared with Ronald Kessler, author of First Family Detail, a compelling look at the intrepid personnel who shield America’s presidents and their families — and those whom they guard.

Kessler writes flatteringly and critically about people in both parties. Regarding the Clintons, Kessler presents Chelsea as a model protectee who respected and appreciated her agents. He describes Bill as a difficult chief executive, but an easygoing ex-president. And Kessler exposes Hillary as an epically abusive Arctic monster.



Russian Air Force hits 50 ISIS targets in Syria over 3 days, sends world’s largest submarine, with 200 nukes, to Syria… ‘Lost the plot McCain’ trying to start World War 3




Saudis Mull Launch Of Regional War As Russia Pounds Targets In Syria For Fourth Day

As we put it on Friday, “if Russia ends up bolstering Iran’s position in Syria (by expanding Hezbollah’s influence and capabilities) and if the Russian air force effectively takes control of Iraq thus allowing Iran to exert a greater influence over the government in Baghdad, the fragile balance of power that has existed in the region will be turned on its head and in the event this plays out, one should not expect Washington, Riyadh, Jerusalem, and London to simply go gentle into that good night.”

Sure enough, some experts now predict Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey will move to counter Russia militarily if Moscow continues to rack up gains for Assad. Here’s The Guardian with more:

A small memo to the House of Saud; your country’s coffers are hugely drained because the price of oil having taken such a precipitous drop.

The weapons you have purchased from your “Good friend in the West, the United States”, may well be expensive; but they are no match for the quality of Russian weaponry we see on display in their blitzkrieg against ISIS in Syria.

You see, the Russian military and their weapons manufacturers have a tacit agreement that when weapons are deployed in the field, they will work as advertised; this is not quite how US weapons makers in the US see things.

For example, the F-22s still have a “minor problem” asphyxiating their pilots, which has never, ever been fixed. The F-35 has numerous problems, and can be shot down by 1970s- vintage aircraft.

Crown Prince Salman, I very strongly, urgently caution you not to go down in the history of your country as the Prince who generated World War III, leaving your country devastated and destroyed as a result, because the US government and military could not protect you.

And right now, Your Highness, the US military does not have the troop strength, the manufacturing, or the money to insure a successful outcome to a conventional war against Russia. That means, eventual use of nuclear weapons, if this gets out of hand.

Please, have some rational, frank discussions with your MOD, and walk away from this jingoistic, feel-good hubris, for the good of your people.



Government Chart of Gun Murders – A Complete Lie! Real Statistics from FBI. Real Truth through real charts on gun violence/murders.

I am seeing this chart about how guns have been used in murders of more people than anything else in the world in the U.S., including Terrorism.

There were NOT 33636 gun deaths in the U.S. in 2013.

The FBI has the statistics on their site for 2013.

There were an estimated 14,196 murders 2013.

That is TOTAL murders for 2013! That includes ALL forms of murder, stabbings, blunt objects, strangulation besides guns.

Guns are not the big problem that they are made out to be. The mainstream media and the government are lying about the statistics and those are OUTRIGHT Lies! If people did not just believe everything they are told and researched the information themselves then they would wake up to how they are being controlled with lies.



Does Russia’s Syrian intervention signal end of United States primacy in the Middle East?

The United States and Russia are once again vying for political influence in the Middle East. Reminiscent of the Cold War days, which saw the two powers compete against one another for a strategic foothold in the region; Washington and Moscow have renewed these tensions, and reignited old passions for who is the most influential player in the Middle East.

This has to be the most botched-up analysis I have seen in many years! The US is not “prime” in the Middle East! Israel is! And it has been obvious to all, and emphasized by the recent Congressional battle over the Iran deal, that the US merely acts as Israel’s puppet in the region!



Russia does not discriminate between the different shades of ‘crap’ (terrorists)

American military expert, a former Colonel of the U.S. army Jack Jacobs said that the United States can’t interfere with Russians in Syria, as Russia de facto set up a no-fly zone, cutting off access to any aircraft with the help of air defense systems deployed on land and on ships of the Russian navy in the Mediterranean.

Russia has declared they are under no obligation to discriminate between US-supported terrorists and any other terrorists. If Saudi Arabia carries out is threat to attack Assad, and Russia shoots down the US-supplied Saudi Aircraft, WW3 will have begun for real in Syria (which will be a great relief to the Europeans, who still think it will not spread to Europe.)



Is Hillary Clinton America’s Most Ambitious Sociopath?

In many ways, Hillary Rodham Clinton is an ordinary American woman with an ordinary American family. She’s a loyal wife (to a sex-maniac ex-president), a caring mother (to a daughter who married a hedge fund), and a connoisseur of expensive, shiny objects (given to her by medieval dictators). Simply put, Hillary Clinton is as American as apple pie-induced diabetes, and this is why responsible Democrats will vote for her in the upcoming “Banker’s Choice Awards” in November, 2016.







Breaking New Ground: China’s Navy Tours Scandinavian Countries

Three naval ships of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), a missile destroyer, a missile frigate, and a replenishment ship, visited Denmark, Finland, and Sweden in the past two weeks on goodwill visits.



Israel’s realism creates irrational US policy against Russia in the Middle-East

US’s Middle-East policy benefits only Israel



Russia Claims ISIS Now On The Ropes As Fighters Desert After 60 Airstrikes In 72 Hours

One question that’s been asked repeatedly over the past thirteen months is why Washington has been unable to achieve the Pentagon’s stated goal of “degrading and defeating” ISIS despite the fact that the “battle” pits the most advanced air force on the planet against what amounts to a ragtag band of militants running around the desert in basketball shoes.

Those of a skeptical persuasion have been inclined to suggest that perhaps the US isn’t fully committed to the fight. Explanations for that suggestion range from the mainstream (the White House is loathe to get the US into another Mid-East war) to the “conspiratorial” (the CIA created ISIS and thus doesn’t want to destroy the group due to its value as a strategic asset).



Nigel Farage: Stop playing wargames with Putin




Dictatorship at Work: Homeland Security Detains Stockton Mayor, Forces Him To Hand Over His Passwords

Anthony Silva, the mayor of Stockton, California, recently went to China for a mayor’s conference. On his return to San Francisco airport he was detained by Homeland Security, and then had his two laptops and his mobile phone confiscated. They refused to show him any sort of warrant (of course) and then refused to let him leave until he agreed to hand over his password



Russian Air Force hits 50 ISIS targets in Syria over 3 days, ‘significantly’ damaging militants

The Russian Air Force has conducted more than 60 flights and bombed over 50 Islamic State targets in three days, according to Russia’s top armed forces official. He added the strikes have significantly reduced the terrorists’ combat capabilities.

While Obama insists Russia’s attacks make ISIS stronger. And, I supposes, running like hell for the Iraqi border will build up their leg muscles!



Russians Say U.S. Not Bombing ISIS

“McCain accused us of striking out at US-trained insurgents… However, since they have either run away or joined al-Qaeda, hitting them is a mission impossible,” Pushkov wrote on his Twitter account.

“The US-led coalition spent a whole year pretending they were striking ISIL targets but where are the results of these strikes?” Pushkov asked during and interview with France’s Europe 1 Radio.

Max Boot, a neocon ideologue at the Council on Foreign Relations, admits the U.S. bombing campaign against ISIS is primarily smoke and mirrors.




ISIS IS ISRAEL, ISIS is Israel Secret Intelligence Service, it is a covert Mossad Army, a proxy army of Israel and it’s goal is to drive Muslims out of Greater Israel. But now Russia has landed Syria and conducted the first airstrikes against the enemies of Assad. This portends the END OF the drive for GREATER ISRAEL WHICH ENCOMPASSES MUCH OF SYRIA.



Physical Cash Poses a HUGE Problem For Central Banks

Globally, over $5 trillion in debt currently have negative yields in nominal terms, meaning the bond literally has a negative yield when it trades. In the simplest of terms this means that investors are PAYING to own these bonds.

Bonds are not unique in this regard. Switzerland, Denmark and other countries are now charging deposits at their banks. In France and Italy, you are not allowed to make cash transactions above €1,000.

This sounds laughable to most people, but it is a reality in Europe… and in the US, in some regions. Louisiana has made it illegal to purchase second hand goods using cash.

This is just the beginning. The War on Cash will be spreading in the coming weeks.

The reasoning is simple. Most large financial entities are insolvent. As a result, if a significant amount of digital money is converted into actual physical cash, the firm would very quickly implode.

The obvious solution is to pull all cash out of the banks now while you still can, and hide it where the money-junkies troops cannot find it.



Tens of thousands march in Manchester to protest UK government’s policies

Mass protests are taking place in Manchester as the ruling Conservatives get ready to hold their party conference. People are demonstrating about a number of issues, ranging from PM David Cameron’s austerity measures to his plans to bomb Syria. Amongst the protesters’ main gripes has been austerity measures introduced by the Tory Party, which has seen cuts in public services and a fall in living standards.



Race to North Pole not hurting Great Lakes — yet

The international race to open up exploration routes through shrinking ice cover in the Arctic Ocean has the White House pressing for greater icebreaking capabilities in and around the North Pole.

Why is this a problem? The global warming people keep insisting the Arctic ice has all melted away! :)



Alabama Makes Photo IDs Mandatory for Voting, Then Shutters DMV Offices in Black Counties

Some observers say that Alabama’s move to close dozens of drivers license offices is a discriminatory move that could trigger a civil rights probe.

Here’s why: in 2011 lawmakers approved a voter ID law requiring a government-issued ID to vote, and the 31 offices the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency set for closing—which the agency said was due to the $11 million cut in the new General Fund appropriation—will take a disproportionate hit on counties that are majority African-American.

Columnist John Archibald writes that “Alabama just took a giant step backward.”

“Every single county in which blacks make up more than 75 percent of registered voters will see their driver license office closed. Every one,” he continues, writing that the state “might as well just send an invitation to the Justice Department.”

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

To the government of the State of Alabama: do all of you, collectively, need a cerebrectomy to realize just how completely, vilely stupidly, unjust, and immoral this was?!?




We waited decades to see the flag of Palestine raised at the United Nations Building in New York. It is a sure sign that Statehood of that Nation will soon become a fact.

But, there are elements that wish to stop this process via terrorism, on both sides of the wall.



Jews and Gun Control: A Reprise

The thorny issue of Jewish support for gun control has reared its head once more, this time in Washington State. The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle has called for the resignation of Brian Judy, a National Rifle Association lobbyist who reportedly linked gun control to that untouchable icon of Jewish victimhood, the Holocaust. At a news conference at the Federation’s Seattle headquarters, President Keith Dvorchik said Judy should resign for connecting an anti-gun ballot initiative to policies pursued by Nazi Germany. Dvorchik further demanded the national office of the NRA “make clear that it rejects his ignorant and unproductive dialogue.”



Russia Uses High Tech Smart Bombs to Wipe Out US Sponsored Al Qaeda Terrorists. Panic in Rebel Ranks

The entire free world wants terrorism defeated. Russia leads the effort to confront it head-on,

On October 3, Tass said Russian aircraft conducted over 60 sorties so far, bombing 50 ISIS targets, causing consternation in its ranks. National Defence Control Centre Col. General Andrey Kartapolov said “aircraft have been taking off from the Hmeimim air base (night and day), targeting the whole of Syria.”

“In the past three days we have managed to disrupt the terrorists’ infrastructure and to substantially degrade their combat capabilities. Intelligence reports say that militants are leaving the areas under their control.”

“A bunker-busting BETAB-500 air bomb dropped from a Sukhoi Su-34 bomber near Raqqa has eliminated the command post of one of the terror groups, together with an underground storage facility for explosives and munitions.”

It is highly likely that Putin will do in 4 months what the US government, allegedly, was not able to do in 4 years.

But of course, ISIS was always totally under US government control, and funded by the US government, and was a “convenient nuisance” to trot out by the whorespondents in order to brow-beat the American people to accept more US boots on the ground in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq.

And, oh, by the way: the Iraqi government has just formally requested that the Russian military bomb ISIS targets in Iraq.



Cold War Mentality: NATO Should Prepare for War With Russia – UK Officials

Former UK army officials said that the Russian military is more effective in comparison to NATO’s, calling on the bloc’s leaders to urgently invest more money on improvement of joint force capabilities and to “revisit Cold War scenarios, and this includes conventional, symmetric warfare in Eastern Europe,” The Sunday Express reported.
First, British Army officials appear alarmed by the ability of the Armata battle tank, which is an example of a new generation of Russian power tanks with nothing comparable elsewhere in the world. It can easily withstand any attack by NATO’s anti-tank missiles, both already in existence and those yet-to-be invented.

War with Russia?!? Forgive me, but have the people in the British MOD, collectively, gone absolutely out of their minds?!? This is complete, utter desperation on the cusp of madness.

And short memo to the British military; just because you have not kept up with hardware and tank technology is no reason for blaming the Russian military for having better equipment than you do.

Obviously, the Russian military and government were thinking ahead, while the British military and were not. So, work the problem, folks; work the problem!!



The Great Reset is Coming – Get Ready for the Second Great Depression




36,000 troops, 200 aircraft & 60 vessels: NATO launches biggest war games in 13 years

NATO has started its biggest exercise since 2002 with 36,000 international troops from 30 states, including non-NATO nations, participating in the drills which are taking place at sea, in the air and across the territory of three European states.
The alliance has kicked off its massive “Trident Juncture 2015” exercises which will last until November 16. Along with the NATO member states, seven more partner nations are participating in the drills: Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Sweden and Ukraine.

Some 36,000 troops as well as more than 60 warships and about 200 aircraft will participate in the drills which makes it the biggest since 2002 when about 40,000 troops took part in NATO’s “Strong Resolve” military exercise.

More NATO posturing against Russia, I see.

All anyone has to do, to get a sense of NATO’s real-world war capabilities, is to look at their performance in the 15 year old occupation of Afghanistan, which can only charitably be described as “less than stellar”.



Craig McKee explains logistics of mailing out AE911 Truth’s booklet “Beyond Misinformation” to 20,000 specially selected recipients including NIST engineers

AE911Truth operations manager Andy Steele and volunteers Josh Ewing and Chris Kendall, who were responsible for building the distribution list for the mailing, had to be really creative as they went about finding contact information for the most influential people in government, media, academia, and professional associations and firms.

“These are the opinion makers and the news makers in their fields,” Steele points out. “Now they can no longer claim ignorance of the evidence or turn a blind eye to the crime of the century, which is a cover-up of the fact that three buildings were brought down in controlled demolitions that day.”

A particular challenge for Steele et al. was getting the booklet to the individuals who worked on the 9/11 official reports published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).



38% of American Workforce Still Jobless





The US president has slammed Russian airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria, going as far as to accuse Moscow of making ISIS stronger by decapacitating the “moderate folks,” prepared by Washington to stitch the country back together once Syria falls.

In his first public comments since Russia launched anti-terrorist airstrikes in Syria, US President Barack Obama was fiercely harsh, claiming that Moscow’s military operation was counterproductive and is not distinguishing between Islamic State targets and the so-called moderate opposition.

The US leader accused Russia of weakening the Syrian rebels’ chances of eventually toppling President Assad’s government and somehow strengthening ISIS as a result.

Forgive me, but if there was EVER a time in this country’s history to invoke the 25th Amendment, now is bloody well the time, with Obama’s response to these Russian bombings. As reported by Mike Whitney at Counterpunch this morning:

For more than a year, the United States has been playing patty-cake with an army of homicidal maniacs who call themselves ISIS. On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he’d had enough of Washington’s song-and-dance and was planning to bring a little Russian justice to the terrorist militias that had killed 225,000 Syrians and ripped the country to shreds. In language that could not be more explicit, Putin said to the General Assembly: “We can no longer tolerate the currents state of affairs in the world”. Less than 48 hours later, Russian bombers were raining down precision-guided munitions on terrorist strongholds across western Syria sending the jihadi vermin scrambling for cover. That’s how you fight terrorism if you’re serious about it. Bravo, Putin. A military alliance between Moscow, Tehran and Hezbollah? You’re darn tootin’, and you can thank Barack Obama and his lunatic regime change plan for that development.

Many critics of Putin’s action have said that “He doesn’t know what he’s doing” or “He’ll get bogged down” or “It’ll be another Vietnam”. Wrong. The fact is, Putin is more a devotee of the Powell Doctrine than any of the morons at the Pentagon. And he is particularly mindful of Rule Number 5 which states: “Is there a plausible exit strategy to avoid endless entanglement?”

Has Putin thought about that or has he merely blundered ahead impulsively like US leaders are so apt to do? Here’s what he said on September 30: “We naturally have no intention of getting deeply entangled in this conflict. We will act strictly in accordance with our set mission. First, we will support the Syrian army only in its lawful fight against terrorist groups. Second, our support will be limited to airstrikes and will not involve ground operations. Third, our support will have a limited timeframe and will continue only while the Syrian army conducts its anti-terrorist offensive.” Bingo. In other words, he’s going to bomb these jokers into oblivion and let Quds brigade and Hezbollah mop up afterwards. There will be no Russian boots-on-the-ground. The Russian airforce will get precise intelligence on ISIS locations from Syrian agents on the battlefield which will minimize civilian casualties and limit damage to critical infrastructure. It will also make mincemeat out of anyone on the receiving end of the bombardment. Does anyone seriously believe that ISIS and the disparate rabble of “moderate” throat-slitters that receive CIA funding are going to be able to withstand this impending onslaught? No way. Putin’s going to cut through these guys like a tornado through a trailer park. Yes, ISIS has had some success against the bedraggled Iraqi and Syrian armies. But now they’re up-against the A Team where they are clearly out of their league. Rolling up these cutthroats is going to take a lot less time than anyone figured.

And so what is the Obama Administration’s “response” to this?!? As reported today at the Washington Post:

President Obama has decided not to directly confront Russia over its new air offensive in Syria, believing that President Vladi­mir Putin will soon find himself in a Syrian “quagmire,” but he has approved a new escalation of U.S. efforts against the Islamic State. Obama laid out the U.S. response to Russia’s actions during a meeting with senior aides Thursday evening. Details were firmed up in a meeting Friday morning among national security principals at the White House, senior administration officials said. At the same time, the president also approved proposals, made prior to this week’s Russian actions, to strengthen the U.S. fight against the militants. Those measures were recommended by Obama’s new Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. They include direct U.S. weapons shipments, overland from Iraq, to Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters who in recent months have pushed the Islamic State from a major portion of northern Syria along the Turkish border.

In other words, the Obama Administration is going to do precisely what they have done before, without any remotely tangible success, for the last 4 years, while the Russian government has introduced a game-changing military tactic here to which the Administration cannot seem to respond.




The SEC and the Three Stooges Investigate Why Wall Street Trading Firms Always Win




How to Spy the 9/11 Lie

A recent book written by veteran CIA officers describes how deception can be identified by simple observational techniques. In Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception, authors Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero outline a number of verbal and visual behavioral clues that are demonstrated by people who lie in response to questioning. These proven techniques for recognizing deception can be easily applied to see that U.S. leaders have lied repeatedly about the attacks of 9/11.



U.S. Dodges Responsibility For Saudi Airstrikes That Kill Yemeni Civilians

The Obama administration is moving to distance itself from the mounting civilian casualties in Yemen’s civil war, while simultaneously providing targeting assistance to a Saudi Arabian-led coalition that has been conducting airstrikes over Yemen for the past six months.

United Nations officials say the coalition is responsible for the majority of the country’s civilian deaths, which recently surpassed 2,300.

Last Saturday, airstrikes targeting Taiz, a city about 170 miles south of the capital, killed over 130 people attending a wedding. Yemen’s International Red Crescent Society reported that two of its volunteers, Qaed Faisal, 28, and Omar Fareh, 31, were killed by the shelling in a neighboring area on the same day.

This administration not only dodges responsibility for the civilian deaths in Yemen; it also dodges responsibility for EVERYTHING negative it has generated, then attempts to lie to gloss it over.



Why Afghanistan Is Going To Fall To The Taliban Again. And It’s Not Why You Think.

Last week, the Taliban began the process of retaking Afghanistan, starting with the northern city of Kunduz. The U.S. and Afghan governments have since been battling to recapture it — a fight that included the U.S. bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital that killed at least 12 medical staff, along with at least seven patients, on Saturday.

The Taliban has since charged that Afghan intelligence purposely gave the U.S. the hospital’s coordinates. Even the possibility that such an accusation is true — and the duration of the sustained attack suggests that something unusual happened — points toward the reason that Afghanistan is headed back toward Taliban control: The government is thoroughly corrupt, and the U.S. has been unwilling to take measures to address the situation. While a handful of civilian and military leaders identified corruption as an existential threat to the country, the problem remains unsolved.

What I would expect the US government to do, at this point, is to throw even more US troops and weapons into the pyre here, because it can never, ever admit it made an horrendous mistake with the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and lied to the American people about the real reasons for the invasion and occupation.

The Bush administration was negotiating with the Taliban over the cost of oil pipeline routes; when the cost was deemed “too high”, the invasion and occupation came swiftly after.

And while Americans at home were being distracted by the Chandra Levy/ Gary Condit saga, courtesy of the corporate whorespondents, the US government was quietly informing other nations around the world of the imminent invasion of Afghanistan.

This wretched war has never been about protecting freedom, or the American way of life; it has always been about private corporate profit for the oil companies, the defense-industrial complex, and the bankers, who loan money to all sides to keep the wars going.

THIS is why our very brave men and women in uniform have been killed or maimed for life in this meatgrinder: it’s all about private corporate profits, folks, period, end of discussion.

The late President Kennedy said it best: “When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.” Throughout this horrific, 15 year occupation, with no accountability from local leadership whatsoever, the US government and Pentagon have been sewing the seeds leading to precisely this ultimate outcome.




It’s a new era of American politics. With regard to campaign finance, the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling — and the arguably worse McCutcheon v. FEC ruling — opened the doors to unrestricted corporate funding of our national elections.

The primary mechanism in place facilitating this flood of private money is the super PAC. You’ve probably heard of super PACs and how they’ve essentially taken over the role traditionally filled by individual campaign donors in Political Action Committees (PACs). But super PACs aren’t the end of it. There are puppet political non-profits, business associations, and now, single-candidate “dark money” outfits that, as of September 21, have already raised $25.1 million — five times the amount spent by this time in the 2012 election cycle.

Needless to say, this is an election in which most of the candidates are seeking support from wealthy donors instead of the citizens they are supposed to be representing.

Thinking Americans understand that they are no longer represented at all in government.

What started out as a government by the people, of the people, and for the people, has morphed into a government by the corporations, of the corporations, and for the corporations.

Elections have devolved into this Kabuki-style pointless exercise to give people the illusion that they have any say in what their government does, when, in fact, in the 21st century, they absolutely do not.

And so the ultimate question has to arrive; how can one, logically, support a government which does not at all represent you, and what can you do about it?!?

I do now know how the answer to this question will unfold; I only know that, at some point, it will.



Billions From U.S. Fail to Sustain Foreign Forces

With alarming frequency in recent years, thousands of American-trained security forces in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia have collapsed, stalled or defected, calling into question the effectiveness of the tens of billions of dollars spent by the United States on foreign military training programs, as well as a central tenet of the Obama administration’s approach to combating insurgencies.

There are only two words with which one can aptly describe US foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond for the last 15 years, and they are: epic fail.

Why is it, in the last two administrations, that one of the most pressing criteria for working in the US government appears to be a pathological inability to think a scenario through to its logical conclusion?!?




Earlier this week, 21WIRE reported how the Taliban overtook the strategic city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan.

Critics are questioning NATO’s effectiveness after 15 years of combat operations and military occupation in the country.

Immediately after this story broke, US mainstream media propaganda kicked into high gear and falsely reported that the Afghan government security forces “have retaken the city”, even though this was a lie. Most likely this was leaked by NATO while they were assessing a counter measure. Soon reality set in and the US media were forced to admit that the US-led NATO operation had in fact lost Kunduz.

What the US did next will shock you…

As part of NATO’s counter assault, an US airstrike bombed a hospital, killing many of its staff, doctors and patients, so far killing 9 and wounding 37. Those numbers are expected to rise sharply in the next 48 hrs as team sift through the debris.

The US military wants to see Doctors Without Borders out of Afghanistan completely, so that they can kill and wound Afghanis more effectively, without any possible access to modern medical treatment available.

IF in fact the GPS coordinates were known, the bombing of the hospital by the US military was absolutely deliberate.



David Stockman – We’re On the Fiscal Titanic





President Obama has decided not to directly confront Russia over its new air offensive in Syria, believing that President Vladi­mir Putin will soon find himself in a Syrian “quagmire,” but he has approved a new escalation of U.S. efforts against the Islamic State.

Obama laid out the U.S. response to Russia’s actions during a meeting with senior aides Thursday evening. Details were firmed up in a meeting Friday morning among national security principals at the White House, senior administration officials said.

At the same time, the president also approved proposals, made prior to this week’s Russian actions, to strengthen the U.S. fight against the militants. Those measures were recommended by Obama’s new Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr.

They include direct U.S. weapons shipments, overland from Iraq, to Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters who in recent months have pushed the Islamic State from a major portion of northern Syria along the Turkish border.

I am having a palm to forehead moment, at velocity, upon reading this.

One of the classical definitions of insanity is doing the same thing, precisely the same way, yet expecting a different outcome.

Has this government NOT been arming the alleged “moderate militants” in Syria for the last 4 years, with a billion-plus dollar price tag, and can anyone give me any kind of positive news about what, precisely, this has accomplished?!?

Utterly nothing; zero, zip, nada.

And by the way, folks, Russia has been invited by the Syrian government to assist them in fighting ISIS; the US government has not.



Putin- Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi?




There Is Not Enough Currency To Pay Off The Debt Because There Is 5 Time More Claims On Dollars Than There Are Dollars




Syrian Observatory for Human Rights run by immigrant from his UK home (video)

Many western media outlets have frequently been relying on one information source for facts about the death toll in Syria – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It was founded in May 2006 and It’s run by one man only – Rami Abdul Rahman, who’s a Syrian immigrant to the UK and is based in his two bedroom home in Coventry.



Handelsblatt: Russia strikes serious blow on Washington’s reputation

According to German journalists, Washington is largely responsible for the crisis in syria as the US originally supported the opposition, including armed groups.


Why the West Creates Wars & Muslim Refugees

“They will not make peace. After all, making peace is losing money”.



The Iraqi Prime Minister has sent a request to Moscow for the Russian air strikes on positions videoconferencing IG in Iraq

Note: Title and excerpt are Google translations

“As reported to Pravda.Ru, the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov yesterday told reporters on the results of air strikes on the positions of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (banned in Russia). The briefing was held at the National Center for Control of Defense.

According to him, three days of air strikes failed to significantly reduce the combat potential of the IG terrorists in Syria. Destroyed more than 50 categories of objects, about 600 mercenaries left their positions and trying to get to Europe. In the ranks of the militants started to panic and mass desertion.

In addition, the competent authorities in the province of Deraa in southern Syria counted 700 wanted criminals and militants who have laid down their arms and surrendered to the authorities in recent days, according to RIA Novosti.



Massive landslide in Guatemala leaves 600 people missing




Sept. Jobs Report Confirms Weakening Labor Market




Obamaspeak on Syria: New wine in old bottle

Is anybody fooled?

snip: The narrative is that Assad stares at defeat, while all expert opinion suggests otherwise. Obama still imagines there is a ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ the US can work with and that Assad must amicably make way for this opposition.

Obama probably knows he is holding on to a world of make-believe as part of public diplomacy. The US’ regional allies would expect him to stick to the narrative. On the other hand, what options does he have under the circumstances?

Obama underscored that Washington will neither cooperate nor militarily oppose the Russian operations in Syria. Instead, he chooses to thoroughly disagree with Putin’s decision and will keep harping on the need for a political solution to the conflict.



A Syria/Berliner ensemble: Escobar

laughing at the CF and watching the masters of the universe cry in their beer

snip: to Syria, where Russia, in roughly 48 hours, did more to smash the Wahhabi/Salafi-jihadi terror matrix than the coalition of dodgy opportunists in over a year and 6,000-plus “sorties.” So many wonders you can operate with a couple of Su-24s, decent sat intel, decent ground intel, and political will.

And then the bigger bang, not a whimper; the larger-than-life ridicule enveloping that tentacular industrial-military-security-intel complex that wastes 1.3 trillion a year.



When Insulting the Police is a “Crime”

snip: Allen insisted that Smith had written his comments with the purpose of “intimidating” the bold and valiant paladins of public order who patrol the forbidding streets of Arena, Wisconsin – two square miles inhabited by about 800 people whose ethnic homogenity makes the Osmond family look like the United Colors of Benetton.

Now, I grant that no amount of body armor adequate to protect the uniquely vulnerable egos of police officers who are targeted for abuse and ridicule. This is why we are told that growing – and still woefully inadequate – public criticism of law enforcement is nothing less than a “war on police,” and that high-profile criticism of cops is akin to ISIS-caliber terrorism.



Rats surrender in droves. Syria war to be over in months.

Roughly seven hundred armed militants and criminals surrendered themselves to the local authorities in the Syrian Daraa Governorate that is situated next to the border with Jordan in the last two days.



‘Stop funding ISIS’: Protesters accuse British govt of financing terror groups

Hundreds of activists marched in London on Sunday to protest against British involvement in Syria and Iraq, with many accusing the government of funding terrorist groups.
The activists, many of whom are Iraqi Kurds, accused the British government of supporting the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) by providing training and arms to Syrian rebels, many of whom are affiliated with the terrorist group.…

But, but….if we don’t fund and create terrorist groups who will we use as the enemy we have to have to fight against to protect YOU and to give us the excuse to invade other countries?? Get with the programme man, for Heaven sake………….KT




France admits it directly supplied arms to Syrian “rebels”

President François Hollande confirmed in a Le Monde interview on August 19 that France has been directly supplying arms to the “rebels” of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in its proxy war to remove the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. This came ahead of the recent US decision to intervene militarily in Syria, ostensibly to crush the Islamic State (IS) opposition militia operating in Iraq and Syria.

French imperialism has been arming Syrian Islamist opposition forces since at least the spring of 2013.



Turkey and Saudi Arabia alarm the West by backing Islamist extremists the Americans had bombed in Syria

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are actively supporting a hardline coalition of Islamist rebels against Bashar al-Assad’s regime that includes al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, in a move that has alarmed Western governments.



Israel Supports Syrian Al Qaeda Rebels including the Islamic State (ISIS). UN Report

A report submitted to the United Nations Security Council by UN observers in the Golan Heights over the past 18 months shows that Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have been in regular contact with Syrian rebels, including Islamic State (ISIS) militants.…



How The US Helped To Create Al Qaeda and ISIS

Much like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS) is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East and to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region.

The fact that the United States has a long and torrid history of backing terrorist groups will surprise only those who watch the news and ignore history.

Lest we forget, the CIA gave birth to Osama Bin Laden and breastfed his organization during the 1980?s. Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, told the House of Commons that Al Qaeda was unquestionably a product of Western intelligence agencies. Mr. Cook explained that Al Qaeda, which literally means an abbreviation of “the database” in Arabic, was originally the computer database of the thousands of Islamist extremists, who were trained by the CIA and funded by the Saudis, in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda did NOT exist in Iraq under the Saddam Hussein regime. Saddam hated al Qaeda and al Qaeda hated Saddam. This is an historical fact. Al Qaeda moved into Iraq and became al Qaeda in Iraq, later ISIS, after the American and allied invasion of 2003. Another historical fact………..KT



The Machine is not Your Friend

They can’t grow their food, mend a garment, build a shelter or read the weather from the signals in the sky. But they will justify this impotence by claiming that modern technology frees them up to pursue more meaningful activities. Like what? Mounting a camera to your hat and filming the sad emptiness that is urban living? Now there is an evolutionary leap forward.

The creators of these myriad devices, which dominate the human-built world, will claim that they are designed to save you time and money and exertion. But their real purpose is to turn you into a product addict – and to reap obscene profits while doing so. How else does one explain lines of people camping out to buy a slightly better phone than the one they bought a year earlier? At least they can now video each other with their GoPros as they shiver in their sidewalk lunacy.



Pentagon thinking about shooting down Russian planes to protect CIA-backed Syrian rebels… WTF








BREAKING: Russia destroys ISIL command center, underground depot in Syria




Putin and Obama’s UN Showdown Helps Expose Obama’s Treasonous Lies Protecting ISIS

The overt aggression in February 2014 of Hillary’s NGO-led coup in Kiev overthrowing the democratically elected Ukrainian president at Russia’s border violated and defied all international law regarding the sovereignty of nations. The imperialistic US Empire was chomping at the bit to gain full Black Sea access by stealing Russia’s naval base in Sevastopol. But Putin strategically outmaneuvered the Obama neocons by Crimea electing to be annexed by Russia as it had been for centuries earlier. Though it was clearly the US that was the foreign invader violently triggering another regime change, the feds began their nonstop attack demonizing Putin as the global villain ushering the latest installment of cold war II complete with a nuclear first strike contingency plan.




579K Leave Work Force But Unemployment Rate At 5.1%? What?? – Ron Paul




BEX Alert!!! – “Obama World not fooled by Putin’s strategy in Syria “

Note: Obama continues to support the Zio-Narrative for the “Greater Israel” agenda



Carly Fiorina calls for WW3: Enforce no-fly zone over Syria & take down Russian jets if needed!

Here’s your rifle, Carly!

Syrian air space is owned by the Syrians. Who gave the Americans the legal right to impose no fly zones in a foreign country?? Oh, I forgot, the Americans own the world and thus can do what they want, wherever they want.

Remember the Syrian government has never invited the Americans, Australians, British or French into Syria to conduct their bombing missions………..KT



CNN Blunder The US and ISIS are working together in Syria




High electric rates, frequent outages — fed up customers pull smart meters

Last week hundreds of customers removed their smart meters in protest of high electricity costs, almost double of last month’s, and frequent outages.



Moscow says 600 militants have fled Syria amid Russian airstrikes

Russia says its airstrikes on positions of the Daesh Takfiri terrorists in Syria have forced about 600 militants to leave and head to Europe.

Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov, a senior Russian General Staff official, made the remarks in a statement released on Saturday to sum up the outcome of Moscow’s three days of airstrikes in Syria.

“Our intelligence shows that militants are leaving areas under their control. Panic and desertion have started in their ranks,” he said, adding, “Some 600 mercenaries have abandoned their positions and are trying to find their way into Europe.”



Colorado’s Marijuana Tax Raises Record Breaking Money!

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Latest News 4 Oct 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media



“We stare at TV screens and try to comprehend the suffering in the aftermath of terrorism. At the same time, we’re witnessing an onslaught of media deception. Silence, rigorously selective, pervades the media coverage of recent days. ABC News analyst Vincent Cannistraro helped to put it all in perspective for millions of TV viewers. Cannistraro was in charge of the CIA’s covert aid to Afghan guerrillas. In other words, Cannistraro has a long history of assisting terrorists–first, Contra soldiers who routinely killed Nicaraguan civilians; then, mujahedeen rebels in Afghanistan … like Osama bin Laden. How can a longtime associate of terrorists now be credibly denouncing “terrorism?”It’s easy. All that’s required is for media coverage to remain in a kind of history-free zone that has no use for any facets of reality.” — Norman Solomon, Creators Syndicate, September 13, 2001

Pentagon’s Top Cabalists Resigning; Exceptionalist Unipolar World is Dead

Top Pentagon officials overseeing the events in Ukraine and Syria have resigned, or are planning to leave their posts, as early as next month.

The falling out came as soon as Obama could not contain Putin’s Syrian Grand Checkmate anymore.




Firefighters’ Union Backs Away From Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

The International Association of Fire Fighters, one of the country’s more politically powerful unions, has abandoned its initial plans to endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, according to union sources.



BEX Alert!!! – “Merkel: Iran’s stance on Israel ‘unacceptable’”

The German leader acknowledged that the Holocaust casts a shadow across the relationship between Germany and Israel, and said that she herself feels personal responsibility toward the Jewish state. As such, she said, she was conscious of her own efforts to maintain good ties between Jerusalem and Berlin.

“Israel’s security was and is a very important matter for every German chancellor – and so it will be in the future, too,” Merkel stated. “My statement must be understood in a very comprehensive way. It is frequently reduced to the military aspect, but it refers to an entirely fundamental commitment to Israel’s security. We are certainly not neutral.”

The chancellor also acknowledged — and lamented — the poor image that Israel has in Germany, and was fiercely critical of any comparison between Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians and the Nazis’ determination to eradicate the Jewish people.



Obama warns Russia’s Putin of ‘quagmire’ in Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama warned Russia on Friday that its bombing campaign against Syrian rebels will suck Moscow into a “quagmire,” after a third straight day of air raids in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

And if anyone knows about getting stuck in quagmires, it is the United States!

Seriously, we are hearing comments from the neo-con warhawks of trapping Russia into a repeat of Charlie Wilson’s war in Afghanistan. But the situation is different. IN Afghanistan, the US Government succeeded in concealing their hand in the conflict from the American people and thus faced no domestic opposition. Today is quite different. The American people know what the government is doing. More importantly, the American people know the real reasons why the US Government is doing what they are doing. The American people are tired of war and domestic opposition is rapidly building.

If one seeks an historical precedent with which to predict what will happen in Syria, one would be better advised to recall Vietnam. Public opposition to the war was strong, despite the underhanded tricks of the FBI. And indeed Russia announced some years back that if the US went into Syria (or Iran) the Russian strategy was to draw the US into a long war of attrition, just like Vietnam. And indeed the strategy will work. The US is already weakened from 12 years of wars. The US economy hovers at the edge of collapse. Stockpiles of military supplies have been drawn down. The US military forces are exhausted. Current US weapons are costly but provably ineffective.

Russia in contrast has less costly but more effective weapons, and they have not been waging wars across the globe. Hence their forces are rested and stockpiles high. Russia’s economy, while battered following the US oil-price attack and sanctions, remains resilient. If the UDS is foolish enough to get into a proxy war with Russia in Syria or anywhere else, the US will not win, and worse, resort to nuclear arms when they finally admit they are losing.

The US accuses Russia of creating a quagmire??!! Am I dreaming or is Obama for real? Look at the quagmires the Americans have been involved in since at least the end of WW2. These pricks are either pathological liars or certifiably insane, or perhaps a combination of both?…………..KT



Trading Video: Both Dollar and Stocks Likely to Struggle Next Week




Stocks Volatile on U.S. Manufacturing Sinking to 2013 Lows!



China Dumps Dollars To Buy Gold – Mike Maloney’s Daily News Brief




Stabbing Attack Kills 1, Wounds 4 in Jerusalem’s Old City

One person was killed and four others were wounded in an attack in the Old City in Jerusalem on Saturday. Israeli security forces shot and killed the man identified as the terrorist.

According to paramedics, a man and a woman in their 40s were in critical condition, a young woman was seriously wounded and a two-year-old toddler suffered light wounds. They were evacuated to Jerusalem-area hospitals where they are receiving medical care.

(Note: We in the USA patiently wait for the U.N. to announce its demands that Israel enact stricter “Knife Control” Laws)



CIA Interventions in Syria: A Partial Timeline

what is galling is US taxpayers paid for this thru debt, the CIA funding, and the War on Drugs (supplied by CIA competitors)



Loretta Lynch: government shouldn’t require reports of people killed by police

Attorney general Loretta Lynch says the federal government should not require police to report fatal shootings of civilians, sharply diverging from her predecessor Eric Holder’s stance on police killings.

In a conversation with NBC journalist Chuck Todd on a range of criminal justice issues, Lynch said on Thursday that she does not support a federal mandate to report people killed by police.

“One of the things we are focusing on at the Department of Justice is not trying to reach down from Washington and dictate to every local department how they should handle the minutia of record keeping, but we are stressing to them that these records must be kept,” she said at the Washington Ideas Forum, hosted by AtlanticLIVE and the Aspen Institute.

Forgive me, Madam Attorney General, but have you gone absolutely, barking mad to make such a statement, when so many African-Americans have been brutalized and killed by the police?!?

Yes, we need to create better community/police relationships; but that needs to be done hand in had with reporting fatal shootings of ALL civilians.

And your observation that “the small size of the average police department could make record-keeping difficult.” is complete codswallop.

Madam Attorney General, these police departments are not tallying their numbers with an abacus; they are using computers, which makes the process more rapid, and efficient, than ever before.

To the families of every person illegally killed by a police officer, having made this statement, you do not appear at all to be on the side of American justice, which you have taken an oath to uphold; you appear to be in league with those who would rather cover this up, and erase it from America’s collective memory.

That is truly unfortunate.



Marginalizing the Momentum of the BDS Movement

snip: Despite the reference to “the Jewish state,” the territory controlled by the government of Israel contains more Arabs than Jews–though most of the Arabs are excluded from political participation. Why does only activism in support of Israel’s disenfranchised majority, and not the defenders of Israel’s system of ethnic apartheid, prompt questions of campus bias in the New York Times?



As Syria Reels, Israel Looks to Expand Settlements in Golan Heights

There is a building boom quietly underway in this little kibbutz, the first established after Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 war.

Stone utility enclosures mark sites where a few dozen homes will soon break ground. A fallow field is slated to become, next year, a new neighborhood called Banim Bonim, Hebrew for Children Build. Near the ring road Doron Bogdanovsky, the kibbutz secretary-general, has plans approved for 100 more families to settle over the next decade.

“If a living organism does not have new blood all the time, he is going to die,” Mr. Bogdanovsky, 65, said as he showed off the kibbutz, which has a waiting list because it cannot build quickly enough.

The Israelis have never wanted, and do not want, peace with the Palestinians; they want territory, and by any means necessary.

This is why we may well see an Israeli attack to claim more of this area, as Syria is rocked by war.



Yemeni man denied apology from US for drone strike that killed his family

Faisal bin Ali Jaber came to recognize that in his case, justice was not realistic. The most he could hope for from the American government that killed his family in a drone strike was an apology, much as the families of two wrongfully killed westerners received from Barack Obama.

But the answer came on Wednesday from the Justice Department: no.

Earlier this week, Jaber, a 57-year old Yemeni man, had offered to drop a federal lawsuit he filed in June, which sought to establish that the 29 August 2012 drone strike – which killed Jaber’s brother-in-law and nephew – was unlawful.

He already had reason to believe his family was collateral damage of US drone strikes in Yemen, the open secret of US counter-terrorism. He had received a cash payment of $100,000 in sequential bills from a Yemeni official – condolence payments that the US occasionally sends to relatives of people mistakenly killed.

Folks, this is why people in the Middle East hate our guts; it is not for our “freedom and democracy”, but the way in which the US government methodically assassinates thoroughly innocent people, and takes no moral responsibility for it.

There is a Biblical injunction: “that which you sow, you shall also reap.” What the US government,and military, are reaping around the Middle East, and a lot of the rest of the world, is sheer, spleen-curdling anger for the US government’s hubristic arrogance, misuse of military power, and complete lack of moral accountability.

Unlike those swell movies about World War II, where Americans could see themselves as “the good guys”, working hard to take out the wicked Japanese and Germans, right now, the US government has completely abandoned any semblance of a moral core, and has embraced the acquisition of private profit as THE ONLY value to be pursued.

And that, of course, will be pursued through the might of the US military in bombing countries which don’t agree with that into submission, or installing repressive, puppet regimes which live lavish lifestyles, and concurrently keep a lid on the festering anger of people due to the grinding poverty in which they are forced to live.

I’m no prophet or clairvoyant (if I were, I’d be playing the stock market or betting on the ponies!); but there is one thing of which I can almost assure you. These wars of aggression ultimately, may not go well for the United States of Avarice,and there will be some intense consequences for this country, at every level.



Media Coverage Is ‘a Sort of Advertisement to Mass Murder’

attention-starved mentally-ill people seeking their 15 seconds of fame?



US to Consider All Options for Possible Russian Attack on Syrian Opposition

One word.MORONS!

According to US media reports, Pentagon is weighing the use of military force to protect US-trained opposition fighters.



Russian Navy Positions off Coast of Syria’s Lattakia for Possible Cruise Attack on Militants

TEHRAN (FNA)- Military sources said that the Russian Navy has positioned three naval vessels off the Syrian coast of Lattakia in anticipation for their massive cruise missile assault on the militant groups that is likely to occur in the coming days.



Government Prosecutors Are Being Exposed as Corrupt




Obama Rules Out Cooperation With Russia on Syria Strikes

In his first major comments on the Russian airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, President Obama condemned Russian involvement in the war as a “recipe for disaster,” ruling out cooperation with Russia on the strikes and saying that there would continue to be tensions between the two nations.

In the first couple of days of Russian airstrikes the US was seen sending a number of mixed signals on the matter, mostly centering around questions about whether Russia was striking ISIS or striking pro-US factions. Obama insisted today, ironically in the wake of Russia attacking obvious ISIS targets around Raqqa, that the Russians don’t distinguish their targets at all.

Mr. President, are you totally unable to see the degree to which the US government has been hooked by Putin’s “Ropa Dopa” move?

I understand you are a chess player; unfortunately, due to reasons most likely due to hubris, you cannot see the larger game into which Putin has trapped you.

At this point, Syria is very likely to turn into the US’s new Viet Nam: congratulations, Mr. President and Administration, for NOT having seen this coming.

And THIS, sir, will be your “legacy” the American people will remember.

If we cooperate with Russia, we will kill and disrupt the terrorists we created, and completely neuter our destructive plans for Syria…….US White House. How dare Russia expect us to do such a thing? We need dupes and fools like the Australians on our side who do what we tell them………..KT



Pfizer Raised Prices on 133 Drugs This Year, And It’s Not Alone

A single, 5,000 percent price hike on an anti-parasitic drug made by Turing Pharmaceuticals garnered national media attention. But it’s just one of hundreds of smaller price increases drug companies make in the U.S. each year, a tactic the industry uses to generate more revenue from older medications.



Syrian government invites Russia to send in ground troops to protect Assad regime from ISIS

The Syrian government formally invited the Russians on Friday to send in troops to save their tottering dictator from the murderous Islamic State militants.

Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said dropping bombs, which Moscow has already been doing for three days, is not enough.

“Terrorism cannot be fought only from the air, and all of the previous operations to combat it have only served its spread and outbreak,” al-Moallem said at the United Nations General Assembly.

“Airstrikes are useless unless they are coordinated with the Syrian Arab army, the only force to combat terrorism,” he said.

It will be interesting to see how Putin responds to this request for ground troops, and the timing of that response.



Chris Harper Mercer was discharged from Army, Pentagon confirms

Chris Harper Mercer, the Umpqua Community College shooting suspect, was in basic training with the U.S. Army in South Carolina for one month in 2008, before the Army discharged him.

“A review of Army records indicate that Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer was in service at Ft. Jackson, S.C., from 5 November-11 December 2008 but discharged for failing to meet the minimum administrative standards to serve in the U.S. Army,” the Pentagon said in a news release, CNN reported Friday.



At Least 16 Killed At Afghan Hospital After U.S. Airstrike

An airstrike hit a hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres in the Afghan city of Kunduz on Saturday, killing at least 16 people in what the U.S. military called possible “collateral damage” in the battle to oust Taliban insurgents.

Frantic MSF staff phoned military officials at NATO in Kabul and Washington after the attack, and bombs continued to rain down near the medical facility for nearly an hour, one official from the aid group said.

At least 37 people were wounded and many patients and staff still missing, it added.

The U.S. military promised to investigate the incident, which could renew concerns over the use of its air power in the conflict.

Afghan government forces backed by U.S. air power have fought to drive the Taliban out of the northern provincial capital since the militants seized it six days ago, in the biggest victory of their near 14-year insurgency.

I would suggest to Doctors Without Borders that you immediately cease and desist from all medical aid to Afghanis now, and evacuate your personnel from Afghanistan as quickly as humanly possible.

This may well not be the last time this happens, no matter what assurances you may get from US military personnel, because after a 14 year occupation, the US military is still losing to the Taliban.



What Pisses Me Off About The Oregon Shooting and Chris Mercer-Harper

drug-addled shooter in victim disarmament zones



Adolph Hitler vs. The Jewish Chronicle – Spot The Difference

Jews tend to complain that Hitler looked into their blood, dug into their family’s history, tracing Jewish genes sometimes even two or three generations back. I guess the Jewish Chronicle is no different, but it is far more thorough.

The uniquely horrid British Jewish outlet decided to look into Jeremy Corbyn’s genetic ‘kosher credentials’. The headline: “Sorry to disappoint you, Mr Corbyn, but there’s just no trace of your Jewish roots”

Judaism is a religion, not a gene!







ISIS jihadis OBLITERATED: Putin jets blast terrorist HQ in Syria with bunker-buster bombs

RUSSIAN bombers have OBLITERATED nine Islamic State (ISIS) outposts in just 24 hours as Vladimir Putin steps up his huge bombing campaign in Syria.




Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney smiled and repeatedly said, “Nice to see you,” when I asked if he had any concerns about the Saudi Arabian-led bombing campaign in Yemen.

– From the Intercept article: U.S. Senators Hem and Haw on Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Abuses
Just in case you’re still confused as to why the Middle East is a flaming cauldron of death, destruction and chaos, Lee Fang provides you with some insightful observations from the self-proclaimed “leaders of the free world.”

From the Intercept:

The US-enabled Saudi slaughter in Yemen is a proxy war against the Yemenite people, who had the gall to depose their US-sponsored puppet, Mansour Al-Hadi. And please remember; in the last election in Yemen, Al-Hadi’s name was the only name on the ballot. “Democracy in action”, right?!?

Now, let’s talk about the wedding party assassinations, shall we?!? Is it not the US government and military giving the Saudis strike coordinates and intelligence for their airstrikes?!? What in the name of Heaven would cause the US government to want to have members of a wedding party extrajudicially assassinated?!?

A great PR triumph, that, Pentagon: way to go!!

And the upcoming crucifixion of the political dissident; does Obama secretly dream of being able to do this, right here in the United States?!? Maybe broadcast it on pay-per-view?!?

I would like to remind this administration that geopolitically, one is judged by the company one keeps. And the “company” of Saudi Arabia is company with one of the most blood-lust soaked, anti-democratic, repressive regimes on this planet.

This proxy war against Yemen may not go well; the country has been all but completely destroyed by the bombing of its entire infrastructure; schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, and houses.

That moment when a person has nothing left but their lives, and those lives do not seem be worth one heck of a lot, is the moment when the embracing of radicalism can become very attractive.

The late President John Kennedy said it best; “When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.”

This is stark reality which both the House of Saud and the US government need to consider right now. Their collective actions have made a potentially negotiated settlement in the country virtually impossible.



SHAME, SHAME!!! Congress Lets 9/11 First Responders Bill Expire




Dear Mr. President: An Open Letter on Gun-Free Zones and America

The following is an open letter to President Barack Obama regarding his ‘gun free zones’ and the questions I have behind them.
Dear President Obama,
I am a citizen of the United States. Sorry, but not really, that I didn’t vote for you. I am certain, as well, that I will never receive a response to my letter unless it is a form letter or a standard email reply. That’s OK with me.



The Folly of Big Science Awards

The Nobel, along with the Dickson, Lasker-DeBakey, Canada Gairdner and other major awards, honors the scientists who are usually in the least need of recognition and funding, which squeezes out opportunities for other scientists.

More important, by emphasizing the importance of scientific breakthroughs — serendipitous occurrences that rely on decades of research — these prizes play down, and diminish, the way that great medical advances build on one another.



More Americans NOT Working and Here is Why

If you want a job in America you may actually want to think about creating your own. The number of people out of work has hit a record high and the Democrats seem to simply ignore or deny it.



O’Bomber: US Airstrike Obliterates Hospital in Afghanistan, Casualty Numbers Rising

Immediately after this story broke, US mainstream media propaganda kicked into high gear and falsely reported that the Afghan government security forces “have retaken the city”, even though this was a lie. Most likely this was leaked by NATO while they were assessing a counter measure. Soon reality set in and the US media were forced to admit that the US-led NATO operation had in fact lost Kunduz.

What the US did next will shock you…

As part of NATO’s counter assault, an US airstrike bombed a hospital, killing many of its staff, doctors and patients, so far killing 9 and wounding 37. Those numbers are expected to rise sharply in the next 48 hrs as team sift through the debris.

Despite having previously relayed their GPS location to US-NATO officials many days in advance of the recent fighting, Médecins Sans Frontières also revealed how the Americans’ relentless bombing of the hospital continued for 30 minutes AFTER it raised alarm.

In a nutshell, the claim that Kunduz was retaken from the Taliban was a total lie, and to top it all off, the US bombed a “Doctors Without Border” hospital they had the GPS location for, continuing half an hour after the hospital called them and let them know they were hitting a friendly target.



BEX ALERT – Islamic State (ISIS) Claims Responsibility for Chris Mercer Harper Umpqua College Shooting

The Islamic State is crowing on social media, laying claim to the mass murder in Roseburg, Oregon.



Jesse Ventura Renews Call to Put Bush and Cheney on Trial for War Crimes





Dramatic increases in exposure to toxic chemicals in the last four decades are threatening human reproduction and health, according to the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), the first global reproductive health organization to take a stand on human exposure to toxic chemicals.

The opinion was written by obstetrician-gynecologists and scientists from the major global, US, UK and Canadian reproductive health professional societies, the World Health Organization and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

FIGO, which represents obstetricians from 125 countries and territories, published the opinion in theInternational Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics on Oct. 1, 2015, just prior to its Oct. 4 to 9, 2015, world congress in Vancouver, BC, where more than 7,000 clinicians and scientists will explore global trends in women’s health issues.



Iraq Cuts Off Wages and Pensions to ISIS-Held Territory

In a very controversial move, the Iraqi government is reported to have cut off all payments, including retirement pensions and wages of state employees, in any territory currently held by ISIS. This cuts off all money flowing into roughly a third of the country.



Airstrikes in Syria aimed at protecting Russians from terrorism, says Russian PM

Russian military operation in Syria is aimed at protecting Russian citizens from terrorist threat, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Saturday.

“We are protecting Russian people from terrorist threat because it is better to do this abroad than to fight terrorism within the country,” Medvedev told Rossiya-24 TV channel in an interview.

Once again, using the US’ own propaganda back against it!



Hillary Clinton is consistently late. And voters are noticing.

Friday, one hour after Hillary Clinton was scheduled to take the stage at the gym at Broward College here, Vikesh Patel and three of his classmates left without catching a glimpse of the Democratic front-runner in this key Florida county. She was running late from a fundraiser.

“We’ve been here since one o’clock,” said Patel, who doesn’t know much about Clinton but whose parents have followed her and her husband for decades.

He and his classmates were also going to work the rally into a paper for a speech class they’re taking.

“I guess we’ll have to go see someone else give a speech,” Patel said.

In the back of the gym, another student, Nichole Zapata, was rethinking her decision to bring her grandmother to see Clinton speak.

“This is not a good impression,” said Zapata, an undecided voter who plans to vote in 2016. “Hopefully she can win me over once she gets here, if she gets here. Not doing too good, though.”



Oregon Politician Tells Whole Country What It Should Do After Shooting- Obama Didn’t Get The Message…





A police sergeant and an officer were finally fired 14 months after surveillance video caught the officer violently kneeing a handcuffed man. After rupturing the man’s spleen, the officers ignored his pleas for medical attention for nearly two hours while laughing at him off-camera and later lying to investigators regarding the incident.

On August 12, 2014, Robert Liese was arrested for a $60 bar tab that he was unable to pay. While loading Liese into his patrol car, Orlando police officer Peter Delio allegedly kicked the handcuffed man in the stomach. Upset and injured after Delio left him handcuffed inside a jail cell, Liese headbutted the glass window on his cell door.

So THIS is how Orland officers interpret the phrase “to protect and serve”?!?

The sadistic beating torture of a restrained man, by rupturing his spleen, is something that one would have expected from the STASI; the SAVAK; or the KGB; certainly NOT by an American policeman, but this has become a growing trend in this country.

Anyone planning a convention, or vacation time with the family, please pick another venue; going to Orlando can be very hazardous to your health. Residents of Orlando, please vote with your feet, and leave both the city and the state: the city, state, and police department no longer deserve your support, particularly in light of the fact that it took 14 months to bring these officers to justice.

One has to wonder if these men were trained by veterans of Abu Ghraib, or the IDF; unfortunately, the end result was the same.



Russian general reveals truth about 9 11




A Useful Prep-Sheet on Syria for Media Propagandists

Keep mentioning the barrel bombs. Do not mention how their use was pioneered by the Israeli Air Force in 1948, and how they were used by the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam in Operation Inferno in 1968. Keep repeating, “barrel bombs, barrel bombs” and stating with a straight face that the Syrian regime is using them “against its own people.” Against its own people. Against its own people. Against its own people.

* Keep mentioning “200,000.” (The UN estimates that 220,000 have been killed in the conflict since 2011.) Declare like you really believe it that this is the number of civilians the Syrian government of Bashar Assad has killed during the war. (Do not be concerned about any need to back the figure up. No one is ever going to call you on it publicly.)



Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS




“They’re Hopping Mad In The US And Saudi Arabia”: Russian Strikes In Syria Spark Epic Western Media Propaganda Blitz

For the US, portraying Russian airstrikes as supportive of a murderous regime and as an imminent threat to civilians is key, as it allows Washington to explain away the fact that the US and its allies haven’t coordinated their efforts with Moscow.



Sorcha Faal… Internet Hoax Queen Courtesy of David Booth…

There is no such person as “Sorcha Faal, Russian academic” “Sorcha Faal” is actually David Booth, an American computer programmer “Sorcha” is alleged to be a Russian academic but there is absolutely no record of anyone with such a name in Russian academia. These periodic eruptions have absolutely no basis in any kind of fact or reality and are typical of the nonsense bespangling the internet. These reports, however, have a good deal of entertainment value. This idiocy is almost as funny as the Scientology cult babblings.



ISIS and Moderate Rebels Same Same – Russian Bear




“The Lobby-That-Doesn’t-Exist”: Politicians and Pundits on Jewish Influence in France

There are few things as difficult to talk about as Jewish elites and Jewish ethnocentrism (which, translated into left-wing parlance, could be termed “Jewish privilege and Jewish racism”). For the French case, Paul-Éric Blanrue (see my previous article on his work) usefully documents the numerous cases in which various prominent figures and journalists have spoken of Jewish ethnocentrism or “the Jewish lobby.”



How to Enjoy Your Servitude!

snip: How would you even begin to explain the standardization of identity cards and passports to fall in line with international protocols for biometric data? Or the extrajudicial presidential kill list that “allows” the President of the US to kill anyone he wants anywhere in the world at any time? Or the construction of an international treaty for sharing your personal banking details amongst the OECD nations without your knowledge or consent? Or the creation of secret DNA databases from the blood samples collected from your newborn at birth, DNA databases that private companies claim to own and governments claim the right to administer? Or any of the million other infringements on basic personal liberties that would have been taken so much for granted 50 years ago that no one would have even thought to have articulated them, let alone protected them?



Major Study Finds The US Is An Oligarchy by Zachary Davies Boren




Flashback: U.S. Training Yields Only 60 Syria Rebels So Far, Carter Says

The U.S. has trained only 60 rebels to fight Islamic State in Syria, falling far behind its goal of building a capable local ground force, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said.



Obama claims Russian airstrikes ‘strengthening ISIS’

The US president has slammed Russian airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria, going as far as to accuse Moscow of making ISIS stronger by decapacitating the “moderate folks,” prepared by Washington to stitch the country back together once Syria falls.

This is Obama on drugs again…………..KT




On Cue, Israel Suddenly Claims to Uncover “First Suspected ISIS Cell”

In a bizarre announcement no doubt designed to coincide with Russia’s bombing campaign against ISIS, Israel now claims they suddenly “uncovered” the “first suspected ISIS cell” in Israel well over one year since the ISIS show began, during which time ISIS has remarkably never attacked Israel.

Unfortunately for Israel it’s well known throughout the world that not only is Israel one of the primary players behind ISIS but that ISIS will show up anywhere in the world, except Israel…



Video shows the bombed Kunduz hospital which claimed 50 lives

A US army spokesman said the strike “may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility” and that the incident was under investigation.



Medics ‘Rang Washington’ As US Bombed Hospital

Medecins Sans Frontieres frantically phoned NATO and Washington as bombs rained down on its staff working in an Afghanistan hospital.

The agency has said at least 16 of its aid workers have been killed – and a further 19 were among the 37 seriously wounded – when the trauma centre was hit during the US strike.

America has admitted it may have killed a number of medics during the air raid in Kunduz, despite being told several times where their hospital was located.



Obama Admin Is About To Get Shaken Up After The Resignation That Was Just Announced




Russian Air Force decimating terrorist command centers, bunkers, camps, workshops – Defense Ministry

Quite a contrast! Russia bombs the US funded,armed and trained terrorists into oblivion while the US bombs hospitals! Russia does surgical strikes while the USAF kills surgeons,patients and medical staff!

Surgical airstrikes by Russian fighter jets have knocked out a number of Islamic State installations in Syria, including the battle headquarters of a jihadist group near Raqqa, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Over the past 24 hours, Sukhoi Su-34 and Su-24M fighter jets have performed 20 sorties and hit nine Islamic State installations,” Igor Konashenkov, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, reported.



Israel privatises child on the basis of hearsay

Marianne Azizi describes how an Israeli woman’s quest for state assistance resulted in her son being taken away from her on the basis of hearsay, and both her and her son being denied their rights.



Leaked Audio: Hillary Clinton Calls at Private Fundraiser for Infrastructure Bank to Resemble Clinton Global Initiative




Combat Cam: Russian jets target ISIS command center in Raqqa – Moscow MoD




Chris Mercer “Media saying White Supremacist” Truth is Half Black, but not one single picture of his black mom taken.

The government and media has to stay by their ‘created’ dialog about Chris Mercer. In fact there must be an unsaid pact to keep that narrative going. Why, do I say that. There are many pictures of Chris Mercer’s white father but not one picture of his mother on the internet. Why is that? Because she is black.

I have a real problem with the slanted information about the shooting. The public is not being told the whole truth. It is having to fit into a narrative that is contrived. Is it any wonder I question every single thing that happens? When I see we are not being given all the information about an event and people involved and things are being hidden, I then doubt all the facts.



Cartoon Tragically Reveals How Obama Has Transformed The USA

It was the middle of the night in Washington, D.C.—the early morning of September 30, 2015, in Iraq—when a three-star Russian general walked into the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, announced that Russian jets would soon begin airstrikes in Syria, and demanded that the United States stop flying combat missions in the country.



The Shocking Reality: This Chart Shows Just How Bad Unemployment Is Today Compared to The Great Depression




Silver Shortage to be Exacerbated By New Design for 2016 Silver Eagles?




Holocaust Survivor Shares Amazing Story Of Kindness In A Concentration Camp

A woman came to the podium saying she was a psychiatrist living in Marseille, France. She said she had something to give to Christophe on stage.
The woman came up and placed a piece of chocolate in Christophe’s hand and said, “I am the baby.”
Note: More holocau$t. Does anyone believe this bullshit!




As .01% face extinction: Scrooge, Darth Vader, Professor Snape offer advice to their minions

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

4-minute video of Darth Vader’s choice to serve love, family, and community rather than vicious psychopathic hatred:

For those involved in support of US government-sponsored disinformation and massive crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of the 99%’s dollars, I invite you to consider the quality of human relationships you wish to work for in creating your/our future.

National security and a brighter future is not a function of fear, manipulation, and psychopathic control. Our best security follows cooperation, justice under the law, dignity, and freedom. Surely you recognize that all promised natural rights in America are now gone, and the 99.99% are herded by the .01% as their work animals. The slaughter to which we are herded:

Unlawful and lie-began wars,



‘Some things in presidential race are orchestrated by mainstream media’ – Ron Paul


Significant friction points between US and China: Official

The Obama administration has said there are significant points of friction between China and the US in various issues, including cyber security and South China Sea, but expressed hope that the recent state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping would help both countries address it.



Peter Schiff: We’re In Deep Economic Shit!




The Working Group on Financial Markets CONTROLS the “Free Market” — Folker Hellmeyer




Putin’s Global Game Changer

Contrary to the expectations of many experts who were predicting a “second Munich” from Vladimir Putin in New York, the Russian president made no grandiose proclamations during his address to the UN General Assembly. In fact, he was outwardly far milder than one might have imagined. By comparison, Obama’s emotional speech, which was replete with strident but unsubstantiated claims, seemed sad, and occasionally even comical. For example, there was a passage about the ouster of Assad, but then less than a day later the US position flip-flopped …



Hillary Offers Syria a Libyan-Iraqi-Style Paradise

Americans may find Syria a bit confusing. David Petraeus, sainted hero, has proposed arming al Qaeda, organized devil. Vladimir Putin, reincarnated Hitler, is bombing either ISIS or al Qaeda or their friendly democratic allies, but he shouldn’t be because he’s against overthrowing the Syrian government, also run by Hitler living under the name Assad. Hillary Clinton, liberal socialist, wants to create a no-fly zone, but wouldn’t that make it hard to bomb all the scary Muslims? Wait, are we against Assad or the scary Muslims or both?



New American Revolution: Top-down rebellion against the system

It might seem unlikely to some, but a real political revolution is underway in the US right under our noses. The deeply underwhelming start to the American presidential campaign has unexpectedly evolved into a significant social phenomenon that could well have far-reaching consequences.



Putin Lives in the Real World, Obama Lives in a Fantasyland

Listening to the speeches of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and the President of the United States, Barack Obama, at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday, one is instantly struck by the polarization of the leader’s interpretation of world events. It is obvious that one leader resides in real world, whilst the other appears to live in a deluded fantasy.



ECB Chief Economist: OK, I Get it, the Euro Doesn’t Work




John McCain Wants to Shoot Down Russian Planes

Sen. John McCain has a personal stake in the ISIS and al-Qaeda members currently being targeted by Russian fighter planes. It was just two years ago that McCain found himself in the embarrassing position of having to explain his sleepover with a group of ISIS-affiliated terrorists in Syria. He has repeatedly called for more direct US military involvement to overthrow the Syrian government. Repeated stories of the failures of the US rebel training program have only steeled his resolve. Facts must not get in the way of McCain’s regime change plans for Syria.



Putin’s Blitz Leaves Washington Rankled and Confused

It’s a long-shot, but it’s a much better option then waiting around for the US to impose a no-fly zone that would collapse the central government and reduce Syria to Libya-type anarchy. There’s no future in that at all.



A Petticoat Military: Comedy in Uniform

We need a bizarre tag Mike! Check the pics out.This is the military that is picking a fight with Russia.We are in a heapa trouble!

The military, once again, puts women into jobs the cannot do–this time, the Army’s Rangers–to advance the careers of political generals–among others, Maj Gen. Scott Miller, who oversees Ranger School. Or what used to be Ranger School.

The Army cheated, says Keating: lowered standards to be politically correct and keep feminists happy. This, as the Army knows, and everyone who has been in combat knows, as well as most people who have been in the field military, is a terrible idea.

The Army forces soldiers to wear pregnancy-simulators to teach them empathy–or so say feminists, but clearly the dykes enjoy humiliating the poor suckers. What must the Taliban think?



Syria: Russian air strikes welcomed in Assad’s heartland



The Real “Blowback” in Syria

snip: According to Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi, a high-ranking Syrian army official has confirmed to the news site that Chinese involvement in the Syrian conflict is here: “the Chinese will be arriving in the coming weeks.” This follows a week of speculation piqued by the apparent deployment of a Chinese cruiser to the Mediterranean that Russian Senator Igor Morozov has asserted is taking part in Russia’s Syrian operations.

If these reports are true, then there is a significant shift taking place in the Syria narrative, long dominated by the West, the Gulf states, the Israelis, the Turks and their puppet organizations in the country. We are now witnessing the rise of a power bloc that contains the second and third largest militaries on the planet as well as the active cooperation of the governments actually effected by the ISIS invasion. That brings with it a legitimacy that the US and GCC could only wish for in the conflict.



Cuba Developed a $1 Lung Cancer Vaccine but We Can’t Have It

Most people would be quite surprised to learn that there is a vaccine for lung cancer, one which has been proven effective in over 25 years of intense research and several years of clinical use. So why is most of the world only learning about it now? The answer is complicated by back-room dealings in the dark recesses of government, and by the unhealthy influence that pharmaceutical companies have on the availability of life-saving medications.



BEX Alert!!! – “UN urges US to take measures to reduce gun violence”

The United Nations has asked the United States to take measure to reduce gun violence following a mass shooting that killed nine people at a college campus in the state of Oregon.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned on Friday about the high death toll that US gun violence is inflicting on American lives.

“The Secretary-General expresses his strong hope that the United States, through the robust democratic process that characterizes it, will be able to take the necessary action to reduce the appalling toll in human life that gun violence is taking on American society,” said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric .



Russian airstrikes aim to preserve Syria’s territorial integrity: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin says one of the key objectives of Moscow’s anti-terror airstrikes in Syria is to preserve the Arab country’s territorial integrity. . .

. . . The Russian raids have drawn criticism from Western governments and their allies in the Middle East, which have been supporting the militants operating in the region.

The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey released a joint statement on Friday, criticizing the Russian airstrikes that they said had not targeted Daesh positions.

In response, Russia’s Defense Ministry said mainstream media reports about Moscow’s operation in Syria were “total nonsense.”

Webmaster Addition: Another brilliant move by Putin. “Territorial Integrity” was the excuse the US used to support Poroshenko’s attacks against the Eastern Ukrainian Republics!



Manhattan Property Developer Deeply In #Debt Confident $130M NYC Penthouse Will Sell. No Bubbles Here!




Meet the sleazy Monsanto operatives pretending to be journalists for Discover, Slate, The Washington Post and the New York Times

These Monsanto operatives pretending to be journalists write for The Washington Post, New York Times, Discover, Slate, Nature and various “science” websites. Many of them openly admit to being paid by Monsanto and gladly accepting the money. Then they turn around and write stories attacking clean food activists or hawking whatever GMO propaganda Monsanto is pushing that day.

It’s all coordinated by sleazebag Monsanto front men like Jon Entine, a man seething with so much evil that he tried to strangle his wife in front of their own daughter, and installed surveillance equipment to spy on her activities in their own home, according to court documents published here on Natural News.




Oregon Mass Shooter On Terror List Obama Refused To Take From Russia

The Federal Security Services (FSB) is reporting today that an American black-Islamist terror suspect, who yesterday committed an act of mass murder in the State of Oregon (United States), had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) refused last month to accept from the Federation due to its not being “politically viable in the present atmosphere”.



Record 94,610,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Lowest in 38 Years

A record 94,610,000 Americans were not in the American labor force last month — an increase of 579,000 from August — and the labor force participation rate reached its lowest point in 38 years, with 62.4 percent of the U.S. population either holding a job or actively seeking one.



Yes, This Is A Financial Crisis – 11 TRILLION Dollars In Stock Market Wealth Was Wiped Out In The 3rd Quarter

Did you know that 11 trillion dollars in global stock market wealth was wiped out during the third quarter of 2015? When I was emailed this figure by a friend, I was stunned for a moment. I knew that things were bad, but were they really this bad?



SU-25 Frogfoot-Flying Tank (Russian)

Russian Ground attack plane being used in Syria.

SU-25 Frogfoot-Ground Attack Aircraft-Russian Air Force, Belarusian Air Force, Ukrainian Air Force-Single seat close support aircraft-Russian Forces nicknamed it Grach (Rook).



It’s Time To Boycott Toys R Us For Ditching American Workers




McDonald’s Cuts Cashiers As Canada Introduces Self-Serve Ordering




Navy intelligence official in $$MILLION$$ scam.




D.H.S. Re-Institutes Program For Citizens To Spy On Each Other and Report


Opt-Outs Abound as Majority of EU Says No to GMOs

On the eve of the European Union’s deadline for member states and territories to declare their stance on allowing or banning genetically modified (GM or GMO) crops, more than half of EU countries are asking to opt out—a total of 15 out of 28 members, according to the latest count by the European Commission.



The ‘Athens Affair’ shows why we need encryption without backdoors

It’s the exact nightmare scenario security experts have warned about when it comes to backdoors: they are not only available to those that operate them “legally”, but also to those who can hack into them to spy without anyone’s knowledge. If the NSA can do it, so can China, Russia and a host of other malicious actors.

The White House is reportedly close to coming to a decision on their official policy on encryption. Despite the FBI and NSA’s best efforts to convince them that they should push for a law mandating backdoors – a catastrophe for human rights, cybersecurity and the US economy – the White House may be on the verge of openly condemning the FBI’s approach, according to the Washington Post.

This would be great news for everybody. However, they have yet to come to a final decision.



Adblock got sold, and nobody knows who the mystery buyer is

Adblock, the popular extension for Chrome and Safari, has announced via a pop-up to users that it has been sold — but doesn’t mention a price or a buyer.



German Government Wants Sanctions on Russia Lifted

The German government has, as of late, become increasingly nervous. It has been trapped by the U.S. administration; the sanctions against Russia have killed their exports, particularly since Germany’s most important export industry was sent reeling by the recent Volkswagen exhaust scandal. There is, however, not much left for the Germans than to issue an appeal for help – Germany is wedged, and it is the people that suffer.



Windows 10 Adoption Leveling Off

Adoption of Microsoft’s Windows 10 is slowing down after an aggressive first month, according to new data from NetMarketShare.

Thanks in large part to an expensive marketing campaign, combined with free upgrades for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users, Windows 10 managed to seize 5.21 percent of the desktop/laptop OS market in August, the first full month of its release.

In September, however, the operating system’s market-share rose to 6.63 percent, a significant leveling-off in month-over-month gains.




The whole idea of me running for President in 2016 is, of course, an exercise in futility. I refuse to serve Wall Street money-junkies, or any foreign government, and under the current rules of American politics, that makes me unelectable. If they were able to block Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, I don’t stand a snowball’s chance in the dark regions of winning anything! However, rather than treating this campaign as a complete joke, I decided to make my “campaign” a platform from which to comment on the major issues of the campaign, meaning those issues that actually affect each and every American, while avoiding the fringe issues used as election year distractions from problems Washington DC cannot or will not solve.

Posted for James in St. Thomas



This vigilante virus protects you against malware attacks, quotes Richard Stallman

Symantec has discovered malware that infects routers and Internet of Things devices, then cleans out any existing malware and locks the devices down against future attacks.

This all sounds pretty wonderful, but Symantec warns that Wifatch infects without consent and “contains a number of general-purpose back doors that can be used by the author to carry out potentially malicious actions.” The security firm has been monitoring the Wifatch network for months, however, and hasn’t seen a single sign of malicious action—and the back doors are cryptographically signed to ensure commands come from the malware’s genuine author, reducing Wifatch’s risk of being hijacked by a truly malicious third party.

Simply resetting your router will kill Wifatch. To ward off potential infection, Symantec offers the very same advice as the malware itself: Update your device’s firmware and change its passwords.



September Perth Mint silver sales of 3,530,000 ounces were up 366% year over year.




Q3 investor flight wiped record $10 trillion off global stocks

Investors pulled a combined $75 billion from U.S (Other OTC: UBGXF – news) . and emerging market equity funds in the third quarter, wiping a record $10 trillion off the value of global equities in the period, according to EPFR Global and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.







Oregon college shooting updates: Gunman Chris Harper-Mercer killed 9, injured 9

Chris Harper-Mercer, the gunman who attacked Umpqua Community College and killed nine people, had long struggled with mental illness and was described as a “hate-filled” individual with anti-government, anti-religious and white supremacy leanings, sources said.



SERIOUS CHARGES: NSA eavesdropped in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia!

A representative break the Greens in the Austrian parliament Peter Pilz argues that under the covert operations “Eikonal” American intelligence agency NSA, checked and interviews from Slovenia, Croatian, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pilz said that the NSA with the help of the German intelligence service BND and telecom operators “Deutsche Telekom”, from 2005 to 2008 test campaign of wiretapping telephone conversations as part of covert operations “Eikonal” that were tested, and interviews conducted in Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and B&H.

The aim of the operation was to analyze and filter the content of telephone conversations civilian population due to the threat of terrorism, he explained Pilz in the program of the Slovenian television stations POP TV and proved the so-called. “Yellow list” which he learned through its own channels, and the supposed proof that they intercepted and ordinary citizens.



John Hancock – Smuggling Powerhouse

My kind of American!

John Hancock did not directly participate in the Boston tea party. But he stood to lose the most from the East India Company imports of English tea to Boston. On the other hand Samuel Adams who led the Mohawks aboard the British ships was so close to John Hancock that Bostonians even joked that “Sam Adams writes the letters [to newspapers] and John Hancock pays the postage”. You do the math.

After he inherited a fortune in his mid-20s, this elegant dandy nearly single-handedly bankrolled the early protests in Boston.







5 shot, 1 killed near shopping center in Baltimore

A shooting near a convenience store in Baltimore, Maryland involving five people has left one dead and four others whose conditions are unknown, according to law enforcement.

There are few details about the incident. On Twitter, police only confirmed that a shooting took place on the 5400 block of Reisterstown Road and that officers are responding.



Russia Offers Iraq an Alternative to US’ Bumbling Anti-ISIS Effort

The U.S. has been pressing Iraq to accept its orders on how to fight the Islamic State. It prohibited the use of quite effective, though mostly Shia, Hashd al-Shabi militia against IS in Ramadi and other places and instead wants to (again) retrain a hopelessly useless Iraqi army and a few tribal Sunni militia. The U.S. also held back long ordered weapons for the Iraqi army and air force and its bombing campaign against IS targets in Iraq is rather lackluster. By accident Hashd al-Shabi militia attacking IS positions have been hit by U.S. air strikes several times. The public opinion in Iraq is that the U.S. has (again) nefarious aims and is neither committed to a united and sovereign Iraq nor to eradicating the Islamic State. But now Russia offers an alternative. An intelligence operations room was opened in Baghdad in which Iraq, Iran, Syria, Russia and Hizbullah (the 4+1) develop and exchange intelligence about the Islamic State and possible targets for coming attacks.



US Is Using Bulgaria to Supply Arms to Ukraine

Standard US practice. It supplied anti-Soviet mujahedeen in Afghanistan from Egyptian stocks, and Syria rebels from Croatian stocks…



Soros-Backed NGO Fakes Photos To Blame Russia For Dead Civilians

Are you ready for a big surprise? Another Soros-connected pro-terrorist NGO in Syria has been caught red-handed faking evidence of “crimes against humanity” allegedly committed by forces who stand in opposition to the goals of the NATO/U.S. ruling elite…



Watch: ARMED Air Force Vet Who Was On Umpqua Campus Reveals What Stopped Him From Helping



Moscow urges Palestine and Israel not to unwind spiral of violence

Moscow calls on Palestine and Israel to show restraint and to avoid unwinding a spiral of violence and further stoking of tensions, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a commentary posted on the ministry’s website on Friday, following a deterioration of the situation in the West Bank where on Thursday two Israeli settlers were killed when their car came under shelling.

“Moscow offers its sincere condolences to relatives of the dead,” the ministry said. “We confirm our principled stance: violence against peaceful civilians is absolutely unacceptable. Those guilty in this barbarous crime should be found and brought to justice.”

The phrasing is a bit confusing. Russia is basically saying,”Cool it, guys!”



Ukraine’s parliament registers bill imposing ban on imports of Russian goods

Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, or parliament, said on Friday it has registered a bill imposing a ban on imports of Russian-made commodity. “The Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada has registered a bill on banning imports of goods originating from the territory of the aggressor state,” the Rada said in a release on its official website. The text of the bill has not yet been made public. The bill was initiated by Yuri Levchenko, an off-faction lawmaker. Earlier, Ukraine’s parliament recognized Russia as an aggressor state.



Global currency reserves continue to fall due to intervention by EM Central Banks. Adj for FX moves total down 100b in Q2




Govt’s Own Stats Prove Having the Largest Prison Population in the World Does Not Lower Crime




Harvey Norman won’t honour bargain sales

Harvey Norman says it won’t honour the sale of hundreds of furniture products sold at bargain basement prices yesterday, apparently due to a ‘technical glitch’ on its website.

The company last night emailed some customers stating that a “genuine error” occurred when it kicked off ‘New Zealand’s Biggest Retail Sale’ online, which sold off some items for less than $100.

“We sincerely apologise for this error, which is currently being investigated.

“All sales made during this period cannot be honoured. Our website terms and conditions state that we may accept or reject any offer to purchase made by you and that we have the right to correct any errors.”

The Commerce Commission, which can prosecute retailers under the Fair Trading Act, said a handful of complains about the Harvey Norman sale had been received.

The company’s website incorrectly sold the products at the wrong prices for eight hours until it was fixed at 8am.



Pentagon weighs using FORCE to protect US backed SYRIAN REBELS targeted by RUSSIA. Those damn rebels must be important!




Russian Su-25 assault fighters fully destroy IS factory of making explosives in Syria

“The Sukhoi-25 fighters fully destroyed a large facility for making landmines and improvised explosive devices in the region of Maarrat al Numaan, Idlib province”. Russia’s Aerospace Forces’ aircraft have carried out 14 sorties bombing six facilities of the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria on Friday, Konashenkov added. “During the day, the Russian air warfare group has continued to carry out pinpoint air strikes, bombing facilities of the ISIL terrorist organization. Su-24M, Su-25 and Su-34 made 14 sorties from the Hmeimin air base, delivering six air strikes against facilities of the ISIL terrorist organisation,” Konashenkov said. Thus, the Su-24M bomber and the Su-25 jet fighter destroyed a command center of the IS military units near a village of Khan-Shaykhun in the Idlib province. Sukhoi-34 multirole jets and Sukhoi-25 attack planes on Friday delivered airstrikes at a command center of the Islamic State militants in Syria, as well as their bunkers and depots in Syria.



The British Government Says – Israel Has Conducted 696 Attacks On Gaza Since 2014 Ceasefire.




Nigeria’s former oil minister Alison-Madueke arrested in London – sources

Nigeria’s former oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke was arrested in London on Friday, a source from Nigeria’s presidency circle and another with links to her family said.

Alison-Madueke was minister from 2010 until May 2015 under former president Goodluck Jonathan, who was defeated by Muhammadu Buhari at the election in March.

Buhari took office in May promising to root out corruption in Africa’s most populous nation where few benefit from the country’s enormous energy resources.

A police spokesman in London said he had no record of such an arrest. The National Crime Agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In a short statement on its website, the NCA said its International Corruption Unit had arrested five people across London on suspicion of bribery and corruption offences on Friday, without naming the suspects.



TPP means ‘ugly compromises’

Trade Minister Tim Groser says countries deeply immersed in TPP negotiations understand that dairy has to be resolved to New Zealand’s satisfaction before a deal can be done.

“At least people understand that this has got to be done and they can’t just ignore our small country because we are small,” he told the Weekend Herald.

He also extended a goodwill gesture to Labour, saying he respected the fact it had not taken a position on TPP and that was “perfectly rational”.

Mr Groser was speaking from Atlanta where ministers of the 12 countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership have extended their meeting for another 24 hours.

He said he had spoken to Prime Minister John Key in New York several times over the past few hours.

And I’ve got highly confidential but very clear political guidelines from the Prime Minister about what I should be doing.
Tim Groser



No elections can be held in Syria while the country is gripped with terrorism

Syria’s government will not be able to hold elections or amend the constitution until the country defeats terrorism, Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem told a political discussion held within the framework of the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Friday. Syria’s government continues to appeal for a political settlement of the conflict basing “on the opinion, which has proved its rightness, that the struggle against terrorism is top priority for promotion in other aspects,” Muallem said.



DEA Employees Fail Drug Tests, Shockingly Face No Serious Consequences

A number of federal employees with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration have failed drug tests over the past five years, only to receive short suspensions or other minor reprimands, newly released documents reveal.



The State Tried Kidnapping this Amish Girl to Force Chemo on Her, She Fled and is Now Cancer Free




On CNN; “Problem with Russia in Syria. An Accidental Skirmish With The US LED ISIS Coalition”

All the media has already been mentioning how Russia is bombing their CIA “moderate” rebels of Al Qaeda. Of course they use the word ‘rebel’ instead of ‘terrorist’. Which is really funny. Because wasn’t it Al Qaeda who used to be called terrorist here? Weren’t they the reason we went to Iraq and Afghanistan? Really weird…. I wonder if people are noticing that the U.S. now fully embraces and admits arming and supporting Al Qaeda, who were suppose to be our mortal enemies who did 9/11. Now it seems there is a slip and the U.S. is behind ISIS too.



VW tests U.S. enforcers’ fairness to foreign firms

Volkswagen picked the wrong market for its emissions trickery. The German carmaker has skidded into the U.S. legal system, which extracts bigger fines and more guilty pleas from overseas companies than American counterparts. Differences in the cases may explain the discrepancy. But any prosecutorial bias may attract as much scrutiny as VW’s dirty tricks.

The company should, of course, expect a painful reckoning. Rigging 11 million diesel-powered automobiles worldwide to fool environmental tests is a serious offense, no matter the jurisdiction.



World Leader Accuses Obama of TREASON on the Floor of the United Nations




First of Its Kind Study Finds Virtually No Driving Impairment Under the Influence of Marijuana

As cannabis prohibition laws crumble seemingly by the day, it’s allowing more research to be performed on this psychoactive substance that has long been a part of the human experience.



GOA Responds to the President on the Oregon Shooting– Top Ten misstatements made by Obama

On October 1, 2015, the nation witnessed another tragic shooting — this one at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

The President shortly took to a national platform to address the killings.

This should have been an opportunity for the President to unite a grieving nation. But instead, he chose to foment division. He even bragged that it was right for him to politicize this tragedy.

Over and over again, on nationwide television, the President misled the American people in an effort to further restrict the rights of law-abiding Americans who have done no wrong.

But to the President, we say: Shame on you, for leveling so many false accusations about guns and crime in America.

Here are the Top Ten misstatements he made during that nationwide address.



US playing ‘losing hand’ against Russia in Syria: Activist

The United States is playing a “losing hand” against Russia in Syria, because the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad is not going to fall, says an American anti-war activist.



FBI: Nearly 5X More Murders Committed With Knives Than Assault Rifles

Far more murders are committed with knives than so-called “assault rifles,” according to the FBI.

The new crime statistics released by the agency reveal that out of 11,961 murders performed within the U.S. in 2014, 660 were committed unarmed, 1,567 were committed with knives and only 248 murders were known to have been committed using rifles of any type, including single-shot long arms and “assault rifles” routinely demonized by gun control groups.



Parents Beware – The FBI is Launching Program to Recruit High School Kids

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking to enlist teenagers in its fight against cyber crime before they are lured into high-paying private sector jobs or fail background checks by smoking marijuana.

A first of its kind pilot program to be launched next autumn by the FBI will offer computer security classes to select high school students near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for university credit.



Here’s What Donald Trump Said Right After The Oregon College Shooting




First victim of the Oregon shooting named as trainee nurse, 19, as it’s revealed gunman, 26, ‘had Asperger’s and went to a special-needs school’ and may have written a manifesto

It has emerged earlier that the 26-year-old Oregon college gunman who may have been suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome celebrated other mass murderers, attended a school for students with ’emotional issues’ and said: ‘The more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight’.

I don’t have a problem with preventing people with this degree of obvious mental issues from obtaining a gun, but the government uses these crazies to try to take guns away from perfectly sane Americans who have done nothing wrong at all.



By Bombing Terrorists in Syria Russia Hits Washington’s Raw Nerve

Russia is undoubtedly bombing insurgents supported by the US, but that is only because Washington has intentionally supported Al Qaeda and ISIL in Syria, geopolitical researcher Tony Cartalucci remarks.



ISIL Militants Moving Families to Iraq Amid Russian Airstrikes in Syria

Islamic State militants have been moving their families to the relative safety of Iraq following Russian anti-ISIL airstrikes in Syria.

Funny how they didn’t feel they needed to do that when the US was supposedly bombing them!



Lord Janner will be found unfit to stand trial over child sex abuse allegations

Lord Janner will be found unfit to stand trial for the alleged abuse of nine boys and men, a court has heard .

A hearing at the Old Bailey on Friday heard that both prosecution and defence agree that the former Labour MP Greville Janner is not fit to enter pleas or stand trial due to advanced dementia. It is almost certain that the trial judge, Mr Justice Openshaw, will reach the same findings. The court is yet to rule on whether Janner can now expect to face a “trial of the facts”.



“They Just Don’t Want A Job” – The Fed’s Grotesque “Explanation” Why 94.6 Million Are Out Of The Labor Force

The decrease in labor force participation among prime-age individuals has been driven mostly by the share who say they currently don’t want a job. As of December 2014, prime-age labor force participation was 2.4 percentage points below its prerecession average. Of that, 0.5 percentage point is accounted for by a higher share who indicate they currently want a job; 2 percentage points can be attributed to a higher share who say they currently don’t want a job.

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Latest News 3 Oct 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media



“I set to work to read the Act of Parliament by which the Bank of England was created. The investors knew what they were about. Their design was to mortgage by degrees the whole of the country…lands…houses…property…labour. The scheme has produced what the world never saw before — starvation in the midst of abundance.” — William Cobbett, “The Political Register”, XVIII, July 14 th, 1810.

Educate yourself and read Putin’s 2015 UN speech here. A large effort seems to be in process to hide and ridicule this speech. (I suggest you read trough the lines and understand what Putin is saying here.)




The Mind of Mr. Putin

Perhaps it is time to climb down off our ideological high horse and start respecting the vital interests of other sovereign nations, even as we protect and defend our own.

If America’s elites continue to assert their right to intervene in the internal affairs of nations, to make them conform to a U.S. ideal of what is a good society and legitimate government, then we are headed for endless conflict. And, one day, this will inevitably result in war, as more and more nations resist America’s moral imperialism.

Nations have a right to be themselves, Putin is saying.



Are Americans and Britons being prepped for a military coup?

A recent poll conducted by YouGov revealed that a sizable portion of the American public is open to the idea of a military coup in the United States. The poll was conducted amid the continual polling that takes place during the U.S. Presidential election yet it did not focus on the electionsper se, but the potential lack of elections in the future.



Hillary decides to commit political suicide.

An hour ago Hillary clinton decided to essentially end her career and called for a No fly zone over Syria .

“I personally would be advocating now for a no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors to try to stop the carnage on the ground and from the air, to try to provide some way to take stock of what’s happening, to try to stem the flow of refugees,” Clinton said in an interview with NBC affiliate WHDH in Boston after a campaign event nearby.

Apparently she forgot that she was a democrat and joined the great thinkers like John McCain, John Kasich and Carly Fiorina in what amounts to a declaration of war on Syria and Russia.Trying to look tough in an attempt to get GOP voters who will never switch and offending Democrats.



A Clinton Email Scandal Checklist

Hillary Clinton hopes you are busy. Hillary Clinton hopes you are confused. Hillary Clinton hopes the endless stories about her private email server—and her endless, fabulist explanations—will make your head hurt, make your eyes cross, make you give up trying to figure it out.

All you really need to know at this point is this: Pretty much every claim Mrs. Clinton made at her initial March news conference, and since then, is false. In the spirit of keeping it simple, here’s the Complete Busy Person’s Guide to the Clinton Email Scandal. Stick it on the fridge.



Hillary’s junk mail: The latest State Department release shows still more emails with classified information

A fresh set of emails from and to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state underlines her terrible judgment using a private homebrew server to communicate as the nation’s chief diplomat.

The latest trove also makes clear the chasm between her defenses and the facts.

In March, during her first press conference on the issue, Clinton was unequivocal:

“I did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. There is no classified material. I’m certainly well-aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.”

In August, she reiterated that line.

Not so. The 3,800 emails made public Wednesday included 215 that contained classified information — and three should have been considered “secret,” the government’s second-highest classification designation.



Montana Slaps Down Police State: Bans LEOs from “Receiving Military Equipment from the Pentagon”

Is this a major blow to attempts to phase in martial law?

Today, a law that will heavily diminish the impact of federal programs militarizing local police in Montana went into effect.

Introduced by Rep. Nicholas Schwaderer (R-Superior), House Bill 330 (HB330) bans state or local law enforcement from receiving significant classes of military equipment from the Pentagon’s “1033 Program.”




Two Questions About Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

Lots of people have asked lots of questions about Hillary Clinton and her email server. That’s fair enough. But I’ve got a couple of questions for the people with all the questions. There might be simple answers to these, but they’ve been bugging me for a while and I still don’t really understand them. Here they are:



Municipal bankruptcies are here, more on the way

Even to the casual observer, the financial condition of government budgets are under severe stress. Taxes have gone up consistently and have outpaced any meager adjustments in income for most taxpayers. No one can reasonably expect that municipal financing is assured by simply raising assessments and rates to keep their bloated bureaucracies solvent. Since the middle class has never recovered from the money centered meltdown, the average community struggles with diminished resources.



BOMBSHELL.. Drills Held Just Last Week @ Oregon School




Michelle Obama’s Shocking Admission: “Who Cares What You’re Eating? I Don’t Care.”

First Lady Michelle Obama, infamous for her much-maligned school lunch program, inadvertently let a tidbit of truth slip out during a panel discussion last week with actress Charlize Theron and others about the importance of girls’ education.



Obama Wants Your Guns, While U.S. Military Murders Millions with their Guns

Following the tragic event in Oregon, New World Order puppet, United States president Barack Hussein Obama, has been marched out to try to convince us once more that guns are bad for us.

Too bad the politician fails to mention that the U.S. war machine, now under his control, is responsible for ruthlessly murdering millions of innocent civilians, just in the past 14 years.



Israel Lobby Seriously Wounded from Iran Deal Disaster

  • Is the end near for once all-powerful Zionist pressure group?

Whatever backroom deals and horse trading went on behind closed doors on Capitol Hill to secure approval of the Iran nuclear deal, formally named the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the most significant aspect of the political drama that has played out over the past two decades may be the diminished power of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), better known as the Israel Lobby.

AIPAC’s failure to prevent the deal’s passage, a done deal now based mainly on the number of supporters in Congress, represented a stinging defeat to the once all-powerful special interest group, which has been used to getting its way with American congressman and senators through the direction of campaign contributions from myriad of pro-Israel groups that infest our nation’s capital.



Flashback 1992 – “JFK CONSPIRACY ROCK”

This video debuted at Emerson College in 1992, as part of a live show by the Emerson comedy troupe This Is Pathetic. After making the rounds at several broadcast outlets (including SNL, where it is rumored that Al Franken personally savaged it as unfaithful to conspiracy theory canon), the bit finally aired multiple times on Comedy Central during the week of November 22, 1993.



Oregon Shooting: 13 troubling signs of potentially yet another false flag

When you practice something all the time you eventually get very good at it. The one thing many awakened and vigilant Americans have become good at over the past few years is sniffing out government false flags because they have so much practice at it.







In July 2003, Dr. David Kelly testified to the fact that Iraq had no biological weapons. Two days later he was dead.




“They’re Hopping Mad In The US And Saudi Arabia”: Russian Strikes In Syria Spark Epic Western Media Propaganda Blitz

In any event, the important thing here is to cut through all of this and extract the bits that help to tell the story of what’s actually taking place in Syria. As we detailed on Thursday, this is effectively a Mid-East coup by Russia and Iran wherein Tehran will replace Riyadh as the regional power broker and Moscow will supplant Washington as the superpower puppet master.

What concerns me is how far the US, Saudi, ( and, regrettably omitted from this article), the Israeli governments will go to prevent this from happening.

It is unfortunate that the peace of the world depends of the head-space of its most psychopathic leader; and right now, Israel’s uber-hubristic Benyamin Netanyahu holds that dubious geopolitical distinction.

Tel Aviv is already conjuring imaginary Iranian troops at the Golan border as the potential “excuse” for an invasion of Syria.

Its newspapers have spoken, breathlessly, of the IDF having to move its northern borders “eastward”, to, allegedly, protect the people there.

But looking at a map of the region, if they are not claiming land in the Mediterranean sea, we are looking at a potential invasion of Lebanon, as this is the only country bordering Israel on its east.

And, of course, the US government desperately needs a world war to mask an economy in ruin, and blame the war for the collapsed economy.

So, we have a convergence of events and agendas, which may well lead to a regional war, if not a world war.

And as we have said numerous times, please don’t panic; prepare.

You know what you need to do (long storing food, potable water, medications for family and pets), and a plan for either fortifying your home, and/or creating an intelligently assembled bug-out kit.

But of one thing I can assure you; if you haven’t already done this, the time is now to make this happen.

Preparation, and planning, never hurts, and if the excrement hits the ventilation shaft, chances are you will survive.



Syria: Air strikes to last ‘3 to 4 months’ as Russia accuses US of ‘pretending’ to bomb Isis

“There is always a risk of getting bogged down but, in Moscow, they’re talking about three to four months of operations,” Alexei Pushkov, the head of the lower house of the Russian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, told French radio station, Europe 1. He added that more than 2,500 air strikes in Syria by a US-led coalition against Islamic State (Isis) had yielded no results and was a pretence.

“I think it’s the intensity that is important. The US-led coalition has pretended to bomb Daesh (IS) for a year, without results,” Pushkov said. “If you do it in a more efficient way, I think you’ll see results,” he added.



Hospitals are breeding grounds for drug-resistant superbugs and cause deadly infections that kill 75,000 U.S. patients annually




U.S. Officials: Netanyahu Indicated That UN Speech Concludes His Fight Against Iran Deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed the U.S. administration that his speech on Thursday at the UN General Assembly, in which he dealt extensively with the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, would be his swansong on his public fight against the accord, senior American officials told Haaretz.



While QE boosted the wealth of the top 20% with money to invest, bottom 80% left behind.




This unspeakable man – Barack Obama – dares to shamelessly lecturing us on guns?




Nationwide ‘Suspicious Activity’ Files Now Tracking Online Activity… Hidden GPS devices to track suspects raise legal concerns




Ex-Israeli intelligence officer calls for funding for the illegal state of Israel to be stopped




Roseberg Oregon Residents Say School Shooting Shows Why Citizens Must Be Armed

Once again the Gungrabbers misread the psychology of the Americans.

Residents in Roseberg, Oregon, are rallying around the Second Amendment in the wake of the heinous attack on Umpqua Community College (UCC), suggesting the attack itself is proof of why citizens need to be armed for self-defense.

According to the Associated Press, Roseberg is a mill town surrounded by hunting and fishing opportunities, and one where many residents say they do not leave home without a handgun for self-defense. They do not carry because crime is high, but because crime is low and they want to keep it that way.

Consequently, residents like J.C. Smith believe the attack at UCC was made possible by the fact that the school denied the exercise of Second Amendment rights to its students. Smith suggests that “barring people from carrying guns on campus made it particularly vulnerable to a ‘lone wolf’ attack” like the one witnessed Thursday.




The number of Americans not in the labor force exceeded 94 million for the second time in a row last month hitting a new record high, according to new government data released Friday morning.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a record 94,610,000 people (ages 16 and over) were not in the labor force in September. In other words they were neither employed nor had made specific efforts to find work in the prior four weeks.

The number of individuals out of the work force last month — due to discouragement, retirement or otherwise — represented a substantial 579,000 person increase over the most recent record, hit in August, of 94,031,000 people out of the workforce.

While the prior two months saw a labor force participation rate of 62.2 percent, September’s participation rate dropped to 62.4 percent, matching the lowest level seen since October 1977.

AND, as reported at

For a third month in a row, native-born Americans saw their job numbers tumble while immigrants experience solid gains. According to the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers just released, “foreign-born” jobs numbers increased by 14,000, while those for “native-born” Americans fell off a cliff, by 262,000.




Neiman Marcus Cuts 500 Jobs To Counter 4.55 Billion In Debt




US Moves 30,000 Marines to Counter China, Sending 4 Strategic Weapons to Region



U.S., allies demand Russia halt Syria strikes outside IS areas

Russia bombed Syria for a third day on Friday, mainly hitting areas held by rival insurgent groups rather than the Islamic State fighters it said it was targeting and drawing an increasingly angry response from the West.

The U.S.-led coalition that is waging its own air war against Islamic State called on the Russians to halt strikes on targets other than Islamic State.

“We call on the Russian Federation to immediately cease its attacks on the Syrian opposition and civilians and to focus its efforts on fighting ISIL,” said the coalition, which includes the United States, major European powers, Arab states and Turkey.

“We express our deep concern with regard to the Russian military build-up in Syria and especially ?the attacks by the Russian Air Force on Hama, Homs and Idlib since yesterday which led to civilian casualties and did not target Daesh,” it said.

This reeks of desperation on the cusp of madness; and on a practical standpoint, from the Russian side, will only happen when pigs fly.

But beyond the bellicose “cease and desist” order the US has given Russia, what, precisely, is the US government going to do when the Russians ignore this?!?

Is the American public being “groomed” for a war with Russia?!?

Unfortunately, just because an action potentially taken by the US government would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly wrong thing they could do to address a geopolitical situation, is absolutely no guarantee that they will not do it.

And I would like to politely point out that the US government and military do not have the money, the troop strength, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional military confrontation against Russia (or China, for that matter); and that is what makes the military scenario here so scarily dangerous.

Yes, the US outspends Russia and China on military hardware; however, the outcome, when that weaponry is deployed in the field, can be somewhat …shaky. The Russian and Chinese governments have a tacit agreement with their weapons manufacturers that when weapons are deployed, that they will actually work.



Russia is now doing what the US and its minions have been pretending to do, that is actually bomb ISIS training camps and other terrorist groups inside Syria, and Russia will not stop. Get used to it……………KT



Israeli intel thwarts first known ISIS plot inside Jewish state

HAIFA, Israel – An ISIS cell that trained in the forests near Galilee while plotting to attack Israeli police and military facilities — as well as liquor stores — was shattered by the intelligence agents in what experts say is the first known case of the black-clad terrorist army operating within the Jewish state, sources told Thursday.
Note: There is no way possible that Israel didn’t know about this! They have spies everywhere?

Sounds like an excuse for Israeli attacks inside Syria?………….KT




The Anti-Russian Lying Machine in Action

Moscow’s campaign aims to defeat ISIS, eliminate its scourge. Washington actively supports it, striking Syrian targets exclusively, duplicitously claiming otherwise.

America’s declared war on ISIS is a complete fabrication. Russia’s is the real thing – why Obama administration officials are so alarmed about its justifiable intervention, supporting a regional ally in need, complying fully with international law.

A statement from the “Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic” said “the sending of Russian air forces was carried out upon a request of the Syrian state conveyed via a letter sent by President Bashar al-Assad to President Vladimir Putin.”

Sergey Lavrov told reporters: “Do not listen to the Pentagon (propaganda) about Russian (air) strikes. Ask the Russian Defense Ministry.” Full information was made public.

Russia is now actually doing what the US government and military were, purportedly, doing, completely ineffectually, for the last 4 years; getting ISIS out of Syria.

Of course, from its inception, ISIS was created by American intelligence as the “boogeyman” to get Americans cowed into signing off on more military intervention in the Middle East and beyond.

With current revelations seeping into the collective American consciousness about how the US government supported terrorist movements in the Middle East to this end, I would politely suggest to the US government that this approach can not and will not, work.



If Russia found a cure for cancer, western media would make it look like a bad thing

It’s only been a day since Russia launched air raids against ISIS. However, the western media machine has quickly whirred into action against Moscow’s operation. RT speaks to journalist and broadcaster Bryan MacDonald for his take on the situation.



August factory orders fall 1.7%

Orders to U.S. factories fell in August by the largest amount in eight months, led by a drop in demand for commercial airplanes and weakness in a key category that tracks business investment spending.



These Dramatic Before And After Images Of Syria Demonstrate “Success” Of US Foreign Policy




US Mint Sees Record Silver Sales In Q3 As Physical Demand “Is Absolutely Through The Roof”

Confirming the demand side is the U.S. Mint sold 14.26 million ounces of American Eagle silver coins in the third quarter, the highest on records going back to 1986. Dealers and mints trace the supply squeeze to a burst of buying by mom-and-pop investors in the United States, who scrambled to scoop up coins they considered to be at bargain levels after spot silver prices in early July sank to six-year lows.



When Shaker Aamer is free from Guantánamo the slurs will start: Clive Stafford Smith

My maternal grandmother once gave me some advice that has never left me: when someone does you wrong, bizarrely, they will invariably hate you for it. This stems from a very human desire not to admit mistakes. Therefore if you want to salvage a relationship with the person who wronged you, you must go out of your way to be kind to them.

I have discussed my grandmother’s advice with Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in Guantánamo Bay. He has been done a terrible wrong – held for almost 14 years without charges, tortured over and over. He has never met his youngest son Faris, who was born on the very day he arrived in the notorious US military base.

Character assassination, as a tool of shaping the public narrative,has been finely tuned by both the US and British intelligence agencies.

This is again, why, the Ministers of Propaganda in both countries can never, ever be taken at their word.

And please remember; some of those incarcerated at Gitmo, with out ever having been accused of a crime, or had a trial, will never be allowed to leave because water-boarding was not the worst thing done to them.



PM: Iraq Would Welcome Russian Airstrikes

Speaking today in an interview with France 24, Iraqi Prime Minister Hayder Abadi said he would welcome Russian military involvement against ISIS on Iraqi soil, and that while the two nations hadn’t discussed the matter yet, Iraq was eager for more partners.

Abadi suggested he was waiting for Russia to ask, but Russian government spokesmen suggested the opposite, saying they would “consider” involvement in Iraq if asked, but at present had no plan to extend their strikes against ISIS outside of neighboring Syria.

Now, please give me a moment to get my head around this; the US government has left Iraq in such a state of catastrophe that its government would welcome Russian airstrikes against ISIS?!?

How completely screwed up is the ultimate outcome of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, that their prime minister is inviting Russian military intervention against ISIS here?!?



Which is code for the US and Allied airstrikes are NOT working………..KT




Georgia company fined $1.3 Milion for unfair Business Practices, false yelp reviews, publishing personal records online




US Seeks to Cut Europeans Out of Syria Peace Talks

With the UN General Assembly setting up a growing call for international negotiations on ending the Syrian Civil War, the Obama Administration is taking a risky position, reportedly trying to keep all Western European nations from taking part in the negotiations.

The international nature of the talks had most assuming that the P5+1 would be formally involved, as they were with the Iran nuclear negotiations, but while the US is okay with Russia being at the talks, they want to cut out the other four, meaning China and all three EU members would be sidelined.

The real risk of including France, Germany, and Britain is the appeal to reasonableness they are liable to bring to the table, as the US can count on the Saudis and Turkish government to both unconditionally spurn any unity deal that keeps Assad in power in any form, while the European nations are more likely to push for some sort of compromise deal that starts a transition.

I am having a palm to forehead moment, at velocity, upon reading this.

And the only conclusion I can come to here is very simple; the US government no longer represents its citizens at all any more.

It represents Israel’s desire to see Al-Assad out; it represents the warmonger corporations who would love to see a long, protracted war in Syria (and ultimately, in Iran); and it represents the financial institutions which lend to all sides, at usurious rates, to support the war efforts.

The US government appears to be pathologically incapable of learning from its mistakes, geopolitically. The military misadventures in Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and continue, 14 years on, in Afghanistan, have taught this government nothing.

The only thing these wars have done is to absolutely bankrupt this country, and create a huge, unpayable burden on its citizens from which the American people may well never recover.



Participation Rate Crashes To October 1977 Level: Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar By 579,000 To Record 94.6 Million




Jeb Bush: USA must show strength to stop Putin

Jeb Bush is convinced that Washington should show strength on Russia and Russian President Putin to stop Moscow’s participation in the Syrian conflict. “This is outrageous. He’s attacking the Syrian free army. The remnants of an army that we — got the support during the time when it actually had strength and now instead of us creating a no fly zone, he’s in fact saying there’s a no fly zone including American Air Force. So we’re in a position right now where if we don’t show strength, this will create problems not just in Syria, but the rest of the world,” Jeb Bush said on MSNBC. According to Bush, Russia is thus trying to spread its military influence in other parts of the world. To stop Russia from doing that, Jeb Bush offered to tighten sanctions against Russia and entrust the struggle against ISIS to USA’s partners in Europe.

How dare Russia bomb our terrorists!? And how dare Russia support its ally Syria. We will pretend to bomb our terrorists and also its AOK if we support our Allies, no matter how rotten, corrupt and barbaric they are….KT



Congress fails to renew 9/11 responders’ medical care

The healthcare program for 9/11 first responders expired at midnight on Wednesday after Congress failed to act. More than 72,000 people were registered under the program for yearly check-ups on 9/11-related illnesses and 33,000 were receiving treatment.

Do you know that reputable and repeatable scientific tests have shown that the dust which settled on lower Manhattan and which drifted upwards after the Sep 11 2001 attacks consisted of particles which were dissociated at the molecular level? This was NOT normal dust folks. Dust dissociated at the molecular level easily enters the lungs and blood stream. The buildings of the WTC did not collapse in a pancake manner and the collapse of these buildings Was not typical of a controlled demolition. The buildings literally exploded into dust and disappeared. Go and have a look at videos of the collapses for yourself…………………KT



Silver Spikes To Six-Week Highs On Heavy Volume – Biggest Jump Since Dec 2014




Russia Says Syria Air Raids To Last “3-4 Months” As Moscow Releases New Videos Of Strikes


Seven points not on the Arab media agenda – what is there to celebrate?

It has been recently announced that Arab ‘media experts’ plan to ‘celebrate’ Arab Media Day on April 21, 2016. The theme for the first day, of what is meant to be an annual tradition, is: “The Role of the (Arab) Media in Combatting Terrorism”. The mockery is surely multi-faceted. One is the clearly politicized choice of the theme of the proposed event. The term ‘terrorism’ is a political one, and is rarely applied to violence committed by Arab regimes: it only applies to their detractors. Another is the fact that the committee of ‘experts’ which made the decision was itself appointed by the Council of Arab foreign ministers in their Cairo meeting last May. The Council operates under the ineffectual and mostly ceremonial Arab League. In reality, Arab media has little to celebrate. If anything, Arabs should lament the moral malaise afflicting their media, whether official, semi-official, independent or opposition.



FLASHBACK: General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years

Lest we forget!

So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”



“Panic” As Investors Lose Their Appetite: “Reliving Market Jitters of the Great Recession”

Even the slightest grumblings about raising interest rates by even a fraction of a percentage are inducing nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness and ensuing mass panic.

If it feels like you’re reliving the market jitters of the Great Recession and eurozone crisis, it’s probably because you are.

During this week, global risk appetite dropped to “panic” levels for the first time since January 2012, according to Credit Suisse’s Global Risk Appetite Index.





Medicated to Death: SSRIs and Mass Killings




Red Alert!: NWO- It’s On! Lynch Announces to UN!: Called ‘The Strong Cities Network’: 22 World Cities Join World Police Force!




It’s now illegal in England and Wales to smoke in cars with kids inside

Smokers who light up in vehicles with children inside will face fines in England and Wales as anti-smoking measures are expanded to protect young people from the dangers of second-hand smoke.



Syrian Observatory for Human Rights run by immigrant from his UK home

Many western media outlets have frequently been relying on one information source for facts about the death toll in Syria – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It was founded in May 2006 and It’s run by one man only – Rami Abdul Rahman, who’s a Syrian immigrant to the UK and is based in his two bedroom home in Coventry. RT travelled to the midlands, to find the headquarters of the observatory, and investigate more.



US Targets Bolivia With Secret Drug Indictments Against Evo Morales’ Government

A Drug Enforcement Agency informant-turned whistleblower revealed the agency’s plot to undermine the Bolivian government through secret indictments for cocaine trafficking.

The sealed indictments were revealed as part of a lawsuit filed this month by Carlos Toro against the U.S. federal government, demanding back pay for his decades of work as an undercover informant. The Huffington Post broke the story on Sept. 15, explaining that evidence in the trial exposed the existence of Operation Naked King, the DEA’s plan to undermine the Bolivian government for its alleged support of international cocaine trafficking.

According to The Huffington Post, targets of secret indictments include:

“Walter Álvarez, a top Bolivian air force official; the late Raul García, father of Vice President Álvaro García Linera; Faustino Giménez, an Argentine citizen and Bolivian resident who is said to be close to the vice president; and Katy Alcoreza, described as an intelligence agent for Morales.”

“Regime change” as a matter of practical policy, has been a thoroughly embedded part of American foreign policy for decades; along with extrajudicial assassinations, it has become as American as apple pie.

As a Christian pacifist, who believes in moral, good-faith, win/win agreements to encourage peaceful, prosperous cooperation with countries world wide, this concerns me greatly.

And this is one of the many, many reasons why I can no longer believe anything the US government says, either for domestic or international consumption. I fully expect it to lie about everything to advance its own narrative, which many times, has absolutely nothing to do with the truth on the ground.

Because ultimately, the wars, and proxy wars, which are fought by our military, who may well get killed, or maimed for life, are not at all about freedom or democracy, which are the “good reasons” with which wars are “sold” to the American people; they are unfailingly fought to enhance private corporate profit.



Flashback: Obama Brags that he’s ‘Really Good at Killing People’

Obama is better at killing people than any commander-in-chief to date. Estimates vary, and honestly no one’s bothering to keep track, but 5,000 dead bodies is a decent guess — which is based largely on Sen. Lindsey Graham’s tally of 4,700 from last February. It’s likely higher by something between “a smidge” to “HolyJeebusGodinHeaven!”

So, woo-hoo, 5,000 terrorists dead, yeah? Would you take no instead?

The actual number of people these figures represent who were really considered a threat to the United States is closer to just 100.

A 2012 Stanford-NYU joint study determined that for every dead “terrorist” blown to bits by our wicked warbots, 49 innocent civilians get blown up along with them. We’re talking grannies and kids here. No wonder retired General Stanley McChrystal warned that our drones are “hated on a visceral level.”



Revealed: Panorama’s plans to smear survivors of child abuse

BBC1’s Panorama is planning to attack survivors of child sex abuse and others who are uncovering evidence of a ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

Many journalists at the broadcaster fear that the programme will prompt a backlash because two established cases of VIP paedophiles were among the BBC’s biggest stars – Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall.

They point to how the broadcaster badly let down abuse survivors previously, including one who featured in a Panorama on the pulling of an expose of Savile by BBC2’s Newsnight and another at the centre of the latter programme’s implicit and mistaken identification of Lord McAlpine, former Conservative treasurer, as a paedophile.

Panorama plans to smear abuse survivors, criticise Exaro and other media over their reports on VIP paedophiles, and undermine MPs who campaigned on the issue.



Patriot cops who will not comply with unconstitutional gun control measures speak out

The above video shows a montage of patriotic law enforcement officials who plan to uphold the constitution at all costs.

In fact “many Sheriffs are now calling for action”, as pointed out by Fox News the video’s first segment.



Rashid Khalidi on Syria: The Beginning of This Mess was the 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Russia has launched airstrikes in Syria for a second day, becoming the latest foreign government to intervene in a war that has already killed over 240,000 people and displaced millions. The move sparked concern from U.S. officials, who say the Russian attacks did not hit ISIL targets but instead struck rebel groups fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, including at least one group trained by the CIA.



FBI destroyed alleged evidence of Hasidic fraud submitted by whistleblower

The FBI destroyed records indicating potential Medicaid fraud among haredi Orthodox Jews in upstate New York’s Orange County because they came from an unauthorized investigation.

Justin Rodriguez, a spokesman for Orange County, told MidHudson News on Tuesday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had destroyed materials submitted by a county social services employee, Nicole Latreille.

Latreille filed a lawsuit last month against the county alleging that she was penalized for being a whistleblower after reporting evidence of $40 million in fraud among residents of Kiryas Joel, a predominantly Hasidic village inside the town of Monroe.



Obama Pulled John Kerry and Samantha Power From Netanyahu UN Speech

Breitbart News has learned that President Obama called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power into a video conference before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday.

Like I said, there were a lot of empty chairs in front of Netanyahu!



Israel Escalates ‘Water-Apartheid’ As Illegal Settlers Contaminate Palestinian Water

Israeli restrictions on Palestinian water use, as well as damage to water supplies and infrastructure by both Israeli forces and Jewish settlers, continue to deplete the already limited water supplies available to millions of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“Water is used by the Israelis to achieve non-water interests, as a tool of punishment,” Dr. Abed Elrahman Tamimi, director of the Palestinian Hydrology Group in Ramallah, told MintPress News.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of Palestinians within Israel continue to lack access to running water, despite their citizenship in the state and the equality they should receive under its laws.

Israel has limited the water available to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank since its forces occupied the enclaves, placing them under military rule, in 1967.

This is so hideously morally wrong, and such an embedded component of the Israeli Government’s “final solution” against the Palestinians, that I hardly know where to begin.



Russian MP: West seeking to stage discrediting campaign against Russia’s actions in Syria

“I see that a wave of discrediting and flagrant lies has been stirred up against Russia over our recent decision to use military force in Syria,” Konstantin Kosachev, the chairman of the international committee at Russia’s Federation Council upper parliament house, said at a meeting with members of the European Parliament. Russia’s aviation, he stressed, “never hits civilian facilities.” “We deliver no strikes at areas where civilians might be hurt,” he said, adding that the target of Russia’s air strikes was terrorists. He said attempt were being taken to “impose erroneous logic” on Russia. “First they impute a different nature [of action] from the really existing one, and then taking it as a pretext they deny cooperation with us,” he said.



Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage

At around noon, officials sent out an automated phone call to parents at Roseburg School District, which referenced the shooting and assured the school was safe.

Sometime later, students’ cell phones were confiscated and they were escorted out of their buildings with their hands up as authorities patted them down and lined them up to be evacuated on buses, according to NRToday.

Confiscated the students’ cell phones?!?

This confirms the email I received during the radio show that no tweets were coming from the actual students themselves!

UPDATE: The report that student cell phones were confiscated has now been “Orwellized” from the NY Post but is still seen in the numerous copies of the article posted around the net.



World Leader Goes To The UN And Drops Bombshell Claim About Obama Admin And Iran




FLASHBACK – Blowback! U.S. trained Islamists who joined ISIS

Syrian rebels who would later join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials.



FLASHBACK – Plane drops of ammunition helping to reinforce ISIS – reports

The Islamic State is getting outside help, with plane drops providing ammunition for the terrorist organization, according to an RT Arabic report. Iraqi government soldiers also say this is a recurring theme and the group is as strong as ever.



Kiev’s rocket launchers spotted 5 miles from front line in east Ukraine

Reconnaissance units of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) have spotted two Grad multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) of the Ukrainian army near the contact line in the south of the republic, DPR defense spokesman Eduard Basurin told reporters on Friday. “Reconnaissance patrols have spotted two Grad MLRS in the Gnutovo settlement, 8 km [almost 5 miles] from the separation line,” he is quoted by the Donetsk News Agency. “The arrival of eight automotive vehicles with ammunition for the MRLS has been observed in the area of the Kleban-Byk settlement, located 14 km from the contact line.” Eduard Basurin added that eight heavy artillery of the Ukrainian forces have been spotted south of the village of Granitnoye (12 km north-east of Telmanovo) 500 metres away from the front lines.
Three Ukrainian servicemen join DPR — DPR defense ministry



FLASHBACK – Why are US and UK planes dropping weapons for ISIS ?

In late February, Iranian news agency FARS revealed unconfirmed reports about the presumed identity of those helping ISIS with weapons and ammunition. An updated video released by the unofficial Islamic State a3maq news a few months ago showed a jihadist displaying a number of boxes of ammunition with English-language markings.



Russian lawmaker: EP adopting anti-Russian resolutions like it has nothing else to do

“It is especially surprising how regularly the European Parliament adopts anti-Russian resolutions, like the European Parliament has nothing else to do,” Pushkov noted.
EU’s losses from sanctions stand at about $100 bln
Anti-Russian sanctions are burden for entire Europe — German business association




Putin Calls Out Washington — Paul Craig Roberts

Last Wednesday (28 Sept 2015) the world saw the difference between Russia and Washington. Putin’s approach is truth-based; Obama’s is vain boasts and lies, and Obama is running out of lies.

By telling the truth at a time of universal deceit, Putin committed a revolutionary act. Referring to the slaughter, destruction, and chaos that Washington has brought to the Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine, and the extreme jihadist forces that have been unleashed, Putin asked Washington: “Do you realize what you have done?”

Putin’s question reminds me of the question Joseph Welch asked witch-hunting Senator Joseph McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency?” Welch’s question is attributed with initiating the decline of McCarthy’s career.




In a U-turn at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Western governments dropped plans Wednesday for an international inquiry into human rights violations by all parties in the war in Yemen that has killed thousands of civilians in the last six months.

The change of direction came as the Netherlands withdrew the draft of a resolution it had prepared with support from a group of mainly Western countries that instructed the United Nations high commissioner for human rights to send experts to Yemen to investigate the conduct of the war.

That proposal was a follow-up to recommendations by the commissioner, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, who detailed in a report this month the heavy civilian loss of life inflicted not only by the relentless airstrikes of the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia but also by the indiscriminate shelling carried out by Houthi rebels.

Once again, the UN has proven itself the ugly and irrelevant stepchild of US foreign policy, where the US-enabled, Saudi slaughter of Yemenite civilians continues unabated.

This is the US and UN’s message to the world; if you are looking at throwing out a western-backed thug, who does nothing for you or your country except extort its wealth and suppress the democratic process, be prepared for military collective punishment of your civilian population designed to beat you into submission, and into taking back the demagogue you kicked out in the first place.

I am thoroughly disgusted and chagrined that such an institution is allowed to describe itself as the arbiter for freedom, democracy, and human rights.



In Need of a Neo-Nuremberg

Raving lunatic and ex-POW snitch John McCain called the Russian action “a classic example of the Russians treating the United States with complete contempt.” Considering that the United States and NATO have been demonstrating nothing but contempt for international law for at least 14 years, that statement is as laughable as everything else that McCain says. He’s a dangerous buffoon. The fact that he and that demented woman from Alaska got as close to the Oval Office as they did still gives me agita.



Progress M-29M cargo spacecraft docks with space station

“The docking has been automatic,” Roscosmos said. The spacecraft was launched on October 1 from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The Progress cargo ship will bring 2.3 tons of cargos to the ISS, the agency said. Thursday’s launch iwas the last one for the Progress M-M series, to be replaced by the Progress MS cargo ships with the next mission due on November 21. The Progress space freighter is expected to undock from the ISS on December 9. The spacecraft has delivered to the space station fuel, air, equipment and also other supplies for the cosmonauts and astronauts, including over 17 kilograms of fruits and vegetables, ketchup, juice, sauce, chocolate sweets, jam and peanuts. The current crew of the ISS comprises Russia’s Mikhail Kornienko, Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Volkov, US Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren, and Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui.



How Steve Jobs Fleeced Carly Fiorina

Ms. Fiorina’s trainwreck stint at HP has been well documented. But I want to address one tiny but telling aspect of her misbegotten reign: an episode that involved her good friend Steve Jobs. It is the story of the HP iPod.

The iPod, of course, was Apple’s creation, a groundbreaking digital music player that let you have “a music library in your pocket.” Introduced in 2001, it gained steam over the next few years and by the end of 2003, the device was a genuine phenomenon. So it was news that in January 2004, Steve Jobs and Carly Fiorina made a deal where HP could slap its name on Apple’s wildly successful product. Nonetheless, HP still managed to botch things. It could not have been otherwise, really, because Steve Jobs totally outsmarted the woman who now claims she can run the United States of America.



While nation goes berserk over school shooting in Oregon, over 2100 Americans are killed EVERY DAY by the national health care system… with no outrage




Emergency situation regime imposed on Russia’s Sakhalin island because of cyclone

“The emergency situation regime has been imposed in Yuzhno-Sakhalink and Korsakovsky and Dolinsky urban districts,” the press service said. According to it, more than 100,000 residents of the region remain without power. In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk alone the cyclone has damaged 218 roof decks and caused 870 trees to fall down. In Nevelsk and Dolinsk, the hospitals’ roofs have been destroyed.
Powerful cyclone kills one, injures 16 in Russia’s Far East




Obama moves to dismiss case of Yemeni whose innocent relatives were killed in US drone strike

The US government has asked a D.C. court to dismiss the case of a Yemeni man whose family members were killed by a US drone strike, on the basis that he has no legal ‘standing’ to bring a case against them.

Earlier this year, Mr bin Ali Jaber filed a lawsuit against President Obama, seeking a declaration from a federal court in Washington, D.C., that the 2012 strike was unlawful and his innocent relatives were wrongfully killed. The Obama administration yesterday filed a motion asking the court to dismiss Mr bin Ali Jaber’s case entirely. They argued that Mr Jaber has no standing – i.e. that he has no legal right to bring his case in the US – and that whether a US drone killed his relatives is a ‘political question’ that no court should review.




The latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department this week show the federal government worked with CBS News to plant talking points into an interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

In a January 2011 email to Clinton, Philip J. Crowley, then assistant secretary of state for public affairs, confirmed that he had successfully “planted” numerous “questions and concerns” with 60 minutes for their upcoming report on Wikileaks.

“I just received confirmation from 60 Minutes that a piece on Julian Assange will air Sunday night. He will be the only person featured…” Crowley wrote. “60 Minutes assures me that they raised a number of questions and concerns we planted with them during the course of the interview.”

Crowley went on to inform Clinton, who has railed against Assange since Wikileaks’ inception, that their collusion with 60 Minutes would prepare them for a response to “the narrative Assange presents during the program.”

Imagine my (absolute, complete absence) of surprise at this revelation.



US hiring slowed in September as global economy weakened

U.S. employers cut back sharply on hiring in September and added fewer jobs in July and August than previously thought – a sour note for a labor market that had been steadily improving.



US not looking for balance of interests with Russia on missile shield issues — Lavrov

“There are situations when we are ready to actively seek consensus on the most difficult global problems and the Iranian problem was considered almost unresolvable,” Lavrov said. “But from time to time our partners are not ready for talks, without which it is impossible to reach consensus. For example it is the US missile shield plans.”
World peace requires strict compliance with nuclear security accords — Russia FM



Who’s Fighting Whom in Syria

The following graphic illustrates that many of those who want regime change in Syria are fighting each other:



Russia’s Lavrov says no plans for airstrikes in Iraq

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a UN gathering of world leaders, Lavrov said: “We are not planning to expand our airstrikes to Iraq. We were not invited, not asked.”
“We are polite people, as you know. We don’t come if not invited,” he said.

Russia wants UN to discuss declaration of non-interference into domestic affairs — FM



Chris Harper Mercer, Oregon Gunman, Is Recalled as a Recluse Close to His Mother

In the offline world, Mr. Mercer’s mother sought to protect him from all manner of neighborhood annoyances, former neighbors in Torrance said, from loud children and barking dogs to household pests. Once, neighbors said, she went door-to-door with a petition to get the landlord to exterminate cockroaches in her apartment, saying they bothered her son.

“She said, ‘My son is dealing with some mental issues….




Watch: O’Reilly Sees Shocking New Poll That Makes Him Say ‘Most Americans Are Stupid’





One of the truly fascinating revelations in the recent Freedom of Information Act emails acquired from university professors who whore themselves out to Monsanto is the fact that mainstream media journalists are also Monsanto prostitutes.

These Monsanto operatives pretending to be journalists write for The Washington Post, New York Times, Discover, Slate, Nature and various “science” websites. Many of themopenly admit to being paid by Monsanto and gladly accepting the money. Then they turn around and write stories attacking clean food activists or hawking whatever GMO propaganda Monsanto is pushing that day.

It’s all coordinated by sleazebag Monsanto front men like Jon Entine, a man seething with so much evil that he tried to strangle his wife in front of their own daughter, and installed surveillance equipment to spy on her activities in their own home, according to court documents published here on Natural News.

The corporate purchasing of whorespondents is nothing new; it is simply that Monsanto has transformed these purchases into one of the most evil, despicable lying bully pulpits ever.

When it comes to your health, please think for yourself; if you allow people like these to think for you, you are taking extreme chances you really need to think about.



Revealed: The Chilling Message Oregon College Shooter Reportedly Posted Online Before The Attack




US Air Force official says Russia did not deliver strikes at US-backed Syrian opposition

Russia’s Aerospace Force did not deliver airstrikes at any groupings of the Syrian opposition supported by the US, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force in charge of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, General Robert Otto said on Thursday as he met with a small group or reporters, including TASS, at a Defense Writers Group breakfast. Since no such bombings took place, a question on what steps the US should take in case such situations occur is hypothetical, he indicated. “I think that is still being worked through,” he said. “It hasn’t happened, and so it’s a what if at this point. And I think that commanders on the ground are working through that issue right now.” When a reporter asked him if Washington might be prepared to establish full-scale operational antiterrorist cooperation with Moscow if an appropriate proposal came from the Russian side, Gen Otto said he personally could not see a situation where he would share intelligence data with the Russian side.



Roger Waters to Jon Bon Jovi: “You stand shoulder to shoulder with the settler who burned the baby”

Dear Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan, and Tico Torres,

Often in the past I have written detailed, and sometimes even persuasive, letters to colleagues in the music business, encouraging them not to give succor to the Israeli government’s apartheid policies by performing in Israel. Having read Jon’s comments last week in Yedioth Ahronoth, I won’t waste my time drawing parallels with Apartheid South Africa and the moral stand that so many artists took then and that thousands are taking now in the face of decades of Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

So the die is cast, you are determined to proceed with your gig in Tel Aviv on October 3. You are making your stand.

You stand shoulder to shoulder

With the settler who burned the baby



Dead Man Walking: Richard Glossip vs. The Death Penalty

Just moments before death row inmate Richard Glossip was scheduled to be killed on Wednesday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin issued a stay of execution citing questions over the execution protocol and the chemicals used for lethal injection. Richard Glossip’s case has attracted international attention. On Wednesday, Pope Francis urged Governor Fallin to commute the death sentence over questions of Glossip’s guilt. We speak to Sister Helen Prejean, one of the world’s most well-known anti-death-penalty activists. She is the author of the best-selling book, “Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty.”



In-Your-Face Absurdity: 90-Year-Old Auschwitz Survivor Survived Three Nazi Concentration Camps, Walked Out Of Gas Chamber Alive: “I completely lost my voice!

This is not a parody or a story from the onion. This was actually reported as fact by the corporate news. She recounts how she was “herded naked into a gas chamber” as a 21-year-old woman: She had no idea the Nazis had tried to kill her until a woman she knew said, “Don’t you know what has just happened to you? You were in the gas chamber!” “I completely lost my voice,” she said. “I just never realized I was in the gas chamber … it must not have worked.”



Russian, US defense officials discussed security of using aviation in Syria — ministry

“Yesterday, at the initiative of the American side, there was a video conference of Russian Defense Ministry and Pentagon officials. Safe use of aviation over Syrian territory and the role of the newly-created information center in Baghdad were discussed,” Konashenkov said. The discussion was constructive and lasted for about one hour, he added.
Turkey keeps communication channels open with Russia amid Syria events — PM



Nobody believes the MSM narrative of the Oregon shooting




Defense Ministry disproves foreign media rumors about actions of Russian forces in Syria

“These pseudo-sensations are complete nonsense, not grounded in a factual basis. I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that today’s informational provocations had been concocted in haste before the start of the operation,” Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Friday. Thus he commented on some foreign media publications about the actions of the Russia Aerospace Force air group in Syria. He also said that the Defense Ministry was closely monitoring all the “stove-piping” cases, irrespective of the source of their origin.
It is crucial to support Syrian army in struggle against IS — former Italian PM



Russia is only country striking at Islamic State legally — Iran’s state-run news agency

“The US-led coalition is carrying out air strikes on Syria in violation of international law, because such actions on the territory of a sovereign state may be carried out only with the authorization of the UN Security Council or at the request of the authorities of the country,” the statement says. “In contrast to the Pentagon’s statements, Russia not only declares the strikes on Islamic State but really delivers them at the positions of IS and other terrorist groups. Moscow is thus trying to put an end to the war and not to inflame it. It has no intention of reshaping the region.” “America’s war against IS has failed, and now America does not want Russia and Iran to reach their goals in the fight against terrorist groups,” Fars noted. “Caught unaware by Moscow’s actions, the US authorities condemn them.



West must choose whom to fight: Assad or terrorists — Russian MP

“If we discard propaganda workpieces, the Westerners’ dilemma, which there is no escaping, comes to the surface: Their coalition — is it anti-terrorist or anti-Assad?” he noted, adding that “the West was trying until the last moment to solve both problems simultaneously — those of Assad and of terrorists.” “However, the two decisions do not coincide. Moreover, they are mutually exclusive. The elimination of one factor would inevitably strengthen the other,” he wrote. There are no ‘good’ terrorists.
Iraq’s top Shiite cleric says fight against Islamic State should be expanded



Russia Is Destabilizing Syria… According To The People Currently Destabilizing Syria

In a move many consider to be an act of bitter defiance to the West, the Russian government appears to have significantly increased its military aid to the Syrian regime. This support hinges largely on the provision of providing advanced weaponry — such as tanks and artillery — training Syrian soldiers to use those weapons systems, and Russian-led airstrikesagainst ISIS. Unsurprisingly, Western media pundits and officials (and their devoted followers) are expressing renewed outrage over Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict — at the same time, excluding pertinent background information on Russia’s historical roots in the region.



At Structural Engineering Summit Two-Dozen Structural Engineers Sign AE911 Truth’s Petition Many Still Don’t Know about WTC 7

During the eight hours of the trade show, Richard Gage, AIA, and Las Vegas structural engineer Steven Dusterwald spoke with more than 100 structural engineers from around the country and showed them the video footage of WTC 7’s symmetrical, free-fall destruction. Most had never seen it before and many had never even heard of WTC 7.

While some of the engineers needed more time to review the evidence — and we applaud them for taking the time to study it — roughly half of them quickly recognized WTC 7’s destruction as a controlled demolition and 24 took the courageous step of signing our petition. One cannot help but conclude that the single biggest obstacle to mobilizing the engineering profession to support a new investigation is the basic lack of awareness of WTC 7.




All prescription drugs have benefits and side effects.

Includes a search engine to find out if your medication can trigger suicidal thoughts.



Indiana GOP’s House Leader resigns after texting sexually explicit video of himself cheating on wife to everyone on his “Contacts” list

The controversial House Majority Leader in Indiana — he cosponsored the state’s “religious freedom” law — resigned suddenly on Tuesday after a sexually compromising video was sent to all of the people on his “Contacts” list, the Advocate’s Bil Browning reports.







Russian jets carry out 18 sorties against 12 terrorist facilities in Syria over 24 hours

“This night, ten sorties were carried out. Pinpoint strikes were delivered on seven facilities of terrorists,” Maj.Gen. Konashenkov said, reminding that the Russian air group in Syria includes Su-24M, Su-25 and Su-34. Late on Thursday, the Defense Ministry said during the day Russia’s warplanes conducted eights sorties against five facilities of the Islamic State. The airstrikes destroyed a command post and a communications point of the IS armed units near Dar Tazza, in the province of Aleppo, in Syria’s north-west. Sukhoi Su-25 fighter jets bombed a field camp of the IS gunmen near Maarrat al-Nu’man, in the Idlib province, completely destroying the terrorists’ bunkers, ammunition depots and fuel and lubrication materials, Konashenkov said.



Iran denies sending troops to Syria

Iran did not send its ground troops to Syria, IRNA news agency reported on Friday. “A high-ranking Iranian diplomat has refuted today as a blatant lie several foreign media reports stating that Iranian forces have arrived to Syria to participate in ground operations,” the agency noted. IRNA reminded that one of such reports was published in the London-based Asharq Al-Alwsat Arabic international newspaper.



Oregon Shooter Uploaded Documentaries Of Mass Shootings, Conspiracy Theories, Porn Videos

He also uploaded numerous back issues of “Phenomena Magazine” about UFOs, ghosts and other paranormal activity. He also appears to have been interest in conspiracy theories, as indicated by titles such as “Lost Secrets of the Illuminati” and “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars.”

Well no WONDER he went cuckoo! :)




INDIA vs COMEX: Physical Silver Demand Will Destroy Paper Rigged Markets




Antidepressant Paxil Is Unsafe for Teenagers, New Analysis Says

Fourteen years ago, a leading drug maker published a study showing that the antidepressant Paxil was safe and effective for teenagers. On Wednesday, a major medical journal posted a new analysis of the same data concluding that the opposite is true.

That study — featured prominently by the journal BMJ — is a clear break from scientific custom and reflects a new era in scientific publishing, some experts said, opening the way for journals to post multiple interpretations of the same experiment. It comes at a time of self-examination across science — retractions are at an all-time high; recent cases of fraud have shaken fields as diverse as anesthesia and political science; and earlier this month researchers reported that less than half of a sample of psychology papers held up.



How Britain’s Propaganda Machine Controls What You Think

On the one hand, just five individual Billionaires in Britain get to control 80% what you read in printed media and on the other hand, just five Internet Service Providers get to control what 87% of people get to see on their devices. Both are heavily influenced by government. It is no wonder what the public think is a misinterpretation of the truth. In fact, so far from the truth, it is more a departure from reality. Propaganda works!




The Australian Government is sure the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) investigation of the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17 will fail to identify the precise cause of the crash, and will be inconclusive on who and what were responsible. A report, termed final by the DSB, is scheduled for release on October 13.

So certain of the outcome are Australian officials that since May they have been negotiating with the Dutch Government to extend for another year until August 2016 a treaty agreement for Australian police, intelligence agents and Defence Ministry officers to operate in The Netherlands. Without Australian bodies left to identify or repatriate, and only the debris of the MH17 aircraft in partial reconstruction in a hangar at the Hilversum Army Barracks, Dutch and Malaysian sources are questioning what purpose is served by the treaty extension.



US Satellites Work In Syria, But Not Ukraine

Several sources published satellite images of the Basil al-Assad airport on the 20th of September, made by the GeoNorth company. The image from the 19th of September, showed four Russian multi-role Su- 30SM fighters, followed by later images, showing in great clarity in high resolution, Su-25 ground support bombers and the interceptor fighter Su-24. Besides those, there were also images of Russian infantry fighting vehicles of the type BTR-82 and the main battle tanks T-72 or T-90.

Nothing comparable was presented last year during the western media hysteria, which spoke in almost daily unison of a Russian invasion. Instead, only rough-grained, black-and-white images of supposed Russian positions were shown, from which it wasn’t possible to recognize what was shown, or where the images were taken and to whom the equipment actually belonged.

We have crystal clear color images of Russian equipment in Syria but only grainy black & white photos with little dots on them to prove “Russan aggression” in Ukraine.



Bavarian Firms Demand End to Russia Sanctions

The Bavarian economy is demanding an end to the sanction against Russia. It’s especially the German automotive industry that apparently can’t do without the important Russian market now, after the VW scandal.



Obama’s Self-Deceit

President Obama, who has boasted of ordering military strikes on seven countries, chastised Russia and China for not abiding by the rules of international behavior, a breathtaking example of hypocrisy or self-deceit, writes Joe Lauria.



It’s All About You Barack!: In a Brief 12-Minute Speech Obama Refers to Himself 28 Times!! Can You Spell Narcissist?




Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and .. ISIS oppose Russian operation in Syria

The Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma Alexei Pushkov on his social network page expressed his surprise that there were only two countries in the international community – Saudi Arabia and Ukraine, which condemned the Russian air strikes on the positions of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” in Syria.

Obedient US puppets on display.




Sheriff Joey Terrell and one of his deputies were shot and injured while responding to a domestic violence complaint that involved another officer. Terrell has been the subject of a number of reports at The Free Thought Project, because he is the law enforcement official who authorized the “no knock raid” that maimed and nearly killed a young toddler. Terrell then later broke a promise to pay the family’s medical bills when he left them to take care of it on their own.



The Wicked War on Syria: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words

Clinton’s chapter on Syria is titled “Syria: A Wicked Problem”. It documents how the US and regional allies tried to overthrow the Damascus government. The “wicked problem” is that there was no easy way.

Click for larger image



Israeli army launches manhunt after couple killed




Netanyahu’s dreary and menacing UN speech provokes Internet mockery

Not since his famous cartoon bomb chart has a public appearance by the Israeli leader elicited so much mockery.



15 million T-MOBILE customers exposed in data breach

Global information services group Experian announced Thursday that one of its business units had been hacked. The breach occurred on a server that contained data on behalf of one of its clients, T-Mobile.

The cloud at its best! When you put all the data in one place, it becomes a target.



ISIS planning ‘nuclear tsunami’

Nuclear annihilation across the globe. This is what a German reporter who successfully embedded with the Islamic State says the terror group is planning. Jurgen Todenhofer released his findings in a book titled “Inside IS – Ten Days in the Islamic State,” reports the UK’s Daily Express.

“The terrorists plan on killing several hundred million people. The west is drastically underestimating the power of ISIS. ISIS intends to get its hands on nuclear weapons,” says Todenhofer, calling the group a “nuclear tsunami preparing the largest religious cleansing in history.”




Alabama Makes Photo IDs Mandatory for Voting, Then Shutters DMV Offices in Black Counties

The ‘decision to cut out ID services to almost all counties with a majority black population is discriminatory and wrong,’ says ACLU of Alabama.



Combat Cam: Russian jets target ISIS command center, training camp – Moscow MoD




HHS Boosting Nations Stockpile of Burn Treatments In Case of Nuclear Attack




Who is behind Syrian Observatory for Human Rights? Nimrod Kamer investigates for RT

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has been the prime source for MSM-aired news from the Syrian battlefield. But how much does one truly know about this UK-based organization and its director? Journalist and prankster Nimrod Kamer went to find out.



Spending Our Grandchildren’s Money





Having a baby in some Alabama hospitals can mean getting tested for drugs without a woman’s consent—and winding up in jail for a positive result. Alabama’s chemical endangerment law, in effect for nine years, spurred an investigation by ProPublica and into hospital drug-testing policies due to the law’s strict penalties.



Struggling With The Burden of Truth and Knowledge

The burden of truth and knowledge has always been a struggle for me personally. Some days, this struggle is so powerful that my head hurts from sorting through fact and innuendo; so much so that I just want to shout “enough” and give up the effort to stay enlightened.

I know that feeling well. :(




A Yazidi slave girl has claimed the high-ranking ISIS commander who held her prisoner was a white American who directed the terror group’s attacks and received personal letters from its leader. Nada, 19, told MailOnline that US citizen Abu Abdullah al-Amriki (the American), 23, boasted about how beautiful women from all over the world wanted to join him in Syria and that he always kept a vial of poison on him – in case he was captured in battle.



Putin Ushers in a New Era of Global Geopolitics

The positioning of Russian aircraft in Syria gives the Kremlin an ability to shape and control U.S. and Western operations in both Syria and Iraq out of all proportion to the size of the Russian force. It can compel the U.S. to accept a de facto combined coalition with Russia, Syria, Iran, and Lebanese Hezbollah, possibly in support of indiscriminate operations against any and all regime opponents, not just ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra. It may portend the establishment of a permanent Russian air and naval base in the Eastern Mediterranean.



How AmericanElections Became a Criminal Enterprise

We have grown complacent about our elections. We like to think that someone is in charge of the orderly ritual of designing, allotting, and counting the ballots. There are officials whose job it is to keep the roll of voters and supervise the count. There are bound to be a few errors and a few lost votes, but on the whole, our elections are well-conducted and honest.

In this essay, I hope to convince you that the entire electoral process is in grave danger, has been insidiously subverted, and will continue to erode unless we intervene. We can hope, but hope is not enough.

This is a call to action!



Netanyahu’s 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked — ‘pathetic,’ ‘creepy’

The silence is already being heralded by the cable stations as vintage Netanyahu theatrics, to go along with the cartoon bomb, but then the cartoon bomb was a dud too. And the silence is being mocked.

Netanyahu didn’t need a cartoon. He has become a cartoon!



Obama v. Putin: Their Debate on Crimea

The basic disagreement between U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the source of the economic sanctions against Russia, and ’the new cold war,’ concerns the question of whether the process by which Crimea separated from Ukraine and joined Russia was, as Obama says, “aggression” by Russia, an illegal “seizure” of Crimea by Russia; or, on the other hand, as Putin says, a thoroughly legal and democratic act by the people of Crimea, to exercise their right of self-determination, via a referendum.



11% of Americans think HTML is a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Had a particularly raucous night that ended with you doing the walk of shame the next morning? Uh oh, hope you don’t get HTML. Just kidding! HTML is a programming language that’s used to make websites, but according to a new study from VoucherCloud andpublished by the L.A. Times, 1 in every 9 Americans–or exactly 11%–think HTML is actually a sexually transmitted disease.



Poland Joins The Green Wave Of GM Crop Bans Across The EU




Chicago Mayor Sued Over Private Emails




Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations that her office would be working in several American cities to form what she called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), a law enforcement initiative that would encompass the globe.

This amounts to nothing less than the overriding of American laws, up to and including the United States Constitution, in favor of United Nations laws that would henceforth be implemented in the United States itself – without any consultation of Congress at all.



Obama’s Muslim Refugee Program is actually UN’s Agenda to Balkanize the West




Militarized Oregon police put UCC students into prisoner lockdown formations… Hands behind your head, fingers laced together… Illegal searches of personal backpacks

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Latest Australian News 2 Oct 2015

Latest Australian News

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Latest News 2 Oct 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media



“Consider the situation. Never has there been an administration so disciplined in secrecy, so precisely in lockstep in keeping information from the people at large and — in defiance of the Constitution — from their representatives in Congress. Never has the powerful media oligopoly … been so unabashed in reaching like Caesar for still more wealth and power. Never have hand and glove fitted together so comfortably to manipulate free political debate, sow contempt for the idea of government itself, and trivialize the peoples’ need to know.” — Bill Moyers written during George W. Bush administration

Is Israel Preparing For A Ground Invasion Of Syria?

In August it was reported that Israel is preparing for a possible ground invasion of Syria.

The Israelis began large division-scale training in the occupied Golan Heights in mid-August under the pretext ISIS may invade and also citing the presence of Hezbollah fighters in Syria.

Israel and Hezbollah fought a war in 2006 in Lebanon, northern Israel and the Golan Heights. Some analysts consider the 34-day war as the first Iran-Israel proxy conflict.

“In the scenarios envisioned by the IDF, heavily-armed terrorist cells would infiltrate the Israeli side of the Golan and attack Jewish and Druze villages there, necessitating a strong Israeli response in Syria,” Israel Today reported on August 17.

The announcement of invasion preparations coincide with the possibility Israel may move its borders east “to protect the Druze and other non-hostile populations that are today threatened by the Islamists,” the website reported.

OK, folks, let me throw a little cold water on this over-heated codswallop of a scenario, and right the heck now.

First, let’s look at the following statement:

“The announcement of invasion preparations coincide with the possibility Israel may move its borders east “to protect the Druze and other non-hostile populations that are today threatened by the Islamists,” the website reported.

So let’s look at a map, shall we?!?

Other declaring the Mediterranean Sea as part of Israel, the only land mass to the east of Israel…is Lebanon. In this scenario, is Israel telegraphing that it intends to invade Lebanon as well?!?

And as to the statement that Iran might lob some long-range missiles into Israel; the Iranian leadership is many things, but stupid is not one of them.

Why in the name of heaven would they do such a thing as lob a long-range rocket from Tehran into Israel, when they know that the joint US/Israeli military response would leave Iran as a puddle of molten glass?!?

The short answer is, they won’t.

Unfortunately, that will not stop Israel from creating some kind of “false flag” to hit the outskirts of Israel, to be blamed on an Iranian missile strike, and … off we go.



BEX ALERT – Russia-linked hackers tried to access Clinton server

Russia-linked hackers tried at least five times to pry into Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email account while she was secretary of state, emails released Wednesday show. It is unclear if she clicked on any attachment and exposed her account.

Clinton received the infected emails, disguised as speeding tickets, over four hours early on the morning of Aug. 3, 2011. The emails instructed recipients to print the attached tickets, which would have allowed hackers to take control of their computers.

Security researchers who analyzed the malicious software in September 2011 said that infected computers would transmit information from victims to at least three server computers overseas, including one in Russia. That doesn’t necessarily mean Russian intelligence or citizens were responsible.

” That doesn’t necessarily mean Russian intelligence or citizens were responsible.”

The corporate media is trying to spin this as the eeeeeeeeevil Russians trying to break into Hillary’s email server. (Why would they bother when it was cheaper to make a donation to the Clinton Foundation and get an all-access pass?)

But as this article admits, there were three IPs involved, only one of which was in Russia, and that does not mean Russia had anything to do with it.

Far from being a deliberate attack on Hillary’s server, she simply received some phishing emails no different than the ones that pour into our mailboxes by the dozens every day. And that means the IPs that sent them to her were more than likely compromised computers whose users were dumb enough to open the attachments on emails they themselves received.



FLASHBACK – M.I.T. report on Damascus gas attack say Assad could not have been responsible

Prior to the publication of the UN report, two other significant reports were made public. One was reported in the New York Times and the other a report by the Human Rights Watch. Both these reports presented details of a warhead that could have carried between 50 and 60 liters of sarin – an amount that could explain the high casualty figure above quoted by the US government. The UN report, which was issued some time after these reports, repeated their conclusions. From my careful study and analysis of all th ese reports, I found that the UN report included diagrams and photographs that were in the said reports without referencing them. There was st riking agreement between estimated and measured dimensions of the large warhead, which was merely a concept described in the New York Times article. It took center stage in the UN report. I describe in detail how I arrived at my conclusion.



Netanyahu warns he will not allow use of Syria as Iran base to threaten Israel

Israel will never allow Syria to become a base for Iran to launch attacks against the Jewish state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Israeli troops search for gaps in the fence along the border between Israel and Syria near the village of Majdal Shams in the Golan
Netanyahu made the statement on Sept. 29 in New York ahead of his address to the United Nations.

Earlier, Israeli Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz told Army Radio that keeping Iranian forces inside Iran would be a top priority in Israel’s discussions at the UN with the United States and other world powers.

Iran is said to be coordinating its operations in Syria with Russia. Teheran terror proxy Hizbullah has been fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces for much of the four-year civil war.

So, in spite of Russia’s attempt to get rid of Isis/Al Qaeda, and stabilize Syria, it appears that Israel will use the Iranian presence in Syria (the primary components of which are most likely no where near the Golan Heights) as the excuse to invade.

That means, because of military obligations, the US government will get sucked in on the Israeli side, which means a shooting war against Russia.

I am begging President Obama, NATO, the State Department, and the Pentagon, NOT to get suckered into a war against Russia in this manner.

Anyone even moderately conversant with US resources for pursuing a conventional war against Russia understands, painfully, that the necessary resources are just not there; they don’t have the money, the manpower, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with Russia.

And I know Russia (and China) spend far less on their weaponry than does the US government; however, unlike here in the US, the Russian and Chinese governments have a tacit agreement with their weapons manufacturers that when a weapon is deployed by military personnel in the field, it actually functions fully as advertised.

If Netanyahu has any PROOF that Iran is building up threatening forces on the Israeli-Syrian border, let the Israelis produce that evidence at the UN………….KT



EPA tightens ozone standard, sets off fight with business groups

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday reportedly will tighten the federal ozone standard, dismissing the concerns of powerful business groups and setting off a regulatory and legal fight that will last for the remainder of President Obama’s time in office.



US Manufacturers “Crushed” In September, Atlanta Fed Slashes Q3 GDP Estimate By 50% To Just 0.9%, Copper, Crude, Credit Crumble As Stocks, Bond Yields Tumble




Rush Limbaugh Says His Remarks About Mars Were Taken Out Of Context, But His Own Transcript Betrays Him

Rush Limbaugh criticized Politico and other media outlets for reporting on his remarks that NASA’s discovery of water of Mars was part of a “left-wing agenda,” claiming the remarks were taken out of context. However, when asked by Politico to explain how, a Limbaugh spokesman refused to explain.

On the September 28 edition of his show, Limbaugh, talking about NASA’s announcement that day it had discovered liquid water on Mars, claimed NASA had been “corrupted by the current regime” and, referencing global warming, asked, “what’s to stop them from making up something that happened on Mars that will help advance their left-wing agenda on this planet?” Limbaugh doubled down on his remarks the next day, claiming Media Matters took his remarks “out of context” and that “Obama has turned NASA over to Muslim outreach.”


U.S. Government Outlines A Path For Native Hawaiian Recognition

Native Hawaiians have not had a formal government since the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown in 1893 by a group of American businessmen, with the support of 300 U.S. Marines.

But that may soon change.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of the Interior proposed a framework for the Native Hawaiian community to re-establish a unified government if it wishes, and to decide what relationship it would have with the United States — if any.

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell said in an announcement Tuesday that the proposal is a testament to the Obama administration’s strong support for Native peoples’ right to self-determination.

To all the Hawaii Nation members and friends; please be very careful, and skeptical, as you read through this proposal.

Then, please take a lengthy tour of of American Indian reservations on the mainland, and talk candidly with the people there to find out how their status has lead to their “…right to self-determination.”



Top US and Saudi Officials responsible for Chemical Weapons in Syria

There is a growing and substantial amount of evidence that indicates direct U.S. and Saudi involvement in the chemical weapons attack. To begin with one merely has to answer the fundamental question “Who Benefits”, and the answer is definitely not “the Syrian government”.



FLASHBACK – The Red Line and the Rat Line

The full extent of US co-operation with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in assisting the rebel opposition in Syria has yet to come to light. The Obama administration has never publicly admitted to its role in creating what the CIA calls a ‘rat line’, a back channel highway into Syria. The rat line, authorised in early 2012, was used to funnel weapons and ammunition from Libya via southern Turkey and across the Syrian border to the opposition. Many of those in Syria who ultimately received the weapons were jihadists, some of them affiliated with al-Qaida. (The DNI spokesperson said: ‘The idea that the United States was providing weapons from Libya to anyone is false.’)



ISIS militants in Iraq, Syria have WMD components, Lavrov warns UN Security Council

Islamic State militants are in possession of components for weapons of mass destruction, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned the UN Security Council meeting, urging that IS be included on an anti-terrorist sanction list as a separate subject.

Now what maniac gave ISIS this stuff, I wonder? :)



Walmart Planning To Slash Hundreds Of Jobs At Arkansas Headquarters

Wal-Mart Stores Inc is planning to lay off hundreds of people at its headquarters in Arkansas as part of the retail giant’s efforts to pare costs, people familiar with the matter said.

Fewer than 500 employees are expected to lose their jobs and an announcement could be made as early as this Friday, according to one of sources, who declined to be named because the move had not been made public.

Wal-Mart declined to comment. News of the impending cuts was reported earlier on Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal.

The cuts will make up a small portion of the more than 18,000 people employed at the Bentonville, Arkansas office but fit in with a streamlining effort that has been flagged by Chief Executive Doug McMillon in recent months.

“There are no cash registers in the office,” McMillon told analysts after the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting in June to emphasize his focus on stores as the earnings driver for the company.

Still, even if there are no store layoffs (and there is no guarantee this will not happen, if profits do not start to rise), this is significant.



Walmart Warns Department Directors To Cancel Travel Plans, Brace For Layoffs





Putin’s key talking points could not but be easily accessible to the Global South — his prime audience, much more than the industrialized West.

1) The export of color — or monochromatic — revolutions is doomed.

2) The alternative to the primacy of statehood is chaos. This implies that the Assad system in Syria may be immensely problematic, but it’s the only game in town. The alternative is ISIS/ISIL/Daesh barbarism. There’s no credible “moderate opposition” — as there was not in NATO-“liberated” Libya.

3) Only the UN — as flawed as it may be — is a guarantor of peace and security in our imperfect, realpolitik geopolitical environment.



‘Nukes didn’t help USA on 9/11’: Corbyn rules out ever firing Trident

Nuclear weapons ‘didn’t do the USA much good on 9/11,’ Jeremy Corbyn has said following an interview in which he ruled out ever authorizing the use of Trident nuclear weapons if he becomes prime minister in 2020.


The Economy Has Gone Nowhere Since 2008 And Is In The Process Of Grinding Down: Karl Denninger




Top Senate Dems Want Benghazi Committee Disbanded After Majority Leader’s Controversial Comments

Top Senate Democrats sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday asking him to disband the Select Committee on Benghazi after House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) praised the committee for doing political damage to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the letter, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and other Democrats said that McCarthy, who is in line to replace Boehner after the speaker retires, had revealed that the panel’s true purpose was political.

A short memo to Harry Reid, et all: this committee will disband, at the simultaneous moment when pigs fly, and hell freezes over.

The problem Hilary has with generating trust is not new; it is simply way too in voters’ faces with Benghazi to ignore, and your know it.



Militants Launch Major Offensive on Syrian Forces in Golan Heights with Help of Israel

The sources said that the FSA and Nusra militants stormed the National Defense Forces’ (NDF) positions at Tal Taranjah, Mazra’a Al-Amil, Tal Hamriyah, and Tal Al-Ahmar, resulting in a series of intense firefights that took most of the Monday morning and afternoon before they dissipated due to the coming nightfall.



US Ranks #37 in Health Systems as per WHO, the worst of all Developed Nations




Russian air strikes targeted CIA-backed rebels in Syria: Senator McCain

Senator John McCain on Thursday said Russia’s initial air strikes in Syria targeted recruits in the Free Syrian Army rebel group backed by the United States.

“I can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against our Free Syrian Army recruits that have been armed and trained by the CIA because we have communications with people there,” McCain, head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in an interview on CNN.

I was going to post this comment on the original article, but I am now being blocked from commenting by Raw Story. I guess they feel that my analysis is not up to their high standards! :) Feel free to copy and use as your own.

So, in order to bash Russia, the US is now forced to admit that the CIA does arm and support terrorist groups trying to overthrow foreign governments!

Remember when they called the independent media “tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy wackos” for suggesting that?

All you need to know about John McCain to understand his intellectual prowess is that he thought Sarah Palin would make a great Vice-President.



Russian Military Advisors Leading Syrian Forces Operations to Lift Siege on Aleppo Airbase

The sources said that with the Russians leading the operations from the command room, the Syrian army’s Special Forces and the civilian-led “National Defense Forces” (NDF) have benefitted immensely from their guidance.



Obama lied about this – he’s still lying about it now




Baltimore cop shoots man armed with chapstick and warns his brother: ‘I’ve got a bullet for you, too’

A Baltimore police officer shot and wounded a man after he reached into his pocket to show the chapstick he was carrying.

John Rau was with his brother Monday night when he was stopped by police Major Byron Conaway, although the police department has not said why, reported WJZ-TV.

“All the guy said was, ‘What’s your name, sir?’ and I was like, ‘For what?’ and then he jumped out of the car with his gun and told me to put my hands up,” Rau said. “(The officer asked), ‘What you got in your hand?’ I had a cigarette in one hand, and I just put my hand in my pocket, because I was just putting chapstick on, and I said 10 times, ‘It’s chapstick, only chapstick, officer.”

Witnesses said the officer, who is black, shot the 40-year-old Rau, who is white, in the thigh when he reached into his pocket.

To all those who can in Baltimore, it is time you vote with your feet, and leave the city entirely; it is no longer worthy of your support, where cops can “go rogue” in a heartbeat,and what he did is considered standard operating procedure.

And I have to wonder if the behaviour of that officer might be tied to any prescription medication he may have been taking containing SSRIs.



Benjamin Netanyahu United Nations Live Stream: Watch The Israeli Prime Minister Address Leaders At General Assembly

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the United Nations three years ago, he held up an image of a cartoon bomb and drew a red line through it. His message was clear: prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. During the Israeli leader’s address to the U.N. Thursday, he was expected to once again talk about the dangers of Iran. The issue of Palestine also was expected to form a large part of the speech.

So far Netanyahu has not resorted to a silly-assed cartoon, but his message is a repeat of every Israeli address to the UN; Israel is good, Israel is a Democracy, Israel only wants peace, Iran is bad, Syria is bad, Lebanon is bad, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda, give us money!

Netanyahu’s focus is in trying to wreck the P5+1 deal and he is rehashing all the old kosher baloney about how Iran will do evil things if they are given money (like Israel doesn’t?). Of course, nobody is giving Iran money in the P5+1 deal, they are returning money seized from Iran as part of the sanctions.

What is significant is that the few reverse shots showing the UN General Assembly reveal quite a few empty chairs. I am not surprised. These people are very busy and they have heard all of Netanyau’s unsupported assertions so many times before. Politeness and fear of the Israel lobby’s retaliations can only go so far to keep those seats filled. And what is notably absent from Netanyahu’s face this year is the self-confident smirk all too broadly on display in times past. Netanyahu knows his Iran agenda is in trouble, and in the way of Israel hard-line politics, that means he is in trouble!



Russia bombs Syria as Obama fails to make progress in Middle East

Those with some memory cells, will remember how completely and utterly Russia destroyed terrorist forces in Chechyna. If Russia is intent on destroying ISIS and western backed “freedom fighters “in Syria, which were set up to topple the Assad government, there is NO DOUBT that is exactly what Russia will do. The US, Britain, France, Canada, Germany, Australia and other western interfering war mongering governments won’t like that at all because it will upset their plans for Syria.

Just a question for my fellow Australians. What the hell is Australia doing in Syria, on the other side of the world, and how much money is the Australian government spending NOW in Iraq and Syria to interfere in the internal affairs of these nations? Oh, and Australia has not been invited into Syria to bomb the country by the Assad regime, which makes our presence in Syria ILLEGAL under international Law…………..KT




This Wall Street Journal headline sums up the absurdity of the situation: “Russian Airstrike in Syria Targeted CIA-Backed Rebels, U.S. Officials Say.”

We noted years ago that a proxy war is raging in Syria … but things are getting even more over-heated.

Political risk expert Ian Bremmer sums up the situation:

Russian forces will be striking Assad enemies, some of whom are directly supported by the US and its allies. That’s not a proxy war. It’s one step closer.
What could possibly go wrong???

The rhetoric of the corporate whorespondents looks more desperate by he minute, because there is no way to logically spin this without the US government appearing very much like the netherside of a donkey!!!



Syria : Another Video of Russian Airstrike Today




“400 families have given half the money in this election cycle so far. That’s not American democracy. That’s banana republic democracy.”




American manufacturing is in recession

Here’s a bad thing: American manufacturing is in a recession.




The Palestinian flag was raised outside the United Nations headquarters in New York for the first time.

The ceremony on Wednesday afternoon was attended by diplomats in the U.N.’s Rose Garden shortly after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in a speech to the U.N. General Assembly, criticized Israel and said that the Palestinians were no longer bound by the Oslo Accords.

On Thursday, the flag will be hung in a permanent location alongside U.N. member flags, CNN reported.

The General Assembly voted 119-8 on Sept. 10 to allow the Palestinian flag at headquarters. Israel and the United States were among the dissenters, along with Canada and Australia.



ALL OUT WAR: Iranian Troops To Conduct Ground Attacks In Syria

Lebanese Hezbollah troops and Iraqis will also join the offensive.

Iran has dispatched hundreds of ground troops to syria to fight alongside the forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

A full scale war is unfolding in Syria, with a ground offensive being planned to coincide with Russian air strikes, according to Lebanese sources.

“The (Russian) air strikes will in the near future be accompanied by ground advances by the Syrian army and its allies,” one of the sources told Reuters.

“It is possible that the coming land operations will be focused in the Idlib and Hama countryside,” the source added.

Lebanese Hezbollah troops will also join the Iranian forces, the sources note, as well as Iraqis.



Undercover video: Clinton campaign worker caught breaking election law by registering Nevada Hispanics to vote with ‘meme’ photo of Trump that reads: ‘THIS IS MY RESTING B**CH FACE’

A Hillary Clinton campaign worker has been caught on film apparently committing a felony by advising Las Vegas Hispanics how to vote while he is helping them register.

Hidden camera footage shows Henry Engelstein, identified as a campaign ‘fellow,’ reeling in Spanish-speaking Nevadans on a Las Vegas street with a comical picture of Donald Trump on his smartphone.

‘THIS IS MY RESTING B**CH FACE,’ the photo’s caption reads, meme-style.

‘Un payaso muy grande, si!’ Engelstein tells passers-by. (‘Yes! A giant clown!’) In the video, shown to exclusively by the conservative group Project Veritas Action, he boasts that Latinos’ anger against the billionaire Republican front-runner is ample motivation for them to register as voters.

In the Blueprint for the New America, we propose a rule that if any campaign laws are broken, the candidate is immediately disqualified to hold public office, on the theory that if he or she cannot get their own staff to comply with the law, they are by default incompetent to run a city, county, state, or nation.



Clinton’s email woes deepen as classified messages pile up

The controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email while she was secretary of state is showing no signs of easing, as the number of messages now deemed classified doubled with the State Department’s latest release and as more details emerged about the potential vulnerability of her account.



PROOF of just how Hypocritically blind supporters of Zionist controlled Israel really are !




Giuliani: World Leaders Visiting New York City Are Hopeful Trump Wins




60 percent of Americans don’t trust their mass media – poll

A new Gallup poll has found that six in 10 Americans say that their trust in mass media ranges from “not very much” to “none at all.” Those surveyed were asked about the media reporting the news fully, accurately and fairly.




Hillary Clinton’s brother Tony Rodham is fingered as Ashley Madison user following hacker attack – but his doting wife insists ‘I know he has not cheated on me’




Russia’s Defense Ministry: Airstrikes in Syria Successful

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has described the country’s first air raids against the Takfiri ISIS terrorists in Syria as successful.







Cameron: UK will not pay reparations for slave trade

Prime minister David Cameron tells the Jamaican parliament that the UK would not make reparations for its role in the Caribbean slave trade.



While the Fed ponders when the rate hike comes, my question is: When does QE4 start?




US Complains As Russia Bombs its Terrorists

The New York Times in its recent article, “Russians Strike Targets in Syria, but Not ISIS Areas,” attempts to frame Russia’s recent actions in Syria as dishonest and dangerous. It reports:

“Russian aircraft carried out a bombing attack against Syrian opposition fighters on Wednesday, including at least one group trained by the C.I.A., eliciting angry protests from American officials and plunging the complex sectarian war there into dangerous new territory.”

This of course would only make Russia’s actions dishonest or dangerous if groups trained by the US CIA were in fact the “moderates” the US claims they are. However, they are not, and thus Russia’s actions are duly justified as is the expansion of their current policy…



Washington State Considers Ending the ‘Virtual License to Kill’ Given to the Police

Prosecutors from all of Washington State’s 39 counties will meet this week to consider possible changes to that state’s law regarding lethal force by police, which enacts a virtually impregnable wall of “blue privilege” around officers who kill while on duty.



Weird garbled Windows 7 update baffles world – now Microsoft reveals the truth

The Register poked Microsoft about the issue, and a spokesman told us: “We incorrectly published a test update and are in the process of removing it.”

How that sort of thing happens, though, we’re not totally clear on. The bizarre update has certainly confused a load of Windows users, who hit the support forums in search of answers.

Beginning with Windows 10, Microsoft has begun touting a new strategy of “Windows as a service,” where updates are continuous and automatic, and only enterprise customers are given the option of refusing them.

There’s no evidence that Redmond’s goof caused anyone any real harm in this case, but the fact that a test update was inadvertently released to the mainstream deployment channel should definitely give Windows 10 users pause.



Why Jeremy Corbyn Is Right About Trident

Jeremy Corbyn has faced criticism from senior Labour colleagues for saying he would not fire Britain’s nuclear weapons if he were prime minister.



It’s baaaack: Stagefright 2.0 0day hoses all Android devices

More than a billion Android users could be compromised by merely previewing music or videos thanks to a pervasive zero-day remote code execution flaw billed as the second iteration of the Stagefright vulnerability.

Zimperium researcher Joshua J Drake says twin vulnerabilities to be patched in an upcoming update impact all versions of Android in use.

But users could already be at risk; the consultancy says Google has already pushed a fix for the most critical hole affecting the newest Android phones “despite” an embargo on the news, meaning criminals could be cooking attacks well in advance of patch distribution.



BUSTED! Secret Service Digging Up Dirt on Congressmen for Blackmail Purposes




It’s Official! Obama Attack Valerie Jarrett Throws Hillary WAY Under the Bus. Obama About to Reject a Hillary Presidency!




Saudi Prince: It Used to Be the Arabs Who Said No, Now Israel Is Refusing Peace

If Benjamin Netanyahu “was more of a far-sighted leader, he would break the logjam and negotiate on the basis of the Arab Peace Initiative,” said Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal bin Saud. In a special interview with Haaretz, to be broadcast during the upcoming Second Haaretz Peace Conference on November 12 in Tel Aviv, Turki said that such a move would “remove the doubts and suspicions on the Arab side.”



How the world sees the U.N.




Obama Lied When He Said This

U.S. President Obama’s central case against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad (and his central argument against Assad’s supporter Russia on that matter) is that Assad was behind the sarin gas attack in Ghouta Syria on 21 August 2013 — but it’s all a well-proven lie, as will be shown here.



Glencore’s Crash is Latest Evidence the Bankster’s Rigging Scheme is Crumbling




Damascus accuses US-led coalition of breaking int’l law, state sovereignty

British and French airstrikes on Syrian territory violate internationally recognized legal norms, the Syrian Foreign Minister complained on Thursday.

“What Britain and France are doing in the Syrian airspace flies in the face of international law and is a flagrant violation of the national sovereignty of the Syrian Republic,” Walid Muallem said.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov dismissed as “untrue” a statement earlier made by his US counterpart John Kerry about the US-led coalition’s actions in Syria being fully in line with the UN Charter.

“Today I said to John Kerry that, unlike in the case with Iraq, which invited the coalition to move in, there has been no such invitation from Syria, nor has the coalition asked for any such permission from the UN Security Council…



Priest took more than $250K from elderly ‘grandmas’ at wealthy church to buy car, big screen TV: police




US Bombs Syria without Congressional Approval

JESSICA DESVARIEUX, TRNN PRODUCER: After weeks of conducting airstrikes in Iraq to combat militant group ISIS, the government says it will be bombing at least four provinces in Syria. Amateur videos like this one posted on YouTube are already showing the damage of airstrikes on the civilian population. But on Tuesday, President Obama said that airstrikes are necessary to eventually defeating ISIS and the U.S. would not be going at this fight alone.

Australia is bombing Syria without the approval of the Australian Parliament…………..KT



Info on Civilian Casualties Appeared Before Russian Jets in Syrian Airspace

Information on casualties among civilians appeared in Western media before Russian arcraft left ground, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

Did BBC blow it again?!? :)




US Mistakenly Bombs Free Syrian Army, Obama Personally Approves Airstrikes

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that America had bombed the Free Syrian Army in Syria, killing several members of the FSA, in a botched targeting of ISIS. Josh Rogin stated:

Since U.S. airstrikes against ISIS in Syria began on Sept. 22, there has been no coordination between the U.S. military and its alleged partners on the ground, according to FSA leaders, civilian opposition leaders, and intelligence sources who have been briefed on the U.S. and allied military operation.

Unfortunately for the Obama administration, President Obama has been directly tied to the targets picked in the Syrian campaign. Just a week and a half ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Obama’s generals would not have the ability to approve targets – instead, the commander-in-chief would channel LBJ and pick the bombing sites:

Just imagine the outcry if some southern US States went to war with the Northern states again and if Russia intervened to support the southern States…………………KT




U.S.-Led Air Campaign Is Linked to Civilian Deaths in Syria

ANTAKYA, Turkey — An airstrike by the American-led military coalition in northern Syria this week killed eight civilians, including two women and five children, according to neighbors and relatives of the dead.

The episode revived accusations by monitoring groups that the United States and its allies are not careful enough about who is killed by the air campaign against militant groups.




US Bombing Rescues 50 Civilians from ISIS by Killing Them

The US has already lost the information war.All they are doing now is looking silly and mean!

US bombing reportedly ends the lives of fifty civilians. How does that help us defeat ISIS?
Leaders in the United States insist on pretending that we can wage war with technologically sophisticated weaponry that allows them to put no soldiers’ lives at risk. But that “war from a distance” often doesn’t work out the way they promise us that it will.

“We had to destroy the village to save it “….US military Commander during the Vietnam war regarding the total destruction of B?n Tre in the Mekong delta…………KT




U.S. airstrikes on ISIS ‘killed Syrian civilians after mistaking grain silo for jihadist base’

At least two civilian workers were killed after missiles launched in a US airstrike targeting an ISIS-controlled region in Syria struck grain silos, according to a human rights group.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights believes aircraft may have mistaken the mills and grain storage areas in the northern Syrian town of Manbij for an Islamic State base.

The US-led coalition has been targeting towns and villages in northern and eastern Syria controlled by the Islamic State group since last week.



Alabama to stop issuing driver’s licenses in counties with 75% black registered voters




‘The Civilian Will Pay’: Death Of Innocents Mount As US Bombing Of Syria Expands

With a new wave of U.S.-led airstrikes overnight in Syria, reporting from the ground inside the country show that in addition to the damage being done to Islamic State (or ISIS) targets and other militant factions, the civilian death toll is rapidly increasing.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, bombings on oil refineries held by ISIS in the northeast of Syria killed fourteen militants associated with the group, but also five civilians. In total, since the bombing of Syria began on Monday, SOHR estimates that of the 183 total killed by U.S. bombs, 36 were non-combatants, many of them women and children.



Up to 27 Iraqi civilians may have been killed in Canadian airstrike, Pentagon document reveals

An internal Pentagon document obtained by CBC’s the fifth estate raises questions about the quality of the investigation conducted by coalition forces into an allegation that as many as 27 civilians were killed in Iraq by a Canadian airstrike.

The Department of National Defence acknowledged last week that an investigation looked into allegations that a Canadian airstrike had killed civilians in northwestern Iraq in January of this year. It was part of an important battle for a key highway near Mosul.



The U.S.-Led Fight Against ISIS Has Killed Far More Civilians Than It Admits

The US Military is the biggest murderer of civilian populations in the history of mankind! Remember the Firebomb raids on Japan as well as Hiroshima and Nagasaki!
How about Wounded Knee!

ISKENDERUN, Turkey — The little girl was home in northern Syria at around 8:30 on a recent summer night when the missile streaked down from the sky. Her uncle, 21-year-old Talha Amouri, was outside when the explosion ripped through the house, knocking him off his feet. He dug through the wreckage for hour after frantic hour, pulling out members of his family. He found five of his nieces — ages 8, 7, 6, 5, and 3 — dead. But the youngest, 2-year-old Nariman, clung to life, her arms locked around her mother, who had also survived. Nariman was rushed to a hospital across the nearby border with Turkey, in the seaside city of Iskenderun, where she now lies helpless beneath a web of tubes and bandages.



Abe Foxman Joins Israeli Policy Think Tank

Abraham Foxman, the former longtime head of the Anti-Defamation League, has accepted a role at an Israeli policy think tank.

Foxman will be a distinguished nonresident fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, the organization announced in a news release sent Wednesday.

He will work on “issues of combating anti-Semitism and assaults on the state of Israel,” according to the release. Foxman will perform research on Israeli-American relations, as well as the ties between Israeli and Diaspora Jews.



Bank Head: “Cancel cash to save the economy” World is going nuts. HELP



Hundreds of civilians killed in US-led air strikes on Isis targets – report

Pot! Kettle! Black!

The air campaign against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has killed more than 450 civilians, according to a new report, even though the US-led coalition has so far acknowledged just two non-combatant deaths.

More than 5,700 air strikes have been launched in the campaign, which nears its first anniversary this Saturday, with its impact on civilians largely unknown.

Now Airwars, a project by a team of independent journalists, is publishing details of 52 strikes with what it believes are credible reports of at least 459 non-combatant deaths, including those of more than 100 children.

It says there is a “worrying gulf between public and coalition positions” on the campaign’s toll on civilians.



Mining Giant Glencore To Sell Gold & Silver Output To Pay Down Debt




After Decades of Manufactured Terror, Putin Points to Naked Empire With ISIS Bombings




You Can’t Separate Empire, the State, Financialization and Crony Capitalism: It’s One Indivisible System




Russian Airstrike in Syria Targeted CIA-Backed Rebels, U.S. Officials Say

One area hit was location primarily held by rebels receiving funding, arms, training from CIA and allies

So now the US Government is having to admit the Syrian “opposition” is another US-backed covert overthrow, in order to demonize Russia!



Ralph Peters Exposes Hard Truth About Criminal Hillary Clinton’s Privilege




Sen. John McCain: Putin Doing Assad’s ‘Dirty Work’ With Airstrikes

Russian President Vladimir Putin did Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s “dirty work” with airstrikes against rebel forces — and “it’s a classic example of the Russians treating the United States with complete contempt,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

Let’s see. First there is the matter that the United States intervention in Syria, uninvited by the Syrian government and without a UN mandate, is a violation of international law and the UN charter. Second, contempt has nothing to do with it. The Syrian government asked for Russia’s help against an insurgency that is at oleast in part yet another covert attempt by the US to regime change a foreign nation, which again is is a violation of international law and the UN charter. So John McCain is clearly complicit in the war crimes being committed by the US Government.



Artist fatally shot while working on anti-violence mural in Oakland




Information warfare? Russia accused of killing civilians in Syria

By: blackbird9

It didn’t take long, after Russia began its anti-terrorist bombing campaign, for social media to be flooded with ‘evidence’ of civilian casualties. The claims were readily repeated by Western mainstream media.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that it conducted 20 sorties on the first day of the Syrian operation and bombed eight targets in Syria, including weapon and fuel depots and command centers of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) group. All targets were far from urban areas, the ministry stressed.

Virtually simultaneously, reports started surfacing on social media claiming Russia is not attacking terrorists. Instead, it’s claimed Russian warplanes attacked residential areas, killing dozens of civilians. Others said there was no IS presence in the attack areas and these positions were actually held by “moderate rebels.”



From Syria To Asia To Russia – Terror Network Organized By NATO and Turkey

Uyghur Terror Networks Span Continents, Have Root In Turkey and NATO.

With the possible entrance of China into the Syrian crisis, a spate of recent articles has appeared in various media outlets discussing the importance of Uyghur terrorism in China and the effect those acts may have on its decision whether or not to truly commit troops or other means of assistance to the Syrian government. These discussions, however, have typically been superfluous and tangential, rarely attributing the importance of the connections between the Syrian crisis and the Xinjang Uyghur separatist movement.

While many might suspect at first glance that the two crises are unrelated, the fact is that the same powers that control the savages raping and beheading their way across Syria also control the Uyghur “separatists” wreaking havoc in Xinjang China…



Putin Trumps Obama at the U.N.

If the peevish expression on Barack Obama’s face was any indication, Vladimir Putin is a force in the world who cannot be ignored. Ever since Russia annexed Crimea in response to the United States – and NATO – backed coup in Ukraine, Obama and the corporate media have falsely declared that Putin is isolated from the rest of the world. They claim he is a monster, a despot and an irrelevance on the world stage.

While the G8 member nations turned themselves into the G7 in order to snub Russia, president Putin was making friends elsewhere. He may have been isolated from the United States and its clique, but not from China and the other BRICS nations or Syria or Iran or Iraq. While western nations use the Islamic State (ISIS) as a ruse to exact regime change in Syria, Putin has formed an alliance to carry out the task of eradicating that danger which was created by western intervention.

Crimea was not annexed. Crimea asked to merge with Russia. Otherwise, a good summary.



Syria army, allies prepare for major assault in north: sources




4 reasons why Putin and Obama can’t agree on Syria

The meeting between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama during the 70th session of the UN General Assembly has left the main disputed issues raised by the sides unresolved. RBTH presents a list of the principal points that impede the two sides from cooperating in the fight against ISIS.



U.S. massive aid to Israel must stop: My Word

A Sept. 21 My Word column criticized a billboard by our organization announcing: “$10 million a day to Israel? Our money is needed in America!” (“Anti-Israel billboards mislead drivers”).

The commentary was by Hava L. Holzhauer, the Florida regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, which frequently expends some of its nearly $100 million endowment advocating for Israel.

U.S. politicians from both parties have given more of our money to Israel than to any other nation, thanks to the multibillion-dollar pro-Israel lobby. In fact, the U.S. historically has given more aid to Israel than to all of sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America combined.



Iran: most developed country in Muslim world thanks to Western sanctions

How does the Iranian economy feel after 40 years of the economic blockade? How can Russia and Iran develop cooperation in the future? Pravda.Ru conducted an interview on the subject with Rosnano investment director, Vadim Veschezerov.

“A lot has been said recently about the Russian-Iranian cooperation in the field of high technologies. Can Russia and Iran cooperate in the high-tech industry instead of oil and fruit?”



Siege of Gaza must end, Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour Friends of Israel

Jeremy Corbyn, the new left-wing leader of the UK’s Labour Party last night accepted an invitation to address Labour Friends of Israel, a group that lobbies members of parliament to support Israel.

But despite his speech being only mildly critical of Israel, he was heckled by one audience member. The event took place at the annual Labour Party conference in Brighton.



Report reveals 9 Israel lobby tactics to silence students

Lawyers have responded to nearly 300 incidents of “censorship, punishment, or other burdening of advocacy for Palestinian rights” filed by Palestine solidarity activists on more than 65 US campuses in the last year and a half.



Abbas Says PA Not Bound by Agreements With Israel

Israel should bear responsibility as an occupying power, Palestinian president tells UN General Assembly; Netanyahu counters that Abbas is ‘encouraging incitement and calamity.’



Economic news continue to bring a message of a sluggish recovery plagued by unequal gains and sluggish aggregate demand.




EXPOSED! The Federal Reserve Is Planning A “Controlled Crash” — Here’s How




Russia Hits Precise ISIS Targets; US Bombing Where Obama “Ended 2 Wars”

Russia has struck eight Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria, the country’s Defense Ministry said, adding that “civilian infrastructure” was avoided during the operations.

“Today, Russian aerospace force jets delivered pinpoint strikes on eight ISIS terror group targets in Syria. In total, 20 flights were made,” spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said.

“As a result, arms and fuel depots and military equipment were hit. ISIS coordination centers in the mountains were totally destroyed,” he added.

Konashenkov said that all the flights took place after air surveillance and careful verification of the data provided by the Syrian military. He stressed that Russian jets did not target any civilian infrastructure and avoided these territories.



US anti-abortion campaigner Troy Newman granted temporary reprieve

A prominent US anti-abortion campaigner has been granted a temporary reprieve, after Immigration Minister Peter Dutton agreed not to remove him from Australia in the next 24 hours.

Troy Newman was detained at Melbourne Airport on Thursday after flying to Australia despite Mr Dutton this week revoking his visa amid concerns the speaker would incite community harm.



The Great Illinois Gold Rush!

Illinois (like many other states) is facing an ugly financial future. Illinois can’t “print” money to pay their bills so eventually horrible adjustments will be made. Sovereign nations such as the US, Japan, and the UK can “print” their currencies until others refuse to accept payment in those currencies. This delays, but does not eliminate, the inevitable consequences and implosion.



Who is twitter-luring refugees to Germany?

As you see, only 6,4% of all tweets with “#RefugeesWelcome”+Germany came from Germany itself. Almost half of them were originated from UK, USA and Australia! Looks like your remote planetmates are blushlessly inviting guests to visit your home without inquiring your opinion beforehand!



Starikov: Russia is forcing the Americans to destroy their own project in its infancy

Even cats don’t get born on their own and such high-profile terrorist organisations, packaged with beautiful Hollywood promos don’t appear on their own. Of course, it is a project, the same project of the global banking elite. as once was Adolf Hitler, and before that where the Bolsheviks-Trotskyists, who have destroyed the Russian empire and were going to crush the neighboring states.

Islamic state is a can opener in the hands of the global elite, with which it was planning to destroy the world order, as it is.



Putin: Who created ISIS?




Anti-Putin Propaganda Begins: ‘Moderate’ Terrorists Complaining That Russia Bombed Them

The Independent, a British media outlet, says that ‘activists’ in Homs and Hama provinces have posted images and video online claiming to show Russian planes bombing groups of non-Isis rebels who are fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces‘.

There are numerous glaring problems with this assessment. The first, obviously, being that anonymous ‘activists’ provided the information. The second being that the video that news outlet links to shows no jets at all, let alone ‘Russian planes’. The third is that those ‘non-ISIS rebels’ are still ‘fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces’, who are the main anti-ISIS force in the entire country, which makes them part of the problem.

OH?? So now we have different grades of terrorists???………….KT




NBC: Radioactive debris on beach at California nuclear plant — Magazine: Bombshell report reveals radiation cover-up — Experts: “Unbelievable what they’re doing there”… “We still don’t know how high those levels were”

NBC TV Investigation Finds Evidence Of Radioactive Debris On Beach At San Onofre — An investigation by KNSD-TV Channel 7 , the NBC affiliate in San Diego, has dropped a bombshell regarding efforts to cover-up lax handling of nuclear waste and radiation leaks at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Stations…




Wait! You’re bombing the wrong terrorists!

The anti-Putin, Russophobe whine-fest is about to reach a new peak of absurdity as the US accuses Russia of bombing the moderate Syrian rebels instead of ISIS – the problem is that there has never been a “moderate” opposition in Syria distinguishable from ISIS. This is why more than a year of American “attacks” on ISIS have yielded no results. The US has been supporting and funding the “moderate” opposition to Assad while supposedly attacking ISIS, only to find that our own weapons end up in the hands of ISIS! And now, Russia is going after all of them, whatever they may call themselves: ISIS, ISIL, IS, Nusra, al Qaeda, the moderate Syrian rebels, the Free Syria Army, the moderate Syrian ISIS terrorists…

So now, the message Russia is getting from Washington is: stop bombing the Nusra branch of al Qaeda and bomb the ISIS branch of al Qaeda! But since they all work together to overthrow President Assad, they are all on the same side and completely indistinguishable from each other.

None of this would be happening if the US government could learn to stop messing around with other peoples’ countries!




Putin Checkmates Obama’s New World Order in Syria




After Decades of Manufactured Terror, Putin Points to Naked Empire With ISIS Bombings

When Putin carries out airstrikes in Syria, he sees ISIS.

When the U.S. disputes the same targets, it sees Syrian rebel groups and the Free Syrian Army.





Eurozone back in technical deflation. Inflation Rate Turns Negative as ECB Debates Stimulus




GMO: Our right to know (we’re winning!)




Video: Putin enters leopard cage at Sochi National Park




The Curse of American Exceptionalism

By Thomas DiLorenzo

October 1, 2015

Nothing seems to cause one of the neocon talking heads to fall into a rage more than discussing a politician or political candidate who “doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism!!” Sean Hannity seems especially unhinged under such circumstances. This is because “American exceptionalism” has long been the ideological underpinning of – and justification for –the American empire and all of its military adventures. As shills for the American military/industrial complex and the empire that it is forever expanding, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, and all the rest are required by their masters to express outrage – outrage! – whenever anyone questions the propriety of American imperialism and empire building……..




Join the Games: Russia takes out Arms Depots paid for by Western Taxpayers

A Macedonian view.

Russia launched its first air strikes in Syria Wednesday, Sept. 30 was confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow and quickly criticized by US officials. US appeared very concerned of “civilian” casualties. Interesting this concern came from a country that has killed nearly 2 million civilians in the past 15 years.
Moscow stressed that it acted in support of Bashar Assad’s war on the Islamic State, assisted by other foreign powers including Iran and Iraq working together from an allied command center in Baghdad.



US Funded NGO in Syria Uses Old Photo to Claim Civilian Death in Russian Airstrikes

From the moment the first Russian warplanes started launching attacks inside Syria, a new campaign in the information war was also launched, with various groups trying to get their stamps on conflicting stories about what exactly Russia attacked, whether they hit ISIS, ISIS allies, pro-US rebels, or just random Syrian civilians.

At the center of one of the bigger controversies was the “White Helmets” organization. Formerly known as the Syria Civil Defense, the group is heavily funded by the US State Department, and while the group claims to be purely an aid group, and not to be taking any side in the war, their statements overwhelmingly tow the official US line,



Putin Tells Obama Keep Leading From Behind While I Bomb ISIS

Prettty funny!

Published on Sep 30, 2015

Putin Tells Obama Keep Leading From Behind While I Bomb ISIS




BEX Alert!!! – “Syrian Rebels Taken Aback by Russian Airstrikes”

BEIRUT, Lebanon — “They are the most violent strikes,” says a man filming the grim aftermath of what he asserts was a Russian air attack on the town of Talbiseh, in the Homs Province of Syria. “This is the Russian criminal regime.” The voice then trials off into laments and prayers: “Oh God, oh God, oh God. God is all we need.”

He concludes: “This is what the criminal Russian planes did.”

When Russia declared it would start hitting the Islamic State in Syria, opponents of President Bashar al-Assad were immediately concerned that it would target them as well — insurgents who rebelled long before the Islamic State, also called ISIS or ISIL, existed in its current form.



The Financial-Industrial Revolution’s Origin and Destiny

The financial revolution in England over 300 years ago overcame these limitations by vastly expanding the scope and function of credit. It established a credit system independent of savings and current resources, and it did so by institutionalizing the process of creating money “out of thin air.”

It takes a little history to understand this financial revolution—history that is not taught in our schools.

It was the goldsmiths in seventeenth century London that took the first step. Clients deposited gold with them for safekeeping, receiving in turn certificates of redemption. The goldsmiths discovered that only a few clients were likely to redeem their deposits at any given time. This allowed them to issue more certificates (as loans) than they actually had gold on hand to redeem them.




Scot Free: How the JFK Conspirators Got Away

The game is rigged, and the fix is in… as depicted in this sketch from The Kentucky Fried Movie back in 1977.

What else can you say? The only truth that will be told to the masses is through satire – but at least it’s good satire.

Read more at Truthstream Media (and please share)



American “allies” in Syria: their shameful performance is perfectly explainable

[The recent American failure to train and equip anti-Assad forces in Syria is not an isolated incident. It is a symptom of a systemic problem. This article, which recently appeared in the Russian press, explains why.]

Yevgeny Krutikov, Vzglyad

The scandal around the “30th Divison,” which was prepared by American trainers for war against Assad, and which immediately surrendered to the Islamist An-Nusra Front as soon as it crossed the border from Turkey, is now resounding around the entire planet. There will be many such scandals. They have been predetermined by the methodology of American training of “allies”—in Syria, in Georgia and in the Ukraine.



Risking Liberal Ire, Trump Invokes Operation Wetback As A ‘Humane’ Solution To Illegal Immigration

Donald Trump told the CBS News program “60 Minutes” last weekend that he had a “humane” way to send illegal immigrants home. Typically, he didn’t offer many details, but he did mention that the prototype for his plan was a successful round-up and deportation of illegal immigrants in the 1950s. There was indeed such a plan, dubbed “Operation Wetback,” and developed by President Eisenhower to address what was then a growing illegal immigration problem. Ike reached back to his West Point days to find a military officer – General Joseph Swing – whom he trusted to implement his draconian plan, which saw more than a million illegal immigrants deported to Mexico in the space of a year.

Good for Trump!



Fox News Just Did This Unbelievable Thing For The First Time In Its 18-Year History




Russia in Syria: Doom for Greater Israel

ISIS IS ISRAEL, ISIS is Israel Secret Intelligence Service, it is a covert Mossad Army, a proxy army of Israel and it’s goal is to drive Muslims out of Greater Israel. But now Russia has landed Syria and conducted the first airstrikes against the enemies of Assad. This portends the end of the drive for GREATER ISRAEL WHICH ENCOMPASSES MUCH OF SYRIA.



6 Out Of 6 Fed Surveys Say US Is In Recession… Credit Crashes Most In 4 Years… For The First Time During This Business Cycle, The US Hasn’t Added A Single Manufacturing Job This Year

For the first time since 2009, all six major Fed regional activity surveys are in contraction territory. So, time to hike rates?



U.S. Bombs Somehow Keep Falling in the Places Where Obama “Ended Two Wars”

“We’ve ended two wars.” — Barack Obama, July 21, 2015, at a DSCC fundraiser held at a “private residence”

“Now that we have ended two wars responsibly, and brought home hundreds of American troops, we salute this new generation of veterans.” — National Security Adviser Susan Rice, May 20, 2015

“His presidency makes a potentially great story: the first African-American in the White House, who helped the country recover from recession and ended two wars.” — Dominic Tierney, The Atlantic, January 15, 2015, “America Will Miss Obama When He’s Gone”

Report from Airwars, August 2, 2015, detailing civilian deaths from continuous U.S.-led airstrikes in Iraq and Syria:



Organic Food during Mother’s Pregnancy Reduces Risk of Male Birth Defects

A large epidemiological study links consumption of organic food with decreased rates of hypospadias and cryptorchidism, both common types of male urogenital birth defects [1]. This is the first prospective study to find a significant link between consumption of organic foods and reduced risk of hypospadias.

The study analysed over 37 000 women and children pairs, finding that women who consume any organic food during pregnancy are 0.42 times as likely to give birth to a boy with hypospadias as those who report seldom or never eating organic food. This decrease is modest but significant, and builds on a growing list of studies linking pesticides and other endocrine disrupters to these types of defects. Of all the food groups analysed (vegetables, fruit, cereal, dairy, eggs and meat), consumption of organic vegetables as well as organic dairy were most strongly associated with the protective effect, with baby boys 0.30 times as likely to get hypospadias when mothers consumed either organic dairy or organic vegetables. For cryptorchidism, a borderline negative association was found solely with the consumption of organic milk/dairy products, with those consuming this organic food group being 0.65 times as likely to give birth to a boy with the condition. Results were adjusted for food intakes, sociodemographic variables and lifestyle factors, though these factors had marginal influence on the results.



Girl, 9, denied inhaler during coughing fit, per school district policy

A 9-year-old girl was denied her inhaler during a coughing fit at school in West Jordan because staff were not notified of the child’s prescription, Jordan School District officials said Monday.



BREAKING Questions About Leak at Federal Reserve Escalate to Insider-Trading Probe




Monsanto & Cancer Milk: FOX NEWS KILLS STORY & FIRES Reporters.




College Students Hang Harmless Item On Dorm Balcony, Immediately Threatened With Suspension




Supreme Court rules in favor of police in home searches without objector present




Watch: Gowdy Drops The Hammer On Planned Parenthood President – Gets Her To Admit Something Huge




US Customs is collecting the personal information of every Amtrak passenger




Russian Submarine Carrying Nuclear Weapons Arrives In Pacific Region




American Academy Of Pediatrics Gives Monsanto The Boot After Meeting With Concerned Mothers

And it all came about thanks to the help of an awareness campaign over a shocking conflict of interest involving Monsanto, Coca Cola, and one of the country’s most important organizations for protecting the health of children.



Germany And Poland Join Green Wave Of EU GM Crop Bans

Germany and Poland have both joined the growing list of countries in the EU Wednesday that…



Dr. Ben Carson said there might not be an election in 2016. Yes, he did!




40,000 jobs lost in Alberta’s Oil Patch this year. Announcement of more jobs to be lost very soon. City of Edmonton Crime triples




Isis: Pentagon halts Syria rebel training programme after series of deadly failures and defections

The United States has announced a “pause” in bringing moderate rebels from Syria to participate in its beleaguered train-and-equip programme in Turkey and Jordan, as it reviews the entire scheme, the Pentagon announced on Tuesday (29 September). The $500m (£327m) programme, aimed at preparing rebels to take on Islamic State (Isis) jihadists in Syria, was announced in 2014.



Outrage as Brussels demands extra €519m from UK taxpayers

Britain has no control over how the European Union (EU) spends UK taxpayers’ money at a time when Brussels is asking domestic governments to engage in austerity at home, a leading policy analyst has warned.

Business for Britain campaign director Robert Oxley sharply criticized the EU on Wednesday after it emerged Britons face an additional EU bill of £384 million (€519 million) in 2016.





Syrian rebels who would later join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, were trained in 2012 by U.S. instructors working at a secret base in Jordan, according to informed Jordanian officials.

The officials said dozens of future ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.



Flashback: Why are US and UK planes dropping weapons for ISIS ?

In late February, Iranian news agency FARS revealed unconfirmed reports about the presumed identity of those helping ISIS with weapons and ammunition. An updated video released by the unofficial Islamic State a3maq news a few months ago showed a jihadist displaying a number of boxes of ammunition with English-language markings.



Sky News host faces Twitter backlash over ‘inane’ Corbyn interview (VIDEO)

News presenter Eamonn Holmes has been accused of patronizing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by asking him “inane” questions during a cringe-worthy interview.



In the hole: Report finds states hiding $1.3 trillion in debt

Much is made of the federal government’s debt, but what about debt at the state level? It may not have reached such eye-poppingly high figures, but it’s still a matter of concern. In its sixth annual Financial State of the States report, the nonpartisan accounting group Truth in Accounting (TIA) took a full account of government assets and liabilities. It found that even though many states claim to have balanced budgets, state governments have in fact accumulated a combined debt of $1.3 trillion.

“As a CPA looking at government finances, I found they were not being truthful and transparent about their financial condition,” Sheila Weinberg, founder of TIA, told “For years, citizens have been told that their home state budgets have been balanced. If that were true, state debt would be zero and Taxpayer Burden would simply not exist.”



FEMA Camp For Idiots But They To Stupid To Know It




China Stock Regulator Imposes Record Fines After Rout




Is Oklahoma About to Murder an Innocent Man?

On Wednesday, Richard Glossip will face execution by the state of Oklahoma despite mounting evidence pointing to his innocence. Glossip was found guilty of hiring his subordinate, Justin Sneed, to murder his boss, Barry Van Treese, during the winter of 1997. No physical evidence connected Glossip to the murder—all hearings and charges were based on Sneed’s testimony. Sneed cut a deal with the state to testify against Glossip, who had no criminal record, in exchange for a life sentence.

The Intercept recently reported that a man named Michael Scott served time in a cell across from Sneed and overheard him boasting about framing Glossip. The report prompted Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, who had been vying for Glossip’s execution, to go to great lengths to track down Scott and interrogate him.

This is why I cannot support a death penalty. The system is flawed. The system makes mistakes. And until we can restore life to those it is wrongfully taken from, we should not take any life in the first place.


Flashback: Plane drops of ammunition helping to reinforce ISIS – reports

The Islamic State is getting outside help, with plane drops providing ammunition for the terrorist organization, according to an RT Arabic report. Iraqi government soldiers also say this is a recurring theme and the group is as strong as ever.



More Anti-Russian Bias at the NYT

Someone at the New York Times forgot where the opinion pages are, and not for the first time. When it comes to hot-button foreign issues such as Russia and Syria, too often Official Washington’s opinions and hostile spin get propagated as fact on its news pages.



WATCH: IDF Soldiers Treating Wounded Syrians on Israel Border

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Latest News 1Oct 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media



“Any political system founded on lies and deceptions cannot survive in the 21st Century.” — Michael Rivero

Syria New Russian Weapon

Russia has adopted a new secret weapon in Syria

looks and sounds like a ground-based version of the US GAU-8.


Latest News With Pictures 

Woman in Labor Begs Cops Not to Arrest Husband Who Was Speeding to Hospital, Dad Still Arrested




Syria fully trusts Russia, President Putin — foreign minister

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Mualem said on Wednesday. “The position outlined by the Russian president in his speech at the UN General Assembly is absolutely clear and we support it,” al-Mualem said. “As for the United States and US-led coalition, we do not trust them. Judge for yourself, their air force delivered 9,000 air strikes on Syria and Iraq but we felt no results.”
The minister, currently in New York, said earlier that partnership with Russia, Iran and Iraq against the Islamic State terrorist group would be useful in combatting terrorism.
Chechen leader ready to send high-class specialists for countering IS in Syria




Notorious US Surveillance Bill May Kill Internet Privacy This Week

The US Congress, faced with a possible government shutdown, is allegedly considering the re-introduction of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) this week.



Phony Ambassador Running Obama’s Anti-Islamic State Diplomacy

The Obama administration official most likely in line to become the next U.S. envoy to the Coalition to Counter the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL) has falsely presented himself as an official U.S. ambassador by the administration for the last five months, according to documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Brett McGurk, a deputy special presidential envoy to the Global Coalition who serves under General John Allen, was temporarily appointed by the administration as an ambassador on Oct. 18, 2014.

He was conferred this rank through a little-known legal loophole that allows the administration to bypass congressional confirmation of an individual for a period of no longer than six months. Ambassadors confirmed by the Senate have the title for life.



House Invokes ‘Martial Law’ to Speed Spending Bill Vote




Free Speech Gets the Death Penalty

Simply by reporting on the US military in a way the Pentagon interprets as “dangerous,” journalists could be left open to censorship, incarceration or even the death penalty.

See article below about Apple yanking an App that reported US drone strikes.



King Tut’s Long-Lost Secret Rooms Mave Contain the Tomb of Queen Nefertiti




Monsanto ‘Deliberately Covered Up Data’ Proving Glyphosate is Cancerous for 4 Decades

What will it take to shut down Monsanto’s doors irrevocably? Likely it will be the same type of lawsuit that finally pulled the shades on the tobacco industry. If Big Tobacco eventually had to pay a $206 billion settlement over 25 years for lying about the health impacts of cigarettes, what do you think Monsanto will have to pay for lying about glyphosate’s carcinogenic nature for almost 40 years?



Corbyn: Tory austerity failed approach

UK Labour Party leader has slammed the Tory government’s austerity policy, calling it “the failed approach of the past.”



Russian Defense Ministry releases footage of airstrikes at IS operational staff in Syria

Russian Defense Ministry has released video footage of pinpoint airstrikes at an operational staff of the Islamic State grouping on the territory of Syria.
A report issued by the ministry’s press service said the command point and the operational staff were located in a mountainous area in Syria. Earlier on Wednesday, the Federation Council, the upper house of Russian parliament authorized the use of Russia’s Aerospace Force units in Syria. Sergey Ivanov, the chief of the Kremlin administration staff said Russia would use only Air Force in combat operations in Syria at the request of the country’s President, Bashar al-Assad.



YAY! The RICH are RICHER than ever!

America’s top 400 billionaires are now richer than ever, boasting a record-smashing combined wealth of $2.34trillion, up $50billion from a year ago, according to the latest issue of Forbes Magazine.



9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

A demonstration showing how thermite/thermate can cut steel girders, contradicting the National Geographic propaganda.



Official US military recruitment form

Save this PDF and print out a bunchy of copies to keep with you. Whenever you hear some idiot talking about how “we” must go to war with … whoever, hand them a copy and suggest they lead by example.

That usually shuts them up!



Saudi-led aerial campaign leaves bloody stalemate in Yemen


3 Civil War Cannons Raised From Confederate Shipwreck

Underwater archaeologists and researchers from the University of South Carolina pulled three cast iron Civil War cannons from the bottom of the Great Pee Dee river where they’ve been buried for more than 150 years on Tuesday morning. or many historians, it was an experience they say they’d chase for a lifetime. “These two have been lost for years, and we’ve been waiting a long time to see them come out of the water,” said Vietnam Veteran William Lockridge .



Russian airstrikes in Syria: White House says Putin cannot act alone

This is your President on drugs. Any questions?

The United States does not have the permission of the Syrian government to be in Syria. The United States does not have a United Nations mandate. It is the United States that is acting alone in trying to regime change Syria, as it has done Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, etc. all of which are violations of International Law and the charter of the United Nations!



This Chart PROVES Stock Market Hasn’t Risen Since QE3!




Is Obama Fighting ISIS, Assad or Russia?

Prof. Sabah Alnasseri of York University says Obama speech at the UN pushes anti-ISIS forces towards Russian strategy.


A Forensic Analysis Just Revealed The TRUTH About The Planned Parenthood Vids

“Planned Parenthood can no longer hide behind a smokescreen.”

Undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives and employees discussing the process and profits of harvesting fetal tissue “are authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing,” according to a new in-depth analysis.

Since the release of the videos from The Center for Medical Progress, cutting off Planned Parenthood’s millions of dollars in government subsidies is a top priority for many conservatives.

Alliance Defending Freedom engaged Coalfire Systems, a cybersecurity and forensic analysis company, to examine the 10 videos put out by the pro-life group Center for Medical Progress. The videos, shot in Planned Parenthood’s around the country, show PP officials discussing how the organization makes money from harvesting fetal tissue that is allegedly used in research.



Orlando Sentinel Op-Ed: U.S. massive aid to Israel must stop: My Word

And U.S. aid to Israel is given at the beginning of the year. Since our government operates at a deficit, we borrow this money and then pay interest on it long after it has been transferred to Israel’s account at the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. This is an interest-bearing account, so Israel gains still more money, while Americans lose it.



9-11 Truth Southwest Tour!

Click for larger image




Obama’s Self-Deceit

President Obama, who has boasted of ordering military strikes on seven countries, chastised Russia and China for not abiding by the rules of international behavior, a breathtaking example of hypocrisy or self-deceit.



Evernote Announces Layoffs, Closes 3 Global Offices




Obama’s Syria

Ending Syria’s horrific civil war is possible, but the political will to do so remains elusive.

Over the years the facts on the ground have changed in Syria – with the rise of the Islamic State being the deadliest new reality. But Washington and its regional allies remain focused on an illegal regime change in Damascus. The west is fighting the wrong war and will surely lose the peace.



Government Disregards Data On People Killed In High Speed Police Chases

Just on the heals of the FBI essentially shrugging off pressure to pin real numbers of police killings of U.S. citizens – a report finds that deaths of people during police high-speed pursuits are drastically under-reported.

A new report uncovers another aspect that often goes forgotten when it comes to safety and…



FBI Shrugs At Calls To Pin Real Numbers For Police Killings

It’s been a busy week for the FBI. Whether it’s peeking in on Hillary Clinton, reviewing an inmate death, creating elaborate lures for mentally ill people who might join ISIS, or shutting down websites that sell fake badges – they are all over the news. So busy are they, that they…



British PM faces legal challenge over Syria drone attack

A legal proceeding has been initiated against British Prime Minister, David Cameron, over his decision to target Daesh or ISIL terrorists in Syria.


China: Parcel bombs explode in at least 13 locations across Liucheng killing seven

Explosions were reported in a shopping centre, prison, county government offices, supermarket, vegetable market and a centre for disease control. “Witnesses saw vehicles damaged on the road, and there were people injured in the blasts,” state-run Xinhua reported.

“Initial investigations showed that explosives could be inside express delivery packages,” Xinhua added. Authorities have urged the public not to open parcels.



From 10 TRILLION To 19 TRILLION — President Obama has overseen the LARGEST increase in the National Debt in our nation’s history




GALLUP: “Iraqis Are the Saddest & One of the Angriest Populations in the World”

The 2015 Global Emotions survey from Gallup finds that, “Iraqis Are Among the Saddest and One of the Angriest Populations in the World.” They explain:

“Iraq’s high Negative Experience Index score is largely attributable to the relatively high percentages of Iraqis who report experiencing each of these negative emotions. Majorities of Iraqis experienced worry (62%), physical pain (57%), sadness (57%) and stress (55%) the previous day, and half of Iraqis (50%) said they experienced anger. Iraqis lead the world in experiencing sadness and tie with Iran on anger (49%).”



Thousands more Hillary Clinton emails to be released

More than 6,000 pages of new Hillary Clinton emails are set to be published by the State Department Wednesday, the latest installment in a prolonged disclosure process that has proved to be painful for Clinton’s presidential campaign by focusing attention on her decision to use a private email account and server to conduct her official business as secretary of state.



Video: Hillary Spokeswoman Rambles Incoherently About Email Scandal

This clip is a few days old now, but still worth highlighting because it underscores the quandary in which Team Hillary finds itself. When Mrs. Clinton was grilled about her reckless email scheme on Meet the Press this week, a group of campaign aides and confidantes published coordinated tweets declaring the email scandal a dead issue:

It is against Federal Law for campaigns to coordinate with PACs. And no way is the email issue dead until we deal with the possibility that Hillary was selling secrets for donations.

Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, he authorized the transfer of highly sensitive technology to China. This technology had military applications and allowed China to close the gap in missile performance with the United States. The transfers were opposed and severely criticized by the Defense Department.

At the same time Bill Clinton was transferring this technology to China, huge donations began to pour into his re-election campaign from the US companies allowed to sell the technology to China, and from American citizens of Chinese descent. The fact that they were US citizens allowed them to donate to political campaigns, but it later emerged that they were acting as conduits for cash coming in from Asian sources, including Chinese Intelligence Agencies! The scandal became known as China-gate!

This establishes a history of the Clintons treating US secrets as their own personal property, selling them to raise money for campaigns.

Now then, let us consider a private email server with weak security, at least one known totally open access point, no encryption, and outside the control and monitoring systems of the US government, on which are parked many of the nation’s most closely guarded secrets! It is already established that Hillary’s email was hacked. One hacker named Guccifer provided copies of emails to Russia Today, which published them. Another hacker is reported to be offering 32,000 of Hillary’s emails for the sum of $500,000. Security experts agree that Hillary’s server had worse security than the Ashley Madison website!

Now, consider a charitable foundation owned by the Clintons (which actually does very little charitable work). Being a charitable foundation, it is allowed to accept “donations” from foreign sources, and roughly 40% of the cash that has poured into the Clinton Foundation has come from foreign sources. Many of those foreign sources received preferential treatment from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sufficient for attorney Larry Klayman to file a RICO lawsuit against the foundation (which as of last report was thrown out of court by a Clinton-appointed judge who refused to recuse himself over the obvious conflict of interest)!

Easy means of delivering secrets. Easy means of accepting payment! And now there is confirmation that Hillary did have a private “off the books” spy network, centered on Sidney Blumenthal, while she was secretary of state!

This is a perfect setup to repeat the 1996 selling of secrets for cash. In other words, a perfect espionage operation, running out the US State Department, with the weak email server providing the secrets and a charitable foundation to accept and launder the payments! Hillary doesn’t have to physically steal the files, the way Jonathan Pollard did. Hillary doesn’t have to scratch an X on a mailbox, the way Aldrich Ames did. Hillary doesn’t have to tape bundles of stolen documents underneath a park bridge, like Robert Hannsen did!

It is time to look past the small scandal of the private email server at what may be a far larger scandal hidden behind it!

And the longer the government and corporate media avoids this question, the more complicit they look!



Regime Change as American as Apple Pie

US President Barack Obama is someone to almost pity. For he has the unenviable task of standing before the nations of the world and smugly spout endless falsehoods — as he did, yet again, during his address to the UN General Assembly.

Clandestine American-led interventions have fuelled the explosion in terror networks across the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. Yet amid this American legacy of international violence, Obama was charged with painting a rose-tinted view of the world that was breath-taking in its distortion and absurdity.


Big Pharma in death throes? Drug companies jack up prices as economically strained Americans seek affordable alternatives





There are more examples, many more …. none of which you will read about in the Western Media.

That’s why WE ARE HERE!







Abbas Says PA Not Bound by Agreements With Israel

Israel should bear responsibility as an occupying power, Palestinian president tells UN General Assembly.



State Rep. Says General Electric Told Him to Lie About Ex-Im Bank

A General Electric employee pressed a Wisconsin legislator to falsely blame the closing of a facility there on the expiration of federal subsidies, the legislator said this week.

State Rep. Scott Allen said in a Monday statement that GE government relations executive Patrick Theisen asked Allen to blame the closing of a Waukesha engine manufacturing facility on the recent expiration of the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

“Mr. Theisen was eager to connect me with his public relations department to help me gin up a press release blaming Congress and demanding they act,” Allen said.

According to the Republican legislator, who represents portions of Waukesha and other suburbs west of Milwaukee, Theisen admitted that that explanation was a lie.



“Going After” the Islamic State. Guess Who is Behind the Caliphate Project?

Author’s note and Update

The following article was first published in September 2014 at the outset of the air campaign “against the ISIS”. In recent developments Russia has officially joined the campaign against the Islamic State (ISIS). What are the implications?

Amply documented but rarely mentioned in news reports, the ISIS is a creation of US intelligence, recruited, trained and financed by the US and its allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and Jordan.

What this means is that the ISIS terrorists are the foot soldiers of the Western alliance. While America claims to be targeting the ISIS, in reality it is protecting the ISIS. The air campaign is intent upon destroying Syria and Iraq rather than “going after the terrorists”.

But now Russia is involved in the campaign against the ISIS in coordination with the Syrian and Iraqi governments.

All I can think about, upon reading this, is the old “Pogo” cartoon”, where the statement is made:

“I have seen the enemy, and he…is US!!!”



Putin: Obama’s War In Syria Violates International Law

Newly found TrueCrypt flaw allows full system compromise




Video: First Russian Air Strike in Syria as WW Three Makes its Debut with Russia, China Combined Warning to NATO

It has been reported that the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has followed correctly its constitutional order when earlier on Wednesday the 162 member upper chamber of the Federal Assembly, Council of Federation, unanimously approved a Declaration of War requested by President Putin against the terrorist forces operating in the Levant known as the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and has begun combat operations and has warned the NATO nations of its intentions…



Oops: Planned Parenthood president just caught in NEW LIE!




Cuba Developed a $1 Lung Cancer Vaccine but We Can’t Have It

Most people would be quite surprised to learn that there is a vaccine for lung cancer, one which has been proven effective in over 25 years of intense research and several years of clinical use. So why is most of the world only learning about it now? The answer is complicated by back-room dealings in the dark recesses of government, and by the unhealthy influence that pharmaceutical companies have on the availability of life-saving medications.

Cuba has faced many public health issues over the last few decades, one of the gravest being related the country’s most famous export, tobacco. A rise in cases of lung cancer prompted this small nation to develop a drug called CimaVax EGF, which is now one of the most effective medications in existence to treat lung cancer.

The Lung Cancer Treatment That Actually Works

Big Pharma doesn’t want any competition to their expensive, toxic treatments for cancer. And the outcomes from most of those treatments are the recurrence of much more aggressive tumors elsewhere in the body, and additional rounds of chemo/radiation.



‘Let him fight ISIS’: Trump gives Putin an ‘A’ for leadership after Russia’s entry into Syria

One day after President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin made little headway in their standoff over Syria at their first formal meeting in more than two years, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is agreeing with Putin on his backing of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Speaking on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday evening, the billionaire businessman and presidential front-runner praised Russia’s recent military buildup in Syria and expressed little concern for Putin’s support for his longtime Syrian ally.

“If he wants to fight ISIS, let him fight ISIS,” Trump said in an interview taped at his Trump Tower skyscraper in Manhattan.

“I say there’s very little downside with Putin fighting ISIS,” he added.

I like Trump and will continue to support him, but once again he shows his political naivete. He does not know the real reasons for all these US wars.



Russia goes to war with ISIS: Why and how?

Moscow is now getting ready to use its military in Syria. RT explains why Russia is engaging, who it is going to fight, how and for how long.

Click for larger image




UK must prepare for WAR with Russia: Army calls for fleet of battle tanks to take on Putin

BRITAIN must invest in its fleet of main battle tanks to meet an increasing threat of ground war with Russia, senior Army officers have warned.



Fresh views of Ceres but ‘spots’ remain mysterious

The team behind Nasa’s Dawn mission to Ceres has released striking new images, but remains unable to explain the dwarf planet’s most intriguing mystery.

Bright spots within a 90km-wide crater have baffled scientists since the probe spotted them on its approach.

Now in orbit around Ceres, Dawn is gathering detailed data about the world’s geology and its composition.



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Anti-Migrant Posts Will Be Censored




WinRAR vulnerability leaves users open to attack

Over half a billion users of the WinRAR file compression tool could be at risk of infecting their computers, thanks to a newly discovered flaw in the application.



Sergey Glazyev’s Report: “About urgent measures to counter threats to the existence of Russia”

Dear friends,

This is “The Report” (all in caps!), the famous and, for some, infamous report presented by Sergei Glaziev to the Russian Security Council. Not an excerpt of a paraphrase – the full thing, appendices and all. To say that our translators did a huge and very hard job would be an understatement. I read the original Russian text, and I can attest that it is hell to translate. So I immense and heartfelt THANK YOU to KA, Elona, Seva and Eugenia – what you guys did is fantastic!!


The US aggression against Russia and the seizure of control over Ukraine is an integral part of the global hybrid (chaotic) war waged by Washington to retain world leadership in the growing competition with China. Russia is selected as the direction of the main attack on a combination of objective and subjective circumstances.


France opens probe into Assad regime for crimes against humanity

The inquiry will be led by France’s war crimes body.
The judicial source said the term “crimes against humanity” was used to include kidnappings and torture by the regime in the probe.
Note: Great idea and can we probe Israel and the United States?

AND Saudi Arabia, The Gulf States, Kuwait, The Ukraine, Great Britain, Australia, Canada. Oh, that’s right. They and we are the good guys. Forgive my memory lapse……………..KT




Report: Russia demands that American planes stay out of Syrian skies

US official tells Fox News that American planes will not comply with demand.

Please keep in mind the following important facts. The government of Syria has ASKED Russia to come help them against ISIS and Al Qaeda. The government of Syria has NOT asked the United States to come in under the excuse of fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda and bomb Syria to rubble. As long as you remember that, you know who the goods guys and bad guys really are!



Abbas to Tell UN: If Stalemate Continues, PA Will Cease Honoring Past Agreements With Israel

NEW YORK – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to use his address to the UN on Wednesday to threaten that if no breakthrough in the peace process occurs over the next few months, the PA will cease honoring some of the agreements it has made.

It has puzzled me for years why principled, non aligned and clear thinking fellow Arab States do not take up the Palestinian fight for freedom and land. It also puzzles me why Abbas and Fatah grovel so much to Israel. I am not talking about the criminal dictatorships in countries like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States which essentially exist with the political support of western nations…………..KT




Judge concerned Univ. of Illinois may destroy Steven Salaita evidence

A federal judge has ordered the University of Illinois to preserve all evidence related to the Steven Salaita case.

In a ruling issued Tuesday, US District Judge Harry Leinenweber cited evidence presented by Salaita’s lawyers that the university had “attempted to destroy or hide communications regarding this case and that defendants had flouted known disclosure obligations in the past.”

In light of this information, the judge wrote that he had “concerns” about whether the university would comply with obligations currently in place to protect evidence.

“We don’t have to obey the laws of the United States! We serve Israel!!!”



Geert Wilders’ Dutch anti-Muslim party forced to reveal US donor

Notorious anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been forced to disclose that he received funds from a key player in the US Islamophobia industry.

Meanwhile the lawmaker is to face charges of inciting hatred and violence against Dutch citizens of Moroccan descent during an election campaign last year.

It has long been suspected that Wilders has received US funding but that had never been proven.

In 2013, however, the Netherlands changed its law, requiring political parties to disclose the sources of donations of more than €4,500 ($5,000).

A report (download PDF) released by the Dutch interior ministry on 23 September reveals that Wilders’ Party for Freedom – known by its Dutch initials PVV – received €18,110 ($20,000) from the David Horowitz Freedom Center in 2014.

The California-based nonprofit is run by David Horowitz.



Are pro-Israel bullies on US campuses planning dirtier tactics?

A member of the University of California’s governing body has called for the expulsion or suspension of students for expressing their views about Israel, under the guise of combating anti-Jewish bigotry.

This comes as Israel lobby groups, flush with huge new injections of cash, are stepping up their efforts to silence the Palestine solidarity movement on campuses nationwide.

During a 17 September meeting of the University of California (UC) Regents to discuss a “statement of principles against intolerance,” Richard Blum also threatened to have his wife, US Senator Dianne Feinstein, publicly criticize the university if it did not enforce penalties against perceived bigotry.

Feinstein’s criticism could put the university system under federal scrutiny.



Israel not coordinating with Russia in Syria, defense minister says

Israel is not coordinating its operations in Syria with Russia, Israel’s defense minister said Tuesday, despite officials indicating cooperation between Jerusalem and the Kremlin as Moscow ramps up its involvement in the war-torn country.

Moshe Ya’alon made the comments a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly expressed unhappiness with an Israeli strike on Syrian army positions following the landing of an errant shell in the Israeli Golan Heights.

Israeli chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot met with his Russian counterpart Valery Gerasimov in Moscow last week, some hours after the heads of the two countries also met in the Russian capital, and the two military chiefs agreed to set up a work group which will establish a mechanism of cooperation between the two armies. Their deputies are slated lead this effort, with an initial meeting planned early next month.

Despite that development, Ya’alon said that Israel “doesn’t coordinate our operations with Russia.”

This is a complete recipe for disaster for the IDF.



The Glaring Omission in Obama’s U.N. Speech

This is one of the latest crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen:

Airstrikes by a Saudi Arabia-led military coalition killed at least 70 people early Monday at a wedding celebration in a village on Yemen’s Red Sea coast, according to two local officials.

The aerial attack in Wahija, south of the port city of Mokha, was at least the third in the last 10 days in which large numbers of civilians were killed by Saudi-led coalition forces.

Except for the P5+1 Agreement (which Israeli is furiously attempting to derail), The Obama Administration has created one foreign policy epic fail after another, and the US involvement in Yemen, aiding and abetting the collective punishment to people who threw out their western-backed puppet, is yet another one of the Administration’s ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid reactions to a situation it could well have prevented from happening.

I am quite sure that if I had a chance to talk to anyone from Yemen about the last “alleged election”, they would recall that the ballot had only one name on it; that of Al-Hadi.

The late President Kennedy said it best; “When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.”

To have not used US foreign aid both as a carrot and a stick in this case, so that the Yemenite people had at least something to hold on to, in terms of life potentially getting better for them under Al-Hadi, was a completely lamentable failure of imagination on the part of this administration.

Sometimes, it appears that the biggest prerequisite for working for the US government is a near-pathological inability to see any scenario through to its logical conclusion.


Did you notice Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, addressing the UN? Apart from being one of the most rampant drama queens in the Australian government and apart from being one of the greatest actors in the Australian government, Bishop fronting the UN was a sight to behold in her glimmering, glittering dress. She looked like she was dressed up for the Academy Awards. The cost of the dress would have fed some of the world poor for weeks or maybe months. She is a disgrace and embarrassment to Australians every time she opens her mouth or appears somewhere. In any case, every time she opens her mouth on international matters she is saying what the US and Israel have ordered her to say

And old lady mentor of mine told me many years ago “ never trust a blond woman who smiles too much “……………KT



Bill Still – Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve




India follows up Mars orbiter with successful space observatory launch




SHE LIED! State Dept. Finds Discarded Benghazi Emails on HIllary’s Home Server




Petraeus reborn!

“… he said Syrian President Bashar Assad should be told that the U.S. Air Force will sweep Syrian warplanes from the sky if Syrian aircraft drop any more “barrel bombs,” a vicious generator of refugees. “We have that capability,” he noted.

That would at long last demonstrate U.S. seriousness — something lacking for Syria ever since President Obama erased his own “red line” on the use of chemical weapons early last year.

Petraeus advocated the formation of enclaves, protected by air power, supplied with radios and perhaps U.S. advisers. The mission should be protection of Sunni Arabs from all enemies, Assad’s troops as well as the Islamic State controlling much of Syria and adjacent Iraq. To that end the United States should embed advisers with Iraqi brigade headquarters and consider deployment of U.S. tactical air controllers to direct air strikes.



Obama Deifies American Hegemony — Paul Craig Roberts

When Assad drops bombs it oppresses people, but when Washington drops bombs it liberates them. Obama justified Washington’s violence as liberation from “dictators,” such as Assad in Syria, who garnered 80% of the vote in the last election, a vote of confidence that Obama never received and never will.



Catalonia head charged with of abuse of power over independence referendum

The head of the regional government in Catalonia has been indicted for unconstitutionally calling a referendum on independence from Spain last year. This comes just two days after his party and other secessionist forces won a regional election.



RAND Corp Report: Killing ISIS Leaders Useless, War Stalemated

While Centcom reports continue to maintain “progress” in the war against ISIS, new reports from elsewhere are far less rosy, with the latest report from the RAND Corporation for the Pentagon not only concluding that the war is “stalemated,” but that the US strategy of trying to kill ISIS leaders with airstrikes is useless at any rate.



WikiLeaks cables implicate UK & Saudi Arabia in secret deal to secure UNHRC seats

Two years after the controversial appointment of Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s leading human rights offenders, to the UN human rights council, Wikileaks cables have revealed a “secret deal” suggesting that the British government was a key player behind Riyadh’s nomination.




We have been following the GMO story here on this website, and the growing opposition to the whole idea of GMOs, and the big corporations backing them, at the potential hazard of the human food supply, the environment, and human health itself. And there is a pattern that has emerged, one so obvious that it hardly needs stating, but one so obvious that one must state it: it seems that one can protest GMOs, and effectively ban them, in almost every country on earth, except the USA and its English-speaking allies.



Leaving for UN, Benjamin Netanyahu Blames Palestinians for Jerusalem Violence

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he will call for an end to incitement on the Temple Mount and discuss “Israel’s desire for peace with the Palestinians” during a meeting with John Kerry.

Netanyahu also said that during his address this week to the United Nations General Assembly he would speak about the Iran nuclear deal and the threat to Israel from Syria, in a statement as he boarded a plane Tuesday morning for the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The settlers, protected by the IDF, storm and desecrate Al Aqsa, and Netanayhu says it is all the Palestinians’ fault! Typical.

Doesn’t this prick ever stay home in Israel? He is always off somewhere to peddle his lies………..KT



Barack Obama vows to use ‘all of our tools’ to fight ISIS as report shows more than 250 Americans have left U.S. to join terrorist groups

President Obama vowed to use “all of our tools” to combat Islamic State terrorists on Tuesday while a blistering congressional report blasted the U.S. response to date.



What Was a Member of Clinton’s ‘Secret Spy Network’ Doing While Working for CBS News?

In March, an investigation by ProPublica and Gawker revealed that a “secret spy network” that was not on the State Department payroll, run by longtime Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal, was “funneling intelligence about the crisis in Libya directly to the Secretary of State’s private account starting before the Benghazi attack.” Now the WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that Tyler Drumheller, the former chief of the CIA’s clandestine service in Europe who was working directly with Blumenthal as a member of Clinton’s spy network, was concurrently working as a consultant to CBS News and its venerable news program 60 Minutes.

Okay, so it is now confirmed Hillary did have a private spy network while Secretary of State. So, who was she spying for????




Mark Dice’s latest ‘man on the street’ stunt once again illustrates how people are completely ignorant of their constitutional right to free speech under the First Amendment.

“We don’t really need people talking about politics or religion out in public,” Dice tells one man who signs the petition before responding, “Yeah we need to chill.”

“We’re just trying to mute people’s political and religious speech,” says Dice as the man’s partner signs the petition.

An older man whose father possibly fought in the Second World War to defend the freedoms that Americans should hold dear also signs the petition while agreeing that the First Amendment wasn’t designed to allow people to express political views in public.

“Right, cause it’s going to lead to a confrontation – always does,” he states.

Forgive me, but my head is about to explode, upon reading about such stupidity!!

Are these folks ALL “Common Core” graduates, to be supporting such anti-Constitutional, anti- Bill of Rights codswallop?!?




Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has rejected a Russian overture to end the conflict in Syria and said Bashar al-Assad must step down immediately or face what he called the “military option.”

He did not provide details on a military option, but noted the Saudis are supporting “moderate rebels” in Syria.

It is now well established there are virtually no moderate rebels in Syria and the opposition fighting against the government is comprised entirely of Sunni jihadists, most notably al-Nusra and the Islamic State.

Despite this, al-Jubeir insisted there “is a Free Syrian Army that is fighting against Bashar al-Assad” and it receives “support from a number of countries.”

“And we expect that this support will continue and intensify.”

It is painfully obvious that Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir did not get the memo about Russian military action in Syria against Isis.

Putin is going to crush any remnants of Isis like bugs.

And my bet would be on a very swift, well-coordinated series of attacks which will actually do the trick here.

I would like to hope that Al-Jubeir is not thinking, remotely, of tackling Russia head on in this regard; it could, potentially, lead to a complete, utter military catastrophe for the House of Saud.



REALIST NEWS – UBS About to Rat out the boys – Gold Scandal




The Guardian goes into censorship overdrive over Putin’s speech to the UN

Several people have contacted us to say they had their accounts at the Guardian put on moderation within minutes of it starting its “live” coverage of Putin’s speech.

From what we have been told this looks like a pre-emptive bid to silence known “putinbots”, since the moderation was done before those affected had attempted to make a comment. One person had their account pre-moderated in their absence, having not visited the paper since yesterday, the 27th.

If anyone else encountered this bizarre situation please let us know.



Cameron says Syria’s Assad “must go”

British Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad must be toppled, even if he ends up playing an interim role in any transitional government.

“We want a Syria without ISIL and without Assad, because frankly there is no future for the Syrian people with a country which has either one or the other, both need to go,” Cameron said in New York on Sunday.

Okay, David, if you really feel that way about it… Here’s your rifle. Here’s your parachute. We ran out of the desert camo but here’s a bright da-glo orange jumpsuit from the CIA’s torture centers. Watch your head climbing into that transport aircraft, and we will call Damascus and tell them you are on your way to kick their butts all by yourself.

But we remember the lies about stolen incubators that tricked us into the first invasion of Iraq.

We remember the lies about Saddam’s nuclear weapons that tricked us into the second invasion of Iraq.

We remember how only a year ago you tried to trick us into war with Syria with more lies about poison gas.

We remember how there weren’t really torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin or a Spanish mine in Havana Harbor, but how there really WERE weapons on board the Lusitania.

In short, we remember all the lies, frauds, and deceptions used to trick us into wars of conquest, to send our young people out to die in wars created out of thin air by and for the money-junkies. I think it is time that we have a new rule in America; that those who want war are the first to the front lines. You are all splendidly brave with the lives of other peoples’ children. Let’s see the true measure of your courage and commitment to war.

You first!

And as a reminder, regime change in other countries is a violation of international law and the charter of the United Nations!

WE will decide who governs the countries of the world, and the conditions under which they will govern them. USA and Great Britain……………KT



The Impending Financial Crisis That Will Rock The Petrodollar

With tensions growing in the palace halls, anger rising among the Saudi population, and a growing deficit to boot with no relief in sight, trouble appears to be brewing for the Saudi kingdom… Which means trouble for the crumbling petrodollar.



Are Americans And Britons Being Prepped For A Military Coup?

By Brandon Turbeville

A recent poll conducted by YouGov revealed that a sizable portion of the American public is open to the idea of a military coup in the United States. The poll was conducted amid the continual polling that takes place during the U.S. Presidential election yet it did not focus on the elections per se, but the potential lack of elections in the future…



Russia Deploys Five More Fighter Jets in Syria to Strengthen Airstrikes on ISIL

Informed sources said that the Russian Air Force reportedly transported five more fighter jets to the Syrian coastal city of Tartous in what looks to be the beginning stages of their massive aerial campaign against the ISIL terrorists group and its affiliates.



Petition to UK Parliament: Arrest Tony Blair for War Crimes

Blair indeed blatantly misled the public and the Parliament he headed. The disinformation was breathtaking and the result also: “a callous assault on the dignity and identity of entire populations and their religious and historical roots.” The people of Iraq too deserve: “justice for the attacks against their cities, their beliefs and their communities.”



Teamsters, Clinton: Teamsters Union Votes To Withhold Hillary Clinton Presidential Endorsement

In a closed-door meeting on Tuesday in Charleston, S.C., the group’s board voted 26-0 to hold off on endorsing Clinton, according to Fox News’ James Rosen.

The vote was reportedly “an intentional snub” of Clinton in response to her voicing opposition to the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which she previously supported, notes Breitbart.

A second reason the union is holding back is because it wants to first sit down with Republican candidates, “most notably, front-runner Donald Trump, who has collaborated with unionized work forces across his real estate career,” Rosen said. Trump’s recent tax reform proposal could be appealing to some Teamsters as it drastically lowers corporate and individual tax rates for the middle class in an attempt to encourage job creation, savings and investment.



Russian airstrike on Tajamu Ala’azza” HQ in Lataminah(Hama)

And today the hired mercenaries playing ISIS discover they are really being shot at and bombed!



Czech President: Syria’s government is facing a wide front of extremist forces

New York, SANA – President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman said that the Syrian government is facing today a wide front of extremist forces including ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra organizations.

Zeman added in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of his participation in the activities of the 70th session of UN General Assembly that the opposition which is recognized by the European Union doesn’t have fighting forces on the ground because militants have been swallowed by the extremist groups.



Media: Central Bankers Have a Special New Excrement Sandwich and You Are Going to Love It!

Central bankers are now planning to confiscate money from depositors and the media reports this as a bold innovation that will help the economy.



Su-34 “Fullback”

One of the aircraft Russia has deployed in Syria. Makes the F-22 and F-35 look like crippled ducks.



Gregory Mannarino: This Is Going To Be The Greatest Theft In The History Of The World, And It Has Been Purposely Set Up By The Federal Reserve. This Crash Will Eclipse Them All

US Army gives armorless combat vehicles to allies

Typical incompetence of the US.



Russia launches air strikes against Isis

Russia has launched air strikes against Isis forces in Syria, after informing the US that they were about to take place….



Following in Ancient Rome’s Footsteps: Moral Decay, Rising Wealth Inequality

The Roman Empire was brought down by a failed currency and a failed economy, just like all Empires before it and after it……………..KT




The S-400 Triumf

The Russians are doing some bragging.



Kerry warns Lavrov over Russian airstrikes in Syria

US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Russian airstrikes in Syria could escalate the years-long conflict in the Arab country, a senior American official says.

How dare you bomb our terrorists!………KT




Russia demands US warplanes leave Syrian airspace, begins bombing Snackbars in Hama province

Russia has begun carrying out air strikes in Syria against opponents of President Bashar al-Assad, Moscow has confirmed.

The strikes reportedly hit the rebel-controlled area of Hama province.
Washington was informed an hour before that they were about to take place.
Russian defence officials say the strikes targeted the the Islamic State group, but an unnamed US official told Reuters that so far they did not appear to be targeting IS-held territory.

Syria’s civil war has raged for four years, with an array of armed groups fighting to overthrow the government.

The US and its allies have insisted that President Assad should leave office, while Russia has backed its ally remaining in power.
The latest developments came amid reports that President Assad had formally requested Russian military support.

Reports from Russia say the upper house of the Russian parliament granted President Vladimir Putin permission to deploy the Russian air force in Syria.



Trump Sides with Putin on Syria, Says Putin a Better Leader Than Obama

Newark, N.J.— One day after President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin made little headway in their standoff over Syria at their first formal meeting in more than two years, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is agreeing with Putin on his backing of Syrian President Bashar Assad.



Russian military forces start airstrikes in Syria – Ministry of Defense

Putin’s answer to the feckless supporter of world terrorism,Obama

The Russian Air Force has begun carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, the country’s Defense Ministry said.

“In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin, warplanes of the Russian Air Space Forces today [Wednesday] have started an aerial operation, involving pinpoint strikes on ground targets of Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] terrorists in Syria,” spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said.

Earlier, a US official told Reuters that Moscow gave Washington one-hour advanced notice of its operations. The bombing is taking place in western Syria, near the city Homs, the official added.



Saudi-led Coalition Reportedly Seizes Iranian Boat With Weapons in Arabian Sea

REUTERS – Arab coalition forces waging a military campaign against Houthi fighters in Yemen seized an Iranian boat loaded with weapons in the Arabian Sea on its way to deliver supplies to the group, the Saudi-led alliance said on Wednesday.

The announcement was made a day after tribal fighters backed by the coalition won control of a strategic dam in central Yemen from Houthi forces following weeks of fighting in the area east of the capital Sanaa.



‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed Just Went To NYC, And Look What Mayor de Blasio Did

Webmaster addition: More bullshit (why mince words?) from Pamela Geller bemoaning the fact that another Muslim-bash has exploded in her face. Pamela is still pushing the idea that Ahmed intended to build a device that looked like a bomb. But it looks like a bomb only to a total idiot. For one thing, there is no explosive, fake or otherwise; no sticks of TNT or dynamite, no blocks of plastic explosive! And I am getting sick and tired of Geller’s constant hate-mongering!



Premiums on Junk Silver are at elevated levels

Don’t buy junk silver. Buy 99% pure from reputable bullion dealers………….KT




Sweden shifting to a 6-hour work day




DHS and FEMA now using U.S. hospitals to monitor and arrest patients wanted by government




BREAKING: At Least 13 Explosions in China! At Least 3 Killed, 13 Injured




Russia goes to war with ISIS: Why and how?

Moscow is now getting ready to use its military in Syria. RT explains why Russia is engaging, who it is going to fight, how and for how long.



Russian parliament approves use of military in Syria to fight ISIS




Russian military forces start airstrikes in Syria – Ministry of Defense

The Russian Air Force has begun carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, the country’s Defense Ministry said.



Russian parliament unanimously approves use of military in Syria to fight ISIS

The upper chamber of the Russian parliament has unanimously given a formal consent to President Putin to use the nation’s military in Syria to fight terrorism at a request from the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Consent was necessary for use of the country’s military for foreign combat missions under the Russian constitution. . .

. . . Ivanov stressed that no ground operations are planned in Syria. Russia would use its warplanes to hit terrorist targets when requested by the Syrian government. He stressed that unlike the US-led coalition of countries that bombs militant troops in Syria, Russia was invited to do so by the legal authorities of Syria and thus follows international law.



What Happened Right After Obama Met With Putin Is Not A Good Sign For The U.S.




Most Palestinians no longer support two-state solution

Perhaps more worrying from a sentiment point of view is that nearly two-thirds of those surveyed (65 percent) said they did not believe the two-state solution was any longer practical because of Israel’s settlement expansion in the West Bank.
Note: That was the goal of Israel since 1948.



How anti-Semitism helped Israel reverse Reykjavik’s boycott vote

Their reaction to the move by Iceland’s capital followed the standard response to the growing movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS): any criticism of Israel must really be motivated by a hatred of Jews instead of, say, mountains of evidence of Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians.
Note: Had enough yet!




The Greatest Threat to Campus Free Speech is Coming From Dianne Feinstein and her Military-Contractor Husband

One of the most dangerous threats to campus free speech has been emerging at the highest levels of the University of California system, the sprawling collection of 10 campuses that includes UCLA and UC Berkeley. The university’s governing Board of Regents, with the support of University President Janet Napolitano and egged on by the state’s legislature, has been attempting to adopt new speech codes that — in the name of combating “anti-Semitism” — would formally ban various forms of Israel criticism and anti-Israel activism.
Note: One has to wonder how much more the people will take. Had enough yet!



Israel says it strikes Gaza militant sites after militants fired a rocket toward Israel

JERUSALEM – The Israeli military says it has carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip after a rocket was launched from the Palestinian territory toward Israel. No casualties were reported in the exchange.
Note: Any excuse will do to bomb Gaza.



Ahead of UN speech, Palestinian leader eschews direct talks

“We cannot directly negotiate with a power that has this level of control and exhibits such contempt for the rights and existence of our people.”
Note: It should be obvious by now that Israel never wanted peace for Palestinian…..ever.



Goldman Sachs further reduces the growth forecasts of US stock market




The Wicked War on Syria: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words

In closing her book, Clinton says “It is impossible to watch the suffering in Syria, including as a private citizen, and not ask what more could have been done…. Wicked problems can’t paralyze us. We need to urgently seek solutions, however hard they are to find.”

The solution is not impossible. What is wicked is the devastation of Syria by some of the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the world. What is wicked is the justification of this on a “humanitarian” pretense.



UK government: 700 Israeli attacks on Gaza since 2014 ceasefire

Israel has opened fire on the Gaza Strip on “at least 696 occasions” since the August 2014 ceasefire, the UK government has told Parliament.

These incidents are in addition to 29 strikes on Gaza conducted in response to rocket fire.

The figures were provided by Tobias Ellwood, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, citing UN agency figures, and in response to a question by Labour MP Alex Cunningham.



The Yemen Catastrophe: Beset by Contradictions of Will and Intellect

Any attempt to provide a coherent account of the political strife afflicting Yemen is bound to fail. The country is crucible of contradictions that defy normal categories of rational analysis. If we look beyond the political fog that envelops the conflict the tragic circumstances of acute suffering imposed on the civilian population do emerge with stark clarity. Long before the outbreak of civil warfare, Yemen was known to be the poorest country in the region, faced with looming food and water scarcities. The UN estimates 80% of the population is in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, 40% live on less than $2 per day. Further there are high risks of mass famine and epidemic outbreaks of disease will occur, while continuing chaos is a near certainty, with the prospect of yet another wave of desperate migrants swept ashore in Europe.



UN is an ‘entirely corrupt body’ – Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters to RT

British recording artist, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, told RT that US media is entertainment used to sell soap powder and doesn’t give Americans the news of the world. He also claimed that the UN is a corrupt body, with the US controlling most voting decisions.

Waters was promoting his newly released documentary, titled “Roger Waters The Wall,” when the subject of the UN came up. He noted that he spoke to the UN Human Rights Committee in 2012 when there was a vote to recognize the idea of a Palestinian state and “raise the status of the Palestinian people to an observer nation state from non-observer status.”

“That was a tiny step in the right direction,” he told RT. “There were only nine votes against and 130 votes in favor of passing the resolution. The votes against were, of course the United States, Israel, the Marshall Islands. It is ever thus.”



Saudi Arabia calls on Assad to leave or be removed by force

Saudi Arabia says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must leave office or face being removed via military intervention.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir made the remarks at the UN general assembly in New York on Tuesday following a meeting with his country’s allies.

“There is no future for Assad in Syria,” Jubeir said. “There are two options for a settlement in Syria. One option is a political process where there would be a transitional council. The other option is a military option, which also would end with the removal of Bashar al-Assad from power.”

He noted that a military option would be a lengthier and more destructive process, but the “choice is entirely that of Bashar al-Assad.”



France says warship deal with Russia cancelled under NATO pressure

France has admitted that NATO forced it out of a deal on the sale of two Mistral warships to Russia.



Israeli fighter jets launch two airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes have carried out two airstrikes against the Gaza Strip in yet another act of aggression against the besieged coastal territory.

The airborne assaults, which were launched in the early hours of Wednesday morning, hit areas in the southern parts of the Palestinian blockaded enclave. There has been no word on the possible casualties and damage inflicted by those strikes.

The Israeli military claimed that the raids were conducted a few hours after a rocket allegedly fired from the center of Gaza was intercepted by the regime’s so-called Iron Dome missile system over the city of Ashdod on the Mediterranean shore.



‘Israel concerned with build-up of Iranian forces in Syria near Golan border’

Likud Minister Steinitz says Israel will make it clear to US, Russia and other world powers that Iranian forces must not be allowed to mass on Israel’s border.

Outside of claims coming from Israeli propaganda sources, there is no confirmation that Iranians are anywhere near the border with Israel. But Israel, following the usual “By way of deception, thou shalt do war,” is clearly intending to launch a ground invasion of Syria and wants to blame Iran for it!

Get ready for a false-flag in the Golan to make it look like Iran is attacking Israel. Then kiss your sons and daughters goodbye as they will be sent in, as usual, to fight Israel’s wars for them!



Apple Suddenly Banned an App That Maps U.S. Drone Strikes

Freelance journalist and data artist Josh Begley has been methodically recording U.S. military drone activity for years. Every week or so — whenever the strikes occur — Begley will post a news story from the @dronestream Twitter account, identifying when and where drone strikes have occurred before feeding the results into an app called Metadata+.

Sep 1, 2015: Two missiles struck a house, killing 6 people. Four others were wounded (Pakistan)…

But on Sunday, Dronestream tweeted that Metadata+, which sends out push notifications every time there is a U.S. drone strike, had been removed from the App Store after seven months of being openly available.



Syria, Iran issue first explicit warning to Israel if US attacks

A senior Syrian official on Monday issued a first direct warning that if attacked, his country would retaliate against Israel. Khalaf Muftah, a senior Baath Party official who used to serve as Syria’s assistant information minister, said in a radio interview that Damascus would consider Israel “behind the [Western] aggression and [it] will therefore come under fire.”

Given that this report comes form the Times of Israel I would not accept this Iranian “threat” at face value. Netanyahu obviously intends to provoke an invasion of Syria, timed to Netanyahu’s speech at the UN on Thursday, and is looking to blame Iran for it, to bolster efforts to kill the P5+1 deal and open a door to war with Iran.


FLASHBACK August – IDF plans for possible Syria operation as jihadist, Hezbollah threats mount

Military drilled last week for advance into Syria, evacuation of northern civilians, in response to Islamist attack; Israel says Iran directing Hezbollah activity in Golan

Israel has been planning an invasion of Syria for a long time. All they need is a flimsy excuse!



Silver Shortage Reaches New Level: RCM Turns to Sunshine Mint for Help




ObamaCare: Rising Deductibles, Even More Than Premiums, Plague America




Trump: NAFTA is a Disaster




NASA drops partnership with private asteroid hunt

NASA has cut ties with a private group that intends to launch an asteroid-survey mission. The decision clouds the prospects of the only large-scale space telescope being developed to seek space objects that have the potential to wreak havoc on Earth.

NASA said Tuesday that it has ended its commitment to provide analytical and data-downlink support to Sentinel, a US$450-million satellite designed to spot 90% of near-Earth objects (NEOs) larger than 140 metres. NASA said the decision was made because the project has missed its development deadlines, and the money held in reserve for Sentinel operations is needed elsewhere.

The Sentinel team vows to continue, but it is unclear whether the project can overcome perennial cash-flow problems and NASA’s vote of no confidence. Money for the spacecraft’s development was supposed to come from private donors, but fund-raising has lagged behind expectations.



Did China Just Hit Mach 5?

On a night apparently in early September, at a flight test center somewhere in China, a dark-painted airplane reportedly took off on a momentous mission—to fly faster than five times the speed of sound, then return safely to Earth.

The airborne experiment, allegedly involving a manned aircraft with a human pilot aboard, marked a huge leap forward for China as it competes with the United States to develop warplanes and missiles capable of so-called “hypersonic” flight—so fast that they’re almost impossible to shoot down or dodge.

Yes, the September test was a massive technological step. But only if … it actually happened. For as suddenly and dramatically as the news of the aerial trial broke, it quickly evaporated. Now it’s not clear what, if anything, actually occurred in the sky over that Chinese airfield.



Security firm discovers Linux botnet that hits with 150 Gbps DDoS attacks

Akamai announced on Tuesday that its Security Intelligence Response Team has discovered a massive Linux-based botnet that’s reportedly capable of downing websites under a torrent of DDoS traffic exceeding 150 Gbps. The botnet spreads via a Trojan variant dubbed XOR DDoS. This malware infects Linux systems via embedded devices like network routers then brute forces SSH access. Once the malware has Secure Shell credentials, it secretly downloads and installs the necessary botnet software, then connects the newly-infected computer to the rest of the hive.



71% Of Americans Oppose Civil Asset Forfeiture. Too Bad Their Representatives Don’t Care.

According to a YouGov/Huffington Post poll, 71% of Americans are opposed to civil asset forfeiture.

Too bad their opinion doesn’t matter. This is part of the problem.



Israel Prepares Ground Invasion of Syria

Israeli Likud Minister Yuval Steinitz will tell the United States, Russia and other world powers Israel will not tolerate Iranian forces near its border, the Jerusalem Times reported on Tuesday.

This makes as much sense as Canada invading the US because they don’t want Mexicans near the border! Even for Netanyahu, this is a flimsy pretext to start a war!

Debunking the “The Saudis did 9-11” nonsense!

Remember that Saudi Arabia was being framed for 9-11 right from the start. One of the accused hijackers, a Saudi Pilot named Saeed Al-Ghamdi, was still alive after 9-11 and sued the US Government for defaming him.

And finally, here is some common sense that totally undermines the attempt to frame Saudi Arabia for 9-11. If Saudi Arabia really wanted to hurt the United States, they don’t need to fly airplanes into skyscrapers to do it. All they have to do is ask for their money back, all at once. The resulting damage to the US financial system would make 9-11 look like a minor inconvenience in comparison.

And it would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to ask for their money back.

Which is why we know that the claim that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11 has no more basis in fact than the claim that Saddam had nuclear weapons or that Assad gassed his own people right in front of the UN chemical weapons inspectors.



BofA Issues Dramatic Junk Bond Meltdown Warning: This “Train Wreck Is Accelerating”

The idea of course is that low rates have i) sent investors on a never-ending hunt for yield, and ii) encouraged corporate management teams to take advantage of the market’s insatiable appetite for new issuance on the way to plowing the proceeds from debt sales into EPS-inflating buybacks. The proliferation of ETFs has effectively supercharged this by channeling more and more retail money into corners of the bond market where it might normally have never gone.

Of course this all comes at the expense of corporate balance sheets and because wide open capital markets have helped otherwise insolvent companies (such as US drillers) remain in business where they might normally have failed, what you have is a legion of heavily indebted HY zombie companies, lumbering around on the back of cheap credit, easy money, and naive equity investors who snap up secondaries.



The censored 28 page report on 9/11 – 28 pages of misdirection?

The Truth movement has gradually been gaining a foothold with the public; a growing number of people countenance some kind of government role in 9/11 and/or its cover-up. Suspicion has likewise grown about the role played by Bush-administration neocons and their Zionist bedfellows. After 15 years of staunch media refusal to report the flagrantly obvious holes in the various OCT stories we’ve been fed, why is this particular issue suddenly headline news? Why at this particular juncture? And how does it just happen to be spearheaded by one of the major contributors to the initial coverup?

Let’s examine the question of why the Deep State might want this story heated up to a fever pitch:


Saudi Prince Calls For Royal Coup

To recap, the necessity of preserving the status quo for everyday Saudis combined with funding two regional proxy wars while simultaneously defending the riyal peg isn’t exactly compatible with intentionally suppressing crude prices in an effort to outlast ZIRP and bankrupt the US shale complex. The difficulty of balancing all of this has created a current account/fiscal account outcome that makes Brazil look quite favorable by comparison and it has also forced the Saudis into the debt markets, suggesting that the kingdom’s debt-to-GDP ratio is set to rise sharply by the end of 2016 (although it would of course still look favorable by comparison in even the worst case scenarios).

Thrown in a catastrophic crane collapse at Mecca and an incredibly horrific hajj stampede (followed by some epic trolling out of Tehran) and you have a recipe for social upheaval.



Hillary aide paid by private firm to stage event with Bill Clinton while at State

While still working at the State Department, Hillary Rodham Clinton confidant Huma Abedin was paid by the private consulting firm Teneo Holdings to help stage a star-studded reception that included her boss’ husband, Bill Clinton, along with George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as speakers just days after the Benghazi tragedy, The Washington Times has learned.

Ms. Abedin’s work on the Sept. 20, 2012 event at the glamorous Essex House in New York City helped entertain potential Teneo clients, wowing them with access to three former world leaders on a single stage.



The Big Secret That Makes the FBI’s Anti-Encryption Campaign a Big Lie

To hear FBI Director James Comey tell it, strong encryption stops law enforcement dead in its tracks by letting terrorists, kidnappers and rapists communicate in complete secrecy.

But that’s just not true.

In the rare cases in which an investigation may initially appear to be blocked by encryption — and so far, the FBI has yet to identify a single one — the government has a Plan B: it’s called hacking.

Hacking — just like kicking down a door and looking through someone’s stuff — is a perfectly legal tactic for law enforcement officers, provided they have a warrant.

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“All those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation ought to know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish it.” -Alexis de Tocqueville

Latest News With Pictures

US spend up to $5 billion to overthrow Viktor Yanukovych – Putin

“They [the United States] openly admit to providing assistance, training people and spending a specific amount of money on it,” Putin told US journalist Charlie Rose in an interview with CBS and PBS. “They are naming large sums of money: up to $5 billion; we are talking about billions of dollars here. This is why it is no longer a secret; no one is trying to argue about that.” According to Vladimir Putin, the outcome of any actions aimed at overthrowing the legitimate government “is very negative”. “Libya’s state is disintegrated, Iraq’s territory is flooded with terrorists, it looks like the scenario will be the same for Syria, and you know what the situation is in Afghanistan,” Putin added. The president recalled that “the coup d’etat in Ukraine has led to a civil war.”



US blocks UN SC draft statement for settlement of MidEast conflicts – Churkin

The United States has blocked Russia’s draft statement by the UN Security Council president on the settlement of conflicts in the Middle East that was expected to be adopted at the ministerial level meeting on September 30, Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin told TASS. “The statement was blocked. The Americans said they will not work on our statement,” he said.



Coalition with participation of Assad is only reasonable way of combating IS — expert

“Of course President Putin’s proposal is a sensible one, indeed the only coherent response to the ISIL threat. President Rouhani of Iran said basically the same thing at an event in New York yesterday: the first order of business must be eliminating the terrorist threat in Syria,” the expert noted. He added that one of the obstacles to the stabilization of the situation in Syria was Washington’s stance, according to which the Syrian government should be excluded from the peace process, and Assad’s resignation is the condition for the settlement. “The truth is that US-led insistence hitherto on Mr Assad’s departure as a precondition for ending violence has been a major obstacle,” the political scientist said. According to Speedie, “it seems that a priori removal from office would hardly act as an incentive for the Syrian leader to participate” in the negotiation process.



War On The Poor: Politician Says Homeless People Should Be Put Down By Lethal Injection




German pilot in WWII spared an American B-17 pilot over Germany only to reunite 40 years later and become fishing buddies

“You follow the rules of war for you — not your enemy. You fight by rules to keep your humanity.”



Imperial legacy: Jamaica demands slavery reparations from Britain

Prime Minister David Cameron has been reminded of his family’s links to slavery as he faces calls for Britain to pay Jamaica millions of pounds in reparations ahead of his first official visit to Kingston on Tuesday.


U.S. Goods Exports Plummet as Dollar Rises, Commodity Prices Fall

U.S. goods exports fell to a multiyear low in August, a potential drag on the economy amid falling commodity prices, slow overseas growth and a stronger dollar.

Exports of goods slid a seasonally adjusted 3.2% to $123.09 billion as overseas sales of industrial supplies–which includes oil–autos, consumer goods and foods all fell, according to the Commerce Department’s advance report on trade in goods. While the report’s historical data only reaches back to 2013, other figures suggest that exports dipped to the lowest level since mid-2011.



Michele Bachmann: Americans aren’t as excited about end times as ‘obsessed’ Islamic countries

Former presidential candidate and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) is apparently very envious of Middle Eastern countries because she believes they are “obsessed with end times and bringing about end times” while Americans are overly blasé about it, Right Wing Watch reports.

Actually, Michele; the rapture happened!

You didn’t make it!




Fourteen years after U.S. invasion, Taliban offensive claims major city

The U.S. military launched airstrikes against targets in Kunduz, Afghanistan on Tuesday, just a day after Taliban fighters caught the U.S. Army, the Afghan National Security Forces, and local security forces off guard by staging a massive military offensive to capture the key northern city.



Chicken-swinging ritual spurs two lawsuits

Kapparot, the pre-Yom Kippur folk custom of swinging a chicken around one’s head as a way of purging sin, is one of those Jewish practices that doesn’t always, ahem, dovetail with 21st-century mores.

The ritual has often encountered clucks of disapproval, and this High Holiday season is no different. In the United States this year kapparot has been the subject of at least two lawsuits: an anti-kapparot suit filed by animal-rights activists in New York City and a pro-kapparot suit filed by a suburban Detroit Chabad congregation encountering red tape.







‘Putin Has Just Demonstrated the Principle of the Flank’

We can no longer stand the state of the world.Vladimir Putin at the United Nations

Inside, outside, and at great distance from the United Nations on Manhattan’s East Side today, it was obvious that Russian President Vladimir Putin is changing the strategic shape of world events, and has substantial support among Americans as well for a real international coalition to defeat terrorism.

He said that rapidly spreading terrorism, impoverishment, and loss of respect for life has been generated across the Mideast, North Africa and South Asia by regime change wars, or “wars for democracy,” which are in violation of that UN Charter and of international law, and that this devastation would spread until it were stopped.



How Henry Kissinger Helped Create Our “Proliferated” World

The only person Henry Kissinger flattered more than President Richard Nixon was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. In the early 1970s, the Shah, sitting atop an enormous reserve of increasingly expensive oil and a key figure in Nixon and Kissinger’s move into the Middle East, wanted to be dealt with as a serious person.



The warmonger presidential candidates

Perceptive political watchers know all too well that foreign policy seldom changes from one administration to the next. Oh, the edges may soften and the emphasis may project modifications, but the core thrust of the State Department and the military-industrial-complex keeps on



Nikonov: Americans are the discovery of water on Mars tried to coincide Putin’s speech

Putin’s speech was the focal point of the UN General Assembly. For him, even before the universal attention was riveted, and not by chance that the United States carried out an unprecedented action that would be – for all media in English – Putin’s speech combined with a press conference at NASA , where it was announced that on Mars found water, which was placed as a major world event – stressed Vyacheslav Nikonov who is the grandson of the famous Vyacheslav Molotov.

“It means that Putin’s speech had to coincide with something very serious,” – he concluded.

Talking about the key moments in the speech of the Russian president, Nikonov, otherwise, he said that “Putin held a very comprehensive and strong language, not The supporting under US and its allies, formulated the principles on which the proposed construction of international relations, and has also proposed a concrete steps for solving major international problems. “



STATINS RED ALERT: Widely prescribed drugs act as cellular poisons that accelerate aging… deactivate DNA repair… promote diabetes, muscle fatigue and memory loss




Human rights abuse rampant in Turkey – British lawyers

The Turkish government is guilty of systemic human rights violations, according to a report written by Britain’s top lawyers and commissioned by President Erdogan’s exiled rival and outspoken critic Fethullah Gulen.



Science worshippers claim science “corrects itself”, but this fraudulent study on antidepressants proves that scientific fraud lingers for decades with no correction




German Refugee Camps Suffering From Ethnic, Religious Violence

Sunnis and Shiites, two main groups in Islam, are fighting each other in refugee camps in Germany, attempting to enforce their rules, while Christians in the camps are being oppressed, according to the chairman of the German Police Union (DPolG).


Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Story Continues to Crumble

The FBI has managed to extract some of Hillary Clinton’s work-related emails off her private email server, which was turned over to the agency earlier this summer. Though Clinton deleted all of her emails in 2015, and despite reports that she had the server wiped clean, she never properly managed to erase the information on the physical server.

Since she only turned over to investigators emails that her own team considered “work-related,” she managed to skate by for a while without coughing up all of her records. Now, the party’s over.

FBI investigators are able to pull up at least some emails that Clinton thought were gone forever.



Video shows IDF soldiers attacking AFP photographers

IDF soldiers were caught on film apparently breaking a camera and attacking photo journalists during clashes in the West Bank village of Bet Furik on Friday.

The clashes took place in the village, which is just east of Nablus, after the funeral of Ahmad Khatatbeh, a Palestinian who died after being shot by troops during an attempted attack on IDF checkpoint last week.

Palestinian youths took to the streets after the funeral and began clashing with IDF troops in the village.

During the clashes, the soldiers were filmed pushing back two photographers from the French news agency AFP, who were standing alongside them. One of the soldiers is seen picking up the photographer’s camera from the ground and smashing it on the road, the soldier then tosses the camera off to the side.



I.M.F. Cautions on Concentrated Positions in U.S. Mutual Funds

The International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday of the large positions that mutual funds in the United States have built in high-yielding bonds issued by risky companies here and in emerging markets around the world.



Anti-Marijuana Politician Charged With Possession of Marijuana

A New York State Republican assemblyman who opposed medical marijuana legislation at every turn was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. The police found the marijuana after they pulled him over for speeding.

A statement released shortly after the March 2013 incident, law enforcement officials reported that state police discovered Steve Katz had a “small bag” of marijuana on him.

I love the smell of burning hypocrite in the morning!



This Prank Proved That Americans Don’t Read Past Headlines

A social media April Fool’s prank spearheaded by NPR in 2014 is – ironically – drawing some reflection.

After the trick, commenters squawked:

We totally do, NPR. Shut up. We read all the time. We’re reading your article right now!

Which only proved that they didn’t.



Army Kidnaps Nine Palestinians In Jerusalem, Attack Worshipers

Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Tuesday, nine Palestinians, including three women, in occupied East Jerusalem, attacked several men and women near Al-Aqsa Mosque, and prevented them from entering it.



Why Are FBI Agents Trammeling the Rights of Antiwar Activists?

It’s certainly not the first time the FBI has engaged in the harassment of political dissidents. Indeed, the FBI’s surveillance of antiwar activists dates back to at least World War I, to include surveillance of Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams. The bureau has been an equal opportunity abuser of the rights of antiwar activists, whether on the left (like Addams and the FRSO) or on the libertarian side of the spectrum.

These incidents, while separated in time by nearly 100 years, also share another feature. No FBI agent or manager has ever been fired or prosecuted for violating the constitutional rights of those individuals or groups wrongly surveilled, harassed or charged.

Just four days prior to the FBI raids against the Anti-War Committee and the FRSO, the Department of Justice Inspector General [IG] released the results of an investigation into post-9/11 surveillance of peace groups and other domestic dissidents up through 2006.

Let me be very open with the FBI (and any other US “alphabet soup”- named agency): I am a Christian pacifist who never endorses, or condones, violence: DEAL WITH IT!



‘Iran will not forget imposed war & sanctions’: Iranian President

Video: UNGA lunch for world leaders with UN chief



‘No intl leaders in position to lecture other nations’ – Alex Salmond on Catalonia independence

German leaders say Catalonia should follow the rule of law, both with regard to EU treaties and the Spanish constitution.



Putin Tells The World The US Pushes Regime Change Around The World




The United States still has two major parties. But one of them is no longer interested actually in governing. And we’re dealing with the consequences

Here’s another challenge for the press — and members of the American public, and people in the rest of the world affected by U.S. debates — in reckoning with this moment in U.S. political history. It’s one that Paul Krugman, with whom I’ve sometimes disagreed about politics, mentions almost as a throwaway line in his column early today, as shown at right.



The Bankruptcy of America – 1933




Holocaust Lobby condemns Austria

On September 24, 75 Jewish, Christian and Hindu Holocaust historians including the conman Eli Wiesel sent a petition to Austria’s ambassador in Washington, Hans Peter Manz, demanding that Austrian president Heinz Fischer (a ceremonial post with not much power) pardon Austrian Jewish Holocaust historian Stephen Teml.

Stephen Teml was sentenced in 2003 by a Vienna criminal court for falsifying Austrian history during WWII by claiming that his family property worth millions of dollars was seized and not returned after the Nazis led the Anschluss of Austria in 1938. In April 2013, a judge at Vienna criminal court upheld the charges against the so-called Holocaust survivor, saying Teml was “greedy” and wanted the “highest amount of money for himself”.

The ‘Holocaust survivor’ is expected to serve his one year jail sentence soon.

Shades of Leo Frank!


Obama stands up to Putin, rejects Russian’s strategy against ISIS in Syria

A day after tangling with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Syria, President Obama said Tuesday that he is leading a “global movement” to defeat the Islamic State with a strategy that includes replacing Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is receiving more military aid from Moscow.

Defeating the Islamic State in Syria “requires, I believe, a new leader,” Mr. Obama told foreign leaders at a U.N. summit.

Here’s your rifle, Barack…




All the dogs that were found in the compound after the fire have been transferred to “Let the animals live” ambulances, which are now treating them on the scene according to the organization. The majority of the animals will spend the night in a different animal shelter.

As far as I know a ‘Let the Palestinians Live’ organisation DOES NOT EXIST




In Memory of Hadeel al-Hashlamon, 18-yo Palestinian Student murdered by Israeli Troops in Hebron




Tens of cattle owned by Palestinians died after Israeli water firm cut off water supplies for Palestinian village in Nablus.



2,300+ civilians killed in 6 months: Worst coalition attacks in Yemen




These Two Scams Are Flooding Facebook; What You Need to Know




‘US increasingly worried about losing dominant position in Asia’




“Minority Report” Is 40 Years Ahead of Schedule: The Fictional World Has Become Reality

We are a scant 40 years away from the futuristic world that science fiction author Philip K. Dick envisioned for Minority Report in which the government is all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful, and if you dare to step out of line, dark-clad police SWAT teams will crack a few skulls to bring the populace under control. Increasingly, the world around us resembles Dick’s dystopian police state in which the police combine widespread surveillance, behavior prediction technologies, data mining and precognitive technology to capture would-be criminals before they can do any damage. In other words, the government’s goal is to prevent crimes before they happen: precrime.



38 Dead After Saudi Arabia – Head Of UN Human Rights Panel – Bombs Wedding In Yemen


Big Bank Pink Slip Pandemonium Continues As Bank Of America To Cut “Hundreds” Of Jobs




Bible-thumping Texas public school principal accused of covering up student molestation for ‘PR’ reasons

A high school principal in Texas –already under fire for conducting daily Bible readings with his students — has been accused of harassing a whistle-blower teacher for going to the cops about a fellow teacher sexually assaulting a student, reports the Dallas Morning News.

According to former teacher MariBeth Thomas, Prosper High principal Greg Wright called her on the carpet for turning to the police after a student confided in her that a teacher had been touching her and making sexual advances.

In a lawsuit filed against the school district, Thomas claims Wright was upset with her for going to the police, saying he viewed news of the molestation as a public relations issue.



These Women Tried To Call Planned Parenthood To Schedule A Screening, And An Ugly Truth Emerged




Shilling For Washington, Charlie Rose Gets Shellacked By Vlad

Did Charlie Rose look like a fucking idiot last night on 60-Minutes, or what, asking Vladimir Putin how he could know for sure that the US was behind the 2014 Ukraine coup against President Viktor Yanukovych? Maybe the idiots are the 60-Minutes producers and fluffers who are supposed to prep Charlie’s questions. Putin seemed startled and amused by this one on Ukraine: how could he know for sure?

Well, gosh, because Ukraine was virtually a province of Russia in one form or another for hundreds of years, and Russia has a potent intelligence service (formerly called the KGB) that had assets and connections threaded through Ukrainian society like the rhizomorphs of the fungus Armillaria solidipes through a conifer forest. Gosh, Charlie, it’s like asking Obama whether the NSA might know what’s going on in Texas.



USA – Joke to the World

The US Congress passed another bill condemning Russia and Putin. Now that’s pretty funny. The Clown from out of town and his minions are pretending to be rule makers in a world where they think they are king. They’ve constructed a “New World” Order” of money and power for the privileged few. The punks in public office continue to lie to themselves and their voters hoping Russia’s power and wealth will magically vanish through propaganda, terrorism and sanctions. The US eagle can poop everywhere but the Bear can still do whatever it wants.




Four in 10 Americans say they have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust and confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly. This ties the historical lows on this measure set in 2014 and 2012. Prior to 2004, slight majorities of Americans said they trusted the mass media, such as newspapers, TV and radio.

Webmaster addition:



Taliban storms into northern Afghan city in major blow for security forces

Taliban insurgents fought their way into a major city in northern Afghanistan on Monday, driving back stunned security forces in a multi-pronged attack that also sent Afghan officials and U.N. personnel fleeing for safety.

The fall of Kunduz would be a huge blow to the Western-backed government in Kabul and would give Taliban insurgents a critical base of operations beyond their traditional strongholds in Afghanistan’s south. Afghan government leaders and the U.S.-led coalition here view the battle for Kunduz as a key test of the Afghan security forces in their continuing fight with the Taliban.

Another conquered province refuses to stay conquered!



Illegal Aliens Accused of Gruesome Executions, Burning Corpses in Texas




Public school suspends 8-year-old girl for wearing wrong shade of green

An elementary school in the pleasantly named town of Sicklerville, New Jersey suspended an 8-year-old girl for the crime of wearing a kelly green polo shirt. According to AP, “Winslow Township School’s code on dress and grooming says ‘school attire can influence a pupil’s behavior and potentially impact the academic environment.'” School clothing must be white, dark green or navy.



Putin Just Made US Obsolete in the Middle East

So, now we know Russia, Iran, and Syria are all cooperating and now we also know Iraq HAS, in fact, joined the party! Gosh, and the poor United States now feels left out. Aww…Uncle Sammy wasn’t invited to the party? Now Obama and Kerry have been scrambling, trying to talk to Iran about Syria and Yemen. Iran probably feels like Kerry is trying to invite himself to the soiree and use the old “Iran invited me!” shtick to crash the party. Now here goes Obama saying, “Oh, um, well, we want to cooperate with Russia! Seriously! But, Assad still needs to go, you guys!” Yeah, still trying to save face after all this time, even though there’s egg all over it. Give it up, clowns. You just got outflanked. You lost this chess game for keeps.

This is proof positive that you can never, ever believe anything the US government says, ever again.



EPA decision to destroy environment with bee-killing pesticides overruled by federal judge




Volkswagen facing £4.3 BILLION bill after revealing it will recall 11 MILLION cars to be refitted because of emissions testing scandal




People who live in France will not be allowed to make payments of more than 1,000 euros ($1,123) in cash, down from 3,000 now. – France steps up monitoring of cash payments to fight ‘low-cost terrorism’

Terrorism is just an excuse, they want to monitor every transactions to fight tax dodgers, but only for the pleb. Politicians and other elite can still hide their money off shore.



The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has allowed its employees to stay on the job despite internal investigations that found they had distributed drugs, lied to the authorities or committed other serious misconduct, newly disclosed records show.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has allowed its employees to stay on the job despite internal investigations that found they had distributed drugs, lied to the authorities or committed other serious misconduct, newly disclosed records show.




A phone company’s ad reaches a consumer looking for a new wireless plan. A car commercial is seen by a driver whose auto lease is about to expire. A bank gets its message in front of a small business owner who needs a loan. Such surgical marketing messages are taken for granted on the Internet. Yet, they are just now finding their way onto television, where the audience is big though harder to target. As brands shift more of their spending to the Web where ads are more precise, the TV industry is pushing back.



How Kelly Brook is the most dangerous UK celebrity on the internet: Hackers using photos of model to infect unsuspecting internet users’ computers with viruses




Drug War’s End: Oregon Is Expunging Pot Records





Details of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) torture program have been unlawfully kept from public view, according to a complaint filed with the National Archives. listed in a complaint (pdf) five areas of concern that have been classified or redacted from the version of the Senate’s torture report executive summary, released in December 2014.

“Secrecy regarding ‘black sites’ and torture has played a major role in ensuring that no CIA personnel could be prosecuted for torture, war crimes, destruction of evidence, or other relevant federal crimes. It has ensured that civil courts were closed to victims of torture, indefinitely delayed trials of the accused perpetrators of the September 11 attacks, and put the United States in breach of its obligations under the Convention Against Torture,” according to the complaint, signed by OpenTheGovernment national security fellow Katherine Hawkins.

Torture has been a huge, dark, and literally bloody stain on this country’s history, and needs to be made completely public.

And the reason it needs to be made completely public is so it never happens, ever, again.

Because when the US tortures, or outsources torture, that demonstrates to the world that this country has no morals; it makes a mockery of every value we allege we hold dear, like human rights and democracy; and gives carte blanche to other government leaders to do precisely the same with military and civilians.



UK Veterans for Peace protest outside Downing Street

Three members of Veterans For Peace UK met in Trafalgar Square, London and walked down Whitehall towards the residence of the Prime Minister in Downing Steet where where they discarded their oaths of allegiance, berets and medals outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Downing Street in protest against war and the culture of militarism among British elites.



The leader in the federal government when it comes to mistreating whistleblowers is now the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), according to the legal office that keeps track of such cases.

The Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an independent agency that deals with whistleblower retaliations, told Congress last week that for the first time, the VA “surpassed the Department of Defense” in the total number of whistleblower cases filed with it as of 2014.

The VA accomplished this ignominious feat “even though the Defense Department has twice the number of civilian employees as the VA,” Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner told senators during a hearing of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Although I abhor war, I want every Vet to get the same level of care that a Dick Cheney gets.

They have earned it; and anything that prevents this from happening should be rooted out of the VA like a contagious weed.




I have long been fascinated with how that clan has been able to ride the wave of public indignation over “abandoning traditional values” while shilling for some of the most values-deficient practices imaginable.

So I was intrigued to learn that Jeb Bush’s campaign manager has a track record of making money from some pretty questionable clients.

Perhaps the main revelation in an article from Lee Fang of The Intercept, is that Danny Diaz (Latino … Score!) waged an aggressive battle to make sure that a core ingredient crucial to meth dealers’ deadly brew stayed in circulation: Pseudoephedrine.

Jeb Bush would do well to remember that politically, in this country, one is judged by the company one keeps.

And the US’s “war on drugs”?!? Please; this is primarily a war on drugs the CIA is not importing at the moment.


Women Switching Support from Hillary to Trump. Michael Rivero – September 28, 2015




Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert negotiating a guilty plea over charges he paid $3.5M in ‘hush money’ to ‘cover up sexual contact with a male’

Prosecutors and defense attorneys for former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert have told a federal judge they’re talking about a possible plea deal in the Republican’s hush-money case.

The disclosure came Monday during a hearing in federal court in Chicago for the 73-year-old Republican. Details weren’t immediately released.

The one-time teacher and wrestling coach has pleaded not guilty to violating banking laws and lying to the FBI.



Clinton Campaign Caught In Either Massive Coincidence Or Blatant Breaking Of Law





Monsanto has many weapons in its arsenal when it comes to eliminating competition from non-GMO and organic farmers. After more than two decades of pushing their products onto US farmland with purposely flawed safety studies, the sheer presence of genetically modified crops poses an existential threat to the business of traditional and organic farming.

A new report has come out showing the extraordinary costs that non-GMO and organic farmers incur from GMO contamination of their crops.

“Results from the newest USDA survey indicate that of the farmers who chose to answer the question, 92 had experienced monetary loss between 2011 and 2014 averaging approximately $66,395 per farmer during that timeframe. Overall, GMO presence cost organic farmers at least $6.1 million over four years. This figure is 77 times that reported during the 2006 to 2011 timeframe—a staggering increase.”

Monsanto, and all the other GMO corporations, should be sued out of existence for the health damage they have caused in the US.

Of course, in this country, politicians on the take will make absolutely certain that this will never happen.



Hillary’s ‘favorable’ number plummets to 38 percent as Ben Carson’s headline-grabbing comments about Muslims have made him MORE popular

Hillary Clinton’s long, slow slide in the polls on the Democratic side of the 2016 presidential race continues in a new, national poll, while Donald Trump’s hold on the top spot among the GOP candidates has proven unshakable so far.



State Department says classified material on Hillary’s home-brew server was so sensitive that the safe it gave her lawyer to store the emails wasn’t secure enough

The State Department has told Senate investigators that it didn’t provide Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lawyer with a secure-enough method to read now-highly classified material from her homebrew email server because it didn’t anticipate that the messages would be deemed so secret.

In July, State Department officials installed a safe at the office of attorney David Kendall after the government determined some of Clinton’s emails may have contained classified information.

But it said last week the safe wasn’t suitable for so-called top secret, sensitive compartmented information, known as TS/SCI, which the government has said was found in some messages.

Hillary’s lawyer, David Kendall, did not have a security clearance sufficient to view those TS/SCI emails, which makes Hillary’s giving him a copy a violation of the espionage act!



Flashback, Bishop Richard WIlliamson: “Not One Jew Killed By Gas Chambers. It Was All Lies Lies Lies.”

Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson caused an international incident when he dared to speak the truth about the holohoax in 2009. Williamson was subsequently arrested for ‘incitement’ and went through a long series of trials and appeals, and his fine was eventually lowered. We also include a little known in-depth follow-up interview with Bishop Williamson about all these matters from 2010, conducted by Nicholas Kollerstrom. Must hear.




If Russia wants complete security for its forces and airbases in Syria, it must secure Jisr Al-Shughoor. And so, Syria’s National Security Adviser, Gen. Ali Mamlook, flew to Moscow on June 29, 2015 and met with his counterparts in the Russian Defense Ministry and the Kremlin. In September, Gen. Qaasim Sulaymaani traveled to Moscow to further shore up an agreement that would envision the arrival of Russian forces and materiel to Syria in order to finish off ISIS, Alqaeda/Nusra and the U.S. conspiracy. Why is Jisr Al-Shughoor important? Look at the map and see how it sits directly in the center of Syria’s huge agricultural valley called the Waadi Al-Ghaab. Look at how it is situated on the road which rises to the west all the way up the mountains and bypasses a large number of villages only to finally give terrorists an unobstructed view across the serene coastal mountains with trajectories capable of striking Russian military assets.



STOP the University of California from Banning Criticism of Israel

In a draft Statement of Principles[2], you refused to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism but still called for broad restrictions on intolerance. The LA Times[3] editorial board said your statement failed the free-speech test.

Even so, student lobbyists and Israeli lobby organizations pressured you to form a new committee to revisit the State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism in order to further restrict political speech.

While we, the petitioners, denounce racism and bigotry against Jews, Muslims, and any and all ethnicities, religions, and gender identities, we also recognize that California already has laws[4] on the books against hate crimes and hate speech that carries an implicit threat. We do not need a duplicative policy statement or an unconstitutional Statement of Principles designed to silence voices that question the status quo.



The End of the World Has Come… and Gone!

Two thousand years ago the Roman historian and journalist Tacitus wrote a wonderful description of the eviction of money merchants (really debt merchants) from Italy in A.D. 27 by the Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar (it was not Jesus, BTW; that story was I believe embedded in the bible assembled at the Council of Nicaea in A.D. 300 because the Word of the Son of God would carry more weight against the Ancient Curse of Usury than that of a rather obscure Roman Emperor.

By the time Tiberius took over, the Roman Empire was in an economic shambles and the Romans had had enough of compound interest with its massive rates, bankruptcies and multiple foreclosures forced by private money merchants that robbed them of their properties, just like today.



Microsoft tries to clear the air on Windows 10 privacy furor

Executives in Redmond were caught flat-footed after this summer’s Windows 10 launch by charges that the new operating system is spying on customers. Several new statements for consumers and IT pros today aim to explain why those accusations are unfounded.

Nobody is going to trust anything Microsoft (or Apple) say at this point. NSA has destroyed the trustworthiness of all US computer corporations.



More than 500K driver’s licenses issued to undocumented immigrants in California

California has issued more than half a million driver’s licenses to immigrants in the country illegally under a program that began nine months ago.

Armando Botello, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, said Friday that the milestone was reached last week.

“For us, the DMV, it is a source of great pride to have reached half a million this soon. We thought we would issue half a million applications per year and we did it in 9 months. This means the DMV work is paying off and that all drivers will be safer now,” said Botello.

If they are rushing the program, that means more UNsafe drivers are getting licenses!



Business Insider Is Now Under the Control of a Global Elitist Organization




Obama to Bypass Congress on Syria, ‘Global Warming’… Plan to ‘internationalize’ Internet sparks constitutional concerns




Obama ignores Palestinian cause in his UN speech

US President Barack Obama declared during his speech at the UN General Assembly in New York his country’s readiness to cooperate with Russia and Iran to solve Syria crisis. However, he ignored to address the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinian Authority slammed Obama for neglecting the Palestinian issue in his speech at the UN on Monday.



Video: Temple movement rabbi proselytizes for genocide

On 9 September, a group calling itself the “Nascent Sanhedrin” (a reconstituted council of Jewish sages) held court in Jerusalem and accused the pontiff and other world leaders of crimes against the Jewish people.

Speaking to a crowd of about 40 men and a handful of women at the Diaspora Yeshiva seminary in the Old City of Jerusalem, the leaders of the Sanhedrin gave a series of speeches excoriating Pope Francis, US President Barack Obama, the European Union, the United Nations and other international bodies for not supporting Israel’s claims to “exclusive patrimony” over all of historic Palestine.

For three hours, the rabbis oscillated between accusing world leaders of plotting genocide against the Jewish people, and themselves calling for Jews to commit genocide against Muslims, Christians and other non-Jews.

And as usual the corporate media ignores this.



Netanyahu: At UN, I Will Stress Israel’s Desire for Peace With Palestinians

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said before flying out to New York for the UN General Assembly that he intends to “highlight Israel’s desire for peace with the Palestinians” during his Thursday speech and his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday. Netanyahu also said he will urge the Palestinians to stop inciting unrest on Temple Mount.

“I will stress that unfortunately, the Palestinians continue to spread blatant lies about our policy on Temple Mount, and I will demand an end to this wild incitement,” he said upon arriving at Ben-Gurion International Airport. “Israel is committed to the status quo, which it maintains. The Palestinian rioters who bring weapons to Temple Mount are the ones who harm the holy place and are the ones violating the status quo.”



Nasa Mars mystery solved: Space agency announces discovery of flowing briny water on Red Planet

Nasa has announced the discovery of traces of “briny flows” on the surface of Mars in a revelation that could point to life on the Red Planet. The US space agency put out a statement titled Nasa to announce Mars mystery solved on 24 September, stating that it will announce a “major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars” at a news briefing on 28 September.

NASA, as usual, is way behind the times. More than likely they are grandstanding ahead of the budget discussions in Congress! Liquid water, presumably very salty, was spotted in a photo taken by the rover Opportunity in December 2004!

And, of course, indigenous Martian life was detected by Dr. Gilbert Levin’s Labeled Release Experiment on the Viking missions in 1976.

UPDATE: Today NASA has changed the story to say they have “confirmed” the presence of liquid water on the surface of Mars!



Trump Is RIGHT! World News Channels Select Certain Presidential Polls To Benefit RATINGS




The Difference Between Gold and Debt




Ukrainian man: Nobody In The EU Wants Ukraine To Join




Corruption Turkey Betrayal and Kurds




Putin Tells UN National Sovereignty Needs to Be Respected

US experts claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin in his UN General Assembly speech upheld the importance of national sovereignty to protect countries from being destabilized and toppled in the name of such causes as “democracy” and “human rights”.

“Oh, come ON now! How far do you think we would get if we were destabilized and toppling countries in the name of “greed?” — Official White Horse Souse



Obama: ‘Mistakes’ Made in NATO War on Libya, US Should’ve Done Even More

Speaking today at the UN General Assembly, President Obama took a surprisingly contrite stance, however briefly, on the NATO war against Libya, conceding that “mistakes were made” in a war that led to the current state, with much of Libya ungoverned and multiple competing city-based governments vying for control.

Not that Obama regrets the war. Rather, he insists that the US and NATO should’ve “done more” to ensure that the pro-NATO government propped up after the ouster of Gadhafi was able to survive. In short, his regret on a disastrous war is that he didn’t double down on it.



1 in 4 U.S. Homes Decline in Value

According to a recent study, 1 in 4 U.S. homes are now worth less than they were a year ago.



Pro-Israel hopefuls line up to fill power vacuum in US House

Despite what may become a rancorous fight within the Republican conference over who will fill a series of leadership positions following Boehner’s departure, Daroff believed that the “vacuum” left by Boehner’s departure will not remain empty for long.

“The good news is that there is a strong bipartisan majority in both houses of Congress that is supportive of a strong US-Israel relationship and the names being mentioned to replace Speaker Boehner — particularly House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy — are people who also have in their ‘kishkes’ strong recognition of Israel’s prime role as a key ally of the United States, so I think that clearly there will be a vacuum and he will be missed, but I think that nature abhors a vacuum and the pro-Israel community will have other champions who will rise to the occasion.”



Pope Francis speaks with God

The Pope was sitting in his Popemobile bubble outside the UN. He was eating a Twix and looking over his speech notes when the phone rang. He picked up.

Pope: Yes?

God: It’s God, Francis. What’s happening down there?

Pope: What, no hello, how are you doing?

God: Cut the crap. Is the UN buying your end-poverty-hunger-global warming pitch?

Pope: Of course. The UN, Obama, and I are on the same page. That’s why I’m here in New York. You think I’d visit this place otherwise? Looks like they won’t even let me go see the Mets.



CNN Host Confuses Putin with Boris Yeltsin at UN Speech




The Western Media Is Dying and Here’s Why

Seymour Hersh has risked much over his decades of journalism. He is a true journalist who has been attacked, slandered, and shunned by all sides simply because he seems to resist taking any side.

When he reported on US atrocities in Vietnam, he was first attacked and denounced as a traitor or worse. In time, both the truth and Hersh were vindicated and the importance of what he did as a journalist to both inform the public and serve as a check and balance against the special interests of ruling power were recognized with a Pultizer Prize.



In Gaza, No Figures Can Express the Sorrow

If there is any reason for our existence, at least it should be our capacity to inform about a story while it is happening, in a way that nobody can say: “We did not know, nobody had told us anything” ~Robert Fisk

I don’t know if pain can destroy or fortify, I only know that pain changes everything. I also know that the recollection of such suffering shall remain, has to remain in my memory. At the beginning of the Israeli aggression, the first days of last July, I had promised myself not to forget the names of the children that were killed, those who I photographed horrified in the nightmare’s morgues in Gaza under fire.

In that moment I didn’t know that it would be impossible to keep that promise. More than 500 names of children, destroyed by bombs should be now pronounced by my voice, one by one. However, I do not forget, I can not nor want to forget.



U.S. gives up effort to train Syrian opposition forces

President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday met privately, about their opposite views of the 4-year-old war in Syria that has led to the rise of ISIS and set off an enormous refugee crisis.

All this on the same day the Pentagon was forced to concede a key part of the president’s Syria policy is a dismal failure. The program to train and equip Syrian opposition forces has been suspended.

The $500-million program had once been a linchpin of the strategy to defeat ISIS but so far has proved a fiasco. It was put on hold after a band of fighters turned over their U.S.-supplied equipment to terrorists linked to al Qaeda.


Needless to say I am getting all these very nasty emails from women who don’t want to be “that kind of girl” and bother with birth control and see abortion as retro-active birth control when they get pregnant. The emails contain the usual arguments; it is a blob of protoplasm, it cannot feel pain, men (including husbands) have nothing to say about it and SHUT THE HECK UP!!!!!

But I think in their heart if hearts they know they are wrong or they would not work so hard trying to force everyone to see the issue from their point of view.

As for myself; I am a big boy and I can make up my own mind thankyouverymuch.



Wherever US used force bypassing UN, countries suffered – Lavrov to RT




Is Glencore The Next Lehman? The World’s Largest Commodities Trading Company Is Toast

Are we about to witness the most important global financial event since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008? Glencore has been known as the largest commodities trading company on the entire planet, and at one time it was ranked as the 10th biggest company in the world. It is linked to trillions of dollars of derivatives trades globally, and if the firm were to implode it would be a financial disaster unlike anything that we have seen in Europe since the end of World War II. Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to an inescapable death spiral for Glencore at this point.



BEX Alert!!! – “Bill Clinton revives an old conspiracy tale as he prepares to hit the trail “

Bill and Hillary Clinton have long believed in a unified-field theory about their opponents — one that she memorably dubbed a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” And they have their own theory of the moment it all began. . .

. . . And Hillary Clinton’s standing in the polls has fallen amid a controversy over her use of a private e-mail account and server, rather a government one, while she was secretary of state.

“It always happens,” Bill Clinton said in the CNN interview. “You’re seeing history repeat itself.”



Regulators’ war on Americans: FDA covers up crimes for Big Pharma; EPA for chemical companies; USDA for biotech; and CDC for vaccine industry




Putin On National U.S. Television: No Democracy Without Law




Mixed Signals from Moscow: Putin’s Russia, Israel and the Middle East

If Putin were truly “anti-Zionist” he would not have any relations with Israel whatsoever and would support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. Offering to safeguard Israel’s security with Russian investment in its economy is hardly a gesture of hostility. And signing a 20-year gas deal with Israel evidently signifies that Putin’s Russia believes the Jewish state will continue to exist 20 years in the future.



Time for UN to shift mission in Yemen

It is high time that the UN moves to facilitate an exit strategy for Saudi Arabia from Yemen.



Trumps Tax Plan is Brilliant…




Rand Paul video: “There’s probably 20 different groups in our country who support the nation of Israel and support them as our ally. I speak to them all the time. I visit with them daily and weekly in our office.”




Civil Asset Forfeiture: A System in Need of Reform

While forfeiture law initially had a narrow and commendable goal, its scope has since expanded dramatically. Today, more than 400 federal statutes covering a wide array of crimes authorize forfeiture.[3] In addition, virtually every state has its own body of forfeiture laws. These statutes allow for the seizing of all manner of real and personal property, from a family’s home to a small business’s bank account. As forfeiture’s reach has grown, so too has the risk of seizing property from innocent people. Unfortunately, there are few procedural protections for innocent property owners. It is fair to characterize forfeiture law as an unlevel playing field that favors law enforcement in nearly every way possible.



Hollande: Syria’s future cannot include Assad

French President Francois Hollande said yesterday that Syria’s future cannot include Bashar Al-Assad.

The French president made his remarks during a press conference held at the United Nations headquarters in New York.



Glencore Could Trigger A Global Derivatives Nuclear Meltdown, Glencore = 2/3 Size of Bear Stearns In Terms of OTC Derivatives (w/ Way Less Detail On Counterparty Exposures). Shareholders Could Lose EVERYTHING!




Nigel Farage on UKIP and out referendum campaign




So-called “fact checker” websites are the biggest liars of all




Journalism is Not a Crime

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi granted pardons to 100 people on Wednesday, including two jailed journalists.



Jewish Dominion

English-subtitled audio recording of Rabbi Yisrael Ariel (Head of The Sanhedrin and The Temple Institute) speaking in Jerusalem on 9 September 2015 about how Jews should treat non-Jews



Neanderthals Under the Blood Lust Moon

The internet was abuzz about the final blood moon of a tetrad that aligned with Jewish holidays, what dreadful event may come, something big was going to happen to Israel claimed Zionist shill and pastoral pig John Hagee. He claimed such signs in the heavens were messages from almighty God about Israel.

You have to understand that fat assed Hagee thinks every event in the heavens revolves around Israel because he believes that God only cares about this one nation. This is Jewish ethnocentrism being transferred via the memes of the Holy Bible into the minds of stupid American Christian sheep who care more about Israel than their own nation.



Creation of the slave state

We are slaves to our mythologies and our compulsions. Lacking a clear definition of who we are, we scurry like hungry rodents across a landscape we have ravaged, searching for both the reason we were put here and a magic potion to assure that we will never die. For many thousands of years, despite desperate promises from dozens of deities, these two items have continued to elude us.



How Did the WTC Fires Burn for Months?

Conventional fires doused by millions of gallons of water over a 5 month period do not burn hot enough to melt steel.

The notion that the fires in the WTC wreckage were conventional defies rational belief.



Thermal Hot Spots: Fingerprint of a WTC Demolition




Thermite and the WTC Collapses

In perfect conditions the maximum temperature that can be reached by hydrocarbons such as jet fuel burning in air is 1520° F (825° C). When the World Trade Center collapsed the deeply buried fires would have been deprived of oxygen and their temperatures would have significantly decreased.

Why was the temperature at the core of “the pile” nearly 500° F hotter than the maximum burning temperature of jet fuel a full seven days after the collapses? There were no infernos in either of the twin towers before they collapsed, so what caused the hot spots deep in the wreckage?



World Trade Center 2: There Was No Inferno

Have a good think about the account of Mr Praimnath. The plane impacted the floor he was on, and yet it he saw only flames flickering about. The WTC floors were open planned – there were no solid walls.

If the official account of the WTC fires were true then Mr Praimnath would not have survived because the floor he was on would have been consumed by an 800ºC inferno.

The fact that he is alive proves an inferno did not exist.



Who Told Giuliani the WTC was Going to Collapse on 9/11?



The OEM Issued a WTC Collapse Warning

How did the OEM know something that firefighters in WTC 2’s impact area didn’t?

Why weren’t all firefighters warned?



9/11 Radio Transmissions of WTC 2 Firefighters

The firefighters report only isolated pockets of fire, so where was the all-consuming inferno?



Kunstler: Did Charlie Rose look like a fucking idiot last night on 60-Minutes, or what…..?

Charlie Rose, 60-Minutes — and perhaps by extension US government agencies with an interest in propagandizing — seem to want to put over the story that Russia has involved itself in Syria only to aggrandize its role on in world affairs.

Forgive me for being so blunt, but what sort of stupid fucking idea is this? And are there any non-lobotomized adults left in the USA who can’t see straight through it? The truth is that American policy in Syria (plus Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Somalia, Afghanistan) is an impressive record of failure in terms of the one basic aim that most rational people might agree upon: stabilizing the region in a way that does not leave Islamic jihadi maniacs in charge.



The drug industry wants us to think Martin Shkreli is a rogue CEO. He isn’t.

Three millennia ago in ancient Greece, a plant called autumn crocus was used to treat gout. A pill form of the active ingredient, colchicine, has been used to treat the illness in the United States since the 19th century.



Trump Just Said What Others Feared To Say: Unemployment Rate Might Be 42%




Boehner Says Conservatives Are False Prophets But The Pope Is Great




Did NASA time its Mars announcement to coincide with ‘The Martian’?




Peter Schiff visits CNBC: The Whole World Has Been Fooled By The Fed’s Con





WHAT RECOVERY? America’s wealthiest are thriving, but most income groups still worse off




Given The Razor-Thin Capital The Fed Has In Reserve, They Can Only Afford A Tiny 1.3%($40 billion) Loss On Their Bond Portfolio Before They Too Become Insolvent.




Secessionist Parties Win Crucial Election in Spain

Ever since the global financial crisis of 2008, a secessionist movement has been picking up speed in the Catalonia region of Spain. This is due to the fact that Catalonia happens to be the most prosperous state in Spain, and many of their residents are tired of paying more taxes than their countrymen, while receiving less in return. In addition, Catalonia has its own unique history, language and culture that has been suppressed by the Spanish government in the past.


Creepy Congressman Stole the Pope’s Water Glass After Speech

NOTE: This is humor, NOT satire (sadly).

Anyone who is famous can expect to encounter a creepy fan or follower from time to time. It’s par for the course when everyone knows who you are. That principle is even more applicable when you’re famous for being the head of an entire religion. However, I’m sure that even the Pope was a little shocked to find that one of his looniest fans was a Congressman.

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Latest Australian News 29 Sep 2015

Latest Australian News

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Latest News 29 Sep 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media


“I find it incomprehensible why a country as rich as the U.S. can allow a whole generation of young people in the inner city to slide into despair in such a degree that they go out in the streets and burn down and loot their own neighborhoods.” — Helmut Voss, German correspondent, commenting on the Los Angeles race riots in 1965 and 1992

Israeli police fire stun grenades at Palestinian protesters after they barricaded themselves inside Jerusalem mosque and attacked them with firebombs

Palestinians clashed with Israeli riot police after barricading themselves inside a mosque at Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site, throwing firebombs and rocks at officers outside during a major Jewish holiday.

The hilltop compound in Jerusalem’s Old City is a frequent flashpoint and its fate is a core issue at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It is known to Jews as the Temple Mount, site of the two biblical Jewish temples. Muslims revere it as the Noble Sanctuary, where they believe the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven there.

Police said young protesters barricaded themselves inside the Al-Aqsa mosque despite an order permitting only men over the age of 50 from entering the compound for prayers.



US support for Israel stokes terrorism worldwide, Rouhani says

Problems plaguing the Middle East, from Cairo to Kabul and Aden to Aleppo, are ultimately the product of American policy and its support for an “inhumane” Israel, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told the United Nations on Monday.

Praising the nuclear deal reached in July with world powers as a “new and constructive way to recreate the international order,” Rouhani said Iran is determined not to forget the past. But the Iranian people will not live in the past, either, he told the 70th gathering of the General Assembly, touting that his country is now open for business.



MSNBC: Hillary won’t ‘reassure’ Dems email scandal is over – because more is coming.

If you tuned in Sunday morning to see the “inevitable” candidate’s Meet The Press interview with Chuck Todd, you likely noticed the moment of “the big fail.” Yes, the whole segment was another in a long line of Hillary Clinton’s poor performances, but one question really stood out as problematic.

Check Todd acknowledged that Democrats are nervous over Hillary’s seemingly endless scandals, and he offered her the chance to reassure them that there was nothing more to the email story:

CHUCK TODD: It has the feel of a drip, drip, drip. Can you reassure Democrats that there’s nothing else here?

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, it is like a drip, drip, drip. And that’s why I said there’s only so much that I can control. But what I have tried to do in explaining this is try to provide more transparency and more information than anybody that I’m aware of who’s ever served in the government. And I’m happy to do that because I want these questions to be answered.



US housing market losing steam?




New Lehman Moment ALERT: First VolksWagon, Now Glencore, And The Market Breaks… Death Crosses On Nasdaq!


The Power of False Narrative

In this age of pervasive media, the primary method of social control is through the creation of narratives delivered to the public through newspapers, TV, radio, computers, cell phones and any other gadget that can convey information. This reality has given rise to an obsession among the power elite to control as much of this messaging as possible.



US does not even hide preparations for military confrontation with Russia

‘Stop NATO’ blog editor Rick Rosoff said in September 2010 that the Pentagon was using the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) as a training ground for both the war in Afghanistan and other future wars, an article posted on Global Research said. The deployment of US and NATO forces near Russian borders violates the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe from 1991 that prohibits certain categories of conventional military equipment in Europe, the publication said. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland were used to prepare for a potential confrontation with Russia, A number of large-scale military exercises were conducted, thus marking preparations for third world war. At the same time, US and European officials consistently lie about Russia’s non-existent aggression in Ukraine, as well as about the deployment of troops and military aircraft in Syria.



Saudi Arabia sheds Western shares

The Saudi Arabia reduces exterior investment. Given the fall of oil prices, the Saudis withdraw assets, worth dozens of billions dollars, from investment funds. Authorities of the country intent to reduce the budget deficit in such a way, as well as lower possible risks at stock exchanges. In order to compensate rapid reduce of reserves, the Saudi Arabia Central Bank asked the banks to fund the bonds program. Since the third quarter of 2014, foreign reserves of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency have dropped by almost $73 billion. At the same time, the state needs money to support the economy and fund military campaign in Yemen. The Monetary Agency of the Saudis stated about net outflow from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Financiers from different countries call this organization, which has overgrown with a wide range of agencies on assets management, to be an operator of the biggest quantity of the Saudi Arabia’s funds.



Russia respects Ukraine’s sovereignty, would like others to act in same vein, says Putin

“At no time in the past, now or in the future has or will Russia take any part in actions aimed at overthrowing the legitimate government.”



Israel Will Never Hand Over Parts of the West Bank, Says Deputy FM Hotovely

Handing over parts of the West Bank to the Palestinians is not “even on the list of options we’re offering the Palestinians,” Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said in an interview on Sunday.
While professing to support the creation of a Palestinian state in principle, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu never said evacuating the West Bank was an option, Hotovely averred. The interview with her was published on the Times of Israel.
In the absence of a permanent foreign minister – the post is held by Netanyahu – Hotovely functions as Israel’s top diplomat.

And what precisely, Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely, is Israel “offering” the Palestinians at this point?!?

More serial genocide?!? More brisk annexations of properties in which Palestinian families have lived for generations?!? More encouragement of settlers to burn Palestinian agriculture, and throw incendiary devices into Palestinian housing, killing and maiming all the residents, including the babies, inside?!?

Deputy Foreign Minster Hotovely, the world is watching as the government of Israel continues to behave toward the Palestinian people with a level of utterly cruel, ruthless, and lawless apartheid that is astonishing to behold.

And if Boycott/Divestment is the only language on this issue that the Israeli government understands, it will continue to be spoken by the rest of the governments of this world, until it reaches an enormous, howling crescendo that the Israeli government cannot ignore.



All you do online illegally tracked by UK spy agency

British intelligence has been running a secret programme ‘Karma Police’ to track the browsing activity of internet users around the world.



Cameron promises Ukrainian president to dispatch military instructors to Ukraine

“David Cameron gave assurances of Britain’s further willingness to support Ukraine in the defense of its territorial integrity both politically and practically by way of sending military instructors and granting precisely targeted aid to the Armed Forces,” the press service said.
Cameron and Poroshenko claimed at the meeting the elections in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics on October 18 and November would be unacceptable and undermine the Minsk accords.



Russia, Cuba, Emirates consider making big transport hub in Cuba

“The countries consider a large-scale trilateral project, featuring Russia, Cuba and the United Arab Emirates, on organisation of a big transport hub, which will include modernisation of the Mariel sea port and construction of a modern international airport and a cargo terminal on the basis of an aerodrome in San Antonio de lost Banos”.



China ready to join international fight against terrorism — foreign ministry

China is ready to join the international fight against any forms of terrorism, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei told a regular news conference while commenting on information in some media about Chinese warships near Syria being ready to take part in a mission against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization.
However, the spokesman could not confirm information about Chinese warships near the Syrian coast being ready to patrol the region. “As for the situation you are asking about,” he told the reporter who asked the question, “I do not have that information.”



UN enthusiastic about idea of Baghdad-based center to coordinate anti-IS efforts

The United Nations is enthusiastic about the idea of establishing a Russia-Iraq-Iran-Syria coordination center in Baghdad to counter the terrorist organization Islamic State, UN Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq told TASS on Monday. On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the new centrer would be tasked to coordinate anti-terrorist efforts of the four countries.
A military-diplomatic source told TASS earlier that Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq had established an information center in Baghdad for coordinating efforts in fighting against the Islamic State (IS).



Pentagon: US-trained Syrian Rebels Gave Weapons To Al-Nusra

Not a thing has changed with US military stupidity, incompetence and mismanagement since the Vietnam War…………….KT




Crimean official says OSCE is used to spell out US position

“I’ve had a chance to compare the OSCE report with the report by the US State Department,” he told reporters. “There is an impression that the OSCE instruments are used to spell out the position of the State Department.”
Crimea’s deputy PM says that Poland violates OSCE principles by denying him entry

Ukraine plans to hike electricity prices for Crimea by 15% per kilowatt-hour




$2.7 billion later, Pentagon’s defense airships have yet to get off the ground

Unknown to most Americans, the Pentagon has spent $2.7 billion developing a system of giant radar-equipped blimps to provide an early warning if the country were ever attacked with cruise missiles, drones or other low-flying weapons.

After nearly two decades of disappointment and delay, the system — known as JLENS — had a chance to prove its worth on April 15.

That day, a Florida postal worker flew a single-seat, rotary-wing aircraft into the heart of the nation’s capital to dramatize his demand for campaign finance reform.

JLENS is intended to spot just such a tree-skimming intruder, and two of the blimps were supposed to be standing sentry above the capital region. Yet 61-year-old Douglas Hughes flew undetected through 30 miles of highly restricted airspace before landing on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

The financial culture in the military industrial complex is not about making products which actually work when they are needed in the field; it is only about making money.

And of course, companies like Raytheon, which is the corporate poster child for creating completely useless products guaranteed to fail, then reaping billions from them, are very, very generous, both overtly and covertly, to the Congressional representatives which funnel this kind of work their way.

What we need here is a law, stating that if a weapons product bought and paid for by US taxpayers does not perform as advertised on the first day of its introduction to military service, the president of the company manufacturing that useless product would wind up prosecuted, and potentially jailed (NOT in a Club Fed) for product failure.

That just MIGHT change the corporate military industrial complex’ culture; sadly, of course, the passage of such a law will only happen when pigs fly.

The Russian and Chinese governments pay infinitely less for their weaponry than does the US government; but ultimately, what they get will perform when deployed; there is a tacit understanding about that between those governments and their weapons manufacturers.

Weapons manufacturers in the US and this government do not have that kind of understanding, and it may well hurt our US military very badly when weapons are deployed which will work; although as a Christian pacifist I condemn war, I do not want to see this kind of weapons failure happening to our military members, EVER.



Lawmaker calls for civilized response to Poroshenko’s accusations of “Russian aggression”

Russia will make a civilized response to the charges Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko made in his statement at the global development agenda summit, Russian State Duma member, former Russian envoy to the European Communities, Vasily Likhachev, told TASS. “We’ve got to be prepared to make a civilized response to Poroshenko’s charges,” he said. “We staged a walkout during Mr. Poroshenko’s statement in protest against his outspokenly politicized and aggressive speech, which ran counter to the declared theme of the summit, formulated as global development agenda,” Likhachev said.
One Russian diplomat however remained in the hall. When asked why this diplomat stayed, the source said, “The Russian side is in the habit of heeding its opponents and not ignoring their words.”



No new US nuclear weapon elements at German airbase — ambassador

The US is replacing old components on nuclear weapons at the Buchel air base in south-west Germany and no new arms are being deployed, Germany’s ambassador to Russia told a TASS news conference on Monday. The diplomat stressed that “this serves the goals of keeping the weapons in safe condition. “This is in everyone’s interests,” he said.
No alternative to good relations between Russia, Germany — ambassador



Russian expedition discovers new lands in Artic

A Russian scientific expedition has made some 20 geographical discoveries near the Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya archipelagos in Russia’s Arctic, the expedition’s press service told TASS on Monday. The expedition was conducted by the researchers from Russia’s Northern Fleet, and marked the beginning of systematic studies of the Arctic’s poorly explored water areas. Several big and small islands were found, as well as new peninsulas and straits. New lands will be named after the final data processing. The expedition’s route of 5,300 miles took 41 days, exploring areas in the Barents and Kara Seas.



TheTiny Dot





The Australian government is fighting back against the unrelenting terrorist threat that threatens to consume every Western nation. It, too, has noticed that youngsters and their SnapChats are particularly prone to radicalization from outside forces. As Richard Chirgwin of the Register points out, it has chosen to address this threat to Australian society in the way only a government agency can: with a blend of the bizarre and the tone deaf.


Murder, Mayhem and Rape in Afghanistan: Made in the U.S.A.

“The Kite Runner,” Khaled Hosseini’s 2003 novel, featured a pivotal and highly controversial scene in which one of the young male protagonists is raped by an older youth. That harrowing section of the best-selling book highlighted the rampant sexual abuse of children in Afghanistan. Now, a revelation—even more horrifying—has implicated real-life U.S. soldiers serving in that country. The New York Times on Sunday reported how troops have been instructed to condone the routine rape of Afghan children by our warlord allies. The story is a cringe-inducing example of how corrupt our war in Afghanistan has been.

The condoning of such behaviour against young boys in Afghanistan is so sick, and immoral, I do not know where to begin.

But in analyzing this 14 year-old debacle with a coldly logical approach, at the end of the day, this war was, and is, about pipelines, the control and encouragement of the opium trade, and plunder of Afghanistan’s embarrassment of riches in natural resources (primarily minerals).

And as long as those goals are getting met through the US and NATO occupation of this country, no one in the Obama administration or the military seems to give one DAMN about the consequences of these actions against helpless kids getting raped.

To our government and our military, these kids’ lives are of utterly no consequence, or worth, when there is money to be made; they are simply “collateral damage”, about whom no one is supposed to care.



Clinton admits she didn’t participate in her email review, can’t guarantee FBI won’t find anything




Donald Trump: Replace Obamacare with Universal Health Care




Halperin: Bill Clinton’s performance defending Hillary is ‘freaking out a lot of Democrats’




Why The Income Tax Is A Stinking Fraud




Vladimir Putin B**ch Slaps Barack Obama On Syria




Free Speech on Campus, Student Organizations and our Future









Because most everything we buy gets more expensive over time, we have to earn more money each year just to maintain our existing standard of living. When we’re not given raises that keep up with this rate of inflation, we’re effectively suffering a pay cut.


9.4 Million More Americans Below Poverty Line Than Pre-Crisis

Despite the Fed continuing to kick this down the road, they continue to claim that we are in the middle of an ongoing recovery. There’s just one problem with that: things are getting worse than pre-crisis levels for millions of the poorest Americans.

The “alleged recovery” is only for the one percent, not the rest of us, who are generally desperately trying to keep our heads above water financially.



Rand Paul Finally Confronted About Israel At Live Event, Tells Questioner “Not Right Now” As He answers Everyone Elses Questions

Senator Rand Paul’s presidential campaign is considered a mere footnote in the dustbin of political history at this point, but this is noteworthy anyway. Paul was giving a live speech at a campaign event recently discussing ISIS, and said “Don’t fund our enemies.”
At that point, Chris Perkins from, who was video-recording Paul loudly chimed in, asking “What about Israel?” Paul completely ignored the questioner, but after the speech Perkins quietly waited his turn while Paul engaged in conversation and answered questions from many, many people. Finally, when his turn arrived, Perkins approached Paul very politely and asked “Can I ask you a question?”




In the American police state, you’re either a prisoner (shackled, controlled, monitored, ordered about, limited in what you can do and say, your life not your own) or a prison bureaucrat (police officer, judge, jailer, spy, profiteer, etc.).

Indeed, at a time when we are all viewed as suspects, there are so many ways in which a person can be branded a criminal for violating any number of laws, regulations or policies. Even if you haven’t knowingly violated any laws, there is still a myriad of ways in which you can run afoul of the police state and end up on the wrong side of a jail cell.

Unfortunately, when you’re a child in the American police state, life is that much worse.

Microcosms of the police state, America’s public schools contain almost every aspect of the militarized, intolerant, senseless, overcriminalized, legalistic, surveillance-riddled, totalitarian landscape that plagues those of us on the “outside.”

This is truly a crime against the most fragile members of our society, our kids, and needs to be changed.

But until such a change happens, where schools are once again a place of learning, encouragement, and the teaching of critical thinking, I have two words for every parent who reads this blog: HOME SCHOOL!!

And if your state forbids this, move to a state that does not. You, and your children, will be far better off in the long run.




For decades, DARPA, the secretive research arm of the Department of Defense, has dreamed of turning soldiers into cyborgs. And now it’s finally happening. The agency has funded projects that involve implanting chips into soldiers’ brains that they hope will enhance performance on the battlefield and repair traumatized brains once the fog of war has lifted.

Creating super soldiers isn’t the only thing that DARPA is trying to do. According to Jacobsen’s new book, published by Little, Brown, government scientists hope that implanting chips in soldiers will unlock the secrets of artificial intelligence, and allow us to give machines the kind of higher-level reasoning that humans can do.

The problem with this brave new technology is, that the US government will not stop with just “implanting chips in the brains of soldiers”; this may well become a way of controlling all citizens of this country to the point that they may never have a critical or logical thought pop into their heads ever again, and will only “obey”.

I don’t know about you, but to me, the potential “dark side” of this technology just gives me the heebie jeebies.



Is Nazi gold train mystery about to be solved? Polish soldiers FINALLY start digging (but they’ll only excavate a metre and it’s eight metres down)

The mystery surrounding the Nazi gold train said to have been hidden in a hillside 70 years ago is finally set to be solved as soldiers have cleared the site to start digging.

But already the dig has been dismissed as a ‘waste of time’ by the treasure hunters who allegedly found it because they will only excavate a metre down when whatever is buried there is said to be at least eight metres underneath the surface.

And anything really valuable that might have been down there is probably already gone!



Spanish Bonds Rise as Catalonian Voters Reject Independence Bid

Spain’s government bonds jumped, ending a three-day decline, after pro-independence parties received less than 50 percent of the vote in Catalonia’s local elections, reducing for now the prospect of a clash with the central government.

The exit polls were showing a huge win for the independence party … just like happened in Scotland, but the official numbers went the other way … again, just like in Scotland!




Many people want to go to America in search of better life and to fulfill their dreams. However, the United States that was once seen as a stronghold of freedom and numerous opportunities has turned into a place where financial elites run the show and turn the country into their personal private army, Marco Maier wrote in Contra Magazine.

The money is being invested into the military apparatus and the intelligence services so that a small upper class can advance its international business. The majority of the population, however, is increasingly sinking in misery, the journalist argued.

Maier referred to “The Economic Collapse Blog” to prove his point of view and cited a number of facts that demonstrate the poor economic situation in the United States.

We can see it all around us; the deteriorating state of streets, highways, and schools.

We can see the anger on the faces of the homeless, who never chose to be homeless, but had it thrust upon them. We can see the frustration of families, trying to feed their children healthy meals, and are dealing with almost Weimar-era inflation.

One has to wonder what will happen when the whole US economy comes crashing down in one big heap.








Urban Institute reports that nearly two of every five American children spend at least one year in poverty before age 18, with a stunning 75% of US Black children in poverty for at least one year.

CBS interviewed the study author, Caroline Ratcliffe:

“It did surprise us. When we look at the annual number of children in poverty, it’s at about 20 percent, and we know children cycle into and out of poverty, so we knew it would be higher, but double is startling.”

Importantly, it’s likely an official poverty line of $24,250 yearly income for a family of four is a ridiculous understatement of the income to meet basic economic needs, given US “leadership” lies about economic data of employment and inflation to change definitions that result in ridiculous understatements. For example, when unemployment today is counted the same way as during the Great Depression, today’s statistics of over 20% unemployment for the last six years is worse.

These numbers constitute a crime against humanity, particularly against the most vulnerable among us, our children.



China will cancel debts to the world’s least developed nations.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has pledged to establish a $2bn (£1.3bn) fund to assist developing countries and to significantly increase investment.
Addressing a UN summit on development goals, Mr Xi said investment would reach $12bn over the next 15 years.



17.4 million Americans hit by identity theft in 2014

17.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2014, according to a government report released Sunday.

Eighty-six percent of the victims were targets of credit card and bank account fraud. An estimated 8.6 million victims had their credit card accounts stolen, 8.1 million victims had bank accounts meddled with. Another 1.5 million experience other varying types of identity theft, including telephone and insurance fraud.

Two-thirds of victims suffered direct financial losses. Fourteen percent lost $1,000 or more.

And all of the resources of the NSA and the Justice Department (better known in the 21st century as the “Just-Us” Department, to protect the wealth of the 1%) are totally, thoroughly impotent to stop this, and prevent this kind of crime?!?




As Miru Kim walked past the 9/11 memorial, NYPD cops pointed to her shirt and asked her about the message on it!

“He asked me what my shirt said,” she recalled. “I told him it was an old T-shirt from a protest group. That got him going even more, and I had to explain that it was from an anti-Iraq War group from a long time ago. Like, 10 years ago.”

The officer asked for Kim’s apartment number and phone number, then asked for her ID, which she says she didn’t have on her person. She proceeded to give him “all of my information,” including her name and cellphone number.

“I thought it was kind of annoying getting all of my information taken down by police,” Kim said. “I didn’t ask why. I didn’t really say anything. I basically just complied and explained that it’s just a shirt from a long time ago.”

In Kim’s social media post she says:

I hardly recognise this country any more.

Welcome to Amerika, folks.



Swiss authorities probe 7 banks for suspected metals price fixing

Swiss competition authorities said Monday they were investigating UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and four other major banks for suspected price fixing in the trade of precious metals like gold and silver.

The Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) said it was looking into whether seven banks had colluded to manipulate prices in the precious metals market.

The watchdog said in a statement that it had “opened an investigation against two Swiss banks, UBS and Julius Baer, as well as against the foreign financial institutions Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Mitsui.”

COMCO, which opened a preliminary probe in February, said it now had indications that the banks had “possibly concluded illegal competition defying deals” in the trade of the precious metals gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

“We think they can have manipulated the price of these precious metals,” COMCO deputy chief Patric Ducrey told AFP.

GEE, ya THINK?!?!?



Ben Carson, Bigot

Ben Carson is a Christian—a fact he shares in common with all our greatest domestic terrorists and self-styled Indian-killers. From slave-holding to ethnic cleansing, Christianity has repeatedly been employed to sanctify our most shameful acts. One might counter that Christianity has also been employed to inspire our most honorable acts. But this is a level of complexity that Carson’s ilk do not grant to Islam. To Carson, Islam is terror and nothing else.



Putin to UN: Export of so-called democratic revolutions continues globally

The export of the so-called democratic revolutions continues, as the international community fails to learn from mistakes, which have already been made, Russian President Vladimir Putin said addressing the UNGA.

He cited the example of the revolutions in the Middle East, when people wished for change, “but how did that turn out?”

He said that instead of triumph of democracy “we have violence and social disaster,” where no one cares about human rights, including the right to life.



Nasa Mars mystery solved: Space agency announces discovery of flowing briny water on Red Planet

Nasa has announced the discovery of traces of “briny flows” on the surface of Mars in a revelation that could point to life on the Red Planet. The US space agency put out a statement titled Nasa to announce Mars mystery solved on 24 September, stating that it will announce a “major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars” at a news briefing on 28 September.

NASA, as usual, is way behind the times. More than likely they are grandstanding ahead of the budget discussions in Congress! Liquid water, presumably very salty, was spotted in a photo taken by the rover Opportunity in December 2004!

And, of course, indigenous Martian life was detected by Dr. Gilbert Levin’s Labeled Release Experiment on the Viking missions in 1976.




Classic Putin




UN Orders Countries To Ban Internet Free Speech!




Doctor Convicted of Raping 8 Unconscious Patients and Possession of Child Porn Sentenced To 1 Year House Arrest and Probation.

An East County free clinic doctor who admitted he sexually assaulted female patients in his exam room and took photos of their naked bodies will serve one year on house arrest and five years’ probation, a stark contrast to a pre-sentencing report that recommended a 20 year, 8 month state prison sentence.



Petition : Arrest Tony Blair For War Crimes In The Middle East




Volkswagen default probability continues to rise as Yale economist sees VW worse than Enron.




The Greatest Threat to Campus Free Speech is Coming From Dianne Feinstein and her Military-Contractor Husband

There is no shortage of American pundits who love to denounce “PC” speech codes that restrict and punish the expression of certain ideas on college campuses. What these self-styled campus-free-speech crusaders typically — and quite tellingly — fail to mention is that the most potent such campaigns are often devoted to outlawing or otherwise punishing criticisms of Israel. The firing by the University of Illinois of Professor Steven Salatia for his “uncivil” denunciations of the Israeli war on Gaza — a termination that was privately condoned by Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin — is merely illustrative of this long–growing trend.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire



The Decline of Democracy and Capitalism in Britain Advances

Britain is not a democracy any more. The Government is now bowing down to a few extremely powerful organisations that funds their very existence.



Hillary Clinton’s latest e-mail drips

While most of the nation had its eyes on the papal visit last week, fresh waves of bad Clinton news broke.

Start with her lie about OK’ing the unusual arrangement whereby her top aide, Huma Abedin, was allowed to pull down outside paychecks from the Clinton Foundation and the firm Teneo (the for-profit arm of Clinton Inc.) on top of her job at the State Department.

“I was not directly involved with that, but everything she did was approved, under the rules, as they existed, by the State Department,” Clinton told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell just this month.
Oops: Documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch show Clinton’s signature on forms that created a new title for Abedin in March 2012 — a key step in the whole “outside consulting”
gambit. That is, Hillary personally OK’d Huma’s “special employee” status.


Hillary Clinton’s incomplete timeline on her personal e-mail account

A number of readers have asked the Fact Checker to explore Clinton’s stated timeline about her dealings with the State Department about her private e-mail system. New questions have arisen in light of The Washington Post’s report that the State Department confirmed that the triggering event to seek Clinton’s e-mails was the congressional investigation into the 2012 Benghazi attacks that left four Americans dead.

Previously, the State Department had danced around this fact, despite a report in the New York Times on March 5 that quoted unnamed “current and former officials” as saying “it was the review of Benghazi-related documents last summer that, within the State Department, set off the chain of events leading to the public disclosure this week of Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email account.”



Hillary Clinton on her private email server: I had little to do with it

Hillary Clinton “was not that focused” on the private email server she used during her four years as secretary of state and “couldn’t control the technical aspects of it,” she told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd on Sunday.



Yes, Hillary Clinton broke the law

According to the law, there are five elements that must be met for a violation of the statute, and they can all be found in section (a) of the statute: “(1) Whoever, being an officer, employee, contractor, or consultant of the United States, and, (2) by virtue of his office, employment, position, or contract, becomes possessed of documents or materials containing classified information of the United States, (3) knowingly removes such documents or materials (4) without authority and (5) with the intent to retain such documents or materials at an unauthorized location [shall be guilty of this offense].”

The Petraeus case meets those conditions. Does Clinton’s?

Clinton originally denied that any of her emails contained classified information, but soon abandoned that claim. So far, 150 emails containing classified information have been identified on her server, including two that included information determined to be Top Secret.



Bill Clinton blames Republicans, media for extending wife Hillary’s email controversy

Former President Bill Clinton is blaming Republicans and the media for the controversy related to wife and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email controversy, saying the GOP has led a “full-scale frontal assault” on her campaign.

They have to be really desperate to drag out Monica Lewinski’s ex-boyfriend! :)



Senator Dick Black discusses ISIS, Syria, and Assad with Sean Stone – “If we stop training, arming jihadists, the war will end.”




Putin: Assad’s enemies may be portrayed as opposition, but he fights terrorists

The only way to settle the Syrian conflict is to support the existing legitimate government in its fight against terrorism, Russian President Vladimir Putin told CBS’s ‘60 Minutes,’ adding he wants to see a united effort to fight the threat in the region.



Israel Attacks Syria After Stray Rocket, Hits Three Army Sites

As the Syrian Civil War continues to rage, fighting in the Golan led to a “stray rocket” firing across the border into the Israeli-occupied Golan, hitting an empty field and doing no damage. Israel, as expected, was furiously denouncing this as a “violation of sovereignty.”

So Israel’s military did what it usually does, and started attacking random Syrian military posts, with the military bragging of major damage done to three different bases in southern Syria in “retaliation” for a rocket that officials conceded they had no evidence the Syrian military fired in the first place.



Video: ISIS was allowed to flourish, grow into monster in Syria – UN Deputy Sec-Gen

The UN was created in the wake of World War II as a system to promote peace and avoid war. But with conflicts proliferating and the UN Security Council frequently deadlocked by the veto system, its legitimacy and usefulness have been brought into question.



France carries out first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria

France has carried out its first airstrikes on Islamic State positions in Syria, the Élysées Palace said in a statement.

It appears that France is actually hitting ISIS and Al Qaeda, rather than bombing Syrian infrastructure like the US!



SHE LIED! State Dept. Finds Discarded Benghazi Emails on HIllary’s Home Server




Militant group publishes global hitlist of bloggers, activists and writers

An Islamic militant group in Bangladesh has issued a hitlist of secular bloggers, writers and activists around the world, saying they will be killed if its demands are not met.

The list will raise fears that Islamic militant violence within the unstable south Asian country could take on an international dimension.

The targets in the list include nine bloggers based in the UK, seven in Germany, two in the US, one in Canada and one in Sweden. Some are Bangladeshi citizens living overseas. Others are dual nationals or citizens of the western nations.



Donald Trump on 60 Minutes….




Former Volkswagen boss, Martin Winterkorn, investigated for fraud amid emissions cheating scandal

German prosecutors have launched an investigation into former Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn over the rigging of vehicle emissions tests, as the carmaker suspended three top engineers in an attempt to tackle the crisis.



Russia and Iran tell US to back-off Syria at UN … or else




Migrants trampled on the food and demanded money – English subtitle




“We know everything” – Putin’s interview on American CBS PLUS what was cut from the interview

Charlie Rose: You believe that the United States had something to do with the ousting of Yanukovych, and he had to flee to Russia.

President Putin: I know that for sure.

Charlie Rose: How do you know that for sure?

President Putin: I know those people who live in Ukraine. [Wrong! He said: Because we have thousands of contacts and thousands of connections with people who live in Ukraine – KR]. We have thousands of contacts with them. We know who and where, when, who exactly met with someone and worked with those who ousted Yanukovych, how they were supported, how much they were paid, how they were trained, where, in which countries, and who those instructors were. We know everything. [Omitted – Frankly speaking our American partners are not hiding this – KR]

For the record, the U.S. government has denied any involvement in the removal of the Ukrainian leader. – added by CBS

Would that be the same U.S. government that told us Saddam had nuclear weapons? – added by Michael Rivero



Email scam hits corporate computers

In one of the more recent incarnations of this scam, the criminals posing as lawyers contact targeted company executives claiming that they are handling important, confidential or extremely time-sensitive matters and use psychological pressure to trick the company executive into wiring the funds to the scammers. Scam artists often have a knowledge of psychology about which Freud would have been envious and armed with the information about the targeted company and its employees that they have gathered through the malware downloaded through earlier phishing emails, convincing the targeted company executive to authorize an immediate wire transfer of funds becomes an easy task.

And not a word from the mighty(sic) NSA!



A Quarter of Fish Sold at Markets Contain Man-made Debris

Roughly a quarter of the fish sampled from fish markets in California and Indonesia contained man-made debris — plastic or fibrous material — in their guts, according to a study from the University of California, Davis, and Hasanuddin University in Indonesia.

The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, is one of the first to directly link plastic and man-made debris to the fish on consumers’ dinner plates…



Obama taunts Putin, China at U.N.: ‘I lead the strongest military the world has ever known’

President Obama told the United Nations Monday that the world cannot stand by while Russia violates Ukraine’s sovereignty with impunity — and he left little doubt about which leader in attendance has the world’s strongest military.

“I lead the strongest military the world has ever known,” Mr. Obama told the general convention.

I recall this guy in 1930s Germany with the Charlie Chaplin mustache who said much the same thing!



What the Heck’s Happening to the Global Stock Markets?




Refugees Provoke Far-Right Rallies Around Germany – Spy Chief

Clashes with extremists are expected to hit Germany amid the ongoing refugee crisis, as the right-wing movement is gaining momentum.



Putin laughs in face of a journalist (ENG subtitle) about the anti missile system




Fox Host Confronts Jeb Bush: ‘Do You Really Need a $3 Million Tax Cut?”




‘Son of Saul’ Captures Intense Brutality of Auschwitz

There is no music in “Son of Saul,” a cinematic nightmare set in Auschwitz-Birkenau over the course of 36 hours in October 1944. Saul Auslander is a member of the Sonderkommando, the unit of Jews forced by the Nazis to herd new arrivals into the gas chambers, sort out their possessions, remove the corpses for incineration and scrub down the gas chambers for the next round of killings. In the film, the entire mechanism of mass exterminations is both seen and not seen. The powerfully subjective camera, zoomed in tight with a shallow depth of field (the brilliant cinematographer is Mátyás Erdély), rarely leaves Röhrig’s face or the back of his head; the pell-mell scrambling of prisoners and the endless stacks of naked corpses are often visible as only blurry background detail, or fleetingly in focus out of the corner of the frame.




How Edward VII Started World War 1 – Webster Tarpley in 1995




Clues to U.S. Relationships Can Be Seen in U.N. Body Language

Perhaps more than any other moment, the annual trip to the United Nations challenges a president to balance disparate relationships all at once. This year the tests for Mr. Obama will be especially acute with a swirl of adversaries and frenemies who do not always show up in New York. All eyes will be on the power dance with Xi Jinping of China, a last-minute meeting with Raúl Castro of Cuba, the awkward pas de deux with Hassan Rouhani of Iran and the reluctant get-together with Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

“It really is the best snapshot of the state of politics in the world all in one building — watching the body language, who’s trying to shake whose hands, who’s trying to avoid shaking hands,” said Nancy E. Soderberg, a senior American diplomat at the United Nations under President Bill Clinton.




‘Bored’ migrants BEMOAN lack of cash to buy cigarettes and slow internet in camps

MIGRANTS waiting to claim asylum in Europe are complaining about their quality of life inside camps, claiming they are having to eat bad food and put up with “slow internet”.



‘If we stop training, arming jihadists, the war will end’ – Virginia state senator to RT

As the Syrian civil war continues to rage and Islamic State maintains its foothold in the region, Virginia state Senator Dick Black told RT that “if the US stopped training jihadists and arming jihadists, the war will end.”



Obama to UN: US ready to work with Russia and Iran on Syria

“As long as you do what I say!” — Official White Horse Souse



Glencore = Next Lehman Brankruptcy?




Syria Turns The Corner

The deployment of forces from Iran, Russia and Hezbollah along with the Syrian Army aims to recover key and strategic cities and areas under the control of al-Qaeda and ISIS in the first place. Damascus gave Hezbollah 75 tank to become part of this organized- irregular organization. It is the first Hezbollah armored brigade composed of new T-72 and T-55 tanks to support the group’ Special Forces on the ground.



The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria

The crisis in Syria is still in full throttle. President Obama pretends to be a powerless bystander in Syria when in fact US policy has played an important role in creating the quagmire now playing out. For example, the events of this past weekend present a microcosm of how US policy has failed and it’s time for the US president to take responsibility and to change US policy while he still has a chance.

Sadly, to judge by the speech Obama is giving to the United Nations, it looks like Obama is trying to preserve the status quo for the war machine.



‘Dead’ woman emerges 31 years after she disappeared and 28 years after a man confessed to killing her

A woman who vanished 31 years ago and was assumed dead after a man confessed to killing her has emerged alive and well, admitting she plotted her own disappearance.
The alleged murder victim, Petra Pazsitka, from the northern German city of Braunschweig, was 24 when she disappeared in 1984 while living in student accommodation.



Donald Trump to unveil tax plan Monday

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is set to roll out a tax plan Monday he says will reduce rates for lower and middle-income families as well as corporations, while increasing rates for some, like hedge fund managers who he says don’t pay enough.



FLASHBACK – Russian President Vladimir Putin: So who created ISIS, anyway?


In 2014, President Obama named the three major threats to US national security; ISIS, Russia and Ebola (because spiraling national debt, unequal distribution of wealth, over-incarceration, climate change etc. are less pressing issues.)

It would be fair to say that Russian politicians took much offence to being placed in this list, next to a terror organisation and a disease.



UN Speech: Obama Beating War Drums


The Taliban had all but eradicated the opium growers before the US invasion. So why is cheap Afghani heroin flooding into the United States?



Reports: Taliban seize half of northern Afghan city

The Taliban seized half of a major city in northern Afghanistan on Monday, according to media reports.

The militants launched co-ordinated attacks to capture Kunduz, once one of the wealthiest cities in the country.

At least 25 militants and two policemen have been killed and reinforcements have been sent, the BBC reported, citing the government. The city is in lockdown as gun battles between the extremists and Afghan government forces continue, Al Jazeera said.



Fighting rages in Afghan city of Kunduz; Taliban raises flag

Taliban fighters entered the capital of the northern Afghan province of Kunduz on Monday, raising their flag over portions of the city and engaging in fierce fighting with Afghan security forces, residents and government officials said.

Sources in the city said the clashes began in the early morning hours when militants entered the city from four directions. Mahboobullah Mahboob, a member of a local council, said he and his family fled the city, also called Kunduz, shortly after 6 a.m. when militants neared their neighborhood.

Another conquered province refuses to stay conquered!



‘This interview is over’: Ben Carson staffer pulls the plug on Jake Tapper as Carson insists Muslims would have to ‘reject the tenets of Islam’ to be president

A Ben Carson staffer gave CNN’s Jake Tapper the hook after the newsman continued to press the presidential candidate on the controversial statement he made about Muslims one week ago.

‘This interview is over,’ a staffer’s voice is heard from off-screen, cutting off an exchange between Carson and Tapper on Sunday’s State of the Union.

Tapper was asking the retired neurosurgeon if he still meant what he said about Muslims.

Carson has already demonstrated that he knows little if anything about Islam and is simply pandering to the Muslim-bashers for votes.



Glencore shares obliterated after analysts warn they could be worthless

Glencore shares plunged 30pc in afternoon trading to a new record low after analysts warned the stock could be worthless if commodity prices remain at current levels.

The shares went into freefall after analysts at Investec issued a note warning that heavily indebted companies such as the Swiss-based mining and trading giant could see almost all their equity value eliminated under current commodity prices, leaving nothing for shareholders.

Almost £2bn was wiped off the value of Glencore as investors panicked and dumped the stock.



Mobile advertising DDoS JavaScript drip serves site with 4.5bn hits

CloudFlare has turned up an unusual form of denial-of-service attack: mobile advertisements that are pumping out around 275,000 HTTP requests per second.

The cloud outfit didn’t name the victim, but said the Layer 7 HTTP floods hitting the target is the latest example of a once-theoretical attack turning up in the real world.

London CloudFlare engineer Marek Majkowski says the difficulty in turning HTTP floods into a real attack was overcome using malicious JavaScript in an advertisement.



Until the Pennsylvania government can agree on a budget, all funding to public schools has been discontinued. 10% of public schools have already taken out loans, some may have no choice but to shut down altogether.




EU data protection chief: Snaffling all air traveller data goes too far

Europe’s data protection tsar has warned law-makers that collecting and storing information on all airline travellers risks breaching EU privacy laws.

The so-called PNR (passenger name record) scheme is back on the table after being rejected by MEPs in 2013. The plan is to force airline operators to store every scrap of information they collect about passengers – including sensitive and personal information such as email addresses, credit card details, phone numbers, meal choices (halal, kosher, etc) – for use by security agencies.

Yesterday, Giovanni Buttarelli, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), said that the current draft of the law goes too far.



Carly Fiorina defends Bush-era torture tactics

US Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has defended the torture and spying tactics that were used by the administration of former President George W. Bush during the so-called war on terror.

Fiorina vigorously defended on Sunday the CIA’s waterboarding technique as a policy that helped “keep our nation safe” in the aftermath of the September, 11, 2001 attacks.

“I believe that all of the evidence is very clear — that waterboarding was used in a very small handful of cases [and] was supervised by medical personnel in every one of those cases,” Fiorina told Yahoo News.

“And I also believe that waterboarding was used when there was no other way to get information that was necessary,” the former business executive said.



Shell abandons controversial $7bn drilling exploration off Alaska coast after ‘disappointing’ results

Shell has spent upward of $7billion (£4.6bn) on Arctic offshore exploration, including $2.1billion in 2008 for leases in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska’s northwest coast, where an exploratory well about 80 miles off shore was drilled to 6,800 feet but yielded disappointing results.

Backed by a 28-vessel flotilla, drillers found indications of oil and gas but not in sufficient quantities to warrant more exploration at the site.



Radioactive cesium-137 from Fukushima now detected off coast of Canada




Trump promises a ZERO per cent tax rate for millions: He plans to cut tax for the poor, middle classes and corporations, soak the rich… and pay for it all by ‘taking jobs back’ from China

Donald Trump announced radical plans for a ‘large segment’ of Americans to pay a federal income tax rate of zero per cent during a ’60 Minutes’ interview Sunday night.

It is the first time the presidential candidate has revealed details of his tax plan, which would also cut taxes for the middle class and corporations. Interviewer Scott Pelley repeatedly challenged him on the viability of the ambitious-sounding scheme.

According to Trump, hiking taxes on Wall Street executives and abolishing tax breaks for the most well-off will pay for much of the plan, which will also restore jobs lost to China and Mexico.



Blood moon paints the sky red: Stargazers around the world look to the heavens to witness lunar spectacle for first time in 33 years

When the moon is at perigee, its shortest distance from the Earth, it is 226,000 miles away.

This makes it appear 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than when it is at its furthermost point.

The last time this coincided with a lunar eclipse, when the moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow, was in 1982 – and it will not be repeated until 2033.

Webmaster addition: Sent in by readers


Now we’re sending troops to Somalia and South Sudan: 370 to help fight against Islamist terrorists

Hundreds of British troops are to be deployed to East Africa to help counter Islamist extremists and help UN peacekeepers, David Cameron announced last night.

A group of 70 Armed Forces personnel will go to Somalia, where African Union forces are fighting jihadis from Al-Shabaab. A second force of up to 300 is to go to South Sudan, the world’s youngest country where a civil war has been raging for two years.



Super-glue yourself to the PM: John McDonnell backs ‘non-violent’ direct action against politicians who ‘do not listen’

Fed-up voters should take direct action against politicians, including staging sit-ins and super-gluing themselves to Prime Minister, Labour’s shadow chancellor said today.

John McDonnell insisted protests should be ‘non-violent’ but defended the right of the public to take to the streets if the were not being heard through the ballot box.



VW’s Skoda says 1.2 million cars affected globally by emissions issue




Audi says 2.1million of its diesel cars worldwide are fitted with emissions cheat devices – as German prosecutors open fraud probe against ex-VW chief executive




Pope Francis Makes Surprise Stop to Bless Statue of Catholic-Jewish Dialogue

Pope Francis made a surprise visit to a statue celebrating dialogue between the Catholic Church and Judaism at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia on Sunday.

The pope, surrounded by a ring of spectators who flooded the campus upon hearing of his arrival, stood for a few seconds in front of the statue apparently rapt in thought, and then blessed it, splashing it with holy water.

According to the Vatican’s spokesman, the visit marked the 50th anniversary of the Nostra Aetate, a declaration made by the Second Vatican Council on the relation of the Church with non-Christian religions, among them Judaism. The 1965 declaration, among other things, repudiated the Christian doctrine that the Jews were collectively responsible for Jesus’s death and decried anti-Semitism.



Volkswagen Fallout Hits Mexican Economy




Aggressive power and immoral authority

Another sad chapter from a desperate imperial empire lays naked for the entire world to see. The pretense that an international community of nations has arbitrary authority to remove any government that conflicts with the master plan of total global enslavement exposes the utter failure of legitimacy.



Welcome to Germany. …Violence breaks out as Turkish and Kurdish supporters clash




United Nations and American Feminists push plan for total censorship of the Internet

United Nations and American Feminists push plan for total censorship of the Internet
United Nations and extremist feminists team up to redefine harassment, end free internet.



Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Migrants and Refugees (HBO)




Russia Warns Global Chaos To Follow Worst Winter In History

A chilling new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today warns that the potential for global chaos has grown “beyond all measure” due to the catastrophic effects being caused by the severe weakening of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) that not only has slammed Europe with the “winter that never left” this year, but is now threatening to unleash upon the world another Little Ice Age (LIA) event.
Agreeing with Russian scientists warning of this global winter danger, this report notes, are several top climate scientists—including Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Michael Mann of Penn State, who in March released their shocking report titled Exceptional Twentieth-Century Slowdown In Atlantic Ocean Overturn Circulation warning of what is to come.



Ohio cardiologist convicted of overbilling $7.2 million

CLEVELAND (AP) — A federal court jury in Cleveland has convicted a cardiologist of ordering unnecessary medical tests, performing unnecessary procedures and submitting fraudulent bills in what prosecutors say was a $7.2 million scheme.



100% the US has been knowingly supporting ISIS and other terrorists








China joins Russia, Syria in fighting western backed ISIS




Fukushima: 0.88 MBq/km2 of Cs-134/137 falling in Tokyo monthly

According to Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, Tokyo is still receiving fallout from the disaster stricken Fukushima nuclear plant.

A report released on August 312st 2015 showed that 0.88 MBq/km2 of Caesium 134 and 137 isotopes fell on Tokyo during the month of July. The sampling location was Shinjuku.



The Western Media Is Dying and Here’s Why

With the veils of legitimacy and professionalism yanked from them, they are reduced to vulgar, miniature versions of the rotting system that created them. Without realizing their very creation as “consultants” lies in the decline of those who sought them out, not because of their talent, but because of their willingness to do what those with dignity refuse to do, they will likely go on with their ignoble work. But like the media houses that desperately needed their “independent credible voices” to begin with, fewer will be listening and reading.



Netanyahu’s Ministry of Fear

snip: Fearless people can make peace, reach a compromise with yesterday’s enemy, reach out for co-existence and even friendship. This happened – more or less – in Europe after many centuries of continuous wars.

Not here. Fear of the “Arab World” was a permanent fixture in our national life, the picture of “little Israel surrounded by enemies” both an inner conviction and a propaganda ploy. War followed war, and each one produced new waves of anxiety.

This mixture of overweening pride and profound fears, a conqueror’s mentality and permanent Angst, is a hallmark of today’s Israel. Foreigners often suspect that this is make-believe, but it is quite real.

Fear is also the instrument of rulers. Create Fear and Rule. This has been a maxim of kings and dictators for ages.

In Israel, this is the easiest thing in the world. One has just to mention the Holocaust (or Shoah in Hebrew) and fear oozes from every pore of the national body.



U.S. Doublespeak on Palestine

tired of these blatant lies? I know I am



Putin and Xi rock da house: Escobar

the stories not covered by the lamestream media tell us so much more



Negative interest rates and QE4 is coming




Fukushima “Up To 100% of No. 2 Reactor Fuel May Have Melted”




Hillary Clinton on Rape: You Have the Right to Remain Silent Because Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You… by the Clintons

In our astounding book The Clintons’ War on Women, which will be published by Skyhorse on October 13th, we demonstrate how shamelessness is a condition that the Clintons have perfected to an art form.

Take, for example, Hillary’s recent pledge, as reported by Ruby Cramer, to crack down on campus rape and her encouraging words to sexual assault survivors: “Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard … to be believed. And we’re with you.” In fact, we argue, Hillary Clinton has enabled rape and denigrated sex victims.

Ironically, Bill Clinton’s first alleged rape was of a 19-year-old coed named Eileen Wellstone. We believe that he was not prosecuted because the State Department did not want a Rhodes Scholar charged with rape.


UN says world waited too long to act on refugee crisis.”Unfortunately only when the poor enter the halls of the rich, do the rich notice that the poor exist”

The United Nations high commissioner for refugees said on Saturday the world waited far too long to respond to the refugee crisis sparked by the wars in Syria and elsewhere, though rich countries now appear to understand the scale of the problem.



Clinton fundraiser was hosted by convicted drug dealer

Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president, attended a fundraiser in New York hosted by John Zaccaro, convicted on felony drug charges after he sold cocaine to an undercover cop.

The 1988 conviction of the son of unsuccessful Democratic vice presidential candidate Gerraldine Ferraro was reported in numerous publications at the time. But the arrest was unearthed Friday by the Republican National Committee.

“Hillary Clinton can’t seem to kick her decades-long habit of taking money from sketchy campaign contributors,” RNC spokesman Michael Short said. “During her last presidential campaign it was straw donors, now it’s convicted cocaine dealers.”



Gallup: 60% of Americans Want a New Political Party. But, Why? A Crisis of Legitimacy

When Gallup started polling on this matter in 2003, only 40% wanted a different major party from the two existing major parties.

The only other time when as high as 60% wanted a new major party was in October 2013, when the government shut down — something that now threatens to repeat. No other period had a percentage this high.

78% of independents want there to be another “major” party; 47% of Democrats do; 45% of Republicans do.



Ginger: 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (Taxol) In Cancer Research Model

A new study reveals ginger contains a pungent compound that could be up to 10,000 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy in targeting the cancer stem cells at the root of cancer malignancy.

A new study published in PLoS reveals a pungent component within ginger known as 6-shogaol is superior to conventional chemotherapy in targeting the root cause of breast cancer malignancy: namely, the breast cancer stem cells.



Schools Attempt to Force False Reefer Madness on Children Using Bogus “Weed Goggles”

School and anti-marijuana activist groups in Hancock County are debuting “marijuana goggles” at a community event this weekend, in an effort to “fight teen drug use.” According to WISH TV, “the goggles allow the teens to see through the eyes of someone who has been smoking, without ever lighting up themselves.” The Neighborhoods Against Substance Abuse (NASA) and Hancock County Youth Council are understandably concerned with abuse of alcohol and other drugs, but use of the goggles, which creates fear based on false realities, is questionable.



TRUMP TO POPE: Talk Is Cheap,Let Refuges Into The Vatican Then We’ll Talk




Everyone’s kicking AIPAC now that it’s down

Here’s a media trend just about everyone can applaud. Mainstream outlets are publishing stories about the defeat of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, on the Iran Deal. The pieces are likely to cut AIPAC’s power even more.







Hillary Clinton: (Yet) ‘Another conspiracy theory’

A seemingly frustrated Hillary Clinton strove on Sunday to link the latest flap over her personal email server with the string of scandals and attacks Republicans raised against her in the 1990s.

Webmaster addition: Conspiracy theory? Moi?!? :)



Patient undergoes breast removal surgery to find out she never had cancer

Stories like these clearly do not paint a good picture of the medical system. They are real situations that have unfolded and ones that can’t be ignored. It shows that anyone, regardless of where they live, or their gender, race, age or profession, can become a victim of a disorganized, corrupt system or individual.

At the very least, it’s important to be aware of stories like these and to always seek a second opinion. Always ask questions, even if it puts medical professionals on the spot; why not ask them to double-check charts to ensure they do indeed have the correct information and patient name? It may be awkward to question these professionals about something as basic as having the correct patient information, but isn’t it worth it if it means potentially avoiding unnecessary surgeries and misdiagnosed sicknesses?



In “Sweeping” Interview, Putin Calls US Syria Strategy “Illegal”, Details Russia’s Support For Assad

As we never tire of pointing out, perhaps the most amusing thing about Russia’s stepped up role in Syria is the extent to which it represents the calling of Washington’s ISIS bluff.

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