Who is Threatening Whom?

Who is Threatening Whom?

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Latest News 26 January 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media

COURTESY www.whatreallyhappened.com


“If development was measured not by gross national product, but a society’s success in meeting the basic needs of its people, Vietnam would have been a model. That was its real “threat.”From the defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 to 1972, primary and secondary school enrollment in the North increased sevenfold, from 700,000 to almost five million. In 1980, UNESCO estimated a literacy rate of 90 percent and school enrollment among the highest in Asia and throughout the Third World.” — John Pilger, author

UK internet porn filters up and running as expected — blocking the websites of businesses and charities

The adult content filters being rolled out by some internet providers under a scheme championed by David Cameron are blocking the websites of businesses and charities and are a “distraction” for parents seeking to protect children from online pornography, claim campaigners. TalkTalk announced this weekend that it would follow Sky and become the second of the UK’s four major internet providers to roll out automatic filters for all its customers unless they specifically ask for them to be turned off. It plans to begin applying the blocks to all users’ accounts next month.

Iran Ditches US Dollar: Joins Growing List of Countries Dumping Dollar In Foreign Trade


European ‘QE’ In a Nutshell – Propagating the Western Trickle Down Policy Errors


More than three million Germans can barely make ends meet despite being in work, according to a German newspaper. Growing numbers of struggling workers are cutting back on heating and food.

About 3.1 million wage and salary earners in Germany had an income below the poverty threshold, according to Saturday’s edition of the Saarbrücker Zeitung newspaper.

Greek election: Syriza says ‘hope has won’ – live updates

With 100% of data processed: MRB exit poll for Star TV, give Syriza 10-point win, seat projection 148-154

FLASHBACK – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets 29 standing ovations from Congress



Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman called on party activists Sunday to buy “thousands” of copies of the controversial “Mohammed edition” of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, which they will then distribute to Israelis on a mass basis.

Six depictions of Mohammed

Contrary to media propaganda, the Koran does not forbid the depiction of Mohammed (the purported “messenger” of God). One may not depict “God” (an abstraction, which for this reason cannot be depicted anyway)

Brazil: Sao Paulo, Mega-City of 20 Million, to Run Out of Water Next Month


Ukraine military ‘to boost forces in the east’ as Poroshenko calls to stick to Minsk accord

Kiev “sees no alternative” to the Minsk ceasefire

California Mulling More Government Access To Cars’ On-Board Computers


The Better You Know The Bible, The Worse You Do In College


Euro Bloodbath: Poland Not Far From Rate Cut on ECB Bond Plan, Belka Says!

Who is in the middle class? It was a big question after Obama’s #SOTU. We answered it:


Texas open carry activists unlawfully arrested against state penal codes


Fewer future lawyers


Fact-Checking Site Proves Just How Good President Obama Has Been for America

Following his annual State of the Union speech, many Republicans have been quite critical of the supposed “arrogance” President Obama displayed while giving his address. Then again, what’s new? Republicans have been trying to paint the president as arrogant and “out of touch” for years.

High Living Leftist Billionaire Tells Americans Their Lifestyles Are Too…

Billionaire Jeff Greene recently flew to Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum. While there, he proposed to lecture Americans back home about pursuing moderation and simplicity in their lifestyles.

Wheelchair-bound man pushed off curb face-first by evil cop

Police officer under investigation

Perot: Free trade means a weak America



Jeffrey Epstein’s Nadia, who learnt to fly at the same Mossad-linked airfield as the Hebrew-speaking Mohamed Atta.

What links Jeffrey Epstein to 9 11 and to Mossad?

The mainstream media is so thoroughly controlled by Mossad and its friends that the general public is unlikely to find out.

Virginia Roberts became Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave in 1999.

Epstein’s Black Book lists a number of people whom Mossad and its friends may have wanted to blackmail and control prior to the events of 9 11.

Jeffrey Epstein’s “Little Black Book” (phone numbers redacted) is HERE.

Original Jane Doe complaint against Epstein, Dershowitz, et. al. is HERE.

Anti-bailout party wins in Greece… ‘The Left’s time has come!’ PAPER: European dream dying, state by state


Robbers target food delivery trucks in shortage-hit Venezuela

Robbers and looters are targeting trucks carrying food across Venezuela in another sign of worsening shortages that have turned basics like flour and chicken into coveted booty.

Crime has long plagued shops and roads in Venezuela, which has one of the world’s highest murder rates.

But widespread shortages due to a restriction of dollars for imports have worsened since the New Year.

City That Sparked Venezuela Protests Braces for More Unrest

The young men move furtively among the would-be shoppers queued outside a supermarket, passing out pamphlets calling for the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro, whose socialist policies they blame for leaving store shelves barren and Venezuela’s economy in shambles.

A lookout signals that he’s spotted an armed national guardsman approaching, and the group scatters like birdshot. This is not the time to risk being detained, student activist Osmel Garcia explained.

“Nobody wants to get arrested now when things are about to heat up,” he said.

$Trillion Lawsuit Plaintiff Now Missing

For over one week now—since December 30—William Shanley has been incommunicado, failing to respond to emails or telephone calls. Shanley is the author, onetime filmmaker and Connecticut resident who filed a $1 trillion pro se federal lawsuit against big media for fraudulent and sensationalized coverage of the December 14, 2012 shooting event at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

American Sniper EXPOSED – American LIAR – Bradley Cooper’s War Propaganda Film Debunked



For the past 20 years or so, it has been fun to watch how the ever-evolving field of ‘Holocaust Studies’ adjusts to new discoveries which contradict the original narrative. For example, when it became apparent that there wasn’t actually any documentation to support the Holohoax, the Holohoaxers abandoned their 50 year old mantra of “It’s well documented!”, and seamlessly transitioned to “The Germans destroyed the documents” mode.

I visited Dachau when I was working in Munich and the docents made it very clear that it was a factory that used slave labor, allowing the Nazis and their American financial backers to reap huge profits.

Argentine prosecutor shot point blank in forehead: official

Nisman was found dead with a bullet to the head in his Buenos Aires home on Sunday, just before he was set to go before a congressional hearing to accuse Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman of shielding Iranian officials implicated in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 85 people.

The claim that Nisman was going to implicate Iran is pure supposition. Nisman’s investigation implictaed Israel, and reports are that Kirchner Timerman were trying to protect Tel Aviv by framing Iran.

More homeless camps are appearing beyond downtown L.A.’s skid row

Evicted four months ago from their Highland Park apartment, Louis Morales and his 18-year-old stepson, Arthur Valenzuela, live half-hidden by brush along the nearby Arroyo Seco riverbed.

Morales, 49, keeps a framed bible verse and a stuffed monkey in his tent. Water hauled by bike from a park heats up on the camp stove.

Next door, their friend Johnny Salazar fixes bikes and shattered computer screens on the cheap for people who live in the neighborhood. A brother and sister Morales has known for years live up the river, and three couples stay down by the bridge.

Netanyahu claims speech to US Congress is ‘anti-Iran strategy,’ not presidential snub

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended on Sunday a planned speech to the U.S. Congress about Iran, saying he had a moral obligation to take every opportunity to speak out on an issue that poses a mortal threat to his country.

His visit to Washington in March has opened up a political rift in the United States and has drawn accusations in Israel that Netanyahu is undermining a strategic alliance to win an election due two weeks after the trip.

Briefing his cabinet on the speech to be made on March 3 to a joint meeting of Congress, Netanyahu said his priority was to urge the United States and other powers not to negotiate an Iranian nuclear deal that might endanger Israel.

Mr. Prime Minister, this statement is grade-A, select-quality bovine excrement and you know it.

Iran hasn’t begone a war in over 200 years; one certainly cannot say that with a straight face about Israel.

You goals are very simple, but amazingly transparent; to neuter the President’s foreign policy goals in Iran; to cause Congress to cave to a foreign country in its actions regarding Iran; and to convince the Israeli voters that you still have the US government firmly by the “short and curlies”.

And I hope you fail, miserably, because, as you are well aware, additional sanctions against Iran will cause them to leave the P5+1 negotiations. This, may well, cause Iranian legislators to believe that their only course of action is to develop an atomic bomb, and quickly, as a defense against an attack by Israel.

And sir, I will tell you: the American people have no stomach for yet another war in the Middle East to “neutralize” yet another of Israel’s alleged “existential enemies”, fought and paid for by American taxpayers, because they can see, very clearly, how US military action in Iraq,(not to mention Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen) have failed catastrophically.

If Israel begins a war with Iran, and pulls the US along with it, you will see an outpouring of pro-peace, anti-Israeli rhetoric in this country the likes of which you have never seen in the history of Israel.

Sir,criticizing the government of Israel when it is doing something absolutely morally wrong is not anti-Semitic, but the absolutely correct action to take, as it would be with any other country with a bloodthirst for starting wars, and expanding territory to which they legally and morally hold no legitimate claim.

Sandy Hook Commission Wants To Ban All Guns That Can Fire More Than 10 Rounds Without Reloading

An advisory commission conceived in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting put forth recommendations Friday to further restrict the Second Amendment in Connecticut, calling for an all-out ban on guns “that can fire more than 10 rounds without reloading,” reports the Associated Press.

Draghi Finally Gets His “Bazooka License”- What You Should Know About the ECB QE


Another dashcam captures Grad attack against Mariupol civilians up close

Dashcam captures attack against Mariupol Civilians. Pretty lucky guy! Around 30 Civilians were murdered.

Military-clad English-speakers caught on camera in Mariupol shelling aftermath

Armed people in uniform speaking fluent English with no accent have been spotted in Mariupol in the aftermath of the rocket hit, fuelling allegations that foreign private military contractors are serving among Ukrainian troops.

Why Won’t Walmart’s Ice Cream Sandwiches Melt?

Earlier this summer, a woman in Cincinnati noticed that her son’s Walmart-brand ice cream sandwich didn’t melt when he accidentally left it outside for 12 hours, in 80-degree F weather.

Understandably surprised by the seemingly unmeltable ice cream sandwich, she tried the “experiment” again, with the same result. While other brands melted completely, the Walmart ice cream remained eerily intact. She then called a local news station, who conducted a test of its own, which you can watch in the video above.

Facebook Advocates Stasi-Style Snitching & Suppression of Free Speech


If Disney Princesses Were Real


Attack on Mariupol Begins; 7,000-8,000 Ukrainian Forces Nearly Encircled in Northern Cauldron; US Sends Army Trainers

Jacob Dreizin, a US citizen who speaks Russian and reads Ukrainian provides a DNR perspective that he has seen.

Jacob writes …

Background for Zakharchenko’s “no more ceasefires” statement stems from rebel disappointment back in August when Moscow forced the rebels to the negotiating table in Minsk, Belarus. The rebels gave up some territory around Mariupol at a time when Ukraine army was retreating, and in complete disarray.

This could have been a great opportunity for Kiev to come to its senses and accept a political solution.

However, the Ukraine side openly and repeated stated that the so-called ceasefire was just a tactical move prior to building up the forces and going back on the offensive. Then Kiev announced a 4th wave build-up of 50,000-100,000 troops.

Memo to the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, and the State Department; in the images at the bottom left of this article, the smoke from attacks appear to be coming from residential housing units.

Not to put to fine a point on it, but is not the shelling of residential buildings A WAR CRIME?!?

And now, we have American troops on the ground in Ukraine as “advisers”. Odd, it seems I remember that this was precisely how the Vietnam war began. And we all remember just how brilliant THAT turned out for this country, don’t we?!?!?

I wonder if any bookies in Vegas are exploring the odds of just how soon Obama will be sending armed combat troops to Ukraine, not to “advise” but to fight alongside Ukrainian soldiers.

Folks, unless someone in Foggy Bottom comes to their senses, we are looking, very soon, at a shooting war with Russia.

There is only so far Putin will be pushed; and that is precisely what Obama and his team are betting on, just as Roosevelt baited the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

I would like to strongly caution those precious few adults in the bowels of power in DC that the US military, at this point, does not have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia; and that is what makes the military scenario here so scarily dangerous.

OBAMA’S SOTU Ratings: LOL: Ratings fell to a 15-year LOW, according to numbers from Nielsen


The global economy has degenerated into one massive currency war. This is not sustainable nor a rising tide that lifts all boats…



‘The man can only ride you when your back is bent': Sarah Palin ‘rambles incoherently’ in Iowa after teleprompter freezes… a day after she declared an interest in 2016 run

Republican firebrand Sarah Palin is rarely at a loss for words but became unmoored on Saturday in Iowa after her teleprompter froze and left her without portions of her prepared speech.

The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee flipped through a binder of notes and strung together a series of one-liners – and some of them made little sense.

‘The man can only ride you when your back is bent,’ she said, as audience members looked at each other quizzically.

‘So strengthen it! Then the man can’t ride you, America won’t get taken for a ride, because so much is at stake.’

Addressing the controversy over the virtues of the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and the ‘American Sniper’ film that tells his life story, she shouted: “Screw the left in Hollywood!’

Greeks elect new parliament amid EU withdrawal concerns

Greeks are going to polling stations on Sunday to elect a new parliament. The populist radical-leftist party Syriza has won the hearts of many austerity-ridden people with its message of reverting wages cuts and renegotiating debt obligations.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was forced to call a snap vote in December after the parliament failed to elect a president. His center-right New Democracy party is now running behind Syriza, with opinion polls showing a gap of several percentage points.

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras urged his voters to give his party an outright victory of 40 percent, which would allow him to form a government with no help from other parties.

That is because the last time Greece held elections, Syriza won, but the pro-banker politicians refused to form a coalition government, forcing a second election that Syriza lost by a razor thin margin amid reports of wide-scale election fraud.

World backs India against US bullying on patents.

Apprehensive of the US exerting pressure on India to dilute the public health safeguards in its patent laws, organizations from across the world have signed a global petition supporting India’s patent law and urging India to stand strong in the face of “US bullying”.

Worst passwords of 2014 are just as terrible as you’d think

If the onset of high-profile hackings taught us anything in 2014, it’s absolutely nothing.
Password management firm SplashData released its annual list of the worst passwords of the year and it’s just as dreadful as you’d think. The company, which analyzed the 3 million passwords leaked online last year, revealed that the most common leaked password in 2014 was “123456,” followed by “password” — both topped the list last year, too.

Secret TPP Negotiations—And Public Protests—To Be Held in New York City

The next round of secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations begins this Monday, January 26, and runs through the following week at the Sheraton New York Time Square Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

As with many previous TPP meetings, the public will be shut out of talks as negotiators convene behind closed doors to decide binding rules that could impact how our lawmakers set digital policy in the decades to come. Big content industry interests have been given privileged access to negotiating texts and have driven the US Trade Representative’s mandate when it comes to copyright—which is why the TPP carries extreme copyright measures that ignore users’ rights.

Falling To Pieces For Israel

400 TSA agents have been arrested for theft of passenger items while not one terrorist has been caught.

A TSA agent convicted of stealing more than $800,000 worth of goods from travelers said this type of theft is “commonplace” among airport security. Almost 400 TSA officers have been fired for stealing from passengers since 2003.

Pythias Brown, a former Transportation Security Administration officer at Newark Liberty International Airport, spent four years stealing everything he could from luggage and security checkpoints, including clothing, laptops, cameras, Nintendo Wiis, video games and cash.

Speaking publicly for the first time after being released after three years in prison, Brown told ABC News that he used the X-ray scanners to locate the most valuable items to snatch.

The 3 year sentence should have been a 30 year sentence, to encourage the the other intelligence-challenged crotch grabbers not to steal.

And there is an article everyone should read, if they fly. It is titled “how terahertz radiation tears DNA apart, and is found here:


Get Ready For Negative Interest Rates In The US

With Fed mouthpiece Jon Hilsenrath warning – in no lesser status-quo narrative-deliverer than The Wall Street Journal – that The ECB’s actions (and pre-emptive collapse in the EUR) means the U.S. economy must deal with a rapidly strengthening dollar that will make American goods more expensive abroad, potentially slowing both U.S. growth and inflation; and Treasury Secretary Lew coming out his crypt to mention “unfair FX moves,” it appears The Fed (and powers that be) are worrying about King Dollar. This suggests, as Mises Canada’s Patrick Barron predicts, the Fed will start charging negative interest rates on bank reserve accounts as the final tool in the war on savings and wealth in order to spur the Keynesian goal of increasing “aggregate demand”. If savers won’t spend their money, the government will take it from them.

Martin Scorsese’s Bill Clinton Documentary Shelved Over Creative Control

Martin Scorsese’s upcoming slate is already packed with an authorized Grateful Dead documentary, his rock & roll HBO series co-created with Mick Jagger and the planned Ramones biopic. However, another of the legendary director’s projects, the partly finished HBO-backed documentary on President Bill Clinton, has been indefinitely shelved as the director and former POTUS wrestle over control of the film.

According to New York Times, Scorsese and Clinton are butting heads over their interviews Frost/Nixon style, with the Goodfellas director unwilling to relinquish control of the questions and their content.

Considering the strong possibility that Hillary Clinton is planning her own presidential run in 2016, Bill also reportedly wants input over the documentary’s final cut to ensure nothing that can harm her campaign is aired.

IF Scorsese actually believed that he could get this documentary to see the light of day without the Clintons being in total control of the outcome, he is amazingly naive.

David Stockman: Woodrow Wilson’s War & Why The Entire 20th Century Was A Mistake

My humble thesis tonight is that the entire 20th Century was a giant mistake.

And that you can put the blame for this monumental error squarely on Thomas Woodrow Wilson——-a megalomaniacal madman who was the very worst President in American history……..well, except for the last two.

His unforgiveable error was to put the United States into the Great War for utterly no good reason of national interest. The European war posed not an iota of threat to the safety and security of the citizens of Lincoln NE, or Worcester MA or Sacramento CA. In that respect, Wilson’s putative defense of “freedom of the seas” and the rights of neutrals was an empty shibboleth; his call to make the world safe for democracy, a preposterous pipe dream.

Actually, his thinly veiled reason for plunging the US into the cauldron of the Great War was to obtain a seat at the peace conference table——so that he could remake the world in response to god’s calling.

“We murdered some folks” in Guantanamo

Murder at Camp Delta is a new book by Joseph Hickman, a former guard at Guantanamo. It’s neither fiction nor speculation. When President Obama says “We tortured some folks,” Hickman provides at least three cases — in addition to many others we know about from secret sites around the world — in which the statement needs to be modified to “We murdered some folks.” Of course, murder is supposed to be acceptable in war (and in whatever you call what Obama does with drones) while torture is supposed to be, or used to be, a scandal. But what about tortures to death? What about deadly human experimentation? Does that have a Nazi enough ring to disturb anyone?

Censorship, Abuse and other Zionist Tricks.. – Gilad Atzmon

We spoke about the clumsy attempt to block my music in Nottingham last week. The attempt failed. The concert took place in another venue. It was a huge success, Nottingham Jazz Committee stood firmly behind me. The concert was a transforming rally in my support (video below). It is now the local council that struggles to justify its act as resentment to its surrender to Zionist pressure is evident. I ll be speaking in Nottingham on Feb 2 for the Freedom Of Speech Society.

President Barack Obama’s five-year trade goal? The U.S. isn’t even close.


From Aug 5, 2014… “Companies are spending less on investment, returning more cash to shareholders.” – $GS


No need for speed: Cable industry opposes 25Mbps broadband definition. Normal people don’t need 25Mbps down or 3Mbps up, cable lobby says.

The cable lobby is opposed to a Federal Communications Commission plan to define “broadband” as speeds of at least 25Mbps downstream and 3Mbps up.
Customers do just fine with lower speeds, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) wrote in an FCC filing Thursday (thanks to the Washington Post’sBrian Fung for pointing it out). 25Mbps/3Mbps isn’t necessary to meet the legal definition of “high-speed, switched, broadband telecommunications capability that enables users to originate and receive high-quality voice, data, graphics, and video telecommunications using any technology,” the NCTA said.

UN: Dozens of children homeless after Israel illegally demolished Palestinian houses

The United Nations has condemned Israel for illegally demolishing houses of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, leaving 77 people, over half of whom are children, homeless in three days.

Between 2004 and 2013, the Catholic Church spent $2.7 billion related to clergy sexual abuse

Between 2004 and 2013, the Church spent $2.7 billion in costs related to sexual abuse allegations, including settlements, therapy for victims, support for offenders, and attorneys’ fees, according to the 11th annual report of The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Pentagon Directing Kiev’s War on Donbas?

Washington relies heavily on allies and proxies to advance its imperial agenda. It actively supports and encourages Kiev’s aggression on Donbas.

Funding and arming its military. Supplying heavy weapons and munitions covertly. Assuming a local guerrilla force could easily be defeated.

Hoped for victory became rout. Earlier last spring and summer. Again a few days after Kiev launched its new offensive last Sunday.

Edward Snowden: Apple iPhone with Secret iFeature Allows Government to Spy on You

“The iPhone has special software that can activate itself without the owner having to press a button and gather information about him; that’s why on security grounds he refused to have this phone,” Kucherena added.

It is not clear if the “special software” being referred to in the interview is made up of standard diagnostic tools, or if the NSA whistleblower thinks intelligence agencies from the United States have found a way to compromise the mobile operating system developed by Apple.

58% of likely voters said they would support breaking up “big banks like Citigroup.”

There’s not a lot of love for the big banks these days.
Case in point: A poll to be released Tuesday by a group called the Progressive Change Institute found that a majority of U.S. voters would be quite happy for Citigroup Inc. and other big banks to be broken into pieces. According to the poll, 58% of likely voters said they would support breaking up “big banks like Citigroup.”

“One amendment stands out…‘Private Property Protection’ that would prevent a foreign company from seizing private property to build the Keystone Pipeline unless the landowner is willing to sell.”…Sen. Paul is one of only two Republicans..to vote for

In soccer, it’s called scoring an “own goal” when your team accidentally puts the ball in its own net. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) hopes Senate liberals have just done exactly that this week.

Power Grid Breakdown Plunges Pakistan Into Darkness


Irene Zisblatt’s Wonderful

Irene Zisblatt claims : She escaped from inside a gas chamber She barely avoided having her unblemished skin turned into a lampshade Doctor Mengele removed her tattoo (1995 but not Dr. Mengele according ot her latest version) She was thrown over the electrified barbed wire at the camps after escaping the gas chamber, naked, onto a train to another camp A Nazi nurse gave her a phoney lethal injection She repeatedly swallowed and defecated four diamonds for almost a year and a half while an inmate of the German concentration camps Multiple claims of Nazis draining blood from Jews She claims General Patton visited her at a hospital in Pilzen, Czechoslovakia, where he gave her his “scarf” and his four star “buttons” Along with even more outrageous, racist lies. Read for yourself the sheer stupidity and impossibility of the events described in what is labelled in the Library of Congress under : History / Auschwitz / WWII / Autobiography

Measles is making a comeback in the U.S.


Auschwitz survivor recalls Nazi evil, liberation 70 years on

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — The tattoo on her left arm has become unreadable but the habit of reading it aloud in Polish remains strong, seven decades after it first scarred her skin.
Note: HAS BECOME UNREADABLE…we were told 4 million died and children were immediately send to the gas chambers. The children in this picture look well fed and healthy. Do people really believe this holocau$$T lie.

Der Spiegel, a top news publication in Germany, analyzed more documents from Edward Snowden that show the NSA is planning to wage Internet warfare.


WTF! Oregon Man Serving Prison Sentence for Collecting Rainwater On His Own Property


California Police Correctional Militarization Training Schedule

Prison restaurant run by criminals named the best in Cardiff

One of Britain’s biggest cities has voted for its best restaurant – and chosen its prison manned by criminals as the top.
The Clink Restaurant at HMP Cardiff staffed entirely by prisoners was ranked number one out of 946 eateries in the Welsh capital.

Cop Shot by Cop From Another Force Who “Feared For His Safety”


RED ALERT! U.S. Sending Troops to Ukraine


Where do the wealthiest 1% live? A report by Oxfam caused a stir by predicting that the wealthiest 1% will soon own more than the rest of the world’s population

As the business and political elite met at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, there was much talk of rising inequality, and many references to the “wealthiest 1%”. The phrase conjures up images of billionaires living on private islands – but is that who the 1% really are?

How Much Do People In Your State Pay for Gasoline? This Cool New Map Will Show You

What is the average price of gas in your state for the past 10 years? Researchers at Debt.com have put together a map to show you.

While the national average for a gallon of gas is about $2.18, some states fare better or worse than others.

South Korean Institute Discovers ‘Mystery Plants’ from Imported GMOs

The reason genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have sparked such fears in South Korea isn’t just about safety issues without clear facts, or irrational labeling practices. While South Korea has been emerging as the world’s second biggest importer of GMO crops, mystery plants have been taking root all over the country. The genetically modified (GM) crops that are growing in South Korean soil are a major issue in a country with a government ban on their cultivation. They stand as a stark signal that fears of imported GMOs disrupting the local ecosystem are already becoming a reality…

Internet filters block websites of sex abuse charities

The adult content filters being rolled out by some internet providers under a scheme championed by David Cameron are blocking the websites of businesses and charities and are a “distraction” for parents seeking to protect children from online pornography, claim campaigners.

US: Several members of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi have reported that, in 2011, the Obama White House and the State Department under Hillary Clinton ‘changed sides in the war on terror’.


Social Security disability funds are expected to run out as soon as next year. What exactly is Social Security and why should we care?


CIA Propaganda: Ex-spies infiltrate Hollywood as espionage TV shows and movies multiply

The place in Brooklyn looks like a CIA safehouse. Red brick office building with peeling metal awning. No sign. Inside, writers are plotting out the popular Cold War espionage show “The Americans” — one of an assortment of Hollywood spy and national security dramas being driven by ex-spies. The show’s creator and co-head writer, Joe Weisberg, is a former CIA officer who never fathomed that he would one day sit in an office with Soviet propaganda posters and a cutout figure of President Ronald Reagan, concocting television fiction.

Mourners gather to bury mother, 32, gunned down by Cairo police during demonstration as death toll rises to 11 on anniversary of Arab Spring


Spot The Difference: Money Printing, Then And Now


This edible park feeds 200,000 hungry people every month!

In Irvine, California, a 7.5 acre plot of land was turned into “The Incredible Edible Park”

NASA probe snaps increasingly detailed shots of MOIST DWARF goddess

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has transmitted a series of images of the dwarf planet Ceres – part of its first ever mission to the biggest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Dawn will transmit increasingly sharp images of Ceres – named for the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility – before orbiting the planet on 6 March in a 16-month study of the body.

Ceres has an average diameter of 590 miles, and is thought to contain a large amount of ice.

Some boffins believe the surface may conceal an ocean of water below an icy mantle.

Japan Investigating Authenticity Of ISIS Execution Claim

An audio message and photograph purportedly released by ISIS claims to show the execution of one of the Japanese hostages being held by the group. The Japanese government says it is investigating the authenticity of the message.

New York Times says government should block ISIS websites

If the U.S. government blocks

Obama: “The auto companies have now repaid taxpayers every dime and more of what my administration invested in.” Politifact: False


Yemen unrest won’t stop drone war: Pentagon, White House

Thousands take part in protests against Houthi rebels as crisis deepens

What’s ECB easy money for? ‘Zombie banks & lame duck businesses’


Iran joins growing list of countries to ditch US dollar


Ukraine crisis: Angela Merkel ‘offers Russia free trade deal for peace’

Angela Merkel has reportedly offered Russia negotiations on a free trade agreement with the EU in exchange for a peace deal in Ukraine.

The German chancellor made the offer at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where she spoke of a free trade area “from Lisbon to Vladivostok”, according to a report in Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

Mrs Merkel said Germany was “ready” to discuss “possibilities of cooperation in a common trade areas”. But she made it clear talks could not start until Russia abides by the Minsk Agreement, the ceasefire agreed in September, which it has so far failed to honour.

Oil Falls to Lowest Since ’09 as Saudis Signal Continuity.


5 Things To Ponder: The ABC’s Of The ECB’s QE


Delaware man says police beat him during probe of shots at Biden home

A Hockessin man arrested about 30 minutes after multiple gunshots were fired near Vice President Joe Biden’s Greenville home says he was “accosted” during an altercation with New Castle County Police.

Teen shot by Longview TX police

A single rose was left in front of the Longview police station on Cotton Street in memory of the teenager shot Thursday night.

The Unbearable Rudeness of Bibi

When Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks of the United States, however, it is to say that “American policy in the Middle East is based on lies and distortions” or to boast that America is easily manipulated and moved “in the right direction [so] they won’t get in the way.” He has also bragged about double-crossing President Clinton by reluctantly agreeing to adhere the Oslo accords but then taking measures to render it meaningless.

Kiev Regime Debt: Ukraine Stiffs China for Billions It Owes

China paid Ukraine $3B two years Ago for grain still not delivered, now demands refund. Another $3.6B that’s owed to China, will probably also default.

A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel

The fire lie is of undetermined origin. It is in a sense as old as war propaganda or hate propaganda. In his memoir, Night, which is a version of his earlier Yiddish testimony, Wiesel reports that at Auschwitz there was one flaming ditch for the adults and another one for babies. He writes: [6]

Not far from us, flames were leaping from a ditch, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load — little children. Babies! Yes, I saw it — saw it with my own eyes … Those children in the flames. (Is it surprising that I could not sleep after that? Sleep has fled from my eyes.)

A little farther on there was another ditch with gigantic flames where the victims suffered “slow agony in the flames.” Wiesel’s column was led by the Germans to within “three steps” of the ditch, then to “two steps.” “Two steps from the pit we were ordered to turn to the left and made to go into a barracks.”

A key day in the Ukrainian Conflict?

This may turn out to be a critical day in the evolution of the Ukrainian conflict.

Another Great Performance by Elie Wiesel

Wiesel told the incredulous Perlman that as a boy he too had studied violin. Moreover he claimed that he took his violin to Auschwitz in June 1944; his father suggested that since Elie was already there he might as well try out for the Auschwitz Orchestra in hopes of earning an extra ration of bread. But alas Elie could only play classical music, like Beethoven, and not those evil Nazi marches, so during his interview with the head of the Auschwitz Orchestra a vicious kapo grabbed his violin and smashed it under foot.

Charlie Hebdo, A Free Press, And Social Security

Once the financial system was deregulated–a libertarian objective–it became impossible to privatize Social Security other than for insincere reasons of letting Wall Street rob retirees. The lack of accountability, which followed the last financial crash, and the declaration of financial institutions being too big to fail, and thus are carried on the nation’s budget or the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, also make clear that it is impossible to trust old age security to an unaccountable financial system.

With Aleppo Encircled, West Seeks Wildcard to Save its Terror Hordes

The Syrian Arab Army is reportedly close to completely encircling militants that have occupied the northern city of Aleppo since they invaded it from NATO territory in 2012. Once the encirclement is complete, analysts believe the the city will be finally liberated, in a process similar to the retaking of Homs further south.

Guantanamo detainee Mohamedou Ould Slahi ‘was forced to have sex with three female interrogators’

‘We’re gonna teach you about great American sex': Guantanamo detainee was tortured and then forced to have sex with female interrogators, prison diary claims

Scientists Attempt to Create Kill Switch for Genetically Modified Bacteria

As genetically-modified microbes take on ever more tasks – from creating new pharmaceuticals to turning out clean fuel sources – researchers have searched for a way to biologically isolate them from their wild counterparts, so that if they were ever accidentally released, they wouldn’t be able to survive.

The Fed is proving to be a terrible steward of the real economy. Their defense will be ignorance, while their offensive, in all facets of that term, against the deflationary results of their policy errors is promoted on the merits of claims to ‘superior k


Dwight D. Elsenhower: “If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medgical care and so on. The only thing lacking is freedowm.”


Police To Continue Seizing Assets And Keeping The Cash


Congressman: Keep Minimum Wage Low ‘For Minorities’ Who Aren’t Worth More Than $7 An Hour



Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book contains the names of people who could be described as being a mixture of the Feudal Elite, Robber Barons, Zionists, Nazis and members of the security services.

Here are some of the better known names:

2015: This year is going to be a hoot. Boom, bust, lies and claptrap – we’re going to have it all!


Auto sales have become the latest subprime finance scheme: Auto buyers will be underwater… in their cars. They have, in effect, “taken out” the equity from their wheels just as they once did their bedrooms.


7 Big Lies ‘American Sniper’ Is Telling America


US-Made Weapons, High-Power Explosives Found in Donetsk Airport

A senior commander of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic’s military reported Monday that American-made weapons, M16-A5 assault rifles, grenades, as well as means of communication were found in the Donetsk airport, previously occupied by the Kiev-led troops.

This is the beginning of the end for the Euro

When you print more money, you drive down the value of your currency

Planes cleared after “credible” bomb threats against 2 Atlanta flights

Passengers on two Atlanta-bound airliners got a scare Saturday when “credible” bomb threats sent via social media prompted the military to scramble fighter jets to escort the planes to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, but searches by the Atlanta police bomb squad and the FBI turned up nothing threatening.

Hollywood uses ‘American Sniper’ to destroy history & create myth

American Sniper is directed by Clint Eastwood, and tells the story of Chris Kyle, a US Navy Seal

MUST LISTEN – Jim Willie Bombshell: Revaluation of Gold to $18,000, Death of Dollar in 2015!


REALIST NEWS – Swiss To Be Gold Trading & Chinese Currency Hub


Destroying African Agriculture With GMOs: U2’s Bono Partners With Monsanto

As his career continues to free fall into total irrelevance, pop star “Bono” of the rock group U2 has announced his support for a U.S.- backed plan to rape and pillage Africa by stealing its land and agricultural systems and replacing them with corporate-owned GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) and chemicals.

Egon Von Greyerz : Central Banks worldwide are Bankrupt; no saving the financial system… Former US Treasury Official: “the average person will be destroyed” in coming financial catastrophe


The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany. The Economic Boycott of 1933


Netanyahu trying to provoke war to win election

Uri Avnery explains why many Israelis believe that the sudden flair up on the border with Syria, caused by an unprovoked Israeli attack, was an election ploy by Netanyahu and his companions.

New Psychiatric Diagnosis Targets “Internet Conspiracy Theorists”


On the front lines: Europe, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Peru and India. Each of their central banks has taken unprecedented and dramatic action to ease policy and weaken their currencies in the past few days.


Western fawning to shore up Saudi House of Cards

The fawning by the American and British governments toward Saudi Arabia over the death of King Abdullah is for good – albeit unspoken – reasons. The oil-rich feudal kingdom is a lynchpin of Western hegemony in the strategically vital Middle East region. At a time when the region is gripped by instability more than ever, the House of Saud now enters a dangerous period of transition, which presents deep alarm to the Western patrons.

Ron Paul says talking to Marco Rubio about Cuba is ‘like talking to a stone wall’


3 cops charged with felonies in ticket-rigging scandal


New Utah Law Instructs Cops To Seize Uninsured Vehicles

Does the government really even need excuses to seize the assets of its citizens, especially for relatively minor crimes? Apparently it does, at least according to the state of Utah.

Mystery Radio Waves From Deep Space Captured LIVE, Sender Unknown

An unknown radio signal, which may have come from a black hole, colliding neutron stars (or – for those who ‘believe’ – alien life), has been picked up by astronomers live for the first time ever. Its origins remain mysterious.

Mariupol burning


‘American Sniper’ – A Review By John Barbour

Clint Eastwood is now by far a much better Director than he is an actor. In the last ten years two of his films rank amongst America’s best, ‘Grand Tourino’ and the under-rated, excellent ‘Hereafter.’

In ‘American Sniper.’ he has kept Directing until he got it wrong. As a film, it fires blanks. As a video game and recruitment poster it is right on target. As a piece of cinematic storytelling, it has absolutely the clumsiest, sloppiest, most gutless ending I have ever seen in a movie.

Mariupol: Filmed uniformed and armed American on the side of Ukrainians (Video)

Check out 2 minutes and 32 seconds!

Governments are the enablers of super wealth by passing laws that give economic advantage to those with political influence. Government leaders, themselves, are part of the 1%. Expecting governments to redistribute the wealth is what makes such great ineq


10 Surprising Items IRS Says To Report On Your Taxes

This time of year, the IRS likes to remind us that just about everything is taxed. It isn’t just your paychecks that get tallied on a W-2 and end up on your tax return. Income means income from all sources. So as you start getting organized for the annual drudgery of filing taxes this year, don’t forget about some of the odder one.

Gold Now Worth More Than Platinum–Rare And Scary!


Obama: Economy Does Best When Everyone Does Their Fair Share

President Obama touted “middle-class economics,” which he defined as “the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules” during his Weekly Address on Saturday.

Chase Bank Closing 37 Branches

Chase Bank will be shuttering 37 branches this spring located at Meijer stores throughout Michigan. The closures will begin at the end of the March and be completed by the end of May.

Gerald Celente – Manufactured Terror & The NWO Agenda


Alarm: Scientists and Doctors Warn About Health Dangers of Oil Spill Dispersants


Congress seeks Netanyahu’s Direction – The real master of U.S. Foreign Policy?

Conservative Pat Buchanan once got in trouble by calling Capitol Hill “Israeli occupied territory,” but even he might not imagine what’s happening now – with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu invited to address a joint session of Congress to decry President Obama’s foreign policy.

King Dollar is losing the currency battle of late!


Bronx woman repeatedly calls city hotline to report drug deals in her building, so of course the police arrest her. Now she’s suing the NYPD.


Lunatics Run the Washington Asylum by Stephen Lendman

snip: Washington’s public face belies its pure evil. At home and abroad. Ruthlessly pursuing policies likely to make lesser despots blush.

America alone wages war on humanity. Using weapons of mass destruction. Including chemical, biological and radiological ones.

Other banned weapons. New ones tested in real time. Regardless of the horrors they cause.

US domestic and foreign policy is polar opposite what’s acceptable in free societies. Bipartisan criminals run things. Lunatics.

Media scoundrels support their worst policies. Proliferating managed news misinformation. Suppressing hard truths.

Study: Fukushima “the most serious man made disaster in human history” — Obesity rates now nearly double Japan average — Excessive weight gain after nuclear crisis “a marker of radiation brain damage”

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Latest News 25 January 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media

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“The European nations constitute a separate division of the globe; their localities make them part of a distinct system; they have a set of interests of their own in which it is our business never to engage ourselves. America has a hemisphere to itself. It must have its separate system of interest, which must not be subordinated to those of Europe. The insulated state in which nature has placed the American continent should so far avail it that no spark of war kindled in the other quarters of the globe should be wafted across the wide oceans which separate us from them.” — Thomas Jefferson to Alexander von Humboldt, 1813.

Latest News with Pictures

Inside the catastrophic collapse of the Catholic right


S&P EPS estimate: Another $0.90 cut from 12 month forward estimate this week, now down to $124.39


Netanyahu and ‘the Big Lie’

With the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) acceptance of Palestine as a member, and its agreement to investigate possible Israeli war crimes during last summer’s brutal bombardment of the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Murderer Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be having fits of rage. His puppet, the United States government, has also denounced the Court’s decisions, and Mr. Netanyahu has made the following bizarre statements:

* “It’s absurd for the ICC to go after Israel, which upholds the highest standards of international law. Our actions are subject to the constant and careful review of Israel’s world-renowned and utterly independent legal system.”

* “But this decision is even more preposterous given that Israel is legitimately defending itself against Palestinian terrorists who routinely commit multiple war crimes. They deliberately fire thousands of rockets at our civilians, while hiding behind Palestinian civilians whom they use a human shield.”

Chart: Swiss government bond yield curve. A few months ago nobody thought such a thing is even possible

Feds Spent $432,000 Studying Gay Hookup Apps

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has spent nearly a half a million dollars studying gay hookup apps such as Grindr.

Chris Kyle’s Stories Do Not Add Up

hris Kyle, the real-life character portrayed in “American Sniper,” boasts legendary stories, but are they all true?

“the US rig count crated further to its lowest level since August 2010.”


State sponsored cyber-attacks happen more and more often – Kaspersky

At this year’s Davos economic forum, the spectre of cyber-terrorism loomed over the luxurious get-together of the world’s elite.

Greater Israel: Netanyahu Seeks to Turn US Congress Against Elected American President

The current Congress follows the agenda of AIPAC – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (a pretentious title for a political lobby group). AIPAC, in turn, is controlled and financed by pro-Israel supporters and they take their lead from the Likud policy agenda of Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.

If this is difficult to believe, then watch Binyamin Netanyahu, in March, as he ‘struts and frets his hour upon the stage’ in an attempt to orchestrate world affairs to suit his own agenda whilst humiliating the elected President of the United States before an AIPAC-controlled Congress to which he (Netanyahu) has been invited to address without prior White House knowledge or approval.

What the author of this article conveniently forgets is that many of Congress’ most powerful Democratic leaders are also strong supporters of AIPAC.

And I have an open note to President Obama.

Sir, we disagree on many issues. My arguments, as a Christian pacifist are, generally, logical, and noted with some reasonable degree of precision and documentation.

I abhor ad hominem attacks, as I think they are both “dirty pool”, as well as being non-productive.

But there is one thing upon which you and I do agree, mightily, and that is a need for a positive relationship with Iran regarding its nuclear energy program, which the P5+1 group are desperately working to finalize.

It is not accidental that Netanyahu is coming here in March. This is the time of the annual AIPAC conference, and shortly before the Israeli elections.

And THAT, sir, is the point of his addressing both houses of Congress, particularly on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program.

IF Israeli voters see that he is able to deter Congress from allowing these negotiations to move forward by placing more sanctions against Iran, causing it to walk away from the negotiating table, it will make him more attractive to them as a political leader.

This is highly dangerous, not only for the people of Israel, but also for the world in general.

But IF Netanyahu is successful in accomplishing this, it will be a complete, and painfully public, geopolitical “neutering” of you and your agenda for the rest of your term in office.

Sir, there have been rumors of your being “furious” at Netanyahu’s acceptance of Boehner’s invitation to address Congress, and that there “will be costs” to the US/Israeli relationship.

But Sir, precisely what are those “costs” going to be? You need to think about this very carefully, because the only thing Netanyahu understands is hard-ball.

Should Netanyahu’s meddling in US foreign policy bring about his desired outcome, the following should happen, and immediately after it happens.

  1. All financial and military aid to Israel should stop, and immediately.
    2. All US military should be removed from Israel.
    3. All US military equipment should be removed from Israel
    4. Sanctions should be immediately be placed against Israeli banks and corporations.

But the big issue here, Mr. President, is preventing Netanyahu from trying to influence US foreign policy before that over-ride vote on your veto is taken. Making him know that the above will happen, and that there is no mistake that it will happen, if your veto is overturned.

Because you know what will happen if this veto is not allowed to stand: Israel will go to war against Iran, and drag the US, kicking and screaming, right along with them. Of course, Russia has just signed a military agreement with Iran, meaning that if there is an attack against Iran, Russia might well join the fray on Iran’s side.

And in closing this, Mr. President, I would very strongly like to caution you that capitulating to Bibi Netanyahu on this will cause history to judge you harshly as the 21st century’s Neville Chamberlain, embracing a “Pax Israelica” which will translate into infinitely more bloodshed in the Middle East, and beyond.

The very stark choice, sir, is yours.

Today Silver Has As Much Potential As Gold! – David Morgan


Police Department Publishes Photos, Birth Dates & Home Addresses of All Arrestees, but Conveniently Omits Those Of Their Own Officer Arrested & Charged with ‘Indecent Assault & Battery’ on a 10-Year-Old Girl

David A. Provencher is Police Chief of the New Bedford, Massachusetts PD. The department updates their official Facebook Page regularly, posting many stories about local crimes along with multiple photos of all the suspects and arrestees. They even list the suspects age, date of birth, and their home address and apartment numbers!

However, they have neglected to do so for one of their own: 58-year-old police officer Jean Gomes, who was arrested, indicted and charged with multiple crimes against a 10-year-old girl. I guess ‘what’s good for the goose’ is not always good for the gander, if the gander is a pig?

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

This is three and a half hours long, so you may want to bookmark this and watch it in sections, but it is worth it, as it confirms much of what I wrote in “All Wars are Bankers’ Wars!”

Brominated vegetable oil is a flame retardant used in drinks. Its usually made from GMO corn or soy derivatives bonded with a bromine atom.



It was a skirmish before, this is the global currency war


Benzer pleads guilty in massive Las Vegas Valley HOA scheme

Benzer, who once owned Silver Lining construction, and 10 others were indicted in the scheme in January 2013, and several months later Benzer was indicted again on charges of evading $1.2 million in personal and company taxes. The charges were related to more than $7 million Benzer and his company obtained from a fraudulent contract with the Vistana condominium development to do construction defect work.

Five of the 10 defendants charged in the first indictment with Benzer, including attorney Barry Levinson, previously pleaded guilty and are waiting to be sentenced.

The sweeping investigation that led to the indictments, spearheaded by the Justice Department’s Fraud Section in Washington, is thought to be the largest public corruption case federal authorities have brought in Southern Nevada. The FBI, Las Vegas police and IRS all played key roles in the long-running investigation.

I am bumping this story back to the top because this is very important.

Organized crime is targeting Homeowner’s Associations across America. Complicit property managers will purchase “improvements” from Mafia-owned businesses which provide shoddy products and services at hugely inflated prices which the homeowners have no choice but to pay! This contributes to the skyrocketing rental prices!

Fake schools draw scrutiny of federal investigators

From her hometown in India in 2010, Bhanu Challa said she had no reason to doubt that Tri-Valley University was a legitimate American school where she could pursue a master’s degree. Its website featured smiling students in caps and gowns and promised a leafy campus in a San Francisco Bay Area suburb.

Months later, her hands were in cuffs as federal investigators questioned her motives for being in the U.S. Authorities told her that Tri-Valley was a sham school. It was selling documents that allowed foreigners to obtain U.S. student visas, and in some cases work in the country, while providing almost no instruction, according to federal investigators.


Bill Gates: Get on your knees and beg for your jobs

He might not have said it in so many words, though I wish that he had because only that kind of candor can get Americans to wakeup and do what is necessary to survive this stealth and brutal war, calculated to destroy their lives.

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates isn’t going to sugarcoat things: The increasing power of automation technology is going to put a lot of people out of work. Business Insider reports that Gates gave a talk at the American Enterprise Institute think tank in Washington, DC this week and said that both governments and businesses need to start preparing for a future where lots of people will be put out of work by software and robots.

Bill misses a key point. Software and robots do not earn wages to pour back into the economy. Bill’s vision of the future is 300 million Americans starving in the streets while the factories and stores are filled with robots standing around with nothing to do!

Better Times Ahead for Silver and Gold: David Morgan


Why printing money will end badly for the U.S.

You may have heard the news, the European Central Bank have started up the printing press.

“I’m So Ashamed” – Meet The Drone Operator Who Helped Kill 1,626 People And Walked Away

For almost five years, Brandon Bryant was one of those faces, and worked in America’s secret drone program bombing targets in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

He was told that he helped to kill 1,626 people, but as time went by he felt uneasy with what he was doing. He found it hard to sleep and started dreaming in infra-red.

What made him stop? “The actual breaking point happened when we were hunting an American citizen, and they were saying he was maybe the next bin Laden. This was an American citizen – these were the people that I swore to protect. I believe that at that moment we were doing the wrong thing and that was when I decided to turn my back and walk away.”

Stefan Molyneux: There Is No Such Thing as Mental Illness

But all of you have Oppositional Defiant Disorder!

So, here are 12 symptoms of ODD:
– The person often loses control of his temper;
– The person behaves aggressively/assertively;
– The person argues with his parental authorities and other adults and does not obey them;
– The person deliberately irritates others;
– The person is apathetic or cannot play with others;
– The person with oppositional defiant disorder is often angry or nervous;
– The person refuses to comply with the rules (in context or in environment/situation);
– The person is too stubborn;
– The person often occur hysterical attacks or outbursts;
– The person with oppositional defiant disorder cannot communicate normally with other compliant peers;
– The person does not want to comply or engage in other organized/expected activities;
– The person with oppositional defiant disorder symptoms remembers the hurt for a long time and does not forget about them.

How the CIA made Google

INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by US intelligence to retain ‘information superiority.’

Exclusive: CIA’s Top Spy Steps Down

The secretive head of the agency’s National Clandestine Service is retiring amid reports of infighting over a reorganization of the intelligence service.

GEOPOLITICS: Greece, Tsipras, Draghi, Putin, and the Antidollar


Great to see buses in Portland & Denver supporting #Palestine


Donetsk militia ‘not going to storm Mariupol’, trades accusations with Kiev

The Donetsk militia has been ordered to suppress Kiev’s military positions to the east of Mariupol, but is not going to storm the city, said Donetsk Republic head, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, accusing Kiev of a false flag operation and shifting the blame.

Anti-Semitic Israeli ‘Ex-Jew’ Has UK Performance Cancelled

Gilan Atzmon’s Nottingham performance cancelled after residents report openly anti-Semitic statements to local council.

ISIL only lost 1% of captured territory in Iraq: Pentagon

The Pentagon has announced that ISIL militants have lost only a tiny fraction of the territories they had captured in Iraq since US-led airstrikes began last year.

Iraqi and Kurdish forces have managed to retake only about 700 hundred square kilometers of the ground during the period, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Friday.

“I think we all recognize that it’s a small percentage of the total right now. But we’re only six, seven months into this thing, too,” said Kirby. “ISIL had a big head start on us, coming into the summer. A pretty aggressive first quarter for those guys.”

Fighting In Ukraine Surges To Worst Level In Months

At least 20 people were killed by shelling in the east Ukrainian port city of Mariupol on Saturday, regional police said, as a rebel leader said separatists were launching an offensive on the city, the news agency RIA reported.

The separatists have rejected more peace talks and fighting has surged to its most intense in months. The United Nations said on Friday that 262 had been killed in the previous nine days.

“Today an offensive was launched on Mariupol. This will be the best possible monument to all our dead,” RIA quoted rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko as saying at a memorial ceremony in the rebel-held city of Donetsk.

He said separatists plan to encircle Debaltseve, a town north-east of Donetsk, in the next few days, the Russian news agency Interfax reported him as saying at the same event.

As reported yesterday at globalresearch.ca:

The head of the United States Army Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, announced on Wednesday that a contingent of US soldiers will be dispatched to Ukraine in the spring to undertake the training of four companies of the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU). The exact number of American soldiers who will be stationed at the Yavoriv Training Area outside the western city of Lvov has yet to be determined. The highly provocative move, which follows the positioning of US and NATO forces in Poland and the Baltic states and escalating threats of a military confrontation with Russia, came as the Kiev government steps up its war against pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region. Lt. Gen. Hodges made his announcement on his first visit to Kiev where he met with the commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Anatoliy Pushnyakov and the acting commander of the NGU Lt. Gen. Oleksandr Kryvyenko. Hodges told reporters after the meeting he was “impressed by the readiness of both military and civil leadership to change and reform.” Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Vanessa Hillman told Defense News the training mission was part of a State Department effort “to assist Ukraine in strengthening its law enforcement capabilities, conduct internal defense, and maintain rule of law.” The Obama administration has so far committed $19 million from the Global Security Contingency Fund to help build up and train the NGU.

It appears that all the pieces are being put into place for a bloody military conflict with Russia, to prevent the ultimate rise of the ruble, which has been on the ropes recently, due to successful negotiations with Saudi Arabia, and OPEC, to keep the price of oil artificially low.

However, this will not last.

Because in the intellectual confrontations between Obama and Putin, Putin is at least consistently 10,000 chess moves ahead of Obama,

I would like to politely point out to those precious few adults in the room in Foggy Bottom that the US military most likely does not have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a successful outcome to a conventional war against Russia; and that is what makes the military scenario so scarily dangerous.

So to the warmongers and cheerleaders of carnage in this government, and the major corporations which profity mightily from war, I would strongly caution you to be very, very careful about what you wish for here; the unintended consequences could be horrific… and irreversible.

US General Outlines Plans to Train Ukrainian National Guard

US troops are going to be deployed to western Ukraine to train the Ukrainian National Guard, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges announced.

Cop shoots man in back, bodycam captures entire event

Police bodycam documents shooting

Nothing is true, everything is permitted – the US establishment’s attack on RT

The new chief of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors stirred up a storm when he equated RT to two of the world’s most hideous terrorist organizations. While his comments were absolutely without justification, it could be part of a clever funding ploy.

Remembering The Currency Wars Of The 1920s & 1930s (And Central Banks’ “Overused Bag Of Tricks”)

Commodity price declines were the symptom of sharply deteriorating economic conditions prior to the 1920-21 depression. To be sure, today’s economic environment is different. The world economies are not emerging from a destructive war, nor are we on the gold standard, and U.S. employment is no longer centered in agriculture and factories (over 50% in the U.S. in 1920). The fact remains, however, that global commodity prices are in noticeable retreat. Since the commodity index peak in 2011, prices have plummeted. The Reuters/Jefferies/CRB Future Price Index has dropped 39%. The GSCI Nearby Commodity Index is down 48% (Chart 1), with energy (-56%), metals (-36%), copper (-40%), cotton (-73%), WTI crude (-57%), rubber (-72%), and the list goes on. In some cases this broad-based retreat reflects increased supply, but more clearly it indicates weakening global demand.

Head of US state media put RT on same challenge list as ISIS, Boko Haram

Newly-appointed chief of US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Andrew Lack, has named RT one of the agency’s main challenges alongside extremist groups like the Islamic State and Boko Haram.

Lack, the first chief executive of the BBG, mentioned RT in an interview with The New York Times.

“We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram,” he said. “But I firmly believe that this agency has a role to play in facing those challenges.”

Needless to say, we will continue to link to Russia Today from WRH!

‘American Sniper’ Feeds Americans’ Most Evil Addictions: Lies, Bloodlust, War Crimes Says Cindy Sheehan

American Sniper, the 2015 blockbuster movie propagandizing war crimes and, lies about them, feeding on Americans’ programmed addiction to violence, has prompted a powerful statement by a well-known mother of a soldier killed in action, Cindy Sheehan.

“Everything in American Sniper is taken for fact when the author and focus Chris Kyle already had been proven to have been a blowhard and a liar, when the facts and political motivations of Selma are being questioned,” Cindy Sheehan states. “As is the US addicted to its wars, it is also addicted to lying about them and I know this because I have my own case about Casey for proof.”


Miliband is a Jew . It is unknown to this commentator whether or not he is a Zionist.

Ed Miliband: I’d be as good a friend to Israel as Cameron

Labour leader Ed Miliband has promised to be as good a friend to Israel as David Cameron, should he be elected in May.

Bill Maher takes a shot at ‘American Sniper’ for glorifying ‘psychopath patriot’ Chris Kyle

Bill Maher blasted Clint Eastwood’s film American Sniper during the Real Time panel discussion on Friday, comparing it unfavorably to Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker.

“Hurt Locker made $17 million, because it was a little ambiguous. And thoughtful,” Maher said. “And this one is just ‘American hero, he’s a psychopath patriot and we love him.’”

Maher also criticized the subject of Eastwood’s movie, Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, and his statements in his autobiography regarding killing Iraqi “savages.”

Banking Underperformance Has Accelerated In 2015


Caution: Cartel Setting Up PM Classic Raid On Next Week’s FOMC?


These are the 12 worst ideas religion has unleashed on the world

I’ve previously highlighted some of humanity’s best moral and spiritual concepts, our shared moral core. Here, by way of contrast, are some of the worst. These twelve dubious concepts promote conflict, cruelty, suffering and death rather than love and peace. To paraphrase Christopher Hitchens, they belong in the dustbin of history just as soon as we can get them there.

Another nun gives birth in Italy


Flight logs reveal the many trips Clinton and Dershowitz took on pedophile’s private jet


Monsanto Declares GMO Science Debate ‘Settled’


Best start to the year for silver prices since 1983


Bill Maher advises billionaires on which GOP ‘corporate a*s-lickers’ they should support

Bill Maher closed out Real Time on Friday with a “buyers’ guide” for any billionaires looking to support one of the nine prospective Republican presidential contenders.

“The field is more crowded at an earlier time than ever because each of these corporate a*s-lickers wants to sign up mega-rich donors like Sheldon Adelson before one of the other guys in the pack blows him first,” Maher explained, before presenting the upside and downside to each candidate.

As a centerist progressive, I have a “hug and a punch” relationship with Maher’s work, and I did see this bit last night, and it was funny.

However, this segment did an interesting job of exposing Maher’s
pathological myopia, which means he is completely blind to the corruption in the party he prefers; and that, intellectually, is a very dangerous place to be.

His absolute darling, Hillary Clinton, is no less staunchly supported by Wall Street and the corporate monied interests than is Barak Obama, his faux populism notwithstanding. Republicans have no exclusive claim here to want as much money as possible from their corporate masters in order to win in 2016 than the Democrats.

As reported last December at Salon.com:

Few political families are closer to Wall Street than the Clintons. Their family foundation has raised millions from financiers and the foundations of big banks, and recently held its annual briefing for donors in the auditorium of Goldman Sachs’s headquarters in Manhattan. Major financial firms are stocked with Clinton alumni. And the Clintons often interact with the titans of finance on the Manhattan charity circuit and during their vacations in the Hamptons. Last month, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton sat at a table with Hamilton E. James, president of the Blackstone Group, and mingled with the billionaire David H. Koch at a benefit for the Wildlife Conservation Society. I’m thinking of Hillary also using the Obama playbook, early-on posturing as some kind of a PRAGMATIC “community organizer” bridge builder between the classes seeking out WIN/WIN solutions. In Obama’s case it turned out to be “community organizing” the Dem Party leadership class with the BIG MONEY ELITE class, and giving the rest of the population a rhetorical snow-job which many still haven’t managed to dig themselves out of into real, justified angry consciousness. Since leaving her position as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has enjoyed phenomenally well paying speaking engagements such as the ones for Goldman Sachs. Goldman also generously has been using Bill Clinton on its speech circuit. Last month, Hillary Clinton also was pitching the trustworthiness of the biotech industry at their national conference. According to Queally she offered the biotech execs “political advice on how to overcome public opposition to the use of genetically-modified seeds and industrial-scale, chemical-based agriculture.”

To characterise all Republicans as corporate sycophants,eagerly ready to carry out the agenda of their corporate masters, who have purchased their allegiance, and not see Hillary Clinton in precisely the same light, given her and Bill Clinton’s strong corporate ties, is completely intellectually dishonest.

So, Bill Maher, aye, there’s the rub: no matter who America elects for President in 2016, We the People are screwed.

This is because no matter who gets elected to high office in this country, they are still beholden to the same set of Corporate donors, who put them in office, to carry out their agenda. This is no longer a country of We the People; but Those, the Corporations. And these are the entities which are really crafting foreign and domestic policies. We the people have become expendable.

STUDY: Americans Not Ready for the Next Economic Crisis


Bo Polny: 2015 should be a good year for Gold


Earning for US companies continue to decline.UPS takes a hit this holiday season as earning drop. US manufacturing slows. Baltic dry index falls again. Existing home sales fell 3.1% in 2014.


FLASHBACK: Dr. Paula Caplan on how psychiatrists decide who’s normal

ask a barber if you should get a haircut…

the DSM teaches providers how to get the bills paid

reinforcing victim-hood ensures continued patronage

Sarah Palin on 2016: ‘Of Course’ She’s Interested

Just before she heads to Iowa for the first major conservative showcase of the 2016 election cycle, Sarah Palin said “of course” she’s interested in the 2016 presidential election.

Yet Another Image to Haunt Sarah Palin if She Ever Does Run for Office?

As you can see, the men are holding up a poster that reads “FUC_ YOU, MICHAEL MOORE” with crosshairs replacing the Os, and the “K” strangely missing from the first word (Why bother censoring yourself when you’re already going all-out?). She also autographed the poster.

Shut-up, White Boy! Professors: White Men Should Speak Last

We look to a day when people will not be judged by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin.

And the configuration of their chromosomes.

This seems the hope of a panel of professors and activists at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, assembled to improve campus race relations and tackle matriculator misogyny. And relating to this they put forth an idea:

Women and blacks should be called on first in classroom discussions.


Most of those who claim they adhere to the Jewish religion do NOT have a fluid ounce of Semitic blood in their veins.

Jews move to criminalize “anti-Semitism” at UN

On Thursday, at the United Nations General Assembly, an informal plenary session was held on alleged “anti-Semitic” violence and attitudes worldwide. It marked the first time that “anti-Semitism” was officially addressed at the United Nations. The Anti-Defamation League of course welcomed this development:

If this dude is a Catholic, why then didn’t he go out and try to burn down all Catholic Churches in his area, considering the media reporting on the corruption and criminality in the Catholic Church?

Indiana man who torched Mosque claims ‘FOX News riled him up’

Looks like all that Islamophobic propaganda on FOX News and in the movies is really paying off. Rupert Murdoch must be busy congratulating himself.

An Indiana man who pleaded guilty to setting fire to a mosque in Ohio told the judge that, prior to the arson, he had been “riled up” watching Fox News . . .

It was reported that he attempted to burn down the mosque in retaliation for attacks on U.S. embassies in the Middle East and for Muslims getting a “free pass” in the U.S. While being booked in jail, Linn reportedly said, “F**k those Muslims.”


Cop Faces Life In Prison For Repeated ‘Indecent Assault & Battery’ On 10 Year Old Girl, Judge Lets Him Out On $2500 Bail

No word on why the Bristol County, Massachusetts District Attorney and Judge Renee P. Dupuis imposed such an extremely low bail of $2,500 cash for a defendant accused of such a heinous crime against a child. 58-year-old canine officer Jean Gomes of the New Bedford, Massachusetts Police Department has been on the force 26 years, and faces 10-years to life in prison if convicted.

Greek Right Fears First Left Government in Greek History

Dimitri Lascaris reports from Greece that a near six point lead for SYRIZA is raising memories of the fascist coup and civil war


Living in Israel isn’t the solution to antisemitism, though many like the concept of a Jewish state despite its racial exclusivity. Modern Jewish identity isn’t about cowering in fear but should be about building decent communities that accept the diversity of human existence.



Government seizes cash lawfully deposited by small businesses

A push toward a cashless society

Chart (from Scotiabank): Weekly vs hourly wages in the US. Working more but earning less per hour


European markets ripple: €1 trillion in fiat currency injected into economy

Just as fast as

The Natural Law as a Restraint Against Tyranny | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano


Tomgram: Nick Turse, A Shadow War in 150 Countries (out of a planet with 196 countries)

But they hate us for our freedom…

Brent -61%, Venz 2 default, RUS Ruble -90%, Swiss unpegged, neg rates across JPY/Europe. CN housing falling…. Something is going to break


Business of Civil Forfeiture (made easier!)

snip: Black Asphalt lets its 25,000 users compile and share detailed data on private motorists—whether they’ve done anything wrong or not—including addresses, social security numbers, information from traffic stops or interrogations, searches, etc. Information is shared informally without official oversight, and many of the reports end up in federal fusion centers where they can be shared with law enforcement agencies at all levels.

Desert Snow encourages users to provide data about their traffic stops by offering rewards and incentives. The more data an officer enters, the more rewards he earns. Desert Snow also holds an annual competition to recognize officers who have seized the most contraband. Top earners (to borrow a term from The Sopranos) are honored at Desert Snow’s annual conference.

Head of US state media put RT on same challenge list as ISIS, Boko Haram

Newly-appointed chief of US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Andrew Lack, has named RT one of the agency’s main challenges alongside extremist groups like the Islamic State and Boko Haram.

Lack, the first chief executive of the BBG, mentioned RT in an interview with The New York Times.

“We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram,” he said. “But I firmly believe that this agency has a role to play in facing those challenges.”

A memo to Andrew Lack: sir, forgive me, but have you gone absolutely barking mad, to have this comparison?!?!?

Is the “challenge” you face from RT is that it has a track record for reasonably careful,thorough sober reporting (who, what, when, where, and why), in the spirit of Edward R. Murrow?!?

Because this is something I respect about their editorial staff. I may not always agree with their assessments, but I do find hard news here.

I get a lot more hard information from their English language edition than I can from the US Corporate alleged “news”, where talking heads are always shoving the governmental narrative in my face, which many times has absolutely zero relationship to truth.

This is one of two “canaries in the coal mine” I watch consistently.

The other is www.presstv.ir (their English edition)
But if both of these blogs go down, you can bet your sweet bippy that something wicked this way comes.

This Battery Has Lasted 175 Years and No One Knows How

There sits, in the Clarendon Laboratory at Oxford University, a bell that has been ringing, nonstop, for at least 175 years. It’s powered by a single battery that was installed in 1840. Researchers would love to know what the battery is made of, but they are afraid that opening the bell would ruin an experiment to see how long it will last.

The truth about ISIS, Chris Kyle and the Saudi King

In the wake of recent psy ops news (in other words, news in general), an interesting conundrum was apparent to me today,

Currency wars in the EU


UPS Tumbles On Missed Earnings, Blames US Domestic Weakness


Facebook Clamping Down on all HOAX Stories

(ie: Banning Freedom of Speech)

For those who aren’t up to speed, here is the woman who had an official meeting with POTUS yesterday.

Foreign borrowers get $9 Trillion US dollars while residence of the USA get squat ! BIS news release is HUGE !


A police officer who kicked and hit a mother as she sat by the hospital bed of her sick child, leaving her with more than 40 injuries, has been cleared of actual bodily harm.

A police officer who kicked and hit a mother as she sat by the hospital bed of her sick child, leaving her with more than 40 injuries, has been cleared of actual bodily harm.
Warren Luke, 38, a Metropolitan police officer, was accused of repeatedly kicking and punching the 41-year-old woman, who, hospital staff had said to him, was refusing to leave. But a jury at Wood Green crown court on Thursday cleared Luke of committing any crime.

The CIA investigated itself for hacking into the computers of the Senate committee that was investigating the CIA’s torture program. Now the results are in. Surprise! It found itself innocent of any wrongdoing.


Elizabeth Warren Has a New Target People Hate Almost As Much As Wall Street: The senator wants take money from Big Pharma and use it for medical research

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is worried about more than big banks. She’s got Big Pharma in her sights too.

State tells Detroit man: Pay for child that isn’t yours or go to jail

Carnell Alexander is a wanted man. The reason? He refuses to pay child support for a child that is proven to not be his. As a result, a warrant has been issued for his arrest.
7 Action News told you about Carnell Alexander in October. He said he was looking for help clearing up a terrible mistake.

‘US government was subverting entire US constitution’ – NSA whistleblower


Leaked Email Exposes Bombshell About the National Guard In Ferguson


Wiping Out America….. Study Shows Depopulation Agenda Moving Full Speed Ahead


Sheriff’s advice: ‘Toss gun-registration letters in trash’


Just A Coincidence – Charlie Hebdo was sold to the Rothschild family in December 2014.


State Department disagrees with head of US state media over equation of RT with ISIS


10 Reasons Why You Need an Offshore Bank Account

Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor, International Man
Casey Research

You may have wondered: “What’s the difference between having a bank account at Bank of America and having an offshore bank account?”

The truth is, there’s possibly all the difference in the world.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you need an offshore bank account…

RT suffers US media attack for daring to have a different point of view – critic




Pentagon sent special ops soldiers to 133 countries in 2014


Mentally ill parole violator dies after being locked in cell for six days without food or water

A New York State watchdog agency overseeing jails and prisons has found that gross incompetence by medical personnel and correction officers at Rikers Island led to the death of a mentally ill inmate who was found naked and covered in feces after being locked in a cell for six days.

Brazil brutal clashes: Injuries, arrests at transport cost hike protest


It Should Not Be Illegal to Hack Your Own Car’s Computer

Cars, especially, have a profound legacy of tinkering. Hobbyists have always modded them, rearranged their guts, and reframed their exteriors. Which is why it’s mind-boggling to me that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) just had to ask permission from the Copyright Office for tinkerers to modify and repair their own cars.

Come on, there’s gotta be some algo that made huge trades based on spikes in “deflation” chatter, right?


High credit borrowers from recent vintages are the ones refinancing


School Teacher Sends Ridiculous Note Home, Parents Have the BEST Response Ever

A school teacher in Missouri sent a letter home to a student’s parents to inform them their child did not have a proper lunch. Presumably the lunch failed to the meet nanny state standards of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Comedian John Oliver humorously (but accurately) reports on civil forfeiture by police who use the assets they seize for their own benefit.


‘Every day a little worse': Greeks frustrated & desperate ahead of elections


A new study shows that, in just three hours, most people can be convinced by a professionally trained interrogator that they committed a crime or had a severe emotional experience that never happened.


Hollywood uses ‘American Sniper’ to destroy history & create myth

The moral depravity into which the US is sinking is shown by American Sniper glorifying the exploits of a racist killer receiving six Oscar nominations, whereas ‘Selma’ depicting Martin Luther King’s struggle against racism has been largely ignored.

Iran moves away from US dollar in foreign trade

Iran is stopping mutual settlements in dollars with foreign countries and agreements on bilateral swap in new currencies will be signed in the near future, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has said.

“In trade exchanges with foreign countries, Iran uses other currencies, including Chinese yuan, euro, Turkish lira, Russian ruble and South Korean won,” Gholamali Kamyab, CBI deputy head, told the Tasnim state news agency.

He added that Iran is considering the possibility of signing bilateral monetary agreements with several countries on the use of other currencies.

GMO-Free Russia? Government Approves Bill That Would Ban Cultivation and Imports

The CIA Inspector General says the White House was aware of the plan to hack Senators’ computers to find out what they knew about the CIA’s torture program.


The entire system is a game to the elite


Compare and Contrast: Obama’s Reaction to the Deaths of King Abdullah and Hugo Chávez

One obvious difference between the two leaders was that Chávez was elected and Abdullah was not.

US journalist, Barrett Brown, was sentenced to 63 months in prison for quoting a threatening statement made on-air by a Fox News commentator.


30 Congressmen Sponsor Bill To ‘Establish A Biometric Exit Data System’ Federal Databases, to “Combat Terrorism”

The ‘Biometric Exit Data System’ provision of H.R.399 involves taking biometrics from vehicle and pedestrian traffic and would “allow matching against, other Federal databases that store biometrics of known or suspected terrorists.” It would also “require that the biometric data that is obtained for a person upon entry to the United States is matched against the biometric data of such person when such person exits the United States.”

Can’t Beat Mother Nature: Congress and DHS battle Rio Grande ‘Carrizo Cane’ which “Provides Concealment To Potential Terrorists”

The U.S. Government has spent countless millions of dollars for decades, in futile attempts to remove Carrizo Cane from the Rio Grande area. A new bill proposed in Congress would once again attempt to address this pest which “causes serious officer safety issues and operational concerns because it hampers enforcement along the Rio Grande river” and “provides concealment to criminals, drug smugglers, illegal aliens, and potential terrorists.”

Draghi’s “No-growth” QE – Money for Stocks, Zilch for the Economy

Most experts agree that QE will do almost nothing to stimulate growth or reduce soaring unemployment, they also agree that it will push bank stocks higher, intensify their gambling operations, and help them to conceal their lack of capital.

False flags and how to start a ‘colour revolution’ in Argentina

The day judge Nisman is invited by the opposition to appear in Congress, he is found dead in his apartment.

While Nisman’s complaint would not have lasted few days, his death (suicide or not) will elevate him as a victim of Government conspiracy, the media will insist on this.

Argentina’s president says prosecutor killed in plot

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner says prosecutor murdered to implicate her government in a cover-up.

Netanyahu ‘spat in our face’ – White House officials

Th??e White House’s outrage over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to speak before Congress in March — a move he failed to coordinate with the administration — began to seep through the diplomatic cracks on Friday, with officials telling Haaretz the Israeli leader had “spat” in President Barack Obama’s face.

Russia Passes Even Tighter Restrictions on GMO Imports

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin recently signed the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences into law which fines those who violate mandatory GMO labeling conditions, and now the Russian’s are stepping up their regulatory laws that previously allowed GMOs to be imported. Will Russia soon successfully ban GMOs fro their country completely?

Russian Elite Warns Of War With The U.S.

The head of a leading Kremlin-owned bank warned on Friday that further banking sanctions would lead Russia and the U.S. to the “brink of war.”


Are they the farts emanating from the putrid bowels of the White House and Congress?

Unexplained Loud Booms Are Escalating Across The USA

The US Military Is Building Gangs of Autonomous Flying War Bots

For the Pentagon, drones are cheaper to buy and to operate than regular fighter jets. An armed MQ-9 Reaper drone runs about $14 million, compared to $180 million or more for an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But unlike barrel-rolling a jet, the business of actually operating a unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV, for the military is lonely, thankless, and incredibly difficult. It’s no wonder the Pentagon doesn’t have enough drone pilots to meet its needs, a problem certain to persist as the military increases its reliance on unmanned systems, especially in areas where it has no interest in putting boots on the ground, like Pakistan or Iraq. The solution that the

The UK kidnapped people for the Libyan government and secretly shipped them to Tripoli for Gadhaffi to torture

Tony Blair wrote to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to thank him for the “excellent cooperation” between the two countries’ counter-terrorism agencies following a period during which the UK and Libya worked together to arrange for Libyan dissidents to be kidnapped and flown to Tripoli, along with their families. The letter, written in 2007, followed a period in which the dictator’s intelligence officers were permitted to operate in the UK, approaching and intimidating Libyan refugees in an attempt to persuade them to work as informants for both countries’ agencies.

California Farmers Reach Secret Deal With Gov’t In Water Dispute


Alert: Man Who Predicted Euro Swiss Crash Just Predicted a Total Global Crash is Coming


Iceland overthrew its government and indicted bankers after economic collapse


The retail industry – where Americans spend their discretionary income – is the first sign of a nationwide slowdown.


Kelly Thomas: Cops Brutally Murder Homeless Man on Video, Found Not Guilty

Unbelievably — but not surprisingly — the officers have been found “not guilty,” according to reports. A jury has found them not guilty on all charges, despite the overwhelming video evidence. A third officer, Joseph Wolfe, was also accused of involuntary manslaughter, but the DA has now dropped the charges in light of the not guilty verdict.

The Strategy Behind Israel’s Attack on Iran and Hizballah

Israel’s claims of an imminent threat of Hizballah attack are not credible.

Obama Says Treating Drug Use As a Criminal Problem Is “Counterproductive”

President Barack Obama continues to speak out against mass incarceration, the devastating impact of our drug policies on communities of color and his expectation that marijuana legalization will continue to spread.
Obama’s comments came today during his YouTube interviews with YouTube bloggers, Bethany Mota, GloZell Green and Hank Green.

‘Israeli army increasing use of live fire at West Bank protests’


Israeli think tank holds anti-BDS ‘hackathon’

Pro-Israel activists have vowed to fight back against a growing global boycott campaign, using new technological “tools” proposed and developed at a recent “Legitimacy Hackathon.”

MSM Blackout: ‘Ceiling Collapse’ at WIPP Nuclear Waste Dump, Roof Separated and 6 Areas At Risk!


The FBI’s War on Black America

Through a secret program called the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO

A Dollar Collapse is Coming – The Sovereign Investor


Investor withdrawals from US loan funds deepening ($738M this week)


Irony Of A Debt-Fueled Boom Turned Into The Great American Oil Bust: Oil Glut, Collapsed Prices, Layoffs Be Damned: Production Soars


Top 300 black on white hate murders that occurred in the U.S. in 2014

Radical left-wing groups claim that black people live in fear of white racists. Yet, actual white on black murders are an extreme rarity. We found 300 black on white murders occurring in 2014.

We posted a challenge all over the internet for people to name a white on black murder occurring in 2014. The SPLC is a major group that hypes white on black crime. However the SPLC didn’t report a single white on black murder for all of 2014.

So far we have only found two blacks murdered by a single white suspect that occurred in all of 2014.

The rhetoric of the MSNBC, NAACP, SPLC, and other far-left mouthpieces has no basis in reality.

Winklevoss twins to take on Wall Street with ‘Nasdaq of Bitcoin’ in bid to create first regulated exchange for cyber currency


Video: Peter Schiff: Fed Caused Oil Crash, Stocks Next – This is from December but a must watch


Nigel Farage Interview: Deflation, The Greatest Danger Facing The World Today & The War In Gold


Dinesh D’Souza Says Obama Hasn’t Lived the “African American Experience” Because He Grew Up in Hawaii

Barack Obama is an African American man. He is black and he was born in Hawaii. He is the president of the United States.

Despite all this, conservative author and convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza tried to convince Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Monday that the president has not lived the “African American experience” for reasons that first included the president not having “descended from slaves on either side of his family.”

The Tel Aviv stabbings:What the media left out

On Wednesday in Tel Aviv, a 23-year-old Palestinian man stabbed and injured as many as 12 Israelis who were riding a public bus during morning rush hour. No deaths were reported, although three people were hospitalized with serious injuries.

U.S. mainstream media coverage of this attack painted a picture of Israeli citizens living in fear of deranged Palestinian terrorists. The media rarely mentioned that Israeli forces have maintained a 48-year military occupation that profoundly impacts and virtually imprisons 4 million Palestinian men, women, and children in the West Bank and Gaza. The media also omitted significant information on Palestinians killed and injured by Israel during the period reported on.

Why Europe’s $1.28 trillion economic plan is a recipe for disaster


FUKUSHIMA RADIATION UPDATE, 1,200 Radionuclides – it can’t be dumped into the ocean….


NATO Scrambles Fighters After Russian Il-20 Spotted Over Baltic Sea

NATO scrambled Typhoon fighters after a Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft was spotted over the Baltic Sea, Bloomberg reports.

A 600,000 Cubic Foot Blimp May Be Spying on You

In the summer of 1849, Austrian Field Marshall Joseph Radetzky did something no one had done before: He bombed a city from the air.

His target was Venice, then in rebellion against the Habsburg crown. During the siege, he launched a fleet of unmanned linen balloons, carrying bombs made from canister shot and gunpowder, timed to drop over the besieged city.

Radetzky told Emperor Franz Joseph that the effect on the people of Venice was “frightful.” Indeed, Radetzky’s balloons had done little physical damage, but had a substantial effect on the morale of the city’s defenders. As the 19th century wore on, fear of attack by airships became a constant theme in popular literature. By World War I, the mere mention of the word “Zeppelin” was enough to cause panic in the streets of London.

Central Banking 101: The ECB is effectively saying it ‘wants investors to take more risk and move into stocks.’


If you doubt the scale of change Syriza plans for Greece listen to this from man who could be their choice as finmin:


Largest Leak In State History: North Dakota Pipeline Leaks Crude Oil, 3mn Gallons of Fracking Fluid


This Is the Beginning of the End for the Euro

The long-anticipated collapse of the euro is here. Over the next 18 months, the European Central bank will create more than a trillion euros out of thin air and will use that money to buy debt.

Press Rebellion in the UK – British Media Launches Protest Against Spying, as GCHQ Places Investigative Journalism in Same Category as Terrorism

Go ahead and read that last paragraph again. In some respects,terrorists are viewed as a lower priority than investigative journalists by the GCHQ. More proof that the “war on terror” is a total sham, and that governments around the world see transparency, truth and their own citizenry as the real enemies.

This is precisely why UK Prime Minister David Cameron wasted no time in exploiting the tragic attacks in Paris in order to call for a banning of encryption, i.e., private communications.

Mechanics sue American Airlines, cut corners on safety, ‘commit maintenance fraud’


BLINKING RED LIGHT: Big Trouble Ahead For Bakken Oil Production

The glory days of the Great Bakken Oil Field are soon coming to an end. With the collapse of the price of West Texas Intermediate Crude, shale oil production from the Bakken is in big trouble. How much trouble? Well, if we understand how much of its production growth came in 2014, the situation is dire indeed.

Ironically, Americans have been lulled into believing that the United States is heading towards energy independence, while the opposite is the case. Not only has the Bakken given us a false sense of energy security, when it finally peaks… it will decline in stunning rapid fashion. This is what the media, oil industry and public fail to realize.

Adobe fixes just one of two actively exploited zero-day vulnerabilities in Flash Player

Kafeine has since updated his blog post to reflect that the Angler exploit seen yesterday also works against the newly released Flash Player for Windows and Mac. Moreover, the attackers have since corrected an error in their implementation and are now also targeting Firefox users who have Flash Player installed in addition to Internet Explorer users.

“Any version of Internet Explorer or Firefox with any version of Windows will get owned if Flash up to (included) is installed and enabled,” Kafeine said. Google Chrome, where Flash Player runs under the browser’s security sandbox, is not targeted.

El-Erian: QE in Europe not the answer


In economic downturn Putin increase defense and security spending with 30%.


Fighting Back Against the Surveillance State: Turn Off the NSA’s Resources

Thanks to whistleblower Edward Snowden, it is now widely known that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been trampling on the privacy of not only Americans, but pretty much everyone on the planet via mass surveillance for who knows how long.

But even the strongest and largest of villains inevitably have a weak spot – an Achilles’ Heel – and the surveillance state is no exception.

OffNow.org has discovered a way to fight back and hit ‘em where it hurts.

Rick Harrison Has Some Interesting Things to Say on Gold Scarcity

This tells you everything you need to know about the possibility of gold manipulation, and where the price will be heading in the future.

The case for a judicial inquiry into Libyan rendition is now undeniable

The evidence is clear that MI5 and MI6 were involved in the abduction and torture of Gaddafi’s opponents – someone must be held to account

Then they turned on Gaddafi.

‘Poor,’ ‘Middle Class’–What’s the Difference to the 1 Percent? By Jim Naureckas

snip: What’s to explain this poor/middle-class mash-up? The official poverty line for a family of four is $23,850. Median household income is $51,939. Perhaps from the point of view of the 1 percent, whose average household income is more than $1 million, it’s hard to see the difference?

Smolensk Crash: Evidence for Explosion

According to the official reports the pilots approached Smolensk North Airport, a former military airbase, in thick fog that reduced visibility to about 1,600 feet (500 meters). Excessive vertical rate of descent caused that the aircraft was too low as it approached the runway. When the pilots realized severity of situation they tried to perform go-around maneuverer. The aircraft started to climb reaching the estimated rate of climb around 1181 ft/min (6 m/s) however on the height of 19-22 feet (6-7 m) the left wing hit the large birch tree with a trunk 12 to 16 in (30 to 40 cm) wide. That ripped off about 18 feet (5.5 m) of the left wing, including the left aileron. The resulting asymmetrical lift caused an uncommanded roll to the left. Within 5 seconds, the aircraft hit the ground in the inverted position (150-160° of roll) instantly killing all abroad.

David Gregory and Why Law Is Only for the Little People


NATO Commander Lied Claiming Possible Russian Invasion of Ukraine Coming by Stephen Lendman

snip: On the one hand, saying “(t)hat is something we’re seeing.” On the other, admitting no confirmation.

RT International reported its Washington correspondent Gayane Chichakyan’s inability to get Psaki to give “straight response(s)” to her questions.

Ignoring Kiev high crimes against peace. Irresponsibly blaming them on Russia. Chichakyan saying “the US always has something to say about Russia, but never about what the Ukrainian government is doing.”

Throughout months of US planned, directed and instigated conflict in Ukraine, Washington consistently blames Russia for its own high crimes.

“(A)voiding questions,” said Chichakyan. Refusing to acknowledge Kiev using heavy artillery in Donbas. Including against residential neighborhoods.

Calling naked Kiev aggression its “absolute right to defend itself.” When pressed to answer Chickakyan’s questions, Psaki responded saying “I think I’ll leave it at what I said.”

REALIST NEWS – European Central Bank = Open ended $1 Trillion QE


Expect Dirty Business as Usual Following Saudi King’s Death by Stephen Lendman

snip: America’s “closest Arab ally,” said Newsweek. Kingdom “decapitations are routine.” For “crimes including political dissent.”

“(A)nd the international press hardly seems to notice.” Dozens of people have “their heads lopped off” annually.

On average, one every four days. Along with other horrendous forms of punishment. Including whippings involving hundreds of lashes. Sometimes 1,000.

Administered about 50 at a time. Too many at once assures extremely painful death.

Newsweek said beheadings occur in public. “People…gather to watch…” British author John R. Bradley calls them the “only form of public entertainment” besides football.

One Saudi executioner, Mohammed Saad al-Beshi, said he beheaded up to seven prisoners a day. Calling it “God’s work.”

Newsweek’s article is the exception proving the rule. Virtually none of this makes Western headlines. Especially in America.

Bigger Rewards for Holding the Economy Hostage It Pays to be a Banker by PETE DOLACK

snip: The “assault on banks” must have been conducted with a wet noodle. Although by any ordinary human logic, these colossal sums of money should satiate the most asocial speculator, the remorseless logic of capitalism dictates that more is never enough, that profits have to increase steadily. Even the rate of the increase can be expected to increase.

Ferguson Mayor Reveals Email Showing MO Governor Nixon Ordered National Guard OUT OF Ferguson


ECB QE Has Begun! Euro Drops to 11 Year Low as Currency Falls!


Barack Obama: A Foil Against the Public Interest The King of Empty Gestures by ROB URIE

snip: There was no hesitancy on Mr. Obama’s part to apply the full array of government resources to the bailouts of Wall Street and the bloated, corrupt (management, not workers) automakers. And the bailouts were claimed to resolve a failure of markets, much as widespread unemployment has been understood to be since the Great Depression.

Texas Cops Jail Woman for ‘Walking Without a Licence’

Charges for driving without license and registration… while walking.

Maintain Economy – China refuses to Saudi Oil

In short, increased Russia/China oil cooperation may have added pressure for Saudi Arabia to lower oil prices.

Celente: We live in bankism, not capitalism, ECB QE is massive fraud


Censorship: When Truth Becomes a Casualty

Most recently, the issue of censorship touched a friend of The Liberty Brothers Radio Show. Sean, founder of sgtreport.com and thelibertymill.com, had a video with over 75,000 views yanked by YouTube with an explanation that I would consider dubious, at best.

We can all be relatively sure that as more of the population begins to “wake-up,” that censorship will increase in kind; for besides just outright killing us, what other choice does TPTB have at their disposal? An informed, motivated and especially, armed population is this government mafia’s greatest fear. Let’s do all we can to keep them up at night.

The Silence and the Storm

We’re being jerked around something fierce but most don’t even recognize it. The abrupt up and down news cycle changes are really doing a number on humanity. There’s this periodic deadness of spirit in the world at large coupled with this sugary news of fake social and political improvements, and then they slam us with another off the wall staged event.

This is the beginning Of the end for the Euro – As the global financial crisis begins to unfold over the next couple of years, the ECB is pretty much going to be powerless to do anything about it.


There’s A Plan Floating Around Davos To Spend $90 Trillion Redesigning All The Cities So They Don’t Need Cars

Here’s one way to solve global warming: Spend $90 trillion (£59 trillion) over the next few years to redesign all the cities — as in all the cities on Earth — so people live in more densely packed neighbourhoods and don’t need cars.

David Cay Johnston: Class War Is Being Waged by the Rich Against the Poor


Five Private Prison Corporations You’ve Never Heard Of Are Making Millions From Mass Incarceration

Of the five, the two most well-known prison profiteers in the United States, Corrections Corporation of America and The GEO Group pulled in about $3.3 billion last year running scores of private prisons and immigration detention centers.

Facebook To Implement Chinese Style Internet Censorship


Prominence of Foster Kids Drugged With Antipsychotics Shows Up In Unlikely Place

An emotional video is going around about a boy who surprised a news anchor after she helped bring his story to the public. By featuring his story multiple times, she played a big role in securing him a loving home with a loving family.

But, there is more than meets the eye…

Messenger of the Gods

When people say they have no politics, it means that their politics aligns with the status quo. None of us are unbiased, none removed from the question of power. We are social creatures who absorb the outlook and opinions of those with whom we associate, and unconciously echo them. Objectivity is impossible.

The illusion of neutrality is one of the reasons for the rotten state of journalism, as those who might have been expected to hold power to account drift thoughtlessly into its arms. But until I came across the scandal currently erupting in Canada, I hadn’t understood just how quickly standards are falling.

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

Ukraine beginning to fall apart, says country’s first president

Ukraine begins to fall apart and blame for this goes to the Ukrainian elites that adhere to an irresponsible position, the country’s first President, Leonid Kravchuk, told reporters on Thursday.

‘Palestine’ Is Becoming a Bad Word in Washington

The U.S. response to the efforts by Palestinian president to join international organizations, including the International Criminal Court (ICC), is puzzling.

Nevertheless, it is very telling that the U.S., which says it is supporting the two-state solution, is all of a sudden opposed to civilized, non-violent legal actions.

Channel 4 Regrets Letting Ex-CIA Agent Claim Baghdad Massacre Would Have Been ‘Ideal’

Channel 4 News has admitted it could have “challenged more strongly” the views of an ex-CIA officer, who told the programme the best solution to violence in the Middle East was for Muslims to kill each other until they “bleed each other white”.

The Mandarin? U.S. General said ‘The ISIS Leader Does Not Exist’

For years, the CIA were able to keep Osama bin Laden alive through a stack of VHS tapes made during the 1990?s and early 2000?s, despite the fact he had been dead for some time. Other video tapes presented by the ‘intelligence community’ and aired on US and global media were in fact fakes.

Christopher Phillips’s cottage was packed with chemicals, police say

Nova Scotia RCMP found unlabelled chemicals packed floor to ceiling in a cottage linked to biochemical weapons specialist Christopher Phillips, who made his first court appearance today on two charges – possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and uttering threats.

Looks like a false-flag “terror” attack stumbled.


The billionaires and corporate oligarchs meeting in Davos this week are getting worried about inequality. It might be hard to stomach that the overlords of a system that has delivered the widest global economic gulf in human history should be handwringing about the consequences of their own actions.

REALIST NEWS – Libya’s OPEC Governor Kidnapped


This Israeli politician is basically a psychopath. Guess who

Israeli Voters need to keep one eye on the news and one eye on the American Psychiatric Association’s manual of mental disorders.

SkyMall Files for Bankruptcy

The company behind the in-flight catalog SkyMall filed for bankruptcy protection, a victim of evolving rules and technology that now lets airline passengers keep their smartphones and tablets powered up during flight.

Along with the fact that most things in the catalog were not really practical!

City charges impoverished residents $20 per month when their water is shut off

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (The Buffalo News): The Niagara Falls Water Board got an earful from some residents Thursday about an “availability” fee that property owners pay even if their water service is shut off.

The Water Board charges $20 per month to any property that has the potential of receiving water service but does not, meaning some shell out $240 a year even if not one drop of water runs through their water line.

One way to avoid this fee – without having the water service turned back on, which comes with its own fee – would be to hire a plumber to have the water line “capped,” or turned off, at the street. This could cost around $2,000, said Virtuoso, the recently retired acting director of the city’s Code Enforcement Department.

Revealed: Obama’s secret, fast-tracked “trade” treaty to consolidate a global corporate government and his multi-pronged attack on internet liberty.


CNY homeowners sued, told they can’t park pickup truck in driveway

A homeowners’ association has filed a lawsuit seeking to bar a resident in the town of Manlius from parking his own pickup truck in his driveway.

The Kimry Moor Homeowners Association has filed a lawsuit against residents David and Arna Orlando in Onondaga County Supreme Court because they are parking their 2014 black Ford 150 pickup in their driveway at 511 Kimry Moor, just outside the village of Fayetteville.

The association wants an injunction to stop the couple from parking their pickup in the driveway of their home.

This hits close to home as I am going through a similar headache with the homeowner’s association where I live. Following a recent re-topping of the parking lot with the cheapest sealant they could find, all residents were told that they would be fined for oil spots on their parking stalls. As I have an older car (and did find and repair a leak) I am now parking on the street. BUT … other people, including vehicles used by homeowner’s association contractors, are using my stalls, and leaking more oil on the pavement.

The homeowner’s association won’t allow me to put down a permanent cover like plywood, and insist I am responsible for the costs of damage from oil leaking from vehicles that park in my stalls without my permission!

I think these homeowner’s associations have become one of the biggest threats to personal freedom and common sense!

Fukushima News 1/22/15: Complaint Against Ex-TEPCO Officials Again Dropped


Bill Whittle: “Number One With a Bullet” America’s murder rate and the right to bear arms


Talking silver with JM Bullion’s James Anderson

author of The Beginner’s Guide To Bullion Investing

Illinois law allows schools to demand students’ Facebook passwords


You might not like what this chart says about the government’s runaway debt

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Latest News 24 January 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media

COURTESY www.whatreallyhappened.com


“The major media are large corporations, owned by and interlinked with even larger conglomerates. Like other corporations, they sell a product to a market. The market is advertisers – that is, other businesses. The product is audiences, [and] for the elite media, [they’re] relatively privileged audiences. So we have major corporations selling fairly wealthy and privileged audiences to other businesses. Not surprisingly, the picture of the world presented reflects the narrow and biased interests and values of the sellers, the buyers and the product.” — Noam Chomsky (from Take the Rich Off Welfare – Odonian Press, p133)

Latest News with Pictures

Imagine, if you will: A president who orders the collection of virtually every fact about US citizens, yet has all of his own records sealed before running for president.


Released after over 10 years in an Israeli prison

Two weeks after his release from prison, ISM activists had the opportunity to sit with Aiman Awwad and his friend, Samer Zaqah, in their hometown of Awarta. Aiman was arrested in June 2004, at the age of 20, and released in January 2015, jailed for a total of ten and a half years in multiple Israeli military prisons. He was previously arrested at the age of 14, and shot in the leg by an Israeli solider.

Matt Damon urges ‘buy a lady a drink’ for charity campaign to help the women who walk 200 million hours a DAY for water

Actor Matt Damon has lent his support to a new campaign to help the 750 million people in the world who still do not have access to clean water.

In a video for Stella Artois and Water.org, the Bourne Identity actor, 44, reveals the shocking statistic that women around the world are walking a total of 200 MILLION hours a day just to collect fresh water.

The crisis disproportionately affects women as they are often the ones who are called upon to provide supplies for their families.

Laughing in the face of death: Workers pictured fooling around as they built some of America’s most iconic buildings – where one person died for every $1m spent

During the incredible building boom of early 20th century, it was said that crew foremen could expect one man to die for every $1million spent on a skyscraper.

In these heady early years – when industry barons raced each other to see who could get their towers built first – workers had few protections. They wore no hard hats or safety ropes.

But even inches from peril, some men managed to laugh in the face of death. These incredible pictures show construction workers goofing off as they built some of America’s most iconic skyscrapers.

The most famous of these, of course, is Charles C. Ebbets infamous shot ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper,’ snapped in 1932 of 11 workers having lunch on an exposed steel beam 840 feet above the ground.

Rickards: Why Gold Price Manipulation is Now a Global Effort


Clinton fundraising will be ‘like nothing you’ve seen’

President Obama raised $1.072 billion for his 2012 successful presidential campaign. This is after he raised $750 million for his 2008 campaign.

How well is Hillary Clinton expected to do in the fundraising department?

According to aides, her efforts will “astound and intimidate.”

Hard-hit worker wonders where the economic resurgence is

Ask Joshua Thevenin — who since last month has been a newspaper salesman, fireworks vendor and tele-marketer — what he thinks about assertions the economy is roaring toward recovery and you’ll get a sigh and a shake of his head.

“I don’t see it. If it is, I don’t know where,” he said.

UN agency to suspend activities in Gaza by end of January

A UN agency tasked with providing aid for Palestinians will suspend its activities in the war-torn Gaza Strip due to a lack of funds.

Bahrain is an Apartheid regime: Rajab

Prominent Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab says the Manama regime has created an apartheid system in the Persian Gulf country, Press TV reports.

Rajab told Press TV in an interview on Thursday that the Bahraini government has built an apartheid system by separating Shias and Sunnis.

“Almost half of the country – Shias – can’t… live,” he said.

US is ‘vassal state’ of Israel: Analyst

Washington is “infested” with traitors who place Israel’s interests first, an indication that the US is a “vassal state” of Israel, an American journalist in Phoenix says.

“We can no longer afford Israel as a friend, much less an ally [because] as a friend they’ve been a severe disappointment,” said Mike Harris, a financial editor at Veterans Today.

eBay Lays Off Thousands After Obama Touts Company in State of the Union Address

THE POLITICO reports that President Obama, during his State of the Union address on Tuesday, gave shout outs to a number of American companies in an effort to highlight the strength of the U.S. economy. Nearly all of those companies, it turns out, are big political spenders and have contributed heavily to Democrats.

One of those companies was eBay, which Obama cited as an example of how “millions of Americans [are working] in jobs that didn’t even exist 10 or 20 years ago.” That now seems like an unfortunate choice, because less than 24 hours after Obama’s speech, eBay announced it was cutting 2,400 jobs, or about 7 percent of its workforce. Investors welcomed the layoffs, and the company’s stock jumped more than 4 percent on the news.

Navy Commander at Guantanamo Base Fired Amid Alleged Affair, Suspicious Death

The officer in charge of the U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been fired for a “loss of confidence” after he allegedly had an affair with a woman whose husband was recently found dead in the waters off the base.

Now Begins The Greatest Heist Since Bernanke Bailed Out Wall Street In September 2008

Well, he finally launched “whatever it takes” and that marks an inflection point. Mario Draghi has just proved that the servile apparatchiks who run the world’s major central banks will stop at nothing to appease the truculent gamblers they have unleashed in the casino. And that means there will eventually be a monumental crash landing because the bubble beneficiaries are now commanding the bubble makers.

All aboard the ‘Lolita Express': Flight logs reveal the many trips Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz took on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet with anonymous women

Just released flight records show Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has been flying with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on the financier’s private jet dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ since as early as 1997, despite public statements that they were only acquaintances.

The high-profile lawyer has been distancing himself from Epstein ever since a young woman named Virginia Roberts filed a lawsuit claiming she was recruited to work as a ‘sex slave’ for Epstein when she was just 15, naming both Dershowitz and Prince Andrew as two of her molesters.

“Je Suis Donetsk”: Ukraine Army Attacks Bus and Trolley in Center of Donetsk. 13 Killed including Children

The terrorist strike on the bus shown above claimed the lives of 13-15 people including children. There are reported to be over 20 other critically injured, many with blast amputations. The driver of a car next to the blast burnt to death. The blast was large enough to blowout 2nd story windows in an apartment across from it and stopped the clock at 8:30.

Donetsk Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov gave a statement that a group of terrorists launching attacks on civilians have been caught and are Ukrainian military operatives. Small teams of Ukrainian army/terrorists have been perpetrating random drive by shootings with automatics in Donetsk since the Ukrainian army reignited the hot war eleven days ago.

Greece Set To Reject Austerity And Financial Oligarchy

In two days time Greece is due to go to the polls and Syriza, a party looking to say no to ridiculous and unmanageable debts, is set to take power. This has the potential to cause a huge shift in economic policy throughout the world as it identifies austerity as a failed policy route. But not everyone in the Euro thinks it is a bad idea for the Greeks to do this, Hollande had no issue here but subsequently had his nation fall victim to a terrorist attack. This has the potential to cause huge changes in a world currently dominanted by Anglo-American financial hegemony.

SYRIZA Heads Towards a Majority in Greece as Elections Approach

The coalition of the radical left SYRIZA Party is poised to win the parliamentary elections on January 25 in Greece. If SYRIZA win, they could form the next government and confront the catastrophic austerity agenda that has plagued Greece and thrown it into a severe economic crisis. The possibility of SYRIZA-led government is sending chills down the spines of the European power centers in Berlin and in Paris and at the European Union headquarters in Brussels.

The Grand Strategy To Cast Off the Corporate State

If the strategies and tactics within this document are implemented successfully, our movement will be more united, driven, connected, funded, and determined than ever before. The corporate state will be broken in both finances and spirit.

Game changer: Russia prepares to develop Gaza gas

In a significant political and economic development, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Jan. 23 with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting came as a prerequisite to officially sign an investment agreement aiming to develop the Gaza offshore gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. It is only logical to assume that this step will raise the ire of Israel. The latter does not appreciate the role Russia plays in the region, especially since Israel has never come to an agreement with Russia.

Next Week’s Bloodbath At IBM Won’t Fix The Real Problem

To fix its business problems and speed up its “transformation,” next week about 26 percent of IBM’s employees will be getting phone calls from their managers. A few hours later a package will appear on their doorsteps with all the paperwork. Project Chrome will hit many of the worldwide services operations. The USA will be hit hard, but so will other locations. IBM’s contractors can expect regular furloughs in 2015. One in four IBMers reading this column will probably start looking for a new job next week. Those employees will all be gone by the end of February.

Western Politicians and Media Rush To Issue Tributes To King That Led The World In Beheadings, Whipped Bloggers For Criticism & Banned Women From Driving

American politicians and mainstream media are falling all over themselves praising the late Saudi King Abdullah.

Are paedophile politicians about to fake their own deaths?

We have it on very good authority that Mossad rent-boys, MI5, are working overtime to execute a permanent CSA cover-up.

They are so desperate to prevent the truth about Britain’s VIP paedophile ring being exposed, they’re trying every trick in the book to stop a planned inquiry going ahead.

ECB Used Up All Remaining Resources With QE, Nowotny Says. The ECB’s tools have exited the building


Graphic Video: The Only Proof You Need That Guns Save Lives: “I Did The Right Thing”

What would you do if you were minding your own business in the comfort of your own home and a machete-wielding maniac started kicking in your door?

If you don’t have a firearm you’d likely panic, pick up the phone, and hope that 9-1-1 can get a police officer to your house in the next 15 seconds.

If you are an armed homeowner, however, you’ve not only given yourself a fighting chance, but you have the distinct advantage of being on your own turf and capable of dispatching the threat with near instantaneous results.

Saudi Arabia: The Monster Is Dead, May The New Monster Die Soon

From Moon of Alabama
The obituaries of mainstream U.S. media and “western” politicians on the Saudi King Abdullah are laughingly sycophantic:
A master politician, he gained a reputation as a reformer without changing his country’s power structure and maintained good relations with the United States while striking an independent course in foreign policy.
The Post closed its comment section on the obit to not be called out for its bootlicking. How much did the Saudis pay for this coverage? For a realistic view on the now dead monster read the Guardian obit: Monarch whose reign saw the spread of division, corruption and strife, and was saved only by ‘black gold’. The deceased left dozens of wives, tens of kids and ten-thousands of terrorists behind him.
The new king Salman, a fervent Wahabbi who has Alzheimer and is unlikely to rule for long, immediately launched an internal coup to further empower his branch of the tribal family:

Appeals court upholds $7 million verdict against two Florida police officers who framed 15 y/o with low IQ for rape and murder.


Utah Bill Would Turn Off Water to NSA Data Center in Bluffdale


Time to Cut the Bull


My Chris Kyle video Deleted for “bullying” hahahha

By: dawson

CONGRESS MILLIONAIRE CLUB – Senators Making Millions While Average American Struggling to Survive


Flight logs place Bill Clinton on sex offender’s jet multiple times

Flight logbooks show that former President Bill Clinton took more than a dozen flights on the private jet of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, according to a new report by Gawker.

The logbooks also show Clinton flew alongside a woman who prosecutors believe procured underage girls to service Epstein and others. In other instances, Clinton reportedly flew with a soft-core porn actress who appears in Epstein’s address book under an entry for “massages.”

I am looking at the #Euro in free fall and thinking about FXCM’s CEO saying ”Currencies don’t move that much” :-)


How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums.

Gray State. The Rise By David Crowley


The Troops Are Destroying Our Country

The mindset that is common to U.S. troops serving overseas is that they are all doing it for America, for us, for our rights and freedoms, for our safety and security. They’ll all tell you that they are doing it because they love their country.

There’s one big problem with that mindset, however. The truth is that the troops, through what they’re doing over there, are indirectly destroying our country, our rights and freedoms, our safety and security, and our economic well-being.

American Sniper’s Patriot Porn & Celebration of Psychopathy

Abby Martin interviews independent journalist, Rania Khalek, about the new film ‘American Sniper’ and why it’s such a controversial choice to receive a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

Ukrainian Politician: Armed Coup against Poroshenko Is Coming

According to available information, the Ukraine is preparing another armed coup. Structures close to Alexander Turchinov and Yatsenyuk Arsen?y, with direct support from the US State Department organized the “People’s veche”, which will meet on the initiative of the Council of the Maidan. During the veche will be taken vote of censure to the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. In the guilt he would put the current economic situation, corruption, inability to resolve the political crisis, the loss of the Crimea.

US Policy is, if the first puppet can;t do the job, take him out and put in a second puppet, then if need be a third, fourth, fifth, sixth …

Kolomoisky is preparing a massive private army for a coup in Kiev

In the next several weeks a new phase of Ukrainian crisis will begin – a destruction of Ukraine, and it will begin from Dnepropetrovsk. Everything is almost ready there. Repeating the words of Boris Filatov: “the time for promises is over, the time has come to hang all of us, Ukrainians”…

Democrats: We Weren’t Consulted on Netanyahu Visit

Harry Reid says he wasn’t consulted about Netanyahu invite to Congress but will “listen to what he has to say”.

New Saudi Deputy Crown Prince marks generational shift

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Minister, Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef, a close friend of the United States and a scourge of Islamist militants, will be the country’s first king from the third generation of its ruling dynasty.

King Salman moved swiftly to appoint Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef as Deputy Crown Prince on Friday, hours after he took the throne following the death of King Abdullah. The decision appeared to settle for many years to come tough decisions over the kingdom’s future succession.

So there will be no dramatic shifts in policy coming from Saudi Arabia. With King Salman being of great age and mentally challenged, Crown Prince Bin Nayef is the real power now.

Israel to Hold Lebanon, Syria Responsible for Attacks from Their Soil

So, Israel drone-strikes Hezbollah in Syria, then tells Syria and Lebanon that if Hezbollah retaliates, Israel will attack!

About the usual way of starting an Israeli war!

Russian media – The disappearance of the Malaysian “Boeing”: a sensational version

The former head of one of the carriers Mark Dyugen said that flight MH370 airline “Malaysian Airlines”, carrying out flight from Kuala Lumpur. Beijing and completely disappeared in the night of March 8, could be shot down by the US military.

MH370 shot down by US, says former airline CEO

The former director of French airline Proteus has suggested that a US military jet shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 over the Indian Ocean to prevent it being used to attack an airbase on Diego Garcia.

Marc Dugain also said that he had been warned off delving too deeply into the fate of flight MH370 by a British intelligence officer who told him that he was taking “risks”, according to France Inter.

Drillers on brink of collapse: Oil companies are looking at ‘outright liquidations’, U.S. oil supplies hit highest level in 80 years


TurboTax Apologizes for Bait-and-Switch, Provides $25 Refunds to Customers

Investors outraged by TurboTax’ recent change that forced them to pay 50% more for the tax preparation software: put down your pitchforks. TurboTax isn’t just apologizing, but will refund your money.

Beginning Friday, TurboTax’ maker Intuit will issue $25 refunds back to any TurboTax customer forced to buy the most expensive version of the company’s software this year after buying the less-costly Deluxe version last year. Intuit will put a link up on its Web site on Jan. 23 where TurboTax customers can claim their refund. …

In addition to refunding $25 to affected customers, TurboTax General Manager Sasan Goodarzi is issuing a lengthy written apology to TurboTax customers for the change.

Top Google executive predicts end of the internet

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Google guru Eric Schmidt gave an answer regarding the evolution of the web. “I will answer very simply that the internet will disappear,” Schmidt said on Thursday.

“There will be so many IP addresses, … so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with that you won’t even sense it, it will be part of your presence all the time,” he explained. “Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room.”

The internet that Schmidt wants to go away is the internet that improves person-to-person communications, where we can share the wrongdoings of governments and corporations. The “Dynamic” room model is all about dazzling us with new toys to keep us from looking into the wider outside world and looking carefully at what is going on.

Obama won’t meet Netanyahu during ‘bizarre,’ ‘historic,’ ‘unprecedented’ visit

White House and State Department won’t meet with Netanyahu on his March visit to address both houses of Congress. Emergency Committee for Israel calls this a snub.

I agree with Obama on this one. Netanyahu and Boehner are trying to hijack the AMERICAN Congress to serve Israel’s agenda. Obama knows that war with Iran means war with Russia and while a degree of conflict is desired to forestall the rise of the Ruble, all-out war will cost millions of lives and there is the real possibility the US will lose.

Israel, like the bankers, doesn’t care who wins or loses so long as their personal wealth and power are elevated in the process. Obama, in his final two years in office and no longer dependent on Israeli support for future elections, seems to be looking at the situation from the point of view of the US, and that is a good thing!

Chris Powell: Gold Is Too Sensitive to Western Governments


Economic Collapse – Greece to Leave EU Soon with Election Fever: Greeks ‘desperate’, Brussels nervous


VTB Bank Head: End of Banking Relationship with US Would Lead to War

The head of a leading Kremlin-owned bank warned on Friday that further banking sanctions would lead Russia and the U.S. to the “brink of war.”

U.S. Fears Chaos as Government of Yemen Falls

The American-backed government of Yemen abruptly collapsed Thursday night, leaving the country leaderless as it is convulsed by an increasingly powerful force of pro-Iran rebels and a resurgent Qaeda.

“Al Qaeda”, “Iran”, blah, blah, blah…

What is going on in Yemen is the same thing that happened in Iran in 1979, and currently in Iraq and Libya. The people of that country are tired of US puppet rule and kicking the government out!

UPS warns of disappointing results

United Parcel Service, Inc. warned of disappointing fourth-quarter and full-year results, as higher-than-expected seasonal expenses and currency headwinds dragged down earnings.


In the summer of 1935, the leader of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Georgi Dimitrov, delivered a speech calling for a united front against fascism in Europe. Today, on a smaller scale that is what is happening in Israel as the Palestinian parties, including Hadash, finally agreed to run on a united list in the upcoming election.

It was the Moldavian fascist, Avigdor Lieberman, whose calls to force these parties out of the Knesset altogether that resulted in this united front against zionism.

DreamWorks stock slumps 13%, analysts adopt cautious tone

Shares of DreamWorks Animation fell close to 13% in pre-market trade Friday as investors reacted to a new strategic plan that calls for the slicing of 500 jobs, or 18% of its workforce, and the scaling back of original filmmaking.

Deere to layoff 910 employees in Iowa, Illinois

Deere & Co. said it will place 910 employees on “indefinite layoff,” from facilities in Iowa and Illinois that make agricultural equipment.

This is the backlash from the world’s rejection of American GMO produce!

VICTORY: Citizens Stand up to Agenda 21 in Alaska

By Dan Johnson

The average planning and zoning meeting consists of the planning and zoning commissioners, a room, and very little else. They are often dry meetings dealing with rules and regulations for business and home licensing, property lines, and nuisance ordinances.

So when the Borough of Kodiak, AK (Pop. 13,600) chose to attempt to entirely revamp the zoning code and place greater restrictions on property owners, including a $1,000 fine per violation, they expected there to be little opposition, and little knowledge of the change…

Here Comes The Whistle Blower…

For the past two decades Israeli-born, UK-based saxophonist, author and political provocateur Gilad Atzmon has matched his incendiary playing and controversial opinions with a relentlessly questioning attitude to the establishment and his own identity. With 15 albums to his name – backed by his rip-roaring Orient House Ensemble – Atzmon’s latest, The Whistle Blower, is perhaps his most compelling to date, his garrulous playing both mesmerising and melancholic by turns. Stuart Nicholson discovers the outspoken polymath is still searching for answers in today’s polemical maelstrom through passion, humour and politics

And because of his political activism, the city of Nottingham, under pressure from “you know who”, just canceled the planned performance.

Who is Saudi Arabia’s new King Salman?

Riedel says Salman has had a stroke, Simon Henderson of the Washington Institute says the new king’s brain is “ravaged by dementia,” and The Economist reports he’s believed to be suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Okay, so who is REALLY calling the shots in Saudi Arabia right now?

Oil Dinosaurs Face Extinction: State Oil Companies and the Meteor-Strike of Low Oil Prices

States seize cash, property from motorists


Oil Service & Drillers: 2nd QTR to be Devastating. “There are certainly companies that are going to die” … If oil drops below $30 a barrel, brace for a global recession


If wealth of 1% is vulnerable to economic collapse, war will be initiated to protect their wealth and blame Russians/Chinese for hardships


Cop invades home because of ‘No Trespassing’ sign

According to a post on the website, Daily Kos, a law enforcement officer entered a man’s home without knocking or announcing himself. The author of the post maintains that the officer gave as reasoning a No Trespassing sign that the home owner had posted. According to the cop, No Trespassing signs are now common on homes in foreclosure, so he thought the man might have been illegally squatting

County 911 operator resigns over Facebook post critical of police brutality, says she feared for her safety after an employee of a local police agency accessed her personal information on a law-enforcement database

The Baltimore County 911 employee whose comments on police brutality were criticized by the county police union has resigned from her job.
Kelli Murray, 32, said she felt unsafe after an employee of a local police agency accessed her personal information on a law-enforcement database, and because of online insults posted about her.

Euro #gold has hit 21-month high at €1,153.45/oz today, up 17.7% this year, outperforming spot


FTC: Dish Network made 57 million telemarketing violations, called Do Not Call list. The penalty for violating the Telemarketing Sales Rule is up to $16,000 — per instance.

Dish Network (DISH) was found liable for making more than 57 million calls in violation of federal telemarketing rules, including millions to consumers who were registered on the Do Not Call list, the Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday.
The potential penalty could be staggering, and could include a possible windfall to consumers who often are the beneficiaries in telemarketing cases.

After promises of vetoes in SOTU, President Obama decries Republicans saying “no” to his proposals.


Assuming We’re Not All Incinerated: Eurasian Power in a Post-Western World

James Holbrooks
Activist Post

“Western Europe is undergoing a wave of Islamization, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. It is awash in this, and we would like to ensure that the State of Israel will have varied markets around the world.”

Speaking ahead of a meeting with the prime minister of Japan on Sunday, Benjamin Netanyahu stressed Israel’s need to reduce its dependence on European trade. The arrival of the delegation marked the first time since 2006 that a Japanese prime minister has visited Israel, and highlights the extent to which ties have been strengthening between the two countries since Netanyahu was welcomed in Japan in May of last year.

Gas prices are headed down to $2 a gallon.


Thousands to receive experimental Ebola vaccines in West Africa

Thousands of people are to be injected with two experimental Ebola vaccines in trials in West Africa within a couple of weeks, and a Baltimore biotechnology company is launching a human trial of its own candidate in June, as scientists and public health officials work to end the deadly epidemic.

More Isolation? Russia, China To Build $240 Billion High-Speed Rail Link

The ongoing ‘isolation’ of Russia took another turn for the un-isolated-er today when, as Bloomberg reports, China will build a 7,000-kilometer (4,350-mile) high-speed rail link from Beijing to Moscow, at a cost of 1.5 trillion yuan ($242 billion), Beijing’s city government said. The rail-link – which will bring travel time between Beijing and Moscow down from 5 days to 30 hours – signals a 10-year partnership between the two nations and follows the dropping of the French company, Alstom, from the project.

A Billionaire Lectures Serfs In Davos: “America’s Lifestyle Expectations Are Far Too High”

Billionaire Jeff Greene – who flew his wife, children and two nannies on a private jet plane to Davos for the week – has some words of wisdom for the average American: “America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence. We need to reinvent our whole system of life.”

FATCA: “The Worst Law Nobody Has Ever Heard Of,” Part II

Some couples are reconsidering marriage plans and getting divorced due to the understandable unwillingness of non-US spouses to have their personal and financial information shared with the government of a foreign country.

Banks, particularly in Europe, are refusing services, including such basics as mortgage renewals, to “US Person” customers.

The list of abuses is lengthy.

$43 Hot Dogs; $47 Burgers And $55 Caesar Salads: A Look At The Davos Menu


Privacy is dead and it’s never coming back, Harvard professors say:dystopian world portrayed by a group of Harvard professors at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday.

Imagine a world where mosquito-sized robots fly around stealing samples of your DNA. Or where a department store knows from your buying habits that you’re pregnant even before your family does.
That is the terrifying dystopian world portrayed by a group of Harvard professors at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday, where the assembled elite heard that the notion of individual privacy is effectively dead.

Parent: 10-year-old son was ordered to partially strip down for search in front of class

An Auburn woman was in tears Wednesday as she described how her son’s teacher had him strip down in front of his classmates.
Gina Gonzalez said her 10-year-old son, Santiago Nolasco, was stripped of his shoes, sweater and shirt after being accused of taking papers off his teacher’s desk.

Fed QE was $4trn over six years, passes QE baton to the ECB. BOJ and ECB spending a combined $1.5trn a year. So forget the taper – the emerging markets party goes on?


The Power of Nightmares – Documentary:


Watch World Economic Forum’s Channel 1-Davos 2015 (English) on Livestream.com..THE END OF DEMOCRACY TO PROTECT MINORITIES BEING DISCUSSED


State of Texas forcing epileptic man to suffer, facing jail time for trying to self-medicate


Unhappy economics in Europe…


Keystone XL Pipeline Files for Eminent Domain in Nebraska


Why You Should Care About Barrett Brown’s Prison Sentence


Bill Proposed To Allow Voting Without US Citizenship


ECB Will Begin TRILLIONS in QE to Save EU from Deflation Meltdown!


USD too strong for fiat house of cards. Quickly inflate the money supply!

New GOP Border Security Bill Removes Border Fences


Man Invokes 5th Amendment, Cops Tell Him to “Throw all the Legal Mumbo Jumbo Out the Window”


Four and Counting: States Consider Bill to Turn Off Resources to the NSA


High Fructose Corn Syrup Is More Toxic Than Refined Sugar

Dr. Robert Lustig, Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at the University of California, has been a pioneer in decoding sugar metabolism.

He’s become quite well-known in recent years for stating that excessive amounts of sugar in your diet has toxic effects. He’s also pointed out that processed fructose is far worse, from a metabolic standpoint, than refined sugar.

Now, new research1,2 from the University of Utah confirms Dr. Lustig’s stance, showing that corn syrup is more toxic to female mice than table sugar. Not only did corn syrup adversely impact the animals’ rate of reproduction, it also caused premature death.

From a chemical standpoint, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is similar to table sugar, but it does contain higher levels of fructose.

Manufacturers have long claimed that HFCS contains at most 55 percent fructose (and 45 percent glucose). This is very close to white sugar, which contains about 50 percent fructose (and 50 percent glucose).

Pentagon Confirms US Troops Will Deploy to Ukraine in Spring -Unknown Number “to Carry Out Training”


Obama Executive Order: You Could Be Quarantined And Forced To Take Toxic Drugs


Washington Post (WaPo) REPORTS GUNS MAY SERVE DEFENSIVE PURPOSE, BUT CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) “MUST CONFIRM”


State Budget Deficit Weighs in at $765M


NSA violating the constitution, public trust by spying on citizens – veteran intel. officer


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The end of the euro and why Putin can destroy NATO


Monsanto agrochemicals cause genetic damage in soybean workers – study


This is what happens when a civilian kills a cop during a no-knock drug raid


German 30-year bond yield 1%. EURUSD crushed. Euro gold has hit 21-month high at €1,153.45/oz today, up 17.7% this year.


Gold Price Will Reset Over Night, The Fed Will Have to Defend the Gold Price at $5000.00 or $6000.00 – Bill Murphy, GATA


Celente: We live in bankism, not capitalism, ECB QE is massive fraud

The introduction of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank has raised doubts about the effectiveness of such a move. To discuss this measure taken by the ECB RT talks to the publisher of Trends journal, Gerald Celente.

Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence


The euro is dropping like a ROCK. New low of just $1.111 versus dollar.



ATLAS, the standard-bearer for the next generation of robotics, is back and better than ever. In fact, it’s fully 75% better than ever, as the newest version of Google and Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot carries over only a quarter of its parts from earlier prototypes. Everything from the battery pack to the arm strength has been upgraded, and not just for the sake of it — DARPA is getting ready to have ATLAS “cut the cord,” along with the rest of the competitors in its challenge in robot AI. Soon enough, ATLAS will be stomping through simulated “disaster” (combat) zones to “save” (neutralize) “civilians” (whomever) with total autonomy, and with no tether to undo a fall.

Wood Burning Stove Ban: Utah Program Seeks to Strip Freedoms to Burn


Gold in Euros Surges As ECB Print Trillion Euros and ‘Grexit’ Election Sunday


Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B and the Paris Shooting


Swiss franc jumped 40% in 13 min, gold could do the same – Goldcore Ltd exec dir


It’s Official: If You Question Authority, You Are Mentally Ill


Alert: Plans To Confiscate Your Money “Already Set In Motion”

McCain is one sick fraud. Some of his fellow Vietnam Veterans claim he co-operated with the North Vietnamese when he was their POW , for preferential treatment. McCain has always voted against any moves to find any Americans who disappeared while being held prisoners of the North Vietnamese. He also crashed a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier which illuminates his incompetence as a fighter pilot and it was his father who helped cover up the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 six day war which resulted in dead and wounded American servicemen…………KT


Truth revealed: McCain’s ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria ARE ISIS

Poor John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Washington’s real first couple

MH17: The Political Aftermath


US Considering Using Russian Satellite System to Route 911 Emergency Calls

The Federal Communications Commission is considering a plan to route U.S. emergency 911 location calls through a Russian satellite system, raising national security alarms inside a Congress dubious of Moscow’s intentions.

D.C. Police Chief: Arresting People For Marijuana Possession ‘Never Was Productive To Begin With’

If the legalization of marijuana possession goes into effect in Washington, D.C., the city’s police chief thinks it will save officers both time and energy.
Asked if last year’s ballot initiative to legalize pot has impacted policing, Chief Cathy Lanier told NewsChannel 8, “Marijuana possession has never been a big arrest category. If you’re arrested for possession of marijuana, typically we get it because there’s some other charge and then we find the marijuana in a search upon arrest.” According to Lanier, possession has led to few arrests in the past few years, since people are rarely prosecuted. Subsequently, “It saves us from having to charge someone for small amounts of marijuana now, because it really never was productive to begin with. It’s a little bit easier for us, actually.”

Jan 23 06:10

“Snow bomb” going to hit the East coast this weekend.


Video: Will the Euro Tumble Further? What about USDCAD? – 23/01/2015


‘We didn’t even really know who we were firing at’ – former US drone operator


Palestinian right to fight occupation not only moral, but legal as well

Above and beyond the basic right of all human beings to resist their being killed and harmed, and a society to take armed actions to protect itself, this document legitimizes also national liberation struggles, including, at this time in history, most particularly, the Palestinian people’s struggle for its own freedom. It is this right which legitimizes all Palestinian attempts to lift the yoke of Israeli oppression from Palestine, including all the actions taken by the Palestinians during Operation Cast Lead.
it is also a fact that Jews who joined the resistance, say in Poland or other places under Nazi occupation, are heroes for the Jewish people. I would contend that one cannot deny that right of resistance to Palestinians which the Jews appropriated to themselves, and which is the right of all peoples living under military occupation and/or colonialist regimes.

Collector Finds 31 Rolls Of Undeveloped Film By An Unknown WW II Soldier (21 pics)

Levi Bettweiser, a collector and restorer of old and historical film and he recently found 31 rolls of film from World War II. He spent many hours restoring the film and his hard work has paid off and given a new look at World War II to the world

Some eye-catching numbers on the global effects of QE since Lehman, or what BAML calls the “Lust for Yield”:


2015: the year when the U.S. stock market bubble bursts?


THERE IS NO INFLATION: NYC Subway Fare Raised By 10%

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority raised the cost of a subway ride by 25 cents to $2.75. The fare increase, which will take effect on March 22. This is the second hike since the 2008 financial crisis.

SFPD Attempt to Throw Wheelchair Bound Man Off Curb


The Nazi Who Was Hung for Drawing Cartoons


LOOKS LIKE SEXSTEIN IS BLOWING WIDE OPEN: Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet


Stairway to Tyranny

If a government can expand their power over the governed with such as The Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, Department of Homeland Security, ,Federal Emergency Management Agency…there’s Dr. Kissinger’s aphrodisia—the Psychopathic Power Rush (PPR).

Heroin, power, cocaine, methamphetamine…“hard” drugs demand ever-increasing doses to keep the rush satisfying. Regarding the PPR, all questions lead to: How brutally can government tyrannize, how far can they push before sufficient numbers of the governed realize whose interests government actually serves? The governed are, at the very best, unsecured creditors, last in line. Banks, that’s whose interests are not only at the front of the line, banks own the line. Very little trickles past banks to serve interests behind theirs because government works for those who have a monopoly on creating “money” from nothing.

How Propaganda Conquers Democracy

Do we live in a country where citizens are critically informed on the issues of the day by media that operate independently of the government? Or do our political leaders deliberately plant a false view of events and issues in the mind of the public that complicit media then broadcast and amplify to generate public consent for government policy?

“Je Suis Donetsk”: Ukraine Army Attacks Bus and Trolley in Center of Donetsk. 13 Killed including Children

The terrorist strike on the bus shown above claimed the lives of 13-15 people including children. There are reported to be over 20 other critically injured, many with blast amputations. The driver of a car next to the blast burnt to death. The blast was large enough to blowout 2nd story windows in an apartment across from it and stopped the clock at 8:30.

State of the Union 2015: Lethal, Predatory, Delusional

Washington can muster no response, except war. Neither can it maintain living standards for the vast majority of its own people.

Lessons that Hollande failed to learn from Bush’s blunders

French President Francios Hollande seems to be borrowing the same costly policies that were implemented by former US President George W Bush after the deadly attacks of September 11.

Congress Seeks Netanyahu’s Direction

Conservative Pat Buchanan once got in trouble by calling Capitol Hill “Israeli occupied territory,” but even he might not imagine what’s happening now – with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu invited to address a joint session of Congress to decry President Obama’s foreign policy.


Zionism is a political philosophy. Anti Semitism is hatred of a race of people, the Semites. Most Jews in the world do not have a fluid ounce of Semitic blood in their veins. The large, non Semitic Jewish cohort consists mainly of people of the Khazar gene pool.

Is anti-Zionism really anti-Semitism?

When most Palestinians condemn Israel and not Jews, they are judged as anti-Semitic, and when some of them buy into the Zionist line and condemn Israel as a true representative of Jewishness, they are also condemned as anti-Semites.

eBay To Lay Off 2,400, Could Split Into Three Parts

A PayPal spinoff isn’t enough for eBay — the company now plans to lay off thousands of workers and split off yet another independent company as its auction site suffers.

eBay announced Wednesday afternoon that it would slash 2,400 jobs, about 7 percent of its global workforce, as it struggles to bounce back from a cyberattack that forced all users to reset their passwords

US Spying in Germany – With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

A German spy employed by Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) was arrested in Berlin in early July 2014. He was charged with handing out the top secret documents to foreign secret services, namely the CIA. A few days later it was announced that German law enforcement agencies began searching for another US spy that had been stealing information from The Federal Ministry of Defence.

The general secretary of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Yasmin Fahimi called for the adoption of a list of “effective countermeasures” that would allow Germany to protect its national secrets from being stolen by Washington. Speaking on national TV Yasmin Fahimi said that: “We are not yet another banana republic.”

“The ISIS Leader Does Not Exist”: The US Military’s Stunning Conspiracy Theory Emerges from the Archives

As The New York Times exposed in 2007, Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi, the titular head of the Islamic State, according to Brigadier General Kevin Bergner – the chief American military spokesman at the time – never existed (and was actually a fictional character whose audio-taped declarations were provided by an elderly actor named Abu Adullah al-Naima).

Saudi Arabia: King Abdullah DEAD, time for revolution?

While undergoing treatment

Oil Boom-Town: ‘We Could See 20,000 Layoffs By June’

Oil prices have been sinking for months. And while that’s good news for most Americans, what happens to towns like Williston, N.D., that have built an entire economy around the oil industry?

Target’s Package For Ex-CEO Matches Package For All 17,600 Canadian Workers

Social media readers had some snarky comments Thursday about reports that the former CEO of Target got a total severance and other benefits package worth about the same as the total amount being offered to all 17,600 of the chain’s Canadian employees who will soon be out of work as the company winds down its presence in Canada.

Oklahoma Bill Would Put An End To Marriage Licenses

Oklahoma state Rep. Todd Russ, R-Cordell, has filed a bill that would put an end to marriage licenses in the state. Under his plan, a religious official would sign a couple’s marriage certificate, which would then be filed with the court clerk.

Psaki grilled over Ukraine’s noncompliance with Minsk peace agreements


Georgia cops fight law inspired by toddler maimed in raid: You can have privacy or security


Gitmo fully functional six years after Obama vowed to close prison


Currency expert: Euro going ‘well below parity’

The euro plunged to an 11-year low on Thursday, after the European Central Bank announced that it would begin a 60-euro monthly asset purchasing program. But it could still have a ways to fall.

Before QE started in the US (end-2007), the Fed, ECB, and BoJ balance sheets stood at 6%, 16% and 22% of their respective GDP. By the end of 2016, on our projections, those numbers will stand at 25%, 28% and 86 respectively.


1913: Corn is 100% farmer owned vs. 2013: Corn is 95 corporation owned, 90% GMO, & apparently you need to wear hazmat suit to touch it.


The MPAA Isn’t About Helping Hollywood. It’s About Preserving Its Own Need To Exist.

The real issue here is that, as younger, more internet-savvy filmmakers continue to bubble up throughout Hollywood, sooner or later more of them are going to realize what a farce the MPAA has become. And just like the MPAA’s “content protection” strategy has totally failed Hollywood, eventually it’s going to totally fail itself as well. That’s what you get for fighting the future, rather than embracing it.

Blogger who uncovered GOP leader’s white supremacist ties had home Internet lines cut

Earlier this month, Lamar White, Jr. woke up to discover his Internet connection wasn’t working. He had just gotten a new cable box installed at his Dallas, Texas, home and figured his lines should still be in ship shape because it hadn’t been long since they were last checked.

Senator ‘Astounded’ That Nonprofit Hospitals Sue Poorest Patients

NPR and ProPublica have been reporting about nonprofit hospitals that seize the wages of lower-income and working-class patients. Now, Sen. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says hospitals could be breaking the law by suing these patients and docking their pay. And he wants some answers.

Rosetta will prompt science images rethink

The European Space Agency needs to find a new way for images and other data acquired by its science missions to come out into the public domain.

That is the view of the organisation’s director general, Jean-Jacques Dordain.

He was expressing his frustration at not seeing more pictures from the main camera system on Esa’s Rosetta probe, which is tracking Comet 67P.

These images are subject to a six-month embargo to allow the mission team to make discoveries without being scooped.

But the policy has upset the thousands of ordinary members of the public who follow Rosetta on a daily basis because they are not being shown the very best views that have been acquired.

Police union to state lawmakers: Don’t mess with no knock warrants

Carrie Mills is a retired Atlanta Police officer with 30 years on the job – primarily in APD’s drug unit.
Mills is now a union rep for the International Brotherhood of Police Officers. She considers herself an expert on search warrants, particularly no knock warrants, which allows officers to enter a structure without knocking first.

The Cop Who Choked Eric Garner to Death Won’t Have to Pay a Dime in Damages

When police officers kill unarmed citizens they are rarely charged, let alone convicted of a crime. The victims’ families often turn to civil complaints against the police, as is currently the case in New York City, Cleveland, and Los Angeles, where wrongful death and other civil rights claims filed in the wake of officer-involved killings could result in payouts tallying in the millions of dollars. Still, the police officers involved are likely to suffer no financial pain. That’s because in the vast majority of such cases, whether they are settled or go to court, the officers don’t pay a dime.

Harvey Organ: Zurich Set to Become Key Center of Gold Trading As Swiss to Set Up Chinese Currency Exchange!

The real news is that the Chinese are setting up a currency exchange with the Swiss in Zurich and this no doubt was the cause of Switzerland immediately abandoning the peg with the Euro.

China will also use Switzerland as a key centre of gold trading.

Danish Central Bank Just Cut Rates For A Second Time This Week; Intervenes In Market To Preserve Peg

It was just on Monday when the Danish central bank, clearly panicking about the peg of the Danish Krone to the EUR, surprised the world when in an unexpected rate cut it went NIRPer, sending its deposit rate from -0.05% to 0.2%. Moments ago it doubled down with its second rate cut for the week, this time sending the rate from -0.20% to -0.35%. At this rate we should hit -0.5% next Tuesday and be well into the -1% territory two weeks from today. And not only that, but as Bloomberg observes, “The Danish central bank “also seems to have been intervening in the market prior to the ECB meeting,” Jes Asmussen, chief economist at Svenska Handelsbanken AB in Copenhagen.” In other words, the Danish Krone’s peg days are most likely numbered.

“Government Is Waging A Perpetual War Against Human Nature… They Can Never Win”

Government has NEVER accepted the economy or free markets. They assume they have the ability and the right to manipulate society. They have failed each and every time. They cannot just recognize the natural order of things driven by human nature (character). They constantly work against the business cycle and attempt to change what cannot be changed. Therein, they are engaging in a perpetual war they can never win.

17,600 Laid-Off Canadian Target Workers Stunned At Ex-CEO’s “Walk-Away” Package

Earlier this month, Target announced it would close all of its 133 stores in Canada, laying off the 17,600 employees north of the border. As CBC reports, Target’s “employee trust” package for its Canadian workers, announced last week, amounts to around $56 million, providing each worker with 16 weeks of pay. But – what is perhaps more stunning is that, depending on who’s doing the calculation, the golden handshake “walk-away” package handed to ex-CEO Gregg Steinhafel last May is in roughly the same ballpark at around $61 million, including severance of $15.9 million. It appears underperforming is the new killing it…

California lost 432,517 manufacturing jobs since NAFTA. Find out how many jobs your state lost: #NoFastTrack #TPP


Hedge funds gave Mugabe $100M for genocide, got platinum mines in return

Zimbabwe’s dictator Robert Mugabe unleashed a storm of brutal, genocidal violence after losing the 2008 elections — and now we know that it was funded by western hedge-funds and banks, led by Och-Ziff Capital Management, the largest publicly traded fund, with assistance from Blackrock, GLG Partners, and Credit Suisse, who raised $100M for Mugabe’s weapons and torture-chambers in exchange for a sweetheart deal on the country’s platinum mines.

The Astronomical Scale of Money in Politics


‘American Sniper’: American Hero or American Psycho?

Breaking box office records, director Clint Eastwood’s newest film, “American Sniper,” raked in $107 million in its wide release in theaters over the four-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend, the biggest-ever January weekend film opening. A week earlier, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences rewarded the film with six Oscar nominations, including nods for best picture and best actor. It even moved Vice President Joe Biden, who reportedly teared up while watching it.

‘Hidden Agenda Within Intelligence Community Allowed Paris Attacks’ for a Police State With Grand Spy Powers

Former U.S. intelligence linguist and national security veteran Scott Rickard accused American intelligence of looking the other way to enable the Hebdo Charlie terrorist attacks in Paris that dominated headlines and reopened international talks to combat terrorism with increased spy powers.

Rickard, who claims to have worked under numerous operations including Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Security (COMSEC), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), charged that members of the intelligence community were aware of the attacks before hand, but did not reveal information that could have stopped them, in order to further a “hidden agenda.”

During an interview with Press TV, Rickard stated:

“I think what we see here is an opportunity for intelligence communities to basically look the other way when targets like those are being active in scenarios [that] would benefit their agenda.”

While You Were Sleeping, Lehman Just Happened…


Abby Martin Exposes Obama’s SOTU Double Speak | Brainwash Update


Free Speech Endangered: ‘Anonymous’ Journalist Barrett Brown Sentenced for Exposing Gov’t Corruption

The case of Barrett Brown, alleged to have been a spokesperson for Anonymous and accused of being less than a (First Amendment protected) journalist, remains an important case for free speech in the age of mass surveillance, vigilante hacking, reckless and unconstitutional activities by tech firms tied to government and corporate interests.

Hanging in the balance of this and other related cases is the semblance of freedom that society is to have in the information age.

Public awareness and citizen outrage, along with the facts of the case, likely reduced Brown’s sentence to 63 months, with 30 months served, after he initially faced 105 years in prison under charges that interpreted his behavior in the worst possible light – the same light that has generally been cast upon all dissidents, activists and so-called “extremists” in the age of the Internet, that of a potential terrorist, and a menace and danger to society.

The United States Is Imploding, On The Eve Of Destruction


Nearly 3-Million Gallons of Toxic Waste Spill in N. Dakota, Maybe Missouri River Too

Microsoft HoloLens: An experience you never knew you wanted

WEBMASTER ADDITION: Now THIS interests me a lot more than Google Glass did!

“Civilization” of the Neocons

Imagine – a bunch of French, CIA and Mossad special forces, one of them or a combination of the three, attack a racist, Moslem-insulting publisher in Paris and a kosher supermarket at another end of town – killing altogether 17 people, notwithstanding the ‘suicide’ of the French police chief in charge of investigating the atrocity.

A million and a half people in Paris take to the streets – about 6 million throughout Europe – all screaming or carrying posters with a maddening, inexplicable “Je Suis Charlie” – depicting an utterly brainwashed mindset, brainwashed for decades with Washington directed mind control.

Now MOSSAD weighs into Iran sanctions row at secret meeting with senators: Israeli spy chief warned about ‘throwing a grenade’ into nuclear talks

The head of Israeli’s intelligence agency, MOSSAD, held a secret meeting with a group of U.S. senators last week, the Prime Minister’s Office said today.

And he did in fact bring up the possibility of purposefully ‘throwing a grenade’ into nuclear talks with Iran in order to get a better deal in the long run while speaking to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

The PMO issued a statement confirming the rendezvous with U.S. lawmakers and what MOSSAD chief Tamir Pardo said to them in response to a news report that Pardo had gone ‘rogue’ and broken with the administration over sanctions on Iran.

It also sought to clarify remarks Pardo made to Kerry. The United States’ chief diplomat said yesterday that an Israeli intelligence official said new sanctions on Iran handed down from Congress would be ‘like throwing a grenade into the process.’

JAPAN ISIS HOSTAGE – Analyst Says VIDEO FAKE & Manipulated With Green Screen

By: alexmark

Jan 22 16:25

Obama Snub, Won’t Meet With Netanyahu When He Addresses Congress in March


Stunned scientists find FISH beneath 2,400ft-thick Antarctic ice sheet – and they could be getting energy from Earth’s core

Incredibly-resilient fish have been found living in perpetual darkness beneath a 2,430ft (740 metre) thick sheet of Antarctic ice.

Stunned scientists made the discovery after drilling a small hole through the Ross Ice Shelf, which covers an area the size of France.

They spotted the sea creatures in an area of remote seawater 33ft (10 metres) deep, sealed between the ice sheet and the seafloor.

Dead bodies in NATO uniforms, US weapons recovered from under debris of Donetsk airport

Dead bodies in NATO uniforms and a great number of US-made weapons have been recovered from under the debris of the Donetsk airport, Eduard Basurin, a spokesman for the defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said on Thursday.

EU better off writing each citizen a check instead of making the rich even richer with QE


Truth Revealed: McCain’s ‘Moderate Rebels’ in Syria ARE ISIS

“Reported along the peripheries of the Western media, it was reported recently that some 3,000 so-called “moderate rebels” of the “Free Syrian Army” had defected to the “Islamic State” (ISIS). While not the first time so-called “moderates” have crossed over openly to Al Qaeda or ISIS, it is one of the largest crossovers that has occurred. With them, these 3,000 fighters will bring weapons, cash, equipment, and training provided to them by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States, the UK, and perhaps most ironic of all in the wake of the recent terror attack in Paris, France. Indeed, ISIS and Al Qaeda’s ranks continue to swell amid this insidious network of “terror laundering” that is only set to grow.”

Gov’t: Sea urchins with insides empty, bare skeletons, and black lesions in Hawaii — Birds dying of unusual cancers, rarely seen in wildlife (PHOTOS)

Journalist Barrett Brown Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison; Read his Speech Here

Persecuted journalist Barrett Brown plans to use his opportunity to address the court at his sentencing to continue to defend his colleagues that are also being persecuted. The government extorted a guilty plea from him by threatening 105 years in prison: he’s currently facing around eight. All indications are that he signed a non-cooperating plea deal in which he admits only his role.

As Barrett Brown joins the ranks of America’s other political prisoners, the American people need to review his words and ask themselves if this is actually the government they want. Do they want to live in a society where journalists are targeted by federal agents simply because they revealed the truth? A society where the government exercises so much control over the corporate media, that the fifth estate remains silent, while one of their own is carted off to prison?

There isn’t much that can be added to Brown’s statement…

Eurozone citizens have also responded predictably, by converting their unbacked, make-believe, soon-to-be-worth-a-lot-less paper money into something tangible. They’re bidding gold up dramatically.


NEWS ALERT: Apple CEO Tim Cook gets $9.22 million in pay, Goldman Sachs awards CEO Blankfein $24 million in stock and cash

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‘US govt trying to pursue those who show courage’ – Former CIA officer


EU foreign ministers discuss attacks on democratic rights, provocations against Russia

The deliberately engendered atmosphere of fear and hysteria is being used to implement anti-democratic measures increasing the repressive powers of the state. The foreign ministers discussed greater sharing of passenger flight data within the EU, the re-introduction of border checks, and proposals to withdraw passports and identity cards from EU citizens considered “public threats.”

The Super-Rich Do Not Deserve Their Wealth

We can either have billionaires or we can have democracy and freedom. Not both.

Rewriting history? Polish FM says Ukrainians liberated Auschwitz. Russia puzzled

The Polish FM’s statement that it was the Ukrainians who liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp has puzzled Moscow. Russia’s UN envoy remarked that the Soviet Army, which liberated the camp, was actually multinational.

PayPal accounts in Crimea were shut down. Due to US sanctions via @Liveuamap

The Intimidation of Greek Voters by MARK WEISBROT

snip: Syriza, led by the popular and charismatic Alexis Tsipras, is not threatening to leave the euro but promises to renegotiate Greece’s unsustainable debt. Syriza also calls for reversing Greece’s devastating austerity policies, imposed by the European authorities, which have brought the country 6 years of depression and more than 25 percent unemployment.

When is Your Wealth Not Your Wealth?

Thanks to a loyal reader, Lloyd, the full interview with Harry Markopolos that started a whole new leg on my journey is presented below. Please listen BEFORE reading this article in order to fully understand the depth of lies and alleged theft that are being perpetuated against YOU and ME as you are reading. It is mind blowing.

Harry Markopolos is the man who tried to alert the SEC to the fraud being committed by Bernie Madoff-with-the-loot, but was shunned by SEC investigators, many of whom actually gave their resumes to Bernie while they were supposed to be investigating him!

Although Central Banks will never admit to it, the stock market is their most important mandate.


Baseless Accusations of Russian Troops in Ukraine by Stephen Lendman

snip: In his State of the Union address, Obama accused Russia of “aggression” in Ukraine.

Earlier he said it’s “provable” that “Russian combat forces and tanks” moved into Ukraine. “(W)ith Russian weapons and Russian tanks.”

“(T)hese are the facts. They are provable. They’re not subject to dispute.” No proof whatever was presented. Not earlier. Not now. Now exists.

No Russian combat troops operate in Ukraine. Nor is Moscow supplying Donbas freedom fighters with weapons.

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Pope Francis on Blowback: “If My Good Friend Insults My Mother, He’ll Get Punched For It! This Is Normal!”

During a Q&A on a Papal Flight last week, Pope Francis was asked about freedom of speech and showing respect to various religions. He replied “It is true one cannot respond violently, but if my good friend Dr. Gasbarri here insults my mother, he’ll get punched for it! This is normal! It is normal. We cannot provoke others, we cannot insult their faith, we cannot mock their faith… All those people who belittle religions, who mock them, who “toy with” other people’s religion, they antagonize others and what happens to Dr. Gasbarri if he says something against my mother can happen to them. There is a limit. Every religion has dignity, every religion which respects human life, the human person. I cannot mock it. This is a limit.”

Texas Cops Jail Woman For ‘Walking Without A License’

A woman in Hamlin, Texas is fighting charges of driving without a license and expired registration after she was arrested and jailed by cops while WALKING home with groceries.

Israeli State Terror the Root Cause of Palestinian Blowback by Stephen Lendman

snip: Lone wolf Palestinian retaliatory attacks followed Operation Protective Edge. Israeli state terror.

Cold, calculated, premeditated aggression. Murdering over 2,200 Palestinians. Injuring another 11,000.

Many maimed for life. Thousands of Gazan children survivors traumatized. Many lost both parents.

Dozens of Palestinian families were slaughtered entirely. Around 80% of Gazan casualties were noncombatant men, women, children, infants and the disabled.

Israel considers them legitimated targets. In gross violation of fundamental international law.

Palestinians are automatically called terrorists. In violent incidents involving them and Jews.

Even when Israeli security forces initiate attacks. Israel calls state terrorism self-defense. Legitimate Palestinian resistance is called terrorism.

Bank of America CEO Says Public Anger At Banks Is ‘Understandable’

The head of one of the U.S.’ largest banks Wednesday said that public anger at financial institutions has been “understandable” and acknowledged that Americans remain concerned about whether public policymakers have adequately protected the country from another financial crisis.

I am so glad you understand. Mind holding this bag of feathers and standing still while I get this pail of tar?

Alan Dershowitz denies EVER being around underage women in presence of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein… just one day after ‘sex slave’ said he would chat with the billionaire during sex acts

A Harvard law professor named with Prince Andrew in a ‘sex slave’ case today insisted that he never saw anything improper at the home of their billionaire pedophile friend, Jeffrey Epstein.

Alan Dershowitz’s claims on Thursday came just one day after accuser Virginia Roberts said in new court filings that the lawyer would chat with Epstein as she performed a sex act on the billionaire.

Speaking in an emphatic interview on the Today show , Dershowitz again accused Roberts of ‘making the whole thing up’ and said her lawyers are putting ‘real’ rape victims ‘in a terrible position’.

‘I was never in the presence of a single underage woman,’ he said. ‘I never saw [Epstein] doing anything improper. I was not a witness. I was not a participant. And I will prove it.’

You cannot prove a negative. A law professor ought to know that!

BREAKING: Email Shows Gov. Nixon Ordered National Guard OUT OF FERGUSON Before Riots & Destruction

Per Jamie Allman–
Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO) ordered the National Guard out of Ferguson before the verdict was announced.
And….. TOP MISSOURI DEMOCRATIC LEADERS including Claire McCaskill, Lacy Clay, Chris Koster, Mayor Francis Slay and St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley all knew about this order.

I told you; the government WANTED riots!

NATO: Fighting in eastern Ukraine fiercer than ever

Fighting in eastern Ukraine is fiercer than ever in some locations, NATO’s top commander in Europe said Thursday – adding that the weapons systems seen now in the region have in the past heralded a fresh incursion by Russian troops.

“Repeat after me … ‘It’s all Russia’s fault. It’s all Russia’s fault. It’s all Russia’s fault!'” — Official White Horse Souse

We’ve Let The Clowns Come Way Too Far

In Tuesday’s State of the Union, Obama said The ‘Shadow Of Crisis Has Passed’, and the one and the only thing I thought was: ‘Good, so now we can tackle the crisis itself?!’. If speeches like the SOTU Tuesday night, and the reactions to it, make anything clear, it’s that the PR guys won the fight against critical thinking. Sure, there are people for whom that shadow has passed, but a president is supposed to be there for all Americans, not just for those who finance his campaigns and those of his successors.

How Obama’s Hacking Laws Could Make You a Criminal

Computer-security researchers fear President Barack Obama’s proposed changes to federal hacking laws could put them out of business, could make computers less secure overall, and could put some of them — and maybe even you — in prison.

“Under the new proposal, sharing your HBO GO password with a friend would be a felony,” Nate Cardozo, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco, told an audience of researchers and IT pros Saturday (Jan. 17) at ShmooCon 2015, a security conference held annually in Washington, D.C.

Obama showcased the proposals in his State of the Union address Wednesday night (Jan. 20). The changes to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), first implemented in 1984, might make many commonplace security-research practices — and media reporting on those practices — federal crimes. Even sharing passwords for online accounts would potentially be punishable.

The Hidden Threat To Free Speech in Obama’s State of the Union Address

President Obama proposed new laws to protect Americans and “especially our kids” from hackers during his State of the Union address. Swaddled in that almost tender-sounding language, though, was a plan that would strengthen the government’s ability to go after journalists like Barrett Brown.

In fact, the new cybersecurity legislation would further criminalize the kind of activity for which Brown is due to be sentenced in Dallas federal court on Jan. 22. Judge Sam A. Lindsay will decide whether to let Brown, 33, off with time served for the more than two years he’s already spent behind bars, or imprison him for a maximum of eight-and-a-half years. Brown struck a deal to plead guilty to, among other charges, a Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) felony.

The Strategy Behind Israel’s Attack on Iran and Hizballah

Israel’s claims of an imminent threat of Hizballah attack are not credible. More likely it wants to subdue the Lebanese militia so that it has a free hand to manipulate the Syrian battlefield to its advantage.

I think Israel is after that Litani River again.

Ukraine: Kiev Lies to its own Troops, sends them to be Slaughtered, Novorossiya clearly Winning

Here’s the situation in a nutshell: Kiev is sending poorly trained, fresh recruits into battle. They are shelling civilian areas (e.g., Gorlovka) but not providing cover, recon, or reinforcements to the men actually doing the fighting against the NAF. And the Novorossiyans are repelling whatever is thrown at them, taking out entire tank companies. Kiev’s troops basically have two options: surrender or die.

SocGen Explains That Since The ECB’s QE Will Fail, It Will Need To Be Increased To €3 Trillion, Include Stocks

There are a bunch of things in the ECB post-mortem note just released by SocGen’s Michel Martinez, reproduced below, but here are the punchlines.

First, on the impact of ECB QE on the economy: “we argue ECB QE could be five times less efficient than in the US. In December, press reports suggested that the ECB had run studies suggesting that a €1000bn QE programme would only boost price levels by 0.2-0.8 after two years, five to nine times less efficient than the studies for the US or the UK. The impact on GDP is not provided, but it would be reasonable to assume the same impact as on inflation on a cumulated basis.”

In other words, it will be an outright failure as it “triest” to boost inflation expectations and the European economy in its current format. That, as a reminder, is its stated purpose.

So what does SocGen suggest? Simple: the same thing every Keynesian says when justifying why a piece of occult economic voodoo fails to work: it wasn’t big enough. To wit:

The Euro Crashes To 12 Year Lows And Now The US Commerce Secretary Starts To Grumble About A Strong Dollar

now that the exports of Europe – the single largest economic block in the world – are cheap enough to compete with Japan’s just as cheap, thanks to currency debasement, goods and services in the global arena, it means that the biggest loser is obvious: the United States, whose currency has soared to nosebleed levels on expectations that the Fed will hike and that the US will somehow decouple from a world that is drowning in economic malaise.

City of London police get power to tap into CCTV

City of London police are to trial a new technology that allows officers to receive CCTV film in real time – an innovation used ahead of French police storming the besieged kosher store in Paris.

Joni Ernst Received Government Assistance? GOP Senator’s Family Took $460,000 In Taxpayer Handouts

Joni Ernst, the new Republican senator from Iowa who delivered the GOP response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night, called in her address for cuts in government spending and described how her views grew out of her own “simple” upbringing, one in which her family diligently watched ever scarce penny, to the point where she owned only one pair of shoes.

But an investigation of public records by the Washington D.C.-based District Sentinel online news site showed that between 1995 and 2009, Ernst’s family received nearly a half-million dollars in government handouts, payments targeted toward subsidizing farms with taxpayer funds.

Obama Ensures His Status as War President

Ending the US occupation of Iraq in 2011, President Obama tried to portray himself as a peacemaker. He’s still trying to sell that narrative, even as he quickly escalates in his new Iraq war.

The State of the Union address nominally continued that story, but between talking up further escalation of the ISIS war, and commanders suggesting they could extend the Afghan occupation even further, President Obama’s status as a war-time president from start to finish seems secured.

Annual AIPAC bribe-fest will be going on while Netanyahu is in town to chastise the Congress.

The 2015 AIPAC Policy Conference will begin Sunday, March 1 at 9:30 a.m. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center located between 7th and 9th Streets and N Street and New York Avenue in Washington, DC. The conference will end on Tuesday, March 3 following your lobbying appointments (around 3:00 p.m.)

Pentagon Confirms US Troops Will Deploy to Ukraine in Spring

US Army commander in Europe Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges visited Ukraine today, as Pentagon officials confirmed plans to send troops to war-torn Ukraine this spring for a “training operation.”

Suuuuuuure. Just like those “trainers” were sent into Iraq a few weeks ago.

The Death Sentence That Could Inflame Sectarian Tensions Across the Middle East

While many experts doubt that the Saudi Arabian authorities will actually carry out the execution, it is important to take stock of the political context in which the Special Criminal Court issued the death sentence.

Joe Biden: Islamic State gaining in Syria because ‘there are no boots on the ground’

Here’s your rifle, Joe…

New plan: 1. Central Banks print money and buy ALL debt 2. Then they buy ALL stocks 3. Then they give everyone raises


Joint Chiefs Chairman: Congress Must Pass Obama’s Cyber Bill

Even though the new Obama cybersecurity bill (itself mostly a copy of the failed CISPA bill) centers on civilian Internet infrastructure and giving the government easier access to individual Americans’ personal data, the Pentagon is finding ways to make it all about them.

Judge sentences journalist Barrett Brown to 5 years prison in obstruction case

Barrett Lancaster Brown, 33, appeared in a Dallas courtroom on Thursday for sentencing in connection to a cyber attack against a Texas-based government think tank and obstruction of justice.

Brown was arrested in late 2012 after he threatened a federal law enforcement officer in a video posted to the website YouTube. The threat emerged months after federal investigators executed a search warrant on his apartment for information on activities by the online hacking groups Anonymous and Lulz Security.

Anti-Semitic Israeli ‘Ex-Jew’ Has UK Performance Cancelled

Gilan Atzmon’s Nottingham performance cancelled after residents report openly anti-Semitic statements to local council.

Iron Dome batteries said deployed as north braces for Hezbollah response

IDF chief says army ‘prepared’ day after Hezbollah members killed in strike; leave canceled for some units near border

Yep; Israel’s about to go back into Lebanon!

New medal for Holocaust survivors to keep ‘retelling’ the story of the murder of six million Jews 70 years ago

A medal struck by the Royal Mint to mark 70 years since the end of the Holocaust was unveiled last night, with the first presented to some of the dwindling number of survivors.

Okay, if they are wagging the Holocaust at us, Israel is about to do something really nasty, for which they need the political cover of being the world’s greatest victims!

This bubble has surpassed the 2002-2007 bubble & is on par w/ the 1925-1929 bubble & now rivals the 1995-2000 bubble


Asset Ownership and Our System of Deepening Debt-Serfdom

Debt-serfs who make the difficult and risky transition to small-scale business owners find they have simply moved to another class of serfdom.

The core dynamic of debt-serfdom is that debt-serfs must borrow money to buy essentials while the wealthy borrow to invest in productive assets.

This is not merely a random result of free-market capitalism; it is the structure of cartel-capitalism in which highly profitable goods and services must be paid for with highly profitable debt.

‘Whistleblowers persecuted & prosecuted for exposing illegality’ – Snowden’s lawyer

FL officer who shot and killed 17 year old had more than 50 complaints against him, including excessive use of force


New Facebook feature flags fake news

You’ve seen them in your feed: false reports of celebrity deaths, conspiracy theories presented as real news, promises of free iPads if you share a link, quotes attributed to the Pope that he never said.

Note the inclusion of “conspiracy theories”. Facebook is providing a button where anyone can flag a story as a hoax to get it banned. This gives the “megaphonies” the ability to silence any and all criticisms of Israel, with no recourse by the original poster.

We need a new censorship-free social media platform!

Freedom of Speech? Boston Mayor Bans Bad Mouthing of Olympics, as Facebook Will Filter Out “Fake News”

If you’re a Boston city employee, there’s now an official decree: don’t badmouth the Olympics.

Documents obtained by the Globe through a public records request to City Hall show Mayor Martin J. Walsh has signed a formal agreement with the United States Olympic Committee that bans city employees from criticizing Boston’s bid for the 2024 Summer Games.

The “joinder agreement” forbids the city of Boston and its employees from making any written or oral statements that “reflect unfavorably upon, denigrate or disparage, or are detrimental to the reputation” of the International Olympic Committee, the USOC, or the Olympic Games.

So supporting the Olympics is now a matter of national security. How cute.

Ukraine requests fresh IMF bailout

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has asked the IMF for a new and broader rescue package, IMF head Christine Lagarde said on Wednesday (Jan 21) as the war-torn country fights to save its reeling economy.

Lagarde met Poroshenko on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos and said Ukraine requested that the Washington-based IMF deepen its relationship with Kiev.

The meeting took place soon after Poroshenko told an audience of the world’s financial elite in Davos that 9,000 Russian troops were backing Ukrainian separatist fighters.

European Commission’s Clever Ruse To Introduce Corporate Sovereignty Regardless Of Ratification Votes In EU

Because of the complicated nature of power-sharing in the European Union, some international agreements require the approval of both the European Parliament and of every Member State — so-called “mixed agreements.” It is generally accepted that both the Canada-EU trade agreement (CETA) and TAFTA/TTIP are mixed agreements, and will therefore require a double ratification: by the full European Parliament, and all the EU governments. Indeed, the European Commission has frequently cited this fact to bolster its assertion that both CETA and TAFTA/TTIP are being negotiated democratically, since the European public — through their representatives — will have their say in these final votes.

European Commission’s Clever Ruse To Introduce Corporate Sovereignty Regardless Of Ratification Votes In EU

Because of the complicated nature of power-sharing in the European Union, some international agreements require the approval of both the European Parliament and of every Member State — so-called “mixed agreements.” It is generally accepted that both the Canada-EU trade agreement (CETA) and TAFTA/TTIP are mixed agreements, and will therefore require a double ratification: by the full European Parliament, and all the EU governments. Indeed, the European Commission has frequently cited this fact to bolster its assertion that both CETA and TAFTA/TTIP are being negotiated democratically, since the European public — through their representatives — will have their say in these final votes.

Greek Bank Withdrawals Reached €4.2 Billion in 3 Days


Australian father arrested for giving cancer-stricken daughter cannabis oil

Koessler was arrested in Brisbane where he was meeting Rumor’s oncologist, and charged with supplying dangerous drugs to a person under 16 and possession of dangerous drugs, the news site reported.

“Her cancer-ridden little body was alive again— Rumer had almost instant quality of life,” Koessler told the Newcastle Herald. “She would say, ‘Daddy, tummy’s not sore,’ and she would be able to eat like a champion and begin to gain weight,” he said of the cannabis oil treatment.

“Her skin color came back, her eyes were sparkling again and we just looked at each other in complete amazement,” Koessler said.

What is revealing in this story is that the officially approved treatments were not working, but the cannabis was! And THAt is why he was arrested and prevented from seeing his daughter, whose symptoms have now returned.

Yemeni president quits, throwing nation deeper into chaos

Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi resigned on Thursday, a government spokesman said, throwing the country deeper into chaos days after Houthi rebels battled their way into his presidential palace.

Hadi, an ally of the United States, stood down abruptly shortly after Prime Minister Khaled Baha had offered his government’s resignation, saying it did not want to be dragged into “an unconstructive political maze”.

According to FOX News, the entire cabinet has resigned as well!


Hello, this is Martin Hill from LibertyFight.com. I am launching a new website this week called RandPaulZionist.com, and I would like you to give your input on U.S. Senator Rand Paul.

Dirty Harry Goes To Iraq

Back in 1979, reviewers liked to point out that Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam epic Apocalypse Now was so plagued with difficulty and confusion (the star suffered a heart attack during shooting and a devastating typhoon destroyed all the sets) that the making of the film paralleled the reality of the Vietnam War itself.

A similar observation might be made of Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper about Iraq. Like the Iraq War itself, Eastwood’s movie begins by exploiting a historically inaccurate delusion and, then, sustains itself for two hours on the mission to protect US soldiers against the insurgency that arose in opposition to the US invasion and occupation based on the initial delusion.

Second Canadian Company Completing Tar-Sands Pipeline into the U.S.

For six years, TransCanada has negotiated federal and state laws, and contended with the opposition of environmental organizations and landowners, to build the Keystone XL: a 36-inch-diameter, 1,700-mile pipeline that, if completed, would transport 830,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Canadian tar-sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf Coast.

The U.S. State Department has not issued the required presidential permit, which would declare the importing of tar-sands oil in the “national interest.” And the Nebraska Supreme Court just heard oral arguments on a landowners’ lawsuit that could cost TransCanada another year if it has to reapply for its permit in the state.

The stalled process has led one equities analyst to observe that, “Keystone XL doesn’t look like it will ever get fully up and running.”

The best Storms Clouds Gathering video I have seen. This addresses ‘skeptics’ which the video points out should rightly be called mainstream supporters. If skeptics were really skeptics, they would be skeptical of mainstream stories as well. A must watch.


University of Kentucky survey asks students whether they prefer a single designated free-speech zone, or multiple zones…


‘Freeloader’ cops ignore most calls on Florida campuses where they live rent-free


FIFA generated more than $4 billion in sales from the 2014 World Cup, and is Giving Brazil $100 Million After The Country Spent $15 Billion On The World Cup

Football’s world governing body FIFA said Tuesday it had set up a $100 million World Cup Legacy Fund for Brazil, aimed at sports facilities, youth and women’s football, and medical and health projects.

Dead Bankers Dead Scientists


New GOP Chairman Suppresses Full CIA Torture Report

The new Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman sent a letter to the White House and several federal agencies last week demanding the return of every copy of the Committee’s entire classified CIA torture report. The new chairman, Sen. Richard Burr, also intends to return the notorious Panetta Review to the CIA. Critical of the agency’s false statements regarding the reliability of information obtained through torture, the Panetta Review’s release under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has been blocked by the CIA.

Look Who’s Dragging Down the Global Economy Though No One Is Allowed to Say it

The “wealth effect” exists. The top 1% benefited from it. Their assets
were bailed out by central banks. Their confidence grew, and they increased their leverage by borrowing at near-zero cost to buy even more assets that they were sure would continue to increase in price because central banks were continuing to print money and serve up ZIRP that would encourage more leverage and more buying. And they bought more assets and drove up prices further, which made them feel even better and more confident. They increased spending, and it started that “virtuous circle” where the 1% got richer and richer and the top 80 folks in the world made out like bandits.

Alas, there aren’t enough of them to have any real impact on the economy

Euro plummets as ECB unleashes €60bn-a-month QE bazooka

European Central Bank (ECB) president Mario Draghi unveiled bigger-than-expected quantitative easing measures on Thursday but still faced a fierce fight from Germany over any policy that could mutualise debt in the eurozone.

“The combined monthly purchases of public and private sector securities will amount to €60bn euros,” said Mr Draghi at a press conference following a meeting of the ECB’s governing council.

“They are intended to be carried out until end-September 2016 and will in any case be conducted until we see a sustained adjustment in the path of inflation,” he added, meaning the package will amount to at least €1.1 trillion.

Mr Draghi’s package of asset purchases, including bonds issued by national governments and EU institutions such as the European Commission, is intended to boost the eurozone’s flagging economy and to ward off the spectre of deflation.

Training equipment blamed for scare

Training equipment left on a Sydney ferry has been blamed for sparking a security scare at Sydney’s Circular Quay.

“So THAT’S where we left it!!!”

Iran leader message to the youth in Europe and North America

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has addressed the youth in Europe and North America.

In the name of God, the Beneficent the Merciful

To the Youth in Europe and North America,

The recent events in France and similar ones in some other Western countries have convinced me to directly talk to you about them. I am addressing you, [the youth], not because I overlook your parents, rather it is because the future of your nations and countries will be in your hands; and also I find that the sense of quest for truth is more vigorous and attentive in your hearts.

I don’t address your politicians and statesmen either in this writing because I believe that they have consciously separated the route of politics from the path of righteousness and truth.

Fed rate increase now seen more likely in September than June, Stone & McCarthy survey suggests


NSA Public Service Announcement


Arizona State University offers Class on “the Problem of Whiteness”

Arizona State University is now offering a class that details the problems that “whiteness” has caused in the United States.

Creating racial divide is now a college course!

Too True to be Good: Australian Press condemns Anti-Israel Cartoon

An Australian press organization has judged that a cartoon published in The Sydney Morning Herald violated press Standards of Practice by the way it linked symbols of the Jewish faith to criticism of Israel.

But when Charlie Hebdo prints this …

And this …

It is freedom of speech.

And I note that nobody seems to complain when acts by individuals claiming to be Muslim are projected as being the guilt of all Muslims everywhere.


Charlie Hebdo Fired ‘Anti-Semitic’ Cartoonist For Ridiculing Judaism In 2009


Netanyahu was asked by Hollande not to go to Paris. He went anyway and was placed in the second row behind the President of Mali. He maneuvered himself into the front row, deliberately attempting to displace the Mali President. Then he goes uninvited to the Paris Synagogue and tells the Jews of Paris that they should all emigrate to Israel . At the end of his speech exhorting French Jews to leave their homeland for Israel, his “people” start chanting, only to be over sung by the Marseillaise.

The speech was followed by singing of the French national anthem. The first video does not include this … The zionists obviously do not want you to see this.

Zimbabwe gives white farmers 90 days to vacate farms in latest land grabs.

White former farmers should be given 90 days to vacate their farms if the land they occupy has been allocated to a black person to avoid legal battles, the Zimbabwean government has reportedly said.

Video shows man shot by New Jersey police raising his hands: “Reid then emerges from the vehicle raising his hands, which appear to be empty. As he steps out, the officers fire at least six shots, killing him.”

With the dashboard camera in their cruiser rolling, police pulled a Jaguar over for running a stop sign on a dark night. But things suddenly turned tense when one of the officers warned his partner that he could see a gun in the glove compartment.

Americans at Risk: Is this stupidity or treason?


Dr. Doom Explains How To ‘Short’ Central Banks When Public Confidence Collapses: “It’s The Only Way”

One day in the near future the people are finally going to realize that it’s all a sham and when they do the public will likely lose confidence in the ability of central banks and governments to effectively manage the economy. On that day all hell will break loose and very few investments will survive the fallout.

Feds pay $134k to woman unknowingly impersonated on Facebook by DEA agents who created account with pics copied from her phone.


Ukraine Attacks Bus and Trolley in Center of Donetsk

This morning January 22nd at 8:30 local time in Donetsk the Ukrainian army fired what appear to be 82mm shells at buses and trolleys near the center of the city. The targets were located within roughly a 25 meter radius of each other. The OSCE is investigating.


L.A. Times Sues Pentagon for Info on Sputtering $40-Billion Missile System

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has spent at least $40 billion on a controversial anti-missile defense system—aimed at thwarting rogue states like North Korea and Iran—which has, so far, registered a test success-rate of less than 50%.

Los Angeles Times reporter David Willman has written in the past about a quick deployment of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense System (GMD), without the usual testing regimen, after President George W. Bush ordered it up in 2002. The expensive remnant of President Reagan’s failed Star Wars system, which has been operational since 2004, has come under close scrutiny as its test record continues to decline.

‘American Sniper’ Is Almost Too Dumb to Criticize

I saw American Sniper last night, and hated it slightly less than I expected to. Like most Clint Eastwood movies – and I like Clint Eastwood movies for the most part – it’s a simple, well-lit little fairy tale with the nutritional value of a fortune cookie that serves up a neatly-arranged helping of cheers and tears for target audiences, and panics at the thought of embracing more than one or two ideas at any time.

Peter Believes the Euro will Rally against the Dollar as the Currency Wars Accelerate….


Greece – By The Numbers

Greece is reeling from the effects of the biggest economic crisis in its recent history. Here are 12 statistics, via The Wall Street Journal, underscoring the severity of the crisis now reaching into all aspects of Greek life…

Turkey, the world’s 4th largest #gold consumer, accounting for ~6% of global consumer demand


Royal Mint sells gold bars directly for the first time

For the first time in 47 years, the Royal Mint is manufacturing gold and silver bars which are available for everyone to invest in

Gas now cheaper than soda and sparkling water

It’s amazing that Americans are willing to pay more for soft drinks than gas

Shadow banking now poses top risk to US stability, warns IMF

Non-financial lending has reached $15 trillion since the crisis and is outside the control of authorities warns the Fund’s deputy chief

WEBMASTER ADDITION: What this means is that people are starting to do business without going through the privately-owned central banks, and the bankers are worried they may lose their monopoly.

If You’re A Trader, Good Luck In This Gold Market – Peter Hug


US, Cuba seek to reopen embassies in historic talks

Cuban officials sat down Thursday with the highest-level US delegation to visit Havana in 35 years for landmark talks on reopening embassies and thawing long frozen ties.
US assistant secretary of state Roberta Jacobson, the most senior US official on the communist-ruled island since 1980, led the American delegation as the Cold War-era rivals opened a second day of meetings.

C.I.A. Report Found Value of Brutal Interrogation Was Inflated

Years before the release in December of a Senate Intelligence Committee report detailing the C.I.A.’s use of torture and deceit in its detention program, an internal review by the agency found that the C.I.A. had repeatedly overstated the value of intelligence gained during the brutal interrogations of some of its detainees.

The internal report, more than 1,000 pages in length, came to be known as the Panetta Review after Leon E. Panetta, who, as the C.I.A.’s director, ordered that it be done in 2009. At least one of its authors won an agency award for her work, according to a recent briefing that the agency’s inspector general gave to staff members of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Vindicated: Gladio B, Paris Terror & ISIS Fakery Admitted

Sibel Edmonds has done extensive research on Gladio B and has recently made connections between it and Paris evident in her new interview with James Corbett. What comes to the fore is Turkey’s role in training, arming and exporting radical Islamists. Training took place within the NATO domain, in Turkey and Jordan, whereas the New York Times’ report whitewashes it as petty criminals and illegal immigration int China.

Edmonds projects this region to be the next Ukraine, as this area forms what Pepe Escobar terms, “Pipelinestan.” The “democracy” exporting NGOs will now bring weaponized “freedom,” of course. Sound familiar?…

‘No military equipment’ crossed at observed Russia-Ukraine border checkpoints – OSCE

The OSCE mission in Ukraine has not registered any movement of military vehicles on the border between Russia and Ukraine, the group’s newly released statement says.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is speaking for the two Border Crossing Points (BCPs) it monitors – “Donetsk” and “Gukovo”.

“At the two BCPs the [Mission] did not observe military movement, apart from vehicles of the Russian Federation border guard service,” the report reads.

So much for Poroshenko’s claim of 9000 Russian troops and 500 tanks!

Rep. Keith Ellison on Obama’s Push to Sign TPP & Seek Authority to Expand War in Iraq & Syria


Proof oil and energy giants ARE ripping us off – as prices tumble we pay 40% too much for power and 18% extra for petrol

The price of gas produced in Britain and abroad is set on the wholesale energy markets. At the moment, it’s around 1.55p for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of gas.

Households, in turn, typically pay their energy supplier 5.08p per kWh of gas they use – a difference of 3.53p.

The last time suppliers paid a similar price to today’s 1.55p was April 2010. At that time, households paid 3.62p per kWh, according to figures from data experts ICIS Heren and comparison website Energyhelpline. So the difference then was 2.07p.

Based on average household consumption, the average annual gas bill is £686 today. But assuming the same consumption level, households in April 2010 would have had an annual bill of £489 – £197 lower. This means consumers are paying 40 per cent more for their fuel today.

German media reports Blackwater mercenaries working in Ukraine.

American Blackwater mercenary involvement and speaks plainly about geopolitical context and US-NATO strategy in Ukraine and the risk of a major war.

I could see Swiss chaos a mile off, QE won’t save the euro and we should ditch central bankers, says investing legend Jim Rogers


SNB official defends ‘best option’ for franc

Switzerland would have had to spend more than $100 billion this month alone if it had continued efforts to hold down the value of its currency, a senior central bank official said on Thursday.

The drone operator who said ‘No’


Const. Michael Chachula in Swift Current charged with drug trafficking

Michael Chachula, a constable with the RCMP in Swift Current, Sask., has been charged with trafficking cocaine and ecstasy and suspended from his job.

Police said Chachula, 31, was arrested in Swift Current on Monday and charged with two counts of trafficking.

“It is never easy to speak about investigations like these. It’s very disheartening that a serving police officer, sworn to uphold the law, is facing criminal charges. This is unacceptable and we understand the public expects more of us,” said Supt. Alfredo Bangloy, in a news release.

A Billionaire Lectures Serfs in Davos – Claims “America’s Lifestyle Expectations are Far Too High”

If you listened closely this morning, you could hear humanity vomit as JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, began to speak at Davos. In what amounted to some of the most egotistical and delusional statements heard at a conference filled with egotistical and delusional participants, Mr. Dimon didn’t disappoint. Here are a couple highlights courtesy of Twitter:

US Trainers To Deploy To Ukraine

American soldiers will deploy to Ukraine this spring to begin training four companies of the Ukrainian National Guard, the head of US Army Europe Lt. Gen Ben Hodges said during his first visit to Kiev on Wednesday.

The number of troops heading to the Yavoriv Training Area near the city of L’viv — which is about 40 miles from the Polish border — is still being determined, however.

Paul Craig Roberts Interviewed by Alex Jones on Foreign Policy Implications of Charlie Hebdo January 14, 2015


Greece Elections – Why The Entire World Is Watching!

This Sunday the citizens of Greece will be voting in a national election that will serve as a referendum on the EU-invoked austerity program that the country has been living through!

At stake is the decision that a newly elected government might make to pull Greece out of the Eurozone in what has widely become termed Grexit.

At stake also is the impact that a win by an anti-austerity and anti-EU party might have on the politics of other Eurozone countries that face similar issues and, perhaps, on the viability of the Eurozone itself.

Terrible new Pennsylvania law muzzles speech, threatens press freedom


‘Zionist NWO murders Iranian general, American filmmaker’

In Syria, an Israeli helicopter strike murdered General Mohammad Allahdadi and five other members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Meanwhile, in the American Midwest, professional killers slaughtered anti-New World Order filmmaker David Crowley, his wife, Komel, and their 5-year-old daughter – employing the same modus operandi used in the killing of 9/11 truth author Philip Marshall two years ago.

Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B and the Paris Shooting


Childcare costs range from $5,496 a year in Mississippi to $16,549 in Massachusetts


Adam Koessler: Dad finally allowed to see dying daughter as he faces jail for giving her cannabis oil

A father stopped from seeing his dying daughter because he gave her cannabis oil to ease her suffering has finally been allowed to spend time with his little girl.

Adam Koessler was arrested and charged earlier this month after giving his two-year-old daughter Rumer a medicinal form of the drug as she battles late-stage cancer.

Australian Adam claims that Rumer, who has a Stage 4 neuroblastoma, showed remarkable improvements after she was given the oil, but authorities say he has broken drugs laws and his bail conditions forbid him from being alone with his daughter.

Obama Proposes Tax on 529 College Savings Accounts – Straw that will Break Camel’s Back!


QE clearly hurting German economy.


Chart: Updated Baker Hughes US oil rig count. Are people still insisting this is a “seasonal” effect?


West Virginia Bill Would Block Unconstitutional National Guard Deployments

A bill introduced in the West Virginia House of Delegates this week would block unconstitutional foreign deployments of the state’s national guard troops, effectively restoring the Founders’ framework for state-federal balance on the Guard.

House Bill 2168 (HB2168), the Defend the Guard Act, was introduced by Del. Pat McGeehan (R-Hancock, 1), a former Air Force intelligence officer who did tours in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and cosponsored by ten other delegates. If passed, the bill would block the federal government from deploying West Virginia Guard troops overseas unless there is a declaration of war from Congress, as required by the Constitution…

When This Ends, Everybody Gets Hurt. And the End Is Uncomfortably Close


Guantánamo officials faked letter from inmate’s mother who could not write

Guantánamo prison camp authorities tried to trick inmate Mohamedou Ould Slahi by forging a letter purportedly from his mother whom he had been unable to see for years, his brother Yahdih has said.

The ploy, which was intended to persuade him to cooperate with his interrogators, failed not only because they misspelt Slahi’s name but also because his mother could not write.

Cooperation between British spies and Gaddafi’s Libya revealed in official papers

Britain’s intelligence agencies engaged in a series of previously unknown joint operations with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s government and used the information extracted from rendition victims as evidence during partially secret court proceedings in London, according to an analysis of official documents recovered in Tripoli since the Libyan revolution.

The exhaustive study of the papers from the Libyan government archives shows the links between MI5, MI6 and Gaddafi’s security agencies were far more extensive than previously thought and involved a number of joint operations in which Libyan dissidents were unlawfully detained and allegedly tortured.

At one point, Libyan intelligence agents were invited to operate on British soil, where they worked alongside MI5 and allegedly intimidated a number of Gaddafi opponents who had been granted asylum in the UK.

ECB announces historic QE programme worth €1.1trn to stimulate growth in the eurozone


Peter Schiff: China to Follow in SNB’s Footsteps, Yuan to Soar


U.S. Steel to idle two oil, gas pipe plants, laying off 756

U.S. Steel Corp. said it will shut down two more oil and natural gas pipe plants and lay off 756 workers, highlighting the fallout from the global collapse in the oil prices, which analysts say could muddy the company’s turnaround plans.

Canada’s currency war


Russian State TV tweets: US Stock Market may crash by 50% soon


2,000 jobs threatened as United mulls outsourcing at US airports

The Chicago-based carrier, an arm of United Continental Holdings Inc UAL 4.67% , informed employees Monday that jobs up for review included baggage handlers and gate and customer service agents at 28 airports that are not hubs, ranging from Atlanta to Anchorage. It has yet to make any decisions.

Schlumberger to cut 9,000 jobs on oil-price plunge

Schlumberger Ltd, the world’s No.1 oilfield services provider, said it will cut 9,000 jobs, or about 7 percent of its workforce, as it focuses on controlling costs in response to a continuing fall in oil prices.

One Of The Biggest Oil Companies In The World Says It Will Lay Off Thousands

Oilfield services provider Baker Hughes Inc. said it expects to lay off about 7,000 employees, days after industry leader Schlumberger Ltd said it would cut jobs as drilling activity slows due to a steep fall in oil prices.

Biz Break: eBay to lay off 2,400, could split into three parts

Today: eBay announces that it will lay off more than 2,000 workers, and it may split off its enterprise unit in addition to PayPal. Also: Microsoft shows off Windows 10, Apple makes an acquisition.

American Express to cut more than 4,000 jobs over this year

A representative for the company told CNBC that it is planning to cut the jobs but that this is only a gross figure, and that the firm will also continue to hire selectively in parts of the organization. Additionally, American Express reported quarterly earnings that slightly beat analysts’ expectations on Wednesday, and CEO Ken Chenault said in a release that “tight controls on the cost side of the ledger” had benefited the company.

Macy’s closing 14 stores, including 1 in N.C., announces layoffs

The 14 stores are expected to close by early spring. The 14 account for $130 million in annual sales. The company expects some of that to be retained by nearby stores and online sales.

The company said employees displaced by store closings will be offered positions in nearby stores where possible or be given severance benefits.

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver indicted in $6 million bribery and kickback scheme, taken into custody

Silver, who has been one of the most powerful lawmakers in Albany for more than two decades, surrendered to authorities following a five-count federal indictment accusing him of accepting millions from firms seeking his influence.

Jobless Claims Over 300k For 3rd Week, Spike In Shale States

Not “unambiguously good” as Shale states see initial jobless claims spiking. Overall initial jobless claims missed expectations for the 4th week in a row, holding above 300k for the 3d week in a row (for the first time since July). At 307k, this week’s print is below last week’s but well above the 300k expectation. However, across TX, CO, ND, PA, and WV, initial claims (1 week lagged) rose to over 75k (from 30k in October)… “crisis has passed”?

BEX ALERT – Jewish community ‘fearful’ as fourth Holocaust Memorial Day poster defaced

Speaking after a fourth poster was reported as vandalised on Friday night, Judith Garfield, executive director of Eastside Community Heritage, said Jewish people are now “a lot more fearful of working with other communities”.

“See? See? We’re the VICTIMS! We have top bomb Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon because we’re the VICTIMS!!!”

Four and Counting: States Consider Bill to Turn Off Resources to the NSA

Activist Post

State efforts to stop warrantless NSA spying are off to a fast start in the 2015 legislative session.

Just two weeks into this year’s legislative season, and with many legislatures not even in session yet, legislators in four states have already introduced bills to ban material support or resources to any federal agency engaged in warrantless spying.

These bills not only support efforts to turn off NSA’s water in Utah, but would also have practical effects on federal surveillance programs if passed…

Exposed! New Documents Show FBI Targeted NATO Protesters


TOP GEAR – Patagonia Special, Part 2

This video is only viewable in the UK, but I linked to it anyway in order to make this comment.

There are very few shows I call myself a fan of, but TOP GEAR is definitely one of them. I figure I will have arrived when I get to take the reasonably-priced car around the track. :)

So, I tuned in for the season premier, a two-part adventure across Patagonia, starting with a visit to one of Butch Cassidy’s actual hiding places, and ending, rather dramatically, with an aborted plane to hold a car soccer match in Tierra Del Fuego.

Now, having worked in film and TV I assume that much of the “peril” faced by the presenters is contrived, but I do wonder at some of the risks the producers seem to take, such as sending men of that age to dangerously high altitudes during the episode where they drove across the Atacama Desert (that trip into the high atmosphere was also aborted). And in the Patagonia special, James May did get thrown from a horse and cracked three ribs, but soldiered on for the rest of the show.

But apparently the show’s producers forgot that the people of nations one makes war on take a long time to get over such insults, and the locals still have hard feelings regarding that little episode in the Falkland Islands a while back. It didn’t help that one of the cars being driven had a license plate that seemed to refer to the war. TOP GEAR producers insist it was just a coincidence; the Argentinians thought otherwise, and basically chased the show out of town, indeed out of the country, with riots that severely damaged all the vehicles of their production and injured members of the crew.

It makes for great television, but it should serve as a reminder that the people in all these nations abused by Great Britain, or for that matter the United States, do not “forgive and forget” all that easily, nor do they hate us just for our freedoms!

America’s best-selling cars and trucks are built on lies: The rise of fake engine noise

Stomp on the gas in a new Ford Mustang or F-150 and you’ll hear a meaty, throaty rumble — the same style of roar that Americans have associated with auto power and performance for decades.
It’s a sham. The engine growl in some of America’s best-selling cars and trucks is actually a finely tuned bit of lip-syncing, boosted through special pipes or digitally faked altogether. And it’s driving car enthusiasts insane.

This man will go to jail for 6 months if he doesn’t remove a windmill from his own property

Jay owns a company called Go Green Energy, which sells wind turbines in other areas of Minnesota

Sedation by Sound Bite

Millions upon millions of educated – and even aware people, all over the world, are succumbing to a new virus ‘SBS’, or ‘Sound-Bite Syndrome’. Its symptoms are best described as an inability to concentrate on anything meaningful for anything other than a very short passage of time.

To concentrate the mind so as to read something that requires a certain depth of thought or fuller cognisance, is becoming an endangered skill.

Now that is a truly shocking fact. One that should register high on the shocking fact ratio. It should jolt us all into recalling the vital role that genuine communication plays in the passing of essential knowledge and inspiration – including lyrical poetry and vivid prose.

For these great tools of consciousness raising to be corrupted into a thousand broken pieces of easily assimilated sound-bites, must constitute one of the most masterful silent weapons of destruction of the Illuminati war chest.

(South Park) Annndd it’s gone- Video Clip

Hedge Fund Manager Loses 99.8% In 9 Months, Tells Investors He Is “Sorry” For “Overzealousness”

‘US unchained itself from rule of law’ – 2011 Sam Adams Award winner


Russia Calls for Urgent Pull Back of Heavy Weapons In Ukraine


Atlanta police union says there is nothing wrong with no-knock warrant requirements that allow police to drop grenades into baby’s crib without evidence or investigation.


BEX Alert – “Putin playing with fire in Europe: Brzezinski”

US foreign policy pundit Zbigniew Brzezinski says Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing with fire in Europe, adding that the United States and its allies should deploy troops to the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to stop Russia from capturing them.

Brzezinski, who served as national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday that Putin might attempt to take over Baltic countries in a sudden attack. . .

. . . “And then we’ll say how horrible, how shocking, how outrageous. But, of course, we can’t do anything about it,” said the Polish American geostrategist, the author of The Grand Chessboard.

Brzezinski also called on Washington to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons to deter Russia.

Watch: US broadcaster Mike Malloy wipes the floor with Israel apologists -



Former NYPD officer Gilberto Valle was accused of plotting to kidnap, murder, cook and eat women. But he was released from jail last July even with all of the online documentation of his cannibal plots. Once his conviction was overturned, he apparently got right to work on setting up a new Match.com profile, asking for a “non-judgmental” woman, according to the New York Post.

The Fraudulent Nature of the Pharmaceutical Investment Industry

The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Business with Disease

Some people may say that the pharmaceutical industry cannot be that bad. Unfortunately, it is. Fortunately, however, it is very easy for everyone to understand why this industry has such a detrimental effect on millions of human lives.

It is not about individual drugs or individual companies. It is about the principles – the laws – of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’. The most important of these laws can be summarized in the following way:

The pharmaceutical industry is not a ‘health industry’, but an ‘investment business’ that thrives on the continuation and expansion of diseases.
The pharmaceutical industry makes more than 500 billion dollars in profits each year – but only as long as disease exist as their markets.

Israel’s Netanyahu Was Imported by GOP to Ensure a War with Iran

Republican House Majority leader John Boehner secretly invited Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Washington to address Congress and then once it was set up he let Barack Obama know about it.

The reason for bringing Netanyahu is that Boehner wants to craft a super-majority in Congress that can over-ride Obama’s veto of new sanctions on Iran. He doesn’t have enough Republican votes to do so, but if he can get Democrats beholden to the Israel lobbies of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to join the veto over-ride effort, he might succeed.



Since May 2013, EFF and the ACLU have been engaged in a legal battle with two Los Angeles law enforcement agencies who are refusing to hand over a week’s worth of ALPR data. San Diego County, another jurisdiction, has fought efforts by citizens to obtain access to data that law enforcement has collected on them using ALPRs. Both claim that the records are exempted under the California Public Records Act because they are records of law enforcement investigations. The agencies also argue the public interest in maintaining secrecy in ALPR data outweighs the public interest in learning how and where ALPR systems are being used.

Tough times ahead for the Swiss economy


Corporations Use Spies To Undermine Nonprofits


Death of Iranian general in Syria strike likely no accident

It can be assumed that the officials who ordered the strike weighed the possibility of killing the general against the risks of a Hezbollah terror plot targeting Israel.

Palestinians in Israel strike to protest police killings

Sami Ziadna, who died as a result of excessive tear gas inhalation on Sunday night, was the fiftieth Palestinian citizen of Israel to be killed by Israeli police since October 2000.

Then, as protests spread throughout Palestinian communities in present-day Israel, thirteen unarmed demonstrators were shot and killed by police officers in the northern Galilee region. Since then, Palestinian citizens of Israel have endured ongoing police brutality.

An estimated 1.7 million Palestinians carry Israeli citizenship but dozens of discriminatory laws stifle their political expression and limit their access to state resources, including land and education.

Washington supreme court hears arguments on Olympia co-op’s boycott of Israeli goods

The Washington State Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday in the case against sixteen current and former members of the Olympia Food Co-op board of directors. The plaintiffs say the board exceeded its authority by passing a resolution to boycott Israeli goods five years ago.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs — five former members of the co-op, which has 22,000 members — argued against both the 2010 decision to boycott Israeli goods and against a Washington State law that saw their previous attempts to stop the boycott defeated in lower courts.

“The financial sector, including CNBC, love Central Banks.” – Marc Faber


Parking violation turns into police assault caught on video – lawsuit

A Nebraska family filed suit Monday against dozens of police officers alleging that they turned a parking violation into a rough arrest and violating the family’s constitutional rights by breaking into a nearby home and confiscating video of the incident.

Beard on King Tut’s burial mask damaged after epoxy gluing

The museum is one of the city’s main tourist sites, but in some areas, ancient wooden sarcophagi lay unprotected from the public, while pharaonic burial shrouds, mounted on walls, crumble from behind open panels of glass. Tutankhamun’s mask, over 3,300 years old, and other contents of his tomb are its top exhibits.

Three of the museum’s conservators reached by telephone gave differing accounts of when the incident occurred last year, and whether the beard was knocked off by accident while the mask’s case was being cleaned, or was removed because it was loose.

They agree however that orders came from above to fix it quickly and that an inappropriate adhesive was used. All spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of professional reprisals.

They should have waited for Zahi Hawass.

Space Events That Will Happen In 2015

Space Events That Will Happen In 2015

Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams ‘breach of protocol’

Obama was warning the Israel lobby; bug out of these negotiations. That’s the line he drew in the sand in the New York Times last week, criticizing donor pressure on Democratic senators.

Well, Congress has responded. This morning it invited Netanyahu to speak to a joint session in the House chamber on February 11– a month before the Israeli elections (as Haaretz noted).

House Speaker John Boehner’s statement on the invite plays off of the Paris murders, and grants Netanyahu an authority he doesn’t seem to grant Obama:

Boehner may be in violation of the Logan Act.

American-made AK-47? RWC looks for production location


Elizabeth Warren: “Trickle-down was nothing more than the politics of helping the rich-and-powerful get richer and more powerful, and it cut the legs out from under America’s middle class.”

Today, United States Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at the AFL-CIO National Summit on Raising Wages. The text of Senator Warren’s remarks as prepared for delivery follows.


The EU is planning to give Europe’s police intelligence agency, Europol, new powers to become a European internet watchdog and censor, according to a secret policy document. The measures also include controls to have internet content removed as a key part of a Europe-wide response to terrorism after the Paris attacks two weeks ago.

Prince Andrew arrives in Davos to answer claims of ‘sex orgy with nine teenagers’

Any hope the Duke may have had that he could put the allegations behind him with a speech at the World Economic Forum were dashed as his accuser, Virginia Roberts, made a series of lurid claims in her first sworn court statement.
She claimed the Duke had a “sexual interest in feet”, that she had sex with him while his police protection officers sat in a car outside and that his friend Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, was “collecting private information” about the Queen’s son.

I am waiting for more dirt on Dershowitz! :)


A top EU official wants internet and telecommunication companies to hand over encryption keys to police and spy agencies as part of a wider crackdown on terrorism. The EU’s counter-terrorism co-ordinator Gilles de Kerchove, in a document leaked by London-based civil liberties group Statewatch, says the European Commission should come up with rules that require the firms to help national governments snoop on possible suspects.

Over 80 trapped in Donetsk coal mine as shell blasts power supply

A total of 84 miners were trapped in a coal pit near Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine, as a shell hit a local electric substation, cutting power to the coal mine, a regional police chief said on Thursday.

Number of new Ebola cases declining as disease evolves: U.N.

“And the outbreak feels different now. It’s no longer a single outbreak spreading from a central point,” Nabarro said during a U.N. briefing. “It’s a collection of micro-outbreaks, each with its own character and specific needs.”

DEFLATE-GATE: 11 of 12 Pats footballs underinflated

And why is this the top non-stop story on FOX News right now? What are we being distracted from?

US cops shoot 9 times, kill black man who had his hands up


Ukraine Preparing for War with Russia


12 signs that the economy is really starting to bleed oil patch jobs

The gravy train is over for oil workers

Obama To Seize IRAs, Attack Web Freedom


Boehner out Zios Obama by inviting Netanyahu to lecture Congress

Make no mistake, Obama has been a very Zio president. Even before day one. During twenty-two days immediately prior to his first inauguration, he was silent but deadly while the Israelis maimed and massacred thousands of Gazans in “Operation Cast Lead.” Had he simply raised his voice, he could have saved countless lives.

Dozen former French soldiers, including elite troops, join ISIS – reports

An anonymous defense ministry source later confirmed the information to AFP

Now Speaking for the Republicans: Benjamin Netanyahu

The Israeli prime minister last addressed Congress in 2011, delivering a speech that drew a more enthusiastic response from GOP leaders than any from the American president. Speaking as if he could have been elected from the Philadelphia suburb where he graduated high school, Netanyahu was interrupted more than two dozen times by bipartisan standing ovations as he firmly laid down his parameters for a peace deal with the Palestinians at a moment of tension with President Obama.

EBay Cuts 7% of Workforce, American Express to Plan Thousands of Job Cuts


ECB To Print Trillion Euros – Gold Could Surge 40% In 15 Minutes Against Euro, Dollar


NY Assembly Speaker Arrested on Corruption Charges


Palestinian workers left broke as Israel freezes funds

Like tens of thousands of Palestinian public sector workers, he has not been paid since December after Israel suspended millions of dollars in tax revenues which should have been transferred to the Palestinian Authority, as punishment for joining the International Criminal Court.

Here’s What The World Thinks Of Israel’s Controversial Land Grab

Flashback:ISTANBUL — Israel has come under a barrage of criticism since announcing on Sunday its plans to seize 1,000 acres of Palestinian-claimed land — roughly the size of New York City’s Central Park — in the occupied West Bank.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon decried Israel’s decision on Monday, calling on the country to abide by international law:

6 Signs We Have Begun COLLAPSING to Levels of the Financial CRISIS!


Ukraine and Poland Agree to Build Gas Pipeline Stopping Dependency On Russia within 2 Years


The Latest Blow to Israeli-Palestinian Peace

The resolution also underscored longstanding international legal principles regarding the inadmissibility of any country expanding its territory by force or colonizing any part of occupied territory, called for the establishment of a Palestinian state in the 22 percent of Palestine consisting of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip, and called on Israel to withdraw its occupation forces. Unfortunately, the Obama administration apparently found such provisions unreasonable and launched a full-court press to have the measure defeated.

Decades after Auschwitz, past horrors haunt a Polish town

OSWIECIM, Poland (Reuters) – Bogumila recalls how as a small girl growing up in the Polish town of Oswiecim she saw prisoners beaten by Nazi guards and watched with her mother the distant glow of the crematorium fires of the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Note: Here comes the holocau$t card. For one thing crematoriums don’t have glowing fires. The dead at Auschwitz was changed from 4 million to 1.5 million to 700K. All lies.

The Swiss will not have more EU QE

In the ridiculous charade that passes for the foreign exchange currency markets, the ease upon which a 39% spike in the Swiss Franc to the EU has most financial journalist puzzled.

Obama State of the Union proves America is Ruined


Israeli Mossad Goes Rogue, Warns U.S. on Iran Sanctions

…the Israeli prime minister’s office has been supporting the Kirk-Menendez bill, as does the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, ahead of what will be a major foreign policy confrontation between the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government in coming weeks.
Note: Israel has no business in that of the U.S.

Do We Want Solutions, Or Just What’s Easy?

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Latest News 22 January 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media

COURTESY www.whatreallyhappened.com


“To lay with one hand the power of government on the property of the citizen, and with the other to bestow it on favored individuals… is none the less robbery because it is… called taxation.” — Loan Association v. Topeka, United States Supreme Court (1874)

Latest News with Pictures

Fact-Checking Obama’s State Of The Union Speech

We already did our post-mortem of last night’s teleprompted annual evangelizing of Barack Obama’s “straight to folks” propaganda that would make both Goebbels and Dzerzhinsky blush. So instead of repeating ourselves, here is AP with its own fact check of what can only be dubbed lie after lie, courtesy of the president of the “free world” and the head of the “most transparent administration ever.”

What happens if world enters recession while interest rates are ~0% and central bank balance sheets swollen from QE?


Global Shockwaves To Come From Swiss Currency Bombshell – Mike Maloney


Europe’s Currency Crashes Against Swiss Fran 30% Move Causing Bank Runs – System is Crashing


My Brush with French (and World) “Press Freedom”

Later in the month, I had the opportunity to take my first river cruise in Europe, on the Saone and Rhone Rivers in the south of France. I took my laptop with me to avail myself of the WiFi service that was available on the cruise boat.

I was still a bit excited about our success with the video and eager, should the opportunity arise, to share it with anyone I thought might be interested. The WiFi worked quite well generally, but when I attempted to view “Falling to Pieces for Israel,” I was greeted with this message: “This video is not available in your country.” At no time when I was in France was I able to see it.

Read further down about how Kindle deletes books you have bought if the local government bans them. Good reason to go back to paper and ink books if you want to protect yourself from censorship!

Wag the Holocaust Survivors – That means Israel is about to do something nasty, like invade Lebanon.


Importance of being Syria’s Assad

President Bashar al-Assad whom the US regarded all through to be “ a huge part of the problem, may also now be part of the solution”

On the other hand, the latest reports from Saudi Arabia show Crown Prince huddled with a delegation of American senators led by John McCain to discuss the Pentagon plan to arm and train the Syrian rebels. It seems for a moment that the ‘regime change’ agenda in Syria is back on the front burner of the Obama administration’s Middle East policies.

However, that will be overlooking the remarks by US secretary of state John Kerry on Wednesday voicing support for the Russian efforts to kick start negotiations between the Syrian government and the opposition figures in Moscow as well as de Mistura’s efforts for an Aleppo ceasefire.

Over US$ 100 Trillion Additional Credit Needed to Support Global Growth

So, the only way to keep the debt-based economy working is to force massive additional debt onto the people.

The Next Bombshell To Hit The Markets … Greece


Swiss Franc ‘Nuclear Explosion’ Spreading… ‘The full force of the decision won’t be known for months and is “closer to a nuclear explosion than a 1,000-kilogram conventional bomb’


Here’s What Concerns Experts About Obama’s State of the Union Cybersecurity Goals

Central to the problems with the recommended updates to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) are vague terms that could easily be interpreted to prosecute innocents, no matter how weak their links to actual criminal activity. Anyone who “intentionally exceeds authorized access to a protected computer, and thereby obtains information from such computer” could be charged. That sounds acceptable on first inspection, but the definition of “exceeds authorized access” includes using a computer with proper authorization “to obtain or alter information” the relevant party is not entitled to look at, “or for a purpose that the accesser knows is not authorized by the computer owner”.

Or for that matter any of the Edward Snowden documents published in the European media.

‘Chaos in Yemen show drone strikes part of problem’

Barrack Obama highlighted America’s support to the Syrian rebels as part of the campaign to crush Islamic State, in his State of the Union Address.

The 5 Worst Moments From Last Night’s State of the Union

He promised his speech wouldn’t be a “laundry list.” True enough: It was more like a laundry truck, stuffed full of old and misguided ideas from his previous SOTUs. Before the speech slides down the memory hole, here are five moments to remember and then forget again until next year.

The State of the Union 2015: Magical Pain-Free Prosperity For Everyone!

President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address was an important reminder that few professions in these United States of America are as profoundly immune to basic learning curves then that of politicians, speechwriters, and bureaucrats. It was a speech that bragged about the booming economy at a time when the labor-force participation rate is the worst it’s been since Jimmy Carter was president. It called for “everyone to get their fair shot,” three years after this same president called for “everyone to get their fair shot.” And it championed a series of “free” programs and initiatives that will magically create pain-free prosperity for everyone, without any tradeoffs.


Gold & Silver much stronger than King Dollar of late


Obama SOTU: We’ve “Turned the Page”; But What We Need is a Whole New Book

Indeed, to the extent that any one speech matters, last night’s SOTU most definitely did not sound the bell of something new and different when it comes to Barack Obama or American politics more generally. Far from it. It represents yet one more reiteration of the same-old, same-old, of a 20th century vision of top-down governance and rank partisanship that already controls and commands far too many aspects of our social, cultural, and economic activities. Like so many American presidents before him, Obama just knows in his bones there’s no problem that more money and regulation can’t make go away. At least until the next SOTU.

Israeli occupation forces demolish house in East Jerusalem

Israeli forces demolished a Palestinian house in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabir on Wednesday, locals told Ma’an.

Israeli forces raided the neighborhood and surrounded a house belonging to Ulayyan Jalal Rabaya before a bulldozer destroyed the property.

Rabaya said he had begun renovation work on the interior of the house some months ago to live there with his fiance, who he is due to marry.

Jerusalem municipality workers posted a demolition order on the property last Monday saying that it lacked a building permit.

Two other house belonging to the Rabaya family are also slated for demolition, with a court decision expected Friday.

How to find dirt cheap, long term parking in the heart of London


Do you know that the Ukrainian Prime Minister is a leading member of the whacko and criminal Church of Scientology

Poroshenko Says 9,000 Russian Troops in Ukraine,/ High-Tech Invisibility Cloaks Prevent Detection

Nearly 10,000 Russian troops are in Ukraine according to Ukraine’s president, and yet there hasn’t been a single reliable independent confirmation of this incredible claim

So I am not the only one who doubts this claim!

Israel Bombs Syria, Kills Top Iranian General and Top Hezbollah Commander

In yet another brazen attack on national sovereignty and human rights, Israel has once again launched a bombing mission onto Syrian soil in defense of death squads and terrorists that it has been supporting – along with the United States, France, and the UK (NATO) – since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Some reports attribute the attack to missiles fired from helicopters while others suggest that the attack took place using Israeli drones…

New Study: Monsanto’s Herbicide Chemical Damages DNA

A new peer-reviewed scientific study has found that soybean workers exposed to glyphosate suffer from DNA damage and elevated cell death. Adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T) are the components of nucleic acid that make up DNA, and biotech is making these important parts of our biology a mash-up that no sane person would ever want to experience.

New Ukrainian Bicycles to hit Stores next month


Norman Finkelstein: Charlie Hebdo is sadism, not satire

In Nazi Germany, there was an anti-Semitic weekly newspaper called Der Stürmer.

Run by Julius Streicher, it was notorious for being one of the most virulent advocates of the persecution of Jews during the 1930s.

What everybody remembers about Der Stürmer was its morbid caricatures of Jews, the people who were facing widespread discrimination and persecution during the era.

Its depictions endorsed all of the common stereotypes about Jews – a hook nose, lustful, greedy.

“Let’s say, … amidst all of this death and destruction, two young Jews barged into the headquarters of the editorial offices of Der Stürmer, and they killed the staff for having humiliated them, degraded them, demeaned them, insulted them,” queried Norman Finkelstein, a professor of political science and author of numerous books including “The Holocaust Industry” and “Method and Madness.”

“How would I react to that?,” said Finkelstein, who is the son of Holocaust survivors.

The Pseudo-Courage of Chris Kyle

American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History, the ghost-written memoir for which Kyle claims primary authorship, offers convincing testimony that Kyle not only failed to display genuine courage in Iraq, but was incapable of recognizing it when it was exhibited by desperate patriots seeking to evict the armed foreigners who had invaded and occupied their country.

The insurgents who fought the American invasion (and the few “allied” troops representing governments that had been bribed or brow-beaten into collaborating in that crime) were sub-human “savages” and “cowards,” according to Kyle.

“Savage, despicable evil,” writes Kyle. “That’s what we were fighting in Iraq…. People ask me all the time, `How many people have you killed?’… The number is not important to me. I only wish I had killed more. Not for bragging rights, but because I believe the world is a better place without savages out there taking American lives.”

Germany wants all of its gold back. Russia is accelerating gold purchases and they are dumping treasuries.



Egy szemfüles olvasónk küldte be az alábbi fotókat, melyek a nyíregyházi vasútállomáson készültek augusztus 2-án. A közölt információk szerint a vasúti szerelvény Záhony felé tartott, ahol átlépte Ukrajna felé az államhatárt. A képek érdekessége, hogy ezeken valaha a Magyar Honvédség állományába tartozó T-72-es közepes harckocsik láthatóak.


This is a call to Rivero’s Rangers to get this story out to the public before Poroshenko and Obama gets us into a potentially nuclear war with Russia!

I will save you the time of going to Google Translate. Back in August, following numerous failed attempts to claim Russia had crossed the border into Ukraine, Ukraine bought some old used-up T-72’s from Hungary for 8,500 dollars each, their value as scrap metal. Now Ukraine does not use the T-72, it uses the later t-80 and t-84. But Russia still uses the T-72.

The obvious conclusion for Ukraine to buy these tanks and have them delivered secretly through other countries is to repaint the tanks in Russian colors, and plant near the border to frame Russia for an invasion.

These photos were made in Nyíregyháza railway station on August 2. Train headed to Záhony and crossed the state border to the Ukraine.

Such a deception has already been tried once! The BBC (Buggering British Children), the news network that reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 twenty six minutes BEFORE it actually happened, published photos of T-72s painted with Russian markings in Eastern Ukraine and claimed this was proof of a Russian invasion.

Poroshenko is desperate for NATO to intervene … and he still has those T-72 tanks somewhere!

UPDATE: Poroshenko is claiming there are 9000 Russian troops and 500 Russian tanks inside Ukraine, again being reported by BBC (Buggering British Children), the news network that reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 twenty six minutes BEFORE it actually happened.

Halliburton, Baker Hughes to lay off thousands as oil slumps

Oilfield service providers Baker Hughes and Halliburton plan to cut thousands of jobs as drilling activity slows further due to a steep fall in crude oil prices.


Give us the proof.

BEX ALERT – Russia has 9,000 troops in Ukraine – President Poroshenko

Russia has 9,000 soldiers and 500 tanks, heavy artillery and armoured personnel carriers in eastern Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko has said.

“See? See? Here’s the proof!!!” — Official White Horse Souse

Asset Ownership and Our System of Deepening Debt-Serfdom


How the middle class has fragmented under Obama

When President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address in 2009, 53% of Americans considered themselves middle class. Six years later, just 44% of Americans define themselves that way.


Worse yet, Bibi is making a joke out of it … instead of putting forth a program, his game is to attack the opposition … Sound familiar?


There were several marches – the one we went on had about 2,000 people. Then we went to Grand Central Station where about 200 of us held up the names of unarmed Black citizens, mostly young men, who were killed by the police. People read about them, who they were, how they died. After each story people said their name, all together, and raised their fist in the air. People passing through stopped to listen. Some family members of those killed were there. After 3 hours someone read King’s last speech and we repeated it, one line at a time (Occupy style) and then everyone sang We Shall Overcome and Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Hold On. Actually, we did the same thing for 24 hours last week. It is a very powerful experience.

America Is Open for Business in Iraq (Psst… Wanna Buy an M1 Tank?)

Are Tanks Good for Anything Other Than Profits?

Washington’s rallying cry now seems to be: “Wait for the spring offensive!” In translation that means: wait for the Iraqi army to get enough newly American-trained and -armed troops into action to make a move on Mosul. That city is, of course, the country’s second largest and still ruled by the new “caliphate” proclaimed by Islamic State head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. All in all, not exactly inspiring stuff.

You can’t have victory if you have no idea where the finish line is. But there is one bright side to the situation. If you can’t create Victory in Iraq for future VI Day parades, you can at least make a profit from the disintegrating situation there.

Mr. President, you can’t wave a magic wand and declare something free. Someone has to pay for it.

SOTU ’15: Politicians Still Win When America Loses

Despite President Obama’s claim he fights for the middle class in last night’s State of the Union speech, it’s important to note the average politician is not remotely similar to the typical American in terms of wealth and economic security.

Homeland Security Snares Dude with $1.5 Million in his rented SUV driving from Pennsylvania to Calif.

They also seized his home, vehicles, cash, artwork, and 68 kilograms of marijuana; including $1.5 million from a rented SUV travelling from PA to CA and $2.1 million dollars cash they found in a fish tank! Total seizure was valued at over $5 million. DHS has thus announced that in light of this score, they are now resuming Fast & Furious II, where they will re-sell all of this stash to Mexican drug cartels at a huge profit. (kidding about the last part.)


Hezbollah as founded to protect Lebanon after the Israeli invasion of that country in 1983. Many western countries have been convinced to label Hezbollah a terrorist organisation. Many other countries see it as consisting of freedom fighters. In any case, Hezbollah possesses thousands of sophisticated Artillery pieces these days, including modern rocket systems, many of which are long range and can reach the Israeli capital Tel Aviv. These Hezbollah rockets are nothing as useless as the fire crackers the Gazans fire towards Israel, most of which are homemade and have no sight systems. They are just pointed in the direction they hope will work and there explosives are from the stone age……………KT



Israeli military intelligence reports that said Hezbollah is not interested in an escalation, but warned that similar assessments were being circulated on the eve of the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

QE worsens inequality, Hedge Fund Mngr Singer says. 1st goal is to inflate asset prices. Stimulation of growth only 3rd order effect #wef15

Obama’s 2015 SOTU: Magical Pain-Free Prosperity For Everyone!



The exploitation of human sexuality is a well-known pressure point in the repression of social movements. Typically such measures are thought to be reserved for military conflicts involving complex, multi-tiered, counter-insurgency campaigns, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Throughout the first and second Palestinian uprisings, Israeli intelligence forces regularly recruited Palestinians for collaboration after first documenting them in precarious sexual situations. Classically, Israeli handlers would observe and record a Palestinian engaging in extra-marital, homosexual, or otherwise ‘deviant’ sexual behaviors and then leverage the publicity of these fi

Jan 21 10:24

CDC caught inflating flu deaths to sell more vaccines


You know that “36,000” number the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is constantly throwing around as the number of people in the U.S. who supposedly die every year from influenza? It’s completely made up, and its purpose is to sell more flu vaccines, as evidenced by actual mortality data showing that only a few hundred people at most die from influenza annually.

As highlighted by the American Society of Registered Nurses (ASRN), government claims that tens or even hundreds of thousands of people are dying left and right because they aren’t getting their flu shots is total bunk. Data pulled from death certificates and the U.S. National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) reveal that very few people die from the flu, suggesting that it really isn’t much of a threat.

Obama will bypass Congress on Iran sanctions if nuclear deal is reached

In another example of the White House bypassing Congress to avoid a vote it would lose, the Obama administration will not to seek congressional approval to suspend sanctions against Iran if a deal on the Islamic republic’s nuclear program can be reached, The New York Times reported Sunday night.

The oil rout in Africa – Nigeria naira drops below N200 to the US dollar for the first time ever


Michael Moore is Right

The invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with patriotism or heroism

“American Sniper” is obvious pro-war propaganda. Are the reports of box office success part of the lie?

Israeli forces on alert after reports of infiltration attempt from Lebanon: Israeli media

Yep, Israel is going to invade Lebanon again!

The FCC’s possible reclassification of ISPs signals hope for net neutrality

In January 2014, the FCC’s net neutrality directives were struck down in the US Court of Appeals, a ruling that was expected because in 2002, the FCC reclassified ISPs as “information services,” which prevents the agency from exerting much control over the infrastructure that powers these networks.

FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler indicated that the agency will hold a vote on February 26, 2015, which is likely to return ISPs to being “telecommunication services” under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. This will provide the FCC the legal authority to open access to utility poles to any interested company to build internet infrastructure, as well as prevent ISPs from throttling speeds from any remote servers, or prioritizing speeds from others in exchange for payment.

Israeli forces launch major detention campaign in Nablus camps

Israeli forces launched a major detention campaign in the northern West Bank refugee camps of Balata and Askar in Nablus district overnight, Palestinian security sources said.

More than 15 young men were seized after forces ransacked many houses.

Palestinian security sources told Ma’an that more than 20 Israeli military jeeps stormed Balata and Askar refugee camps near Nablus at midnight and broke into dozens of houses.

Locals said most of the houses belonged to Fatah supporters. Among those whose houses which were ransacked are Fayiz Arafat, Nasser al-Khatib Abu Aziz, Ahmad Naji Abu Hamada, Muhammad Abu Dari, Abu Mahyub abu Leil, Muhammad Abu Zaabal, Hatim abu Riziq, Talal abu Thira, Abu Hazim Kharma, Atallah Hashash, Bashir Hashash, Hasan Sharaya, Abu Nasim Arayshi and Mahir Ayyad.


When a small group of people subvert the laws that make everyone equal and place themselves above the law, it is only a matter of time before freedom becomes forced servitude.

The actions by the U.S. government are giving the tell tale signs of complete destruction of liberty and the institution of what can only be called slavery of the masses.

Those at the top are engaged in the transformation of the nation into a feudal society where a few are very rich and the rest are subjected to poverty and earning a meager existence at best.

New leads lead nowhere in 1982 Tylenol poisonings

So in 2010, a judge ordered Lewis and his wife to comply with grand jury subpoenas requesting DNA. At the time Lewis seemed optimistic.

As of Tuesday, Lewis was correct. Law enforcement sources say there was no DNA match. Cook and DuPage County prosecutors couldn’t make a murder case; there was “insufficient evidence to charge anyone,” said one source, and “no new or promising leads.”

Michelle Rosen, daughter of one of the victims, has suggested that the actual perpetrator of the Tylenol murders was inside Johnson and Johnson itself, which would make J&J financially liable for the deaths, so J&J, working with the government, covered it up by claiming someone outside the company committed the crime (which cursed us all with those plastic security wrappers ever since) and tried to frame James Lewis for the murders. Now they are finally admitting that DNA tests on the tampered bottles show no match at all with either James Lewis or his wife.

Michell Rosen will be our radio guest next Tuesday with other breaking news on this case.

How to Refute the 5 Major Fallacies of Statist Arguments

All supporters of the State are necessarily chauvinistic and rely heavily upon emotion and force, so, the utilization of emotion and force in arguments with these types will not resound and will fall upon deaf ears, like scream-talking at a rock concert; nobody will hear you, and you’ll only hurt yourself.

It is in these instances that sound logic must be employed to thoroughly examine all points of Statist inquisition.

The following is a sample of 5 commonplace questions directed at libertarians or anarchists that, if handled logically and gracefully, can become learning experiences for both parties…

CIA torture whistleblower wants to know: ‘Where’s the prosecution?’

In interview given from Loretto Prison, John Kiriakou says authorization of CIA torture came from the top

John Boehner invites Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday to address a joint meeting of Congress on Feb. 11.

“In this time of challenge, I am asking the prime minister to address Congress on the grave threats radical Islam and Iran pose to our security and way of life,” Boehner said in a statement.

The invitation came a day after U.S. President Barack Obama said in his State of the Union address he would veto legislation that toughens sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

Memo to John Boehner: forgive me, sir, but how in the name of Heaven does Iran pose a grave threat to the lives of Americans, or Israelis, for that matter?!?!?

Iran hasn’t started a war in over 200 years, and their negotiators at the P5+1 meetings are working, to the best of the IAEA’s understanding, to achieve a meaningful, workable pact with the West on their nuclear energy program.

I would also like to mention that Iran has one of the oldest continuing Jewish populations in the Middle East, and many of them are so contented in Iran, that they have no desire to move to Israel.

I would strongly suggest that you view the video “Don’t Tell Mother I’m In Iran”, filmed by a charming young videographer, who meets with Jewish members of the Iranian community in Tehran, including a merchant who is himself a member of Iran’s Parliament.

Sir, Prime Minister Netanyahu has not been shy on demanding that the US invade Iran and “neutralize” the country for Israel’s benefit, without the IDF lifting a finger.

I would, very strongly suggest that if Netanyahu wishes Iran to be “neutralized”, that the Israeli military is strong enough to take care of that on their own.

And JUST IN CASE you did not get the memo (as I did, this morning, websurfing the news), Russia has just signed a military pact with Iran. This means that a US invasion against Iran will mean war with Russia.

So sir, do you have the gall to state, bluntly and publicly to the American people, that we have the troop strength, the money, and the manufacturing, to insure a positive outcome to such a conventional war against Russia?!?

Were you telling the truth, I don’t think you would be so brazen as to answer the above questions with an uniquivocal, difinitive “yes”.

MEGA PUKE FACTOR 9.9 BEX ALERT – Iran and Hezbollah are planning ‘imminent’ joint invasion of Israel’s northern Galilee region according to ‘high level intelligence’

Senior Iranian and Hezbollah figures killed in an airstrike in Syria this weekend were likely planning an ‘imminent’ attack on Israel, security sources have claimed.

Six Iranian army chiefs died alongside five Hezbollah militants after an Israeli helicopter fired rockets at a convoy in the Golan Heights region on Sunday.

Among those killed was Iranian General Mohammed Allahdadi, as well as commander Abu Ali Tabatabai, who is known to have worked with both Hezbollah and Iran.

Today Major General Eyal Ben Reuven, a former deputy head in the Israeli Defense Forces, accused the senior military figures of meeting to plot an attack on Israel.

TRANSLATION: Israel is about to attack someone “in self defense.”

Michael Pento: Free Markets Have Been Completely Obliterated, People Are Flocking Back into Hard Money-Gold


President Obama declares war on journalism to combat Snowden-type leaks. Proposes computer hacking law changes to criminalize benign online behavior.

Last October, former National Security Agency (NSA) Director Gen. Keith Alexander gave an interview with the video arm of the Department of Defense in which he slammed reporters who disclosed once-top secret foreign and domestic surveillance programs with the help of a former government contractor gone rogue.

Campus cops load up on military weapons like semiautomatic rifles, Humvees

Under the same program that has been criticized as “militarizing” local law enforcement, campus police departments have ramped up their armed presence, with Florida State University getting a Humvee and other university officers carrying semi-automatic rifles.

Nearly all police at universities are now armed, with weapons ranging from handguns to pepper spray. About two-thirds of public and private campuses employed armed officials during the 2011-2012 school year, according to a Bureau of Justice Statistics report released Tuesday.

Kent State is now included in all campuses!

“American Sniper” dangerously racist propaganda

Dangerously racist propaganda appears to be working like a charm, the operative word being “appears to be.” Who knows who’s tweeting this shit? It could be an army of paid propagandists or autobots.

Remember, racism is a vital weapon used by governments to wage war.

Also, as a footnote, American sniper, apart from being a serial killer and psycho was also a liar.

U.S. and Cuba start historic talks on restoring ties

Cuba has also said it will protest U.S. laws that welcome Cubans into the United States once they set foot on U.S. soil, a policy exception that Cuba says promotes people-trafficking and dangerous journeys across the Florida Straits on flimsy vessels.

Obama has the executive authority to restore diplomatic ties and lift sanctions but needs the Republican-controlled Congress to repeal the economic embargo.

Nick Turse, A Shadow War in 150 Countries

From the point of view of the U.S. military and the national security state, the period from September 12, 2001, to late last night could be summed up in a single word: more. What Washington funded with your tax dollars was a bacchanalia of expansion intended, as is endlessly reiterated, to keep America “safe.” But here’s the odd thing: as the structure of what’s always called “security” is built out ever further into our world and our lives, that world only seems to become less secure. Odder yet, that “more” is rarely a focus of media coverage, though its reality is glaringly obvious. The details may get coverage but the larger reality — the thing being created in Washington — seems of remarkably little interest.

D.C. lawmakers float bill to allow voting without U.S. citizenship

A bill introduced by D.C. lawmakers would grant some immigrants lacking U.S. citizenship the ability to vote in municipal elections.

The Local Resident Voting Rights Act of 2015 would allow D.C. residents who are not U.S. citizens but meet the federal definition of having permanent residency status to cast ballots in local elections, including races for mayor and the D.C. Council as well as initiatives and charter referendums. D.C. Council member David Grosso, at-large independent, introduced the legislation Tuesday.

Field McConnell – Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot Used On 9/11 Planes, Impossible To Hijack!

Field McConnell is a vastly experienced naval aviator and commercial pilot whose career has spanned five decades. He claims that Malaysian Airlines contacted him when Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8 last year. They called him he says, because of his research into secret existing technology, which allows someone on the ground to take control of a flight, leaving the flight crew helpless.

Obama full of swagger: State of the Union leaves GOP enraged

When Barack Obama looked out into the audience of his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, he was met with a truly historic sight. No Democratic president in the last century has addressed a Congress dominated by so many Republican lawmakers.

The last time a US president delivered a State of the Union address in front of such a large number of Republicans was 1930. And that was president Herbert Hoover, a fellow Republican.

Yet anyone who expected Obama to begin his second-to-last year in office by courting the very adversaries he will need to pass any significant legislation – from tax reform to investment in infrastructure – left disappointed.

I don’t know if I would characterize Obama’s style last night as swagger; I would rather characterize it as a complete, full-bore disconnect from what is happening, both nationally and internationally.

The hard fact is that the economy is improving only for people who are already wealthy.

92 million people in this country have given up trying to find a job.

Offshoring and outsourcing have moved those jobs which used to be the bedrock of the middle class to the cheapest pools of labor possible, reducing those who could once actually afford a mortgage to people living out of their cars, and/or are on public assistance.

Child poverty in this country is staggering, and as of this year, more than half of all American kids live in poverty, under Obama’s watch.

The US government continues to support tin-pot dictators, like the Al-Khalifa government in Bahrain, and DID support the Al-Hadi government in Yemen; that is, until rebels took the presidential palace over yesterday. President Kennedy said it best; “When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.”

I find it quite psychologically revealing that one of Obama’s favorite ways to wage war is the process of extrajudicial assassinations via drone strikes.

People do NOT hate Americans because we are “free”; they hate us because we rain white hot flaming death on their kids, their moms, and elderly fragile family members who are many times completely innocent.

And in spite of his faux populist demeanor, Obama is no less a slave to the large financial and corporate institutions which have sponsored his rise, nomination, and election as President.

So it should come as no surprise that Obamacare was written by, and for, large insurance agencies.

And then, there is the issue of baiting Russia and China, to keep the Ruble and Yuan from replacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

I have to wonder if Obama did not get the memo that in Zurich today, China is setting up a currency conversion center where people trade the Yuan in a direct currency conversion?!?

The limited quality of thinking demonstrated by this administration, coupled with a staggering, collective inability to think a concept through to its logical conclusion, scare the stuffing out of me right now.

And the only two possible scenarios to play out, most probably before the end of this administration, are as follows: either a complete US financial collapse, or a world war. Wars have historically been the “American Way” of getting out of its financial messes. But this time, the unintended consequences could be both horrific, and irreversible.

So congratulations, Mr. President: your “hope and change” may well destroy this country entirely.

Christopher Phillips, ex-bio weapons specialist, arrested in Ottawa hotel scare

A man suspected of travelling from Nova Scotia with potentially hazardous chemicals and arrested at an Ottawa hotel was identified by the RCMP as a former military biochemical weapons specialist from the United States.

Did a planned false-flag bio-attack just stumble?

CIA Insider Warns: “25-Year Great Depression is About to Strike America”

In an exclusive interview with Money Morning, Jim Rickards, the CIA’s Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, has stepped forward to warn the American people that time is running out to prepare for this $100 trillion meltdown.

“Everybody knows we have a dangerous level of debt. Everybody knows the Fed has recklessly printed trillions of dollars. These are secrets to no one,” he said.

“But all signs are now flashing bright red that our chickens are about to come home to roost.”

ARMS TO AL-QAEDA: U.S. Generals Admit Washington Has Backed Islamic Militants in Syria

If you believe all of the pre-packaged government and corporate media propaganda, then you might think that ISIS is just another evil, grassroots Salafist militant movement, one with no connections at all to foreign intelligence agencies like the CIA, Britain’s MI6, Turkish (NATO) intelligence, Saudi intelligence, Israeli intelligence, or Pakistan’s ISI.

Well, you might just be wrong…

Shipbuilding Industry Claims McCain Is Threatening National Security

The shipbuilding industry is launching a counteroffensive against Republican Sen. John McCain’s effort to repeal a protectionist law that artificially raises domestic shipping costs.

Haiti, Five Years After the Earthquake: Fraudulent Reconstruction Under Military Occupation

Five years after the devastating earthquake, numerous massive protests were held against the UN occupation (MINUSTAH) and for the departure of Haitian President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. The latter finally resigned in December 2014.

These demonstrations did not make their way into the mainstream media in 2014.


Manufacturing Hit by Oil-Price Plunge? Southeast Worst Since Financial Crisis

The collapse in the prices of oil, natural gas, and natural-gas liquids has started to make its imprint on the largest hydrocarbon producer in the world, namely the US of A. Oilfield layoffs and project cancellations are raining down on the oil patch on a daily basis. Suppliers are hit too. Many energy stocks are in the process of evisceration. Energy junk bonds are in a rout.

But consumers love it – those who aren’t losing their jobs over it – because they spend less on fuel. Consumers are voters. So politicians love it because voters love it. Hence, it’s good for the economy. I get that.

No, the American People DON’T Support Torture


Is Barack Obama Actually Trying To Help ISIS Take Over Syria?

That headline sounds crazy, right? It must be untrue, right? Well, read on, because you might be absolutely shocked by what you learn. As you will read about below, the Obama administration has used al-Qaeda fighters and other radical Islamic groups in the past to topple governments. And without a doubt, Barack Obama is absolutely determined to oust Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. In fact, he came dangerously close to taking us to war with Syria earlier in his presidency before backing down in the face of overwhelming public pressure. But what Obama wants to do in Syria has not changed, and he is using the same playbook that he used in Libya and elsewhere to get it done.

1948 Palestinians stage general strike

Israel’s large Arab minority closed shops and schools from the northern Galilee to the southern Negev desert Tuesday as part of a daylong strike to protest against the death of two Arab men in incidents involving Israeli police.

Which makes the timing of this stabbing incident in Israel suspicious.

The Biggest State Of The Union Lies


Jeb Bush kept key roles in Florida firm amid signs of trouble

“Fine board meeting,” Bush wrote in an e-mail to the chief financial officer before requesting details about the company’s liability insurance and politely nudging him that cash-flow data “would be appreciated.”

Bush wouldn’t get his answers until a week after his September 2009 e-mail, and then only in part — the CFO provided him with an “unaudited” financial spreadsheet and said no insurance details were immediately available.

If Bush was troubled by the response, it didn’t prompt him to pull away from InnoVida. He remained on the board for an additional year, leaving after a fellow board member started to unravel the widespread fraud that eventually led to the firm’s demise and the criminal convictions of two top executives.

Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods

In the not too distant future, consumers will be able to run on-the-spot tests for environmental toxins, GMOs, pesticides, food safety and more with their smartphones and other hand-held devices.

Here’s What Austin’s Newest Housing For the Chronically Homeless Looks Like

Plans are moving ahead in the Austin area to house about 200 people who are chronically homeless. Community First Village has been about a decade in the making and in just a matter of months, it will break ground.

Clear As Mud: In Case You’re Confused About What’s Going On In The Middle East…

If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they might be replaced by people we like even less. And, all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists who weren’t actually there until we went in to drive them out – do you understand now?

Convicted Cop tortured 118 men, cost taxpayers million$ and still gets full pension


Obama Authorized CIA To Fund Al-Qaeda Overthrow of Libya


Google Maps Engine could be quietly coming to a halt soon

UPDATED: A Google spokesperson confirmed Maps Engine support will end on January 29, 2016.

SNB Shock Was ‘Icing On Cake’ For Gold Ahead of Draghi’s Euro ‘Bazooka’


Northern Canada sex abuse victim hurls scripture at convicted pedophile Catholic priest


Ebola has wiped out 1/3 of the world’s great apes

Ebola poses the greatest threat to the survival of our nearest cousins — gorillas and chimps, a third of which have died from the deadly virus since the 1990s.

The disease is even deadlier for the great apes than it is for humans, according to the report in The Conversation, a nonprofit media outlet.

Mortality rates for gorillas are about 95 percent and 77 percent for chimpanzees. For humans, it is about 50 percent.

Bill Ayers: FBI Informant Was Paid To Lie


All hail free speech – except when it’s against Israel

None of this was spelled out by the veteran correspondent, who deleted his twitter account shortly afterwards and according to this source does not appear to be willing to elaborate beyond his immediate resignation, but a string of tweets between him and a well known israeli propagandist show Clancy’s obvious impatience with what he clearly sees as crass israeli attempts to use PR to derail Palestinian efforts at self-determination. The fact that it comes immediately after his tweet about Hebdo remains a mystery.

Financial Repression Is Financial Authoritarianism

Financial repression is a term used to describe measures sometimes used by governments to boost their coffers and/or reduce debt. These measures include the deliberate attempt to hold down interest rates to below inflation, representing a tax on savers and a transfer of benefits from lenders to borrowers. Financial repression is also used to describe measures to facilitate a domestic market for government debt and the imposition of capital controls. The combined effect of all these measures means funds are channeled to the government that would otherwise flow elsewhere.

The FBI wants to be able to hack you if you use TOR or a VPN

The FBI wants to search through your electronic life. You may think it’s a given that the government is in the business of collecting everyone’s personal data — Big Brother run amok in defiance of the Constitution. But under the limits of the Fourth Amendment, nothing it finds can be used to prosecute its targets.

Report: EPA Tested Deadly Air Pollutants On Children

A government watchdog group has obtained documents detailing how the EPA exposed children as young as 10 to deadly air pollutants without disclosing the full risks of the substances.

Government watchdogs say these EPA-backed studies could violate California state and federal law, because children were exposed to diesel exhaust in experiments with no health benefits to the subjects.

Between 2003 and 2010, the EPA backed experiments done at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles that exposed children aged 10 to 15 to diesel exhaust — an air pollutant which the EPA and the California Air Resources Board says has no safe exposure limit.

I have to wonder what kinds of neighborhoods these children came from; what their parents were actually told about these experiments; and what the parents were paid for having their kids participate in these experiments.

I would almost be willing to bet real money that these kids didn’t come from Beverly Hills,West Lost Angeles, or any other affluent LA community.

Whoever supervised these experiments on children should have their tenure revoked.

These children should be monitored for the rest of their lives, and treated, for ANY ill-effects of these experiments, at no cost to them.

Josef Mengele would have been SOOOO PROUD of these people

Peter Boehringer – This is Suspicious to Say the Least – Show Me the GOLD!

Now we find out that the Bundesbank [here after referred to as BuBa] announces they were able to pry 85 tons of gold out of the hands of the Federal Reserve in New York and an additional 35 tons out of France. Of course this was done under the watchful eye of the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) and all the gold was stamped with 2014 dates. The German people, according to Peter Boehringer, have no proof that BuBa actually received any gold, from anywhere. No documentation, no photos, no assays, no nothing, no shipping manifest; nothing. How can take possession of an item, any item, especially something as sensitive as YOUR NATIONAL GOLD, and not be provided with any paperwork? Really? The time I checked I did not see “fool” tattooed on my forehead. We are suppose to believe the BIS supervised the shipment, assayed the gold and accounted for all the bars but they can not provide ANY paperwork!

Remember after the scandal erupted over the missing gold from the New York Fed, there was an editorial from CNBC that stated that it didn’t matter if the gold was really there or not, so long as the official records said it was there. So maybe what the BIS is doing is simply moving paper records around.

Female veteran shamed for parking in veterans-only spot

An Air Force veteran who served in Kuwait found a note on her car Friday criticizing her for parking in a veterans-only parking spot in Wilmington.
Mary Claire Caine told WECT-TV that she returned to her car from shopping at Harris Teeter to find a note plastered to her front window from a person identifying themselves as a “Wounded Vet.”

Researchers Discover How to Use Living Plants to Generate Usable Electricity

by Jonathan Schoenfeld

Solar paneling is usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of harvesting energy from the sun.

Solar power modules essentially replicate how plants absorb photons from light energy. Well, instead of using solar panels that replicate plants, dutch company Plant-e is using the plants themselves.

This technology brings new meaning to the term “power plant”…

Russia MP Gives a ‘How To’ Lecture on Russia Regime Change in Washington

The event, “Russia’s Opposition in a Time of War and Crisis,” featured prominent Russian liberal opposition parliamentarian (member of the Russian Duma) Ilya Ponomarev, a noted critic of Russian President Putin, providing a detailed presentation regarding the current political climate in Russia, and the potential for the ousting or overthrow of the Russian government.

So, if Lindsey Graham were in Moscow, instructing Russian Nationals on how to overthrow the US Government, how would that look?

But for this event to have taken place at all signals that the US Government is indeed planning to overthrow the Russian government, to yank the foundation out from under BRICS.

Obama Falsely Claims US is Stopping Spread of Islamic State During State of the Union


Russia signs military cooperation deal with Iran

Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday signed a military cooperation deal with Iran that his Iranian counterpart touted as a joint response to US “interference”.

Shoigu is the most senior Russian military official to visit Tehran since 2002, according to Iranian media, and the agreement comes with both countries facing western sanctions.

The deal provides for joint exercises and military training, as well as “cooperation in peacekeeping, maintaining regional and international security and stability, and fighting against separatism and extremism,” the Iranian defence ministry website said.

Defence minister Hossein Dehqan told state television that Iran and Russia had a “shared analysis of US global strategy, its interference in regional and international affairs and the need to cooperate in the struggle against the interference of foreign forces in the region.”

OK, Russia has just made it official; any military invasion of Iran will generate Russian military assistance for it.

John Baird, Iranian minister invited to ‘make or break’ Syria talks in Davos

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has been invited to a high-level meeting this week about the future of Syria — one that could include his Iranian counterpart.

Lebensraum in Palestine

The Security Council determines that the policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East. – United Nations Security Council Resolution 446, 1979.

“I don’t hear you and I don’t see you and you can’t make me, la la la la…” — Nodding Yahoo

Israel’s very own history of eugenics

In the 1950s, waves of new immigrants swept into Israel. To the dismay of the country’s Ashkenazi leaders (those originating from Europe and the US), the great majority were from Arab countries. Levi Eshkol, a later prime minister, expressed a common sentiment when he called them “human rubbish”. Israel, deprived of “good-quality” Jews, was being forced to bring to its shores Arab Jews, seen as just as primitive and dirty as the Palestinians whom Israel had recently succeeded in ethnically cleansing.

Report Portrays a Broken C.I.A. Devoted to a Failed Approach

In January 2003, 10 months into the Central Intelligence Agency’s secret prison program, the agency’s chief of interrogations sent an email to colleagues saying that the relentlessly brutal treatment of prisoners was a train wreck “waiting to happen and I intend to get the hell off the train before it happens.” He said he had told his bosses he had “serious reservations” about the program and no longer wanted to be associated with it “in any way.”

The bitter infighting in the C.I.A. interrogation program was only one symptom of the dysfunction, disorganization, incompetence, greed and deception described in a summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report. In more than 500 pages, the summary, released on Tuesday, paints a devastating picture of an agency that was ill equipped to take on the task of questioning Al Qaeda suspects, bungled the job and then misrepresented the results.

So the US government knew that this program was absolutely not working…but kept doing it anyway, gleefully killing and maiming prisoners of war, physically and psychologically along the way.

There are people who derive immense satisfaction from torturing, or witnessing it being done, or reading about its being done; it is simply unfortunate when some of those people are those who had taken an oath of office to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”, like that unholy trinity of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld

And unless and until there is an inquiry, where these three people get charged with war crimes, the moral conscience of this country can never, ever come back to normal.

We have become a nation which tortures, and extrajucially assassinates people overseas with absolutely no due process. We have become a nation of economic exploitation in every direction on the globe.

The fastest way to get all terrorism to cease would be for the US to stop mucking about in other countries to claim resources to which we have absolutely no moral right, as well as stopping all support to tinpot dictators because they are “our thugs” (like the Al-Khalifa monarchy in Bahrain.)

Why Are Central Bankers Surprised by Monetary Disasters?

Again we see the adoption of a dialectical position. The mainstream media has been in full cry over the necessity for money printing and central bank bond purchases.

Now, comes a BIS former official – apparently someone with considerable clout – who says exactly the opposite thing. William White has come onto the record warning against what the European Central Bank plans to do as soon as possible.

BREAKING: Yemen’s president held captive; U.S. sends Navy warships to Red Sea

Yemen President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi is being held captive by rebels who have attacked his compound, just as the U.S. military has moved the USS Iwo Jima and the USS Fort McHenry into the Red Sea, in position to take aboard evacuees from the U.S. Embassy in Yemen if tensions and violence continue to escalate.

And another installed-by-intervention US puppet bites the dust!

China and Switzerland to announce offshore yuan trading center in Zurich | The BRICS Post


BIG SURPRISE! Rothschilds Bought Charlie Hebdo in December 2014!

Kind of like how Larry Silverstein got his hands on the World Trade Towers before that “terror” (nudge nudge wink wink say no more) attack!

Oh the Hypocrisy: 1,700 Private Jets Fly To Global Warming Forum

It should come as no surprise that the rest of the wealthy members of the World Economic Forum might be equally careless towards their carbon footprint.

Frank Holmes’ Take On Gold This “Action Packed Week”


Economic War, BRICS, and the Power of Self-Sufficiency

The toughest, most resilient people as both individuals and as societies all generally have one thing in common – self-sufficiency. This by no means suggests isolationism, but rather the ability to survive, even thrive through one’s own work using resources at their own disposal.

As a principle, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and individualism defined young nations like the United States, catapulting it upon the world stage as a global leader after spending time racked in debt and in England’s shadow. By establishing its own industry, its own institutions (including those of a financial nature) and its own military might, the United States transcended the tangled webs of interdependency locking Europe’s ever-shifting, fragile alliances together…

3,000 “Moderate Rebels” Defect to ISIS – US Preparing 5,000 More

These 3,000 fighters will bring weapons, cash, equipment, and training provided to them by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States, the UK, and perhaps most ironic of all in the wake of the recent terror attack in Paris, France.

The Fraudulent Nature of the Pharmaceutical Investment Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is not a ‘health industry’, but an ‘investment business’ that thrives on the continuation and expansion of diseases.

Russia To Collapse Dollar, White House Prepares For Civil Unrest

Is the Pentagon preparing for civil unrest in the United States?

With the Russian Ruble about to collapse Russia and China are pushing for a collapse of the U.S. dollar. It’s a race between the superpowers to see which currency will collapse first.

Experts have said that the U.S. and Europe cannot survive for much longer, and with Russia’s economic surplus, its looking likely that the Ruble will out-live the dollar.

Swiss Shocker Triggers Gigantic Losses for Banks, Hedge Funds and Currency Traders

The absolutely stunning decision by the Swiss National Bank to decouple from the euro has triggered billions of dollars worth of losses all over the globe.

State of the Union: Obama ‘dises’ fallen heroes while honoring lawbreaker?

While past presidents have always invited special guests to sit with their spouses during the annual State of the Union address to the nation, historians have pointed out they usually invited those who either achieved an act of bravery or contributed to the betterment of the United States. However, President Barack Obama is known for inviting guests to sit with First Lady Michelle Obama to illustrated what he believes are his achievements and his contributions. Such was the case with Obama’s special guest on Tuesday night, someone who according to U.S. law is in the United States illegally, college student Ana Zamora.

Charlie Hebdo – The Hidden Agenda Exposed

We don’t have to speculate as to how this event is going to be used. It has already started.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo: We intend to sue Fox News

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told CNN Tuesday she intends to sue Fox News in the wake of the channel’s coverage of supposed “no-go zones” for non-Muslims.

Israeli tanks take up positions along Lebanon border

Israeli tanks were witnessed taking up new positions along Lebanon’s southeastern border Wednesday, as UNIFIL and Lebanese Army troops boost their patrols in the area amid tensions following a deadly weekend Israeli strike on a Hezbollah convoy in the Golan Heights.

Gold Rally Continues, Yuan/Dollar Peg Explained


FDA Attacks Man for Selling Supplement that has Healed Tens of Thousands – Facing 37 Years in Prison

For almost 5 years, the FDA has been attacking Daniel Smith of Spokane Washington for selling a mineral supplement that purifies water and has been used in places like Africa by the Red Cross to prevent Malaria. The product is called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), and the active ingredient is sodium chlorite, a common mineral that is even used in some municipalities in the U.S. to purify water instead of chlorine.

Daniel Smith will face a trial in less than 30 days, the culmination of close to 5 years of legal battles, that could result in him spending 37 years in prison if convicted.


Because the FDA has not approved his product for health claims.

Has the product killed anyone? No.

Do FDA approved products kill anyone? Yes.

According to statistics published by medical authorities themselves, FDA prescription drugs are one of the top causes of death in the United States, and probably the #1 cause of death among Americans today.

ISIS threatens to behead two Japanese hours after Netanyahu predicts Japan will experience terror

On January 19 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe obediently groveled to Israel to pledge support for the Zio-war on terror. Japan, whose constitution actually prohibits the country from maintaining a military, already has “peace keeping” troops in the Zionist created new nation of South Sudan, and Abe promised Netanyahu that Japan will provide $200 million in “humanitarian aid” to the countries fighting ISIS. This, of course, is not what it means, because the most effective military fighting ISIS belongs to the Syrian government, yet this aid will certainly wind up going to groups opposed to the Syrian government.

Netanyahu warned Abe that Japan could become a target of terrorism, and almost on cue, within a matter of hours ISIS released a video featuring two Japanese hostages in orange jumpsuits and a knife-wielding masked man who announced in British English that the Japanese would be killed if a $200 million ransom is not paid in 72 hours.

Virtually everything out of the President’s mouth was a lie, the State of the Union is in shambles

Obama grandstands during speech

Anti-Establishment Movie Director Found Dead

An independent filmmaker and his family were found dead in a Minnesota home over the weekend from what media outlets are describing as an “apparent murder-suicide.”



Gold reaches all-time high… in Japanese Yen.


The United States Have Conducted Vast Experiments on Humans: A Forgotten Document

People are unaware of the vast scope of human experimentation in America.

Here are just a few examples…

20 Crucial Tips for Not Getting Screwed by the Legal System


Donetsk Terror Trauma: civilians living in fear for lives

Fighting has resumed in Donesk, in Eastern Ukraine. Authorities there say that five people were killed in the last 24 hours when army shells struck residential areas in the city center.

Michael Pento – Flocking Back into Hard Money-Gold

Financial analyst Michael Pento says, “Gold is going up in all currencies because investors are coming to this realization, or epiphany, that you cannot trust central banks. In 2008, we had the Great Recession. We had the bursting of asset bubbles. We had the bursting of the housing bubble. We had the bursting of the stock bubble. The Federal Reserve came in, and it was not only the Fed, we had central banks from across the world increase debt by 40%. 40% since 2008 on a global basis, and they took interest rates, which were already low, down to 0% and negative % and left them there for going on almost seven years. People had the audacity to believe that this was going to be a success story. They are slowly learning we have solved nothing. We have just made all the problems associated with the great recession much, much worse. As that realization unfolds, people will be flocking back into hard money, and that means gold.”

Identity theft insurance: Is it worth it?

FROM THE COMMENTS: A long time ago people use to keep their money under the mattress. The problem was if the house burned down, you lost your life savings. So people started putting their money in banks for safekeeping. Now the banks are telling us they are not capable of safeguarding our money and they’re going to need to start charging a monthly fee for identity theft insurance over above the service fees we already pay them. Well if the banks are incapable of safeguarding our money, maybe we need to rethink the mattress!

Maybe it is time to drop the plastic and go back to a cash system, if the banks are not able to keep our money safe (and are using negative interest rates on our savings accounts, and allowed to loot our savings when things get tough)

FLASHBACK – 1/18/10 Harpers Reporter Talks About Joseph Hickman Interview on MSNBC

The story of Guantanamo Bay Sergeant Joe Hickman is featured on MSNBC’s ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann.’

This is what the government does in your name and with your money.

Government Agency Classifies Journalists with Terrorists

New revelations from documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden indicate the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) classifies investigative journalists as a threat, similar to terrorists and hackers.

The Guardian reported on the program which monitored emails to and from journalists working for media organizations in the U.S. and the UK. In one single day, in less than 10 minutes, the GCHQ collected 70,000 emails, including emails of journalists with the BBC, Reuters, the Guardian, the New York Times, the Sun, NBC, and the Washington Post. The emails were collected through the GCHQ accessing the fiber-optic cables known as “the backbone of the internet.” The communications were then shared with staff on the agencies intranet…

Congress: The Millionare’s Club


Michelle Obama’s school lunches look and taste like ‘decomposed rotten prison food’

Shockingly the Michelle O. lunch progra

DARPA at it again – Humanoid Robot without tether – Video

Even Central Bankers Now Admit QE Doesn’t Work


AK-47s: Soon to be made in USA


NBC’s Richard Engel Blasts Obama’s Foreign Policy Claims as Wishful Thinking


The Real Problem With The Economy Is That It Doesn’t Need You Anymore


Poll: People All Over the World Blame Bad Government Policy for Runaway Inequality


Wolf Blitzer: I Don’t Remember Another SOTU With So Many Veto Threats


Andrea Mitchell: Obama’s Foreign Policy SOTU Claims “Not Close To Reality”


Charlie Hebdo and its Anti-Gentile Allies

The aftermath of the «Charlie Hebdo» attack resulted in another professional casualty within the ranks of the corporate news media, the ever-diminishing ranks that are not beholden to Israeli propaganda and diktats from the Israel Lobby.

Roundup Herbicide: A Kidney-Killer?

A new observational study confirms the hypothesis that Roundup herbicide (glyphosate) is behind the mysterious global epidemic of chronic kidney disease that has taken thousands of lives.

UK to launch enhanced “anti-terror measures” and domestic use of troops

The former head of Britain’s intelligence agency MI5, Lord Evans, has added his voice to demands for a clampdown on the Internet and e-communications in the wake of the terror assaults on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris and a Jewish supermarket, in which 17 people were killed.

Another Presidential Candidate Has Been Chosen For Us

why bother to vote when the tyrants are chosen by the overlords?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has now met all the necessary prerequisites to run for the Republican nomination: 1) He has met with Las Vegas billionaire Zionist Sheldon Adelson who reportedly educated him “about Israel”; 2) He has accepted at least $800,000 in campaign contributions from Adelson over a two-year period; and, most importantly; 3) He is planing a “mission”/pilgrimage to Israel.

“Rand Paul: The eleven million (illegal aliens) are never going home, don’t need to be sent home. I would incorporate them into our society by making them taxpayers.”


Google aboard as Musk`s SpaceX gets $1 bn in funding

he private space exploration firm SpaceX said Tuesday it had secured a $1 billion investment that could help founder Elon Musk`s plan to build a satellite Internet network.

The latest round of funding comes from Google and the financial firm Fidelity, which will own some 10 percent of the company.

Police officer attacks, repeatedly punches unarmed concert goer

South Carolina police officer Tyrone Pugh is now suspended from duty for brutally assaulting an unarmed man on the ground outside of a concert. Witnesses claim the officer grabbed the victim, threw him to the ground and then began repeatedly punching the man, who was ultimately never arrested or charged with a crime.

NHS may be forced to abandon free healthcare, Britain’s top doctor says


BEX ALERT – Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Severely Injured In Prison, May Never Walk Or Talk Again (Video)

Now in all of the govt’s questionable actions, this one take the cake.. Accused Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 21, was the victim of an “unfortunate accident” yesterday at Ft. Devens Detention Center in Massachusetts, just weeks after his high-profile trial began, according to warden Paul Jacobson. Now, get this, the institution is trying to say he slipped on a banana peel and ended up with brain damage! A report by Empire News claims it got information that contradicts the official story.

This story appears to be a hoax.

Israel won’t survive world public opinion wave

The whole world knows the US and Israel have used the gimmick of “negotiations for peace” since the Oslo Accords. This has been a delaying and diverting ploy on the part of US and Israel, while stalemating the issues and stalling for time to complete the colonization project.

Palestinian Teen: Dear President Obama

I am 14 and live in the Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem. Almost four years ago my family and I were evicted from part of our home by Israeli settlers, backed by Israeli court decisions. The process has made life almost unbearable for me and tens of thousands of Palestinians.

Record stock market does not reflect real economic growth. It’s an empty result of monetary bubble created by the Fed.


Marc Faber: “The Only Way To Short Central Banks Is To Be Long Gold”


Many people are overlooking the economic collapse in Brazil


If there ever was a time to hold gold this is it – Jeff Clark


Swiss Shocker Triggers Gigantic Losses For Banks, Hedge Funds And Currency Traders

The absolutely stunning decision by the Swiss National Bank to decouple from the euro has triggered billions of dollars worth of losses all over the globe.

Citigroup and Deutsche Bank both say that their losses were somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 million dollars, a major hedge fund that had 830 million dollars in assets at the end of December has been forced to shut down, and several major global currency trading firms have announced that they are now insolvent.

And these are just the losses that we know about so far. It will be many months before the full scope of the financial devastation caused by the Swiss National Bank is fully revealed. But of course the same thing could be said about the crash in the price of oil that we have witnessed in recent weeks. These two “black swan events” have set financial dominoes in motion all over the globe.

At this point we can only guess how bad the financial devastation will ultimately be…

Michael Rivero – January 19, 2015 – Escalating War in UkraineThreat to World Peace?


Rand Paul Doubles Down on Anti-ISIS Strikes – despite new evidence that they aren’t working.

The likely presidential candidate

Mark Udall Promises America Will “Be Disgusted” at CIA Torture Report And that he’ll use every power he still has to declassify it.


More Sandy Hook Lies: CT State Police Officers Gave False Affidavits


AE 9/11 Truth researchers plan lawsuit to seek release of 500,000 documents held by FEMA, NIST


Central Banks Losing Creditability – “Things Like This Hasn’t Happened Since The 1930’S” – Art Cashin

“Next Time Around The Feds Are Going To Have To Confiscate Stuff”


The beginning of the end for the credit bubble? Delinquencies are already back to 2008 levels, as more and more of total auto debt – expected to reach $1 trillion this year – is subprime.


The fallout from central bank asset purchase programs, or quantitative easing, does not just put investors at risk, but threatens the social fabric & political stability all over the world.


Crooked narco cops: 10 outrageous ways police have enriched themselves on the drug trade


Secret Justice Dept. Interceptor Flights Scoop Up Cell Data From U.S. Cities


Oil falls again as IMF cuts forecast; #Iran hints at $25 oil.


This from the second worst President the country has ever suffered through. Carter loves Obama for beating him out for the title!?


Ron Paul: ‘If the Fed Has Nothing to Hide, It Has Nothing to Fear’

Texas Straight Talk 1/19/15

Ouch! Venezuela’s economic collapse owes a debt to China. Market prices default risk at 99%.


Marc Faber – People Will Wake Up Finally That If They Could Short Central Banks that would be The Trade Of The Century by Buying Gold…. The Banks Have Produced the Biggest Financial Crisis since the Depression…


Restore Glass-Steagall Bill introduced … H.R.38

Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio)

The Obama State of Confusion Message by Doc Vega

Have State of The union Messages ever been that meaningful and significant in the past, or were they just boring monologues by sitting presidents?

“FACEBOOK cited in third of all divorce cases”


12 Signs That The Economy Is Really Starting To Bleed Oil Patch Jobs

The gravy train is over for oil workers. All over North America, people that felt very secure about their jobs just a few weeks ago are now getting pink slips. There are even some people that I know personally that this has happened to. The economy is really starting to bleed oil patch jobs, and as long as the price of oil stays down at this level the job losses are going to continue.

“There is no alternative to stocks.” – CNBC


The Golden Age of Black Ops: Special Ops Missions Already in 105 Countries in 2015


The British state has 1,000 ways to get into your home


How Washington’s War on Terror Has Become a War on Human Rights


White House issues veto threat on pipeline and abortion bills ahead of SOTU


Iraq war report ‘delayed until after UK election’

The official inquiry into the 2003 Iraq War will not publish its long-awaited report before the general election, the BBC understands.

The BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson said inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot is expected to confirm in a letter to David Cameron that it will be delayed until after May’s poll.

The inquiry began its work in 2009 and held its last public hearing in 2011.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the delay was “incomprehensible”.

And the Liberal Democrat leader said that the public would assume the delay was caused by those criticised in the report attempting to “sex it down”.

Arkansas government kidnaps seven children, searches home of family for owning a popular mineral supplement

The criminalization of independent thinking and self-reliance

How low can oil go? Traders reluctant to call it


Young people ‘ready to ditch passwords for biometric security’

Of the biometric payment methods available to consumers, 16- to 24-year-olds are most keen on verification via fingerprint scanning, with 70 per cent predicting that this will be the primary form of identification by 2020.

Other methods of interest to this generation include retina scans (39pc) and facial recognition (27pc), though voice recognition (12pc), fast DNA samples (15pc) and implanted chips (16pc) remain less popular at present.

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Latest News 21 January 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media

COURTESY www.whatreallyhappened.com


“Two secrets to keep your marriage brimming
1. Whenever you’re wrong, admit it,
2. Whenever you’re right, shut up.” — Patrick Murra

Showcase Showdown: How Ukraine’s Offensive May Go From Bad To Worse

Kiev’s forces began heavy shelling in Donetsk over the weekend, with Poroshenko dismissing Putin’s emergency peace plan thus restarting the conflict in East Ukraine. The offensive now appears poised to expand from a battle for the airport to an entire regional operation, with no weapons off-limits.

Israel Deploys Iron Dome Batteries, Braces for Hezbollah Retaliation

Israel has deployed several Iron Dome anti-missile batteries along its northern border bracing for possible attacks from Hezbollah, after six fighters of the militant group were killed during the raid on the Golan Heights on Sunday, January 18.

Russia and China ‘Furiously’ Buying Up Gold

A larger global currency shift is underway.

And it may be happening much more quickly than anyone has realized.

Things are definitely in motion. Call it a game of musical chairs, or an exercise in rearranging chairs on the Titanic, or just that a tilting balance of power. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking this is all routine.

I invested in gold coins, but I discovered that they lose their value if you eat the chocolate part inside!

Obama’s “Partners” In Yemen Overthrown As Presidential Palace Falls To Local Militiamen

It seems like an eternity ago when Obama delivered the following extensively choreographed “Statement by the President on ISIL”, in which he praised US anti-terrorist tactics, giving Yemen and its “partners” as an example of “successful” US foreign intervention.

Another of Obama’s epic foreign policy failures; this one is well and truly flushed.

And JUST in time for Obama’s State of the Union Speech.

2 Yemeni nationals charged in U.S. with joining al Qaeda

Two Yemeni men linked to al Qaeda will stand trial in the United States over charges they conspired to kill Americans overseas.

Saudi Arabia arrested and expelled Yemeni nationals Saddiq Al-Abbadi and Ali Alvi to the U.S. Mr. Alvi appeared Sunday in a Brooklyn federal court, and Mr. Al-Abbadi’s arraignment was scheduled for Tuesday, Reuters reported.

Wagging Al Qaeda so hard they are about to puke!

The Next Israel-Hezbollah Vis-à-vis

There are many scenarios for the inevitable Israel-Hezbollah war. But, it is quiet hard to predict the coarse and consequences of the next vis-à-vis.

Two days ago, Israel attacked Hezbollah’s military convoy in Syria. The attack occurred just few days after long televised interview with Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrullah. He stated that any assault on Syria is regarded as an attack on the “axis of resistance” in the region.

Israel responded to Nasrullah’s interview
Hassan Nasrullah is undoubtedly an extraordinary Arab leader. Unlike other Arab leaders, he is very well knowledgeable on the Israeli society, elections and other internal issues. I think he has special assistants who are specialized on monitoring the Israeli media and they speak Hebrew as second language.

Writer/Director of “Gray State” Found DEAD in “apparent suicide”


Gold in Foreign Currencies is Going Parabolic – Frank Holmes


Majority still support single-payer option, poll finds: “The single-payer option – also known as Medicare for all – would create a new, government-run insurance program to replace private coverage.”

More than five years after the single-payer system was scrapped from ObamaCare policy debates, just over 50 percent of people say they still support the idea, including one-quarter of Republicans, according to a new poll.

The CDC called me yesterday; what they wanted to know may shock you

They wanted to know personal information about my household


King canceled a planned trip to Israel in September 1967 in part because of political misgivings over the annexation of Jerusalem. He reportedly told his aides in a telephone call:

[“I’d run into the situation where I’m damned if I say this and I’m damned if I say that no matter what I’d say, and I’ve already faced enough criticism including pro-Arab. I just think that if I go, the Arab world, and of course Africa and Asia for that matter, would interpret this as endorsing everything that Israel has done, and I do have questions of doubt… Most of it [the pilgrimage] would be Jerusalem and they [the Israelis] have annexed Jerusalem, and any way you say it they don’t plan to give it up… I frankly have to admit that my instincts – and when I follow my instincts so to speak I’m usually right – I just think that this would be a great mistake. I don’t think I could come out unscathed”]

#JeSuisCanadien ~~ OY CANADA

Canada Post has reached a new low by issuing a postage stamp honouring the dishonourable!

China’s Undisclosed Gold Reserves: A Dagger Pointed At The Heart Of The Dollar

China has a 4-way global gold supply domination strategy. And it’s starting to corner the market.

First, China buys physical gold in world markets, fabricates it where necessary into “good delivery” bars – in Switzerland or the Middle East – then ships the bullion, transparently through Hong Kong or Shanghai (or quietly through Beijing and other ports of entry).

Second, it keeps virtually all domestically mined gold “in house.”

Counting on the U.S. to propel the global economy “does not make for a rosy outlook”


First It Refused To Bail Out Its Insolvent Banks; Now Iceland Set To Officially Withdraw European Union Application

Iceland may be a small country, but when it comes to dealing with big problems it is truly the modern equivalent of David in the battle against the status quo Goliath. First, it was Iceland, and only Iceland, refusing to bail out its banks, when every other western nation was being held hostage by those who stood to lose the most from a financial collapse, and even going so far as throwing some of its banking executives in prison. And now, as MBL reports, Iceland’s con­ser­v­a­tive In­de­pen­dence Party will sup­port a res­o­lu­tion in par­lia­ment to for­mally with­draw Ice­land’s ap­pli­ca­tion to join the Eu­ro­pean Union.

Fears of Capital Controls and Savings Confiscation Trigger Bank Runs in Greece


Canadian soldiers get into firefight in Iraq

Canadian soldiers were visiting front-line positions with Iraqi forces when they came under mortar and machine-gun fire.

US sending 700 soldiers to Djibouti on training mission

The United States is deploying some 700 soldiers to a strategic location in the Horn of Africa on a security and training mission, a report says.

Israel Joins Forces With ISIS? Tel Aviv Bombs Syria for Sixth Time in 18 months

The Syrian conflict continues to develop into a proxy war, pitting various foreign ‘national interests’ against one another, including Iran vs. Israel.

Israel launched its sixth airstrike inside Syria in last 18 months, in what the local media are describing as a ‘targeted killing’ carried out Sunday, killing at least 6 members of Hezbollah and the al Quds Iranian Guard who were fighting ISIS, al Nusra and other terrorist organizations operating in Syria.

Among those killed in the missile attack was Jihad Mughniyeh, son of the former Hezbollah head, Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated by the IDF in Damascus in 2008.

International Criminal Court Opens ‘War Crimes’ Inquiry Into Israel

For decades, Israel has never faced any international oversight, or recognized any international laws or UN resolutions regarding its illegal and violent occupation in Palestine.

Writer Ali Albunimah explains, “When your land has been occupied by a foreign army as long as your children have been alive, and this occupying army regularly brutalises and humiliates the friends and relatives of these children, stopping kids from confronting the invaders is naturally going to be very difficult. Convincing the Israeli adults in control of this weaponry in civilian areas that they should not be using it to kill children who are merely stone throwers should not be difficult. The statistics sadly tell a different story, of a deep-rooted Israeli contempt for the lives of Palestinian children that should inspire Western outrage.”

60 U.S. malls on life support

FBN’s Jeff Flock reports on the state of the shopping mall.

Hillary Clinton refused to designate BokoHaram as a Terrorist Organization while she was Sec of State NEVER FORGET


‘Most convincing evidence’: Russian embassy trolls NATO with toy tanks

The Twitter account @RussEmbassyUAE, which is the official Twitter of the Russian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, posted a picture of tiny toy trucks, tanks and armored vehicles all lined up on the ground, with the words: “#NATO’s latest evidence of #Russian armor invading #Ukraine has been leaked! Seems to be the most convincing ever!”

How Do You Unmanipulate a Manipulated Economy?

Rip the bandage off! Let’s deal with the festering mess once and for all!

A Global Recession Ahead? Export prices declined by 1.2 percent in December, the biggest drop since June 2012


Israeli army to award dozens of soldiers for deadly summer offensive


Greg Hunter: they are paving the way for economic calamity and World War 3


Currency wars are coming, the Swiss National Bank is the first casualty. Will the U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest rate moves make it worse?


Legalized marijuana: Colorado police say no impact 1 year after Amendment 64

It’s been a year since Colorado became the first U.S. state to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and CBC’s Reg Sherren travelled to Denver to see how some $1 billion US in sales has impacted the state’s capital.

Obama to gloat over resurgent U.S. economy in State of the Union address

Exactly six years after President Obama took office in the depths of the recession, the economy has finally improved enough for the president to brag about it Tuesday night in his annual State of the Union address.

Russia gives Ukraine warning after airport battle

Ukrainian government forces and Russia-backed rebels have both claimed victory in a bitter battle for Donetsk airport as Moscow warned Ukraine of “irreversible consequences” if it continued to use force.

Majority of French Citizens Say Mistral Ships Should Be Delivered to Russia

According to a recent opinion poll, 72 percent of French citizens believe that failure to deliver Mistral-class helicopter carriers to Russia will have direct negative consequences for France’s defense sector and affect other contracts.

Hezbollah in Golan Heights to prevent Israel normalization: MP

Hezbollah is collaborating with Syria and Iran to create a “resistant society” in the Golan Heights to prevent Israel from normalizing relations with locals, party MP Walid Sukkarieh said Tuesday, two days after Israel’s deadly strike on a military convoy in the area.

So Israel attacks Syria, but it’s Hezbollah’s fault the Syrians don’t like Israel? Is this guy on drugs?!?

European Parliament resolution of 15 January 2015 on the situation in Ukraine

  1. whereas on 26 October 2014 Ukraine held parliamentary elections, which were conducted efficiently, in an orderly and peaceful manner and with general respect for fundamental freedoms, in spite of the ongoing conflict in the eastern regions and the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia;

European Parliament Legitimizes Lies

This is why the west is spineless. No western leader has any courage. If you look at all the leaders of all the major and middle power western nations, courage is notable by its absence. This is the first time in modern recorded history that such a phenomenon has existed.

Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened. Billy Graham


Russia’s support for Ukraine will not be endless — Russian PM

Russia’s support for Ukraine will not be endless, that fact has to be considered, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.

“We have to understand that it is the good will of our country. And that kind of support cannot go on forever. Sooner or later, it will run out, everyone has to be aware of that,” Medvedev said at the cabinet meeting. The cabinet meeting was dedicated solely to the gas relations between Ukraine and Russia.

“We really believe that there are people who are close to us, who live on the territory of Ukraine. Russia’s President has a position on this matter and we use it as a guideline,” reminded Medvedev. “We will continue to work on this matter in the future,” he added.

Dmitry Medvedev said Russia will honour its commitments on gas cooperation with Ukraine only in case Kiev settles its debt for gas supplies.

Did a Russian Parliamentarian Just Commit Treason?

An interesting thing happened in Washington recently, and it had nothing to do with Beltway politics, Democrats vs. Republicans, or any of the other standard fare for the middle of the week in mid-January. Rather, a relatively small, little publicized event took place at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a prominent liberal-leaning think tank in Washington.

The event, “Russia’s Opposition in a Time of War and Crisis,” featured prominent Russian liberal opposition parliamentarian (member of the Russian Duma) Ilya Ponomarev, a noted critic of Russian President Putin, providing a detailed presentation regarding the current political climate in Russia, and the potential for the ousting or overthrow of the Russian government. Yes, you heard that right. A Russian elected official came to the United States to give a talk about how best to effect regime change in his own country.

Worst trade in history: Those guys at Swiss National Bank are a piece of work. They lost $80 billion buying Euros & lost another $35 billion selling gold.


Are Plunging Petrodollar Revenues Behind the Fed’s Projected Rate Hikes?

Why is the Fed threatening to raise interest rates when the economy is still in the doldrums? Is it because they want to avoid further asset-price inflation, prevent the economy from overheating, or is it something else altogether? Take a look at the chart below and you’ll see why the Fed might want to raise rates prematurely. It all has to do with the sharp decline in petrodollars that are no longer recycling into US financial assets.

50,000 Wall Street jobs cut

There’s blood on the Street.

In a wild swing of the ax that has shocked many pundits, Wall Street’s biggest banks have slashed nearly 50,000 jobs, and bonuses and expense money are being cut as profit opportunities dry up.

Awwwww … let’s all feel weally bad for the poo widdle bankers. Boo Hoo Hoo!

Sorry guys. You plundered the American people for a fast buck and it was a hell of a ride, but now that the entire system is coming down because of your antics, don’t expect the American people to shed a single tear over your misfortune, because these things are relative and even in your declines, you are living far higher than the rest of the people.

5 Awful Lessons I Learned Living With a Mystery Illness

Having a chronic, potentially life-threatening illness is terrible, which is why we call it “chronic illness” and not “chronic victory.” Luckily, medical science has advanced to such a point over the years that, for the most part, you can go to a doctor to get your symptoms diagnosed and treated with a minimal amount of leeching.

But what if you were violently, persistently ill, and not a single doctor in the country had any idea what was wrong with you? That’s what happened to Thomas Wolfe, who suffered from an extremely rare disease that took four damn years to correctly diagnose. We tend to think that modern medicine has identified every possible disease a person can catch, but as we learned when we talked to Mr. Wolfe about his experience, that assumption is dangerously, hilariously far from the truth:

Eric Coffin: Is Market Sentiment Shifting to Gold?


Currency Wars The Bloodbath Begins


Gold’s New Friend: The Swiss Franc!

While I predicted a huge rally in gold would usher in the new year of 2015 in a spectacular way, the top bank economists have failed again

Most of them predicted, “No rally for gold!” Their dire predictions in 2014 all failed to materialize, and this year they are off to an even worse start.

The bank economists, quite frankly, look ridiculous. They clearly need to reset their thinking about the powerful demand coming from billions of Chinese and Indian citizens, or they risk turning themselves into clownish figurines.

The US Military’s Stunning Conspiracy Theory Emerges From The Archives: “ISIS Leader Does Not Exist”

Having noted that voter angst has been riled, propagandized, and fear-mongered to the point at which the most pressing priority for Congress is to ‘fix’ terrorism, it is perhaps not entirely surprising that we discover – deep down in the archives – that giving the public someone to ‘hate’ as opposed to something may have been an entire fiction. As The New York Times exposed in 2007, Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi, the titular head of the Islamic State, according to Brigadier General Kevin Bergner – the chief American military spokesman at the time – never existed (and was actually a fictional character whose audio-taped declarations were provided by an elderly actor named Abu Adullah al-Naima). So he was a ghost back then…. is he a ghost again, designed purely to put a face on ISIS and the biggest bogeyman of the current global anti-terrorist mania?

The Digital Arms Race: NSA Preps America for Future Battle

Normally, internship applicants need to have polished resumes, with volunteer work on social projects considered a plus. But at Politerain, the job posting calls for candidates with significantly different skill sets. We are, the ad says, “looking for interns who want to break things.”

The links in red go to PDF files of US documents regarding the scope of cyber-warfare planned by the US Government.

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Jan 20 09:32

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Continues Near A Decadal High


Fed and ECB QE to Cause SYSTEMIC Shock and Annihilation of Currencies!


Release the Kraken!

Thoughts from the Frontline: The Swiss Release the Kraken!
And this was not a painless policy decision for the SNB. Citibank estimates the SNB’s losses to be close to 60 billion Swiss francs. Let’s try to add a little perspective on that. The US is (very) roughly 40 times the size of Switzerland in both GDP and population. At today’s conversion rate, the Swiss lost something like $70 billion if Citibank is right. That’s like the US Federal Reserve’s losing $2.8 trillion. That, my friends, will leave a red mark on any central bank’s balance sheet. Not that the Swiss can’t afford it or that they’re going to be out on the corner with a tin cup, but they do have a considerable quantity of euros that are now much less valuable. And dollars and yen and pounds and renminbi. But then again, they are in the privileged position of having a currency that the rest of the world wants, so much that in order to hold it you will have to take a haircut on your deposits at the SNB, a haircut that is going to increase

New Ebola treatments could be obsolete BEFORE they’re even available because the virus evolves so quickly, scientists warn


Scotland’s struggling North Sea oil industry WILL be bailed out by British taxpayers, Osborne admits

Scotland’s struggling oil industry will be bailed out by the UK Government, George Osborne revealed today.

The Chancellor said he had already cut taxes on North Sea oil to protect jobs in the industry, amid rapidly falling prices, but would take ‘further steps at the Budget’ in March to help.

But Mr Osborne also revealed that MPs representing Scottish constituencies could be barred from voting on parts of the Budget after the election – once the Edinburgh government had been handed sweeping new powers over tax and spending.

New police radars can “see” inside homes; At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies quietly deployed radars that let them effectively see inside homes, with little notice to the courts or the public

At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly equipped their officers with radar devices that allow them to effectively peer through the walls of houses to see whether anyone is inside, a practice raising new concerns about the extent of government surveillance.

Choked by Austerity: Child poverty, youth unemployment rise in Greece


‘CIA killed prisoners, made it look like suicide’ – Guantanamo guard

A former Guantanamo Bay prison guard and Marine explained in details what makes him believe three problematic detainees were killed at CIA black site in Guantanomo and their death was covered up as a triple suicide.

Army Staff Sergeant Joseph Hickman was on duty at the notorious prison camp when the three men died, and insists the official version of events is “impossible,” he told Vice News.

The three men were Salah Ahmed Al-Salami, 37, from Yemen, Mani Shaman Al-Utaybi, 30, from Saudi Arabia, and Yasser Talal Al-Zahrani, 22, also from Saudi Arabia. None of them had been charged with any crime.

He explained in an incendiary interview with Vice News that the three men would have had to have committed suicide at exactly the same time in a cellblock where guards check on detainees every four minutes.

Gold Is Indicating Fear

Gold continues to power higher on safe-haven buying ahead of the ECB’s stimulus announcement on Thursday and the Greek election scheduled for Sunday. Except for palladium, which I believe is not only responding in sympathy with gold but also moving higher on fundamental supply issues, the other industrial metals continue to lag.

Gold Price Model Says Gold Still Undervalued

In my opinion gold reached an important low in November, and in spite of a rising dollar, has rallied since then in dollar terms, and even more in most other fiat currencies.

However gold is still undervalued by about 16% according to my long-term empirical model. Further, gold has potential to rally far higher and is likely to overshoot the 2014 equilibrium price of $1,527 calculated by the gold model. Gold could easily reach $2,000 by late 2015 or 2016.

The 1961 Massacre of Algerians in Paris: When the Media Failed the Test

A COLLEAGUE of mine in Cairo told me a story a few years ago about a massacre in the streets of Paris. He was a news service reporter at the time of the violence in the French capital – Oct. 17, 1961 – and saw tens of bodies of dead Algerians piled like cordwood in the center of the city in the wake of what would now be called a police riot.

But his superiors at the news agency stopped him from telling the full story then, and most of the world paid little attention to the thin news coverage that the massacre did receive. Even now, the events of that time are not widely known and many people, like myself, had never heard of them at all.

In the Charlie Hebdo psyop double standards, logical fallacies and crass ignorance are everywhere

Many of pointed out that apparently the French and most westerners seem to be much more upset when 12 people die in Paris then when hundreds, thousand and tens of thousands die elsewhere. It appears that the 1980s slogan “don’t touch my pal” which was originally supposed to denounce racism now has been “re-worked” into a, if not racist, then at least a chauvinistic mode: don’t kill French leftists no matter how offensive their discourse is. I won’t make that case again here, but because by now anybody still capable of critical thought “got it”, but I will look at another, much less noticed case of double standards: the one about the issue of moral pain.

4k Porn Is Here and Shows You Every. Single. Detail. (NSFW)

There seems to be some backlash online about how “gross” porn would look at 4k, but we big to differ. =)

While it is amusing to consider 4K porn, my own take is that like 3D TV sets, 4K is a passing fad. Yes, if you shove your nose right up to the screen the added resolution is impressive, but at normal living room distances, HD and 4K look a lot alike, unless you have the eyesight of a superhero.

Flashback 2009 – Prof. Dr. Robert John Aumann on game theory, incentives and the financial crisis

Born in 1930. Fleeing Nazi persecution, Robert Aumann emigrated to the United States with his family in 1938, settling in New York. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from the City College of New York in 1950 and received a Ph.D. in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1955.

He joined the mathematics department at the Hebrew University Jerusalem in 1956, and has been there ever since. In 1990, he was among the founders of the Center for Rationality at the Hebrew University, an interdisciplinary research center, centered on Game Theory.

. . . Robert Aumann has received numerous prizes, including the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for 2005.

Recorded at the 39th St. Gallen Symposium

Trolling Russia

The edifice of world post-1991 order is collapsing right now before our eyes. President Putin’s decision to give a miss to the Auschwitz pilgrimage, right after his absence in Paris at the Charlie festival, gave it the last shove. It was good clean fun to troll Russia, as long as it stayed the course. Not anymore. Russia broke the rules.

Until now, Russia, like a country bumpkin in Eton, tried to belong. It attended the gathering of the grandees where it was shunned, paid its dues to European bodies that condemned it, patiently suffered ceaseless hectoring of the great powers and irritating baiting of East European small-timers alike. But something broke down. The lad does not want to belong anymore; he picked up his stuff and went home – just when they needed him to knee in Auschwitz.

BEX ALERT – Israel claims to have found first Palestinian Islamic State cell

Israel said on Sunday it had cracked the first Islamic State cell on its soil, made up of seven Arab citizens who would be prosecuted on charges of planning attacks in the Jewish state and communicating with the insurgent group in Syria, Reuters reported.

“The defendants, including a lawyer who was representing himself in court, denied the charges of belonging to an illegal group, aiding terrorism and contacting foreign agents,” a Justice Ministry spokesman said after a gag order on the case was eased.

Though members of Israel’s 20 per cent Arab minority rarely turn to armed violence, many chafe at state authority and security officials worry about Islamist doctrines taking root.

Shooting on D.C.’s Metro bus; two wounded

Two men have been shot on board a packed Metrobus in the District of Columbia.

Nearly 50 people were on the bus at the time of the Monday night shooting near Union Station in northwest Washington.

Israeli security source: We didn’t know Iranian general was at site of Syria strike

An Iranian general killed in an Israeli air strike in Syria was not its intended target and Israel believed it was attacking only low-ranking guerrillas, a senior Israeli security source told Reuters on Tuesday.

The source declined to be identified because Israel will not confirm or deny whether it carried out the strike.

First Schlumberger Fires 9,000; Now Baker Hughes Unleashes 7,000 More Layoffs

Another day, another unambiguously bad announcement from America’s bettered energy sector which are bolting down ahead of the crude storm, and firing thousands. Last week it was Schlumberger which announced it would fire 9000, today it is Baker Hughes which just warned it too will hand out about 7000 pink slips in the first quarter. And as a reminder, when it comes to comp: each Baker Hughes job is equivalent to about 10 waiter and bartender jobs, which have been the basis of this “recovery.”

The SNB event is not a Black Swan. It is a Black Hole. The magnitude of the losses will be huge. Margin calls soon.


Obama has worst State of the Union record since Ford, study shows

Judging by his recent history, it doesn’t really matter what President Obama says in Tuesday’s State of the Union address — Congress is going to ignore him anyway.

Mr. Obama has the second-worst record of getting his State of the Union policy requests enacted into law of any president in the last five decades, according to an analysis by two scholars that puts him only above the unelected two-year presidency of Gerald Ford.

Retired Israeli general suggests Syria attack timed for election effect

Retired Israeli army general Yoav Galant suggested that Israel’s assassination of a senior Hezbollah commander and an Iranian general in Syria on Sunday might have been timed with electoral politics in mind.

Appearing as a guest commentator on Israel’s Channel 2 News, responding to the air strike in Syria earlier in the day, Galant told a story from his time heading the IDF’s Gaza command.

“If you look at the previous elections, [the timing of the assassination of Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari] wasn’t something that was possible only on that date.”

Flight from Paris quarantined in Moscow after suspicion of Ebola on-board

A full passenger plane was quarantined in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for about 4 hours, after pilots told the ground staff one of the travelers was suffering from suspected Ebola symptoms.

“Several minutes before landing we received an alert from the pilots about a passenger, and after being put in quarantine, she was looked at by doctors from several departments in accordance with a special protocol,” Anna Zakharenkova, the Sheremetyevo press officer said to RT by phone.

After completing their examination, Medics from Russia’s health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said the patient was suffering from acute respiratory infection.

Turkey arrests 23 in wire-tapping scandal

Turkey has arrested 23 people for wire-tapping senior government officials including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Police launched raids in the capital Ankara and three other cities early Tuesday, arresting some 23 people suspected of illegally eavesdropping on senior government officials.

The state-run Anadolu news agency said the suspects are linked to Turkey’s telecommunications authority and its research center. They are suspected of wiretapping phones, including encrypted ones used by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other senior officials.

Virginian-Pilot journalists: Corporate management pressure is stifling coverage

Things are not as they should be these days at The Virginian-Pilot, the largest newspaper in Virginia. In the fall, the paper produced an important investigation of municipal government, one that has sparked an official inquiry, led to policy changes at a local bank, and prompted the mayor of Virginia Beach to resign his lucrative private-sector job. By any expectation, the paper would have kept dogging the story, probing whether there was more to discover about the overlap between government and business elites in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Instead, the newsroom has been consumed with warding off pressure from an unexpected source: upper management at its own paper. In the view of several Pilot journalists, that pressure has stifled further enterprise reporting. It has also led to concerns that the paper might even publicly backtrack from its published coverage.

As one veteran journalist at the paper put it: “We’re walking around with duct tape over our keyboards.”

Instead of Criminalizing Homelessness, Utah Is Doing the Opposite — And It’s Working — “Their remedy was astoundingly simple: give homes to people without them.”

After Barbara Simons left her abusive husband and the house they lived in together six years ago, she had nowhere to go. She was without a job and her daughter, Jamie, was struggling with mental health issues. She ended up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and feared she’d become homeless.

Euro To Crash? Bundesbank Repatriation Gold from Paris and New York Federal Reserve


QE and the ECB: “Authorize” is a Slippery Word


25 Images That Defined The Civil Rights Movement

Today, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. We celebrate the legacy of the thousands of people who stood up and spoke out against injustice. These images tell their story.

The FBI creates terrorism to save us from terrorism

BEX Alert – “Five Russians detained in France on suspicion of planning attack – prosecutor”

Five Russians have been detained in France on suspicion of planning an attack, said the French prosecutor’s office in a statement as cited by AFP.

Five Chechens were held overnight on Monday in Beziers, a town in Languedoc in southern France on suspicion of planning a terror attack, the prosecutor of the city, Yvon Calvet, said on Tuesday.

The suspects’ ages range from 24 to 37, according to BFM TV.

The Russian embassy in Paris told RIA Novosti it has no information concerning the arrests at the moment.

According to Midi Libre, the Chechens are also suspected of hiding a cache of explosives, which was found near the Sauclieres stadium in Beziers.

The economic collapse is coming, no doubt | Martin Armstrong: The Forecaster


Knot: “You must, as a central banker, always be prepared for all possible outcomes”. That’s why he repatriated 123t


Expect more Swiss National Bank episodes in 2015 as central banks struggle to fight volatile capital flows, says IMF’s chief economist


BEX ALERT – ISIL demands $200m ransom for two Japanese hostages

In a video posted on websites linked to the ISIL terrorist group on Tuesday, a black-clad militant is seen standing between two hostages in orange jumpsuits and holding a knife while addressing the camera in English.

“You now have 72 hours to pressure your government into making a wise decision by paying the $200 million to save the lives of your citizens,” the militant says in the video.

He adds that the ransom demand is to compensate for the 200 million dollar that Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged in non-military aid to support the campaign against the ISIL.

Israel’s challenge to the International Criminal Court

Israeli government officials have reacted furiously to the Palestinian Authority’s decision to join the International Criminal Court. While Israel and its allies have attempted for years to prevent it from signing the Rome Statute of the ICC, Israel has not previously been opposed in principle to the court. Indeed, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s position is that “Israel has been a long-standing advocate of the Court.” Now, however, in response to the ICC’s launch of a preliminary investigation into alleged crimes in Palestinian territory, Israeli government officials have chosen to challenge the very existence of the court.

Hubble’s High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy

I hope there is intelligent life out there because there is far too little down here!

Palestine could ‘lose millions in US aid’ if they sue Israel in ICC, senator warns

Palestine could have millions of dollars of crucial American aid withdrawn if they attempt to use their newly-acquired membership in the International Criminal Court (ICC) to sue Israel for alleged atrocities carried out during the last conflict, a Republican senator has warned.

Senator Lindsey Graham said existing US legislation “would cut off aid to the Palestinians if they filed a complaint.”

Greece should pay its debt in full regardless of parliamentary election results — Juncker


BOOM: EU President Juncker hints that Britan should leave the EU! EU Will Stick to Red Lines U.K. Can’t Cross – Brexit getting closer!


Gold Demand Explodes as Volatility and Fear Stalk Market



The general history of America’s internment of its own citizens during World War II has focused on the incarceration of 120,000 Japanese, 62 percent of them American-born, who were forcibly evacuated from the Pacific coast after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Eric Dubin: ECB QE Imminent?



Attorneys from multiple firms have sent a letter of complaint to officials with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security alleging that the male guards at the for-profit Karnes County Residential Center in Karnes City, Texas – one of many in the country that hold undocumented immigrants (mostly unaccompanied minors and mothers with children apprehended crossing the US-Mexico border illegally) – raped, groped, and sexually assaulted the women detainees as they awaited hearings on their deportation from the United States.

Good News. Tiger Numbers in India up From 1,400 to 2,226 in 7 Years

The number of tigers in India has seen a sharp rise to 2,226 tigers from 1,411 seven years ago, the environment ministry has said.

Gold running higher on QE expectations.


Currency Collapse Has Begun – SNB Unpegs Franc from Euro | Hoffman & Duane


Woman fakes own DEATH to get out of dating man she met online

Ann Gray, 29, from Somerset, told us that she had been seeing a man she met on an online dating site.

After the third date Ann invited him around for a meal but later made up her mind that he wasn’t for her – fair enough, right?

She said: “I called it a night and decided that I never wanted to see him again. Luckily, he didn’t live in my town.”

When she tried to let her date down gently, it was clear he wasn’t getting the hint – so she told him outright that it ‘wasn’t working for her’.

Jewish Groups Hope They Can Keep Homeland Security Money Flowing

Flashback: Jewish groups gratefully absorbed more than half of the homeland security funds last year aimed at protecting nonprofits — and they’re campaigning to make sure the money keeps flowing. An array of Jewish groups nationwide is just now beginning to spend the $14 million of the $25 million mandated by Congress in 2005 to secure at-risk nonprofit groups. Another $25 million mandated in the 2006 budget is mired in intergovernmental infighting.
Note: Jews comprise 2.2 % of the population of the U.S.



Delaware man: Police probing Biden shooting ‘beat the daylights out of me’

The incident occurred on Saturday night when Peters had been driving in a car near the entrance to Joe Biden’s estate

ECB (QE) May Deliver $635 Billion


Geopolitics of the Oil Price Crash


Greece allowed Germany a haircut in 1953, after which Germany became the economic wonder.


Snowden leaks reveal GCHQ stores journalists’ data

British security agency GCHQ has stored thousands of emails from journalists working for the world’s biggest news organizations, according to a new batch of Edward Snowden leaks. Emails from the BBC, Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post and others were saved by GCHQ, allegedly as part of a ‘test exercise’ conducted by the agency.

Why people pay banks to hold their money


State of the Dictatorship: The Emperor’s New Taxes


Morning Note: China GDP beats, IMF slashes growth forecast, Japan 5-yr yield below 0%.


Israel Attacks Syria in Support of ISIS

Israel and its stooges in the West are for all practical purposes allied with ISIS, while Iran and the State Department-designated “terrorist” organization Hezbollah are supporting the legitimate government of Syria’s efforts to ward off foreign ISIS invaders. This does not mean that Zionists want ISIS to completely take over Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, but they do want these countries to remain in strife and civil war in order to keep them weak and thus preserve Israeli hegemony.

5 Important Considerations When Forming a Prepper Community

One of the key strategies for every prepper is the formation of a prepper community. Yet, as strategic as this may be, it is conceivably the most difficult of all of the prepper strategies…

WTF! ‘Hidden Cameras’ Are Watching NYC’s Subways!


My Liberty Movement Suicide Security Pledge


Battlefield Technology Finding Its Way Home To Civilian Policing, New Police Radars Can ‘See’ Inside Homes


Man Beat Down by Police Responding to Gunshots Near VP Biden’s Home

Obama Winning War On Middle Class


How Western policy assists the transformation of anti-Israelism into anti-Semitism

Israel is the criterion according to which all Jews will tend to be judged. Israel as a Jewish state is an example of the Jewish character, which finds free and concentrated expression within it. Anti-Semitism has deep and historical roots. Nevertheless, any flaw in Israeli conduct, which initially is cited as anti-Israelism, is likely to be transformed into empirical proof of the validity of anti-Semitism. It would be a tragic irony if the Jewish state, which was intended to solve the problem of anti-Semitism, was to become a factor in the rise of anti-Semitism. Israelis must be aware that the price of their misconduct is paid not only by them but also Jews throughout the world.”

International Monetary Fund sharply cuts its world growth forecast in 2015 & 2016 and downgraded global growth forecasts in almost every quarter the past 5 years!


**Breaking video** Donetsk now – scary!!


Disaster In Montana: Breached Pipeline Spills Up to 50,000 Gallons of Oil Into Yellowstone River


Anchor’s resignation rekindles pro-Israel media controversy

The resignation of veteran CNN anchor Jim Clancy following a Twitter fight with what he called pro-Israeli public relations agents has once again brought the media front of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into focus.

Clancy announced last weekend that he left the network after 34 years, without specifying the reason of his resignation. His resignation came, however, more than a week after he was involved in an argument on Twitter over “Hasbara,” a Hebrew word referring to public relations efforts by Israel supporters on social media.

So in Japan, there’s an Abandoned American Cowboy Theme Park (16 Pics)

Photographer Shane Thoms makes an excellent point when he says that abandoned theme parks are more fun to visit than active theme parks– especially when they’re creepy colonial cowboy-themed ones wasting away outside small remote towns in Japan

After Israel halts funds transfer, Palestinians pay partial salaries

The Palestinian unity government has paid only partial salaries to its 153,000 civil servants after Israel’s freezing of the transfer of taxes it collects for the Palestinians, a West Bank official said on Tuesday.

Abd El Rahman Bayatneh, a spokesman for the Palestinian finance ministry, said the government paid civil servants only 60 percent of their salaries for December. Israel froze more than $100 million a month in taxes after the Palestinians moved to join the International Criminal Court, which could expose Israel to war crimes charges.

Students Are Blaming Michelle Obama On Twitter For New School Lunches


China’s economic growth slows to 24-year low: govt data….Authorities say China’s slowing economic growth is the ‘new normal’


Greece’s snap elections on January 25th have sparked fears of a euro zone exit. Why the fuss?


Russia signs military cooperation deal with Iran

TEHRAN: Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu today signed a military cooperation deal with Iran that his Iranian counterpart touted as a joint response to US “interference”.

Shoigu is the most senior Russian military official to visit Tehran since 2002, according to Iranian media, and the agreement comes with both countries facing Western sanctions.

Proff of a failed economy: Low Cookie Sales Concern Central Ohio Girl Scouts

COLUMBUS ,Ohio – Girl Scout cookie season is here and it’s something 12 year-old Roni Baumgardner knows very well. She’s one of the top sellers across central Ohio with over 3,000 boxes worth of sales. She says the sales have helped her mature. “When I was talking, I was really shy,” recalls Roni. “Now, I think I’m better at talking to people since I’ve been in Girl Scouts.”

Bad Cop Karma: Brooklyn DA Investigating NYPD Officers for ‘Planting Guns On Innocent People’


Fines, legal bills, compensation, clean-up and now cheap oil. BP’s woes are mounting


Charlie Hebdo, Zionism & Media Deception

Mustapha pondered whether the attack was stage-managed by the intelligence services, considering the two deceased suspects were being closely surveyed and watched by French intelligence and police for years, their names even showing up on ‘terror watch’ and ‘no fly’ lists.

Mustapha noted in the interview that in Western countries “the full force of the law” is brought down upon critics of Zionism, whereas anti-Islamic neocon zealots are given a platform on mainstream media to spout lies and deceptions intended to demonize Muslims and Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya.

More Police-Worship Propaganda Slated For #SOTU Address As Michelle Obama Invites Interracial LAPD Cop Couple

Police in Los Angeles are in a tweeting frenzy over excitement about bi-racial couple who have been invited to Washington D.C. as personal guests of Michelle Obama for the State of the Union Address tomorrow night.

“Recently, Captain Phil Tingirides, Commanding Officer of Southeast Division, and his wife, Sergeant Emada Tingirides, assigned to Operations-South Bureau, received an invitation from First Lady Michelle Obama requesting their presence at President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address at the U.S. Capitol… The Tingirides have been requested to sit in a box with First Lady Michelle Obama,” the LAPD press release said. But a closer look at the LAPD ain’t so pretty.

Think It All Started with Phones and Email? The NSA Used to Copy Our Telegrams

That’s right, folks: the NSA was systematically intercepting our telegrams all the way back in the 1960s.

One has to wonder: had the NSA been around in the days of communication by carrier pigeon, would we have found a government fort filled to the brim with dead birds and scrawled notes somewhere or what?

Multiple deaths at Fukushima nuclear plants – Worker dies after plunging over 30 feet into water tank – Another killed from severe head injury after caught in equipment – Tepco warned last week about soaring number of worker injuries


Prime Minister John Key: Isis fight ‘price of the club’

Prime Minister John Key says New Zealand’s likely military contribution to the fight against Islamic State “is the price of the club” that New Zealand belongs to with the likes of the United States, Australia, Britain and Canada in the intelligence alliance known as Five Eyes.

In his strongest hint yet that the Cabinet will approve a deployment of troops to train Iraqis alongside Australians, Mr Key in an interview with the BBC drew heavily on New Zealand pulling its weight as part of “a club”.

Calif. Police investigate KKK fliers, business cards left at houses on MLK Day

Santa Ana, Police issued an advisory yesterday, on Martin Luther King day about baggies which were reportedly left at 40 homes. The small zip-loc baggies allegedly contained a rock, a candy, a flyer, and a KKK business card.

From Prisoner to Debt Slave: Inmates Becoming Corporate Slaves in For-Profit Facilities

For-profit prisons have created a “neo-slavery” in the US, according to award-winning journalist Chris Hedges.

7 Homeschooled Kids Taken from Parents Because Dad Had Unapproved Mineral Supplement


Virginia’s New Anti-NDAA Detention Bill Turns the Table on Feds

Virginia is one of DC’s (specifically the DoD’s) prime real estate providers. It serves as home to many government, private security, and intelligence contractors, particularly in the Northern Virginia area. HB2144 demands the feds comply or creates a climate where the state can end those contracts of cooperation that the DoD relies on through either the legislature or the governor.

Neocon Confronts Ron Paul On Paul Craig Roberts Article: ‘Do You Believe Hebdo Was A False Flag?

“Well no obviously not, and I don’t even think Paul Craig Roberts believes that,” asserts Paul.

New Computer Guided Rifle is Accurate UP TO A MILE!

My only question is, what will the government make of this?

Ukraine opens offensive against pro-Russian separatists in the east

The Ukrainian regime opened a renewed offensive against pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Donbass region over the weekend in an effort to solidify control over the Donetsk International Airport, which has been the site of months of intense fighting between government forces and pro-Russian separatists.

The Danger of an MH-17 ‘Cold Case’

Now more than six months after the shoot-down of a Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine, the refusal of the Obama administration to make public what intelligence evidence it has about who was responsible has created fertile ground for conspiracy theories to take root while reducing hopes for holding the guilty parties accountable.

Insiders Look At New York City’s Mysterious Abandoned North Brother Island (39 Pics)

Located in between Queens and the Bronx, 20 acre North Brother Island was in use by New York City from 1885 to 1963 as a hospital complex to quarantine and treat people suffering from smallpox and typhoid fever then a rehab center and a housing project for WWII vets. By 1963 things were falling apart on the island and it was abandoned. 50 years later Mother Nature is slowly reclaiming her territory as you’ll see in the following photos.

Don’t Forget: Jeb Bush uses Hanukkah greeting to announce presidential bid

Syrian Ambassador: France allowed Terrorists who commited Charlie Hebdo massacre to fight in Syria

Ambassador al-Ja’afari: I’m sure you’re aware of the alarming reports of Da’esh coming from Camp Bucca in Iraq, the famous American prison in Iraq. Al-Baghdadi, the caliph of Da’esh, was at Bucca. He was released by the Americans, not by the Syrian president. The men who committed the massacre in Paris, they were fighting in Syria and came back to France. France allowed them to go to Syria, where they killed scores of people, and in Iraq. Then they came back, normally, and the French police let them in. The same terrorists. They are good when they kill Syrians, and they are bad when they kill the French.

Charlie Hebdo Attack: The Kouachi brothers died from CPS—Chronic Patsy Syndrome

Notice how the post-attack narrative has morphed from protecting freedom of the press and France from jihadists to protecting French Jews from Muslims and ridding Europe of anti-Semitism, which, according to Israeli PM Netenyahu, can only be accomplished by eliminating funding of the International Criminal Court so they can’t try Israel for the massive number of war crimes it committed against Gaza and by letting European Jews and ONLY Jews, carry firearms?

Yes, that would work out splendidly, wouldn’t it?

Mockingbird: US Media Sets Stage For Yemen ‘Military Intervention’ Ahead of SOTU

While watching the international news network CNN today, one can’t help but notice the quick-fire talking points and messaging being rolled-out in rapid succession, as propagandists work feverishly to build-up the case for a possible military intervention in Yemen.

France’s First False Flag: The Dreyfus Affair

The Dreyfus Affair (1894-1906) traumatized and transformed France much like Charlie Hebdo is doing today. Edmund de Rothschild arranged for an innocent Jew, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, to be charged with spying. This aroused anti-Semitism so Jews would go to Israel, as is happening today.
Later, when the real spy, Esterhazy, a secret Rothschild agent, confessed, Jews were vindicated and Patriotic France disgraced.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss is a descendant of Alfred Dreyfuss.

Wall Street Banks Slash FIFTY THOUSAND Jobs And Reduce Bonuses & Expenses As Profits Continue To Dry Up


John Rubino – Gold Mining Becomes Profitable Thanks To Oil Price Implosion


A Handy Glossary for Tuesday’s Class Warfare State of the Union Speech


?‘Strong correlation’ between quakes and fracking in Kansas – official

Geologists in the state of Kansas say that a recent string of mysterious earthquakes may have been caused by pumping chemicals into the ground as part of the controversial gas and oil extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Rick Miller, a geophysicist and senior scientist for the Kansas Geological Survey, told the Lawrence Journal-World recently that he believes the injection of fracking chemicals into the earth has been a catalyst for the quakes.

“We can say there is a strong correlation between the disposal of saltwater and the earthquakes,” Miller told the paper.

Swiss Shocker Triggers Gigantic Losses For Banks, Hedge Funds And Currency Traders

The absolutely stunning decision by the Swiss National Bank to decouple from the euro has triggered billions of dollars worth of losses all over the globe. Citigroup and Deutsche Bank both say that their losses were somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 million dollars, a major hedge fund that had 830 million dollars in assets at the end of December has been forced to shut down, and several major global currency trading firms have announced that they are now insolvent.

Kenya police tear-gas school kids protesting the removal of playground

Kenyan police Monday tear-gassed schoolchildren demonstrating against the removal of their school’s playground, which has been allegedly grabbed by a powerful politician, said a Kenyan human rights activist.

Over two thirds of Christians support the torture of terrorist suspects, compared with just 41% of nonbelievers.

Over two thirds of Christians support the torture of terrorist suspects, compared with just 41% of nonbelievers. Why?
In a way, this shouldn’t be surprising.
Christianity is the religion that brought us the Inquisition, the Crusades, and the burning of witches. So perhaps it makes sense that Christians are more supportive of torture than atheists, as shown in a Washington Post poll taken just after the revelations that the CIA had tortured suspected terrorists.

Malvertising Campaign exploited Google AdWords advertising

Malvertising campaigns are one of privileged attack vector exploited by criminal crews, their efficiency depends on the ability of attackers to compromise large audience channels. In September 2014 Malwarebytes firm discovered a large scale malvertising campaign exploiting Google’s DoubleClick and popular Zedo advertising agency to deliver malicious ad, while earlier 2015 security company Cyphort has discovered another malvertising campaign that targeted several websites via AOL Ad-Network, including the Huffington Post.

Global unemployment to rise to 212 million, says ILO

The global jobs market will continue to deteriorate in the coming years,, while rising income inequality and high youth unemployment will stoke more social unrest, a new report warns today.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) says a slowdown in economic growth means more jobs will be lost this year with young people again bearing the brunt of the financial crisis and its aftermath.

Releasing its latest forecasts, the ILO said the challenge of bringing unemployment back to pre-crisis levels “now appears as daunting a task as ever”.

Economists Pare Back Fed Rate Rise Expectations And U.S. Producer Prices Drop, Putting Pressure on the Fed


The Terrorism Statistics Every American Needs to Hear


Germany’s Bundesbank Resumes Gold Repatriation; Transfers 120 Tonnes Of Physical Gold From Paris And NY Fed

A month ago we asked the following question: who in addition to the Netherlands has been quietly withdrawing their gold from the NY Fed. Was it Belgium? Or did the Dutch simply decide to haul back some more. Or did Germany finally get over its “logistical complications” which prevented it from transporting more than just a laughable 5 tons in 2013? And most importantly, did Germany finally grow a pair and decide not to let “diplomatic difficulties” stand between it and its gold? We now know the answer, and it was, indeed, the latter with confirmation coming from the Bundesbank itself. As the German Central Bank announced earlier today, after withdrawing an embarrassing 5 tonnes of gold from New York in 2013, its rate of repatriation soared, and in what appears to have been just the past two months, has transferred a whopping 85 tonnes of gold from 80 feet below street level at Liberty 33 back to Frankfurt!

IRS Goes Global – Beware The IDES Of The IRS As The ‘International Data Exchange Service’ Launched


One central bank at a time, please! DANISH CENTRAL BANK CUTS DEPOSIT RATE TO -0.2% FROM -0.05%


Did The Swiss Turn The Tide For Gold? – Gary Wagner


Denmark acts over fallout from Swiss currency turmoil

Denmark cut its deposit rate to minus 0.2% from minus 0.05%. The lending rate was cut from 0.2% to 0.05%.

It makes the krone less attractive to investors, and eases pressure on the central bank to keep buying euros.

Denmark pegs its currency to the euro to help the country’s exporters and maintain stable inflation.

But the country’s central bank has been forced to intervene to defend the peg as the krone appreciated.

How Propaganda Conquers Democracy

snip: Self-serving politicians and parties compete for funding in election campaigns run by the advertising industry, to give political investors the most corrupt President, administration and Congress that money can buy, while courts uphold new corporate and plutocratic political rights to ward off challenges to the closed circle of wealth and political power.

Oligarchic corporate control of the media is a critical element in this dystopian system. Under the genius of inverted totalitarianism, a confluence of corrupt interests has built a more effective and durable propaganda system than direct government control has ever achieved.

The 18% Recession Threshold


Repeat after me: “The #Fed will not raise rates in 2015.” :


Do we even need a State of the Union address anymore?

Not to start too pessimistically, but let’s be honest with one another. — The pomp and scale that surrounds Washington, D.C. is a skeleton of the past. That’s not meant to refer solely to the architecture, the fake-it-’till-you-make-it pretensions of a young country written in marble. It refers to much of the pageantry that we still embrace, beyond modern utility or necessity. It refers, to be direct, to the State of the Union Address.

Fanfare Publications

Gilad Atzmon’s music and publications website.

A market metric that reliably predicts recessions is quickly approaching a scary level


Zakharchenko: Ukraine withdraws from regime of ‘silence’ unilaterally

Ukraine has withdrawn from the regime of ‘silence’ unilaterally, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko said on Monday.

“The latest heavy artillery shelling of Donetsk and adjacent areas and Gorlovka was unprecedented over the entire conflict,” the Donetsk News Agency quoted him as saying.

“As a matter of fact, the Ukrainian side once again violated the truce regime and the Minsk agreements,” he said, adding that Kiev’s attacks were killing civilians and servicemen and destroying “our homes.”



If the Fed Has Nothing to Hide, It Has Nothing to Fear

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the dollar has lost over 97 percent of its purchasing power, the US economy has been subjected to a series of painful Federal Reserve-created recessions and depressions, and government has grown to dangerous levels thanks to the Fed’s policy of monetizing the debt. Yet the Federal Reserve still operates under a congressionally-created shroud of secrecy.

NSA develops cyber weapons, ‘attacker mindset’ for domination in digital war – #Snowden leaks


The circle of life? First the Internet bubble, then housing bubble, then the Higher Education bubble. Next? The Social Bubble. Can you say handshake?


David Morgan: Revolution An Instruction Manual – Liberty Mastermind Symposium – Las Vegas


Why Does America Tend to Freak Out Only When Terrorists Have Brown Skin?

I’ve been deeply struck this week by the extreme amount of attention being paid in the media to the horrific terrorist attacks on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Struck mainly because there is something strangely, and profoundly, disproportionate about it all.

CIA’s Small World at the Jeffrey Sterling Trial: Racial Profiling and Leaked

While the jury will likely neither note nor learn of them, there were details from last week’s testimony in the Jeffrey Sterling trial that resonated with two other notable cases involving the CIA: the New York Police Department’s spying on Muslims and the leak of Valerie Plame Wilson’s identity.

Google will review Europe-only policy for ‘right to be forgotten’

Google is only removing search results from European websites when individuals invoke their “right to be forgotten”, contrary to regulators’ guidelines, but will review that approach soon, the company’s chief legal officer said on Monday.

US Army Command delegation ‘to arrive in Kiev this week’

Representatives of the US Army Command will arrive in Ukraine in the coming days, Ukrainian military announced. The visit comes as the Kiev forces have launched a large-scale offensive on the militia positions in the south-east of the country.

READ MORE: Poroshenko rejected Putin’s artillery withdrawal plan, began assault – Kremlin

“This week, a delegation from the US Army Command, headed by Commander of US Army Europe, Lt. Gen [Frederick Ben] Hodges, will arrive in Ukraine,” Vladislav Seleznyov, spokesman for Ukraine’s General Staff of Armed Forces, said at a media briefing in Kiev on Monday.

The spokesman also said that Ukraine will take part in the NATO Military Committee conference on January 20-22.

Exposed! ISIS Caught Using US Army Tents In New Training Video!


Scared Press




US-Backed Naked Kiev Aggression on Donbas by Stephen Lendman

snip: CIA, FBI and US special forces infest Kiev. Likely directly involved in planning and implementing ongoing aggression. Typical of how America operates.

Liam Neeson’s Anti-Gun Rant: Without Guns, You’d Pretty Much Have No Career

His movie posters speak for themselves. Without guns, Neeson’s resumé would be a whole lot shorter.

GITMO: Symbol of America’s Moral Depravity by Stephen Lendman

the posturing hypocrites that prattle about the morality of torture are sickening!

Christine Lagarde Calls For World To Embrace “New Multilateralism” Order In 2015

As 2015 begins, policymakers around the world are faced with three fundamental choices: to strive for economic growth or accept stagnation; to work to improve stability or risk succumbing to fragility; and to cooperate or go it alone. The stakes could not be higher; 2015 promises to be a make-or-break year for the global community. For starters, growth and jobs are needed to support prosperity and social cohesion in the wake of the Great Recession that began in 2008. Six years after the eruption of the financial crisis, the recovery remains weak and uneven. Global growth is projected at just 3.3% in 2014 and 3.8% in 2015. Some important economies are still fighting deflation. More than 200 million people are unemployed. The global economy risks getting stuck in a “new mediocre” – a prolonged period of slow growth and feeble job creation.

Beware Obama’s State of the Union Tax Hike

Trying to bury bad news by releasing it over a holiday weekend is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Long-time presenter Jim Clancy leaves CNN after ‘anti-Israel’ Twitter rant

Veteran US TV journalist Jim Clancy has abruptly left the international news broadcaster after 34 years, following a seemingly tangential Twitter argument over Charlie Hebdo that escalated to a verbal war between Clancy and pro-Israel social media users.

Russia ends US nuclear security alliance


PBS-TV’s Frontline Misrepresents Russia’s Vladimir Putin

On January 13th, the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) telecast the FRONTLINE documentary, “Putin’s Way,” which purported to be a biography of Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin.

Gold Price Exploding In All Currencies Worldwide

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Latest News 20 January 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media

COURTESY www.whatreallyhappened.com


“Control of thought is more important for governments that are free and popular than for despotic and military states. The logic is straightforward: a despotic state can control its domestic enemies by force, but as the state loses this weapon, other devices are required to prevent the ignorant masses from interfering with public affairs, which are none of their business…the public are to be observers, not participants, consumers of ideology as well as products.” — Noam Chomsky

Unprecedented attack on Australian Veterans by Government

Director of the movie Gray State , Was Suicideded along with his family!!

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office are assisting the Apple Valley Police Department with the investigation.

They confirmed they are treating the death as ‘suspicious’.

Leaked documents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection reveal that the vast majority of illegal aliens in the US are immune to detention and deportation. Under this policy, illegal aliens are to be released from the Border Patrol with no expectation tha


Busted! UPS Driver Arrested for Theft of Nearly $200K In Gold and Silver Bars



Taper phantom. Global QE this year will rise, and at a faster rate than before, says RBC:

This in the most Catholic and Christian country in Asia. Suffer the little children to come unto me!

The Philippines, one of the poorest and most backward countries in Asia, is a clear and good example of what happens to countries which the Christian Church controls and dominates. The Philippines today is a blatant example of what mediaeval Europe used to look like under the fist of the Catholic Church.

Police round up orphans and keep them chained in filth during Pope’s visit to Philippines

Street children as young as five are being caged in brutal detention centres alongside adult criminals in a cynical drive to smarten up the Philippines capital ahead of a visit by Pope Francis this week.

Flashback: Ron Paul Twitter Remark On Chris Kyle Angered Veterans & Conservatives


Scary: Theory is oil drop causes HY bond defaults, retail dumps big holdings in HY bond funds, HY bond prices collapse, then stocks next.


Ouch. Hedge fund/spec short Swissie position on CFTC last Tuesday was biggest since June 2013. Two days later…


Neocons: The ‘Anti-Realists’

Historically, one of the main threads of U.S. foreign policy was called “realism,” that is the measured application of American power on behalf of definable national interests, with U.S. principles preached to others but not imposed.

The world’s 80 richest people hold more wealth than 50% of the world’s population, 3.5 billion people -Oxfam:


I’m Maurice Sinet – “I Like Charlie Coulibaly”

The Western democracies have a real problem with the concept of “freedom of speech”. Their hypocrisy and double standards know no borders. The inflicted state terrorism of the West against Muslims in the Middle East or non-white peoples in Africa or elsewhere is boundless. But when these downtrodden victims of Western genocidal attacks fight back, they are called “terrorists”. Insults and incitement against Muslims and their prophet Mohammad falls allegedly under the concept of freedom of speech, which is assumed unlimited, however, when this noble concept is used against the atrocities committed by the Zionist occupying regime in Palestine or its US master, it’s considered a “crime” by the French judiciary.

Police crackdown after Charlie Hebdo attack spreads across Europe

This weekend, police and military forces were deployed across Europe on an unprecedented scale. Security forces in France, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Britain are continuing a crackdown on suspected Islamists, arresting dozens of people, after the January 7 attack on the editorial offices of the weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

Secure Border, Punish Illegals: House Republicans Answer Amnesty with Tough Measures!


120 tonnes? 120 tonnes? A drop in the Ocean of what is owed to the German State.

Germany Repatriates 120 Tonnes of Gold in 2014


Russian Central Bank Bans Western Ratings Agencies

The decision comes after Fitch and Moody’s downgraded Russian sovereign debt to just above junk status.

Dr. King’s Legacy Isn’t Just a Dream. It’s Denouncing War, Poverty, and Injustice

This year, Martin Luther King, Jr. would have turned 85-years-old. Since he embraced peace, practiced nonviolent resistance, and sought a loving society, for years the media has cast him as a sincere, avuncular, dreamy leader. This hardly comports with his essence or his fiercely tenacious battles—against war, racism and poverty—found in his writings, speeches, marches, and jail time.

King died because he was a radical thinker and activist whose movement challenged the powerful and made dangerous enemies. In 1964 when he won the Nobel Peace Prize, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover called him “the most notorious liar in the country.” When he denounced the Vietnam War in 1967 the liberal New York Times and Washington Post roundly condemned him for questioning this part of America’s anti-communist crusade.

‘American Sniper’ complaints grow in Hollywood: Should Clint Eastwood be celebrating a ‘killer’?

Even as “American Sniper” breaks January box-office records and revels in six Oscar nominations, criticism over the subject of the film, sharpshooter Chris Kyle, is rising and reaching into the Academy of Motion Picture of Arts and Sciences, which votes on the Academy Awards.

Over the weekend, multiple Academy members told TheWrap that they had been passing around a recent article by Dennis Jett in The New Republic that attacks the film for making a hero out of Kyle, who said: “The enemy are savages and despicably evil,” and his “only regret is that I didn’t kill more.” Kyle made the statements in his best-selling book, “American Sniper,” on which the film is based.

Former White House Official – Europe In Danger Of Mega-Bank Runs That Jeopardize The World

former White House official and Plunge Protection Team member warned King World News that Europe is now in danger of mega-bank runs that will destabilize the entire global financial system.

GCHQ – MI5 – Investigate Journalists are ‘a potential threat to security’

The revelation, buried in intelligence documents leaked by the fugitive US whistleblower Edward Snowden

Cyber Wars Have Begun! France Says 20,000 Sites Have Been Targeted In Attacks


Markets pricing in substantial QE operation by the ECB


FBI’s “Suicide Letter” to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance


MLK: a message from the grave

The masses of people are rising up. And wherever they are assembled today . . . the cry is always the same–“We want to be free.”

Argentine Prosecutor Investigating Jewish Center Bombing Found Dead

JNS.org – Alberto Nisman, an Argentine prosecutor investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, was found dead from a gunshot wound in his apartment on Monday, days after he accused Argentine President Cristina Fernandez of secretly negotiating with Iran to avoid punishments for those behind the attack.



‘Designer babies’ debate should start, scientists say

Rapid progress in genetics is making “designer babies” more likely and society needs to be prepared, leading scientists have told the BBC.

Which is just the way the British aristocracy contolled ordinary British people for over 1000 years until the advent of the social conscience movements of the 19th century. This is a trip back in time which the elites would love and encourage.

40% of British families ‘too poor to play a part in society’ :8 million lacking required income level, says charity, as rising figure reflects cost of living and benefit cuts

Nearly four out of 10 households with children, or 8.1 million people, live below an income level regarded by the public as the minimum needed to participate in society, according to new research commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Would forgiving Greece’s debt really be that bad?

“A debt is a debt and it is a contract,” IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde told The Irish Times in an interview on Monday when asked about the general idea of holding a debt conference. “Defaulting, restructuring, changing the terms has consequences on the signature and the confidence in the signature,” she said.

The instant Greece’s debt is forgiven, every other EU member will demand the same. That is the reason for Christine Legarde’s hard line.

The middle class is getting murdered and it’s by design. The big corporations support whatever government helps them get richer. It’s a great system for the wealthy.


Ukraine conflict: Battles rage in Donetsk and Luhansk

Dozens of people have been killed or wounded as fighting escalates along the front line in eastern Ukraine and the battle for Donetsk airport continues.

Artillery fire was reported in several areas of the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions and a hospital in Donetsk city was hit, reports said.

Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels both said they controlled the airport.

It’s not just Muslim fanatics who treat blasphemy as a crime. So does Canada.

Canadian blasphemy trial a warning against smugness: Walkom

LAPD Announces: “The Museum of Tolerance Will Provide Training For Patrol Officers Throughout 2015.”

Just as they’ve been caught on camera this week reaching for their service weapons to deal with uppity 10-year-old black kids and arresting women for filming police in public, the LAPD has announced that all LAPD officers are being trained by the revered ‘Museum of Tolerance.’

Lizard Squad’s paid cyberattack service faces a hack of its own

Lizard Squad is apparently getting a taste of its own medicine. Security guru Brian Krebs has learned that someone hacked Lizard Stresser, the cyberattack-for-hire service that Lizard Squad launched following its takedowns of the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The breach exposed the project’s customer database, which was ironically stored in plain text — unless clients change their passwords, they’re about as vulnerable as the sites they paid to take down.

Monsanto’s Newest GMO Food Weapon…Wheat


Gerald Celente discusses current market events, Forex rigging, top trends of 2015


Senators unveil more toned down Iran sanctions bill

Supporters of Iran sanctions in the US Senate have unveiled a toned-down bill aimed at gaining enough votes to override a presidential veto.

President Barack Obama has argued forcefully against any new measures against the Islamic Republic, saying Iran was already chafing under existing sanctions and imposing new ones could torpedo ongoing talks on an agreement to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear bomb, a goal it denies having.

On Thursday, the Senate banking committee will discuss and vote on the re-jigged bill proposed by Republican Mark Kirk and Democrat Robert Menedez, two senators who have sponsored previous sanctions bills.

Leave it to massively AIPAC SUPPORTED Senators to lead the charge on this. And just for the record, to be clear, from maplight.org:

Top Senate Recipients Funded, in a time period from 7/2008 through 6/2014

Recipient Amount
Mark Kirk $643,598
Top Senate Recipients Funded

Recipient Amount

Mark Kirk $643,598
Mitch McConnell $400,022
Robert Menendez $341,170

Such sanctions are engineered to completely destroy the progress made at the P5+1 meetings with Iran to date, and cause Iran to walk away from the negotiating table, which is Israel’s desire.

And why?!? To have the US declare war on Iran, so that its alleged “mortal enemy” in the middle east would be “neutralized” without Israel lifting a finger; to have America’s kids fighting, dying, and getting maimed for life rather than their own.

There is, however, one infinitesimal, teensy, tinsy fly in the ointment with this scenario, however; and that is Russia.

Russian leadership, both civilian and military, has been very blunt on this issue. As quoted at washingtonsblog.com,from Dimitri Rogozin, in January, 2012:

” “Should Anything Happen to Iran … This Will Be a Direct Threat to Our National Security”. “Iran is our close neighbor, just south of the Caucasus. Should anything happen to Iran, should Iran get drawn into any political or military hardships, this will be a direct threat to our national security,” stressed Rogozin.

So I would like to suggest to Senators Kirk and Menendez that going to war against Iran may well mean going to war against Russia; and there is no guarantee that such a military confrontation would have a positive outcome for the US, because US military doesn’t have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure such an outcome; that is what makes the military scenario so scarily dangerous.

But there is one bet about these gentlemen I would almost be willing to make; they have no close family currently serving in the US military.

Were I able to introduce a Constitutional Amendment, it would be this; all running for Senate, Congress,President, or Vice-President should have one close family member joining the military right before they announce their run, in units which see combat on a regular basis.

Folks, THAT would greatly change the way the US government handles international kerfluffles; I would almost guarantee it!!

Because when you have family in the military, it’s personal how this country resolves its international differences.

Barack Obama goes after the one per cent with proposed $320 billion tax hike

President Barack Obama will use his annual State of the Union address to propose hundreds of billions of dollars in tax hikes on America’s “one per cent” in a move that will increase tensions with the Republican-dominated Congress.

Thieves Get Away With Massive Haul Until They Do Something INCREDIBLY STUPID

File this under “World’s Dumbest.”
Two young men thought they got away with stealing $5,000, an iPad, and MacBook from an an suspecting Houston, Texas victim.
But immediately after pulling off their “hustle,” the two idiots proceeded to a nearby Burger King and videotaped themselves–on the stolen iPad, no less–bragging about what they had just done, showing off wads of stolen cash, and thenposting the video to the Internet!

Low hopes for a ‘game-changing’ State of the Union

The central challenge of President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address is convincing Americans the next 12 months will showcase a real turnaround for a second term defined by self-inflicted wounds, public disillusionment and calls to action that never materialized.



ALERT!! USDA Bowing to Monsanto, Approves New GMO Soy and Cotton Crops


Sacramento Police arrest peaceful protesters at Pro-Cop rally.


British intelligence intercepted emails from The New York Times, Reuters, BBC, and others

Newly released Snowden documents

France’s Le Pen says Paris attacks were the work of US or Israeli agents.

Mr Le Pen pointed to the fact that one of the Kouachi brothers, who carried out the Charlie Hebdo massacre, left his identity card in a crashed getaway car. He compared this to the “miraculous fact”

Actually happened: French high school student arrested for posting “ironic” cartoon on Facebook.


Why People Are Protesting GMOs

Video – Ever wonder why there are so many people against Monsanto and GMOs? Journalist Luke Rudkowski interviews people at a recent Monsanto protest in New York City. He asks the attendees why they are there, one fact about Monsanto and what they hope happens. If you would consider protesting GMOs, or have participated in such protests, please share a comment explaining why.

“De-Dollarization” Deepens: Russia Buys Most Gold In Six Months, Continues Selling US Treasuries

The rumors of Russia selling its gold reserves, it is now clear, were greatly exaggerated as not only did Putin not sell, Russian gold reserves rose by their largest amount in six months in December to just over $46 billion (near the highest since April 2013). It appears all the “Russia is selling” chatter did was lower prices enabling them to gather non-fiat physical assets at a lower cost. On the other hand, there is another trend that continues for the Russians – that of reducing their exposure to US Treasury debt. For the 20th month in a row, Russia’s holdings of US Treasury debt fell year-over-year – selling into the strength.

Worth a repeat

1.6 Billion Muslim Scapegoats, NYPD Slowdown Irony & Anthrax Perpetrator Still at Large?

Israel lobbies against ICC as Gaza war crimes inquiry opens

Israeli politicians are calling on the 122 member states of the International Criminal Court to cut its funding in response to the beginning of its inquiry into possible war crimes in Gaza last year.

The ICC announced Friday it would investigate “in full independence and impartiality” crimes that may have occurred in the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza in July-August 2014.

Switzerland May Be Preparing for the End of the Euro

If you haven’t been paying attention in the last 24 hours, the currency and equity markets have been rocked by a surprise move to delink the existing currency peg between the Euro and the Swiss Franc. This move has set off what many are calling a “financial tsunami” that could leave behind a path of destruction across the continent.

This is a “Bash the Swiss” article, but the reality is that with the ECB about to launch QE across Europe, the Swiss saw the losses from the resulting inflation as too great to accept.

New York State Police are allowed to keep all proceeds from property confiscated during an investigation if they claim that the items were used to commit a crime, were acquired through commission of a crime, or were purchased with proceeds from a crime.


FLASDHBACK 2010 – ISRAEL BOMBED their OWN Embassy in London [another Mossad False Flag]


FLASHBACK 2008 – ‘Mossad Agent’ Found With Bombs, Explosives, Charged With Jewish Hate Crimes In New York City

It sounds like someone was planning terror attacks against Jewish institutions and synagogues in New York City. Bizarrely, the man now being held for perpetuating hate crimes against Jewish targets there, is a Jew himself, and this report from the New York Times quotes him telling a judge he had been “trained by Mossad”.

Should Children be Allowed to try Cannabis Before Chemo?

As the movement to legalize cannabis continues to gain momentum, and as more research is conducted, we are discovering that this easy-to-grow plant is effective in treating many difficult illnesses, and surprisingly many types of deadly cancers. Cancer treatment in the U.S. has become its own industry, and even though chemotherapy admittedly over-prescribed and is known to have many devastating side effects, chemo and radiation are still the treatments most touted by doctors and the medical establishment.

Many people are seeking out medical marijuana as an alternative to conventional cancer treatment, and success stories are easy to find. Yet, underage cancer patients sometimes find that their legal rights when fighting cancer are unclear, and that when the state decides to intervene, their personal sovereignty may be compromised.

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: UNCLEAN

If this book was written by the divine creator of the universe, the Earth, and all that lives on it, why does he so revile 99% of the species that he made?

The Outrageous Way Obama Became President


Cancer $creening Doesn’t Save Lives, Meta-Study Reveals

Should we be looking for disease in people who don’t have any symptoms? A large new study indicates the answer is NO.

Subject to an increasingly expansive disease screening programs, unsuspecting healthy individuals are being transformed into patients every day. Massive ‘awareness raising’ campaigns funded by industries that either cause disease by creating and promoting harmful products, or make profit from the diseases by diagnosing and treating them, dominate mainstream culture, with their tentacles reaching deep into both private and public (i.e. governmental) sectors. Think of KFC’s now defunct “Buckets for the Cure” campaign, or Susan G. Komen’s stamp of approval on a Fracking Drill bit supposed to help find a cure. Or, how about our very own Whitehouse saturating itself with Pink light during Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

TV: Hawaii coral “the worst scientists have ever seen” — Professor: “It’s like a ghost town… We would not typically see entire colonies bleached, ever” — Gov’t map of ‘maximum alert area’ in Pacific mirrors Fukushima plume model since 2011 (VIDEO)


OIL PRICE COLLAPSE of 2015 – Oil Price Could Drop to $10 & Cause the Next Big Collapse


Ebola crisis: Mali says it has no more cases

The last Ebola-infected patient in Mali recovered and left hospital in early December.

Latest figures show the three West African countries worst affected have all seen a decline in new Ebola cases.

Sierra Leone and Guinea both recorded the lowest weekly total of confirmed Ebola cases since August, according to UN figures on Thursday.

Liberia, which reported no new cases on two days last week, had its lowest weekly total since June.

The $300 Trillion Time Bomb Is Ticking: Citigroup Says Derivatives Face Value Fell in 4th Quarter by $5 Trillion


The War on Hen-Pecking, Rise Of Egg Prices And New Animal Cage Law


REALIST NEWS – First time in 35 years: More businesses closing than starting


The Moderate Syrian Rebel Application Form


Isis poised at Lebanon border threatening an attack from Syria as hundreds of rebel fighters join terrorist group

An estimated 700 fighters from moderate rebel groups are understood to have pledged allegiance to Isis.

Police Refuse To Explain How Young African American Woman Died In Police Custody

A young African American woman from Brighton, Alabama recently died in police custody. Police have still refused to provide any reasonable explanation for the cause behind her death.

“I am very good at working with Jews” Says Chinese tycoon trying to buy the New York Times/Wall Street Journal

Chen Guangbiao, a recycling magnate and one of China’s 400 richest people—and a high-profile philanthropist; he’s known for what he calls flashy philanthropy—recently announced his intention to buy the New York Times. But when Guangbiao, whose fortune was estimatedat $740 million in 2012, was rebuffed by the Internet, he changed his tack: he checked to see if the Wall Street Journal was for sale.

Alabama school superintendent bans high school history club from seeing ‘Selma’

A school trip to the see the historical civil rights drama ‘Selma‘ by a high school history club has been cancelled by the school superintendent over concerns over language, reports WAFF.

DeKalb County school superintendent Hugh Taylor cancelled the outing by students at the predominately minority school, saying he was concerned about obscene language and “racial profanity” in the Oscar-nominated film.

Taylor was elected DeKalb County school superintendent in 2013 despite concerns that he sends his own four children to a private Christian academy.

This history is the history of every African American kid in that school district, and they have the right to know it. Yes, it was an ugly chapter in Alabama’s past, but it gave (or should have given) every one of those kids two priceless things: a chance for a decent education, and the right to vote.

As to profanity: every high school kid know double the dirty words they may hear in this film, and sideways.

And a memo to De Kalb county School Board; next time you elect a superintendent, perhaps vote for someone with enough faith that they send their kids to public school, not a private academy.

Graves Waiting For Bodies: Major War Escalation in Ukraine; In 5 Weeks Ukraine Out of Money

We regret having to interrupt feel-good weekend articles with more sobering news. In Ukraine, major battles have broken out over the past couple weeks.

Mainstream media has widely ignored the story because of Greece, then Charlie, and then the Swiss Franc. And of course Western media has no interest in reporting news the rebels are winning.

However, ignoring the story does not make it go away.

Major Rebel Advance

Donetsk Airport Battle is Over

Dreizin also informs me that “The battle for the Donetsk airport is over. The rebels expelled Ukraine’s most elite units from their last redoubts in the new terminal building.”

From a “grave” perspective, the war marches on, and will do so until the IMF steps in with another bailout or every penny is gone, whichever comes first.

Philosophically speaking, the war is actually over. Ukraine is already split in two even if international recognition of that event comes years later.

There were reports of a major attack yesterday, ordered by Poroschenko; all the images available were of housing complexes being bombed, which, I would like to mention, is a war crime.

Insurance trackers ‘could leave car vulnerable to hijack’

Tiny devices given to drivers by insurance companies to track driving habits are “insecure” and could allow a hacker to hijack cars, including steering and braking systems, warns a security researcher


Perhaps the best-known instance in which Israel used a “false flag” to cover its own trail was in the infamous Lavon Affair

Russian Central Bank voids Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch ratings

The Central Bank of Russia will no longer use credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, or Moody’s that were assigned after March 1, 2014.

Long-time presenter Jim Clancy leaves CNN after ‘anti-Israel’ Twitter rant


How to Reclaim Liberty Once Lost

Note: Substitute your state for Kentucky. It’s all the same struggle.

Can we reclaim liberty? Is it even possible, so far down the road? John Adams said, “Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” We must act as though he were wrong.

What can we do? Clearly voting does not matter. Even with Congress’ abysmal approval rating, the same derelicts are re-elected time after time. While we were sleeping, they changed the rules to favor themselves. We can’t stop them at the voting booth unless we all rise as one and they know it…

IRS keeps Albuquerque Tea Party in limbo 5 years after tax-exempt status application


Shale revolution on a limb, only 11 fracking projects active in UK

The UK’s shale gas ‘revolution’ doesn’t seem to have lived up to its hype, after it was revealed only 11 new exploratory wells are due to be drilled this year, despite the continued fall of oil prices.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said his government is pushing for a “shale gas revolution,” although only a handful have been confirmed as candidates for fracking, according to official government statements.

Energy firms involved in fracking projects claim the government statements were ‘speculative’ and that suggestions the UK could rely on shale gas for up to thirty years was “optimistic.”

27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama

During his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, Barack Obama is going to promise to make life better for middle class families.

Coca-Cola Plans To Open A Factory In Gaza


Canada’s Baird denounces ICC war crimes probe of Israel



Egy szemfüles olvasónk küldte be az alábbi fotókat, melyek a nyíregyházi vasútállomáson készültek augusztus 2-án. A közölt információk szerint a vasúti szerelvény Záhony felé tartott, ahol átlépte Ukrajna felé az államhatárt. A képek érdekessége, hogy ezeken valaha a Magyar Honvédség állományába tartozó T-72-es közepes harckocsik láthatóak.


This is a call to Rivero’s Rangers to get this story out to the public before Poroshenko and Obama gets us into a potentially nuclear war with Russia!

I will save you the time of going to Google Translate. Back in August, following numerous failed attempts to claim Russia had crossed the border into Ukraine, Ukraine bought some old used-up T-72’s from Hungary for 8,500 dollars each, their value as scrap metal. Now Ukraine does not use the T-72, it uses the later t-80 and t-84. But Russia still uses the T-72.

The obvious conclusion for Ukraine to buy these tanks and have them delivered secretly through other countries is to repaint the tanks in Russian colors, and plant near the border to frame Russia for an invasion.

These photos were made in Nyíregyháza railway station on August 2. Train headed to Záhony and crossed the state border to the Ukraine.

Such a deception has already been tried once! The BBC (Buggering British Children), the news network that reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 twenty six minutes BEFORE it actually happened, published photos of T-72s painted with Russian markings in Eastern Ukraine and claimed this was proof of a Russian invasion.

Poroshenko is desperate for NATO to intervene … and he still has those T-72 tanks somewhere!

Vitamin D supplementation reduces need for respiratory support, study suggests

Additionally — and more pertinent to this particular study — proper vitamin D levels have been linked to improvements in lung function, further reinforcing the importance of its supplementation.

Previous studies have delved into this very matter, with results showing that vitamin D plays a significant role in boosting respiratory health. One finding, for example, honed in on “the known effects of vitamin D on immune function… in relation to respiratory health.” Its population-based study concluded that “Vitamin D appears capable of inhibiting pulmonary inflammatory responses while enhancing innate defence mechanisms against respiratory pathogens.” In addition to boosting the immune system overall, vitamin D was found to improve lung function in those suffering from respiratory-inflammation conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Fructose causes reproductive problems, earlier death, study shows

An open-air mouse barn, using mice that normally tend to inhabit homes and restaurants, was created to observe male and female mice over a 32-week period. Protected tubs and open trays with vertical tube feeding stations were used to feed sucrose and HFCS proportionally to what most humans eat.

The researchers discovered that female mice that ate HFCS died earlier and had very poor reproduction cycles compared to sucrose-consuming mice. On the other hand, male mice showed no difference in toxicity from HFCS to sucrose or table sugar.

Both were equally toxic, affecting their ability to hold a territory and reproduce. The researchers concluded that all added sugars are toxic in some way, but HFCS is worse

“Real investment appears to begin to cool ~4 quarters before house prices peak.” – Board of Governors of the Fed.


Americans concerned about jobs and finances — not ‘terrorism,’ poll shows

The threat of joblessness tops the list of concerns facing American households, according to a new Al Jazeera America/Monmouth University Poll. When asked to describe the biggest concern facing their family, 16 percent of poll respondents said either job security or unemployment. The second most-cited concern was health care costs, followed by everyday bills.

Half global wealth held by 1%:Billionaires and politicians gathering in Switzerland this week will come under pressure to tackle rising inequality after a study found that–on current trends–by next year,1% of the world’s population will own more wealth

Billionaires and politicians gathering in Switzerland this week will come under pressure to tackle rising inequality after a study found that – on current trends – by next year, 1% of the world’s population will own more wealth than the other 99%.

Rebels fight Yemeni troops during possible coup

Rebel Shiite Houthis battled soldiers near Yemen’s presidential palace and elsewhere across the capital Monday, seizing control of the country’s state-run media in a move an official called “a step toward a coup.”

The fighting near the palace marks the biggest challenge yet to the government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi by the Houthis, who seized the capital, Sanaa, during their advance in September across parts of Yemen. Many believe deposed President Ali Abdullah Saleh, ousted in a deal after Arab Spring protests, backs their campaign.

Jon Stewart Exposes the Complete Hypocrisy of France and Free Speech!


Iran considers Iraq’s security as own: Interior minister

Iran’s interior minister has emphasized the necessity for countering terrorism in the Middle East region, saying the Islamic Republic considers Iraq’s security as that of its own.

America’s Berlin Wall

In October 2014, the UN General Assembly voted to recommend ending the US embargo on Cuba. Of the 193 UN members, 188 voted in favour. The only country siding with the US to continue the embargo was Israel. (The remaining three countries abstained.)

This is not the first time the UN has taken up the question. In fact, it is the 23rd time, having taken it up annually since 1992. On every occasion since 1992, the UN voted for the embargo to end. Israel remains the sole supporter to the US position.

POLITICAL CRITIQUE: ‘Why I Still Dislike Israel’

I little more than two years ago I wrote an article for antiwar.com that was entitled “Why I dislike Israel.” The editors were a bit nervous about running it but eventually allowed it to appear after I agreed to some minor deletions. It turned out to be by far the most successful piece I ever did for that website in terms of readership and it attracted 166 comments. My critique was basically that the contrived special relationship with Israel is very bad for the United States on a number of levels. I argued that Washington should treat Israel like any other country, based on actual American national interests. I continue to hold those views, now more than ever as the Israeli government sinks into something approximating madness and drags Washington along with it, and I have often thought that it would be interesting to revisit my discontent with Israel in light of recent developments.

Rents and housing prices unaffordable to middle class in Los Angeles: The typical LA renter needs to earn $33 an hour just to afford a basic apartment.

Last year there was a report highlighting that LA and Orange County ranked number one in being the bubbliest housing markets in the US. The report essentially found that people in the area lagged in income relative to housing values compared to folks in New York or San Francisco and most in SoCal basically funneled a large portion of their net income into housing. LA and OC are also expensive to rent in.

Ron Paul Warns: Militarization, Police Brutality May Induce A Violent Event Far Beyond Ferguson


The Digital Arms Race: NSA Preps America for Future Battle

The NSA’s mass surveillance is just the beginning. Documents from Edward Snowden show that the intelligence agency is arming America for future digital wars — a struggle for control of the Internet that is already well underway.

‘The market has been too complacent’, Chinese real estate company Kaisa on brink of dollar default spooks money managers


Chris Kyle was a Pussy

By: dawson

Selma movie review: ‘What happens when a man stands up?’ Viewing yesterday and today

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

Selma artistically documents activists’ strategic work to realize basic human rights already legally guaranteed under the US Constitution: voting and freedom of speech.

Activism was required after government “leaders” ongoing rejection of their Oath of office to protect and defend the US Constitution, and psychopathically attacking activists for “disturbing the peace.”

The movie has FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover advise US President Johnson that Dr. King is a “degenerate immoral animal” who the FBI could simply assassinate.

President Johnson acknowledges this power to kill US activists they don’t like, but chooses to allow the FBI to continue illegally wiretapping Dr. King, making illegal and ongoing threats against the lives of his children, his wife, and Martin via phone calls, letters, and audio tapes, and to attempt to cause Dr. King’s death by suicide.

Propaganda Control: The CIA And Hollywood


Richest 1% to have more than rest of humanity combined

New Oxfam report shows the scale of global inequality is ‘simply staggering’

Man Who Shot Oklahoma Police Chief Four Times Will Not Be Charged

A man who shot the police chief of Sentinel, Oklahoma, four times has been released with no charges filed against him.
The shooting took place Thursday, Jan. 15, when the police chief entered a home looking for the person who allegedly called in a bomb threat to a Head Start center, reports CNN.

“No respite” from Israeli violence against Palestinian children, says human rights group

An attorney and international advocacy officer for Defence for Children International-Palestine (DCI-Palestine) says that 2014 was “devastating” for Palestinian children.

Whether they were killed, injured or left homeless and traumatized in the Gaza Strip during Israel’s summer attack, or whether they faced “increasing levels of violence [by Israeli forces] … at demonstrations [or] as part of military operations throughout the West Bank” including occupied East Jerusalem — especially during frequent arrest raids — Palestinian children were regular targets of Israel’s systematic violence throughout 2014, says Brad Parker of DCI-Palestine.

Iranian general killed in reported Israeli strike on Hezbollah in Syria

Iran has confirmed that a senior Iranian general was killed Sunday in an alleged Israeli strike on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, local media reported.

According to the report, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said General Mohammad Allahdadi was serving in Iran as an adviser to the Syrian Army. A Hezbollah official told AFP that five other Iranian military men were also killed in the strike.

Moroccan man in France brutally stabbed to death by neighbour in ‘horrible Islamophobic attack’

A Moroccan man in France was brutally stabbed to death by a neighbour in front of his wife in what is described as a ‘horrible Islamophobic attack’.

Mohamed El Makouli was attacked after a 28-year-old man burst into his home in the early hours of Wednesday morning, it has been reported.

His 31-year-old wife, Nadia, suffered wounds to her hands as she tried to save her husband before she fled their home in the quiet village of Beaucet, near Avignon, with their child to alert the police.

Republican senators brush off Obama warnings, vow more Iran sanctions

Republican senators vowed Sunday to pursue additional sanctions against Iran, brushing off unusually blunt and dire warnings from President Obama that any more penalties for Tehran would threaten to scuttle nuclear talks and possibly lead to war.

Netanyahu says Europe’s ‘Islamization’ pushing Israel to expand Asia trade

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that a wave of anti-Semitism and what he called “Islamization” in Western Europe are factors in the government’s push to expand trade with Asia.

Cheaper oil is finally starting to push down prices for airline tickets


UNIFIL, Army boost border patrols after Israeli Golan strike

The Lebanese Army and U.N. peacekeepers intensified their patrols along the Blue Line on the border with Israel Monday as tensions mounted over Israel’s weekend strike on Syria’s Golan Heights which killed six Hezbollah members and a senior Iranian commander.

Harvey Organ: HUGE DERIVATIVES LOSSES COMING From Swiss De-Peg… Jim Willie: Swiss De-peg Triggers Massive Derivative Crisis,


WSJ now says Fed rate hike “unlikely”. Right; exactly what I told CNBCWorld last November:


Almost half French oppose publishing Mohammed cartoons: poll

Almost half of the French public oppose publication of cartoons depicting Islam’s Prophet Mohammed, according to a poll Sunday, as global debate deepened on the limits of free speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Middle class decline looms over final years of Obama presidency

Barack Obama enters the final two years of his presidency with a blemish on his legacy that looks impossible to erase: the decline of the middle class he has promised to rescue.

Charlie Hebdo: Muslim media anger at new cartoon

Newspapers across the globe respond to the “survivors’ edition” of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo – featuring a cartoon of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad – with a mixture of anger, concern and solidarity.

“With new cover of French paper, a new set of fears,” says the New York Times on its front page, adding that there is a “dread that Charlie Hebdo may prompt further violence”.

Tariq Ramadan: ‘Double standard of freedom of expression’


NSA Cyber War Will Use Internet of Things as Weapons Platform; Your Home is the Battlefield

“World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.” – Marshall McLuhan, Culture is Our Business, 1970

New Snowden documents recently revealed that the NSA is getting ready for future digital wars as the agency postures itself in an aggressive manner towards the world. “The Five Eyes Alliance,” a cooperation between United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, is working hard to develop these weapons of Cyber Warfare…

How Israel Covers Up Its Ugly Racial Holy War

As the incitement to violence by Israeli leaders ramped up, so did racist attacks by Israeli citizens.

ECB Stimulation: The Trap Closes

European Economy … No More Excuses for Draghi … For months, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has hinted that he’s ready to announce a full-blown program of quantitative easing. [Now] the EU Court of Justice’s advocate general cleared away a possible legal obstacle.

… which triggered the Swiss unpegging.

Beyond that, there is a simple process at work here. In a world using a debt-based currency issued by private central banks, the process of QE is how those bankers, using just ink and paper and numbers in a computer, come to own all the hard assets of planet earth.

US strongly disagrees with possible war crimes probe in Gaza


Shin Bet Manhandled French Prime Minister in Grand Synagogue, Bibi Insulted French Jewish Leadership

Shin Bet Manhandled French Prime Minister in Grand Synagogue, Bibi Insulted French Jewish Leadership

The impossibility, for a woman, of obtaining a divorce without her husband’s consent in today’s Israel is portrayed

The Movie Exposing Israel’s Marriage Scandal

So it turns out betting your entire economy on a single volatile commodity isn’t great economic planning. Who knew?


Did French Police Have Prior Knowledge of Paris Shooting?



Just moments after Dr. Martin Luther King was killed by a sniper’s bullet, a photographer took the above picture. Dr. King lies on the balcony floor. The witnesses are all pointing in the direction the fatal shot was fired from. There is no confusion among the witnesses as to where the source of the shot was. They are not confused by echoes. There is no uncertainty. All three witnesses are pointing in exactly the same direction.

The official story is that these men are pointing at the bathroom window in the rear of the rooming house from which James Earl Ray is supposed to have fired a gunshot.

But is that where the witnesses are pointing?

Snowden leak reveals massive size of F-35 blueprints hack by China



In the white rambler in the 1000 block of Ramsdell Drive in Apple Valley, a terrible sight awaited police: The bodies of a man, woman and child lying in the living room, the perpetrator and victims of an apparent murder-suicide. The bodies may have been there for up to four weeks before they were found Saturday afternoon; neighbors next door and across the street said they hadn’t seen the family since before Christmas.


A body found floating in a pond on a golf course in California has been identified as the AIG executive who disappeared two weeks ago while attending a work conference in the area. The Riverside County Coroner’s Office confirmed that it was the body of Omar Meza on Friday, according to KESQ. The cause of death is under investigation and it is not clear how long Meza was in the pond.

China Stocks Suffer Biggest One-Day Tumble Since June 2008, Meets Gravity -8% Today. Stock Investors Have Been Bingeing On Borrowed Money.

Fukushima: TEPCO racing against time to process 280,000 tons of tainted water



The trail that led American officials to blame North Korea for the destructive cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in November winds back to 2010, when the National Security Agency scrambled to break into the computer systems of a country considered one of the most impenetrable targets on earth.

Oil Bust Could End Up Like the Zaitech Collapse in Japan



Alberto Nisman, who on Monday was due in parliament to present his case against president Cristina Kirchner, found dead days after warning “I could end up dead because of this” A prosecutor who has accused President Cristina Kirchner of covering up Iran’s alleged involvement in the country’s worst terrorist attack has been found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment – hours before he was due to present his findings. Alberto Nisman was discovered lying dead in his bathroom in the early hours of Monday morning, with a handgun by his side. Initial reports suggested suicide.

Who Benefits When Bubbles Burst?


Jim Willie: Swiss De-peg Triggers Massive Derivative Crisis, Potential END OF THE EURO!


On Sept 10, 2001 Army School Says Israel Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act


BANK RUN in Greece a Warning as Global Economy Falling RIGHT NOW!

‘Thought Crime’ Law Hits Britain: Defy the PC Mob and You’ll Be Deemed a ‘Terror Threat’


Sh*t Hillary Clinton Says | SUPERcuts! #148


Arkansas government kidnaps seven children, searches home of family for owning a popular mineral supplement


Brooklyn DA to probe allegations of NYPD officers planting guns, newspaper reports


911 Firefighter Exposes Conspiracy


White House was certain North Korea was behind Sony attack because NSA had been hacking and monitoring the country’s networks since 2010 (so why didn’t they prevent it?)


Headlines on the Swiss currency peg carnage.


Company behind ‘sneaky’ new motorway speed cameras is paid £2.1million by the taxpayer so they can catch MORE drivers

The business behind new ‘stealth’ speed cameras being installed across Britain is being paid £2.1million by the taxpayer to help catch more drivers, it was revealed today.

The controversial devices have caught almost 700 drivers in just two months and unlike traditional yellow speed cameras, they are painted grey, making them harder to spot.

The technology has been introduced to catch drivers breaking the 70mph speed limit on the M25 in Kent.

And the same technology is being introduced on a northern section of the M25 and also parts of the M1, M3, M60 and M6.

As LAPD Panders for MLK Day, Crazy LAPD Cop Reaches For His Gun In Reaction To Crying 10 Year Old Black Boy

At 6:43 into the video, outside LAPD HQ, an indignant Dixon begins “when you are allowing everyone else to walk past these barriers to walk in that door, but you get some black mothers here, that are demanding it’s got to stop, killing our children, and we can’t come in?? And we can’t come in?? Fuck you, man!” She then starts to daintily climb over the metal barricade in an act of civil disobedience, and a man helps her as she swings legs over the barricade and places her feet onto the ground. There are dozens of cops standing around, all wearing bullet proof vests. None of the cops interfere in her attempt to climb over the barrier in her long skirt, which shows they realize the petite woman is not a threat. Once she is over the barrier and standing, however, the police surround her and start grabbing at her to take her away. A black boy behind the barricade starts to get upset and says what sounds like “don’t touch my mom!

Nanny State Billboards…Cuz the Government Is Your Mommy!

What a sad testament to our society that there are more billboards on the side of the road from the government reminding us to have basic common sense than there are companies trying to sell us crap.

Idiocracy, anyone?

First Wood-Burning Ban Hearing Draws Angry Crowd In Tooele County


Charlie Hebdo, Zionism & Media Deception

On the program I asked Mustapha if Zionism and the octopus of lobby groups that work on its behalf is as big a driving force behind US and broader Western foreign policy as some contend. “France, the US [and other Western countries] are under the domination of Israel,” Mustapha told me. Mustapha contends that Israel’s agents have supplanted all independent leaders in the West, replacing them with grovelling lapdogs who do the bidding of Israel at all costs, even to the detriment to their own people and nations.

We touched on the recent events in Paris, wherein “Islamist” gun-men are said to have carried out a massacre at the headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a kosher market. Mustapha pondered whether the attack was stage-managed by the intelligence services, considering the two deceased suspects were being closely surveyed and watched by French intelligence and police for years, their names even showing up on ‘terror watch’ and ‘no fly’ lists.

Cops – The Great Escalators of violence

“Whether the mask is labeled fascism, democracy, or dictatorship of the proletariat, our great adversary remains the apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military. Not the one facing us across the frontier of the battle lines, which is not so much our enemy as our brothers’ enemy, but the one that calls itself our protector and makes us its slaves. No matter what the circumstances, the worst betrayal will always be to subordinate ourselves to this apparatus and to trample underfoot, in its service, all human values in ourselves and in others.”
– Simone Weil

Journalist Finian Cunningham Wonders If There Is Any Limit To The Credulity of Western Populations

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
– Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

The Importance of Being Angry

Anger is a vitally important evolutionary gift and without it we are perpetual victims. Anger has two primary evolutionary functions: to let us know when we are being threatened or attacked (whether by a more ‘subtle’ abuse or in an explicitly violent manner) while also giving us the power to respond effectively to this threat/attack.

Charlie Hebdo: Report from Europe

The culpability of the Western media in lies, death, and destruction is extreme. Consider the Malaysian airliner that went down in Ukraine. The US, UK, EU, and the puppet government in Kiev blamed Russia and forces of the breakaway eastern province for shooting down the civilian airliner. An investigation was convened. It has been six months since the investigation was completed, and the results have not been released.

Striking Fear in Paris – Waving in the First Row

Netanyahu went to Paris as part of his election campaign. As a veteran campaigner, he knew that three days in Paris, visiting synagogues and making proud Jewish speeches, were worth more than three weeks at home, slinging mud.

Civil Forfeiture I’m Allowed to Rob You!

no-one can delegate to government rights they do not possess

US Supreme Court Retroactive Tyranny Justification

So not just an echo chamber where they admit corporations have the most money to afford multi-year cases but also a way to justify whatever the government does anyway

Ukraine’s Poroshenko Rejects Putin’s “Peace Plan”; Massive Shelling Ensues

Further to the dramatic footage yesterday, Ukrainian troops have launched a massive assault on militia-held areas, according to RT. This comes on the heels of Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko rejecting a peace plan proposed to him last week by his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. As Reuters reports, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday evening, according to Russian media, that the plan, contained in a letter sent by Putin on Thursday evening, proposed a ceasefire by both government forces and separatist militiamen in southeastern Ukraine, as well as the withdrawal of heavy artillery by both sides. Given the images below, it will be hard to see how Ukraine (and The West) will spin this…

Protests Escalate in Bahrain as Authorities Crack Down

- Thousands of Bahrainis held nationwide rallies demanding the release of opposition leader. Bahrain’s top opposition figure Sheikh Ali Salman has called on people across the Persian Gulf country not to remain silent in the face of the Al Khalifa regime’s atrocities and press ahead with their protests.

UK sends warship to Falklands as Argentina lease supersonic bombers from Russia

ONE of Britain’s newest and most powerful warships was last night heading towards the Falklands to strengthen the islands’ air defences.

“De-Dollarization” Deepens: Russia Buys Most Gold In Six Months, Continues Selling US Treasuries

The rumors of Russia selling its gold reserves, it is now clear, were greatly exaggerated as not only did Putin not sell, Russian gold reserves rose by their largest amount in six months in December to just over $46 billion (near the highest since April 2013). It appears all the “Russia is selling” chatter did was lower prices enabling them to gather non-fiat physical assets at a lower cost. On the other hand, there is another trend that continues for the Russians – that of reducing their exposure to US Treasury debt. For the 20th month in a row, Russia’s holdings of US Treasury debt fell year-over-year – selling into the strength.

Hedge Fund Manager Who Survived Five Debt Crises Wiped Out Overnight on Swiss Franc

Marko Dimitrijevic, the hedge fund manager who survived at least five emerging market debt crises, is closing his largest hedge fund after losing virtually all its money this week when the Swiss National Bank unexpectedly let the franc trade freely against the euro, according to a person familiar with the firm.


Feminist Paper Photoshops Male Leaders from Paris March Pics

Will China be the next forex peg to break?

The surprise move by Switzerland to scrap its currency ceiling against the euro EURCHF, +0.76% last week is a reminder there can be unexpected collateral damage from central banks waging currency wars. As markets digest last week’s turmoil, expect focus to turn to other fault lines on the global currency map.

Here China stands out, as like the Swiss, it runs an implicit currency peg that is becoming increasingly painful to maintain.

First It Refused To Bail Out Its Insolvent Banks; Now Iceland Set To Officially Withdraw European Union Application


“De-Dollarization” Deepens: Russia Buys Most Gold In Six Months, Continues Selling US Treasuries

The rumors of Russia selling its gold reserves, it is now clear, were greatly exaggerated as not only did Putin not sell, Russian gold reserves rose by their largest amount in six months in December to just over $46 billion (near the highest since April 2013). It appears all the “Russia is selling” chatter did was lower prices enabling them to gather non-fiat physical assets at a lower cost. On the other hand, there is another trend that continues for the Russians – that of reducing their exposure to US Treasury debt. For the 20th month in a row, Russia’s holdings of US Treasury debt fell year-over-year – selling into the strength.

Central Bankers Have ‘A License To Lie’ – Chief Economist At Gavekal


One per cent holds half the world’s wealth

The combined wealth of the world’s richest 1 per cent will overtake that of the remaining 99 per cent by 2016 unless action is taken to curb “shocking extremes” of inequality, a new report warns.

The richest 1 per cent currently own 48 per cent of all global wealth, Oxfam says. Next year that figure is forecast to exceed 50 per cent for the first time.

Using data from Credit Suisse’s latest global wealth report, the charity warns that rising inequality is holding back the fight against global poverty at a time when more than a billion people still live on less than US$1.25 a day.

The report warns that global wealth “is becoming increasing concentrated among a small, wealthy elite”.

Fox Formally Apologizes for Claiming Muslims Have Taken Over European Cities

This evening, Fox News formally apologized for a false claim about Muslims that was so egregious, even the Prime Minister of Great Britain and all of French television had to step in and call them out for it.

Pope Francis at a loss for words as street child asks: ‘Why does God allow children to suffer?’

Pope Francis on Sunday morning warmly embraced a former street child, comforting the little one after emotions overcame her as she asked: ‘Why does God allow so many children to suffer?’

George HW Bush said in the 1970’s that he had never worked for the CIA before he was made director in 1974. Here is a document that said in 1963 “Mr George Bush of the CIA”.

Lithuania prints ‘Russian invasion’ survival manual


Fed: We steal from old people but it’s for the greater good of our member banks


Who Killed MLK?


Charles Keeny: ‘Even if our pessimism were grounded in reality, studies suggest it would be better for the economy if we pretended to be optimistic’


Will China Pull a “Switzerland” on the U.S. Dollar?


Arrest of U.S. FAA inspector prompts new security rules, training


CURRENCY WAR! China Renounces U.S. Dollar with Swap Agreements with 26 Countries!


Woman Arrested For Filming Police In L.A. Remains Jailed, Says Her Civil Rights Are Being Violated

A female Los Angeles area activist and independent journalist who goes by the name “Lissa Bissa” has reportedly been arrested for filming police Friday night, and remains jailed today. Friends reported that she had been ‘cop watching’ when they arrested and handcuffed her, along with another person.

Swiss Franc Trade Said to Wipe Out Everest’s Biggest Hedge Fund Francogeddon (Bloomberg reports)


Cameron advisor who starred on Dragon’s Den arrested on suspicion of raping 13-year-old girl

Helicopters Don’t Pay for Themselves

Why Eric Holder’s civil forfeiture decision won’t stop civil forfeiture abuse.

RadioShack prepares to file for bankruptcy

Troubled electronics retailer is considering selling its assets out of bankruptcy to a private equity firm.

War by Deception

By: dawson

This 88-year-old doctor treats the poor out of his Toyota Camry. Mississippi wants to punish him for it.

They arrest people for feeding homeless people in some cities. And God forbid you are a doctor in Mississippi with an excellent reputation who wants to treat people for free. Can’t have that. Many of Dr. Landrum’s patients can’t afford to drive to a doctor’s office. So he comes and sees them. I thought that was called a “house call.”

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“I have never been able to conceive how any rational being could propose happiness to himself from the exercise of power over others.” — Thomas Jefferson

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Ukraine forces reclaim Donetsk airport in new offensive

Ukrainian troops recaptured almost all the territory of Donetsk airport in eastern Ukraine they had lost to separatists in recent weeks, even as thousands gathered in Kiev for a state-sponsored peace march on Sunday.

The offensive brought fighting close to the industrial city of Donetsk itself, centre of a pro-Russian rebellion, while shelling intensified in other parts of the region, known as the “Donbass”.

GLOBAL ECONO-FISCAL CRISIS: If nobody knows the truth, then nobody knows what to do. Now it’s your turn to have a go


John Baird’s convoy pelted with eggs in West Bank

Dozens of Palestinian protesters in Ramallah have hurled eggs and shoes at the convoy of Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird.

Baird travelled to the West Bank city today to meet with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki.

The protesters held signs reading: “Baird you are not welcome in Palestine.”

The Dutch Parliment will have to discuss monetary reform in similar fashion to the recent debate in the British Parliament due to a fast-moving initiative petition in the Netherlands.


George Galloway predicted Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in 2012


Israeli strike in Syria kills late Hezbollah leader’s son, sources say

Jihad Moughniyah was killed with four other members of Hezbollah when his convoy was hit by missiles filed from Israeli helicopter, sources tell Reuters.

Police State: Domestic Troops in the Streets of France, UK, Belgium and Ukraine


3,000 “Moderate Rebels” Defect to ISIS – US Preparing 5,000 More

“It is a long-cherished tradition among a certain type of military thinker that huge casualties are the main thing. If they are on the other side then this is a valuable bonus.”
– Terry Pratchett

‘We are fed up!’: Thousands march against TTIP & GMOs in Berlin

A broad alliance of farmers, ethical consumers, and anti-capitalist activists staged a march through Berlin that numbered up to 50,000, to denounce the proposed TTIP treaty between the US and EU, and mass farming technologies.

Biometric Verification: Apple Is Considering Storing Your Fingerprints In iCloud


NUCLEAR UPDATE: Water is seeping near Boone Dam….


These States Will Revoke Your Driver’s License If You Can’t Pay Back Student Loans

Most of the nation is unaware of it, but there are two states which will take your driver’s license away if you do not pay your student loans.
Alums in both Montana and Iowa, face laws that allow the state to revoke driver’s licenses if the individual is unable to pay back their loans.

Paris Attacks Are Only The Beginning


Why China Has Become So Big In Africa, And Why That’s Bad For Africa



Egy szemfüles olvasónk küldte be az alábbi fotókat, melyek a nyíregyházi vasútállomáson készültek augusztus 2-án. A közölt információk szerint a vasúti szerelvény Záhony felé tartott, ahol átlépte Ukrajna felé az államhatárt. A képek érdekessége, hogy ezeken valaha a Magyar Honvédség állományába tartozó T-72-es közepes harckocsik láthatóak.


This is a call to Rivero’s Rangers to get this story out to the public before Poroshenko and Obama gets us into a potentially nuclear war with Russia!

I will save you the time of going to Google Translate. Back in August, following numerous failed attempts to claim Russia had crossed the border into Ukraine, Ukraine bought some old used-up T-72’s from Hungary for 8,500 dollars each, their value as scrap metal. Now Ukraine does not use the T-72, it uses the later t-80 and t-84. But Russia still uses the T-72.

The obvious conclusion for Ukraine to buy these tanks and have them delivered secretly through other countries is to repaint the tanks in Russian colors, and plant near the border to frame Russia for an invasion.

These photos were made in Nyíregyháza railway station on August 2. Train headed to Záhony and crossed the state border to the Ukraine.

Such a deception has already been tried once! The BBC (Buggering British Children), the news network that reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 twenty six minutes BEFORE it actually happened, published photos of T-72s painted with Russian markings in Eastern Ukraine and claimed this was proof of a Russian invasion.

Poroshenko is desperate for NATO to intervene … and he still has those T-72 tanks somewhere!

Donetsk shelled as Kiev ‘orders massive fire’ on militia-held E. Ukraine

Ukrainian troops have launched a massive assault on militia-held areas Sunday morning after an order from Kiev, a presidential aide said. The self-proclaimed Donetsk republic’s leader accused Kiev of trying to restart the war.

The order to launch the offensive was issued early approximately at 6:00 am, according to Yury Biryukov, an aide to President Petro Poroshenko.

OK, guys: take a look at these pics, and please feel free to scroll down: do you see any military-looking installations?!? Well, neither do I! IF these are genuine photos of Donetsk, it appears that the Ukrainian military are…shelling the hell out of civilian targets.

Dr Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the UN: THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!! Will you KINDLY grow a pair of male attributes, and get this nonsense to stop??

Danske Bank said Denmark may be forced to respond to the SNB’s move with a rate cut! EUR/CHF, EUR/DKK … then USD/CNY?


Job shifts under Obama: Fewer government workers, more caregivers, servers and temps


Princeton Study: The U.S. Democracy Is An Oligarchy

This won’t come as a total shock, but there’s some new hard data to back up what we already suspect anecdotally: Our democracy is really an oligarchy.

Looking at actual policy and polling, researchers at Princeton concluded that the wealthiest Americans tend to get what they want, or at least they did between 1981 and 2002 (the time frame on which the study focuses).

[Photo: Frequent presidential candidate and all-around rich guy Mitt Romney, who once referred to the poorest 47 percent of Americans as “takers.”]

“The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy,” write Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page, “while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”

America’s perfect, self-sustaining terror machine: Why we’re forever doomed to a national security state


Israeli selfie from Miss Universe contest causes stir in Lebanon

A Israeli beauty queen’s selfie has caused a stir in Lebanon, with some Lebanese saying their country’s contestant at the Miss Universe pageant should be stripped of her title for consorting with the enemy.

Miss Israel Doron Matalon posted a photo of herself and Miss Lebanon Saly Greige smiling together at pageant preparations in Miami, where the winner will be picked on January 25.

Paris Terror Attacks were a Government Orchestrated Hoax, Says Local Paris Correspondent

I can’t be manipulated. Moreover, if you’re reading this, you can’t either – the other reason you’d be here is that you’re a faker trying to learn from your mistakes to be a better faker.

Now that you have reviewed plenty of potential proofs exposing the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher cases, why not look at it from an entirely different angle ?

Color changing car’s mirrors? Blood absence at Ahmed Merabet’s location? Actually, it’s more subtle than that. So, let’s step back and look at the big picture now.

Neocons: The ‘Anti-Realists’

This neocon madness – this “anti-realism” – has been playing out in the real world on a grand scale, destroying real lives and endangering the real future of the planet.

The primary distinction between the neocons and the liberal interventionists has been the centrality of Israel in the neocons’ thinking while their liberal sidekicks put “humanitarianism” at the core of their world view. But these differences are insignificant, in practice, since the liberal hawks are politically savvy enough not to hold Israel accountable for its human rights crimes and clever enough to join with the neocons in easy-to-sell “regime change” strategies toward targeted countries with weak lobbies in Washington.

U.S. Military Trainers for Syrian Rebels to Arrive Within Weeks

The first of as many as 1,000 U.S. military trainers and support personnel will be sent to the Mideast within the next week or so to lay the groundwork for training more moderate Syrian rebels, the Pentagon’s top spokesman said.

The trainers, a mix of U.S. special operations forces and conventional forces, will deploy over the next four to six weeks to training sites outside Syria, Rear Admiral John Kirby told reporters at the Pentagon on Friday. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have been identified as locations for training.

Oh, REALLY?!? the US military is going to train those alleged “moderate Syrian Rebels”, who for the last several years, have been pathologically unable to uproot Al-Assad, and appears, collectively, to be the gang that can’t shoot straight?!?

I, for one, am not swallowing that particular koolaid, thank you very much.

What I believe here is that the so called “moderate rebels” are simply a cover for putting covert US troops on the ground in Syria.

There are just two, teeny, tiny problems here: Syria has a mutual defense pact with both Russia and Iran.

Any US boots on the ground in Syria is justification for Al-Assad to invoke those mutual defense treaties with Russia and Iran.

Also, if “training moderate Syrian troops” actually worked, al-Assad would be cooling his heels in a US-controlled hell-hole prison by now, and a US-centric government would have already been installed.

Doing the same thing, in the same way, over and over, yet expecting a different outcome, is one of the classic definitions of insanity.

The Swiss Franc Chaos Shows Why Negative Interest Rates Don’t Work

Not long ago, a theory was floated that in order to avert an economic crisis, all central banks had to do was cut interest rates below zero and this would boost growth. That theory was then put to the test in the eurozone and Switzerland. And now, it’s failing. In June 2014, the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to cut its deposit rate (the interest rate that it pays on reserves held by the central bank) to -0.10%. In September, this was cut again to -0.20%.

Dramatic Drone Footage Showing The Devastation At The Donetsk Airport

Over the past few days there has been renewed, large-scale fighting over the airport in Donetsk. Now, after months of almost non-stop shelling there is almost nothing left of what was a previously a new, modern facility. As Conflict-News reports, this video shot by a Ukrainian activity group using a multicopter drone gives the viewer a birds-eye view of the ruins of what was once Donetsk International Airport.

The New Ukraine Is Run by Rogues, Sexpots, Warlords, Lunatics and Oligarchs

There were times in Ukraine’s recent history when even the country’s military brass were kneeling before the U.S. Literally. In June 2013, then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft received the saber of the Ukrainian Cossack in the city of Kherson from a kneeling Ukrainian high-rank military official. Mr. Tefft nowadays is serving the country as an Ambassador to Russia where no such honors are even imaginable.

But that was then—a previous regime.

Berlin in constant fear ECB will be lender of last resort

The European Central Bank faces another moment of truth as its governors debate whether to buy up the sovereign bonds of euro zone countries to avert a deflationary spiral. At issue still is the attitude of the German faction in the bank, which is resolutely opposed to such moves. But what explains this stance?

The stock response is that German hypersensitivity over the use of central bank printing presses can be traced right back to the country’s painful encounter with hyperinflation in the 1920s, when the Weimar Republic printed more and more banknotes to finance expenditure.

Obama to Senators: Choose U.S. Over Donors

The president urged the lawmakers to “take the long view rather than make a move for short-term political gain”.

On Thursday of last week, President Barack Obama spoke to a group of Democratic senators in a private meeting during a Baltimore hotel political retreat.

He asked the senators not to support a bill, drafted by Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) (left) and Mark Kirk (R-IL), which would add further sanctions on Iran during this time of delicate nuclear negotiations between the U.S., its allies and Iran.

One unnamed senator in the room told the New York Times that Obama said that “as a former senator himself, he understood how outside forces — like special interests and donors — can influence senators to act”.

YOUR DAILY DOSE OF BOOGA BOOGA! Up to 180 Sleeper Terrorists Prepping for Attacks

Up to 20 sleeper cells comprising 120 to 180 people may be ready to strike targets in several European countries, intelligence source say in the wake of the discovery of an “imminent threat” of an attack in Belgium this week.

More than two dozen people with suspected ties to Islamic extremists were arrested in a sweep Friday, and an unnamed Western intelligence source told CNN that as many as 20 sleeper cells are ready to strike targets in France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

“There is a tremendous amount of concern over sleeper cells in Europe,” said the official, who CNN reports has direct knowledge of the evolving situation.

Paris Attacks Work of US or Israeli Agents: France’s Le Pen

According to a report, published in The Independent, founder of France’s far right Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen has said that the Charlie Hebdo massacre may have been the work of an “intelligence agency”.

In an interview with a Russian newspaper Komsomolskaïa Pravda, Mr Le Pen, suggesting that the attack was the work of American or Israeli agents seeking to foment a civil war between Islam and the West, the report said.

NYC hired Rikers officers with gang ties, psychological issues – report

A report into the recruiting and hiring practices of the New York Correction Department found that more than one-third of the people hired had problems – criminal histories, mental issues – that should have disqualified them from the job.

FLASHBACK – Florida declines to charge FBI agent over Ibragim Todashev shooting death

An FBI agent who shot dead a friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev during an interrogation last year acted in self-defence and will not face criminal charges, a Florida prosecutor announced on Tuesday.

The comments are interesting. Ignoring the obvious shills, it does appear that the public never bought the official story.

Over 80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA”

A recent survey by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics finds that over 80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA,” about the same number as support mandatory labeling of GMO foods “produced with genetic engineering.” Oklahoma State economist Jayson Lusk has some additional details on the survey. If the government does impose mandatory labeling on foods containing DNA, perhaps the label might look something like this:

Kiev, pro-Russia forces agree on 2-day truce in Lugansk

The two sides of the conflict in strife-torn Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine have agreed on a two-day ceasefire.

OSCE Data on Bus Attack Contradicts Kiev Claim of Militia’s Involvement

Russian Ambassador to the OSCE, Andrei Kelin said that Information obtained by the organization on the recent bus attack in the Donetsk region does not prove Kiev’s claims that the bus was hit by a rocket fired by local militia.

HRW urges Kiev to acknowledge cluster bomb use, stop indiscriminate killings in E. Ukraine

During his visit to Germany earlier in January, Yatsenyuk was questioned by Frankfurter Allgemeine on the cluster bombs and Grad multiple rocket launchers against town and villages in southeast Ukraine.

But the prime minister rejected the allegation, saying that “there is no evidence to that. No evidence,” and suggested that more attention should be paid to the Republic of Crimea, which reunited with Russia in March 2014.

However, Roth told RIA-Novosti news agency that Yatsenyuk lied to the German media as Human Right Watch (HRW) had “published a lot of evidence that Ukraine refuses to distinguish between military targets and civilians as required by the laws and customs of war.”

The rights watchdog has presented detailed information on those violations during meetings with the Kiev authorities in November and December last year, he said.

Greece Backs Russia’s Decision to Scrap Gas Transit Via Ukraine


US Musicians Drafted into CIA’s MKULTRA

Here is a bit of US history that illustrates the reach of the CIA’s infamous mind-control program, MKULTRA.

Some would say the 1940s and 50s were the most vibrant and innovative period in the history of jazz.

During those years, it was common knowledge that musicians who were busted for drug use were shipped, or volunteered to go, to Lexington, Kentucky. Lex was the first Narcotics Farm and US Health Dept. drug treatment hospital in the US.

According to diverse sources, here’s a partial list of the reported “hundreds” of jazz musicians who went to Lex: Red Rodney, Sonny Rollins, Chet Baker, Sonny Stitt, Howard McGhee, Elvin Jones, Zoot Sims, Lee Morgan, Tadd Dameron, Stan Levey, Jackie McLean.

It’s also reported that Ray Charles was there, and William Burroughs, Peter Lorre, and Sammy Davis, Jr.

It was supposed to be a rehab center. A place for drying out.

Brooklyn DA to probe allegations NYPD officers planted guns

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office announced it is looking into whether or not six NYPD officers planted guns on innocent people in order to arrest them for illegal possession of firearms.

The Rothschilds Own Charlie Hebdo? Editors Girlfriend Works For The Rothschilds.


Screenwriter mysteriously killed in 1997 after finishing script that revealed the ‘real reason’ for US invasion of Panama had been working for the CIA… and both his hands were missing

When the skeletal remains of Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore were found strapped into his Ford Explorer submerged beneath the California Aqueduct in 1998 it brought an end to one of America’s most high profile missing person cases.

The fact that Devore was on his way to deliver a film script that promised to explain the ‘real reason’ why the US invaded Panama, has long given rise to a slew of conspiracies surrounding the nature of his ‘accidental’ death.

Devore’s suggestion that Noriega was blackmailing the US Government with sex videos is only part of the story. Panama had been one of the transit points for the gun and drug running operation that became the Iran-Contra scandal. Noriega tried to blackmail Bush Sr. with that information when the scandal broke. Bush’s answer was the invasion of Panama and the kidnapping of Noriega.

A glimpse into a powerful hasbara organization

The Times of Israel recently ran a story offering readers a glimpse into a powerful, and quite effective, hasbara organization operating in the heart of Washington, DC. The Israel Project, which operates on a $7.5 million annual budget, “is passionately committed to Israel and the Jewish people,” according to associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who was quoted in the article.

President Obama Will Seek to Reduce Taxes for Middle Class: The plan would also eliminate the “trust-fund loophole,” increase the top capital-gains tax rate to 28% from 15% for couples with incomes above $500,000 annually

President Obama will use his State of the Union address to call on Congress to raise taxes and fees on the wealthiest taxpayers and the largest financial firms to finance an array of tax cuts for the middle class, pressing to reshape the tax code to help working families, administration officials said on Saturday.

Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents

Saudi Arabia has introduced a series of new laws which define atheists as terrorists, according to a report from Human Rights Watch.

In a string of royal decrees and an overarching new piece of legislation to deal with terrorism generally, the Saudi King Abdullah has clamped down on all forms of political dissent and protests that could “harm public order”.

The new laws have largely been brought in to combat the growing number of Saudis travelling to take part in the civil war in Syria, who have previously returned with newfound training and ideas about overthrowing the monarchy.

To that end, King Abdullah issued Royal Decree 44, which criminalises “participating in hostilities outside the kingdom” with prison sentences of between three and 20 years, Human Rights Watch said.

It appears that no matter WHAT issue is vexing the sclerotic House of Saud, you can always, always bet that they will get it wrong.

Royal Decree # 44 is absolutely no exception to this reality.

And I am sorry, however; we hear the propaganda about Isis, characterizing it as “brutal” in their torture and killings of prisoners. They flog, stone, amputate, and behead, with wild abandon.

And YET, the US’s second BBF in the Middle East (after Israel, of course) does precisely the same things, and no one in DC dares speak a whisper here.

IF any one of our readers happens to know any of the younger members of the House of Saud, please remind them of the following statement, which I think was one of the most profound statements ever said by the late President Kennedy: “where peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.”

And as a Christian Pacifist, I abhor violence; I can, however, understand the circumstances through which it might come about.

Through this decree, and cracking down on peaceful protestors, the Saudi Government and the House of Saud are creating the perfect storm for a potentially very nasty and turbulent future.

That which is most rigid and hidebound,(and governmental policiy is no exception here) eventually, shatters.

After The Swiss Franc Surge: A Hedge Fund With $830 Million In Assets Went Bust, And Foreign Bankers Are Going Bankrupt…An Impending Disaster


Court Orders Holocaust Denying Article On Far-Right Website To Be Blocked

A Hungarian court has ordered an article on the far-right website Kuruc.info to be deleted, it emerged on Wednesday evening. The court order to block the Holocaust denying article is the first time Hungarian courts have taken action to make an Internet content unavailable since the government criminalised the denial of crimes committed by totalitarian system.

Obama’s State of the Union speech to include $320B tax hike proposal

Escalating his battle with congressional Republicans, President Obama will propose $320 billion in higher taxes in his State of the Union address, mostly by raising the rate on capital gains and closing tax loopholes for wealthier families, senior administration officials said Saturday.

The censored video of Charlie Hebdo shootings, with 2.5 million viewings, now has a warning on it:

The video still embeds, but if you try to watch it at YouTube, it is blocked until you sign int to prove you are over 18.

New Snowden documents show that the NSA and its allies are laughing at the rest of the world


A new idea steals across Europe – should Greece’s debt be forgiven?


Israel expresses outrage over an ICC probe into Tel Aviv’s crimes in Gaza

Israel has expressed outrage over a move by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch a preliminary investigation into Tel Aviv’s war crimes against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement that he rejected the “scandalous” ICC decision, claiming the court has no jurisdiction over Palestine as it is not a state.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians were killed or injured in Israel’s war on Gaza last summer.

UPDATE: Donetsk Situation – OSCE monitors demand that Kiev troops stop shelling


Busted! Turkey caught smuggling weapons to al-Qaida

Turkish intelligence, under the apparent direction of then Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, allegedly has been authorizing the smuggling of arms to al-Qaida cells in Syria, according to informed Turkish sources.

The weapons, said to include rocket warheads, were allegedly smuggled in up to seven container trucks under the direction of Turkish Intelligence, or MIT, but were ordered halted by Aziz Takci, the public prosecutor for the southern Turkish city of Adana.

Takci, however, was subsequently removed from his post, and 13 of his soldiers involved in searching the trucks were charged in court with “espionage,” a charge that can carry up to 20 years in prison.

Everest Macro Hedge Fund Blows Up After Nearly $1 BIllion In Swiss Franc Losses

We also added that “We have yet to find out just which hedge funds were blown up yesterday”, for the simple reason that unlike public banks who have an obligation to reveal news, especially bad, to their shareholders, hedge funds PMs hope to avoid the LP firing squad until the last second. Alas, there is only so long that the day of reckoning can be delayed.

One such fund is the Everest Capital Global macro fund, which went from just shy of a billion to zero in milliseconds as a result of a near wipe out due to a massive CHF-short position.

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Jan 18 08:48

More Global Warming Hot Air, As Climate Fundamentalists Continue Inflating a False Reality


Yes, NOAA speaks! Who dares to defy the great and powerful NOAA.

There’s only one big problem with all of this. I really love dolphins, and all sea life, but at the end of the day, NOAA is still an arm of the US federal government, and therefore, it’s can be just as political as any other federally-funded agency.

Welcome to the Oligarch Recovery – Majority of Public School Students are in Poverty for First Time in 50 Years

“When they first come in my door in the morning, the first thing I do is an inventory of immediate needs: Did you eat? Are you clean? A big part of my job is making them feel safe,” said Sonya Romero-Smith, a veteran teacher at Lew Wallace Elementary School in Albuquerque. Fourteen of her 18 kindergartners are eligible for free lunches.

She helps them clean up with bathroom wipes and toothbrushes, and she stocks a drawer with clean socks, underwear, pants and shoes.

From the Washington Post article: Majority of U.S. Public School Students are in Poverty

It’s a recovery so lopsided only Timothy Geithner or an oligarch could love it. Since 2008, U.S. economic policy has concentrated on funneling as much money as possible to billionaires, keeping the poor alive and submissive through government programs, and squeezing the middle class to death while at the same time holding out the carrot of hope that things will return to how they were before (they won’t).

Please be aware that numbers like this do not just happen by accident.

Obama has been a master at waving his faux populism about,in order to get the masses to believe that he actually thinks this way.

But at the end of the day, he is no less a flunky to the monied classes who got him elected twice than was his predecessor, George Bush.

Wall street banks trying to secure themselves for the collapse?

your savings

image: http://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png
, pensions, insurances etc. will all be gone, as derivatives are now the most protected assets according to the new law…

VIDEO: SWAT Team Kills Innocent Man In ‘Drug Raid’ That Found Just $2 Of Marijuana

But Coogle says that he repeatedly lied about suspects, and also stole drugs that he used tax-payer money (from police) to purchase. He admits that he completely fabricated everything about Jason Westcott, a young man who had no criminal convictions whatsoever.

But that lie was all police needed – no fact checking or verification of the rumors Coogle spun. They asked for and received a warrant to kick down his door for a drug raid.

But the SWAT team found just $2.00 worth of marijuana… and by that time, they had already shot and killed Westcott.

The Truth “Behind” The Charlie Hebdo Solidarity Photo-Op

A different perspective on the leader’s portion of the march has emerged in the form of a wide shot displayed on French TV news reports.

It shows that the front line of leaders was followed by just over a dozen rows other dignitaries and officials – after which there was a large security presence maintaining a significant gap with the throngs of other marchers.

The measure was presumably taken for security reasons – but political commentators have suggested that it raises doubts as to whether the leaders were really part of the march at all

U.S. forced to admit in court how they framed Iran using false nuclear evidence

It looks like the U.S. made up the story after all, demonizing Iran

The Woman Who Thinks Reducing the Male Population by 90 Percent Will Solve Everything

The Femitheist is a 22-year-old criminology student with a three-year-old. One angry day in 2012 she took to the Internet to outline the brutal concept of International Castration Day. After posting it on YouTube she stepped out for a coffee. Returning home a few hours later, she found that all gnashing male hell had broken loose.

Her argument was that only through the reduction of the male population to between 1 and 10 percent of their current number we can approach “true equality”.

Greek Bank Runs Herald Exit From Eurozone

A fiat currency is only worth what people think it is worth. That goes for a country’s banking system as well. In Greece, where the Eurozone crisis started almost five years ago, it seems the Greek people do not have much faith in their banking institutions.

The bank runs have started. Who knows where this current round of Greek tragedy will end? I can say it will not end well.

DEA secretly tracked Americans’ calls for over a decade, court document reveals

A new document reveals that the U.S. Department of Justice secretly kept track of Americans’ calls to foreign countries for more than a decade to track drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

The new database of stored calls was described in a filing Thursday in the case of a man accused of conspiring to unlawfully export goods to Iran, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

How Westminster helped squander Scotland’s black gold, And SNP’s bet on black gold would have put solo Scotland in the red


Heat Or Eat?: UK Families Face Tough Choice As Energy Bills Climb


While Obama Plans To Give Out Unaffordable Free Tuition, Another Test Finds 4 In 10 U.S. College Student Graduates Lack Skills For White-Collar Jobs


John McAfee: ‘I know who hacked Sony Pictures – and it wasn’t North Korea’

Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee claims to have been in contact with the group of hackers behind the devastating cyber-attack against Sony Pictures and guarantees they are not from North Korea.

Charlie Hebdo editor, Charb, Judeofascism’s loyal bard, a bully who ‘punched down’

Charb was a libertarian with a spirit of contradiction. This was not a non-violent pacifist. This defender of freedom of expression wanted the skin of Holocaust deniers and revisionists: “I’m for cutting off their balls. No need to waste time discussing, but ban them immediately.” (“Comme chien et Charb,” Luc Le Vaillant, Libération January 7, 2015)

Non, nous ne sommes pas Charlie! – Even the Frehcn are not buying the Charlie Hadbo official story!

Google translation – The week of hysteria that followed the killings of two 7 and 9 January 2015 in Paris deserves a closer look. For seven days, the media have orders filled us rave reviews and hypocritical on those calling themselves “I’m Charlie.” This policy recovery operation was masterfully conducted by the current government. We rarely witnessed such circumstance conformity.

But this unanimity is appearance. Some voices were raised here and there to assert their difference. They had no or very few, the ability to speak. So we decided to list in this special issue of the journal National Synthesis taken a number of iconoclastic positions gleaned from the web. All these texts giving a different approach than the events portrayed by the System watchdogs.

Guantanamo Bay staff sergeant claims three men believed to have committed suicide were actually tortured to death

A staff sergeant at Guantanamo Bay claims to have solved one of the military prison’s greatest mysteries: Three men the Pentagon says killed themselves were actually tortured to death by the CIA.

The official government line was that Yasser Talal al-Zahrani of Yemen, and Salah Ahmed al-Salami and Mani Shaman al-Utaybi, both of Saudi Arabia, killed themselves in 2006 in a suicide pact.

Rear Adm. Harry Harris, the commander of the Joint Task Force Guantanamo, called the deaths “an asymmetric warfare committed against us.” The men were said to have hanged themselves.

How long are you going to put up with these ongoing criminal enterprises? $BAC $JPM $WFC


Sen. Feinstein’s husband to make $1B off new insider deal

More shady deals emerge despite the $18T national debt

Justice in Guatemala Deferred, Again


United States, credit swap derivatives totals one quadrillion dollars. URGENT: ECONOMIC COLLAPSE


With ever increasing taxes, fees, regulations, mandates, requirements, and laws to abide by, it isn’t worth the risk to start a new company. Small businesses are closing shop by the thousands due to Obamacare.


Charlie Hebdo: False flag operation

The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. The attack on the cartoonists’ office was a disciplined professional attack of the kind associated with highly trained special forces; yet the suspects who were later corralled and killed seemed bumbling and unprofessional. It is like two different sets of people.

Usually Muslim terrorists are prepared to die in the attack; yet the two professionals who hit Charlie Hebdo were determined to escape and succeeded, an amazing feat. Their identity was allegedly established by the claim that they conveniently left for the authorities their ID in the getaway car. Such a mistake is inconsistent with the professionalism of the attack and reminds me of the undamaged passport found miraculously among the ruins of the two WTC towers that served to establish the identity of the alleged 9/11 hijackers.

UK: Branded RACIST at five: A little girl who said her friend was ‘brown’.

Hayley White and her son Elliot, seven, who was branded a racist after he asked a younger boy if he was brown because he was from Africa Summoned to a meeting at her seven-year-old son’s primary school, Hayley White was prepared for a quick chat about his behaviour. But when she was told that Elliott had been at the centre of an ‘incident’ with another pupil that was so serious she would have to sign an official form admitting he was racist, she refused to believe what she was hearing.

Charlie Hebdo: Does Fox News Terrorise Us? Russell Brand The Trews


Israeli helicopter fires missiles in Syria: Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV

Israel has struck Syria several times since the start of the nearly four-year civil war, mostly destroying weaponry such as missiles that Israeli officials said were destined for their long-time foe Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon.

Syria said last month that Israeli jets had bombed areas near Damascus international airport and in the town of Dimas, near the border with Lebanon.

The surrender to modern education: brainwashing

It may be hard for today’s parents to believe, but millions of children in America came through the public education system in the 1940s and ’50s, and learned the basics—without a shred of cheery happy rainbow goo-goo decorations and slogans on the walls of classrooms…

History Clean: Japan deletes WWII ‘comfort women’ chapters from textbooks

The Japanese government appears to have developed an effective method for dealing with the darker chapters of its history. It’s simply getting rid of some unpleasant facts from its high school textbooks. The Education Ministry gave the go-ahead to take out passages about the plight of so-called ‘comfort women’ from China, South Korea and other parts of Asia during World War II.

Cop Fired For Exposing Department Policy Where Officers Have Sex With Prostitutes, Then Arrest Them


FCC to Vote On Obama’s Call for Government Run Internet In February


Work harder to end anti-Semitism

Theresa May: “We must all redouble our efforts to wipe out anti-Semitism”
The UK must redouble its efforts to “wipe out anti-Semitism”, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.
Jewish population is .17% less than 1/2 percent.

Weeping Philippine girl challenges pope on prostitution

The pope later discarded most of his prepared speech that he was due to give in English, reverting back to his native Spanish to deliver an impromptu and heartfelt response.

“She is the only one who has put a question for which there is no answer and she wasn’t even able to express it in words but in tears,” the pope told a crowd that organisers said reached 30,000.

Money pours into tech startups at levels not seen since bubble


Declining population could reduce global economic growth by 40% over the next half century


Inside Alfred Hitchcock’s Lost Holocaust Documentary

Back in 1945, Sidney Bernstein, the chief of the Psychological Warfare Film Section of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force, was commissioned to create the definitive documentary chronicling the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. Bernstein’s aim was, in his words, to “prove one day that this had actually happened” and have it serve as “a lesson to all mankind as well as to the Germans.”
Note: Time to play the holocau$t card in view of criminal charges against Israel.

US strongly disagrees with possible war crimes probe in Gaza

The U.S. Department of State strongly disagrees with the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision to open an initial probe into the possible war crimes committed against Palestinians by Israel during the Gaza conflict that began on June 13, 2014. In a statement released Friday, the U.S. maintains that Palestine is not a state and therefore should not be eligible to join the ICC.

Israel lobbies foreign powers to cut ICC funding

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel is lobbying member-states of the International Criminal Court to cut funding for the tribunal in response to its launch of an inquiry into possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories, officials said on Sunday.

The War on Drugs and Prison Industrial Complex Explained in Pictures: 7 Infographics You Need to See

Most people don’t realize that the police state is its own economy, slavery does exist in modern day America, and the game is rigged…

The Bizarre Future of Genetic Engineering for the Masses

The Singularity University, which was founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, and is funded by mega corporations like Google, has unveiled a device that can create millions of strands of DNA from scratch, and they think it will allow DNA to become a “consumer product”. Buckle-up, you’re about to see ego and hubris at its finest.

Rand Paul: “The people in Gitmo are bad people. I would try them and convict them.”

Ron Paul, on the other hand, has advocated closing Guantanamo Bay for years now. Even Fox News, Dick Cheney, Bush appointees, Gitmo prison officials, and countless others have admitted that Gitmo detainees are innocent.

Charlie Hebdo: A Convoluted World

Zionist Israelis have a history of false flag terrorist attacks in many countries, even against fellow Jews, to encourage Jews to immigrate to occupied Palestine (Israel), to gain sympathy for their occupation of Palestine, and to push Western Christian government to wage crusading wars, as George Bush described them, against Israel’s enemies; Arab and Muslim World in the Middle East, as we have seen in the terrorist attacks of 911 in the US and the 7/7/2005 London bombing. It seems that the Paris terrorist attack carry the same finger prints. What a convoluted Zionist ideology!

FBI claims credit for stopping a terror attack it planned


China economy to grow 7.3 percent in 2015: expert


4 Mile March – Jan 19th – NYC – Rally Against Police Violence – Remembering Victims

Protesters prepare ‘week of resistance’

WATCH it LIVE Here : Stream livestream

The 4 Mile March NYC will take place on January 19th at 2pm, starting from 14th Street and Union Sq W.

Bring a picture of a person who was killed as a result

Only 10 Percent of the US know that GOV FOUND GUILTY of KILLING MLK in 1999 Civil Trial

There Comes A Time When A Moral Man Can’t Obey A Law Which His Conscience Tells HIm Is Unjust

Inflation Deterring Economic Growth


The scars of war: Full scale of destruction at Donetsk Airport revealed in drone footage from inside and above terminal buildings and hangars destroyed by shell fire

Screenwriter mysteriously killed in 1997 after finishing script that revealed the ‘real reason’ for US invasion of Panama had been working for the CIA… and both his hands were missing

When the skeletal remains of Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore were found strapped into his Ford Explorer submerged beneath the California Aqueduct in 1998 it brought an end to one of America’s most high profile missing person cases.

The fact that Devore was on his way to deliver a film script that promised to explain the ‘real reason’ why the US invaded Panama, has long given rise to a slew of conspiracies surrounding the nature of his ‘accidental’ death.

It didn’t help that Devore’s hands were missing from the crash scene, along with the script, and that investigators could offer no plausible explanation as to how a car could leave the highway and end up in the position it was found a year after he disappeared.

Now the Daily Mail can exclusively reveal that Devore was working with the CIA in Panama and even a White House source concedes his mysterious death bears all the hallmarks of a cover-up.

Russia’s Modest Proposal To Greece: “Exit Europe And We Will Lift The Food Import Ban”


Father arrested in Australia for successfully treating his dying cancer-ridden toddler with cannabis oil

A family Facebook feud with a baby’s suffering in the balance

Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

snip: Could you name one reason for believing anything that a spy agency says? Why haven’t NSA spies nor those of any other US spy service been able to prevent the recent attack on Charlie Hebdo? These folks and their colleagues in all NATO countries have been monitoring all telephone conversations in North America, Europe and the Near East, haven’t they? They are reading all our emails, and are monitoring all facebook pages, all twitter accounts, and all linkedin pages, aren’t they? They have taken away our privacy, haven’t they? Their data bases contain our finger prints, facial scans and the iris scans of many of us, don’t they? NATO’s spy services are receiving billions upon billions of euros and dollars each and every year, are they not? And yet they cannot even prevent an attack! They even claim they did not see it coming!

“Je Suis CIA”

snip: The hordes of American citizens that supported the “war on terrorism” to “defend freedom” got the Patriot Act, which gutted what liberties they had; the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will not be restored. This process continues all over the world. Ask the average uninformed French citizen today suffering from post-traumatic stress, and they will gladly give up their rights, anything so that “terrorists” are stopped.

Why are investors rushing to the gold markets


Another huge drop in weekly US rig count -55, following -61 previous week. Biggest drops since 1991


OPEC rejects “sacrificial measures” to cut oil production. “No this time, however”, it says.


HRW condemns use of unconventional arms by Ukraine

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has slammed the use of unconventional arms by government forces in the southeast of Ukraine, calling on Kiev to halt such measures.

Peruvian youths protest against labor law

Peruvian youths have poured onto streets in their thousands nationwide, demanding that the government repeal a recently-approved employment law.

Swiss banks divorce Euro! Swiss central bankers didn’t agree with their direction. Now, the messy divorce unfolding before our eyes.


Since 2008, the real problem (too much debt, especially consumption debt) has escalated. Global economy starting to wobble as a consequence


Top Analyst: “All these central banks are all going to debunk their currencies & it’s going to default to just one currency that can’t be debunked, & that’s Gold.”


Albuquerque police union says cops are terrified of being held accountable, are looking for new jobs elsewhere.


What happened in Switzerland shows how paper assets driven by unpredictable untrustworthy central banks can go poof overnight


SWISS SHOCK!! Currency War to Result in WW3


Wall street banks trying to secure themselves for the collapse?


Paul Craig Roberts: Charlie Hebdo: Report from Europe

By: StingRay

Here is a video of the execution of Amedy Coulibaly. It is a German website with the actual live French video of the police assault on the deli. There are three videos. The first one repeatedly shows Coulibaly with tied hands containing no weapons shot downand killed when he could easily have been captured. It is as if the order was to make sure that there is no live suspect whose story might have to be explained away. The first video also repeatedly shows the execution in slow motion. Commentary in French accompanies the video. http://alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.co.at/2015/01/amedy-coulibaly-wur…

In response to my Charlie Hebdo update http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2015/01/16/charlie-hebdo-update-paul-c… European readers report that the situation in Europe is much the same as in the US and UK. The “mainstream” print and TV media parrot the official line and raise no unsettling questions. The independent Internet media is where real information is reported.

If Modi momentum continues, India will be the world’s fastest growing big economy in two years

Kiev Planning Full-Scale War on Donbas by Stephen Lendman

US Congress voted unanimously to fund murder and torture in the formerly Ukrainian provinces

Ukrainian Crisis and International Security

2015 will be no less memorable than the previous year. No doubt it will leave a trace in the contemporary history. The crisis in Ukraine testifies to the fact that the world lacks instruments for crisis management while international organizations have so far failed to counter the destabilizing activities of individual states – first of all the United States and its NATO allies. Ahead of Serbia assuming the chair of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on January 1, 2015 Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said in December that the Ukrainian crisis would be an OSCE priority during Serbia’s chairmanship, and more efforts would be applied to stop further violence and make both sides respect an agreed ceasefire. Serbia will be directly responsible for the management of crisis which has many similarities with the events in the Balkans that took place in the 1990s.

redacted tonight – Hidden Facts Behind The Paris Attacks, NYC Bans Dying, and more

lamestream media over-reactions and under-reactions
TPP coup de gras of consumer rights
failure of government disaster planning
drone strikes and terrorism

“non violent extremism” is as dangerous as violent terrorism, and must be eradicated using every weapon at any government’s disposal…”


Financial analyst, Ann Barnhardt, says that Citigroup is adding an astounding $10 trillion per quarter to its derivatives portfolio.

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Latest News 18 January 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media

COURTESY www.whatreallyhappened.com


“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder. ” — Albert Einstein

Financial analyst, Ann Barnhardt, says that Citigroup is adding an astounding $10 trillion per quarter to its derivatives portfolio.


Canada Human Rights Report: A Disturbing Tale

The comic image of Canada as the “great” defender of human rights does not hold water when it’s a matter of First Nations’ rights. It’s a disturbing tale.

Deutsche Bank cuts Euro forecasts: Sees $1.10, $1.00 & $0.90 for end-2015, ’16 and ‘17 resp on #Japanification fears.


Without QE, “Eurozone Financial Markets Would Collapse”… French Megabank: The ECB Is “a Prisoner Of Financial Markets’ Expectations.”


Elon Musk wants to spend $10 billion building the internet in space – The plan would lay the foundation for internet on Mars

Because he doesn’t have enough going on, Elon Musk—he of Tesla Motors, SpaceX,SolarCity, and the Hyperloop—is launching another project. Musk wants to build a second Internet in space and one day use it to connect people on Mars to the Web.

Obama Goes On Record Against Encryption, Says It Should Exist But He Should Be Able To Decrypt It

Not long after British Prime Minister David Cameron did the same, President Obama said Friday that he opposes encryption methods that are inaccessible to law enforcement. Rather naively, he advocated that the technology should still exist, but with methods of access for approved entities like police and preferred spy agencies. This is his first clear issue stance on the matter, though it is not necessarily out of step with his previous actions and statements.

Sharpton Threatens to Disrupt Oscars; Calls “Emergency Meeting” For The Most Ridiculous Reason

While many film industry observers were surprised over the very limited number of Academy Award nominations for the civil rights drama “Selma” – one for Best Picture and one for Best Original Song – few people appear to be as incensed as Rev. Al Sharpton.

“Gold And Silver – Swiss National Bank Rally. Enough For A Change”?


In Praise Of Price Discovery—–The Market Is Off Its Lithium


Will Falling Oil Prices Crash the Stock Market? – Max Keiser


Can Obama Untangle from Syria’s Civil War?

Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar would all reject a policy that would allow a regime they regard as an Iranian ally to persist in Syria.

Contradictions between the Obama administration’s policy in Syria and realities on the ground have become so acute that U.S. officials began last November discussing a proposal calling for support of local ceasefires between opposition forces and the Assad regime in dozens of locations across Syria.

The proposal surfaced in two articles in Foreign Policy magazine and in a column by the Washington Post’s David Ignatius. Those indicated that it was under serious consideration by administration officials. In fact, the proposal may even have played a role in a series of four White House meetings during the week of Nov. 6-13, to discuss Syria policy, one of which Obama himself presided over.

Gun Grab: You Were Warned !


Ukraine Lurches to Full Scale War as Russia Drastically Reduces Gas Supply to EU


Gas Theft and Auschwitz Snub… Russia’s Every Right to End the Insults

How many insults does the European Union expect Russia to bear without consequences? Ethnic cleansing of Russian people by the Brussels-backed Kiev regime, a refugee crisis on Russia’s borders, economic sanctions based on groundless accusations hurting Russian society – and now this – the neo-Nazi cabal that seized power in Ukraine with CIA backing last year has repeatedly been found guilty of siphoning off Russia’s natural gas exports to the EU.

Mikhail Gorbachev Warns of Nuclear War as Result of Ukraine Crisis


US military to provide 400 more proxy fighters to fight along side with ISIS


Afghan war waste: $500k, adobe-style police base melted in rain


Muscular Swiss franc creates financial havoc in Poland and Hungary

The fallout from the decision taken by the Swiss National Bank to remove the cap on its currency is a dream for some and a nightmare for others.

In Geneva queues formed outside foreign-exchange offices as those with Swiss francs hastily changed them into euros while the going was good.

One such man expressed his delight: “For me it is excellent news, for everything, for holidays, for shopping. I do a lot of shopping in France it is cheaper than in Switzerland and now its even cheaper we must seize the moment.”

Not much chance for cheer in Poland where more than 1.5 million are exposed to higher interest repayments on Swiss loans.

Is Egypt on the Verge of Another Uprising?

Four years after the revolution he helped lead, Basem Kamel has noticeably scaled back his ambitions. The regime he and his friends thought they overthrew after storming Tahrir Square has returned. In the face of relentless pressure and violence from the authorities, most of the revolutionary movements have been sidelined or snuffed out.

Egypt’s new strongman, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, has injected new zeal and energy into the military establishment. He has established his rule using unprecedented amounts of force, including mass arrests and death sentences, and the elimination of freedoms that existed even under previous dictatorships.

Patriot Act Idea Rises in France, and Is Ridiculed

The arrests came quickly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. There was the Muslim man suspected of making anti-American statements. The Middle Eastern grocer, whose shop, a tipster said, had more clerks than it needed. Soon hundreds of men, mostly Muslims, were in American jails on immigration charges, suspected of being involved in the attacks.

Connecticut becomes first state to require that “every time police fire a Taser, they’ll have to file a ‘use of force report.'”

The reform is the first of its kind in the nation, and it works like this: every time police fire a Taser, they’ll have to file a “use of force report.”
“It’s a very thorough report,” said David McGuire with the ACLU of Connecticut. “It goes through the person’s race, their age, their height, their weight; how the Taser was used; what mode it was used in; how many times it was fired; whether the person had an injury; whether medical assistance was provided.”

Moody’s Downgrades Russia’s Government Bond Rating to Baa3

Moody’s has downgraded the government bond rating for Russia from Baa3 to Baa2, the agency has said in a statement, adding that it expects the country’s GDB to contract by 5.5 percent this year and by 3 percent in 2016.

Of course, Moody’s also told us those mortgage backed securities were Triple-A back in 2008, so I wouldn’t pay any attention to them when they talk about Russia!

NY Post, UPI Twitter Accounts Hacked, Post Fake WWIII Alerts

Hackers infiltrated press agency UPI, posting a number of tweets which contained fake claims that a US Navy aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington, was engaged in active combat with Chinese vessels. The hackers also struck the New York Post.


It has been brought to my attention that someone, intending to discourage the public from reading this article, has circulated a PDF version of “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars” that is causing damage to the computers of people who try to read it. This link is the only official WRH PDF version of this article.

Stefan Molyneux End of the World (due to government policy and stupidity)

foul language – but consider the topic

food for thought on intervention:
multiculturalism without shared frameworks
poverty-creating welfare programs
supporting the warfare programs
international aid as imperialism
accelerated destructive capabilities vs peaceful viral memes



Anchor Jim Clancy Leaves CNN Following Abusive Twitter Exchange With Pro-Israel Activists

CNN anchor Jim Clancy has left the network one week after a bizarre exchange with pro-Israel activists on Twitter about the terrorist outrages in Paris, in which he derided his opponents as the “hasbara team” and used a derogatory term for disabled people.

The news was broken by industry publication Adweek, which linked to The Algemeiner‘s extensive reporting of the scandal, noting that Clancy’s departure “comes just days after the veteran journalist had an extended debate via Twitter over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.”

CNN, however, made no mention of the scandal as it paid tribute to Clancy’s 34 years of service with the channel. “Jim Clancy is no longer with CNN. We thank him for more than three decades of distinguished service, and wish him nothing but the best,” a CNN spokesperson said.

Reflections on MH17


Israeli military court sentences cartoonist to five months in jail

The Israeli military court in Salem, north of Jenin, has sentenced Palestinian cartoonist Mohammed Sabana to five months imprisonment on the charge of contacting “hostile parties”.

Family members told the PIC reporter on Saturday that the court passed the sentence on Friday and charged Sabana with making such contacts during his visit to Jordan.

They said that the charges were unfounded, adding that the sentence was illegal and proved the summary trials conducted against Palestinian citizens.

9/11 Museum Acquires Truther Art

Museum spokespeople clarify to Newsweek that acquiring Questions doesn’t mean the museum is interested in any questioning of the standard narrative. “This artwork by a witness of the terror attacks in New York City, being accepted in the collection, references a perspective held by some who dispute historical accounts of September 11,” Chief Spokesman Michael Frazier writes in a statement. “While the Museum categorically disagrees with this perspective, does not in any way endorse it, and refutes it through our historical exhibitions, we recognize these baseless views were taken by some after 9/11 and see the artwork only as an artifact of that movement.”

“We do have other Truther material,” adds Anthony Guido, director of communications.

Tennessee Bill Would Ban Military Equipment from Pentagon 1033 Program

Budget delay screams time to panic

Despite a slowing economy, massive layoffs, declining oil prices and general volatility, Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver would like Canadians to know that it is definitely not time to panic.

Unfortunately, even though that’s what he’s saying, almost everything Oliver is doing suggests panic has already taken root in Ottawa.

There is no pride for Jews in the state of Israel

Furthering his ceaseless campaign to leave no Jewish victim of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy unexploited, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently proclaimed at a birthright “mega event” that “Israel is the only place you can proudly proclaim ‘I am a Jew.’” Clearly alluding to (if not outright hoping to exacerbate) the growing sense of insecurity that Jewish communities in France have reported over the past few years, Netanyahu has evidently assumed for himself the messianic role as the savior of world Jewry, enabling him to speak on behalf of those that would prefer no nationalist connection to the state of Israel or its professed monopoly of the Jewish patrimony. As an American Jew, I, likely similar to most non-Israeli Jews, reacted with scorn upon hearing Netanyahu’s exhortation that Jews will always feel ashamed of their identity outside of their “natural homeland.”

SNB lied to swiss people about franc peg during gold referendum, same way FDR lied about $20 dollar peg when he seized gold in 1933.


Fallout from Swiss-franc turmoil is ricocheting worldwide.


One in three Americans believe police ‘routinely lie': survey


Jews Are Turning Their Backs On Dershowitz

Introduction by GA: as it becomes clear that sex slave scandal Alan Dershowitz is associated with, is not going to clear up any time soon, some Jews seem to be keen to expel this bogus character out of the Ghetto. In the following piece Ronn Torossian explains why Jews should regard their favorite spokesman as a liability. Pretty amusing I must admit.

Rand Paul said “Over half the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts.” Paul’s quip might make for a good soundbite, but it’s not rooted in reality. We rate the statement False.

Turning 40? Sen. Rand Paul says you can look forward to back pain in your near future, and maybe some anxiety. But don’t try to turn your ailments into a government check.


Obama Said to Seek 7% Budget Boost, And Takes Executive Actions On Paid Family And Medical Leave, And Muni Broadband


There Is No Inflation (Unless You Eat Food, Use Water, Live In A House, Get Sick, Go To School, Or Do Taxes)

yet the banksters say they need to create more inflation!

A Wave Of “Right-to-work” Bills Is Forming In States From Maine To New Mexico


Glenn Greenwald “People Resent When Governments Use Fear Mongering To Get More Power!”


Inflation Deterring Economic Growth – Peter Schiff


Tear gas grenades, fire & chaos: Brazil gripped by protest over transit prices hike


What I wouldn’t give to see some bank VaR model outputs yesterday. Deutsche Bank currency volatility index:


Stunning Terrorism Statistics that Nobody Wants You to Know

Think for yourself and retain your power

All Manipulations Fail, and Sometimes With a Bang

nothing unsustainable can be sustained by definition

But unlike Michael Rivero, I doubt there will be a short disruption since the US and other economies are well-entrained and banksters will try to print their way thru it. As long as cops and the military get paid – even though in devaluing fiat currency – they will continue to do the only thing they know how to do – protect the monied interests.

I expect a long grinding mess with coups and counter-coups and massive unnecessary deaths until the last drop of value fades away. It will suck horribly and I hope thinking people will be able to rebuild on the other side.



Central Banks Upside Down

Without realistic expectations of a brighter future, monetary policy is like pushing on a string. People can see widespread business failures, unemployment, hostile entrepreneurship environment, civil forfeiture, poverty draft, protectionist policies toward the well-connected and all the other signs of crony capitalism. As Richard J Maybury put it: Godzilla (political law) is on rampage and no-one is stupid enough to build until higher law returns

Heavy Battle At Donetsk Airport, Tanks And Small Arms Firing Away


Now that the video of my wife & I filming that mean, fat cop who accosted us has over two million views…

This is quite an interesting story, and I just noticed that my video has topped the two million view mark. (2,009,082 views to be exact.) I will be the first to admit that I don’t like this video, at all. I don’t like watching it and I don’t really like several aspects of the way I handled the situation. This all started one day when my wife and I were on our way somewhere and we stopped to use the internet at Starbucks. Then, all of a sudden, we’re surrounded by cops screaming at me to freeze. Besides the Ron Paul sticker on my rear car window, I had two other bumper stickers on my car that day: ‘9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB,’ and ‘Same Sh!t Different Piles,’ with photos of Bush and Obama. We never found out why the cops really came to Starbucks to accost us, or if there was even a real call.

Senator Feinstein shows how to use government power to extract wealth; husband to reap $1 billion in fees…


LAPD embarrassed over viral coke video that they liken to swatting; may charge the pranksters

In the video, four young men are seen asking people if they want some coke at Venice Beach. They are sitting inside their SUV (which was fitted with cameras) when they were approached by two LAPD Pacific Division officers.

Judge Napolitano: Pope Francis Cannot Stifle Free Speech In The U.S.


The US and UK are promoting plans for increased surveillance and control over the Internet as a necessary and proper move to guard against terrorism. And the media is reporting the story, as written, without question.


Hmm… Managing pipeline of foreclosures coming through?


Oil companies are pumping more U.S. crude but are drilling fewer wells:


California farmers were dealt a blow by the federal Supreme Court when it upheld a prior decision that the US Fish and Wildlife Service could curtail water deliveries to farms in the name of protecting fish. Questions of cost or damage to crops need not b


The Road To War With Russia – We’re not only on it; we’ve already arrived

For several weeks now the anti-Russian stance in the US press has quieted down. Presumably because the political leadership has moved its attention on to other things, and the media flock has followed suit.

Have you read much about Ukraine and Russia recently?

I thought not, despite the fact that there’s plenty of serious action — both there as well as related activity in the US — going on that deserves our careful attention.

Ruin Is Our Future

The level of corruption and manipulation that characterizes US economic and foreign policy today was impossible in earlier times when Washington’s ambition was constrained by the Soviet Union. The greed for hegemonic power has made Washington the most corrupt government on earth.

The consequence of this corruption is ruin.

Super Bowl flyover costs taxpayers $450,000

Flashback:Super bowl. The U.S. Navy says the cost to bring the formation of four planes, plus a backup, to North Texas is $109,000 in fuel. According to Department of Defense tables, the entire cost will be more than $450,000, based on the operational cost of theF-18 aircraft and the number of hours the pilots will fly.

UNSC to convene over Ukraine crisis on January 21st

The United Nations Security Council will hold a meeting next week to discuss ways to end the spiraling deadly clashes in eastern Ukraine.

The FBI and federal prosecutors are recommending that David Patraeus, the former Director of the CIA, be formally charged with a criminal felony for sharing classified information with his biographer, who was his mistress.


Behind whitewash of CIA spying: The trail leads to the White House

Only a day after the final CIA whitewash of its unconstitutional spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee, documents released by the agency reveal that the Obama White House knew in advance that CIA operatives had been ordered to investigate the legislative panel, which has legal responsibility for overseeing the agency.

Obama doesn’t know how to unite with world leaders over putting an end to terrorism, because it’s his policies that emboldens the terrorists!


Charlie Hebdo has broad shoulders

It’s not only the political class that took the opportunity hog the blankets. So did the press. It sees in Charlie Hebdo an example of the very freedom of press it keeps trampling, self-censoring constantly and always showing solidarity with crimes committed abroad by the government.

US, UK to carry out cyber ‘war games’

US and UK intelligence agencies will begin conducting cyber “war games” to boost both countries’ resistance to cyber attacks, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron announced.

Time to Abolish the IRS? Find Out What Ted Cruz Thinks


Tear gas, sound bombs: Clashes in Sao Paulo as 1,000s protest bus fare hike

Police used tear gas and sound bombs to disperse thousands of people protesting against hikes in bus fare price in Brazil’s biggest city, Sao Paulo.

US blasts ICC war crimes probe of Israel as ‘tragic irony’

Nearly 2,200 Palestinians and 73 Israelis were killed during last summer’s war in Gaza.
The US criticized the decision late Friday, saying it opposed actions against Israel at the ICC as “counterproductive to the cause of peace”.
Note: the U.S. government Zionist controlled has no shame.

Lavabit founder condemns David Cameron’s ‘insane’ plan to ban encryption

British prime minister David Cameron’s calls to stop tech firms from protecting their users’ information with encryption technology are “insane”, according to the man who once ran NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s secure email account.

There Are More Blacks Under Correctional Control Today Than In 1850 Slaveholding America … More Are In Jail Than In Apartheid South Africa … And More Are Disenfranchised Than The Year The Constitutional Amendment Giving Blacks the Right To Vote Was Ratifi


US: The war on drugs is not what it appears to be. The CIA has been one of the largest smugglers of illegal drugs into the US.


Photos of Catholic Trip to Gaza: Bishops Condemn “Appalling Scenes of Destruction, Shocking Scandal, A Man-Made Disaster”

“We witnessed the tragic consequences of the failure of both local and international politicians to advance peace. Human dignity is given by God and is absolute. The ongoing conflict assaults the dignity of both Palestinians and Israelis, but in a particular way our commitment to the poor calls us to lift up the suffering people in Gaza. A year ago, we called Gaza “a man-made disaster, a shocking scandal, an injustice that cries out to the human community for a resolution.” In the wake of the terrible destruction caused by last year’s war, our presence reminded the small Christian community that they are not forgotten. Many tens of thousands of families in Gaza lack adequate shelter. In the latest freezing weather, at least two infants died of exposure. The continuing blockade dramatically impedes rebuilding and contributes to desperation that undermines Israelis’ legitimate hope for security.

Were the Paris Killings a Threat to Our Freedoms? Michael S. Rozeff

No, but the State is

Letter to a Young Army Ranger (From an Old One) Why the War on Terror Shouldn’t Be Your Battle By Rory Fanning

snip: When I signed up for the military, I was hoping to make a better world. Instead I helped make it more dangerous. I had recently graduated from college. I was also hoping that, in volunteering, I would get some of my student loans paid for. Like you, I was looking for practical help, but also for meaning. I wanted to do right by my family and my country. Looking back, it’s clear enough to me that my lack of knowledge about the actual mission we were undertaking betrayed me — and you and us.

Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You to Know

What do you think of when you hear the name Colonel Gaddafi? Tyrant? Dictator? Terrorist? Well, a national citizen of Libya may disagree but we want you to decide.

For 41 years until his demise in October 2011, Muammar Gaddafi did some truly amazing things for his country and repeatedly tried to unite and empower the whole of Africa.

So despite what you’ve heard on the radio, seen in the media or on the TV, Gaddafi did some powerful things that are not characteristic of a “vicious dictator” as portrayed by the western media.

Here are ten things Gaddafi did for Libya that you may not know about…

Report: “Russian Invasion Survival Manual” To Be Issued To Citizens In European Union

While most Americans discount the possibility of a major conflict with Russia, Europeans who have seen two great wars in the last century know better.

The NYC School System: America’s “Most Complex Bureaucracy”


Stunning Terrorism Statistics that Nobody Wants You to Know


FBI Spoil Their Own Capitol Terror Plot to Sow Fear: “There Was Never A Danger to the Public”


An Ominous Price Pattern Anticipates Crude’s Price Collapse


You Are an “Anti-Semite” if You Repeat What Jewish Elites Say about Jews!

This commentary sounds almost like it could have been by comedian Jeff Foxworthy – he’s made a career out of answering the question, “You’re a redneck if… Below you will find a Jewish-sponsored Gentile guilt project designed to make you feel guilty and turning you into an “anti-Semite” for having opinions that have strong basis in truth

Attorney General bars local and state police from using federal law to seize cash, cars and other property without evidence that a crime occurred.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Friday barred local and state police from using federal law to seize cash, cars and other property without proving that a crime occurred.
Holder’s action represents the most sweeping check on police power to confiscate personal property since the seizures began three decades ago as part of the war on drugs.

Security is Not a Crime—Unless You’re an Anarchist

Nadia Kayyali and Katitza Rodriguez
Activist Post

Riseup, a tech collective that provides security-minded communications to activists worldwide, sounded the alarm last month when a judge in Spain stated that the use of their email service is a practice, he believes, associated with terrorism.

Javier Gómez Bermúdez is a judge of Audiencia Nacional, a special high court in Spain that deals with serious crimes such as terrorism and genocide. According to press reports, he ordered arrest warrants that were carried out on December 16th against alleged members of an anarchist group. The arrests were part of Operation Pandora, a coordinated campaign against “anarchist activity” that has been called an attempt “to criminalize anarchist social movements.” The police seized books, cell phones, and computers, and arrested 11 activists. Few details are known about the situation, since the judge has declared the case secret…

Price of Meat, Chicken, Fish, and Eggs Hits Record High… AND Electricity…

Despite a decline in the overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) in December, the food index increased and the price index for meats, poultry, fish and eggs hit a record high, according to data released today from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Snooping Alliance: UK, US announce united efforts to build secure cyberspace


Repeat After Me: The Dollar Is Not Real Money

Unexplained mystery booms rattle nerves in Oklahoma

A spate of mysterious booms that has been shaking central Oklahoma returned for a second day Friday, again rattling houses and frightening livestock. Oklahoma Geological Survey research seismologist Austin Holland said a series of booms, much like a sonic boom, rattled the Norman area starting at 11:19 a.m. Friday. Numerous others had been reported Thursday in the same area at about the same time. Friday’s booms weren’t “quite as frequent” as Thursday’s, Holland said. “It’s quite interesting.” The windows of Anthony Young’s home in the town that’s the outskirts of Oklahoma City rattled. “We thought some nut was out here, you know, with explosives,” Young told KOCO-TV. “It sounded like thunder, you could feel the ground shake, but it was nothing like an earthquake” Both Holland and National Weather Service meteorologist Matthew Day didn’t have an explanation for the booms.

The median salary for a stockbroker, once lucrative, is now roughly $71,000 a year


Video: The 161 Bankers Who Run the World


Gold price skyrockets, spikes

(INTELLIHUB) — The price of gold hit $1273.68 an ounce as of 10:3 a.m. Friday, setting the highest price since October of last year.

Latest FBI Claim of Disrupted Terror Plot Deserves Much Scrutiny and Skepticism Celebration

The known facts from this latest case seem to fit well within a now-familiar FBI pattern whereby the agency does not disrupt planned domestic terror attacks but rather creates them, then publicly praises itself for stopping its own plots.

How to Lose Friends on Social Media: Question Authority

I’m gonna lose friends. I realize now it’s inevitable.

Not real friends. The real stuff is forged from memories and adamantium. I’m not worried about that. No, the friends I’m destined to lose are the type that can simply click a button and disappear me from their timeline.

I’ve been on Facebook since Christmas—as in three weeks ago. I’m sure that’s hilarious to some. But it was always a conscious decision not to partake, and I stand by it. In the end there were two reasons that finally got me to pull the trigger…

Emergency rescue for North Sea firms planned as Chancellor mulls a tax cut to save industry from oil price crisis

An emergency tax cut to rescue the North Sea oil industry from the crisis triggered by the plunging oil price is being worked on by the Chancellor.

The move to lower the high taxes imposed on North Sea firms could arrive in the Budget, as explorers and producers are left reeling by the sudden collapse in the oil price to below $50 a barrel.

Why cure someone of cancer in a day? When you can treat them for a lifetime and bill them every step along the way.


U.S. DOLLAR COLLAPSE in 2015 – Economists Warning of an Impending Collapse


Africa-focused Tullow Oil latest blue-chip explorer to reveal impact of tumbling oil price as it writes off £1.45bn


Spread betting firm IG Group takes £30m hit from Swiss National Bank move to remove currency peg versus euro

London-based trading firm IG Group last night admitted it was among those to have lost out after Switzerland ditched its longstanding link to the euro.

The spread betting company said the ‘sudden and extreme movement in the value of the Swiss franc’ has left it facing a hit of up to £30million.

Goldman Sachs staff get $10,000 pay cut as profits fall

Goldman Sachs paid its 34,000 staff an average of $373,264 last year – a $10,000 cut – as the Wall Street giant reported a fall in profits in the final three months of the year.

The US is a master at the fraud of modern democratic politics. But it has never got the hang of empire. It conquers foreigners, but it steals only from its own people. Its new lackey states becomes cost centers, not profit centers; it loses money on each


Unemployed % of men 25-54


Millions with multiple incomes at risk of shock tax bills

Up to three million people with more than one source of income face backdated tax bills of £2,000 per year because of errors by HM Revenue & Customs.

Among those most likely to be affected are veterans who have taken a civilian job after leaving the Armed Forces, but who also draw a military pension. Pensioners with two pensions and those who have continued to work part-time after retirement are also more likely to be hit.

Greece’s ‘historic’ Olympic monument… which is just 11 years old: How once-impressive venues for the 2004 Games now resemble ancient Athens


The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER…


Currency wars: Japan decided to make Yen much cheaper.. Swissies decided to make SFR much stronger… Each downtick in EUR\USD is one less reason for Draghi to do QE. Devaluation=ease.


Bank Of America Misses Revenue By $2 Billion As Trading Revenue Collapses; Fires Thousands

Following disappointing results from JPM and Wells Fargo yesterday, it was Bank of America’s turn to “surprise” investors with its disclosure just how bad its quarter was. And with the bank reporting a 50% collapse in its sales and trading from Q3, down $600 million from a year ago to just $1.7 billion in Q4, it should come as no surprise that the bank just reported Net Income, before the usual spate of amusing addbacks, of $0.25 well below the $0.31 expected

Gold is attempting dual 4-year breakouts


Financial markets rocked by decision to abandon ceiling on Swiss franc

Financial markets were sent reeling Thursday when the Swiss national bank announced it was removing its ceiling on the value of the Swiss franc put in place three years ago.

In one of the most dramatic movements ever seen in the history of currency markets, the value of the Swiss franc, which had been fixed at 1.20 francs per euro, appreciated by as much as 39 percent against both the dollar and the euro in a matter of minutes.

Hitler vs Hillary


FBI Spoil Their Own Capitol Terror Plot to Sow Fear: “There Was Never A Danger to the Public”

So, if anyone is keeping score, in a few short days we have seen a sensational and brutal terror attack in Paris, followed by an alleged plot filled with intrigue to poison Speaker of the House John Boehner, and now a thwarted effort to wage a full on jihadi assault against the U.S. Capitol with machine guns.

The only problem with this is that at least half of it is fiction.

When the military starts doing random stops and checks in your own country, it is a sign of an active overt police state.


China Continues To Drain Global Gold Inventory, Ultra-loose Monetary Policies Are Continuing, Environment That Is Favorable For Gold


Ex-U.S. attorney’s fall unmistakable message

If ever there was an opportunity for a little creative sentencing, the case of Lawrence Semenza surely provided it.

Semenza, the former U.S. attorney here, received a 18-month sentence Wednesday in U.S. District Judge James Mahan’s courtroom for failing to pay $290,000 in taxes from 2006 to 2010. It was among the greatest falls from grace in local political history. There was a time Semenza was consummately connected and highly respected.

Semenza, 72, was the U.S. attorney from 1975 to 1977. In that time, his office prosecuted plenty of tax fraudsters.

This sh*t has to stop, now.


Is The Dow Jones Industrial Average On The Verge Of Collapse?

When the stock market starts to behave like a roller coaster, that is a sign that a major move to the downside is right around the corner. As I have stated repeatedly, when the market is very calm it tends to go up. But when the waters start getting really choppy, that is a clear indication that stocks are about to plummet.

Bill Fleckenstein: The Bull Market In Gold Has Resumed

I don’t want to make too much of today’s news and market action, but on the other hand, I want to make sure to acknowledge what importance it does have and the fact that I think today will be looked back on as a red letter day for “administered rates” on the part of the central planners who call themselves central bankers.

How the Government destroyed part of North Carolina

Both my brother and I were forced to move as the economy continued to collapse. It is eerie hearing him say I will be here as long as I can be here because he was forced to move just a year later. Museum too. I was gone just 8 months after the film.

“According to French law, the President can insult you, but you can’t insult him—even with his own words.”


Condi Rice says the White House has two key strategies for getting a newspaper not to run a story.


China and Russia launching new credit rating agency in 2015

The new Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG) is being set up to rival the existing agencies Moody’s, S&P and Fitch, and its first rating will be issued this year.

The setting up of UCRG is in its final stages, ready to challenge the ‘Big Three’ that currently dominate the industry, the Managing Director of RusRating Aleksandr Ovchinnikov told Sputnik News Agency on Tuesday.

“In our opinion, the first ratings [will] appear … during the current year,” Ovchinnikov said, adding that accreditation with the local regulator is already underway.

The news comes on the heels of Fitch’s decision to follow S&P in downgrading Russia’s sovereign credit rating to BBB-, a step above junk level and on par with India and Turkey.

Read more

Paris gunman arrested, hostages freed

A MAN who was holed up in a post office in a suburb northwest of Paris with two hostages has surrendered and has been arrested, a police source said.

Not a lot of coverage because the gunman wasn’t an eeeeeeevil Arab Muslim!

Drunk officer shoots man, no jail time. Jan 15, 2015


Germany seems to be biggest beneficiary of SNB action: Benchmark index Dax just hits a fresh life-time high at 10109


Secret Israeli Report Sees Rift With Europe Growing


More pain to come: Leveraged funds continue to add to their US T-Bond short positions:


The Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy Too Crazy Even for Alex Jones

“It’s become a whole faux, fake controversy. It becomes one of these conspiracy theories,” Jones told me by phone Tuesday evening. “They love whodunnit ‘Clue’ games, so everyone can now debate it. It’s not an issue—and the police officer is dead.

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Latest News 17 January 2015

News you won’t read, see or hear in the Australian mainstream media

COURTESY www.whatreallyhappened.com

Latest News with Pictures

Goldman Sachs cut its pay ratio again to get to an 11% ROE. Is this the new normal?


“The end product of the torture, he writes, was lies. Slahi made a number of false confessions in an attempt to end the torment,

telling interrogators he planned to blow up the CN Tower in Toronto.”

Memoir serialised by Guardian tells how Mohamedou Ould Slahi endured savage beatings, death threats and sexual humiliation

John Butler: Parallels to ’97-’98 Currency Crisis Signal Caution

Holder limits seized-asset sharing process that split billions with local, state police

without evidence that a crime occurred.

Missing AIG executive dead, family says

Family and friends of missing AIG executive Omar Meza announced via Facebook Thursday evening that the Los Angeles man has died.

Details weren’t provided in the post on the “Find Omar Meza” Facebook page, but the family thanked supporters for their search efforts while asking that their privacy be respected as they grieve.

A Friday morning press conference with the family has been canceled.

Maybe he shorted Swiss Francs?

McDonald’s Just Recalled 1 Million Chicken McNuggets for a Super-Gross Reason

McDonald’s Japan is having a rough start to 2015. Last week, the company apologized after a customer found plastic fragments in an order of Chicken McNuggets, which were thought to have been produced at a Cargill factory in Thailand. McDonald’s pulled out nearly 1 million McNuggets from the factory in one day. The same week, a customer in Misawa found a piece of vinyl in an order of McNuggets.

In a statement about the plastic contamination, company spokesman Takashi Hasegasa said, “We deeply apologize for the trouble we have caused our customers and we are taking quick measures to analyze the cause of the contamination.”

Plastic and vinyl are, sadly, not the only gross items that customers have found in their McDonald’s meals over the past year. In August, the company received a complaint from a customer in Osaka who had found the shard of a human tooth in an order of french fries. It was unclear at press time if the customer was in fact “lovin’ it.”

This Won’t End Well: Military Police From the Torturous Gitmo Prison, Being Recruited as Cops

This week, as millions of Americans demand that Guantanamo Bay guards be prosecuted for war crimes, it seems that some of them may be getting jobs as cops instead.

Washington State Rep: ‘We Will Not Comply’ with New Gun Control


EXCLUSIVE: Married NYPD cop accused of kissing, groping rape victim after booze-filled night in Seattle


New Taser Law Takes Effect in Connecticut

Inside The December Retail Report: “Disappointing” Isn’t The Half Of It

24-hour Spot Chart for Gold


As domestic crude production declines, US trade deficit will worsen


Currency Carnage: Why did the Swiss Pull the Peg?

As usual. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the US treasury, provides crucial (and scathing) analysis of both US government policies and recent events in FOREX markets. He offers this simple explanation for why the Swiss central bank removed the currency peg they initiated on their franc only three years ago, leaving behind a landscape littered with currency carnage:

The answer is that the EU attorney general ruled that it was permissible for the EU central bank to initiate Quantitative Easing–that is, the printing of new euros–in order to bail out the mistakes of the private bankers. This decision means that Switzerland expects to be confronted with massive flight from the euro and that the Swiss central bank is unwilling to print enough new Swiss francs to maintain the peg. The Swiss central bank believes that it would have to run the printing press so hard that the basis of the Swiss money supply would explode, far exceeding the GDP of Switzerland.

Chart: Gold outperformance vs. broad commodity index increases after the SNB abandons the currency cap


Parliament Speaker: Iran to Expedite Nuclear Program If US Fails to Remove Sanctions

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that Tehran would revive and speed up its nuclear activities, including its enrichment program, in case the US refrains from removing all the sanctions against Iran under a final deal.

The western media is already screaming that Iran is being “provocative”, but under the P5+1 preliminary deal, Iran would reduce enrichment and the US would ease sanctions. Iran kept their word and reduced enrichment and the US, goaded by Israel-firster members of Congress, not only did not ease sanctions; they increased them! So, from Iran’s point of view, the US broke the deal. This is nothing new as both Iran and the US signed and ratified the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Deal. The IAEA grudgingly admits Iran has been playing by the rules of that treat. The United States has not.

Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty

For the first time in at least 50 years, a majority of U.S. public school students come from low-income families, according to a new analysis of 2013 federal data, a statistic that has profound implications for the nation.

Native Hawaiians debate best for path to sovereignty

Native Hawaiians could be in line for federal recognition similar to many American Indian tribes. But the issue is inflaming distrust between moderates who support the idea and others who want to see the Hawaiian Kingdom restored.

The first thing you need to understand is that Hawaii is not legally a part of the United States. On November 23, 1993, President Clinton signed United States Public Law 103-150, which not only acknowledged the illegal actions committed by the United States in the overthrow of the legitimate government of Hawaii, but also that the Hawaiian people never surrendered their sovereignty. Hence all subsequent actions to bring Hawaii into the control of the United States are legally without foundation.

The offer by Washington DC to placate the Hawaiians by treating them like the North American natives is a raw deal when you look at how DC actually does treat the North American natives. The Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, made famous by the Leonard Peltier case, has some of the worst living conditions in the Western hemisphere. Life expectancy is just 48. The only place with a lower life expectancy is Haiti! So the message from Washington DC is, “Sorry we stole your nation; we’ll make up for it by shoving you onto a reservation on land nobody wants and ignoring you!”

Hawaii is not legally a state. It’s occupied territory. The United States Government are masters in someone else’s home, and it is time they stop pretending this is somehow right or just!

Bond yields are negative in at least 10 countries:


The U.S. Corporate State has Become the Monarch Our Founders Despised

The colonists who wrote the founding documents of the United States detested the British Empire, and vowed to do whatever it took to gain their freedom and sovereignty from a foreign power that was depleting the wealth of the country without giving anything in return. Just as King George extracted wealth and resources from the colonies for his own gain in the 18th century, the current U.S. corporate state is extracting wealth and resources from the American people, at a much greater rate than King George could have ever hoped for. If the outrage that swept the U.S. in the last months of 2014 continues to escalate, 2015 may just be the year that a new revolutionary movement coalesces to bring this hopelessly corrupt, parasitic, and toxic system to a halt.

FALSE FLAG ALERT – 19,000 French websites under attack

The French Defense Ministry and ANSSI, that country’s version of the NSA, confirmed to CNNMoney that they have monitored a large wave of cyberattacks on all sorts of French websites.

And JUST in time to push the Cybersecurity bill!

Russian investigators open criminal case over shelling of residential blocks in Donbass

Russia’s Investigations Committee has instituted a criminal case over the shelling of residential blocks in the town of Shakhtyorsk in the much-troubled war-torn Donetsk region that took away the life of the 5-year-old Artyom Voronov and left his 9-year-old brother Ivan severely wounded.

Vladimir Markin, the official spokesman for the committee told TASS earlier the criminal case had been instituted on charges of utilization of prohibited methods and instruments of war, murder and attempt at a murder.

DOD to up request of F-35 jets

The Pentagon will request funding for 57 F-35 stealth fighter jets — two more than previously planned.

Because when something costs that much and doesn’t work, obviously you get more of them, hoping for a volume discount.




Obama’s grim warning to Congress: New Iran sanctions could lead to war

President Obama warned Congress Friday that new economic sanctions against Iran could lead directly to war, and British Prime Minister David Cameron said he’s personally appealing to top lawmakers to hold off and allow diplomatic negotiations with Iran to play out.

It’s Not Just ‘Retail': Head Of European FX Sales Out After Citi Admits Massive Loss

All morning, mainstream media has been down-playing the insolvency of various retail-focused FX brokers using words like “contained” and even suggesting retail ‘moms-and-pops’ should not be allowed to trade FX. Now, we get more news from a non-retail institution:


So should Citi be banned from FX trading too? It appears so – Citi’s head of European FX sales is ‘said to leave’ the company.

Sheriff’s Dept. Is Trying to Arrest People Before They Commit Major Crimes


Fast FACT: On money Swiss Market lost yesterday after SNB removal ($100 billion in market cap) we could bail out Greek banks 20 times today


The Extremely Dark and Unexamined Underside of the Charlie Hebdo Affair

We hear much about bloody events in Paris being an attack upon western traditions and freedom of the press, and I am sorry but such claims are close to laughable, even though there is nothing remotely funny about mass murder. It certainly is not part of the best western tradition to insult the revered figures of major religions. You are, of course, technically free to do so in many western countries – always remembering that in many of them, a wrong target for your satire will get you a prison term for “hate crimes” – but it does represent little more than poor judgement and extremely bad taste to exercise that particular freedom. What Charlie Hebdo does is not journalism, it is sophomoric jokes and thinly disguised propaganda. Hebdo’s general tone and themes place it completely outside the mythic tableau of heroic defender of free speech or daring journalism, it being very much a vehicle for the interests of American imperialism through NATO.

Revealed: Only 29 of 119 Detainees Tortured by CIA Remain in Guantánamo

Less than a quarter of the 119 detainees named in the US Senate’s summary report into the CIA’s secret torture programme remain in the military prison for the most “hardline” terror suspects – Guantánamo Bay – the Bureau has established.

Is FXCM the first domino? Fallout from Swiss move hits banks, brokers. LONG weekend upcoming

Official: Fissures in earth now suspected under dam w/ multiple nuke plants downstream — “There are plenty of rumors… We’re considering all possibilities… Leak actually in embankment, that’s where all focus is” — Speculation problem to last years (VIDEO)


Don’t Tell My Mother i’m in Iran – it was banned on youtube

A Documentary that Shows Hidden Facts On One of the Most Mysterious Countries in the World

Flashback 2010 – “Kitat Konenut – Jewish group gets gunned-up to face-off ‘Muslim Threat'”

A Jewish group in the U.S. shares the view that Israelis are in danger wherever they are – and believes they should prepare themselves for the worst. Its members are involved in intensive training in military skills and survival methods. But as Lauren Lyster discovered, critics claim their enemy is mostly in the mind…

(Note: Re-Posted in light of the current discussion that “Jews” . . and “ONLY Jews”??? . . . deserve the right to arm themselves for protection)

Why Aren’t ISIS and Al-Qaeda Attacking Israel?


Documents Indicate Israel Rather Than Iran As The Threat


Economists: Michigan faces $325M deficit

State economists agreed Friday that general fund tax revenue will come in $324.6 million below previous estimates, creating a likely deficit four months into a new fiscal year.

“But, but, but … Washington DC assured us we only have a 5% unemployment rate!!!” :)



Since 1992 #Israel has been claiming #Iran only 6 months away from nuke weapons


Israel is guilty of everything the US is accusing Iran of


Major cities across the U.S. becoming equipped with “full-Ttime” SWAT teams

What is even more alarming is that Indianapolis is not alone

An Afghan training base that melted in the rain? US wasted billions on botched projects: watchdog

The United States wasted nearly $500,000 on an Afghan police training center that began to fall apart only months after it was built due to shoddy contractor work, according to a watchdog report released Thursday.

The center’s adobe-style brick buildings were supposed to replicate an Afghan village to allow the country’s special police to practice search operations but the roof and walls began “melting” away in the rain four months after it was completed, said the report by John Sopko, Washington’s special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction (SIGAR).

AIG Vice President Disappears


Lieberman–Dismantle ICC probe against Israel or else

Ed note–putting aside the obvious, which is that the ICC is indeed a kangaroo court that does not serve the interest of metting out justice to evil-doers but rather as an enforcement arm of Jewish power politics, nevertheless there are a few things worth noting here–

1–What are Lieberman & co so afraid of? IF Israel is indeed the apple of god’s eye and he is overseeing the entire project, then they have nothing to fear, and particularly if no ‘war crimes’ were committed. Just as Yahweh smote the enemies of Judea in times past, including Egypt with the plagues and the slaughter of 75,000 Persians as recounted in the book of Esther, the Jewish state has NOTHING TO FEAR.

Ruin Is Our Future — Paul Craig Roberts

snips: These two events–Charlie Hebdo and the Russian decision to cease delivering gas to Europe via Ukraine–should remind us that the potential for black swans, and unintended consequences of official decisions that can produce black swans, always exist. Not even the American “superpower” is immune from black swans. […]
Therefore, the Russian and Chinese governments reason, “Why be provocative and slap down the Western fools. They might resort to their nuclear weapons, and the entire world would be lost. Let’s just walk away while they encourage us to depart with their provocations.”

Euro hits fresh 11-year low against the US dollar

The euro continued to extend losses against the U.S. dollar, hitting a fresh 11-year low of $1.156.

Gold Breaks Out – This breakout seems to have more power behind it, and is tied to the fail of a major market currency rig of the Swiss Franc to the Euro. And that may be a sign of further euro declines and troubles to come.



Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie . . . I am Siné – Cartoonist Maurice Sinet, fired by Charlie Hedbo in 2009 for ‘anti-semitism’


Gerald Celente: The Financial And Political Volatility That Will Grip The World In 2015


Revaluation of Gold to $18,000, Death of Dollar, Gold To Skyrocket Overnight | Jim Willie’s 2015 Forecasts (Part 2)


Obama Security Proposals ‘Will Create Cyber Police State’


Pres. Obama and PM Cameron joint press conference

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron meet at the White House to discuss a range of issues: economic growth, cyber security, Iran, ISIS, counterterrorism, ebola, and Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Pipeline to Nowhere, Cheap oil is bankrupting the financial rationale for building the Keystone XL


The SNB could no longer keep adding euros to its balance sheet in order to defend the cap

Russia throws down the gauntlet: energy supply to Europe cut off; petrodollar abandoned as currency war escalates

Alternative media warned about this weeks ago

Billion-dollar deal: Russia to sell space rocket engines to US company

Russia’s design bureau NPO Energomash is to deliver 60 RD 181 engines for the Antares rocket first stage to American space technology manufacturer Orbital Sciences Corporation. The total cost of the deal is about $1 billion.

“We are committed to deliver 60 engines. Three options have been signed, each for 20 engines,” Vladimir Solntsev, executive director of Energomash, told the Izvestia newspaper. “There is a firm contract for 20 engines, which we have started fulfilling, as we are due to supply the first two engines next June.”

According to Solntsev, Russia’s government has already issued all the permits required for the deal. The contract envisages restrictions for the use of RD-181 engines in military programs as those rockets cannot be used for military goals.

Following an engine failure and subsequent explosion during the Antares launch in October, the company halted all launches, struggling to find a replacement.

Could city roads end up going ‘back to gravel?’

Hamilton faces a gravel road renaissance without a cash influx to fix fast-deteriorating local roads, warned the city’s top public works manager warned Thursday.

ICC ‘close’ to opening Gaza war investigation

Al Jazeera has learned that the ICC chief prosecutor may be close to opening investigation into last summer’s Gaza war.

Peter Schiff: Swiss Surrender Wins Currency War

By ending its three year currency peg to the weakening euro Switzerland has become the first major economy to surrender in the international currency war, and in so doing has given a long-delayed victory to the Swiss people. Contrary to the indignant reaction by the media and financial establishment, the decision is not a disaster for Switzerland, but may be looked at in the future as the first significant counter-attack against our current global system of monetary insanity.

The Greek Bank Runs Have Begun: Two Greek Banks Request Emergency Liquidity Assistance


House votes down ObamaCare’s 30-hour workweek, 252-172


Costa Rica Court Rules Process for GMO Approval Unconstitutional

In a ruling Thursday lauded by Costa Rica’s anti-GMO activists, the country’s Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, struck down the government’s regulatory framework on genetically modified organisms, declaring the process of approval for GMO projects unconstitutional…

Obama wants Congress to increase prison sentences for hackers

Proposal also expands hacking definition. That’s a “dangerous idea,” expert says.

Alpari UK currency broker folds over Swiss franc turmoil

West Ham football club sponsor and currency broker Alpari has shut its UK arm following the Swiss National Bank’s decision to end its capping of the Swiss franc against the euro.

The foreign exchange broker said in a statement that the move had created “exceptional volatility and extreme lack of liquidity”.

As a result, the majority of Alpari clients had “sustained losses”.

“Where a client cannot cover this loss, it is passed on to us,” it said.

“This has forced Alpari (UK) Limited to confirm today that it has entered into insolvency.”

“Le Petit Journal” Make Fun Of Fox News For Distorting Reality


Heads Up! US, UK Plan Cyber ‘War Games’ to Boost Defense Against Hackers!


BP avoids maximum punishment, faces $13.7bn fine over Gulf oil spill


Young Pirate hacker gets top security secrets

The president of the Swedish Pirate Party’s youth wing has told The Local that Sweden’s leading security and military experts searched for ‘holidays’ and ‘forest hikes’ during working hours, after he tricked them into logging onto an unsecure server at a conference.

Gustav Nipe, 26, set up a Wi-Fi network called ‘Open Guest’ at the conference earlier this week and claims that several high profile officials used the network to log into their email accounts and surf the internet.

As the Wi-Fi network was not encrypted, Nipe says he was able to track which sites people visited as well as the emails and text messages of around 100 delegates, including politicians and journalists as well as security experts.

“The security establishment was in Sälen pushing for more surveillance, but then leading figures go and log on to an unsecure W-Fi network,” he told The Local.

Disinformation of Charlie Hebdo: Analyzing a Fake BBC News Site

You may have noticed that a few media outlets have been reporting that a fake BBC website was setup to spread disinformation regarding the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, France.On January 12, 2015 our advanced threat protection flagged the bbc-news[.]co[.]uk domain as a suspicious site. While we can’t say definitively what the motives are of the operators are, it is apparent that they are untrustworthy and potentially nefarious. The predictive classification that we used to identify and flag the site is showing the attack is very similar to former incidents that malicious actors have used in the past like the Boston Marathon malware incidents.

The purpose was a “poison the well” propaganda stunt; to trick the public into thinking that the questions raised about Paris (and Boston) are not worth paying attention to.

A Malian described as a “hero” after he helped hostages at a Jewish supermarket to hide during last week’s Paris attacks will be awarded French nationality Tuesday, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

A Malian described as a “hero” after he helped hostages at a Jewish supermarket hide during last week’s Paris attacks will be awarded French nationality Tuesday, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.


That we can identify government officials, journalists and politicians with the help of a wireless network and their less thoughtful use of online services demonstrates the tremendous power available in controlling the Internet.?The chairman of the youth wing of the Swedish Pirate Partysuccessfully fooled attendees at a major Swedish security and defense conference into connecting to an open Wi-Fi network that he controlled—as a way to protest mass digital surveillance.

GOP makes U-turn on net neutrality, White House says net neutrality legislation not needed


Here’s a list from Morgan Stanley of the Swiss companies most exposed to a rocketing franc.


World War: 50,000 Ukrainians Being ‘Drafted’ to Fight In Eastern Ukraine


No Surprise: CIA Internal Review Clears CIA Of Senate Hacking Allegations; Claims Senate Improperly Accessed Classified Documents


America’s Dirtiest Cops: Cash, Cocaine and Corruption on the Texas Border

For the past year, Treviño and the Panama Unit had been operating one of the most efficient drug-robbery rings in Texas, taking money from some dealers and traffickers while using their police weapons and police cars to rob others. “These guys were outlaws,” one former Hidalgo County deputy says. Adds another, “They were running around like that movie Training Day.” They started off stealing ounces of weed and eventually stole so much they attracted the attention of the FBI, the DEA, Homeland Security and the Texas Rangers, not to mention at least one revenge-seeking gang.

Outrage as Miami cops use photos of black teenagers for shooting practice – and police chief DEFENDS their actions


Fallout From Swiss Move Hits Banks, Brokers

Fallout from Switzerland’s wildly swinging currency ricocheted around the world, hitting global banks with tens of millions of dollars in losses and triggering the collapse of some brokerage firms.

Everyone is blaming the Swiss, but the fact is the entire global private central bank scam has been held together with fraud and deception for years now, and it has to break at some point. Inevitably, there must be an event that escapes the ability of the banks and governments to control. If it isn’t Switzerland, it will be something else.

50 Wonderfully Embarrassing Facts About Each U.S. State


4 Must-Knows After the Swiss Franc Shock

As I covered in yesterday’s update, “The one with the jaw dropping drop,” the Swiss National Bank surprised markets yesterday with the announcement of the end of Swiss Franc’s peg to the Euro at 1.20 EUR/CHF. Many traders lost or gained a bunch of pips money on the shock… and some firms even went bankrupt.

Obama Promises More Executive Actions, “I’m Going To Play Offense.”


Consumer Prices in U.S. Drop by Most in Six Years (Video)


Can Ayahuasca Cure PTSD?

Donald “Donnie” Bumanglag spoke with Reset just months after sipping the psychedelic, sacred, traditional healing brew ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon. Unlike many of his fellow participants in the week long retreat program, Donnie is a 33-year-old veteran military combat medic and father of four. And, like many veterans, he was on the verge of suicide due to severe PTSD symptoms prior to his visit to the jungle (22 veterans take their own lives in the U.S. each day according to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs).

Swiss give scary lesson that you should NEVER trust central banker when he makes a commitment.


3 of the 4 largest U.S. banks reported falling profits and revenue below analysts’ estimates


Artist Illustrates What Islamists Actually Accomplished With Their Attack On Charlie Hebdo

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo spit in the face of Islamic terrorists by publishing a new issue with an image of the Muslim prophet Mohammed on it’s cover.

ISIS territory in Syria has DOUBLED since US airstrikes began


Elon Musk Donates $10M to Eradicating Threat of Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk has been one of many tech luminaries who have recently intensified their concerns about the threat of Artificial Intelligence run amok. Following a reading of Nick Bostrom’s book “Superintelligence,” Musk stated that advanced A.I. without proper ethical boundaries are “potentially more dangerous than nukes.” Stephen Hawking has said much the same, and universities such as Cambridge have said that “terminators” are one of the greatest threats to mankind according to their study program Centre for the Study of Existential Risk.

The concern has manifested into serious research being conducted to ensure that robots know their limits. The United Nations has taken up the discussion; the U.S. military is being forced to address the issue; and even one Canadian robot manufacturer has issued an open letter urging his colleagues to proceed with the utmost caution, and to support the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots…

BREAKING – FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM) May Enter Insolvency

FXCM Inc, the largest US foreign-exchange brokerage, is struggling to keep up with capital requirements. It was down almost 15% on Thursday, and is down more than 75% in pre-market trading on Friday. A majority of clients suffered massive losses on their Swiss “safe-haven” trades.

Palestinian ambassador to UN calls for Israel to be held accountable

Palestine representative to the United Nations Ambassador Riyad Mansour said the UN Security Council did not assume its responsibilities towards Palestine or implement its resolutions regarding the Israeli occupation.

“We should focus on applying the law and punishing those who violate it and remove any immunity from the occupation,” Mansour said during a Security Council emergency meeting on the Middle East.

He stressed that achieving just and comprehensive peace requires the application of the United Nations resolutions about Israel.

The United Nations has zero credibility as a potential world government so long as they are unable to control the two rogue members of that body, the United States and Israel.

Charlie Hebdo

The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. The attack on the cartoonists’ office was a disciplined professional attack of the kind associated with highly trained special forces; yet the suspects who were later corralled and killed seemed bumbling and unprofessional. It is like two different sets of people.

Ferguson Case to be Reopened Over False Evidence?


U.S. jobless claims rise to four-month high

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits last week increased to the highest level since early September, but the underlying trend continued to point to a strengthening labor market.

And you don’t get more George Orwell than THAT!

Congress quietly ends federal government’s ban on medical marijuana

Tucked deep inside the 1,603-page federal spending measure is a provision that effectively ends the federal government’s prohibition on medical marijuana and signals a major shift in drug policy.

The U.S. Is Now Teetering On The Brink Of Two Catastrophic Outcomes

US is Preparing up to 5k Militants That Would Flee to ISIL

Reported along the peripheries of the Western media, it was reported recently that some 3,000 so-called “moderate rebels” of the “Free Syrian Army” had defected to the “Islamic State” (ISIS). While not the first time so-called “moderates” have crossed over openly to Al Qaeda or ISIS, it is one of the largest crossovers that has occurred.

With them, these 3,000 fighters will bring weapons, cash, equipment, and training provided to them by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States, the UK, and perhaps most ironic of all in the wake of the recent terror attack in Paris, France. Indeed, ISIS and Al Qaeda’s ranks continue to swell amid this insidious network of “terror laundering” that is only set to grow…

FXCM may be in trouble

The Foreign Exchange Currency Market has suffered major losses since the Swiss announcement, and today the pre-market is showing an 82% loss! The opening bell has been delayed, suggesting trading has been halted while the PPT looks for more duct tape!

UPDATE: FXCM is still closed. PPT has shoved the stock market back into the green, but it’s already trending down again. Investors are looking for those hard PPT up-shoves and selling at the peak.

Thousands Join Anti-Government Protest In Lima


US slams Erdogan’s criticism of Netanyahu

US Department of State deputy spokesperson Marie Harf has said there is never any excuse for anti-Semitism, even if you disagree with certain policies that a country promotes, after President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an’s remarks on Tuesday questioning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s participation in a march in Paris to remember 17 victims killed in the city last week.

Is Obama purging the military of anyone who would stand against his agenda?


Vietnam hopes to further promote ties with China: official

Vietnam highly appreciates the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation with China and hopes to join hands with China to further promote a stable, healthy and sustainable relationship for the fundamental and long- term benefits of both sides, a Vietnamese official said on Thursday.

Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh made the remarks at a reception held by the Chinese Embassy to mark the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and China.

Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar

Back in November, before most grasped just how serious the collapse in crude was (and would become, as well as its massive implications), we wrote “How The Petrodollar Quietly Died, And Nobody Noticed”, because for the first time in almost two decades, energy-exporting countries would pull their “petrodollars” out of world markets in 2015.

This empirical death of Petrodollar followed years of windfalls for oil exporters such as Russia, Angola, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. Much of that money found its way into financial markets, helping to boost asset prices and keep the cost of borrowing down, through so-called petrodollar recycling.

Top 20 countries with the highest debt


Federal Reserve: Aging Baby Boomers Will Crush Stock Prices by 50%

Baby Boomers are entering their prime ‘stock selling’ years with little relief from those entering their ‘stock buying’ years

The Fundi-Gumbi’s and the Hoodoo Cowboys.

I note where some alleged Muslim extremists broke into an intelligence operation disguised as a magazine and killed a dozen or so provocateurs. Why provocateurs? Let us paint a small example, even if it is irrelevant to what actually happened. Let’s say you go and get yourself a sharp stick and then you head over to the dumpsters in Yellowstone and… you wait until the bears show up and then you go over to them and start jabbing them in the ass with the pointed end of the stick. What do you think might be the result of that? So… if you are a committed dumbass with no common sense, you publicly insult elements of a militant religion by slandering and defaming their founding prophet. Were what the press, that is owned by the people who actually did this, actually true, I would not want anyone thinking I defend such activity. I’ve no use for Fundie-Gumbi’s or their bizarre beliefs.



FCC to vote on Obama’s call for government-run internet next month

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote in February to decide whether municipalities can bypass state laws to provide their own internet service – a policy that President Barack Obama threw his weight behind earlier this week.

The vote is controversial but has support from the Obama administration, and proponents say it would give the public more options and faster service. Many Republicans and opponents argue that permitting such behavior exceeds the FCC’s authority.

Obama Admin Shuts Down Indian Tribe’s Bank Accounts

The Obama administration shut off the bank accounts of an Indian tribe as part of its Operation Choke Point program, The Daily Caller has learned.

The Otoe-Missouria tribe of Red Rock, Oklahoma reported that it is the latest victim of Operation Choke Point, according to a whistleblower response the tribe sent to the U.S. Consumer Coalition, which was obtained by TheDC.

These investments could get creamed in the Swiss avalanche

Now brace for everything you ever could have wanted to know about the country’s impact on global markets, but were afraid to ask. The whiz kids have had a few sleepless hours to think yesterday’s bombshell over, and some are worried about the after shocks.

USDA approves Monsanto’s new GMO soybeans, cotton

Monsanto Co. received final U.S. approval on Thursday for herbicide-tolerant crops to be used with a new herbicide the Creve Coeur-based company says will fight problematic weed resistance on farm fields, but critics say will only worsen the problems.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service said the genetically modified cotton and soybean plants are granted “non-regulated” status. Monsanto is still waiting for final approval from the Environmental Protection Agency for the herbicide it designed to be used with the crops.

Swiss National Bank Tells the World – “We’re Gettin’ Off This Train!”

Since 2008 the entire financial world has been turned upside down. In late 2011 the Swiss decided to peg their currency to the Euro, in essences giving up their national currency for the debt soaked Euro experiment.

When the Swiss pegged the Franc to the Euro, the Swiss people sold their sovereignty to the European Union. Approximately 22% of the people wanted their sovereignty back and voted on November 30, 2014 to repatriate their gold and reclaim their nation. Unfortunately, the other 78% (less the people that did not vote) said they were perfectly happy being debt slaves to their overlords at the European Central Bank. Thomas Jordan, the President of SNB, was actually campaigning AGAINST the gold repatriation movement, which in light of today’s announcement seems to be a contrarian move!! Why would a person vote against reclaiming their gold and then do a complete 180 degree turn against your own policy!!! This seems like it is going to have an ugly ending.

Shanghai Gold Exchange and World Gold Council partner to develop the Shanghai Free Trade Zone as the world’s gold market

The parties say they will support the development of both domestic and international gold trading in the Asian nation by “leveraging the opportunity provided by the internationalization of the Chinese gold market, through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, to support market expansion”, the WGC said.

Which means that western banks will no longer be able to artificially suppress the price of gold any longer!

Whose Plot in Ohio? A “Home Grown Terrorist” or Just Another FBI-Created “Illusionary” Threat?

Gun store employees had been instructed by FBI agents to sell Mr. Cornell the guns and ammo.

Announcement: Commenting On Blacklisted News

It has come to our attention that the 3rd party commenting system we are using here on BlacklistedNews.com, Disqus is reporting that site staff or moderators on our behalf are banning commenters.

This is not true, and seems to be either a issue with disqus itself or because it is cross platformed, some of you may be being banned or profiled by Disqus for comments you are making on other sites communities.

The problem may be Disqus itself. I have noticed that every time I win a discussion, especially one regarding Israel, I get banned. Facebook’s commenting facility is also blocking me on sites like the Detroit News. That is why comments on WRH are run internally, and I do not ban commenters unless they are obviously trying to cause trouble.

Developing – Major French Websites Under Hacker Attack




Social Justice Warriors Get Atlanta Fire Chief Terminated

Kelvin Cochran, the former Fire Chief and a devout Christian, wrote a book in which two short passages (out of the whole book) professed how he believes the Bible says sex is for procreation purposes. For that absolutely heinous thought crime, the LGBT community was outraged, calling for his termination. In the end, they won: the mayor fired Cochran in order to quickly extinguish the fanning flames of the Social Justice Warriors and get back to business as usual.

Now We Know The Plan: More Surveillance and a Patriot Act For Europe


Belgium To Hold News Conference After 2 Reported Dead In Anti-Terror Raid

The man arrested in Belgium “claims that he wanted to buy a car from the wife of Coulibaly,” said federal prosecutor’s spokesman, Eric Van der Sypt. “At this moment this is the only link between what happened in Paris.” Van der Sypt said that “of course, naturally” we are continuing the investigation.

So … wanting to buy a private sale used car is now grounds for having your door kicked down. Ford and GM are going to be happy!

Increased Demand for Gold Following SNB Move: Goldcore

Mark O’Byrne, executive director at Goldcore Ltd., says there is increased demand for gold following yesterday’s shock move by the Swiss National Bank.

God-like status of central banks questioned. All paper currencies will continue to be devalued …

Europe’s Leading Rabbi: Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns

One of Europe’s most prominent Jewish organizations is petitioning the European Union to pass new legislation that would permit Jewish community members to carry guns “for the essential protection of their communities,” according to a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

In theory I agree with the idea of everyone carrying guns as a protection from terrorists (including the ones created by government). My opposition to this particular plan is that this Rabbi wants only Jews to be allowed to carry guns. That is inherently racist.

Once again the FBI is caught in drama, ‘setting up’ Islamic youngster as ‘domestic terrorist’

It’s no secret that the FBI has set up numerous people in the past, actually supplying them with the ideas, know-how, and financing, to become what they consider “domestic terrorists” as the agency apparently has nothing else to do.

Most recently Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, was “set up” according to his father, who spoke to CNN Thursday morning.

Syrian state news agency attacks U.S. plan to train rebels

The Syrian state news agency on Friday attacked U.S. military plans to train and equip Syrian rebels, saying they amounted to support for terrorists.

“They may be terrorists, but they are our terrorists!” — Official White Horse Souse

New evidence shows CIA held prisoners in Lithuania

New analysis and previously unpublished documents released by legal charity Reprieve show that the CIA held prisoners in Lithuania in 2005 and 2006, contrary to official denials.

In a dossier and briefing submitted to the Lithuanian Prosecutor today, Reprieve reveals how the newly declassified US Senate Report on CIA detention correlates with flight data and contracting documents; and demonstrates that prisoners were moved into Lithuania in February and October 2005, and out of Lithuania to Afghanistan in March 2006.

A previous investigation by Lithuanian prosecutors, shelved in 2011, concluded that the CIA built a facility in a converted stable outside Vilnius, but argued there was no evidence that prisoners were ever held in it.

Buckling to Bigotry: The Newseum Dishonors Murdered Palestinian Journalists

Just two days before Palestinians commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Nakba, the names of two Palestinian cameramen targeted and killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza last November were dropped from a dedication ceremony held to honor “reporters, photographers and broadcasters who have died reporting the news” over the past year. The move followed an Israel lobby pressure campaign led by anti-Palestinian organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and the American Jewish Committee, efforts that were openly supported by the Israeli government.

Massive counter-terrorism action started at sunrise in Berlin, Germany; 11 houses raided, two arrested, others fugitive


Lithuania Issues WAR MANUAL to its Citizens to prepare for Russian Invasion!


Here’s Who Is And Isn’t Publishing The New Charlie Hebdo Cover Image

Libération, the newspaper where Charlie Hebdo staff have been working since the attack, unveiled the cover of the magazine’s next edition on Monday. Some news outlets have been censoring themselves when it comes to publishing cartoons of Muhammad after the deadly Paris attack last week.

Busted: Popular Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Loaded with Aluminum, Fluoride and Phosphates!

Like many of you, I believed Dr Joel Wallach, and Alex Jones, when they said that Youngevity was a leader in the field of nutrition and that their Beyond Tangy Tangerine was a superior product, second to none. I was convinced that I was doing my body good…

It was only after I read claims on the Internet that BTT was loaded with heavy metals that I decided to find out for myself…after all, my wife and I had been taking BTT daily for several years already and I wanted to know once and for all if the rumors were true.

So a few months ago I sent a sample of BTT 2.0 ( 2 scoops in 8oz distilled H20) to an independent Swiss laboratory for toxicological analysis and the results are in…

Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 is “contaminated “

Was Millions in Terror Compensation Cash Diverted to Orthodox Yeshivas?

Engelberg’s work was not limited to Kenneth Welch: The American Center for Civil Justice, which Engelberg co-founded, has helped more than 100 claimants seeking millions of dollars in compensation from so-called “state sponsors of terrorism,” like Libya and Iran. The claimants have included injured victims and the relatives of dozens killed in terror attacks across the Middle East.
Note: This speaks volumes!

Chantix (varenicline), thoughts of suicide/self-injury and homicide

Some history: In 2008, my organization, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) commented on an unexpectedly large number of serious psychiatric and other ADEs for this drug. Specifically, we expressed concern about thoughts (ideation) of suicide, self-injury, or homicide. Also, in addition to these risks, Chantix has been associated with sudden blackouts, seizures, and impaired vision. We thought it was troubling that an alternative to nicotine replacement products (gum, patch, etc.) was the primary suspect in more reported cases of serious injury than toxic chemotherapeutic agents, potent opioids, or powerful immunosuppressant drugs.

The reason I am running all these stories about Chantix and suicide is because last night I learned a close friend lost a family member to suicide in what has become a clear pattern. No prior signs of depression or risk of harm to self or others, put on Chantix to quit smoking, followed by erratic behavior and suicide. This is the second time this problem has hit so close to home, with another friend losing her husband the exact same way a couple years ago.

This is fascism in its ugliest form; a government that allows the sale of dangerous products by corporations, indeed protects them, in exchange for campaign contributions. In 2011, the FDA actually came out and said there was no link between Chantix and suicide, in a cover-up reminiscent of the CDC’s report that there was no link between vaccines and autism, since admitted to have been a fraud by one of the authors of the CDC study.

FDA and CDC are funded with your tax dollars. They are supposed to be looking out for the safety and welfare of the taxpayers, not of large corporations.

Dave Kranzler: Many Black Swans Now Appearing


WHITE HOUSE: Internet Rules to be Implemented Without Congress… If you like your Internet, you can keep your Internet.


What French Free Speech?

… Tens of thousands of French citizens rallied throughout the country. People around the world claimed #JeSuisCharlie (“I am Charlie”) in solidarity with the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. And President Obama expressed his condolences to the French people and his support of the “universal belief in the freedom of expression.” All of this is nonsense. France has long restricted freedom of speech on important issues of immigration, history, and culture. These demonstrations are especially laughable because Charlie Hebdo was warned by the French state that it was in danger of breaking hate-speech laws.

Suncor to cut 1,000 jobs; Schlumberger cuts 9,000; BP expected to cut around 300 in response to low oil prices


As a Muslim, I’m fed up with the hypocrisy of the free speech fundamentalists

.. None of us believes in an untrammelled right to free speech. We all agree there are always going to be lines that, for the purposes of law and order, cannot be crossed; or for the purposes of taste and decency, should not be crossed. We differ only on where those lines should be drawn. Has your publication, for example, run cartoons mocking the Holocaust? … Muslims, I guess, are expected to have thicker skins than their Christian and Jewish brethren …. Weren’t you sickened to see Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of a country that was responsible for the killing of seven journalists in Gaza in 2014, attend the “unity rally” in Paris? Bibi was joined by Angela Merkel, chancellor of a country where Holocaust denial is punishable by up to five years in prison …

Chantix, Smoking-Cessation Drug, Raises Suicide Risks, New Study Shows

Pfizer’s smoking cessation drug Chantix carries too many risks and should only be tried when other treatments fail, researchers said on Wednesday.

Chantix was eight times more likely to be linked with a reported case of suicidal behavior or depression than other nicotine replacement products, such as the nicotine patch, they said.

Only a month before this study came out, the FDA assured us all that there was no link between Chantix and suicidal behavior!.

A Triumph of Terrorism

… In chanting “Je Suis Charlie,” the marchers showed support for a magazine French Muslims rightly believe is racist and anti-Islamic. Yet, Marine Le Pen, leading in the polls for the French presidency, was blacklisted from marching for remarks about Muslim immigration that are benign compared to what Charlie Hebdo regularly publishes. All weekend long, journalists called it an imperative for us all to defend the lewd and lurid blasphemies of the satirical magazine. But as journalist Christopher Dickey points out, Muslims in the banlieues wonder why insulting the Prophet is a protected freedom in France, while denying the Holocaust can get you a prison term.

FDA: Anti-smoking drug Chantix linked to more than 500 suicides

In 2007, Mark Alan Whitley turned to the Pfizer drug Chantix to help him kick his smoking habit. Chantix did help Whitely quit, but something else happened to the Minnesota man. His behavior became erratic and on November 29, 2007, Whitely killed himself. That same month, Pfizer added a warning to Chantix’s label reflecting reports of depression, agitation and other behavior changes connected with the drug. In January 2008, the label was updated again to include suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior. A year and a half later, the FDA required what’s known as a black box warning for Chantix, the most serious warning possible, saying doctors should monitor their patients for behaviors including “attempted suicide.”

Label? Why is this even being sold at all?!?

Chantix, smoking cessation drug, blamed in murder-suicide

A Eugene woman whose husband killed the couple’s son and himself has sued the dentist who prescribed her husband a nicotine-cessation drug and the hospital that determined he was not a danger to himself or others two days before the slayings.

Lamae Stout has sued dentist Matthew McLaughlin and PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center’s University District hospital in Lane County Circuit Court, The Eugene Register-Guard reported.

The lawsuit seeks $2.2 million in damages.

Eleven out of the 18 euro-area countries were in deflation in December.


France Assaults Free Speech in the Name of Free Speech


Catholic Bishops From Around The World Visit Gaza: “Terrible Destruction, Shocking Scandal”: Israeli Settlements “Illegal Under International Law.. Simply Unjust”

An international delegation of sixteen Catholic Bishops visited Gaza this week and issued a signed statement on January 15th. They also released hundreds of photos from their visit, which document the horrific conditions Gazans are forced to live in. They described “the devastation, the appalling scenes of destruction we saw, and the fears of another war we heard.”

Charlie Hebdo And The War For Civilisation

Even rare dissident fig leaves on newspapers like the Guardian dismiss as asinine and, yes, offensive, the suggestion that they should risk offending their corporate employers and advertisers. Not only is no attempt made to defend such a right, the very idea is dismissed as nonsense unworthy even of discussion.

Je suis Donbass

Propaganda, or more precisely, manipulation of minds is one of the most important elements in modern warfare. One aspect of it is creating enemies, where there are no real enemies. Good example of it was 9/11, a moment that changed our world permanently. After what happened in New York, we saw how new kind of a warfare rapidly took place, the war against terrorism. Very flexible, even though a bit vague, military concept. That concept justifies casualties, slaughtering of innocent civilians, and enormous military budgets. And so, Pandora’s box was opened, and this endless war against terrorism continues and escalates all the time, covering true purposes and targets.

Dying ‘good career move’ for French hate-mag

The French so-called satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo – more accurately a hate-inciting, racist rag – has published its first post-massacre edition this week, with print sales going through the roof.

Which just goes to prove the hoary old showbiz observation that “dying can be a good career move.” That dictum describes how washed-up artists and other celebrities are often rescued from obscurity following their death, with sales of old records or biographies benefiting from a surge in renewed public interest.

Houston-based Schlumberger cuts 9,000 jobs as oil prices plunge

Oilfield services giant Schlumberger has announced huge job cuts in an effort to control costs amid global collapse in crude oil prices.

Russia wants written explanation from France regarding Mistral ships

The first vessels – Vladivostok – was to travel to Russia in 2014. The second one – Sevastopol – in 2015. The United States interfered in the handover of the French vessels to Russia.

Pro-Russian forces say seized Donetsk International Airport

Pro-Russian forces claim they have seized the Donetsk International Airport in eastern Ukraine.

Reports said the pro-Russian flag was raised over the airport building on Thursday, in spite of the seemingly ongoing battle.

US unaware of new geopolitical situation

Political analyst Dr. Wilmer Leon believes that the United States has no understanding of the current “geopolitical circumstance”.

I concur!

Bahraini forces attack anti-regime protesters

Bahrainis have held yet another protest in the capital, Manama, against the Al Khalifa crackdown on anti-regime demonstrations.

Security forces on Thursday opened fire on the demonstrators demanding the release of detained opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman.

The forces also stormed into a mosque in Manama and arrested a number of protesters.

Moscow… Or Geneva?

A month ago, when the Russian Ruble was crashing, developed nations were delighted to poke fun of Russians who lined up in front of currency exchange kiosks, supposedly to convert their rapidly devaluing Rubles into Dollars or other rising fiat.

Today, those same developed nation hecklers are deathly silent after what may be the biggest western central bank faux pas in recent history, and which in addition to sending the Swiss Franc soaring has – perhaps for the first time in history – manifested in lines of people in front of currency exchange bureaus nowhere else, but in that bastion of capitalism: Geneva.

Jimmy Carter blames Israel for Paris terrorist attacks

Political gadfly Jimmy Carter said on Wednesday that the International Criminal Court (ICC) should probe Israel for possible war crimes committed during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza following the Hamas rocket attacks. During an appearance on a television comedy show, the former American president –who in the past accused Israel of practicing apartheid and has showed his support for Islamist terrorist groups — also blamed the Paris attacks on the Muslims’ anger over the harsh treatment of the Palestinian people by the Israeli occupiers.

Plunge in Treasury Yields Is Forecasting More Than Just Deflation

Plunging yields on U.S. Treasury notes and bonds, record low yields on the sovereign debt of countries in the European Union, together with plunging industrial commodity prices, are sending a crystal clear message to stock markets: there is a glut of supply and too little demand from consumers.

The Greek Bank Runs Have Begun: Two Greek Banks Request Emergency Liquidity Assistance

The first time the phrase Emergency Liquidity Assistance, or ELA, was used in the context of Greece was in August 2011, when Greece was imploding, when its banking sector was on the verge of collapse, and just before the ECB had to unleash a global coordinate bailout with other central banks including global central bank liquidity swap to preserve the Eurozone.

Russia picks new monetary policy chief as currency plummets

Russia’s central bank replaced its head of monetary policy after President Vladimir Putin criticized the failure of emergency measures to halt ruble’s decline.

Shanghai gold deals get a boost as WGC sets bullion free trade zone

The World Gold Council (WGC) and the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) signed Thursday a memorandum of understanding to develop a Shanghai free trade zone for bullion and so encourage foreign participation in China’s tightly controlled gold market.

The parties say they will support the development of both domestic and international gold trading in the Asian nation by “leveraging the opportunity provided by the internationalization of the Chinese gold market, through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, to support market expansion”, the WGC said.

The Revenge of the CIA: Scapegoating Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling

This week, in a federal courtroom, I’ve heard a series of government witnesses testify behind a screen while expounding on a central precept of the national security state: The CIA can do no wrong.

Those CIA employees and consultants are more than mere loyalists for an agency that soaks up $15 billion a year and continues to loosen the bonds of accountability. The docket says “United States of America v. Jeffrey Alexander Sterling,” but a more discerning title would be “National Security State v. The Public’s Right to Know.”

For the first time in 30 years, a case has gone to trial in a civilian court under the Espionage Act with charges that the defendant gave classified information to news media. Not far from the CIA headquarters in Northern Virginia, legal jargon is flying around the courtroom, but the law has very little to do with this case.

Olympics in Boston? Residents should prepare for missiles on rooftops

If Boston hosts the 2024 Summer Olympics, the government will likely treat it as a National Security Special Event (NSSE). That means the Boston Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police would fall under the authority of the US Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, and Federal Bureau of Investigation, which would be in charge of security operations.

A Black Swan Event Rocks Gold And The Swiss Franc Today


Father Says FBI Informant Set Up Son In U.S. Capitol Plot

Mockingbird Fail: CNN ‘Reporter’ Chris Cuomo Calls French Terrorist ‘African-American’, Before CIA Handler Steps in to Correct Him

As each day passes of media coverage (management) of the Paris Attacks, it’s becoming more and more clear that CNN is playing a pivotal role managing storylines on the ground as well as spinning various talking points out from New York and Atlanta. Over the last 7 days, the shear amount of hyperbole, half-truths, wild speculation, conspiracy theories, false-starts, back-tracking – and flat out lies – is breathtaking.

Suffice to say, the appearance of perfectly rolled-out and streamlined narratives looks very much like it’s been ironed-out by the CIA’s communications department and Operation Mockingbird.

One moment which didn’t go very well was when CNN’s propagandist-in-training, Chris Cuomo forgot he was in France, and had to be straightened-out by his more experienced ‘handler’, Anderson Cooper, regarded by many as an intelligence agency media embed. What followed was priceless…

Killing of unarmed Montana man by police found justified


Casualties From Swiss Shock Spread From New York to New Zealand

Casualties mounted from the Swiss currency shock as a U.S. online brokerage said client debts threatened to push it out of compliance with capital rules and a New Zealand-based dealer went out of business.

FXCM Inc., a New York-based company that offers foreign exchange trading services over the Internet, said clients suffered significant losses when the Swiss National Bank’s decision to abandon the franc’s cap against the euro roiled global markets. Global Brokers NZ Ltd. said the impact on its business is forcing it to shut down.

“Due to unprecedented volatility in EUR/CHF pair after the Swiss National Bank announcement this morning, clients experienced significant losses, FXCM said in a statement dated Jan. 15. That ‘‘generated negative equity balances owed to FXCM of approximately $225 million.’’

Jim Grant – “It is a day to take measure of our infatuation with central banking.” “It will ultimately force the hands of the authorities to step back and allow nature to take its course.”


Low Prices Prompt Mass Layoffs At Oil Companies, 9000 Jobs Lost


Is it a coincidence that Hillary Clinton was legal counsel for Monsanto, and that the first GMO foods were approved by the Clinton Admin ?


Harry Dent – Oil Price Collapse Could Trigger Next Big Crisis


How Government Promotes ”Extremist Threats”


What In The World Just Happened In Switzerland? Central Banks Lie. That Is What They Do.


Gallup Reports We Are In An Economic Death Spiral And World Bank Is Nervous About The Global Economic Slowdown.


The Corruption of Science

The late Dr. Michael Crichton in a speech at the California Institute of Technology made the following observation:“I want to …talk about … the rise of what has been called consensus science

Did Gitmo “Suicides” Cover Up Murder? U.S. Sgt. Speaks Out on Deaths & Prison’s Secret CIA Site

SCOTT HORTON: on Democracy Now!

We were able to see how they had concluded the suicides occurred. … the (Official) story is just simply incredible.

Simply, not believable, I should stress.

Stocks Down 5th Day Over Global Worries Swiss Bank Scrap Cap on Franc

Ebola in Scotland: Patient from Fife under investigation as suspected second case of deadly disease

A PERSON from Auchtermuchty in Fife is being investigated as potentially the second case of the deadly virus ebola to be detected in Scotland. The patient had recently returned from west Africa.

The US Retail Industry is Collapsing: Here’s Why You’re in Trouble!


Shorts Jump off Cliff? US Natural Gas Soars 19% in Two Days


Rick Santelli on Volatility: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet


‘Regrettable’: NSA mathematician apologizes for agency’s support of flawed security tool

A top NSA researcher has gone on the record to condemn the agency’s long-standing endorsement of a controversial cryptographic tool even after learning of its flaws – including a vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers and spies.

The National Security Agency’s director of research now says it is “regrettable” that the government continued to support the use of the application in question, which was previously reported to have been pushed on national and international standards groups by the NSA after the agency reportedly paid a leading security firm millions of dollars to make it one of its default programs.

Food stamp cuts may force 1 million into “hardship”

Some of the country’s poorest will be struck from the rolls in 2016

Open wide! Designer builds terrifying baby bed inspired by Steven Spielberg’s iconic shark movie Jaws


The aliens under the sea: New species of sulphate breathing bug found deep under ocean crust

Two miles below the surface of the ocean, researchers have discovered new microbes that ‘breathe’ sulfate.

The microbes, which have yet to be classified and named, exist in massive undersea aquifers — networks of channels in porous rock beneath the ocean where water continually churns, researchers say.

About one-third of the Earth’s biomass is thought to exist in this largely uncharted environment.

Whalen “JPMorgan is a Large Over the Counter Derivatives Market with a Bank Attached to it”


Empty shelves across Venezuela due to tumbling oil prices create a new industry: People queuing up for goods that have probably run out earn more than professors

Shortages of basic goods in crisis-hit Venezuela has created a lucrative new profession… queuing to buy things for other people.

The country is experiencing a recession triggered in part by a scarcity of hard currency – which limits imports of essential goods.

As a result, there are shortages of nearly a third of all basic goods and as well as tumbling oil prices, inflation ballooned to 64% last year.

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Another Fake FBI ‘Terror Plot’ – Informant Frames Christopher Lee Cornell in Ohio

Eager to capitalize on the media wave generated by the Paris Attacks, jobsworth FBI agents decided to accelerate the frame-up of 20 year old Christopher Lee Cornell (photo, left) from Cincinnati, Ohio, claiming the youth was planning a “pipe bomb attack” against the nation’s Capitol in Washington DC.

Amazingly, US media jumped all over this story, trying to somehow tie it to Paris, and also claim that Cornell was “linked to ISIS”, and that this was somehow an “ISIS-inspired attack”, only no attack actually took place.

Canada disses Obama, postpones meeting with U.S. over Keystone pipeline: report

The White House confirmed Thursday that Canada has postponed the North American Leaders Summit scheduled for next month but would not say whether tension over the Keystone XL oil pipeline is the reason.

Alcohol kills 85,000 people a year in America. Marijuana Kills 0. Alcohol is proudly promoted. Marijuana is illegal. Make sense?


The Other America P/Reservation

What the government did to the people of Cape Hatteras North Carolina.
You can also see my twin brother and me in this short.

Cleared of Wrong Doing – Officer Held Down A Dog While Fellow Officer Slit Her Throat-


Obama calls for more cybersecurity information sharing

President Barack Obama followed up Monday’s speech about data breach notification with another speech Tuesday encouraging companies to share information abou